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    FAQ by Jeorg

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    | Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator: World Championship 2009 FAQ |
    Author: Jeorg Talbert
    Copyright Notice:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    [Section 1 - Introduction & version info]
    Hello, I'm Jeorg (Pronounced "George"), a player of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Collectable
    Trading Card Game. I'm here to guide you people through "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
    Stardust Accelerator: World Championship 2009". Let's get down to buisness.
    Version 0.10 - Guide Complete up to the point where you gain access to your
    duel runner.
    [Section 1.1 - Non Dueling Stuff]
    I don't deal in "Non-Dueling Stuff" so you're on your own here. You can make
    your own character etc. & make him say what you would say while you duel.
    You set this up when you start the game, and if ya don't know how then you're
    reading the wrong FAQ.
    [Section 1.2 - Dueling]
    This game has the most up to date card list & mechanics of any Yu-Gi-Oh! game
    ever released. It's got the new synchro-summoning mechanic and all that jazz.
    Let's quickly go over how to duel:
    A duel is a game between two people (or a human & a computer in this instance),
    it's a game played with a deck of cards that must consist of at least 40 cards
    (With an "Extra Deck" consisting of at most 15 cards and a "Side Deck" also
    consisting of 15 cards, do note that side decks are only used in"matches"
    Each player starts with 8000 Life points, when a player's life points (here
    after refered to as "LP") reach 0 they lose the duel, if both players LP
    reaches zero at the same time the duel is a DRAW. (There are other methods to
    win duels, such as "Exodia").
    Also, if you attempt to draw a card during your draw phase and have no cards in
    your deck, you lose.
    In this video game "Rock-Paper-Scissors" decides who goes first, once that's
    out of the way both players draw five cards.  Then whoever goes first draws
    (each player barring extraordinary circumstances draws one card each turn).
    Each player is normally allowed one "Normal Summon" each turn.  This means you
    take a monster from your hand and put it onto the field.  If you summon the
    monster in face-up attack position it's a "summon" if you put it in face down
    Defense Position you have "set" it.  If you put a monster face down from your
    hand it is STILL a "Normal Summon".
    You can play or set (Put a card face down) as many Spell or Trap cards as you
    wish each turn.
    Note that a "special summon" is simply bringing a monster to the field in ANY
    other way than normal summoning it, you can "special summon" as many times as
    you can find a way to per turn.
    [Section - 1.2.1 "Phases"]
    Duels are divided into the phases laid out below, they go in this
    order, but you can skip to your "end phase" whenever you wish.
    Draw Phase: You draw a card unless forbidden to.
    Standbye Phase: An odd phase where various effects that activate during this
    phase activate.
    Main Phase One: This is where you can summon monsters & play/set spells &
    traps, and activate most effect monsters effects.
    Battle Phase: This is where your monsters do battle with the opponent.
    Main Phase two: Just like main phase one with the GLARING exception that there
    is no battle phase to follow, this is where you get ready for your opponents
    End Phase: Your turn ends here, and any effects that activate here.... Activate
    [Section - 1.2.2 The Field]
    The Field in Yu-Gi-Oh! has 15 spaces for each player, those are:
    5 Monster card zones - Where you put your Monsters
    5  Spell & Trap card zones - Where you put Spells & Traps.
    The Deck Zone - Where your deck sits.
    The Graveyard - Where cards go after you've played them. Cards usually go here
    unless they say "remove from play".
    The "Removed from Play" zone - Basically a second graveyard now-a-days. Cards
    go here if they say "remove from play".
    The Field Spell Card zone - This is another spot for special spells called
    "Field Spells", note that there can only be one field spell on the board at
    the same time, so if your opponent puts a field spell in his/her field spell
    zone, yours goes to the graveyard.
    The "Extra Deck" zone - This is where your extra deck/fusion deck sits.
    * Note - If a card says to destroy all cards on the field, Only those cards
    in the monster/spell/field spell zones get destroyed, you DO NOT destroy the
    decks/graveyards/extra decks/RFG zones!
    [Section 1.2.3 - The Ban List]
    Unfortuantely you can not use all of the cards you can get in this game (Trust
    me.... I know....).
    Here is the default Ban-List you begin with:
    BANNED (43 Cards) - None of these cards can be used in your deck:
    Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of The Beginning
    Butterfly Dagger - Elma
    Call of the Haunted
    Cathedral of Nobles
    Change of Heart
    Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of The End
    Chaos Sorcerer
    Cyber Jar
    Dark Hole
    Dark Magician of Chaos
    Delinquent Duo
    Destiny Hero - Disk Commander
    Dimension Fusion
    Exchange of The Spirit
    Fiber Jar
    Graceful Charity
    Harpie's Feather Duster
    Imperial Order
    Last Turn
    Last Will
    Magical Scientist
    Magician of Faith
    Makyura The Destructor
    Mirage of Nightmare
    Painful Choice
    Pot of Greed
    Premature Burial
    Ring of Destruction
    Sinister Serpent
    Sixth Sense
    Snatch Steal
    The Forceful Sentry
    Thousand-Eyes Restrict
    Time Seal
    Tribe-Infecting Virus
    Victory Dragon
    Witch of The Black Forest
    Limited Cards (56 Cards) - You can only use ONE of these cards in your deck &
    side deck combined
    Advanced Ritual Art
    Brain Control
    Breaker The Magical Warrior
    Card Destruction
    Card Trooper
    Crush Card Virus
    Cyber Dragon
    D. D. Warrior Lady
    Elemental Hero Stratos
    Exodia The Forbidden One
    Future Fusion
    Giant Trunade
    Gold Sarcophagus
    Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
    Gravity Bind
    Green Baboon, Defender of The Forest
    Heavy Storm
    Left Arm of The Forbidden One
    Left Leg of The Forbidden One
    Level Limit - Area B
    Limiter Removal
    Magic Cylinder
    Mind Crush
    Mirror Force
    Monster Gate
    Monster Reborn
    Morphing Jar
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
    Night Assailant
    Ojama Trio
    Overload Fusion
    Raiza The Storm Monarch
    Return From The Different Dimension
    Right Arm of The Forbidden One
    Right Leg of The Forbidden One
    Smashing Ground
    Snipe Hunter
    Spirit Reaper
    Swords of Revealing Light
    The Transmigration Prophecy
    Torrential Tribute
    Trap Dustshoot
    Treeborn Frog
    Twin-Headed Behemoth
    Ultimate Offering
    United We Stand
    Wall of Revealing Light
    Semi-Limited (14 Cards) - You can only use TWO of these cards in your deck &
    Side Deck Combined
    Book of Moon
    Card of Safe Return
    Chain Strike
    Dark Armed Dragon
    Foolish Burial
    Judgment Dragon
    Magical Stone Excavation
    Manticore of Darkness
    Mask of Darkness
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Phantom of Chaos
    Rescue Cat
    Summoner Monk
    Un-Limited (The rest of the cards in the game)
    Do know that you can only have three of a certain card in your deck &
    side deck combined.
    My thoughts on this ban-list might be helpful to you. Book of Moon & Nobleman
    of Crossout are both at 2, and they combo togather well. Rescue Cat is at two
    because it allows for extremely easy first turn sychro-summoning with the right
    deck.  Premature Burial & Call of the Haunted are banned because Monster Reborn
    is not, and this is also why "Disk Commander" & Dark Magician of Chaos are
    banned. I don't quite understand why Monster Gate & Reasoning are at 1... But
    you can be sure that there are some HUGE monsters in this game that have no
    special summoning restrictions (The God Cards are an example of these, but I
    have only seen them while using Pro-Action Replay...  So I am not sure if you
    can legitamately get them, but they ARE in this game... Their effects are
    the same as they were in "Tag-Force 2" for the most part.
    [Section 1.3 - The Mechanics of Dueling]
    There are various card types in Yu-Gi-Oh! which I will outline below.
    [Section 1.3.1 - Monster Cards]
    These are the meat & potatoes of Yu-Gi-Oh!, you use them to hit things.
    They have several attributes attributed to them.
    Atk & Def - Numbers indicating the monsters attack & defense power, for example
    "1900/1500" means the monster in question has 1900 ATK & 1500 DEF.
    Effect - The monster's effect (If it has none, the "Flavor Text" goes here).
    Level - Indicated by the number of stars at the top of the card, this has to do
    with summoning the monster, generally the rule is:
    1-4 Stars means you do not have to tribute to summon the monster (Tribute
    meaning sacrificing another monster off of your side of the field in order to
    bring the monster in question onto the field).
    5-6 Stars requires 1 monster to be tributed off of your field in order to
    summon them.
    7 and above Stars require at least TWO tributes to summon the monster onto the
    Type - The type of the monster, Has various effects on gameplay.
    Here are the different types of monsters in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh!
    Attribute - There are six (regular) attributes which are:
    The three God Cards are of the "Divine" attribute.
    Mechanics of Monster Cards:
    Normal Monsters - Yellow cards with "flavor text" where the effect should be.
    Examples "Skull Servant", "Summoned Skull", "Blue-Eyes White Dragon. You'll be
    using these in the beginning a bit, but they are mostly sub par in every way
    save for attack.
    Effect monsters - Red monster cards. These monster have various effects you can
    use in various ways at different times, generally better than the normal
    Ritual Monsters - Blue monster cards. Almost never used anymore, these monsters
    require a ritual magic card in order to be summoned (The summon is a special
    summon though), you usually need the ritual monster in your hand, the ritual
    magic card, and monsters in your possesion that at least equal the level of the
    ritual monster you are trying to summon. All in all, stay away from these
    unless they have "armagheddon" in their name, and even then.... You're
    stretching it.
    Fusion Monsters - Purple monster cards. Also rarely used, but better than
    ritual.  The normal way to get out a fusion is with the card "polymerization",
    but that has almost been forgotten. A fusion monster has written in it's text
    the two (or more) fusion material monsters needed to fuse it, if you have those
    two (or more) monsters in your hand or on the field and a polymerization in
    your hand you can send all those cards to the grave to get out your fusion. Do
    note... In this game there are NUMEROUS ways to get out fusions, and I quite
    simply can not go over all of them here.  Just know, that fusions have
    basically been replaced by "Synchro" monsters, which do not involve the extra
    card "polymerization".
    Synchro Monsters - White Monster cards.  This is what 5Gs is all about, you
    need a "tuner" & one or more non-tuner monsters, send 'em to the grave & get
    out your synchro (from your "extra deck").  Much simpler than fusing.  But do
    note that the levels of your Tuner/Non-tuner monsters have to add up EXACTLY to
    the level of the synchro monster you're trying to summon.
    "Tuner" Monsters - Can be a normal or an effect monster.  Identified by the
    fact that it says that it's a "tuner" beside it's type.  Used specifically for
    Gemini Monsters - Also red... Very complicated.  Gemini monsters are basically
    effect monsters with a catch.  You summon them once, and they are treated as a
    normal monster, then while they are on the field, you can "re-summon them"
    (weird I know) to activate their effects.  Note: Befor you "Gemini-summon"
    them, they are treated as normal monsters, so any card effects that target or
    exclude normal monsters, will either target them or exclude them... Very
    complicated. You can special summon a gemini monster & gemini-summon it in the
    same turn if you find a way to special summon it.
    Flip Effect Monsters - Also red.  These monsters are indentified by the word
    "flip" next to their type, their effect activates when they are flipped face up
    for any reason (be it a "flip-summon", flip to check defense during damage
    calculation etc.)
    Spirit Monsters - Red. These monsters are weird little beings who return to
    your hand after you summon them, Identified by the word "spirit" beside their
    type. They cannot be special summoned.
    Toon Monsters - Red. These are generally sub-par monsters that have effects
    depending on the card "Toon World".  Identified by the word "Toon" next to
    their type. 
    "Token Monsters" - Very light colors. These are not actually cards, but
    "tokens" summoned by the effect of another card.  Since they are not actually
    cards they do not go to the graveyard when they get removed from the field,
    they get removed from play (But they don't go to the remove from play zone
    either... They simply disappear).  Unless it says otherwise, they are treated
    completely like other monsters, meaning they can be tributed, attack, etc.
    ** Note that some of these types can be combined - So you can have a
    "Fusion/Effect" monster.
    [Section 1.3.2 - Spell Cards]
    These are what win you your games. Remember that you can play as many spell
    cards as you wish per turn.  All spell cards are green by the way.
    Mechanics of Spell Cards:
    Normal Spells - These spells have a "spell speed" of one (you probably don't
    need to worry about that now), you just play them out of your hand and they do
    what it says they will do on the card.... Simple stuff.  Can only be used on
    your turn, and they go to the graveyard after use.  Normal spells can only be
    used in the main phase.
    Continious Spells - They have an "infinity" symbol on them, these spells stay
    around and their effects are continious as long as they stay on the field. Can
    only be used in the main phase.
    Quickplay Spells - These spells are "Spell Speed Two" which means that you can
    set them and use them on your opponents turn, they have a little lightning bolt
    on them. Like normal spells, they go to the grave after use.  Another good
    thing about them being spell speed two is that you can use them outside of the
    main phase, that means... Even in the battle phase.
    Equip Spells - These are weapons for your monsters basically, you equip your
    monsters with 'em. If the equipped monster goes to the grave, so do all of
    the equips. Only in the main phase kids.
    Ritual Spell Cards - Used specifically to ritual summon monsters. Main Phase
    Field Spell Cards - These cards go in your "field spell" card zone. Any spell
    in the field spell card zone effects BOTH players, so... If you have a field
    spell card that says: "Raise the ATK of all DARK monsters by 500" both you and
    your opponent's dark monsters will get the boost.  Remember there can only be 1
    field spell in EITHER PLAYERS field spell zone at any time, so if you have "A
    Legendary Ocean" out and I throw down "Umi" then your Legendary goes to the
    grave. In the main phase of course.
    [Section 1.3.3 - Trap Cards]
    These are the classic cards of Yu-Gi-Oh! that can be used on your opponents
    turn, some of them brandish the fastest spell speed in the game!
    Trap cards are a slightly differnt color purple than fusion monsters.
    Normal Traps - These are like normal spells that you can use on your opponents
    turn. Except that they are spell speed two I believe. They go to the grave
    after use as usual.
    Continious Traps - Like continious spells these stay on the board after you
    activate them, and so does their effect until they leave the field. Do note,
    that people often confuse continious traps with the non-existant "equip-trap"!
    There are no "equip-trap" cards... Any trap that says "equip" is a continious
    trap... (Like you needed to know).
    Counter Traps - These are "Spell Speed Three" meaning they are the fastest
    thing in the game on the "chain".  These basically counter other
    spell/traps/monsters but the cool thing is... The only thing that can "counter"
    a counter trap is another counter trap!  Of course they go to the grave after
    [Section 1.4 - Spell Speed & Chains]
    In Yu-Gi-Oh!, sometimes people try to do things at the same time. I'll
    illustate with a simple example:
    Player 1 (Jeorg), Summons a Sangan.
    Player 2 (Yugi) Activates "Trap Hole" in response to Jeorg's summon, attempting
    to send Sangan to the grave.
    Jeorg activates "Enemy Controller" Tributing Sangan to activate his
    card's effect which says "Tribute one monster you control to take control
    of one face up monster that your opponent controls until the end of this turn."
    Jeorg targets Yugi's "Dark Magician" with this effect.
    Yugi responds with "Magic Jammer", He discards a card out of his hand in order
    to try to counter Jeorg's "Enemy Controller".
    Jeorg Resonds with "Seven Tools of the Bandit" paying 1000 Life points to
    negate Yugi's "Magic Jammer".
    Here's how the chain works, the principle is:  "Last one in, first one out"
    so... The chain looks like this:
    1. Jeorg's Seven Tools resolves negating "Magic Jammer"
    2. Yugi's Magic Jammer is negated
    3. Jeorg's Enemy controller IS NOT negated
    4. Jeorg Tributes Sangan and gains control of Dark Magician
    5. Yugi's Trap Hole loses it's original target "Sangan" and therefor
    it's effect disappears.
    So even though "Trap Hole" was activated FIRST... It is the LAST thing
    considered by the chain, mainly because "Magic Jammer" & "Seven Tools of the
    Bandit" are both "Counter Traps".
    You'll Just have to get a feel for this Stuff, or wait for the next update,
    because I could elaborate on this all day, and we have a lot to cover.
    2.0 - Playing the actual Game.
    First off... Prepare to reset - ALOT... Why?  Because you get 10 extra DP for
    never losing each duel, it adds up QUICKLY so there's no reason to EVER take a
    loss with all of the save points around.  Also know that I've never refused a
    duel EVER. Sometimes they force you into a duel after a long cut-scene or
    bikeride... I reset even if I lost THOSE...  You don't have to... But it takes
    10 straight wins to get the +10 DP bonus I'm talking about... This is just a
    playing philosophy I go by.
    "Never Lose... Never refuse... Always reset".
    Also I'll be writing this FAQ from the perspective of a person who does not use
    card passwords. Quite simply, until you basically have the deck you like to
    play with, it's much more economical to buy packs at the shop.  My logic is
    You could spend you're inital 1500 DP on 1 "Heavy Storm", or you could buy as
    many of the first 2 packs as you can, in this case 10. Heavy Storm is in the
    second pack, so you might just get the Heavy Storm you desire AND a bunch of
    other good cards for the same price as 1 Heavy Storm. If you get "lucky" you
    might very well walk away with "Jinzo", "Heavy Storm", "Fissure", "Smashing
    Ground" & "Sangan" for the price of one "Heavy Storm". Food for thought.
    2.1 - Preparing to win the first Duel
    Before you even start the story mode I suggest you go to the "World
    Championship" option so that you can edit your deck for the first duel.
    Make the following changes to your deck:
    Put into your MAIN DECK from your SIDE DECK these cards:
    Ancient Gear Knight
    Enemy Controller
    Malevolent Nuzzler
    Defense Draw
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Fossil Tusker
    Take the following cards from your MAIN DECK and put them in your TRUNK:
    The Creator
    Cup of Ace
    Counter Counter
    The Calculator
    Sonic Chick
    Radiant Mirror Force
    Your Final Deck should look like this (In order of attack)
    Monsters - 19 ( 3 One Tribute Monsters )
    Granmarg the Rock Monarch
    Prime Material Dragon
    Gigantic Cephalotus
    X-Saber Anapelera
    Ancient Gear Knight
    Dark Valkeria
    Dragon Ice
    Fossil Tusker
    X-Saber Galahad
    Twin-Barrel Dragon
    Tune Warrior
    Psychic Commander
    Worm Barses
    Mecha Bunny (x3)
    Jutte Fighter
    Worm Apocalyspe
    Spells - 8
    Big Bang Shot
    Enemy Controller
    Malevolent Nuzzler
    Shield Crush
    Soul Taker
    Unstable Evolution
    Traps - 13
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Defense Draw
    Destruction Jammer
    Divine Wrath
    Dust Tornado
    Graceful Revival
    Kunai With Chain
    Magic Jammer
    Raigeki Break
    Security Orb
    Total Card count 40.
    This will be the last time I try to tell you what to put in your deck, but I
    feel it is my duty to the gaming public to inform you all of what the worst
    cards in the starter deck are. The opponents in this game play the best decks
    I've ever concieved of in a Yu-Gi-Oh! video game, and unless you are
    prepared... And even if you are.... You are going to lose... A lot... They've
    made the A.I. In this game so much better than it used to be... It's INSANE.
    Follow my suggestions or don't, but you will lose when "Cup of Ace" makes the
    opponent draw two cards.
    Now I suggest you go spend your 1500 starting DP in the world tournament shop.
    Buy as many of the first two packs as you can (I highly recommend you only buy
    the first pack, but the second is not terrible at all).  Add in any cards you
    get that are limited to 1 or 2. Those cards are limited for a reason, the
    reason is because they go good in almost every deck. If you get any 1900 ATK
    monsters or something else you like the next target to take out of your deck is
    "Over Worked", simply because it destroys all monsters who have attacks higher
    than their original, and the starter deck plays several attack increasing
    equips, that is not "synergy"... That's your own cards working against each
    other, and that philosophy will not get you far in this game. (Divine Wrath
    isn't good in the beginning either - one of those two should be first to go).
    3.0 - The guide
    Time to Get on with it huh?  Okay!  Start the story mode. I'm gonna try to 
    avoid spoilers when I can, but if you really didn't want any spoilers, you
    wouldn't be reading a FAQ now would ya?
    Anyway... After the opening cut scene you find yourself lieing in a
    gutter basically, you're greeted by a rather annoying individual who comes
    to the conclusion that you have amnesia!
    For some unknown reason this leads to a duel! I'd take my advice and save
    befor your first duel, I can't say I know what happens if you lose, I've 
    honestly never accepted a loss, I'm writing this guide to help people win.
    Anyway run down from the save point to initiate this first showdown!
    ** QUICK NOTE **
    I am highly suspicious that the computer is programmed to pick "paper" if
    you choose your choice too quickly in the rock-paper-scissors game, if you
    just pick rock as quickly as you can the computer almsot ALWAYS goes first,
    and in Yu-Gi-Oh! YOU wanna go first... Always.  So just try to mix it up.
    Opponent: Rally
    Deck: Mecha Shot
    Rating: 515
    The Ratings are basically like ratings in tournament chess, although even
    though I have over 100 straight victories in my game, mine's still zero!!!
    I think you have to play online or something.
    This is where I start teaching you how to duel, an ya gonna need to learn cuz
    they upped the ante WAY up in this title.  First off, a general rule of thumb
    is that it's safe to have one more spell or trap on the field than your 
    opponent, this because of the spell "Heavy Storm" and the way card advantage
    works.  Just remember that, Rally doesn't have a Heavy Storm I think so set
    whatever ya want.  
    Rally plays a pretty poor machine deck with almost no spell or traps that
    actually DO anything.  She uses "Cannon Soldier" one of my favorite cards,
    but with no support for it at all, it's basically a waste.  The only way you
    could lose this duel is if you somehow get a hand with no monsters at all.
    Just mow him/her down (I don't watch the show) and let's move on.
    Oh! Let me add that you get 100 DP every time you get a new kind of bonus
    so if you wanna toy with him/her then by all means "Synchro Summon" away.
    It's not very surprising that someone with a deck that bad thinks that
    dueling will cure amnesia, what is surprising is that we appear to agree!
    They ask you if you know how to duel and point you towards the tutorial
    in the world championship if you say you don't.  If you lost the duel against
    Rally I suggest you read it
    Anyway, walk down from the save point that I hope you just saved at (Guys...
    Just SAVE EVERY TIME you SEE a save point, even if you didn't do anything).
    You're gonna automatically get sucked into a conversation with "Nervin",
    and that conversation leads to, of all things...
    A DUEL!
    "Let's get down to buisness!" (That's my tag-line before I write about duels)
    Opponent: Nervin
    Deck: Total Equip
    Rating: 470
    I didn't think it possible, but we've found someone worse than Rally! This
    guy is definately a guy a least, and he plays a pretty poor deck based off
    of equipments that aren't that good.  Now since there's no way for me to tell
    what kind of cards you're gonna draw when you do the forced duels, all I can
    do is give you a general outline of the opponents deck, sprinkled with some
    generally good dueling advice.  The advice for this duel is this: Equips are
    bad for two reasons - 1. They are a GREAT Heavy Storm target, and 2. If your
    opponent attacks while he's equiped with an ATK increasing equip, and you
    have spell speed 2 spell/trap destruction (i.e. Dust Tornado, Mystical Space
    Typhoon, Twister etc.) you can wait until they attack and destroy their equip
    in the battle phase!  Their monster's ATK goes back down to normal, and most
    likely they ram their weak monster into your strong one, killing their own
    stuff ON THEIR TURN & generally making them look VERY stupid.
    If you're using the starter deck (which most of you will be at this point),
    I just want to add that your best opening move when going first is to set
    "Mecha Bunny", it keeps field presence very well.
    Nervin plays equips that I honestly don't need to cover, they're THAT bad.
    His biggest threat is probably Axe Raider or Battle Ox, can't remeber,
    it's some 1700 ATK normal monster. Oh he does play fairy meteor crush, and
    he just did a kind cool combo on me.  I set Mecha Bunny like I told you to
    do, and he popped out a 1500 ATK monster, and equiped it with Fairy Meteor
    Crush & Ballista of Rampart Smashing.  This is his best combo, so I just
    Raigeki broke his monster getting three cards for two.  And with that,
    I move on with the FAQ.
    As usual, via dueling we've solved all of our problems (except for the lack
    of a girlfriend). Oddly enough after pounding the idea that you're not lieing
    into Nervin's head with your cards, Rally shows up a minute too late as
    usual. They go over your amnesia, and Rally invites you into the subway to meet
    the rest of the crew.
    Don't Go!  Run one screen left and grab the Dust Tornado out of the box on
    that screen. I suggest putting it in your deck if you don't have an UBER deck
    already. Now go back to the subway screen and run past it again!  Head to
    the right and find the card shop.  Buy cards, edit deck, save, all that. NOW
    go into the subway.
    If you want you can take this time to go duel everyone whose not a main
    character 5 times, this will beef up your deck, and also, some of them give
    you cards after you beat them a certain amount of times.  The boy in the
    store will give you Gravekeeper's Spy, and the Girl outside the store will
    give you a Synchro Monster (which is never bad to have).  There's probably
    more people like this around.
    Rally introduces you to Tank & Blitz, you're gonna be dueling both of 'em,
    but if you want you can run right around them, go onto the tracks, grab the 
    450 DP out of the box, & then go buy cards and then duel them.
    So Let's get down to buisness.
    Opponent: Tank
    Deck: Total Effect
    Rating: 490
    Tank plays effect monsters, his main combo is Thunder Dragon + Muka Muka,
    which wouldn't be that bad if he played it correctly.  He does play Tribute
    to the Doomed, meaning he can actually destroy your monsters if he wants to,
    his Thunder Dragons allow him to play discard based effects a bit more freely
    so be on your toes. He also plays Reckless Greed, meaning he can temporarily
    Put himself in a good position, if you survive the Reckless turn, you'll be
    fine (Unless he uses two on the same turn, then you're in trouble, but he's
    drawing bad cards with 'em anyway so you're not in "Trouble" trouble).
    Quite simply keep more than one monster on the field at all times and
    he'll fall rather easily.  Actually he's pulling some tricks on me, he uses
    Kuribos & Winged Kuribos, his decks not all that bad, but it's still... Bad.
    Now on to loser #2.
    Opponent: Blitz
    Deck: Satellite Wall
    Rating: 500
    Blitz plays some sort of machine deck, Be weary of attacking his facedown 
    monsters with your own monster unless it has over 1800 ATK, he plays Acrobat
    Monkey with 1800 DEF.  He also plays "Share the Pain" meaning that he can get
    rid of your monsters if he HAS to... So like the last duel, try to keep at
    least TWO monsters on the field at all times (meaning go easy on your synchro
    summoning).  Also - Quick tip, only Gemini summon your gemini monsters if
    you have no other monster in your hand (unless you have a VERY good reason to
    such as destroying a monster with Dark Valkeria).  He plays Gravekeepr's Spy
    as well, a card I play in my deck in this game, those are his biggest threat,
    so he's putting you in a position where you're gonna have to tribute or
    synchro summon, but all the while the threat of share the pain lurks in the
    background. Oh my god he just hit me with Castle Walls...  He plays a sub
    theme of deck destruction, but it's no threat, don't waste any removal on his
    Gravekeepers Servant, it might very well be fueling your own Graceful Revival.
    He lasted till turn 15 against me & my modified starter deck, so he has some
    minor skill.
    Rally invites you into a run down shack (You've come a long way haven't you),
    and tells you not to touch the computer on the table.  She then waits until
    you touch the computer on the table, and this... Is why I hate Rally.
    Finally somebody cool shows up!  Or at leaste he looks cool, kinda like if
    Yugi & Jaden had a baby who was taller than most of his friends.
    Rally says there's something odd about you (but not in a bad way), totally
    ignoring the fact that there's something VERY wrong with Him/Her and yes it
    IS in a bad way.
    You have a flashback and remember more of your murky enigmatic past.
    And you find a "Speed Spell" in your duel disk!  Don't ask where it was during
    the last four duels... You don't remember.
    So begins the search for your duel runner - I suggest you save.
    Walk out of the subway and you'll run right smack into what you need to do.
    Blitz found a guy selling a duel runner for 1000 DP, I really hate having to
    spend money on something other than cards in a game about cards, but to 
    progress the story, you must put up the money. So go duel about four times
    and then buy it.
    Go back to the subway and look at your shiney new motorcycle!  GREAT!
    problem for you just by looking at it... No spoilers but... Let's just say
    it's a... lemon...
    So Blitz goes to talk to the dude who sold you the Duel Runner and gets
    kidnapped.  Since people don't actually "fight" in this game, if he put up
    any resistance at all, I'm going to assume that he lost a duel.
    Guess who saves him?  Right. Walk up to the door to find out that it's
    locked, then go let the others know what happend.
    You all decide to make a combined team effort to save him. "Team effort"
    being definded as: Sending you in there by yourself.  
    So run back to the warehouse and get ready to whoop up on the toughest
    opponents you've faced yet!
    There's a "Mowhawk Guy" guarding the door.  So let's get down to buisness.
    Hit him over the head with your duel disk & take his key... Not really...
    Opponent: Kuroe
    Deck: Masterful Magician
    Rating: 580
    Kuroe plays a spellcaster deck, with a Magic Cylinder in it, so if your LP
    get's lower than the ATK of your biggest monster, you might not wanna attack
    with it. He also plays Old Vindictive Magician, which can destroy your 
    monsters quite easily when it's flipped, this means you should always attack
    with your highest attack monster first when he has a facedown monster.
    He plays Dark Elf, a 2000 ATK Lvl.4 monster, save your monster removal for
    this, because if he gets it out on the field and you have an empty field...
    You probably lose. He lasted till turn 11 against me & the starter, so...
    He's basically a pushover.
    Kuroe unlocks the door and runs away. I have never been beaten so badly that
    I had to run afterwards, but I'm pretty good. Anyway enter the building.
    All of the computers in this building are broken, so there's not too much
    point in investigating them all, but if ya don't believe me, then by all
    means... Investigate!
    SAVE!  Then run past the next guy you're gonna duel and grab the box to get
    450DP.  Now... Either go buy cards real quick & come back, or....
    Let's get down to buisness.
    Opponent: Ida
    Deck: Ida Dragons
    Rating: 590
    Ida might be kinda hard because of his Luster Dragons, Lvl.4 1900 ATK
    monsters with no draw back & decent defense.  So now I'm gonna teach ya one
    of the starter decks tricks: You can equip Big Bang Shot ON YOUR OPPONENT'S
    MONSTER, and then use spell removal on it to remove their monster from play.
    Just remember that trick, because sometimes it's the only thing that saves
    you. Ida plays several two tribute monsters, and he'll actually tribute them
    sometimes! This is good for you when he does, because he's losing card 
    advantage, so save your removal for his two tributes.  He also plays My Body
    as a Shield, so your removal might not work, if he uses it, you probably
    lose. Ida also plays Treeborn Frog, making him a serious threat. He can
    revive his normal monsters with Birthright as well, this guy actually
    has decent special summoning capability with his Masked Dragons, searchers
    for Dragon type monsters. This guy can duel... So be on your toes.
    After you beat Ida there's a Rush Recklessly in a box befor the "boss" of
    this "Dungeon".  If you're still using a slightly modified starter deck
    then I suggest you put it in.
    Now for the Boss.
    Opponent: Kameno
    Deck: Lucky Turtle Shell
    Rating: 620
    The guy guarding your friend plays a deck known as "Ghandi-Pants" in real
    life.  The deck is designed to make you run out of cards, and unless you've
    spent a LOT of time in the World Championship Dueling Winged Kuribo... He is
    going to be VERY hard to beat...  Simply because your only real spell & trap
    removal at the moment is probably you're two Dust Tornados & your twister.
    This guy plays almost EVERY STALL CARD IN THE GAME... And EVERY MONSTER IN
    THE GAME THAT DECKS YOU OUT...  The only way I beat him was by DECKING HIM
    OUT! The way you do this is: Let him get about 3 or 4 monsters on the field
    to your 1... One of his monsters is most likely "Morphing Jar #2". He will
    flip it up first chance he gets, and as long as he has more monsters on 
    the field than you, chances are... He'll start decking himself quicker than he 
    decks you. You've pretty much gotta' let the A.I. Defeat itself here.
    If you REALLY wanna be sure you deck him, then temporarily increase your
    deck count to 45, just make sure to take it back to 40 after this duel.
    Now it's time for the dreaded "Box-Pushing Puzzle". Here's excactly how to
    do it:
    1. Push the first box you can push two spaces north.
    2. Push the first box that can be pushed south down as far you can push it.
    3. The boxes now make a sort of "L" shape, shown by my ASCII art below:
    [ ]
       [ ]
    Push the box marked "x", one space left.
    4. Now push the box south of your current position as far down as you can.
    5. Now push the box that is blocking your progress north, two spaces north.
    6. Run around to the left of the box you just pushed, and push it right.
    Now you may leave out of the northern exit of the room.
    You find blitz passed out drunk on the floor, (just kidding he was probably
    knocked out, either way he's a loser with a bad deck).  You wake him up, and
    he heads back to the subway to hang out with the rest of the bums.
    Before you leave head to the right of the room you are in and open the box
    to find "Quillbolt Hedgehog", a card that is probably best left out of your
    Head south and push your way out of the dreaded box room, it's much easier
    on the way out. If you DO get stuck somehow you can press "Y" to reset the
    Boxes.  Exit the warehouse and head for the subway.
    Talk to Rally & Blitz oustide, then go inside.  Talk to Tank & Nervin...
    Yusie makes a quick cameo appearance.  Infact, he gives you an engine for
    you duel runner!  YAY!
    Head to the shack on the right to progress the story.
    Rally finally does something important, he finds a CPU for your duel runner,
    run back into the subway to get it. The "Riding Suit" he gives you can't
    actually be put on unfortunately.
    The path to the South that used to be nothing but a large trench is now
    open, this is where the Duel Runner Shop is located. I actually advise you
    to upgrade your duel runner a bit. I suggest you buy the Gamma Frame, and
    leave it at that, because none of the other add-ons in the duel runner shop
    can be added on to it.
    Anyway, head as south as you possibly can and you'll find a little area
    of the southmost map of the Satellite Slums that looks like a little
    rectangle that you can walk into. This is the area where the highway above
    you can actually block your view of your character, in the southwest most
    courner of this rectangle is a hidden box containing 1500 DP.
    Then run left to try out your duel runner for the first time. After you
    complete this little minigame I suggest you find the first savepoint in the
    game (where you woke up) and save at it.
    You'll have to wait for the next update!  I'm gonna go duel with my
    Phantom of Chaos Zombie Deck.
    Since this FAQ is still light on material, I've decided to include the
    decklist of this deck.  If I get beat in the story mode while using the
    starter deck. I switch to this.  It's undefeated against the computer, but
    unless you're cheating like me, it will take a LONG time to get cards even
    HALF this good for your deck.
    "Phantoms of Chaos (Zombie Variant)"
    Monsters - 21
    Sky Scorge Norleras
    Zombie Master (x3)
    Mezuki (x3)
    Breaker the Magical Warrior
    Snipe Hunter
    Summoner Monk (x2)
    Plaguespreader Zombie (x3)
    Spirit Reaper
    Phantom of Chaos (x2)
    Armageddon Knight (x3)
    Spells - 19
    Allure of Darkness (x3)
    Book of Life (x2)
    Card Destruction
    Card of Safe Return (x2)
    D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation (x3)
    Foolish Burial (x2)
    Heavy Storm
    Monster Reborn
    Upstart Goblin (x3)
    Gold Sarcophagus
    Traps - 0
    Extra Deck - 15
    Red Dragon Archfiend
    Collosal Fighter
    Goyo Guardian (x2)
    Thought Ruler Archfiend
    Dark End Dragon
    Dark Strike Fighter
    Stardust Dragon
    Revived King Ha Des
    Black Rose Dragon
    Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
    Naturia Beast
    X-Saber Urbellum
    X-Saber Wayne
    This is not a good example of how to build a deck for begginers. If you're
    new to Yu-Gi-Oh! my only advice is to check out how many of the cards in
    the above deck are limited to 1 or 2. The lesson is, limited cards are
    generally good. Also the Sychro list is actually from another deck, but it
    contains all of the important Synchros you need to know about.  Notice
    that the deck is at 40 cards. I highly recommend that you keep your deck
    as close to 40 cards as possible.
    Infact here's another deck that's much more tailored to begginers than the
    above deck.
    Synchro Magic
    Monsters - 20
    Jinzo ( 2 )
    Cyber Dragon
    Breaker the Magical Warrior
    X-Saber Airbellum ( 3 )
    D.D. Warrior Lady
    Snipe Hunter
    Cannon Soldier
    Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
    Ice Blast User Rice ( 2 )
    Card Trooper
    Plauge Speader Zombie ( 3 )
    Spirit Reaper
    Spells - 18
    Book of Moon ( 2 )
    Brain Control
    Creature Swap ( 2 )
    Enemy Controller
    Gold Sarcophagus
    Heavy Storm
    Lightning Vortex
    Monster Reborn
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Nobleman of Crossout ( 2 )
    Smashing Ground
    Swords of Revealing Light
    Unighted we Stand
    Traps - 2
    Mirror Force
    Torrential Tribute
    Extra Deck - 15
    Red Dragon Archfiend
    Collosal Fighter
    Goyo Guardian (x2)
    Thought Ruler Archfiend
    Dark End Dragon
    Dark Strike Fighter
    Stardust Dragon
    Revived King Ha Des
    Black Rose Dragon
    Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
    Naturia Beast
    X-Saber Urbellum
    X-Saber Wayne
    It's pretty much themeless, but if you know your stuff, you can tell that
    the cards have good synergy.
    Cannon Soldier + Enemy Controller
    Scapegoat + Unighted we Stand
    Jinzo + The quickplay spells & the fact that there are only two traps in
    the entire deck.
    Book of Moon + Nobleman of Crossout
    Dandylion & Scapegoat + Creature Swap
    Cannon Soldier + Dandylion or Scapegoat
    The weakest cards in the deck are Unighted we Stand, Shrink, Cannon Soldier,
    Lightning Vortex, & Gold Sarcophagus.
    When your weak points are THAT good.... You've got a good deck I think.
    (The only reason I say that Gold Sarcophagus is "weak" is because I play
    VERY aggressively, and waiting two turns to get Heavy Storm sometimes slows
    me down).
    Heck.... Even my weak cards combo with my good cards...
    Dandylion + Lightning Vortex.
    1 more combo....
    Card Trooper + Dandylion
    You've got some stuff to work with here.
    I'll list the effects of the mosnters that some of you might not know:
    When this card is sent to the graveyard in any way, special summon two
    tokens to your side of the field in defense position, they can't be used for
    a tribute summon on the same turn that they've been special summoned.
    X-Saber Airbellum
    1600 ATK!
    When it attacks directly it discards a card out of you opponents hand.
    It's also a "Tuner".
    Ice Blast User Rice
    800 ATK / 800 DEF
    Cannot be destroyed in battle by level 4 or higher monsters.
    Also a tuner.
    Plauge Speader Zombie
    "You can return one card from your hand to the top of your deck to
    special summon this card from your graveyard, if you do, it get's removed
    from play when it leaves the field."
    He's a tuner.
    Black Rose Dragon
    1 tuner + 1 or more non-tuners.
    When it's synchro summoned you can destroy all cards on the field.
    (It has a secondary effect which can not be used with this deck)
    Naturia Beast
    1 EARTH tuner + 1 or more non-tuner EARTH monsters
    "As long as this card remains face up on the field, you can negate the
    activation of a spell card by sending the top two cards from your deck to
    the graveyard."

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