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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Samurai Bandit

    Version: 1.11 | Updated: 05/28/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                             Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator:
                                  World Championship 2009
                                   By: Samurai Bandit
                                E-mail: samurai.b@gmail.com
                                      v 1.11 (05/27/09)
              ~~~~ TABLE OF CONTENTS ~~~~
    I........Version history [VH]
    II.......About the guide [ATG]
    III......Introduction [INTR]
    IV.......Advices/Tips [ADV]
    V........Starting [STRT]
    VI.......Rescuing Blizz [RSB]
    VII......Duel Running and into the fabric [DRIF]
    VIII.....In Jail [IJ]
    IX.......Duel Puzzles [DPS]
    X........Getting Back what they took from you [GBDD]
    XI.......Meeting the twins and tag duel [MTTD]
    XII......Turbo Dueling and the tournament [TDT]
    XIII.....The 4 last ones and the King [TLOK]
    XIV......Tips and tricks for the 4 [TT4]
    XV.......E-mail and contact info [EAI]
    XVI......Credits [CR]
    XVII.....Copyrights [CO]
              ~~~~ VERSION HISTORY [VH] ~~~~
    v 1.00  - Completed the guide and submitted it. (05/02/09)
    v 1.01  - Just updated the list of websites in which this guide can be posted
              in. (05/04/09)
    v 1.10  - Added a new section to the guide, XIV. (05/08/2009)
    v 1.11  - Corrected and added and alternate method to pass some guards, in
              section "X". (05/27/09)
              ~~~~ABOUT THE GUIDE [ATG] ~~~~
    This is a Walkthrough I made to help you beat Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's SA story mode.
    Here I will tell you step by step where to go and how to solve puzzles that you
    encounter in the story mode, however I wont help you if you got problems 
    beating someone in a duel. If you wonder Why I wont do such thing is because in
    this game there a LOTS of cards, therefore making a lot of combinations
    possible so I cant list all of them and neither can list all of them, since
    the cards you get are random besides the starting ones. Hope you find useful
    this guide. 
    A thing to notice about this guide is that I tried to keep SPOILERS as low as
    possible if not non-existant, so dont worry about youself getting spoiled.
                 ~~~~ INTRODUCTION [INTR] ~~~~
    If you know nothing about Yu-Gi-Oh! or havent ever played a game then you are
    probably wondering how to play, if you simply turn on the game and go into the
    World Championship mode, there you can find a Tutorial. It is very helpful
    so it should be enough to get you started. If you need help constructing a deck
    I would suggest building the basic one, it consists of strong monsters that are
    level 4 or less (so you can summon without tributing) like 2 or 3 higher level
    monsters and trap/spell cards that can destroy your opponent's monster with 
    the ones you consider helpful.
                 ~~~~ ADVICES/TIPS [ADV]~~~~
    - Keep your deck as close to 40 as possible, this raises the chances you get 
    for drawing the card(s) you need.
    - If you lose a duel you'll lose some extra points you would get after each 
    battle, you get 1 point for each consecutive battle you win (max 10) so 
    getting 10 more DP is better than only 1, for those who are worried about this
    just save a lot and if you lose simply turn off the power and restart, this DP
    DO help if you never lose, however if you lose besides that nothing happens
    (except for some duels in which you would lose the game wich are the less).
    - Sometimes when you battle someone (outside the obligatory battles) they'll 
    give you a card for beating them, so if you want free cards and more DP duel!
    - Constantly save after a battle.
    - When in middle of a duel you'll notice that sometimes you want to activate a
    trap card but the computer wont ask you if you want to do it, well when you are
    in the middle of an animation (either yours or your opponent's turn) keep
    pressed the button A during the animation and a window will pop-up saying that
    there are no cards you can use and asking if you want to check the field.
                 ~~~~ STARTING [STRT] ~~~~
    After the short clip you'll be found uncouncoius. You'll talk with a little
    girl called Rally and here you start playing. First of all move around and
    check the controls, press B when walking to run. Press X or tap the duel disk
    at the bottom right corner of the screen, this will send you to the menu where
    you can do various things. 
    First of all we are gonna do some changes to your deck since there are some
    good cards in you side deck that should be in it. Enter the duelist menu and
    tap deck construction. Add the following cards from you side deck to your Main
    deck, to do this select a card with the arrows or tap it, then press A and a
    little window should appear asking where do you want to move the card, select
    to deck.
    *Note this is just a reccomendation, you can leave it as it is or change other
    cards instead of the ones that are going to be listed. Minimun 40 cards must be
    on your deck in order to be able to play.
    Add the following cards from the Side Deck to the Main Deck:
    Ancient Gear Knight
    Fossil Tusker
    Enemy controller
    Malevolent Nuzzler
    Defense Draw
    Add the following cards from deck to side deck or trunk:
    Sonic chick
    The Creator
    X-Saber Galahad
    Unstable Evolution
    If you want to buy some card packs (In order to upgrade your deck) you'll need
    to either go to a card shop in the game or just instead of choosing 5D Starcup
    mode, choose World Championship mode and from there select the option Get cards
    , buy cards. However be sure to save some DP since you'll need 1000 DP later
    in the game, if you wasted all of them or want to buy more packs, you get DP
    for each duel you win (and for each time you lose but when this happens you
    only get 1 DP for each turn that passed, so it isnt like they count lol).
    Exit the menu and save the game, in order to save the game just go down the map
    until you see a floating thingy diamond shaped mark (it's on the middle left
    side of the map). After saving just keep going down and face your first duel.
       Rally        ----> This is the character's name
       Mecha Shot   ----> This is the character's deck name
       515          ----> This is the grade of difficulty of the character
    After this easy battle (It's the first one so it's supposed to be that way),
    go down and exit that map, keep going down and you'll see another person there
    talk with him and enjoy your second battle.
       Total equip
    After the battle just go down the stairs into the subway, here you'll have to
    face 2 more opponents I would recommend in order to make this duels faster
    and easier that you should go to buy some card packs (Beggining 1 for good
    spell and trap cards and Beggining 2 for good monsters, this again is my 
    opinion) and get a better deck first, thought it isnt really necessary since
    they are pretty easy too.
       Total Effect
       Satellite Wall
    After those battles, before entering the tent go down the map and to the left
    to find 450 DP, after getting them enter the tent, there is another save point.
    Even though Rally said not to touch the PC, ignore her and go and touch it.
    When the shot cut-scene is done get outside the subway and meet with Blitz,
    then follow him (go to the left of the map to the next map). In this map go up
    and in the right side of the map you'll find a Dust Tornado Card. Go down and
    talk with Blitz and the bad guy there, you'll need 1000 DP in order to buy the
    Duel Runner. When you've bought the Runner go back to the subway and you'll
    see your Runner there, fast deliverly am i right? Well go and check your
    Runner.... After receiving such surprise go back to the map where you bought
    your Runner (All the way left), when you've watched what happened go back to
    the subway and tell the others what you saw.
                ~~~~ RESCUING BLITZ [RSB] ~~~~
    They are no help at all so you must go back to where you bought the Runner, go
    to upper side of that map and duel the guy guarding the building entrace.
       Masteful Magician
    Enter the building and first of all save, then before battling that guy there
    go up and get those 450 DP laying there, procceed to face that guy blocking
    your way.
       Ida Dragons
    Now proceed walking to where the guy was and before facing the 3rd guy go to
    the bottom left side of the map and get a Rush Recklessly card. Go and face the
    guy blocking your way to the next map.
       Lucky Turtle Shell
    When you've beaten him go up and enter the next map, you'll encounter the first
    puzzle in the game where you gotta move some blocks that are blocking your way:
    Here is a mini map for that:
    lE l_____
    l  N     l  E= exit
    lN NN B Nl  N= Non movable stuff
    l   NCN  l  ABCDEF= Movable blocks
    l  N  N  l  l,_= walls
    lNF D NNAl
    lN  E N  l
    l     N  l
    l____NN  l
           l l
    That's how it looks when you enter and it isnt really complicated but since
    this is a Walkthrough I gotta explain how to beat it so if you cant solve it,
    here's how to do it. Use the poorly-done ASCII that is just up this paragraph
    and follow the following instructions:
    - Push the first block (A) up 2 times
    - Push C down 4 times
    - Push E to the left once
    - Push F up twice and then push it right once
    *Note if you somehow do something wrong and cant pass through this map just
    press Y so the puzzle restarts and now follow the steps  =p
    Before/After waking up Blitzz go to the right side of the map and pick up the
    Quillbot Hedgehog card there. Now you gotta go back from where you came, time
    to redo the first puzzle, this time you'll start at the exit and gotta get to
    the start, following the diagram I made before and do this to get to the start:
    - Push F down once
    - Push C up twice
    - Push B right once, down twice
    - Push A down twice
    Now get out of the building and return to the subway, after the cut-scene go
    into the tent. After another cut-scene go back inside the subway. 
             ~~~~ DUEL RUNNING AND INTO THE FABRIC [DRIF] ~~~~
    Now get out of the subway and this time go to the right side of the map, in
    this map you'll find the card shop, anyway go all the way down until the next
    map and go to Satellite Slum, there you can find a Duel Runner shop where you
    can buy parts for your Duel runner which will help you in many ways, if you do
    dont forget to actually put the parts into the Runner, to do this press X and
    go to the Customize Duel Runner option. I would suggest buying a Front with
    good handling to make it easier to run.
    Well from here go down to the next map,save if needed and before going all the
    way left, go down and to the left to find a hidden DP Charge code wich gives
    you some nice 1500 DP. Go left of the map to enter the Duel running track where
    you gotta beat the track in the given time (3 minutes) it's easy once you get
    accustomed to it. Press A to acelerate, B to break, L/R for boosts (which you
    dont have any at this time of the game).
    After you've completed the track go all the way back to the subway. This time
    you gotta run for you life, it's the same track where you practiced so you
    should be fine. After succesfully escaping go back to the subway to check the
    others. Go back where the Runner shop is located and in that map go to the left
    side, follow the path and enter fabric, here you'll meet your second puzzle!
    Well it isnt really a puzzle but who cares, it got movable blocks. From here
    instead of moving the first blocks you see go left and you'll find a swtich 
    on the floor, DO NOT STAND ON IT before doing that you should move the blocks
    there, move them so that you can pass through there, there's no need to
    explain how to do that as its very simple (Move the right block up twice and
    then right once, move the block on the top of the screen up twice). Now go back
    to the switch and stand on it, you got 7 seconds to go all the way up the
    stairs and open the gate, easy right? Wait! You are telling me you got problems
    getting up there before the time runs out? Well remember that pressing B while
    walking will make you run, so if you do that you'll have no problems here.
    Go a little left and down so you can see another of those containers that gives
    you stuff (Big Bang Shot card), follow the path and duel the guy blocking your
       From the sea
    Continue to the next map and you'll find another block puzzle:
    l-  D -  l
    l A - - -l  S = exit
    l  B E I l  A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,Z = Movable Block
    l - - - -l  - = Non movable object
    l -C    -l
    l Z -- H-l
    l Z   FG l
    l Z_-___-l
    l l
    - Push B right once
    - Push C down once
    - Push E up once
    - Push I right once
    Once done go into the next map and save, face your next oponent:
       Sss ss ss!
    Whats up with him and his Sss's? Anyway save if needed and DONT talk with Tank,
    if you do when you try to go and save you'll trigger another battle. Continue
    your way through the fabric, dont go back yet, the next map contains a card
    and stuff. I'll make a map for it:
    Here you'll find one card, DP and a new cloth (jacket).
    l   - IR   - -  -  RR  R l
    l     --U-   -  -U---U-- l
    l-H-Z- - -C-  A - --- -- l
    l     --   - -  -   - L  l
    l ---- - -  --- - -U-U-- l   I = Item
    l  -   - --  R  - - - -- l   A,B,C,E,F,G,H,Z = Block
    l ---- -    --- - -   L  l   R= right pad
    l  F   -U--  R  -I- - -- l   L= Left pad
    l - -- - -- -- ----D-D-- l   U= Up pad
    l  G   -  - -  -    - L  l   D= down pad
    l - -- --  B  -- -- - -- l
    l -Z   -- - -  -D--D-D-- l
    l - - --- ---- -D--D- L  l
    lZ   E -  -    -D--D- -- l
    l - - --   --- -D--D-D-- l
    l______I_-_RRR_I__R____  l
                           l l
    If you do this with the specified blocks and dont move other blocks you can get
    to any part of the map:
    - Push A DOWN ONCE
    - Push C down twice
    - Push B down once
    - Push E right once
    - Push F left once
    - Push G down once
    - Push H up twice 
    Now get out of there when you got all the 3 items, go back to the save point
    and save and then talk with tank, after talking with tank go back to the
    entrance and another battle will be triggered, you gotta beat the guy to get
    out of the map however if you lose you'll be sent back to your last save point!
    This is the reason I suggested saving before talking with tank.
       Lots of bugs
    When the cut-scene is over go back to the subway and enter the tent, remember
    to save and then head to the computer (the one that you shouldnt touch lol) and
    prepare yourself for another Duel Running track, this one is just to pratice so
    you can try as many times as you want without worrying.
    When you've completed the track you gotta wait sometime for the next step so
    you should go and have a duel with Rally, she's in the subway:
       Mecha Shot
    Then proceed to have another duel with Blitz, he's besides Rally:
       Satellite Wall
    When Tank asks you if you are ready say no, go and save first and then come
    back with Tank and say you are ready. If you were planning to do something in
    this part of the city then I would suggest not to talk with Tank and go and do
    whatever you wanted to, then go and see him when you are ready since after this
    part you wont be able to get back to this part of the city until you beat the
    Time for another Duel Runner track, this time again you gotta run for your life
    (in the same track you previously practiced) so good luck.
                        ~~~~ IN JAIL [IJ] ~~~~
    So you've been a bad boy/girl? First of all save and go out of that room.
    You'll be at a corridor where there are many other prision cells, get out of
    there (go down). Save again if needed and then duel the Bad guy there (Bolt
       Bolt Tanner
       Stampeding Bulls!
    The catch with this one is that you wont use your deck to fight him, instead a
    borrowed one. Still it isnt really difficult to beat him.
    Wnen you are done, save as always and then head to vist the other newcomer he's
    in the corridor in the right side room. Yea, it seems that everyone wants to 
    duel you.. Anyway after the short cut-scene go and talk with every other
    prisioner, go to the corridor, there on the bottom left corner you'll find one
    prisioner (There are 6 total that will give you something), he'll give you what
    you are looking for, then go to each room and talk with each prisioner to get
    more of those stuff they give you. No need to go to the center room neither the
    right side room (Just go there to get some more DP) since nobody in those rooms
    will give you anything.
    After you are done go back to the "recreation room" (all the way down) and talk
    with the big guy there. Remember to save.
       Go Takasu-C!
    He is really annoying since he is mostly defensive so it will be a long (not
    hard) battle...
                       ~~~~ DUEL PUZZLES [DPS] ~~~~
    After the flashback, return to the corridor. When done and once you are out go
    all the way down to exit the map where you are in and enter in the first
    entrance you see, once inside save and talk with the bar tender, prepare for
    some Duel puzzles!
    Now here are the answers, you only gotta beat 3 but if you beat all 5 of them
    you'll unlock a new oponent in the WC mode:
    --Compact Duel 1---
    - Normal Summon Nuvia the Wicked in face-up atk position.
    - Use "Pot of Generosity" and add the 2 monsters from your hand to your deck.
    - Use Big Band shot, equip it to anyone and chain the Naturia Beast effect to
    this card.
    - Use the effect of Dark Hunter monster card that is in your field to destroy
    all the oponent's monsters.
    - Attack with everyone left and win.
    ---Compact Duel 2---
    - Activate Solem Wishes trap card that is on the field.
    - Use Terraforming spell card on your hand and select Magical Citadel of
    Endymion as the card you want to draw (the only field card actually..)
    - Activate the Magical CItadel of Endymion spell card from your hand
    - Use Upstart Goblin spell card from your hand
    - Use Gather Your Mind spell card from your hand (the one you just drew from
    your deck) and add the same card from your deck to your hand.
    - Special summon Endymion, the Master Magician in face-up Att position, for his
    effect return Upstart Goblin spell card from your Graveryard to your hand.
    - Use Upstart Goblin.
    - Use Smashing Ground spell card from your hand and select the only monster
    your oponent controls.
    - Use the special effect of Endymion, the Master Magician and discard the only
    card left on your hand and destroy your oponent's trap card.
    - Attack and win.
    -- Compact Duel 3----
    - Use Raigeki Break, discard Speed Warrior monster card from your hand and 
    destroy Burden of the Mighty spell card on your field.
    - Summon Junk Synchron in face-up atk position and use his effect, revive
    Speed Warrior monster card from your graveyard.
    - Go to your graveyard and activate Quillbolt Hedgehog's effect, summon in any
    - Summon the last monster on your hand in face-up Att position.
    - Special Summon from your extra deck Colossal Fighter, tribute all the
    monsters on your field.
    - Activate both of your trap cards on your side of the field.
    - Attack one of your oponent's monster, both monsters will die.
    - Activate the effect of COlossal Fighter card and return it to the field
    (Select Colossal Fighter as the effect target).
    - Repeat for the other 2 monsters left on your oponent's side of the field.
    - When you've destroyed all 3 monsters return once more Colossal Fighter to
    your side of the field and use the Mystical Space Typhoon spell card on your
    hand and destroy the Skill Drain trap card on the field.
    - Attack directly and win.
    --- Compact Duel 4---
    - Use Destructotron effect and destroy your opponent's trap card.
    - Use Telekinetic Power Well spell card from your hand and resurrect both
    monsters on your graveyard in face-up Att position.
    - Summon Psychic Snail monster card from your hand.
    - Equip Psychic Sword Spell on your hand to Destructotron.
    - Use Psychic Snail effect on Destructotron
    - Use Mind Master's effect and tribute Krebons on your side of the field to
    summon Psychic Commander.
    - Use Mind Master's effect and tribute Psychic Snail to summon Power injector
    from your deck.
    - Use Power Injector's efect.
    - Battle with Mind Master and attack the only monster there, activate the
    effect of a card (Psychic Commander), pay 100 LP.
    - Attack with everyone else and win.
    --- Compact Duel 5---
    - Use Dark Core spell card on your hand and discard Dandylion, remove from play
    the Queen of Thorns that is in face-up Att position.
    - Activate the effect of Assault Mercenary on your side of the field and
    destroy the only trap card there.
    - Go to your extra deck an Synchro Summon Red Dragon Archfiend in face-up
    attack position.
    - Activate the effect of Arcane Apprentince in your Graveyard.
    - Activate Assault Beast effect from your hand.
    - Summon Night Wing Sorceress in face-up atk position and activate its effect.
    - Go to your graveyard and activate Quillbolt Hedgehog effect and summon it in
    any position.
    - Set the trap card on your hand to the field.
    - Activate Copy Plant effect on the field and copy one Queen of Thorns.
    - Go to your extra deck and Synchro summon Stardust Dragon in face-up Att
    - Attack with Red Dragon Archfiend
    - Attack with the other 2 monsters you got.
    - Use both of your trap cards 1 for the Red Dragon and 1 for the Stardust
    - Select their respective monster from the deck and summon them.
    - Attack with the Stardust Dragon.
    - Attack with the Red Dragon.
    - Chain the Stardust Dragon effect and negate the Red Dragon effect.
    - Activate Red Dragon effect and summon the other Red Dragon Archfiend in
    face-up Att position.
    - Attack with the Red Dragon and win.
    After you've completed 3 Duel puzzles , save and go outside.
              ~~~~ GETTING BACK WHAT THEY TOOK FROM YOU [GBDD] ~~~~ 
    When Blister is done talking with you, from where you are search the right side
    of the room for a Machiners Sniper monster card, then get outside of that
    building. Once out to the left of the building you just exited there's another
    Duel Runner Shop if interested go and buy some parts for yours,then go all the
    way right of the map into the next map, in this map there is another Card shop
    however it's temporarly closed.
    Keep going right, you'll find a child who's wandering there, talk with him and
    have a duel with him, this duel is a Structure Deck duel, you'll borrow a
    specialized deck from him and duel against him with it, it's a very fun duel,
    I chose the Spellcaster's Command Deck and beat him with it. Remember to get
    the DP that are in that area on the bottom left corner of the area the child is
    in, not of the map.
       Curse of darkness
    You can either continue playing with him or continue with the game, you can
    always come back and have a structure duel here with him. Say that you dont
    want another duel (unless you do) and go back with Blister and talk with him.
    After hearing the explanation get outside the building and this time go to the
    upper part of the map into the next one. Save (its on the top in the left side
    of the map) then go to the right side of the map and enter the building using
    your card.
    First go all the way left into the next room, here you gotta get past some 
    guards, to do this wait until the guard is going to turn up , here's an "image"
    of where he should be turning to when you get past him.
    l .... l    l,_ = walls
    l .  . l      . = The trayectory where the guard walks
    l ...G l      G = Guard
    Remember when he is turning up as shown on the map run to the other side of the
    room, run by the lower part of the screen. Now enter the next room and grab the
    Tuningware monster card there, get back to the main room. Once back there go up
    to the next room and then to the left , here you gotta get past another set of
    Wait until the second guard beggins walking to the left side of the room and
    for when the 1st guard is on the same position as the one before:
    l .... l    l,_ = walls
    l .  . l      . = The trayectory where the guard walks
    l ...G l      G = Guard
    When waiting for the second guard to beggin walking to the left hide behind the
    machine there, then when he starts walking left, hide behind the flower pots,
    when he dissapears of your view and the 1st guard is on position quickly run on
    the lower part of the screen and after passing the flower pots stop running and
    begin walking through the second guard.
    Enter the next room and grab the Control Room ID card there, head back to the
    main room (the one where you started when you entered the building) Actually if
    you just let yourself get caught you'll start there.
    From the main room now go right to the next room:
    This is easier, wait until both guards are giving you their back and walk
    behind them, follow the second guard and when passing the machine go up and
    remember never to pass the guard, there press A where the door control is and
    wait until the seconde guard goes back, press A again to close the chat window
    and enter the room.
    Here go up to the first PC you see and check it. You'll be given 2:30 minutes
    to reach another room. To go back, go to the lower part of the screen and run
    left, when you've reached the machine (not passed it) stop running and walk, 
    keep youself as close as possible to the flower pots and the wall, end up
    facing down then wait until the guard passes you and then go left to exit that
    room and get to the main room.
    Here is a mini map of where you should stand
    G    l_________    G = Guards,they may not be exactly there just for reference
            M|  D      D = Door where you come from
      G      |         M = Machine there
    __----Y__|______   Y = Where you should stand
                       - = Flower pots
                       | = Where you should stop running
    *Since some people had problems with my method, I'll add this other method
    (Which was probably the one meant to be done) that some nice (Victor Rosa)
    guy e-mailed me with:
    "What you have to do is after activating the switch leave the control room
    notice the plant on your right (about two steps away). Go behind the plant and
    wait for the guard to come back and then watch him get a few good feet away.
    After follow him before he leaves your sight. This part is tricky. You have to
    maneuver your way past the guards sight (the one at the top) but at the same
    time you have to slide your way along the set of plants until you can hide in
    the intersection where the plant and wall make a corner. After that the guard
    will pass and you can leave.
            l                         l
            l       l-----l           l
            l       l-----l           l
            l     G                  Pl
    ________l                         l_______l-----l_________
     M                                 M                  PY1 l
                l-------------------------l              l
               Gl-------------------------l              l
    P= Plant
    M= Machine
    G= Guard
    l---l= Movements of Guards
    Y1= The first place you have to stay after hitting the switch for the timer
    Y2= The place you have to end up after you have followed the guard that walks
    towards the exit while you follow him and slide beside the plant and the wall.
    *End of the other method to get past this room*
    After getting back to the main room go up to the next room and then to the
    right one, here are more guards:
    To past the first set of guard wait until the running guard goes off screen,
    then wait until the guard on the upper side of the screen faces you with his
    back, when he is, run again by the lower part of the screen and when reaching
    the second set of flower pots position yourself behind them, again as close as
    possible to them and the wall, here's another map:
       G l_________l G   G = Guards,they may not be exactly there, I putted them
            M               there just for reference
                    G    M = Machine there
      ----________Y---   Y = Where you should stand
                         - = Flower pots
    To get past the 3rd guard is easy, just wait until he is giving you his back
    and walk always some steps behing him, continue right and enter the room, this
    should be done in the given time (2:30min) and if you get spotted by a guard
    you gotta start over from going to the other room and activating the PC.
    When you've completed this task and entered the room check that room for
    another ID, your deck, some DP and a Duel Disk (Everything is in the drawers)
    Now get out of there and from the main room go up to the next map and open the
    middle door there. 
    After entering this room go to the right until you see a guard and wait about
    15 seconds and then walk left this time by the upper side of the map and hide
    behing the flower pot there:
    G   G -l_________    G= Guards,they may not be exactly there just for reference
           -Y      D     D = Door where you come from
                         - = Flower pots
      ----_________      Y= Where you should stand
    Wait till the guard of the right in the map before given (the one up this line)
    passes you and then wait for the other guard to turn up.
    l  .   l    l,_  = walls
    l  .   l     . = The trayectory where the guard walks
    l  G  -l__   G = Guard
             -Y   - = Flower Pots
    _-------___   Y = where you are standing
    When he is facing up is the time you should get across the map to the left.
    Once done enter the next room and DONT go up, instead if you check the mini
    map on the DS there's like a little hole to the left of the map (not the one
    with the exit another smaller one) well go there and pick up a nice Gold
    Sarcophagus card (very useful IMO) Go down and left and save your game, after
    saving go, dont do up yet, go into the next map, exit from there so you can
    always use that elevator and dont have to go through the trouble of passing the
    guards again, and if you need to, go and buy some Duel Runner parts then come
    back using the elevator you have just activated.
    Returning to the map where you last saved, go up in the map to find what you
    were looking for and prepare for another Duel Runner track, this is why you
    should save first. The trick on that track is if you see you are gonna get
    hitted by an obstacle break a little until you can pass by and then continue.
    If you cant complete the track beacause its too hard I would recommend exiting
    the building by the method before described and going to buy some Duel Runner
    parts to the shop left to the building where Blister is then going back and
    when getting it back instead of just going down and triggering the next event
    press X before and customize your Runner. Mini boosts are good if you crash
    into the wall or an obstacle as they'll help you regain your speed faster also
    a good accelerator and handling helps.
                ~~~~ MEETING THE TWINS AND TAG DUEL [MTTD] ~~~~
    When you've succesfully escaped prepare for a duel...
       Transform, Ta da!
    Save and go down the stairs to face another opponent:
       Black Rose
    Save again and return to where Blister is (all the way left) thought dont enter
    the building, just keep going left and you'll see him, prepare for your first
    Tag Duel, after hearing the explanation of course.
       Leo                   Luna
       Transform, Ta da!     Fairy Princess
       1100                  1100
    Now you gotta find a partner, to do this just find a charcter in the game from
    which you like his deck and battle him (and win) until he/she asks you to be
    your partner (Im not sure if you can partner with the characters in the city).
    After that from the Duel Runner shop (or where the Tag Duel was) go left and
    follow the path until you reach the city, when you do, go left again all the
    way and follow the path, on the last map go up and a little left to save, then
    enter the tournament and of course win it!
    By the way the card shop is now opened so if you need to upgrade your deck go
    and buy some card packs.
      1st duel
       Figaro           Corse
       Classic Deck     Modern Deck
       918              923
    After you've beaten them save and talk again with the manager for the 2nd duel,
    same for the 3rd one.
       2nd duel
       Blister               Bolt
       Sprint! Machiners!    Stampeding Bulls!
       930                   940
    Proceed to the 3rd duel.
       Leo                  Luna
       Transform, Ta da!    Fairy Princess
       1100                 1100
    Nice job winning, now after the cut-scene save, go back to the map where the
    bar is if you do not remember how to get there first get out of the city and
    go all the way right until you reach that map, outside the bar to its right
    you'll find Bolt, talk with him after doing that go back with Blister, all the
    way to the left again and enter the building he is in. 
    When you are done get out of the building and go all the way back to the city,
    when you reach the city go to the right there talk with a guy named Giado that
    is guarding some kind of entrance and you are on for another Duel Runner track.
    This should be easy now.
    When you've completed the track I would suggest going into your duel disk and
    editing the Turbo duel deck you got (Press X go to duelist menu then select
    Deck construction (Turbo)), since you are almost going to start Turbo dueling..
    The only diference here is you gotta buy special magic card to be able to use
    them in the duel, apart from that everything is the same, anyway after editing
    your turbo duel deck exit the map and there a guy will explain you how to turbo
    duel and of course challenge you to one.
       Non-stop Road
    Go and save after the duel and then go to the card shop to buy some spell cards
    (Aceleration pack) for your turbo duel deck since you'll need them. Then edit
    your deck again and go back to where the Team Tag Tournament was held, there
    prepare yourself for another tournament, save again if needed and good luck
       1st Duel (Turbo duel)
       For Duel's End!
    Save and to the next battle!
       2nd duel (Turbo duel)
       Wheel on Fire!
    Save and procceed with the next battle
       3rd duel (Turbo Duel)
       (Forgot to see info on him lol, sorry for that. It isnt very important tho)
    Now you can go and buy more cards or just continue with the tournament , to do
    that return to the tournament area, dont forget to save, this time you can
    enter the building so just go up and enter the tournament (Talk with the
       1st Duel (Normal Duel)
       Fit for a Knight!
    Save and go procceed with the next duel.
       2nd duel (Normal Duel)
       Cold Burning Fire
    Go and save and prepare for the final match!
       3rd duel (Turbo Duel)
       Warrior's Aligned
    After the cut-scene save your game! Never before it was so important to save
    since what is next is the most difficult part of the game (At least for me)
    Go to the WC mode after saving and buy some card packs, you'll need to have a
    strong deck for the next part, after you are done simply go down on the map
    you are in and after a long speech (Which if you dont got a strong deck you'll
    watch it a lot of times...) you'll face 4 opponents, whats the deal with them?
                 ~~~~ THE 4 LAST ONES AND THE KING [TLOK] ~~~~
    Well let me explain, first of all you gotta beat all 4 in one run, no saving
    in middle, second you cannot use your side deck, third they got structure decks
    which are very powerfull and at last and more important of all, YOUR LIFE
    4 BATTLES, this means that your LP are carried over from battle to battle so if
    you finish the 1st battle with 3000 LP you'll start the 2nd one with 3000LP,
    keep this in mind!!
    I said I wouldnt give any info on how to beat duelists since it just depends
    on your deck and no oponent is a big deal.. except these 4 so I'll throw in a
    couple of tips.
    Dont let them use synchro AND DONT GET DAMAGED EVEN 100 LP COUNT, if you let
    them summon 1 synchro monster you are pretty much screwed so dont let this
    - Alfa -
    He keeps special summoning monsters from his graveyard, I mean he is crazy
    about that! If you destroy his tuner monster he'll return it to the field the
    next turn and this is what makes it very hard to beat him, since if he gets a
    tuner monster with all his special summoning he'll summon a Synchro monstert
    herefore you are 90% doomed unless you got a really good deck. He uses a
    zombie structure deck
    - Beta -
    He can be pretty strong and also got some cards that will prevent lvl 4
    monsters to attack, so either be prepared to destroy em or defend from his
    lower lvls monsters, he got a field card that gives lower lvl monsters a bonus
    of 1300 ATT so be careful, he doesnt synchro summon as often as Alfa but if
    he does you'll have some trouble too so dont let that happen and find a way
    to destroy his monsters when he stops you from attacking with lvl 4 or higher
    monsters. He uses an aqua structure deck.
    - Gamma -
    Much more easier that the other 2 IMO, he got some strong monsters and as long
    as you dont let him tribute summon it should be no harm for you. He got no 
    synchro summons thankfully and uses a lightsworm sturcture deck.
    - Delta -
    Same as above it should be easy if you get here with High LP, he uses dark
    summon combos but they arent really strong or at least the ones I saw, he got
    few monsters you should worry about but as stated before if you reached this
    battle with high LP you should be fine. He uses a Dark structure deck.
    After the battle, let me congratuale you for beating them, remember to save
    when you wake up and go to face the king.
       Jack - Turbo duel
       King's pride
    MUUCH more easier than the lasts fights you had, he got a few monsters that
    cnm be special summoned if he controls no mosters but it's nothing you should
    worry about, unless you have problems dealing with 2X00 ATT monsters.
    After that, congratulate yourself you've just beaten the story mode, and as
    Rex Goodwin said, you may do as you please.
                   ~~~~ TIPS AND TRICKS FOR THE 4 [TT4] ~~~~
    Since it seems that these 4 can be very hard for many I made a deck with cards
    that you can get without using the Card codes and actually with not no much
    effort. Here is the deck that I used to beat these 4, believe or not.
    ~ Monsters ~
    Gemini elf x3
    Dark Ruler Ha des
    Exiled Force
    Gigantic Cephalotus
    Goblin Attack Force
    Granmarg the Rock Monarch
    Man-eater Bug
    Mecha Bunny x3
    Penguin Soldier
    Psychic Commander
    The Calculator
    Twin-Headed Behemoth
    Zombrya the Dark
    ~ Spell cards ~
    After the Struggle
    Book of Moon
    Creature Swap
    Cup of Ace
    Enemy Controller
    Mage Power (Only "hard" to get card)
    Malevolent Nuzzler
    Mask of the Accursed
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Shield Crush
    Soul Taker
    The Shallow Grave (Only use if your oponnent got no strong monsters or
                      monsters that you cant instant destroy in his graveyard)
    ~ Trap cards ~
    Bottomless Trap Hole
    Defense Draw
    Dust Tornado x2
    Kunai with chain
    Magic Jammer
    Needle Ceiling
    Radiant Mirror Force
    Raigeki Break
    Seven Tools of Bandit
    Spendbiding Circle
    Trap Hole
    Wait, this Deck is really bad? Yea, honestly it kinda is. It isnt the best Deck
    out there but this deck CAN beat the 4. If you are wondering why I have this
    "awful" deck, well if you notice there are many cards that you got from the
    beggining and ALL the cards there arent even rare, except for Mage Power. So
    everyone should be able to beat the 4.
    Anyway I made this deck to help the ones who have trouble beating them, I
    already said I beat them with it. Why do I think YOU should use this deck if
    you cant get past this part? Well this deck can pretty much be made by anyone,
    actually I made this deck WITHOUT using Card codes and only the cards that I
    got in my trunk, actually this cards were gotten with the DP you get from the
    beggining, the ones you collect in the ground and the OBLIGATORY battles. In 
    this game I DIDNT battle with anyone that was not obligatory in order to
    advance, so EVERYONE should be able to get it. Of course hipotetically.
    Now, obviously since getting cards is all random if you cant see what the
    "strategy" of that deck is and build one with the cards you currently got then
    check this "formula" so that you can use similar cards to those on that deck.
      ~ Monsters ~
    - 7-8 Monsters that require no summon and stay on the field with attack 1900 or
      MORE (1 can be of 1850 ATT, if they got effects that destroy other cards or
      that are really useful of course those got priority on being on your deck).
    - 2 Monsters with Attack of 2100 or more, this ones can have effects that
      pretty much makes them 1 use only (Zombrya the Dark, Goblin Attack force,
      Giant Orc).
    - 2 Monsters lvl 5-6 that require only 1 summon, with an attack of 2400 or
      more, again if they got useful effects then use those!
    - 3-4 Monsters that Destroy or return cards to your oponnent's hand.
      (Preferably destroy them or send more than 1 card to its owner hand)
    - 5 Monsters that protect you (defense) but have effects that really help you
      or that can protect you from attacks.
    Total of 20 monsters
      ~ Spell cards and Trap cards ~
    - 9 That can destroy monsters.
    - 6 That protect you and in the next turn can help you to destroy monsters
        (Like Book of moon protects you from an attack and also changes the
        monster to defense position so that the next turn you can kill the monster
        with probably less defense than attack).
    - 5 That destroy or negate spell/trap cards
    - 2 Equips that add attack, unless its Kunai with Chain or any other that can
      also protect you, if so then 3 equips.
    - 3 Misc cards that you consider useful and can help you.
    Total of 25 cards
     - How to use the deck (More tips) -
    Since having a good deck isnt what you only need to win, I'll tell you how to
    "use it". The plan consists of destroying every card your oponnent places on
    the field as soon as possible, if you are sure you can destroy that monster
    with one of yours just by attacking wait for your turn to do so and dont waste
    a card destroyer card, if you are gonna get damaged then protect yourself,
    always try to leave your oponnent vulnerable to a direct attack (part of the
    destroy everything in his field side tip) and attack (damage his LP) whenever
    you can, in fact doesnt matter if its just 50 hp, do it if he got few cards on
    his hand and spell/trap card zone.
    These are my results when using the deck listed before to fight them:
    First battle: Ended with 7000 LP left, used a Seven Tools of Bandit (-1000 LP).
    Second battle: 6200 LP left, -800 LP from a monster damage (ATT diference).
    Third battle: 3050 LP left, 2150 from battle damage total, -1000 LP from SToB.
                  For this battle since I got bad luck and got no monsters on me
                  while my oponnent got only 1 card on his hand and 1 spell on the
                  field I attacked with a Kuriboh! (Only 300 damage), that is my
                  point with attack whenever you can with what you got. On a side
                  note I used the Kuriboh for a tribute summon the next turn, just
                  think what you are doing and risk from time to time.
    Fourth battle: 3050 LP left, no damage taken.
    I hope with this section you can now beat the 4, if not you can always ask for
    help in online forums, changed this because I got no time to answer your
    e-mails =s
                         ~~~~ E-MAIL AND CONTACT INFO [EAI] ~~~~
    My E-mail is samurai.b@gmail.com there you can contact me with any questions,
    comments or suggestions. Please do not ask for help about the game, in case
    you need help you can always ask for help in the Yu-Gi-Oh board or Answer
    section. Please if you find any errors or got something that I'm missing in the
    walkthrough email me.
    If you also think that I'm spoiling something in this guide please tell me and
    I'll try to change that.
                             ~~~~ CREDITS [CR] ~~~~
    Samurai Bandit for creating this walkthrough
    Victor Rosa for correcting and submiting another method to get past the guards
    GameFAQs for being such an awesome site
    Konami and everyone involved in creating Yu-Gi-Oh!5D's SA
    You for reading it.
                             ~~~~ COPYRIGHT [CO] ~~~~
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    This guide may only be posted in:
    If you find this guide somewhere besides the sites listed before I would
    GREATLY appreciate you told me about it, my mail is samurai.b@gmail.com
    If you want this guide posted in your forum/site or any other place please
    contact me first with the details at my email given before.
    Copyright 2009 Daniel Novales
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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