What is the best deck construction centered around the red-eyes dragons?

  1. hey everyone. I have been playing this game for a couple of days now. Luckily I have all the red eyes cards and i inserted them in the game. But when I made my deck I having a lot of trouble with a lot of duelist in the game. Can someone tell me the best cards to include in a deck centered around my red-eyes dragons (mainly red-eyes darkness dragon). Please and thank you. By the way this is my deck right now:


    Baby Dragon
    Blackland Fire Dragon
    Divine Dragon Ragnarok
    Guard of Flamvell
    Hunter Dragon
    Koumori Dragon
    Luster Dragon
    Red-Eyes Black Dragon
    Armed Dragon Lv 3
    Armed Dragon Lv 5
    Armed Dragon Lv 7
    Axe Dragonute
    Element Dragon
    Exploder Dragon
    Masked Dragon
    Pitch-Dark Dragon
    Red-Eyes Black Chick
    Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
    Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
    Red-Eyes Wyvern


    A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon
    Cost Down
    Dark World Lightning
    Dian Keto the Cure Master
    Dragon Treasure
    Dragon's Gunfire
    Final Destiny
    Heavy Storm
    Inferno Fire Blast
    Meteor of Destruction
    Monster Reborn
    Mooyan Curry
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Mystik Wok
    Pot of Greed
    Sebek's Blessing
    Stamping Destruction
    Sword of the Soul-Eater
    Sword of Revealing Light


    Call of the Haunted
    Crush Card Virus
    Deck Devastation Virus
    Dragon's Rage
    Dust Tornado
    Fake Trap
    Forced Ceasefire
    Interdenominational Matter Transporter
    Just Deserts
    Magic Drain
    Magic Jammer
    Mirror Force
    Raigeki Break
    Ring of Destruction
    The Dragon's Bead
    Trap Hole
    Trap Jammer
    Wall of Revealing Lighy

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Accepted Answer

  1. i count that you have 20 monsters, 20 magic, and 20 traps, the problem is that there is an unstable balance between your cards. i won't act like i'm a know it all when it comes to deck making , as what makes a deck is experience. but for starters, there arn't enough monsters. cause the only thing that can protect your life points are the monsters, so have ong only 20 isn'g enough as taht lowers your chances of drawing something taht can help you defend. so for me, i would put in 10 monsters, take out 5 magics and 5 traps. a help ful way of filling up that 10 monster empty slot thing is to put in multiple copies of the red eyes black dragon cards, with exception to your strongest red eyes. and also take out pitch black dragon, it maybe a dragon card, but it suports dark blade which is a warrior monster, so that union monster will do nothing for your dragon monsters. some other monsters you could use are the cyber dark monsters as most of them use dragon monsters to help them out, it would be very helpful when your opponent has a powerful 2400 attacker, if you put multiple copies of hunter dragon, all the cyber dark monsters would go straight up to 2500 atk. one trap to take out is call of the haunted, cause its forbiden, along with monster reborn, ring of destruction, if your going with what i said and putting in multiple copies and putting in cyberdark mosnters, then i sugest youg et rid of kumori dragon as well. as it is a level 4 monster, but it only has 1500 attack points, which by now quolifies it as a weak monster, as well as divine dragon ragnorok. unless you put in lord of d, and a fusion card for the fusion monster of lord of d and ragnorok. with Guard of Flamvell a tuner monster, that woudl qualify you for syncro monsters, if your going to put in syncro monsters, i sugest the signer dragons, with exception to black rose dragon as that dragon monster is specificly for a plant type deck. stardust dragon is ok, but never mix with red dragon archfiend as their effects will cause conflict and will just result in trouble for you, trust me i know through personal experience.

    and tahts some of the basics

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