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    FAQ/Walkthrough by nekofjung

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    Yugioh 5D's Stardust Accelerator
    World Championship 2009
    A Comprehensive Walkthrough and Guide
    I. Introduction
    II. New aspects from previous versions
    A2. Synchro Summoning
    B2. Turbo Dueling
    III. The Walkthrough
    A3. Story Part 1
    B3. Story Part 2
    C3. Story Part 3
    D3. After the Story
    IV. List of Bonuses
    V. Ending Notes
    I. Introduction:
    Hello everyone and welcome to my Yugioh WC 2009 Walkthrough! My name is 
    nekofjung and I have been playing Duel Monsters since the year it 1st came to 
    North America. I am a member of Team Splash and am active on multiple Yugioh 
    Well, hardly anyone ever reads these introductions so let's move straight on 
    to the next section!
    II. New Aspects from Previous Versions:
    Many of you I am sure have played older version of the Konami World 
    Championship series. For those of you who have not, you may want to download a 
    game guide. Either way there are some new aspects to this game that have been 
    introduced in WC 2009 and I shall go over the 2 most important ones: synchro 
    summoning and turbo duels!
    A2. Synchro Summoning:
    There are 2 new types of monsters known as "Tuner" and "Synchro" monsters now 
    in the game. Synchro monsters are placed in your Fusion deck which is now 
    called the "Extra Deck". In order to summon a Synchro monster, you must have 1 
    Tuner monster on the field along with 1 or more monsters that are not Tuner 
    monsters on the field. The total star value of the monsters' levels combined 
    must equal the star value of the Synchro monster. The monsters on the field 
    are then sent to the grave and the Synchro monster is Synchro Summoned (a form 
    of Special Summon) from the Extra Deck.
    B2. Turbo Dueling:
    Turbo Duels are different from your regular duels in that there is 1 Field 
    Spell that is on the field at all times. You no longer can use regular Spell 
    cards. You may only use "Speed Spells" which in turn cannot be used in normal 
    duels. At the beginning of each players' turn, both players gain 1 Speed 
    Counter. If you heal your Life Points, you receive 1 more Speed Counter per 
    1000 Life Points you healed. If you take damage, you lose 1 Speed Counter per 
    1000 Life Points lost. In order to activate a Speed Spell, you must have an 
    appropriate number of Speed Counters (stronger Spells tend to require more 
    Counters). Other than that, the rules are the same as in a normal duel.
    III. The Walkthrough:
    To start, choose your country and gender. Then, input your desired username. 
    You can change your hair-type and face-type next and then click OK.
    Before you head into the story mode, 1st you need to check out the World 
    Championship mode. There are some changes you'll want to make to the starter 
    deck you are given:
    Cards to take out:
    Dragon Ice
    Sonic Chick
    Worm Barses
    Cup of Ace
    Counter Counter
    Security Orb
    Cards to put in (check your side deck)
    Ancient Gear Knight
    Fossil Tusker
    Ghost Gardna
    Enemy Controller
    Malevolent Nuzzler
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Defense Draw
    Next, notice that you start with 1500 DP so go over and buy 10 packs (you 
    start with 4 different packs available) of whatever you want so you can 
    hopefully obtain a few more good cards to add to your deck. Something that is 
    notable here is that once you obtain 1 copy of card in the game you can go 
    online to wikipedia and search for an image of your card. In the bottom left 
    corner is a code with you can put in to the card password area in order to buy 
    additional copies of that specific card for 150 to 1000 DP depending on the 
    card's rarity. This is typically much less expensive than opening up many many 
    more packs in an attempt to find more copies of the card you want.
    At this point, you can either duel the 3 opponents available in WC mode, or 
    you can head over to story mode. If you are not an expert duelist, note that 
    the story mode duelists have much easier decks to beat than the WC mode 
    duelists. The WC mode duelists start out at a fairly high difficulty level and 
    although I was able to beat them if you are not a pro at this game you will 
    probably have some difficulty using just the cards you start with. Another 
    important thing to note for those of you who have played WC 2008, there is no 
    longer a continuously increasing bonus for winning duels-in-a-row, so if you 
    are about to lose it is better to take the loss since there IS a continuously 
    increasing bonus for number of duels played total (win or lose) which is equal 
    to the total number of duels played divided by 10.
    Now, if you've had some fun testing out the WC mode duelists, it is time to 
    start the story mode!
    A3. Story Part 1:
    The game will start with a quiz cut-scene showing Jack winning a Turbo duel. 
    You'll then transfer immediately to an alleyway where you are unconscious on 
    the ground. A mysterious person wakes you up. It turns out you've lost your 
    memories and are now in Satellite, which was once Domino City but is now a 
    slum. The mysterious person introduces himself as Rally (yes, it is a boy, not 
    a girl despite the appearance). Rally sees you have a duel disk so of course, 
    you're going to duel him soon. In the southwest corner of your current map is 
    a green diamond with an S in it. Click on it to save the game. When you 
    attempt to leave to the south Rally is there and he's brought his duel disk. 
    Time to duel!
    Mecha Shot (515)
    He uses a Machine deck with just various different Machine monsters that have 
    very little synergy. There aren't many spell or trap cards you need to be 
    particularly wary of either. This should be an easy win.
    After beating Rally you manage to remember your name, so Rally decides dueling 
    is probably the best way to get your memory back. Rally invites you to join 
    his friends in the subway just to south. Now the game asks if you have ever 
    played Duel Monsters before and if you say No you can get an explanation of 
    how duels work.
    If you head directly south you will see a man with a bandanna and a 
    green/white shirt standing in front of the subway. His name is Nervin and he 
    only let's his friends enter the subway. When you tell him you know Rally he 
    won't believe you, so obviously the only way to settle things is with a duel!
    Total Equip (470)
    He uses a bunch of very weak random monsters and will sometimes use Equip 
    spell cards to power them up but overall I consider this guy to be the weakest 
    duelist in the entire game! If you need someone to beat on for some easy DP, 
    this is the guy to turn to. By the way, I still can't believe that Alligator's 
    Sword is worthy of an epic entrance -_-'.
    After beating him, Rally shows up (just a smidge late) and introduces you. 
    Nervin asks if dueling him brought back any of your memories but of course 
    he's so weak that it didn't. You can now chase after Rally into the subway, 
    but I suggest 1st beating Nervin a few more times. You can use the DP to buy 
    more packs, and you want to beat everyone you meet 5x anyway so that you can 
    unlock more WC mode duelists. You get new packs for beating 15, 30, and 40 WC 
    mode duelists 5x each and you will also eventually unlock the tournament 
    modes. If you beat the tournament modes 5x you unlock another pack. Therefore, 
    take your time, gather some DP, and you'll have more packs unlocked later on 
    which means better cards! There is also another reason to fight people 
    multiple times and that is because there is about a 20% chance of them giving 
    you a rare or better card if you beat them. Some of these cards are really 
    good and most of them cannot be found in the card packs you currently have 
    unlocked, so this is another great incentive for dueling people multiple times.
    When you're ready, follow Rally down into the subway. There you'll meet Tank 
    and Blitz. After the introductions are over both of them want to duel you. So, 
    let's not keep them waiting!
    Total Effect (490)
    He uses a Burn deck that deals with causing Direct Damage via effects. 
    Overall, however, his cards aren't very good so as long as you don't allow the 
    duel to proceed for too long you should be able to win with ease. He also has 
    some Gadgets in his deck, so make sure you are somewhat cautious about not 
    overextending since he will almost always be able to summon a monster.
    Satellite Wall (500)
    He uses high DEF monsters to hit you with recoil damage. Make sure that if 
    you're going to attack 1 of his face down monsters that the attacking monster 
    has somewhere around 1800 ATK to prevent his strategy from working properly. 
    If you can toss a big monster or 2 onto the field you should be able to beat 
    him thoroughly.
    After you beat both Tank and Blitz, Rally takes you over to their "cozy" 
    shack. Rally tells you not to touch the computer on the right. First, use the 
    save point. Now, show that you have a problem with authority by touching the 
    computer. Rally will stop you and then she'll suddenly exclaim that Yusei is 
    back. Yusei rolls up on his Duel Runner and then leaves as quick as he came. 
    However, apparently meeting Yusei is enough to jog your memory a bit. After a 
    quick and incomprehensible flashback you open up your duel disk to discover 
    you have a Speed Spell card inside. Well, there are not going to be any Turbo 
    duels for a long time so this is pretty much worthless to you for now. Nervin 
    comes over and you show off the card to him. After a bit of conversation, 
    Nervin decides that you need a Duel Runner of your own. Now that the dialogue 
    is over, head down the ramp and go west. You'll see an orange box. Click on it 
    and you'll receive free DP. These boxes are scattered throughout the game and 
    are just a nice easy bonus to your DP. After saving, you can now duel Nervin 
    and Rally again. You haven't had a chance to duel Rally since your 1st duel so 
    now is a good time to beat him another 4 times.
    If you head outside you'll meet up with Blitz. He's found someone willing to 
    sell you a Duel Runner for a low price! Follow him to the west to check out 
    what's up! Talk to the guy in leather jacket and you'll find out he's Kuroe 
    and he'll sell you a Duel Runner for 1000 DP. If you don't have enough you can 
    duel Nervin a few times for some easy DP. Buy the Duel Runner once you have 
    the money and Kuroe promises to deliver it directly to the subway. If you head 
    back to the subway you will see a Duel Runner right in the entrance. Go up and 
    check it out and Blitz will join you shortly. Blitz checks it over, only to 
    reveal that the Duel Runner has no engine and no cpu! Well bummer, what a bad 
    purchase you just made! Blitz runs off to give Kuroe a piece of his mind. Head 
    back west where you met Kuroe and you'll see Blitz get taken away by a couple 
    of thugs! It's time to go save Blitz!
    In the upper right corner of the map is another prize box. I don't know if 
    they're the same every time, but this one gave me a Dust Tornado. If you head 
    up to the door you'll find it's locked. Therefore it is best to go back and 
    tell your friends at the subway what happened! At the entrance of the subway 
    you'll meet up with Tank. After you tell him what happened he rushes into the 
    subway to let everyone else know. If you talk with everyone at the subway 
    you'll notice everyone is worried about Blitz (and yet nobody is actively 
    going out to help him). I suppose it's up to you then to save Blitz by 
    yourself! Head back over to the west. This time you'll notice some changes. 
    There is a thug guarding the door and 2 guys walking around outside. Since 
    you're not really in any rush to save Blitz (he brought it upon himself anyway 
    XD) you should duel the guys walking around 5x. They are Callisto and Kidd.
    Time to Invade! (480)
    This guy uses a Worm deck. As long as you don't allow him to summon more than 
    a couple monsters he should be managable, but if he is able to swarm a few 
    monsters to the field his Worm strategy starts to get underway and is very 
    difficult to stop with the cards you have available at this time. Beat him 
    down early and he'll be a piece a cake.
    By defeating Callisto 5x I unlocked Batteryman Micro-Cell as a WC mode 
    opponent and I also unlocked a new card pack, Soul of the Duelist which I 
    think is unlocked by having participated in 25 duels (by the way, at least on 
    my game the counter for total number of duels played is off since it said I 
    only had 18 duels when I knew I had 27).
    The Ten Warriors (492)
    This guy uses X-Saber monsters. Be careful to watch out for Palomlo who can be 
    easily Special Summoned and who can then form some powerful Synchro monsters. 
    X-Saber monsters have pretty decent ATK stats and he'll uses Gaia Power and 
    other means to boost them up some more. Take your time and get some of your 
    2400 ATK or better monsters onto the field in order to teach him a lesson!
    By defeating Kidd 5x I unlocked Dupe Frog as a WC mode opponent.
    Now it is time to head over to the thug guarding the door and introduce 
    yourself! It's Kuroe, the guy you bought the crappy Duel Runner from! Well, he 
    won't let you pass unless you beat him a duel so I guess once again rather 
    than talking things out like adults its time to kick his butt in a duel 
    Masterful Magician (580)
    Kuroe uses a Dark Magician deck which is just a deck entirely based on 
    bringing out that 2500 ATK beatstick. It's one of the better decks you've seen 
    so far, so don't look down on it too much. The good news is he has no Synchro 
    monsters for you to worry about. Watch out for Magical Dimension and Magic 
    Cylinder. Be careful not to get locked down by letting him summon 2x 
    Magician's Valkyria as well. Now give this punk a lesson on why it isn't good 
    to scam people!
    After beating Kuroe he'll unlock the door for you, so let's take this 
    opportunity to go save Blitz! Note the save point just to the east of the 
    entrance. Go up as far north as you can and you'll find another prize box! 
    Hurray for free DP! Now it's time to introduce ourselves to thug #1 who is 
    standing in our way!
    Ida Dragons (590)
    As the deck name suggests, Ida uses a Dragon-type deck. He'll use Stamping 
    Destruction to take out your facedown s/t cards, so be wary of that. He also 
    uses Creature Swap which is very dangerous if he ends up swapping you 1 of his 
    searchers since he'll receive its effect when its destroyed, thus allowing him 
    to summon another monster! This will probably be your toughest challenge so 
    far, so good luck!
    After beating Ida he'll get out of your way. Head to the southwest corner to 
    find another prize box! This one got me a Rush Recklessly, but again I'm not 
    sure that they always give the same thing. In the northwest corner of the room 
    is yet another thug for you to beat up . . . let's go ahead and do that. ^_^
    Lucky Turtle Shell
    This guy plays dirty. Rather than try to beat out your Life Points, he will 
    instead attempt to make you deck out by using a bunch of stall cards along 
    with Morphing Jar #2 and Needle Worm. If you can destroy his monsters while 
    they are still face down then do so, otherwise just try to make sure you keep 
    track of how many cards you have left in your deck. If you have Nobleman of 
    Crossout, that will tear his deck to shreds by getting rid of all copies of 
    Needle Worm or Morphing Jar #2!
    Again, after beating Kameno he gets out of your way. Take the path to the 
    north that he was blocking and you'll find yourself in a puzzle room:
    exit O
    O O [B] O
    O [C]O
    O O
    O [F] [D] O O [A]
    O [E] O
    O O start
    O --> unmovable block
    [ ] --> movable block
    Push [A] north 2 spaces. Go around [B] and push [C] south as far as possible. 
    Push [E] west 1 space. Push [F] north 2 spaces, then east 1 space, and you 
    should now be at the exit. ^_^
    You should now be in a small room where you see Blitz lieing on the floor. 
    Before you move toward him, go east in the room to find another prize box! 
    This one got me a Quillbolt Hedgehog! Now go wake up Blitz. It turns out he's 
    fine (was probably just fakin' it) and he gets up and heads home. You should 
    do the same.
    Going back through the puzzle room:
    Push [F] south 1 space. Push [C] north 2 spaces. Push [B] east 1 space then 
    south 2 spaces. Push [A] south 2 spaces and you're out!
    As you head back over toward the subway you'll run into Rally and Blitz. Rally 
    chews out Blitz for doing dangerous things and then they both head back to the 
    subway. When you get to the subway Nervin and Tank are there to greet you. 
    After you tell them what happened and suddenly Yusei shows up and the story 
    gets told yet again. Yusei leaves for a sec and comes back with a Duel Runner 
    engine! He's gonna give it to you as a thank you for saving Blitz, so at least 
    something nice came of all this. =) After you put the engine in 
    (automatically) Blitz starts telling you about Yusei's past and his scruff 
    with Jack the king. Apparently Jack stole Yusei's powerful card and Yusei 
    wants it back.
    Finally you're in control again. Head into the tent and Yusei tells you he's 
    leaving for the city and that he's going to use the Pipeline and his Duel 
    Runner to get there. You an Rally go to see him off, then you all go and watch 
    him race on the computer you weren't allowed to touch before (unfortunately 
    you don't actually get to see anything). However he makes it through in the 
    end. The game cuts to a few days later and you're outside. Best thing to do is 
    probably go inside but 1st thing's 1st. You've now completed the "save Blitz 
    arc" and that should have won you a new card pack! If you head back over to WC 
    mode you'll see the Flaming Eternity card pack is now available for your 
    consumption! This pack has a few gems in it such as Sacred Phoenix of 
    Nephthys, Lightning Vortex, The Hex-Sealed Fusion monsters, Granmarg, 
    Threatening Roar, King Dragun, Rescue Cat, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, and Deck 
    Devastation Virus. It is probably worthwhile to buy a few of these packs.
    Now, back in story mode let's head back down to the subway. Rally and Tank 
    will greet you when you enter. Apparently, Rally managed to snag you a CPU for 
    the Duel Runner! Of course he's going to give it you for free (nice)! Once 
    everything is put in Rally hands you a riding suit and then suggests you go 
    try out a run on the Old Highway. There's a lot to do now and a bunch of 
    duelists we can take the time to fight before doing this, so we'll wait on 
    progressing the storyline and go over and unlock some more stuff. ^_^
    Tank is now available for a duel in the little rec room, so beat him 4 more 
    times. By now his deck should be pretty weak compared to your's.
    Now head out of the subway and move eastward. There are several new duelists 
    for you to fight here, so let's start with the little boy walking around near 
    the entrance of this map.
    Ask Me! (510)
    Yusuke uses a Counter Fairy deck, which means he has tons of counter trap 
    cards to shut you down. Hopefully by now you have cards like Jinzo, Mobius, 
    Heavy Storm, Mystical Space Typhoon . . . etc. If you can shut down his traps 
    then you win. If not, you will probably lose. It's that simple.
    After beating Yusuke 5x it unlocked Krebons for me as a WC mode opponent, 
    although I think Krebons may actually be unlocked by summoning Krebons in a 
    duel a certain number of times, I'm not certain on this one. Anyways, head a 
    bit south on this map and then east to find a girl pacing back and forth. It's 
    another person to beat 5x!
    Too Funny (505)
    Marie is not your average duelist. She uses a Plant/Insect hybrid deck with 
    some pretty powerful monsters and she has some very strong Synchro monsters as 
    well! Watch out for those Synchros and bring along some s/t destruction cards 
    because if you can take out the support cards for her monsters you'll have a 
    much easier time taking her out.
    Beating Marie 5x unlocks Toon Gemini Elf as a WC mode duelist. You should now 
    have 7 WC mode duelists you can duel against. Once we have 10 unlocked we can 
    beat those 10, 5x each to unlock a new card pack, so we're getting pretty 
    close! Just north of Marie is a card shop. Later on, after you beat the game, 
    you'll be able to duel the 2 people behind the counter. For now, the one on 
    the left will sell you the same card packs you can buy in WC mode and the one 
    on the right will tell your fortune (aka tell you where you need to go next 
    for the storyline). However, there is a little boy in the shop whom we can 
    duel 5x, so let's do that. =)
    Gravekeeper Set (550)
    As his deck title suggest, Mark uses a Gravekeeper's deck including 
    Necrovalley, Gravekeeper's Chief, and all those cards that have been around 
    for ages. Still, just because they're old cards doesn't make them bad. They 
    have great synergy and you'll want to bring along a lot of monster destruction 
    to cope with his monsters. Again, Nobleman of Crossout is a good choice here 
    since it'll beat up his GK's Spy and GK's Guard which have high defense and 
    great effects. Also, watch out for Magical Dimension. The cpu isn't smart 
    enough to use it well, but it will use it on occassion and it has a pretty 
    devastating effect allowing the opponent to summon a stronger monster while 
    destroying 1 of your own.
    Next, head back outside and go east. This isn't the correct direction for the 
    storyline, but there are more duelists over there that are just waiting to be 
    beaten up. On this map there are 2 new duelists to face. Let's start with the 
    1 pacing around the northern section of the map.
    Egyptian Vacation (532)
    Renge has a Rock deck that is made to be a strong defense to do damage when 
    you attack his face down monsters. His monsters also have effects that 
    activate when flip summoned that can do things such as return cards from the 
    field to the hand. It is really quite annoying. This is another case where 
    Nobleman of Crossout is just a killer card to use. If you have Zaborg or 
    Shield Crush, you may want to use them too. Any way to avoid attacking his 
    face down monsters is a good way. If you can take out his monsters you win.
    Beating up Renge 5x unlocks Don Zaloog as a WC mode opponent. Additionally, by 
    now you have probably participated in 50 duels, which means a new card pack, 
    Rise of Destiny, should be unlocked :D. Good cards in this pack include: 
    Thestalos, the Harpie set (except for Harpie Queen and Harpie's Pet Baby 
    Dragon), Mirage Dragon, The Creator, Monster Reincarnation, and Perfect 
    Machine King. This means you now have access to Granmarg, Zaborg, Mobius, and 
    Thestalos, so I suggest concentrating on making a Monarch deck. Also, remember 
    that once you have 1 copy of a card you can get the other cards using the Card 
    Password system and you can find those passwords by looking up the card's 
    image on wikipedia or google. Now let's beat up the guy who was wandering 
    around just southeast of Renge.
    Hill Zone (535)
    Hild uses a stall and burn strategy. The best way to handle him is to load up 
    your deck with s/t destruction like Mobius, Jinzo . . .etc. If you can take 
    out his traps then you should not have too many problems beating him. Oh, also 
    be sure to watch out since he does have a few Synchro monsters as well. Also, 
    since he uses Burn, Prime Material Dragon completely defeats his deck by 
    turning all his damage effects into healing effects for you. ;)
    Beating Hild 5x unlocks Worm Barses as a WC mode opponent. You should now have 
    9 single opponents unlocked which means just 1 more and we can have a duel 
    fest beating up all of them 5x to unlock a new pack! At the southern end of 
    the map with the card shop is both an exit and yet another duelist! Well, 
    we've been dueling everyone else 5x, why not this guy too?
    You're not Human! (512)
    Saito is going to potentially be a challenge for you. He uses 1 of the 
    stronger types of decks in Zombies and they can swarm the field with a bunch 
    of monsters very easily. I suggest Mirror Force and maybe even 3x Lightning 
    Vortex as well as Torrential Tribute. You can probably cut back a little bit 
    on s/t destruction in favor of monster destruction for this duel. You'll need 
    all you can get.
    Beating Saito for the 5th time will get you Plaguespreader Zombie as a WC mode 
    opponent. That makes 10 single opponents in WC mode! Now you just need to beat 
    each of them 5x in order to unlock a new pack! Additionally, if you've beaten 
    everyone I told you to duel at least 3x each you should now have a new card 
    pack - The Lost Millennium! Let's take a look at it. Good cards in this pack 
    include: Ancient Gear Golem, Brain Control, some Elemental Heroes, Megarock 
    Dragon, D.D. Survivor, King of the Skull Servants, and Winged Kuriboh. If 
    you've started making a Monarch deck, Brain Control is a really good card for 
    it (and a really good card in general too). From this pack you could also 
    start the makings of an E Heroes deck or a Rock deck like the one Renge used 
    against you. I still recommend doing a Monarch deck however, since it is 
    probably your strongest option right now. Additionally, if you've been 
    collecting some of the beginning packs you may by now have enough cards to 
    make a Gravekeeper's deck like the one Mark uses. That is probably nearly as 
    powerful as Monarch deck, and more powerful if you don't quite have all the 
    cards you need to complete the Monarch deck. Once you're done deck building, 
    it's time to go fight some tough opponents - the WC mode single duelists!
    Don Zaloog
    Dark Scorpion Five (700)
    His deck is a basic Dark Scorpions control deck. If you can summon a monster 
    with 2100+ ATK and keep it protected with some traps while taking out his trap 
    cards at the same time, you should have very little trouble. However, if you 
    let him get started up and you move too slowly he will completely control both 
    the field and your hand. Also, be careful not to get locked down by letting 
    him summon 2x Command Knight to the field.
    Toon Gemini Elf
    Bad Atti-Toon (700)
    While this deck does have some Toon monsters, it is more a Beatdown deck than 
    anything. If you can get a couple strong monsters on the field you should be 
    fine here. Make sure you're using a few extra traps to catch all the high ATK 
    monsters that will be thrown at you.
    Worm Barses
    Somehow LIGHT (700)
    Obviously, this is going to be a Worm deck, and like when playing any Worm 
    deck if you make sure he doesn't get too many monsters on the field you should 
    be safe. Additionally, since most Worms have Flip effects, or effects that 
    activate when Flip Summoned, you will probably want Nobleman of Crossout to 
    help you wail on those facedown monsters. Also be extremely careful when 
    attacking an attack position Light monster here because he does have Honest in 
    his deck!
    Ojama Yellow
    By You Forever! (800)
    He uses a Beast deck with cards like Berserk Gorilla. He's actually an easy 
    beat if you can get a monster with 2100+ ATK on the field. The only thing to 
    really watch out for is that he will summon Rescue Cat, tribute it to summon 2 
    monsters, and then Synchro Summon for the ultra powerful Goyo Guardian!! Goyo 
    Guardian is one of the most powerful Synchros in the game, so make sure that 
    if you have Bottomless Trap Hole or Solemn Judgment that you save it for when 
    he goes to attempt this combo.
    Skull Servant
    White Delight (800)
    This guy's Zombie deck is even more powerful than Saito's. He has Mezuki and 
    Plaguespreader in his deck and he knows how to use them! He will literally 
    flood the field with monsters and will Synchro them for some big beatsticks. 
    You need very little s/t control when dueling this guy, just stick to things 
    like Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, and Lightning Vortex that can take out 
    multiple monsters at once.
    Winged Kuriboh
    Kuriboh Growth (1000)
    This guy uses a stall deck featuring Kuriboh LV10 and Kuriboh LV9. The most 
    important thing to note is that if he has 2 face down s/t cards and at least 2 
    cards in his hand, you do not want to put too many monsters on the field 
    because he can play Flute of Summoning Kuriboh during your Battle Phase and 
    then follow it up with Transcendant Wings to summon Winged Kuriboh LV10 who 
    will then destroy all your monsters and deal massive damage to your LP. The 
    trick is to be conservative when dueling this opponent and only summon the 
    monsters you absolutely need to have on the field. Over the long run you can 
    beat him.
    Max Power Time! (1400)
    This guy uses a Psychic deck and it's a pretty good one too. His only flaw is 
    that rather than using Emergency Teleport during his turn to get out Krebons 
    and then Synchro Summoning, he will rather use it during your turn just to get 
    a monster to defend his LP. Other than that, it is a well-rounded deck that he 
    uses so you'll just have to duel well to beat him.
    Dupe Frog
    Swampy Chorus (1400)
    He uses a Frog deck, which is actualy a pretty good deck-type. He will swarm 
    you with fairly strong monsters but at least he isn't running D.3.S. Toad so 
    that's a bit easier for you. Overall, just duel smart in order to beat him. 
    For Frog decks, typically the longer the duel goes the better they do so if 
    possible try to finish him off quickly.
    Batteryman Micro-Cell
    Lively Electricity (1500)
    For someone with a score of 1500, this cpu is rather easy for the most part. 
    He's got a couple really strong monsters that you can keep a Bottomless Trap 
    Hole or Solemn Judgment prepped for, but the rest of his monsters are 
    comparatively weak. If you can destroy the few strong monsters he tries to 
    summon and take care of his trap cards, you will win.
    Plaguespreader Zombie
    Graveyard Summon (1700)
    He uses similar strategies compared to Skull Servant, but he relies and more 
    powerful beatsticks than King of Skull Servants. He and Krebons should be the 
    2 opponents who are most difficult to beat out of those whom you've unlocked 
    by this point. Try to time your Torrential Tributes and Bottomless Trap Holes 
    to inflict maximum damage and maybe add in extra copies of Lightning Vortex to 
    help yourself out.
    It is probably not a good idea to spend all of the DP you now have on card 
    packs because you will probably want to upgrade your Duel Runner as well and 
    that is expensive. Before you even finish beating everyone 5x, you should be 
    able to make the mark of having dueled 100 times. This unlocks a new card pack 
    as well, Elemental Energy! The good cards in this pack include: Wildheart, 
    Hydrogeddon, Pot of Avarice, Dark World monsters and support cards, Shining 
    Flare Wingman, Bladedge, VWXYZ monsters and fusions, and Tempest. With this 
    pack, you can now make a halfway decent E Heroes deck, a Dark World deck (a 
    good choice), or a VWXYZ deck. 50+ duels later, you should finally have beaten 
    everyone 5x and now you receive the real prize. This pack has quite a bit of 
    stuff in it, including: Abyss Soldier, Lord of D., Necroshade, Blue Eyes 
    Shining Dragon, Sorcerer of Dark Magic, Electrum, Van'Dalgyon, Satellite 
    Cannon, Winged Rhynos, and the biggest kahuna of all . . . RED EYES DARKNESS 
    METAL DRAGON! If you have REDMD and a decent number of other good Dragon 
    monsters then you definitely will want to be creating a Dragon deck at this 
    point! Until you manage to get the Lightsworns pack, Dragons should be able to 
    get you through most of your upcoming duels.
    Finally, it is time to head back to the story mode. Head south past Saito and 
    his Zombie deck, and the game will ask you where you want to go next. Click on 
    the Satellite Slum zone. You wind up just east of the Duel Runner shop on this 
    map. Go ahead and enter that shop. You should by now have plenty of DP so you 
    can upgrade your Duel Runner. For now, the shop only has parts for the Frame 
    and the Front. The parts for the Front will give you more protection but 
    they'll badly slow you down so just ignore them for now and go buy the Gamma 
    Frame 1. Now, there are a lot of people we could potentially duel, but for now 
    let's just stick to those in the immediate area. If we stay in the Duel Runner 
    shop, we find Buffer.
    Giddy Up Riders (631)
    This should be a pretty easy duel for you. He uses just a couple monsters who 
    power up by removing spell or trap cards from his graveyard, however even when 
    they power up they are still pretty weak. His traps aren't that impressive 
    either so you should be able to just summon a couple powerful beatsticks and 
    take an easy win.
    Taking out Buffer 5x unlocks Volcanic Rocket as a WC mode duelist. Until we've 
    unlocked 20 WC mode duelists, however, there's not much of a reason to duel 
    them unless you're in need of DP. Let's move on. Just south of the shop is a 
    wandering boy. Let's beat him 5x.
    I'd Like a License (596)
    Roy uses a Roid deck. The only card you should probably be watching out for is 
    Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill. Everything else should be fairly easy to dispose 
    of. If he manages to summon it using Vehicroid Connection Zone then you are 
    pretty much screwed since you would need a way to remove it from the field 
    without destroying it (Compulsory Evacuation Device, for example) or you would 
    need a monster who can match its ATK of 3000.
    Beating Roy 5x unlocks Morphtronic Cameran as a WC mode duelist. That should 
    now make 12 opponents unlocked in WC mode (2 full pages ^_^). Continuing on, 
    just east of the Duel Runner shop, where you 1st appeared is another guy 
    pacing around.
    FINALLY! (582)
    Oda uses a Six Samurai deck. Treat this similar to fighting a Zombie deck in 
    that you want to bring plenty of monster destruction. If he starts swarming 
    the field you may well be screwed. A well-timed Mirror Force, Torrential 
    Tribute, or Lightning Vortex, however, completely destroys his strategy. Bring 
    Bottomless Trap Hole too. Keep him from summoning a lot of monsters and you'll 
    have an easy win.
    Knocking out Oda 5x will unlock Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus as an opponent 
    in WC mode. Just south of Oda is a lady walking around.
    Addressing Athena (588)
    Anna plays with Fairies. Be very wary if she gest Valhalla on the field, since 
    it allows her to summon any Fairy from her hand regardless of the level! 
    However, I think her deck may be loaded with too many high level cards because 
    she seems to get bad hands quite often, so if luck is with you and you can 
    immediately take out Valhalla then you shouldn't have much to worry about 
    against her. Oh, do note that she does have Honest in her deck so be careful 
    when attacking monsters who are in attack position!
    Defeat Anna 5x to unlock Amazoness Paladin as a WC mode duelist. Now head 
    south of Anna to exit this map. There's a guy with red hair walking around 
    just south of where you appear.
    The Next Perseus (603)
    Sekizato also uses a Counter Fairy deck but its a bit more advanced than the 
    one you fought much earlier. I suggest breaking out Jinzo and Mobius for this 
    one. If you can clean up his trap cards he should be an easy win.
    Kick Sekizato's butt 5x and you'll unlock Brron, Mad King of Dark World as a 
    WC mode duelist. Just south of Sekizato is another duelist, but before that, 
    head as far south as you can underneath the highway and then head west a bit 
    to find another prize box! This one gave me some extra DP. Now let's take out 
    this guy pacing just south of Sekizato.
    Rampage Express (609)
    Guide uses a Batteryman deck that seems pretty similar to the one you faced in 
    WC mode. If you can just watch out for his bigger monsters you shouldn't have 
    too much trouble. He does have quite a few decent traps, however, so you may 
    want to bring some extra s/t destruction cards.
    Beating up Guide 5x unlocks Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo as a WC mode opponent. 
    That should now make 16 opponents unlocked. Finally, it is time to head over 
    to the Old Highway. Just go west from where Guide is and that exit takes you 
    to the Old Highway. To use your Duel Runner hold A to speed up (you may want 
    to release A around some corners if you're having trouble steering them) and 
    just use the number pad to move left and right. Very simple. You have to 
    complete this time trial in order for the storyline to advance further, so get 
    to it! You have 2 minutes to complete the course and even with only the 
    upgrades available it is possible to do it in less than 90 seconds. After 
    completing the time trial, you get some of your memory back in another of 
    those meaningless flashbacks. Now the game tells you to head back to Rally and 
    the others. Go ahead and do that. We can beat the other duelists in this area 
    Before entering the subway for god's sake save in the area just to the north. 
    You are about to have a race, but before that is a bunch of cut scenes that 
    take forever and if you lose you get the joy of watching them over and over 
    again until you win. Now head into the subway. Rally and Tank will greet you. 
    After a quick conversation the police show up and accuse Rally of theft. 
    Trudge is a policeman whom you are going to be meeting time and time again 
    during the story, so get used to his ugly face now. So basically, everyone 
    attempts to escape and your job is to lead the police away from your friends 
    by outracing him and escaping yourself. If you can beat the time trial without 
    much difficulty then this shouldn't be too hard either.
    After you win, you'll end up in the same map as the Duel Runner shop. Now 
    enter the shop and I hope you saved some money because while we can we're 
    going to buy some parts to the Duel Runner. Buy a Wing I Center part, a 
    Booster I Rear part, and for the interior part it is your choice. If you 
    prefer easier turning then go with the Balancer I. If you find that even with 
    easier turns your still running into stuff you may want the Turbo Chip I to 
    increase your acceleration. If you are an uber pro and never run into 
    anything, you can go with the Accelerator I to improve your top speed. At this 
    point, I prefer the Balancer I just because the Duel Runner is weaker and 
    doesn't handle so well with the available Frame, Engine, and CPU. Note that 
    you won't be able to use Interior parts with the current Frame, so if you want 
    to hold off on buying these until later you can. If you head back to the 
    subway now, Nervin is there to meet you. Apparently, he's here to inform you 
    that Tank and Blitz both got taken away to "The Plant". I guess we're the 
    official savior of this group, so let's go save em! To get to The Plant, head 
    west from the Duel Runner shop. There are 2 guys outside here for use to beat 
    up along the way and if you're in a bad mood from losing that race and having 
    to redo the cut scenes then this is a good time to let out some steam. Let's 
    start with the red-haired guy.
    Duel Factory (615)
    He uses a B.E.S. deck. These are basically monsters that are difficulty to 
    destroy by battling them so make sure you have plenty of monster destruction 
    effects to use when dueling him. Other than that, the actual arch-type if 
    fairly weak and inconsistent so you shouldn't have too much trouble dealing 
    with him by this point. He also has both Light and Machine support cards so 
    watch out for Limiter Removal and Honest!
    Beating Fight unlocks Green Gadget as a WC mode opponent. Now let's move on to 
    the guy just west of him.
    Valley Below Wind (619)
    As his deck title suggests, this is a Wind deck, Mist Valley arch-type in 
    particular. He tends to use some fairly unorthodox (and in my opinion weak) 
    monsters, so I feel its more important to concentrate on his spell and trap 
    cards. Overall, I think this guy is a break from some of the harder duels you 
    may have been fighting recently.
    Throwing Tasaka in the dumpster 5x will unlock Vengeful Shinobi as a WC mode 
    duelist. Unlocking 2 more opponents will bring us up to 20 and beating 20 
    opponents 5x each will unlock a new pack! For now, however, let's continue 
    with the story. Head north from Tasaka and click on the gate to open it. You 
    are now in The Plant. You should see a big blue button and just north of that 
    2 movable boxes. Move the box on the right north 2 spaces then east 1 space. 
    There should be 1 more box just north of you now. Move that box north 2 
    spaces. Check out the stairs and the locked door at the top of the stairs. Go 
    back down and click the blue button. You have to run (hold the B button) up 
    the stairs and click on the door before the timer runs out. Once you've done 
    this once you never have to do it again, so you can leave and you won't have 
    to rush to the door, you can just open it. Upstairs, along the east wall you 
    can search around to find a prize box! This one got me a copy of Big Bang 
    Shot. Follow the path south and then east and you'll eventually come upon some 
    lug . . . named Lug. He's blocking your way. You must duel him or else he 
    won't respect you.
    From the Sea (689)
    He uses a Water deck. Make sure you don't let him keep A Legendary Ocean on 
    the field or else you will regret it. Other than that, he has no synchros so 
    keep control over his trap cards and his monsters should fall fairly easily.
    When you beat Lug, he'll run off and Blitz will come over praising you for 
    saving him again. He says Tank is still somewhere in the building and he would 
    help you but of course he doesn't have his cards with him (right, sure -_-) so 
    it looks like you get all the joy of saving Tank to yourself. Move a bit east 
    and click the door to open it. Now we're in another riddle room.
    O [G] O EXIT
    [D] O O O
    [F] [H] [M]
    O O O O
    O [E] O
    [C] O O [L] O
    [B] [J][K]
    [A] O O O
    Okay, let's do this. Push [B] east 2 spaces. Push [E] north 1 space. Push [H] 
    north 1 space. Push [M] east 1 space. Move to the north and you're out. You'll 
    probably want to use the save point just beside you on the next map. Head 
    north and you'll come upon another thug. Of course he won't just let you pass.
    Ssss ss ss! (708)
    Larry likes to use Mausoleum of the Emperor to summon very powerful monsters 
    quickly. However, this costs him a lot of LP and you can use it too. Be sure 
    to bring along Bottomless Trap Holes to shut down those big monsters when he 
    summons them! You just have to last a little while and he'll soon run out of 
    After beating Larry go just a bit north and you'll find Tank who has of course 
    just been relaxing and looks fine. However, he says he's too scared to run 
    away from the place, so of course this means you must do more work =/. If you 
    try to leave now you'll end up facing the boss before you get to the save 
    point, so let's do a bit of exploring 1st.
    Go up north and open the big door in order to come to an enormous puzzle room. 
    The map is a bit too complex for me to draw out. Go north until you're at 
    passage 3 from the top. Take the arrow left, west then go as far west as 
    possible and take the arrow north. Go west then south to find a prize box! 
    This one gave me DP. Go north and east to reset. Now go west at the same point 
    as before, go all the way west and then go south along 1 arrow. At the fork go 
    west then south and you'll end up by another prize box! This one gave me Spell 
    Striker! Go all the way north and push the block north 1 space. Go west and 
    push the next block south. Continue moving southward and move another block 
    south. Go west, then south and you'll end up by another prize box! This one 
    gave me DP. Go west then north so that you are in between 3 boxes. Push the 
    box to your right eastward. Head north from there and get to the northernmost 
    block and push it 1 space to the west. Push the block below it 1 space south. 
    Head northward and you'll find 2 more blocks. Push the 1 on your left 2 spaces 
    north. Go north then east to find yet another prize box! This one contains a 
    new wardrobe (a biker jacket). Now just keep going south and east and you'll 
    easily make your way back to the entrance feeling much richer. =)
    When you attempt to leave, Lenny will be there to stop you. He's the boss of 
    this gang and of course he's going to be unreasonable about everything until 
    you beat him in a duel!
    Lots of Bugs (780)
    From the title it is pretty obvious that he'll be using an Insect deck. 
    Fortunately, he has no Synchros, but he does have a reasonably consistent and 
    well-made deck, so just be prepared to beat him by outdueling him rather than 
    trying to use any tricks.
    After you beat him he gets pissed at himself for losing and then apologizes to 
    you just like everyone else you beat. He'll then tell you he travels to the 
    city via the Port, but you need a travel permit to do that, so you're out of 
    luck there. Still, Tank takes you over to where the port is so you can gaze at 
    it -_-'. Head back over to the Duel Runner shop and save. If you head all the 
    way back to the hideout in the subway, Tank will be in the little shack 
    waiting for you. After talking with Tank a bit you decide you want to take a 
    chance like Yusei and get to the city through the Pipeline. Tank allows you to 
    use the computer now. You have to beat the Pipeline time trial on the computer 
    if you want to do this for real. Before you attempt it, the Duel Runner shop 
    is now selling better equipment! Head over there first. I suggest Gamma Frame 
    II, the new Engine and CPU, Wing II, Booster II, and Balancer II or Turbo Chip 
    II, however you can do whatever you feel you like the best. Next, you have 
    completed the "save Tank" part of the storyline and this nets you a new card 
    pack, Cybernetic Revolution! Some of the cards to look forward to in this pack 
    include: Cyber End Dragon, Cyber Twin Dragon, Dimension Wall (for Burn fans), 
    some E Hero support cards, the Roid set, Power Bond, Cyber Dragon, Miracle 
    Fusion, UFOroid Fighter, and Magical Explosion. If you've been trying to build 
    an E Hero deck, this is a great place to look for some more support, and of 
    course Cyber Dragon fits well into many different decks. When you feel that 
    you are ready, go ahead and complete the time trial. You have 3 minutes to 
    complete the time trial and it is probably possible to do it in under 2 
    B3. Story Part 2
    You're now ready to leave, but Rally wants to duel with you 1 more time before 
    you leave. May as well oblige him. He hasn't improved his deck or anything so 
    you should be crying if you lose to him at this point. After you beat Rally, 
    Blitz speaks up. Now he also wants 1 last duel with you. Give him a good bye 
    beating! After beating Blitz, Tank will run up to you and ask if you're ready. 
    When you're ready it goes to a cut scene of you taking off in your Duel 
    Runner, but once again close behind you is Trudge! So of course you need to 
    beat him in race in order to make it out! Beat him and you win the race, but 
    of course that can't be it right there. No sooner are you free of Trudge than 
    the Security forces come to take you away! They give you a marker and will 
    also take your deck and Duel Runner when they lock you away! When you finally 
    make it to your cell you meet Ellison Noula, your cell mate. He tells you that 
    the boss around these parts is called Bolt Tanner. After saving head on out of 
    your room and take the south exit. You'll hear a man scream so you'd better 
    see what's up. Bolt Tanner is standing over someone, of course he didn't beat 
    the guy up, he just beat him in a duel but in this game getting beaten badly 
    enough in a duel apparently causes physical damage. XD
    Well, Bolt Tanner has to welcome you as a newcomer by dueling you. The loser 
    of the duel has to do whatever the winner says. =/ However, you have no cards. 
    =( Lucky for you, Geruzet is willing to lend you the deck he just lost with 
    (which obviously must be such an awesome deck since it lost). There is a save 
    point just to the west of Bolt Tanner. Use it so you don't have to listen to 
    that cut scene again. Then it's time to duel Bolt!
    Stampeding Bulls! (940)
    Well, your deck is a cluster of normal monsters with some normal monster 
    support cards shuffled in but overall it is pretty crappy. Your best bet is to 
    Foolish Burial a powerful normal monster and then use Birthright to resummon 
    it. Use Mask of Darkness to get back appropriate Trap cards for whatever 
    situation your in, and make use of the fact that you have weak monsters you 
    Creature Swap over to him. He's got some Zombies, but nothing too scary so it 
    should be possible to win. He's also got a bunch of equip spell cards like 
    Mage Power and United We Stand, but he doesn't seem to use them very often.
    After beating him, you wind up back in your room. Next you get to see it as 
    Yusei also gets jailed right along with you! Go ahead and give him a vist. 
    He's in the far-right cell. He also had his Duel Runner and cards taken from 
    him it appears. Of course, you can't ever finish a conversation with Yusei and 
    right in the middle of this one the Chief calls for you. He heard that you 
    beat Bolt and he wants to see how good you are. He promises that if you win 
    he'll halve everyone's sentence and allow you and Yusei to leave. However, 
    losing means you stay his slave forever! He'll allow you to ask the other 
    prisoners for cards, but you can't ask Bolt (I'm guessing Bolt beat him at 
    some point in the past). After a bit of persuasion, you also get the Chief to 
    agree to release Bolt too if you win. Now go around and talk to each of the 
    prisoners in their rooms and you'll be able to get enough cards to make an 
    exactly 40 card deck (what, did you think they'd let you decide for yourself 
    what cards you wanna use?). Also, if you remember when you were in Yusei's 
    room earlier, there is a prize box so make sure you pick that up as well! It 
    got me some DP. Once you've talked with everyone (don't forget the guy in the 
    southwest corner) it's time to save and then go beat up the Chief!
    Go Takasu-C! (950)
    It looks like this time around you have some slightly better cards but overall 
    they are just a jumble of random cards. All you can really do for this duel is 
    just play smart with what you have. Chief uses an Iron Chain deck, which is 
    good for you because it's a fairly weak deck-type. Just don't let him get too 
    many monsters on the field or he might win.
    After you beat him, Chief can't believe it and wants to call the duel off! He 
    says he doesn't remember promising you anything for the duel. Suddenly, Sector 
    Security Director Rex Goodwin steps forward and scares off Chief making him 
    keep his promise to you! w00t! When you see Rex Goodwin, you get another of 
    those unintelligible flashbacks where you still can't tell what is going on . 
    . . something about the people of the stars, meh. Anyway, go ahead and save, 
    then head over to give back the cards you borrowed from everyone (of course 
    you don't get to keep them!). Rex Goodwin does some sort of evil mastermind 
    speech and then you're back talking with Yusei. You tell Yusei that everyone's 
    stuff is in the Security Impound. Just as you're about to leave, Bolt comes by 
    to thank you. He gives you an Ushi Oni card which you're supposed to show to a 
    bartender in a shop called Bootleg. It will supposedly get you in contact with 
    someone named Blister who can help you get your stuff back. Well, if you keep 
    going south you'll finally end up outside, and so much for searching for this 
    shop - it is right next to you when you manage to make it outside (good job of 
    making things overly simplified programmers -_-). Anyways, go in and you'll 
    find a save point.
    Now let's take a break for a quick second. All of that storyline progression 
    has unlocked 2 new packs for you! Let's check them out. You should now have 
    Shadow of Infinity and Power of the Duelist. Shadow of Infinity has the 
    following good cards in it: Raviel, Uria, Haman, the Ancient Gear set, some 
    parts of the Frog set, Chainsaw Insect, Demise, Karma Cut, Proto-Cyber Dragon, 
    and Doom Dozer. Power of the Duelist has the following good cards in it: the 
    Neo-Spacian set, the Alien set, some Dinosaurs, a decent number of Destiny 
    Heroes, Future Fusion, Overload Fusion, Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill, and 
    Chimeratech Overdragon. If you want to start working on an Ancient Gear, 
    Demise OTK, Dinosaur, Alien, or Destiny Hero deck, then these sets will help 
    you out.
    If you're done with deckbuilding then it's time to return to the story mode. 
    Talk to the bartender and you'll show him the Ushi Oni card. However, that's 
    not enough for him. You need to solve 3 out of his 5 puzzles if you want to 
    impress him enough to earn his trust.
    Compact Duel #1:
    1. Activate Pot of Generosity selecting Blind Sucker and Unknown Crusher.
    2. Activate Big Bang Shot (you can pick any monster), then use Naturia Beast's 
    effect to negate and destroy it.
    3. Summon Nuvia the Wicked (it explodes itself).
    4. Activate Dark Hunter's effect and destroy the 3 face-down Marshmallons.
    5. Attack with Beast and Beetle (2200 + 1800 = 4000 = game).
    Reward: 100 DP
    Compact Duel #2:
    1. Activate Terraforming to retrieve Magical Citadel.
    2. Activate Magical Citadel.
    3. Activate Solemn Wishes.
    4. Activate Upstart Goblin.
    5. Activate Gather Your Mind (Tower of Babel explodes and brings you down to 
    100 LP)
    6. Special Summon Endymion.
    7. Select Upstart Goblin.
    8. Activate Upstart Goblin.
    9. Activate Smashing Ground.
    10. Activate Endymion's effect discarding Gather Your Mind to destroy Gravity 
    11. Attack with Endymion (2700 = game).
    Reward: 200 DP
    Compact Duel #3:
    1. Activate Raigeki Break discarding Speed Warrior to destroy Burden of the 
    2. Summon Junk Synchron and activate his effect toSpecial Summon Speed Warrior.
    3. Special Summon Quillbolt Hedgehog.
    4. Special Summon Turbo Booster.
    5. Synchro Summon Colossal Fighter.
    6. Activate Final Attack Orders.
    7. Activate Skill Dragon.
    8. Attack each XYZ-Dragon Cannon monster with Colossal, reviving him every 
    time he gets destroyed.
    9. Use Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Skill Drain after all opponent's 
    monsters have been destroyed (increases Colossal's ATK).
    10. Attack with Colossal (3000 = game).
    Compact Duel #4:
    1. Activate Destructotron to destroy the opponent's Mirror Force.
    2. Activate Telekenetic Power Well and Special Summon Mind Master and Krebons.
    3. Summon Psychic Snail and use his effect on Destructotron.
    4. Activate Mind Master's effect, tributing Psychic Snail and summoning Power 
    5. Activate Mind Master's effect, tributing Krebons and summoning Psychic 
    6. Activate Power Injector's effect.
    7. Activate Psychic Sword and equip it to Destructotron.
    8. Attack Spirit Reaper with Mind Master and pay any amount of LP with Psychic 
    Commander's effect so that Spirit Reaper will be targeted (and thus he 
    destroys himself).
    9. Attack with your remaining monsters (1900 + 4100x2 + 1800 = 11,900 = game).
    Compact Duel #5:
    1. Activate Dark Core discarding Dandylion to destroy the Queen of Thorns that 
    is in attack position.
    2. Activate Assault Mercenary's effect to destroy the opponent's Bottomless 
    Trap Hole.
    3. Activate Assault Beast's effect.
    4. Synchro Summon for Stardust Dragon with Arcane Apprentice, the 2 Dandylion 
    tokens, and Assault Mercenary.
    5. Activate Arcane Apprentice's effect to retrieve another Assault Mode 
    6. Activate Copy Plant's effect copying the level of either Queen of Thorns.
    7. Summon Night Wing Sorceress.
    8. Special Summon Quillbolt Hedgehog.
    9. Synchro Summon for Red Dragon Archfiend with Copy Plant and Quillbolt 
    10. Set both Assault Mode Activate.
    11. Attack either Queen of Thorns with Red Dragon Archfiend and his effect 
    will clear the field.
    12. Attack with Night Wing Sorceress and Stardust Dragon (1300 + 2500 = 3800, 
    so 9500 LP left to go).
    13. Activate Assault Mode Activate and tribute Stardust Dragon to Special 
    Summon Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode.
    14. Attack with Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode (3000, so 6500 LP left).
    15. Activate Assault Mode Activate and tribute Red Dragon Archfiend to Special 
    Summon Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode.
    16. Attack with Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode, and when his effect 
    activates, negate it with Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode's effect, then Special 
    Summon Red Dragon Archfiend (3500, so 3000 LP left).
    17. Attack with Red Dragon Archfiend (3000 = game).
    After you beat 3 out of the 5 puzzles (you have to wait until later to do the 
    other 2), Owner says he trusts you and tells you to wait outside. If you head 
    outside, Blister comes up and tells you to hop on his bike. He then takes you 
    to his meager little hideout. Once there he introduces himself and after you 
    tell him what you want he tells you he needs some thinking time. Just east of 
    him is a prize box, so go ahead and open that baby up! I received Machiners 
    Sniper. For now there is nothing else to do in this building so head outside. 
    You don't have a deck, so let's just head east for now to the next map. Take 
    the eastern exit on this map and you'll wind up by the bar again. Let's go in 
    and finish up the last 2 Duel Puzzles. For beating all 5 Duel Puzzles you 
    unlock Montage Dragon as a WC mode opponent and receive a new card pack, 
    Strike of Neos! Strike of Neos has the following good cards: Birthright, the 
    Six Samurai set (except Grandmaster), Dark World support cards, Neos fusions, 
    Ancient Rules, D.D. Crow, Skyscraper 2 - Hero City, Advanced Ritual Art, some 
    Alien support, Neo-Spacians, some good Vanilla monsters if you're looking to 
    make a Normal Monster deck, and Pulling the Rug.
    Back over to story mode, exit the bar and head west. In this map go north and 
    then east over to where a little boy is standing by himself. This kid (Nico) 
    will allow you to play with all of the structure sets and he'll play a random 
    set against you. Beating him with every structure set will give you the 
    opportunity to buy 1 random structure set right now, and will open up all the 
    structure sets after you complete the story mode. The structure decks contain 
    a lot of valuable cards, so this is a good offer and you'll also still win DP 
    when you beat him each time. Blister isn't going to be ready to help you out 
    for a bit so take the time to do this now. Also, just southeast of Nico is a 
    prize box so make sure to steal that too! It gave me some DP.
    Now, you should have some extra DP stored up. There is a Duel Runner shop just 
    west of Blister's hideout. They're not selling any new parts, but if you 
    haven't upgraded your Duel Runner as much as currently possible I suggest 
    doing that now, since in the near future you may have another race coming up 
    (sorry, small spoiler). When you're done buying what you need, head back over 
    to Blister's hideout. He should finally be ready for you with a plan. To make 
    an unnecessarily long plan short, you're going to be dressing up as a 
    securities officer in order to gain entry to the warehouse. To get to the 
    Security Impound Center, just take the northern exit to the east of Blister's 
    hideout (again, these map designers make things a bit too easy to find 
    sometimes -_-).
    It is now time for the most annoying and time-consuming part of this game. 
    There are 4 corridors on this floor. Head over to the southwest corridor and 
    wait until the guard moves upwards (looking away from you) before running by 
    him. Get to the door. Inside is a prize box! It gave me Tuningwire! Next, go 
    to the northwest corridor. For this one if you make a mad dash immediately 
    down along the southern wall you can actually make it without getting caught 
    (take that stupid designers)! In this room is another prize box and this 
    contains a Control Room ID Card which opens the door in the southeast room. 
    Now comes the fun part. You have to get through the southeast corridor, open 
    the door there, start up a timer, make it back to the central area, make it 
    through the northeast corridor, and do it all without getting caught or else 
    you have to start over again. Figuring out the order of when to run is too 
    complex to explain so enjoy bashing your head against monitor as your swollen, 
    red eyes begin to burst from their sockets due to the enraged blood vessels on 
    your forehead. When you finally manage to make it to the northeast door, you 
    can open up 1 of the file cabinets and you'll find an access card for your 
    Duel Runner and you'll get your deck back. Now it's time to go get your Duel 
    Runner, but 1st get caught to go back to the entrance and for the love of God 
    save outside so that you never have to go through that part again!
    Head up to the northern elevator. You can now unlock it. Going east is 
    apparently off-limits to you, there is a guard watching that way non-step. 
    Instead, as soon as you get off the elevator make a mad dash to the west and 
    hide behind the plant there. Getting past these 2 guards is a much easier 
    task. Enter the door and use the save point just west of you. Trust me, you 
    want to save right now. Head north and you'll find your Duel Runner. Click on 
    it and then begin to head out and guess who's there to catch you? Trudge is 
    back baby!! You need to beat him in another race in order to escape!
    C3. Story Part 3
    You next meet up Yusei outside after outracing Trudge yet again, however, 
    Trudge is not done chasing you! A boy named Leo helps you hide from him 
    though, and then he introduces you to his twin sister Luna. All of a sudden, 
    Leo wants a duel with you.
    Transform, Ta da! (1100)
    Leo uses a Morphtronic deck. The trick here is to not let him summon too many 
    monsters. If you can keep him from swarming the field, Morphtronic monsters 
    are incredibly weak by themselves. He doesn't have the best support for them 
    either, so this shouldn't be a very difficult battle for you, but you do need 
    to win unless you want to go back and race Trudge again. =/
    After you beat Leo, you'll wind up at a save point and he wants to go see the 
    witch in the underground dueling arena. However, you've just completed a bunch 
    of the storyline, so you've open up a new card pack, Tactical Evolution! Let's 
    check that out. The good cards to look forward to for this pack are: the Venom 
    set, Crystal Seer, some Gemini monsters, some more Neos support, Necro Gardna 
    (hell yes this guy is awesome), Frost and Flame Dragon, Zombie Master (and you 
    can now actually build a Zombie deck!), and Rainbow Dragon (but no Crystal 
    Beast monsters?). This pack will allow you to make a weak but usable Zombie 
    deck now that you have Zombie Master (but still missing some major cards). 
    Frost and Flame Dragon is pretty decent but needs a deck all made around 
    summoning itself. One of the real gems in this pack, however, is Necro Gardna 
    who will be an awesome addition later on when you are making Dark Armed Dragon 
    (DAD) decks and Lightsworn (LS) decks.
    Back to story mode. Before you face off against the with it might be a good 
    idea to 1st unlock 1 more duelist in the WC mode section so that 20 are 
    unlocked. Then beat everyone 5x and get a new card pack. However, everyone in 
    this area will only unlock tag team duelists in WC mode, so you need to go 
    somewhere else. Head outside and go west to the next map. Just as you enter 
    this map you'll find a girl with green hair walking around. Go kick her butt.
    My Treasure (806)
    Olivia runs a very, very nice Plant deck. Be prepared for a tough battle here. 
    This is one of those duelists whom you actually just have to beat using the 
    best strategies you have. I felt incredibly lucky when after 1 of the duels 
    she actually handed me a Lonefire Blossom (w00t!) and then the very next duel 
    afterwards she handed me a copy of Pollinosis (mega w00t!!).
    Dusting Olivia's crops 5x unlocks Tytannial, Princess of Camelias as a WC mode 
    duelist and that makes 20 opponents unlocked now!! Let's take a look at them 
    and beat these 10 new duelists in order to unlock a wonderful new pack!
    Vengeful Shinobi
    So Many Ninja (600)
    Well, he uses a deck with all "Ninja" cards, but 1 of the issues here is that 
    those cards don't really have great synergy and many of them are pretty weak. 
    Watch out for Creature Swap but other than that this guy is a pushover by this 
    point in the game.
    After beating this guy 5x I managed to rack up 200 duels played, which you 
    should have by now as well. This unlocks a new card pack, Cyberdark Impact! 
    The cards to look for in this pack include: SNIPE HUNTER!!, Cyberdark Dragon 
    and the Cyberdark set, some Alien support, Vanity's Ruler, Vanity's Fiend, and 
    Allure Queen LV3/5/7. Snipe Hunter and Vanity's Fiend are both very awesome 
    cards and are worth buying some of these packs to search for.
    Volcanic Rocket
    Volcanic Burn (600)
    Obviously, this guy uses a Burn deck. It's an ok Burn deck, but as long as you 
    destroy Blaze Accelerator and Tri-Blaze Accelerator ASAP you won't have very 
    much trouble beating him up.
    Amazoness Paladin
    Female Warriors (600)
    She uses an Amazoness deck. She uses a lot of cards to power up her monsters, 
    but this also means she has a lot less ways of defending herself. Watch out 
    for the Trap card Amazoness Archers because that card can OTK if you encounter 
    it at the wrong moment, and at the very least it will shave off some of your 
    LP while destroying your monsters.
    Montage Dragon
    Did You Montage? (900)
    Of course, the deck is based off of summoning Montage Dragon. He uses a 
    Vanilla Beatdown deck with some decent support cards. If you can manage to 
    summon a few medium size monsters while keeping control over his trap cards 
    you should be able to best him. Watch out for Justi-Break. Alternatively, you 
    could create your own Vanilla Beatdown and use his own support cards against 
    Morphtronic Cameran
    Let's Morph (1100)
    This is another Morphtronic deck. The same thing applies as before. If you can 
    stop him from summoning more than 2 monsters to the field, by themselves the 
    Morphtronic monsters are incredibly weak and easily defeated. If you allow him 
    to summon too many monsters, however, you'll probably be screwed.
    Brron, Mad King of Dark World
    See My Dark Side? (1100)
    Dark World decks are OTK decks which means if you can survive the initial OTK 
    your opponent should not have much left to defend himself with. That means 
    maxing out Bottomless Trap Hole and Solemn Judgment, and making sure you have 
    Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute. Let him summon a bunch of scary stuff and 
    then beat him. Additionally, for Dark World decks if you can summon a couple 
    monsters with 2400 ATK or more it is very difficult for the Dark World deck to 
    win. Do also be careful when attacking him if he has no cards on the field 
    because he has Gorz in his deck.
    Green Gadget
    Gadget Geek (1300)
    Gadget decks always have been and always will be extremely consistent. He will 
    bring the monster hate and I can guarantee he will almost always be holding a 
    summonable monster in his hand. His strategy is to hit you with monster 
    destruction until you have no monsters left to summon. The best way to get 
    around this is to clear the field early and swing for as much damage as 
    possible, since Gadgets start to fall apart once the LP gets low.
    Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
    Duel Jewel (1300)
    Crystal Beast decks tend to be awkward to go up against. It can be difficult 
    to do damage and that gets to be frustrating very quickly. I suggest either 
    bring a lot of s/t destruction to get rid of the monsters when they're in the 
    s/t zones or just make up a Macro/RFP deck so that rather than getting 
    destroyed and sent toward the grave, they get removed from play and thus 
    cannot activate their effects at all. Watch out for Rainbow Dragon as well if 
    the duel progresses for too long.
    Tytannial, Princess of Camelias
    Blossoming Flower (1700)
    This is 1 hell of a Plant deck. This has the most powerful Plant monsters and 
    plenty of good support for them. Concentrate on the spells and traps, but note 
    that the monsters are also very strong in and of themselves. I love Plant 
    decks because they're so balanced like that, but yeah it sucks to go up 
    against such a good one. Be glad that the cpu's in this are not exactly the 
    brightest, otherwise this would truly be hellish.
    Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo
    Snapped Pachy (1700)
    He basically has an anti-meta style of deck meant to remove your monsters from 
    the field, make your monsters weaker, and stop you from summoning lots of 
    monsters. All of these things combined can make for quite the challenge. I 
    suggest not using decks against him that rely heavily on Special Summoning 
    (Monarchs will probably work best).
    Finally! 20 opponents beaten 5x each and your reward is the World Championship 
    Edition 3 card pack! This pack contains: GORZ!!, LADD!!, BEUD, Tualatin, 
    Splendid Venus, F.G.D.!!, some E Hero support, Inferno Reckless Summon, 
    Scapegoat!!, and White-Horned Dragon. As you can see there are some very 
    awesome cards available in this pack! Tualatin and Splendid Venus give you 
    enough to start work on a Fairy deck. LADD makes for a pretty fun deck built 
    around him. F.G.D. and BEUD mean that you can now use Future Fusion in your 
    Dragon deck and have some serious beatsticks in reserve. Scapegoat is an 
    awesome card when it comes to Synchro Summoning! Finally, Gorz is just a 
    straight-up ridiculously awesome card whom you can spam into pretty much any 
    of your decks. Now, aren't you glad you took the time to get this pack before 
    going up against the witch?
    Back in story mode, you can head back over to the underground dueling arena 
    and now go downstairs. The twins will be there wondering what the witch looks 
    like. Suddenly, you see the Witch standing over her unconscious, defeated 
    opponent (again I don't know why they feel the need to make the person 
    unconscious just from losing a duel of a card game =/). Anyway, upon seeing 
    the Witch, a mark appears on your arm and some of your memory returns in 
    another of your insane flashbacks. The Witch (Akiza) sees the mark and calls 
    it the Mark of the Crimson Dragon. Apparently, she doesn't like you because of 
    that mark and must now duel you!
    Black Rose (1200)
    Akiza uses a fairly potent Black Garden deck. I suggest concentrating on 
    getting rid of her spells and traps, but don't ignore her monsters either 
    since they are also a force to be reckoned with. This should be similar in 
    many ways to the WC mode Plant deck you faced.
    After beating she stalks off with a pissed off look on her face. After that 
    the twins leave you behind and the mark on your arm disappears. You should 
    show up again by the bar. Head west and then south. If you follow east wall on 
    this map as far south as possible you will find a prize box! This one gave me 
    Turret Warrior! There is also 1 duelist near the gate you can't open yet, so 
    let's take the opportunity to beat him and start aiming for unlocking 30 WC 
    mode duelists!
    Recycle Deck (813)
    He uses a Genex deck. The Genex archtype is pretty weak and you shouldn't have 
    too much trouble with so I'm not going to give you much of a long explanation 
    here. Just try to keep him from summoning too many monsters and you should be 
    Beating Shirogane 5x unlocked Elemental Hero Stratos for me as a WC mode 
    opponent, however I'm not sure if he was unlocked because I beat Shirogane or 
    because I managed to summon Elemental Hero Electrum during 1 of my duels with 
    him. By the way, at this point in the game I decided to start running a Big 
    City Elemental Heroes deck because you should be able to get almost all of the 
    cards necessary for it minus Stratos and E Emergency Call (which can just be 
    replaced with Reinforcements of the Army anyway) and Foolish Burial (for 
    Necroshade and Miracle Fusion). Head back up north and if you go just west of 
    where you dueled the boy with the structure decks you'll run into a 
    blonde-haired guy.
    Pre-Edo Giant Fish (802)
    He uses a Fish deck, but it is so poorly made that I beat him so quick all 5 
    times that I don't have much info for you about his deck. Basically, he should 
    be a very easy kill.
    Snaring Honda 5x unlocks Armed Samurai - Ben Kei as a WC mode duelist. Just 
    northeast of Honda, the shop that you couldn't enter earlier is now open. 
    Let's go inside and duel the boy over there. ^_^
    Legend Forever! (846)
    He uses a deck of Light monsters and this means he also has Honest so be 
    watchful for that. He uses many removal-style cards too, so make sure you're 
    not using a deck where you're going to run out of monsters too easily. 
    Additionally, he runs some oddball cards like King Dragun.
    Beating Helio 5x unlocks Honest as a WC mode duelist (there's a duel not to 
    look forward to =/). Now head out of the shop and go west. Continue moving 
    farther west and eventually you'll get stopped by Blister. He congratulates 
    you for getting your stuff back and then the twins come and interrupt you. 
    They're here to tell you about a tag team tournament that is coming up soon! 
    After Leo gets done telling you how a Tag Duel works, it's you and Blister 
    versus Leo and Luna! I'm not really big on giving advice for tag duels. Just 
    do what you can because no matter how well you duel your partner is pretty 
    much guaranteed to screw up any advantages you create. After you beat the 
    twins they get into an argument with each other. Blister apparently doesn't 
    want to be your partner for the tournament, so you're going to need to find a 
    new person to partner up with. In order to find the person whom I consider to 
    be the best partner available, go over to the underground duel arena where you 
    fought the Witch. By the way, after beating the twins if you go to WC mode 
    you'll have unlocked Tag Duels there including 4 different Tag opponents. If 
    you head downstairs and find the guy with the gray hair, he uses a Psychic 
    deck with some good Synchro monsters. Don't expect him to do any better 
    helping you out than any other duelists, but at least he has some good cards. 
    Other good choices for a partner are the 2 people upstairs who have the Dark 
    deck and the LS deck. Those are probably the 3 best choices for a Tag partner, 
    but again I guarantee you'll get pissed off by whichever partner you decide to 
    work with. I ended up working with the girl (Angie) who uses the Dark deck. In 
    order to make someone your partner, just duel and defeat that person and they 
    will ask if you want them as a partner.
    Before you head off to the tournie, you may note that the Duel Runner shop is 
    selling new equipment. It is not necessary to buy it right now, but keep it in 
    mind and once you have enough DP available you should consider upgrading your 
    bike. Anyways, head west from where you last met then twins and then north and 
    you'll be at the upper city. From there, head west and then north, then north 
    again and you'll be at the dueling grounds. You'll see a man with a microphone 
    make an announcement that he's now accepting applicants for the tag team 
    tournament. There is a save point just west of him so save and then talk to 
    him to start the tournament. For this tournament, the rounds can be a bit 
    different depending on who you selected as a partner. After round 1, Blister 
    comes over to congratulate you. It turns out he's partnered up with Bolt for 
    the tournament.
    Since you have entered the tournament, you now unlock a new pack! That pack is 
    Phantom Darkness and it contains the following good cards: Cyber Valley, Fires 
    of Doomsday, some Destiny Hero support, the Yubel set, some Neos support, The 
    Dark Creator, Dark Armed Dragon, The Immortal Bushi, Superancient Deepsea King 
    Coelacanth, The Beginning of the End, Rainbow Dark Dragon, Armageddon Knight, 
    The Calculator, Blue Thunder T-45, All-Out Attacks, Dark Nephthys, and Dark 
    Horus. This pack is your 1st big step toward the making of a powerful Dark 
    Armed Dragon (DAD) deck. Even if you don't plan on making a DAD deck, the 
    cards in this pack are just far too good to pass up. If you want to make a 
    Fish deck it is centered around Coelacanth. The Immortal Bushi is in here if 
    you want to make a better Warrior deck. If you want to make a Yubel deck, you 
    now have most of the materials needed for that. Blue Thunder T-45 goes great 
    in Gadget decks. The Calculator is a nice addition to Monarch decks and 
    swarming decks. All-Out Attacks is used in a combo to deck out your opponent 
    with Morphing Jar #2, Needle Worm, and Hiro's Shadow Scout. If you've been 
    working on a Neos deck then you now have even more cards to work with. Fires 
    of Doomsday is an awesome card for any deck with high level Dark monsters. 
    Basically, you definitely want to make it a priority to pick up a bunch of 
    this pack.
    Back to the story mode, your next fight should be against Blister and Bolt (no 
    real surprises there, eh?). Again, it's tough to give advice for tag duels 
    considering how crappy your partner is no matter who you chose, so good luck. 
    I made a halfway decent DAD deck and Angie was able to make some actual smart 
    plays because our decks had some synergy. Save and then talk to the announcer 
    to get the finals underway! Your opponents are the twins, Leo and Luna! Their 
    decks haven't changed since you beat them with Blister so this should be a 
    relatively easy win if your partner doesn't screw you over.
    After defeating the twins, the game goes to a cut scene where you see Jack and 
    Rex for a brief moment. Next your partner will get all excited about winning 
    and then leave, then the twins will come to complain about how disappointed 
    there are because they lost. Then they leave you too. Next, Rex comes over to 
    greet you, and he's brought Jack. Jack is bored of fighting bad duelists 
    (aren't we all?) and is wondering if you can provide him with some 
    entertainment. Rex saves you from having to duel him right here and now and 
    then Jack leaves, followed quickly by Rex.
    Head back over to the lower city. If you head all the way back to the map with 
    the pub, you'll see Bolt standing them all by himself. Apparently, he's been 
    looking for you. Someone from Sector Security told him to give you an 
    invitation to the Fortune Cup! Bolt isn't quite sure what the fortune cup is, 
    but he clues you into the fact that Blister probably will know. Blister is 
    still in his same old hideout as before, so go over and visit him. He fills 
    you in about what the Fortune Cup is in general. Next, head over to the Duel 
    Runner shop. You need to upgrade your Duel Runner as much as possible for the 
    upcoming race if you have not done so already. They are selling a new engine 
    and CPU from the last time I told you to come in, so even if you bought parts 
    before, there's now those 2 very important parts to buy. If you check out WC 
    mode after getting the information from Blister, you'll find a new card pack 
    waiting for you! This is a very, very awesome card pack called Light of 
    Destruction! This pack contains the Lightsworn set which can basically get you 
    through the entire rest of the game with ease! You want to get a 100% 
    completion of this pack, trust me. In addition to the LS set, the pack also 
    has: the Arcana Force set, Gyzarus, Destiny End Dragoon, Wetlands, The Lady in 
    Wight, Dark Valkyria, more Destiny Hero support, Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem, 
    the Frog set, some Jinzo support, some Neos support, some Batteryman support, 
    Simorgh, and last and probably best . . . HONEST!! At this point, you could 
    buff up your Ancient Gear deck, maybe take a crack at a Frog deck (although I 
    don't think you have enough cards yet), build an Arcana Force deck (not a bad 
    archtype by any means), or do what most people would do at this point, and 
    that is to make a LS deck! Additionally, Turbo Duels will be coming up for you 
    in the near future and LS is a good deck-type to use for them due to the 
    limited ability to use Spell cards (well, Speed Spells at least). You do need 
    to take the time now to build a Turbo deck, however, if you haven't built 1 
    Now you can head back to the upper city. Head east from the entrance to the 
    upper city. By the gate on the east side is the proctor for your race test. 
    Talk to him and then he will ask you if you are ready to race. Say yes and 
    beat the Time Trial he puts you on - it shouldn't be too difficult for you by 
    now. You have to make 2:30 and it is easy to make it in under 1:20 if you 
    manage to not hit many hazards or walls, so you should have plenty of time for 
    this race. As you go west to leave, you'll meet Bass. He was impressed by your 
    speed and he wants to be your 1st Turbo Duel (glad you made yourself a Turbo 
    deck just now like I told you to?). Bass explains the basics of Turbo Duels 
    and then it's time to face him!
    Non-stop Road (1082)
    Bass uses a Roid deck, and it's not exactly a good one, so this should be an 
    easy win for you (probably the designers meant for this to be an easy 1st 
    Turbo Duel). Go ahead and beat on him until he's black and blue all over.
    Once you beat Bass, you'll unlock a new card pack that contains only Speed 
    Spells. Picking up a few of these may be useful for future Turbo Duels, 
    although LS can run pretty well without them since they rely primarily on 
    their monster effects. Now, head on over to the same dueling grounds as the 
    ones where the tag team tournament was held. The MC is there and ready to get 
    the prelims started for this tournament. You'll be Turbo Dueling against 
    Trudge! This will be your 1st actual duel against Trudge so you finally get to 
    beat him down rather than just running from him!
    For Duel's End! (1250)
    He seems to use a lot of monsters than have effects that destroy defense 
    position monsters. Overall, his deck is a lot wimpier than you might expect 
    for a cop. Oh well, chalk this one up as an easy win.
    Next are the semi-finals of the prelims. Your opponent is Hunter Pace.
    Wheel on Fire! (1290)
    Hunter appears to be using a Zombie deck, although I'm not too sure about how 
    strong it is because I beat him pretty quickly with an LS deck. He does have 
    Plaguespreader and Mezuki, however, he only has 3 Synchros so he's not going 
    to swarm a bunch of Synchro monsters to the field. In general, it feels like 
    some of the Zombie decks you faced earlier are better made than this deck.
    Next are the finals of the prelims. Your opponent is Greiger.
    Card Bomb! Boom! (1360)
    It seems like his deck has a lot of ways to negates your spells and traps, but 
    he doesn't really have much of a strategy for beating you, so this should be a 
    fairly easy win, especially if you've got the cards for a good LS deck by now.
    After beating Greiger you are no longer in the prelims. You now move on to the 
    real fortune cup! Rex stops by to congratulate you, but it seems he is still 
    planning something. The game will cut over to you talking with Blister and 
    Bolt who are congratulating you on making it past the prelims. Before heading 
    off to compete in the big shabang, however, let's see if we can make it to the 
    card pack for beating 30 WC mode duelists 5x each. This means finding some 
    people first to duel in story mode. Head over to the card shop just west of 
    Blister's hideout. Check out the biker standing at the entrance.
    Hung Soo
    Good Stuff (891)
    He seems to have a lot of ways to remove your monsters from play. If you can 
    shut down his traps you should have no trouble beating him.
    Slapping Hung Soo 5x unlocks Arcana Force 0 - The Fool as a WC mode opponent 
    (there should now be 24 at least if you've been following this guide). Head 
    west 1 screen from the shop and you can duel the officer guarding the gate.
    Turn Away (777)
    He likes to use beatdown monstes such as Goblin Attack Force in his Warrior 
    toolbox deck. However, if you bring some Bottomless Trap Holes, a fast deck, 
    and some nice powerful monsters you should be able to swing over his 
    beatsticks for the win.
    Making Aase turn away from you 5x unlocks Commander Covington as a WC mode 
    opponent. Head north from Aase, and in the entrance map to the upper city 
    you'll see a boy walking around in the northwest section.
    Lutz Rules (1035)
    Somebody should hurt this kid for giving his deck that name, and that someone 
    should be you. He uses a deck made to remove cards from play and he also has 
    Royal Oppression, so decks that rely heavily on putting monsters in the 
    graveyard should probably not be used against him. His deck is actually pretty 
    consistent so he's not just an easy kill. Oh, he also has Thunder King Rai-Oh 
    which is a very good monster and since he uses it with Royal Oppression your 
    Special Summons will be completely shut down. It is probably best to go with a 
    Monarch deck or something that doesn't rely on the graveyard and special 
    summons in order to beat him.
    Kicking Lutz's can 5x unlocks Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn as a WC mode 
    duelist. That should make 26 by this point. Head west to the next map and 
    you'll see a girl with red hair walking around.
    Duel Manners (1058)
    Mana uses Zombies. You've seen them before. It's a pretty decent build, but 
    you should know how to handle them by now.
    Burying Mana 5x unlocks Familiar-Possessed - Eria as a WC mode opponent. 
    That's 27 and counting. 3 more before beating all of them 5x unlocks a new 
    pack! ^_^ So on we go. Head north from Mana and you'll see someone walking 
    around in a red tuxedo coat.
    Ever-long Days (980)
    Haruka uses a Geartown deck, the main point being to summon Ancient Gear 
    Gadjitron Dragon by playing 1 Geartown and then replacing it with a 2nd Gear 
    Town. Bottomless Trap Hole is a very good idea here. She also has Gadgets who 
    work with Gadjitron and plenty of Trap cards, so bring plenty of monster 
    destruction when you go to face her.
    Grinding Haruka's gears 5x unlocks Harpie Queen as a WC mode opponent. Just 
    north of Haruka are 2 security guards (we currently have 28 opponents unlocked 
    and these 2 should get us 29 and 30 :D). Let's take out the 1 on the left 1st.
    Beast Warning (972)
    The star monster of this guy's deck is Beast Machine King Barbaros Or, who has 
    3800 ATK but cannot do any battle damage to you. Still, his massive ATK means 
    the only ways to beat him are Shrink, Honest, or monster destruction effects, 
    so make sure to bring more than enough along with you. Also, he does have 
    Skill Drain and if he uses that then you're facing an easily summoned 3800 ATK 
    monster that CAN do battle damage to you! Make sure you get rid of Skill Drain 
    quickly if he plays it!
    Besting Shirase 5x unlocks Guardian Sphinx as a WC mode opponent. Now let's 
    take out the guard to the right.
    Increased Security (978)
    His strategy is to put your monsters in defense mode and then take them out 
    with effects that target defense mode monsters. Overall, it's a weak strategy 
    and you shouldn't break a sweat to beat him if you're using a good deck. Oh, 
    he also uses Montage Dragon, but that shouldn't scare you too much either.
    Trampling Kurihara 5x unlocks Ally of Justice - Garadholg as a WC mode 
    opponent. This is also a big unlocking, because not only should you now have 
    30 opponents unlocked, but you also should have 15 opponents unlocked who have 
    a score of less than 1000! This unlocks the Level 1 Tournament! The tournament 
    is pretty simple, beat 3 opponents and you win. Wins against opponents here 
    get tallied with your total record with that opponent, so let's do the 
    tournament before fighting the duelists we unlocked. The 1st time you beat the 
    tournament you'll receive a new duel disk. ^_^ After beating the tournament 
    for the 4th time, I finally managed to unlock Judgment Dragon as a WC mode 
    opponent. Judgment Dragon is unlocked by performing 1000 Total Summons. 
    Beating the tournament 5x will unlock a new card pack, Synchro Awaken!! 
    Remember how you've had no luck in getting more than maybe a couple more 
    Synchro monsters by this point? Well this now solves that problem!! This pack 
    has Synchro monsters galore as well as bunch of other really good cards, 
    including: the X-Saber set, the Ally of Justice set, the Flamvell set, the 
    Worm set, Mist Wurm, the Mist Valley set, Flamvell Urquizas, some Kuriboh 
    support, Negate Attack, Soul Exchange, Ally of Justice - Catastor, Brionic, 
    Dragon of the Ice Barrier, and X-Saber Urbellum. Soul Exchange is great for 
    Monarch decks, you can now make a few new deck-types if you desire, and you 
    should now be able to always have 15 Synchro monsters in your extra deck, 
    which will give you a lot more options when dueling. After you update your 
    deck(s), let's move on to beating up the new WC mode duelists 5x each. Now 
    that the tournament has been unlocked, dueling in the tournament will change 
    the points that each opponent is worth, so some of the point values I put next 
    to the deck name may be off by a slight amount from what you have.
    Harpie Queen
    Hi Ho Harpies (700)
    She'll use Harpie's Hunting Ground to destroy your traps, and then she'll 
    summon a bunch of monsters and will raise their stats to make them pretty 
    strong. Bottomless Trap Hole is a must here, as is Solemn Judgment. You may 
    also want 2 or 3 copies of Lightning Vortex, because if she is able to put 3 
    or more monsters on the field they will all probably have great stats.
    Commander Covington
    Mecha Biker Gang (700)
    Obviously, he uses a Machiners Force deck. Machiners Force is a very weak and 
    slow deck-type, however, so as long as he doesn't summon his ultimate monster 
    you shouldn't have any trouble wiping him out.
    Ally of Justice - Garadholg
    A.O.J. Machine (700)
    He uses an Ally of Justice deck. What this means is don't use a deck with 
    Light monsters to duel him. Any other deck should cream him with relative 
    ease. He uses Royal Oppression as well, so using a deck the heavily relies on 
    special summons is also not suggested. He'll attempt to play DNA Transplant to 
    make all your monsters Light, so be sure to destroy that trap when you see it.
    Familiar-Possessed - Eria
    Calm Charmer NEO (900)
    I haven't yet been able to figure out any strong points to her deck. It just 
    seems incredibly weak. She, for some reason, wants to some Elemental Mistress 
    Doriado, but that's just silliness. She has the Familiar-Possessed monsters, 
    but most of the time they are just 1850 ATK beatsticks and nothing more.
    Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn
    Unlucky Feather (900)
    Blackwings are interesting. They pretty much suck separately but together they 
    can form some scary combos and swarm the field. You'll want to bring 
    Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Judgment, Torrential Tribute, and Mirror Force 
    along for this battle.
    Guardian Sphinx
    Go Home Already! (900)
    He uses a Rock deck similar to the couple you should have already faced. Don't 
    allow him to Flip Summon his monsters much, and if you bring some copies of 
    Nobleman of Crossout and Shield Crush you should have the duel in hand.
    Arcana Force 0 - The Fool
    Rival Face Off (1000)
    He uses an Arcana Force deck. It is based off luck. If he gets lucky it will 
    be tough as nails to beat him. If he gets unlucky he'll be very easy. Don't 
    allow him to put his Field Spell out, because it will give him much better 
    odds, same with 2nd Coin Toss. Be wary of Honest too. He uses both Gellenduo 
    and The Fool (he may also use Marshmallon, I'm not sure) so make sure you also 
    bring along enough effects that can destroy those monsters.
    Armed Samurai - Ben Kei
    Unrivaled Benkei (1100)
    Ben Kei decks tend to use a bunch of Equip spells. You'll definitely want 
    Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy Storm, and Breaker the Magical Warrior, but you 
    may also want to bring along some Dust Tornados to beat him good when he 
    attempts to attack you with a monster powered up by an equip spell. Overall, 
    making decks based around Equip cards is a weak strategy, so you shouldn't be 
    too hard pressed to beat this guy.
    Elemental Hero Stratos
    Immortal Hero (1200)
    I think this may actually be the 1st E Hero deck you'll have faced in this 
    game XD. This particular E Hero deck is close to a Big City deck in that it 
    focuses less on the fusions and more on beating you down with some fairly 
    strong monsters. By now, however, you should be able to handle this. The 
    fusions that he does have in this deck are primarily Neos fusions.
    Truthfully Honest (1300)
    He uses a Fairy deck and, of course, he has Honest in there whom you should 
    definitely watch out for! Be glad this computer is an idiot. Rather than 
    searching out Parshath with Nova Summoner, I've seen it summon Freya instead 
    xD. Anyway, the best ways to avoid Honest are Enemy Controller and Book of 
    Moon, so bring those along for this duel.
    You've now beaten 30 WC mode opponents 5x!! You should now have unlocked a new 
    pack, World Championship Edition 5! Good cards to look for in this pack 
    include: Valhalla, Armityle, The Wicked Dreadroot, Fiend's Sanctuary, E Hero 
    Ocean and Woodsman and Terra Firma, Evil Dragon Ananta, The Wicked Eraser, 
    Athena, Magician's Valkyria, Gallis the Star Beast, The Wicked Avatar, 
    Tragoedia, E Hero Prisma!!, Marshmallon!!, and Tethys. With the new E Heroes 
    you can now make a completed Big City deck. Additionally, Prisma is used in 
    many different decks either to get certain monsters to the grave or to be a 
    fusion substitute. There are a bunch of very powerful monsters in this pack 
    that almost require their own deck in order to be useful. Marshmallon is a 
    great monster in that it is 1 of the best stallers in the game.
    Ok, finally back to the story mode! If you head back over to where the 
    announcer was, you can now open the door that he was standing in front of. Go 
    on in and head directly north to find him again. Let's go with the 1st match 
    of the Fortune Cup!
    Fit for a Knight (1420)
    He uses Royal Decree, so either minimize the number of traps you're going to 
    be used or bring cards that can destroy it. Other than that, he uses a LV 
    monster deck that is just god awful so you shouldn't have too much trouble 
    unless you start allowing him to level up his LV monsters.
    After saving, head back to the announcer for Round 2! You're up against Akiza 
    (The Witch) and she's upgraded her deck a bit.
    Cold Burning Fire (1450)
    Akiza's Plants have gotten some better cards since the last time you dueled. 
    For me, on turn 1 she summoned Lonefire Blossom and then tributed it to bring 
    out Tytannial. Bring an appropriate amount of monster destruction, but what 
    you really need is spell/trap destruction effects, same as when dueling any 
    Plant deck.
    After you beat Akiza, the announcer will make a notice that the final round 
    will be a Turbo Duel! Save and talk to the announcer again. Turns out your 
    opponent in the finals is Yusei! Finally, a duel between the 2 of you will 
    take place!
    Yusei Fudo
    Warriors Aligned (1500)
    If you can call Yusei's deck anything, it would be called a deck that focuses 
    on Synchro summoning by using very weak monsters and very powerful Synchros. 
    It is sort of sad how weak Yusei's monster lineup is, and disappointing. I 
    know you've been waiting awhile for this duel, but Yusei is just a pushover. =/
    You beat Yusei, and now it's time for a match with Jack! However, things don't 
    always work out as planned. Rex kidnaps you and you wind up in some Temple of 
    the Crimson Dragon after another of your weird flashbacks. Save at the save 
    point you wake up next to. Head south and you'll run into Rex. He tells you 
    about the People of the Stars and about his plan to gain the power of the 
    Crimson Dragon. Then he tells you your role and you get jumped on by 4 clones 
    of you - your brothers/sisters! This is the toughest part of the entire 
    storyline now! You have to beat all 4 of these clones! 3 of them have good 
    decks, and your LP does not go back 8000 after each duel! I suggest using 
    Lightsworn, Monarchs, Dark World, or anything you have that you are confident 
    about consistently winning with, without damaging your LP too much. I used a 
    complicated deck that focused around Synchro Summoning and field control, 
    because Magical Android and Psychic Lifetrancer were able to heal some of my 
    LP which helped me get through 4 duels in a row (you cannot transfer more than 
    10,000 LP to the next duel btw).
    Undead, Return! (1550)
    This is the best Zombie deck you'll have seen yet. You've faced Zombies 
    before, however, so you should know what to do.
    Cold Frozen World (1550)
    This is a Water deck and is the only halfway weak deck you'll be facing in 
    this lineup. Take out A Legendary Ocean if it hits the field and you'll be 
    Just Judgement (1550)
    I would 1st like to note that it is supposed to be spelled "Judgment" (good 
    work Konami with the spellchecking). Anyway, this is a Lightsworn deck and it 
    is a powerful one. Luck needs to be on your side a bit for this duel, because 
    LS can OTK very easily. Just try your best not to let Gamma swarm the field 
    and save your Bottomless Trap Holes and Torrential Tribute for Judgment Dragon 
    and Celestia.
    Dark Eq'd. Dragon (1550)
    This is a TeleDAD deck, the most powerful Tier 1 deck-type in the entire game 
    if you're running with the original ban list. The idea is to prep the grave 
    for a DAD summoning, while also use Emergency Teleport to get Krebons who can 
    Sync with Malicious to summon an 8 star Synchro monster! There are many other 
    subtleties to the deck, and basically just pray that your opponent starts out 
    with a bad hand. It also helps that the opponent cpu does not know how to use 
    this deck to its best potential.
    After beating those 4, Rex will attempt to summon the Crimson Dragon . . . and 
    will fail. You'll get knocked out and will wake up in the ante room in the 
    building where the tournament took place. Bolt finds you there and is 
    wondering what happened to you. He's also come to tell you that you get to 
    face off against Jack now! Prep your Turbo deck and head on over to the 
    announcer to get this final duel started!
    King's Pride (1580)
    Compared to the LS and TeleDAD decks you just faced, this should be a 
    cakewalk. He can Synchro Summon for the 8 star Stardust Dragon, and that is a 
    monster to be particularly afraid of. However, other than Stardust Dragon, 
    Jack seems to run a pretty random deck without much of a strategy. I was able 
    to cream him on turn 3 with LS.
    After defeating Jack, you are the new king! Jack gives you Stardust Dragon for 
    beating him, and Rex says he's finished with using you, so you're free from 
    his clutches for now. Yusei greets you next on your way out, and you do the 
    dumbest thing you can think of! You give Yusei Stardust Dragon! He even tries 
    to refuse it and you insist!! At this point I was about ready to throw my DS 
    across the room!! After you finish venting, the twins will come over and 
    congratulate you too. Next to congratulate you are Blister and Bolt. Blister 
    hands you a Travel Permit, which means you can now travel freely from 
    Satellite, to the Slums, to the City! Roll credits.
    D3. After the Story:
    Beating the game unlocks a new duel disk and a new card pack, Crimson Crisis! 
    This is an awesome card pack with a ton of good cards including: the Blackwing 
    set, Plant supports, the Morphtronic set, Gladiator Beast support, Hyper 
    Synchron, Insect supports, the Arcanite set, Dark Strike Fighter, Cosmic 
    Fortress Gol'gar, Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode, Hyper Psychic Blaster, 
    Frog support, Alien support, Blackwing Armor Master, Arcanite Magician, Black 
    Salvo, Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode, Hyper Psychic Blaster/Assault Mode, and 
    Doomkaiser Dragon/Assault Mode. Some of these card are not particularly useful 
    yet, such as the Assault Mode monsters whom your don't have the Synchros to 
    yet, but there are some nice gems in here. If you're looking to make a 
    Morphtronic, Blackwing, or Plant deck, you can now get a decent start on 
    those. If you were using Aliens you now have some nice support cards. In 
    addition to unlocking this card pack, if you beat all the structure duels 
    before like I suggested, you can now buy random structure decks for 2000 DP a 
    piece. The structure deck also have a few really nice card gems in them so 
    make sure to buy them when you can, and don't forget you only need 1 copy of 
    each structure deck since you can use the card password function to buy extra 
    copies of just the good cards in the deck when you want to. By the way, it 
    feels so good to get the 5D's structure deck and then use Card Password to 
    obtain 2 more copies of Colossal Fighter!
    Now let's head over to story mode and beat some people we missed before! 
    You'll start out just north of the subway. Head west a screen and find Kuroe 
    who's still standing where he was before, but now you can duel him. You 
    already beat him once, now beat him 3 times. For people you've already dueled 
    before, just use Ctrl+F to search for my comments on that person's deck. After 
    that, head north into the hideout to take on Ida 3 times. Go a bit further 
    into the hideout to take out Kameno 3 times.
    Next, head out of there and go east from the subway. Enter the card shop in 
    that area and we can now duel the 2 people behind the counter (separately). 
    You only need to beat each of them 3 times since they don't unlock any new WC 
    mode opponents. Let's start with the one on the left.
    I Can Duel, Too! (538)
    Narumi uses a Dinosaur deck. This means a lot of beatsticks when Jurassic 
    World is on the field, but if you can summon 1 or 2 really powerful monsters 
    you should be able to make those dinos extinct.
    And now to the right . . .
    Salida Noula
    Sell/Fortune Tell (540)
    She uses a deck centered around Alkana Joker Knight. It is a very weak 
    strategy and you should have no trouble beating her.
    Head south and switch maps to the Slums. Upon entering the Duel Runner shop 
    you should notice that they are selling new parts. Buying all parts for the 
    center, rear, and internal will net you 3 new WC mode opponents: Colossal 
    Fighter, Alien Overlord, and Doom Dozer. Now, let's go duel these 2 
    shopkeepers. Again, you only need to beat them 3 times each since they don't 
    unlock any specific WC mode opponents. How about starting with the one on the 
    Limited Custom (623)
    He uses an Ally of Justice deck, which means you shouldn't be using Light 
    monsters and you should try to beat up his DNA Transplant as soon as you see 
    it. You've faced an Ally of Justice deck before, so you should know what to 
    do. They aren't too much trouble.
    Lagoon Noula
    Ride/Fortune Tell (627)
    He uses an Arcana Force deck. Make sure to take out his Field spell and Second 
    Coin Toss, and watch out for Honest. As always for Arcana decks, if his luck 
    is bad you basically are given the win.
    Next, head west then north to get back to the Powerplant. Go up the stairs and 
    all the way to the south and east and you'll find a guy in a green shirt. It's 
    Lug. You've beaten him before, and now you need to beat him 3 times. Go 
    through the maze behind the door again, and then head north up the corridor. 
    in the northwest corner you'll find Larry, whom you've already beaten. Beat 
    him 3 times. Last up, just east or Larry you'll find the boss, Lenny. Beat him 
    3 times as well.
    Once you've beaten those guys, leave the Powerplant and head south from the 
    Duel Runner shop. Near the entrance to the Old Highway you should see Yusei 
    and Trudge (looks like we're all finally getting along :D). First thing is to 
    duel Yusei. Do a normal Duel 1st. Just beat him 3 times in normal Duel.
    Stardust Awakened (1580)
    Again, Yusei is running some oddball deck that I think is based around Synchro 
    Summoning, but his monsters are so worthless that his strategy should never 
    got up off the ground. He has Assault Mode Activate! but since I've never 
    allowed him to summon a Synchro monster he's never been able to use it on me.
    Next, do a Turbo Duel with Yusei. Beat him 3 times that way. Now move on to a 
    Turbo Duel with Trudge. Beat him 3 times.
    Go north, then east to reach the docks. We never actually dueled the people 
    over here before, so let's take the time to do that. First is a black-haired 
    fellow walking around.
    The Port and Me (638)
    He uses a pretty standard Water deck. You've seen better ones so this 
    shouldn't be too troubling. Just make sure to take out his Tornado Walls so 
    you don't get locked down. He also has Brionic Dragon so watch out for that 
    since it can clear your field.
    Snaring Utagawa 5x unlocks Yamato-no-Kami as a WC mode duelist. Move on to the 
    brown-haired fella pacing just southeast of Utagawa.
    The Boat and Me (652)
    He uses a Frog deck, and those decks can get rather tricky. You've faced on 
    from WC mode before, but still be sure to watch out because Frogs are capable 
    of hitting hard and fast so bring along Lightning Vortex for this duel.
    Squashing Michiba 5x unlocks Elemental Hero Ocean as a WC mode duelist. By the 
    way, this now makes 12 opponents unlocked with values between 1000 and 1499. 
    If we can unlock 3 more that'll unlock Tournament Level 2! Moving on you can 
    take out the red-head standing beside the boat.
    The Sea and Me (635)
    It's another Water deck. This one has a bit more in the way of stall tactics. 
    He also has Brionic.
    Catching Krue 5x unlocks Grandmaster of the Six Samurai as a WC mode duelist. 
    You should now have beaten everyone in the Satellite Slums at least 3x each 
    and this unlocks a new pack, Enemy of Justice! Cards to look for in this pack 
    include: more of the D Hero set, Macro Cosmos, E Hero Necroid Shaman, Cyber 
    Phoenix, the H E R and O cards for E Heroes support, Clock Tower Prison, 
    Icarus Attack, Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon, Dimensional Fissure, Banisher of the 
    Radiance, Majestic Mech - Ohka, Voltanis, Forced Back, E Hero Shining Phoenix 
    Enforcer, and Victory Viper XX03. You should now have enough D Heroes to make 
    a D Hero deck, but you still don't have Destiny Draw, which is an important 
    card for them. If you've been running E Heroes then you just picked up a good 
    amount of support. If you like Harpies, then the only thing you now still need 
    to make a Harpie deck is Harpie Queen. You can also now start making Macro 
    decks or a Macro Monarchs deck. If you are running a Machine deck of some 
    sort, Cyber Phoenix will be an excellent addition to it.
    You can now board the boat and it will take you to the city. Over on this side 
    of the docks are 3 more people to duel, so let's jump right into it! Let's 
    start with the red-head standing next to the boat.
    Sail to the Future (936)
    He uses a Gemini deck, so as long as you don't give him the chance to 2nd 
    Summon his monsters he should be an easy kill.
    Peg-legging Enjitsu 5x unlocks Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth as a WC 
    mode opponent. Now go find the blondie walking around in the southwest corner 
    of the map.
    Patience, Kid (942)
    He uses a deck of primarily search monsters it seems, which allows him to keep 
    multiple monsters on the field which is an annoying stall strategy to duel 
    against. He has Tragoedia, so watch for that since it can get pretty powerful 
    if he has a few cards in his hand. He also has Gorz, so that makes it an even 
    worse idea to attack him when he has no cards on the field unless you have 
    something that can deal with him.
    Stamping Mito 5x unlocks Kuraz the Light Monarch as a WC mode opponent. East 
    of Mito is another guy walking around in circles.
    Coastal Diver (958)
    He uses a Warrior deck with Immortal Bushi who is like a powered up Treeborn 
    Frog. He also uses Royal Oppression, so don't use decks that rely too heavily 
    on Special Summoning. He techs copies of Soul Taker, and will also use Card of 
    Safe Return to make himself gain card advantage when he summons Bushi from his 
    grave. Since you should by now have the cards required for a Macro deck, I 
    suggest making 1 since it will make this duel much easier.
    Whomping Whomper 5x unlocks Falcon of Mist Valley as a WC mode opponent. At 
    this point, guess what? You should now have unlocked 40 WC mode opponents! 
    Let's beat them all 5x each in order to unlock yet another card pack!!
    Falcon of Mist Valley
    Meet Mist Valley (600)
    He uses a Mist Valley deck (duh). Mist Valley cards like to return cards to 
    your hand, but if you summon enough monsters that effect will be worthless, so 
    I suggest using a deck that is good at swarming monsters to the field such as 
    LS or Zombies.
    Running Like Wind (700)
    Now here's a deck-type you have not yet seen! This opponent uses Spirit 
    monsters. These monsters tend to have really awesome effects, but they return 
    to the hand at the end of the turn they were Summoned or flipped face up. To 
    get around this, he'll use Ultimate Offering to summon his monsters in 1 turn. 
    I suggest 3x Solemn Judgment and 3x Bottomless Trap Hole when facing this 
    deck. Just as a bit of fan trivia, all of the Spirit monsters are named after 
    Japanese dieties from the Shinto religion.
    Elemental Hero Ocean
    Rhythm of the Sea (1100)
    The is a Big City beatdown deck. You faced 1 similar earlier but this is 
    better. Make sure you don't let him keep Hero City on the field or else you're 
    going to get bombarded with monsters. Keep Stratos and Ocean off the field as 
    well. He also runs the Absolute Zero fusion monster and that monster will 
    clear your field when he's destroyed so be careful.
    Grandmaster of the Six Samurai
    Six and Many More (1300)
    You faced a 6sam deck much earlier in the story mode. Just remember that the 
    monsters are useless unless there are multiple monsters on the field. If you 
    bring Bottomless Trap Holes you'll probably be fine. If you bring a Macro 
    deck, you'll probably kick his butt all over the place.
    Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth
    Living Fossil (1300)
    This is a Fish deck, and a pretty good 1 at that. He has a lot of beatsticks, 
    and if you let him get Coelacanth out you'll be in even more trouble, because 
    he'll easily swarm the field and then shut down your effects. You need to use 
    a fast deck if you want a chance of winning this one.
    Colossal Fighter
    New White Warrior (1500)
    This deck seems similar in many ways to Yusei's deck. It focuses almost 
    entirely on the Synchro Summoning and pretty much forgets that it needs to 
    have good monsters on the field 1st or else you lose. Beat it down the same 
    way you beat Yusei's deck.
    Alien Overlord
    A Lively Alien (1500)
    The idea behind Alien decks is to put Alien counters on your monsters to make 
    them weaker and to allow your opponent to take control of them. The best way 
    to stop this is to win quickly. The longer the duel goes, the worse off you 
    will probably be. Also, make sure you have ways of removing from the field 
    monsters of your own that have many Alien counters on them. A good deck to use 
    against this deck-type is probably Monarchs or LS.
    Doom Dozer
    Prophesizing Bug (1500)
    This is a Demise OTK deck. The idea is to summon Demise with Advanced Ritual 
    Art, clear the field, special summon Doom Dozer, equip it with Megamorph, and 
    then attack for exactly 8000 damage! To stop this, have Torrential Tribute, 
    Bottomless Trap Hole, and Solemn Judgment prepared to keep Demise from doing 
    what he does. If you can quickly get his LP below 2000, then his deck shuts 
    down without being able to use Demise's ability.
    Kuraz the Light Monarch
    Seven Emperors (1600)
    I do believe this is the 1st Monarch deck you've played against! Bottomless 
    Trap Hole and Solemn Judgments are must-haves against this deck-type. If you 
    want to be incredibly cheap, however, toss 3 copies of Pulling the Rug into 
    your deck. It is made for beating up Monarchs. Monarchs are a control deck, so 
    their weakness is decks that can easily swarm monsters onto the field since 
    you can only have so much control.
    Judgment Dragon
    Those for Justice (1700)
    This is a full-blown, top-of-the-line, Lightsworn deck. This may even be 
    better than the deck you faced when you had to beat the 4 clones. All I can 
    really say is good luck and hope that he doesn't get lucky enough cards to OTK 
    With that you should have beaten 40 cpu opponents 5x each! This unlocks the 
    new card pack, World Championship Edition 7! Things to look forward to in this 
    pack include: Light End Dragon and Dark End Dragon, Hand Destruction, E Hero 
    Absolute Zero, Burden of the Mighty, Thunder King Rai-Oh!!!!, some Crystal 
    Beast support, Botanical Lion, the Ice set, White Night Dragon, Grinder Golem, 
    and Nurse Reficule. Burden of the Mighty is a godsend in decks where your 
    monsters have lower stats than most. Botanical Lion is awesome support for 
    Plants. Nurse Reficule works with Bad Reaction of Simochi for an interesting 
    Burn deck that also can support DAD. However, the biggest jewel of this pack 
    has got to be Thunder King Rai-Oh!! This guy completely screws over some of 
    the best deck-types you can encounter! He is a 1900 ATK beatstick who stops 
    your opponent from playing any searchers and any cards like Reinforcement of 
    the Army while also being able to tribute himself to cancel out an opponent's 
    special summon like DAD, Judgment Dragon, or any Synchro summon!! This guy 
    just rocks!
    Back in story mode, heading north and then east will get you back to the map 
    with the bar. Head north from the bar to find yourself back in the detention 
    center. Still standing in the gymnasium in the same place you left him is 
    Chief. Beat him 3 times. Next, check out the security guard standing to his 
    Lord of Shadows (751)
    Vega uses a Dark World deck. This deck is an OTK style deck, but if you can 
    plant a monster with 2400 or more ATK on the field his deck will just 
    completely fall apart. Dark World is a good deck-type however, so don't expect 
    to simply breeze through these duels.
    Tapping out Vega 5x unlocks Fiend Roar Deity Grimlo as a WC mode duelist. 
    Next, head north further into the detention center. In this area are 2 guards 
    and an inmate. Let's start with the guard over by the door farthest to the 
    I'll Fix You Good! (741)
    This guy uses a Macro deck. He'll also do incredible combos like playing Soul 
    Absorption and then using Gold Sarcophagus to remove Necroface from play. This 
    nets him an immediate 5000 LP! I suggest not using decks that heavily rely on 
    the graveyard and I also suggest brings a lot of spell/trap destruction cards.
    Sending Fudagawa to the great beyond 5x unlocks Green Baboon, Defender of the 
    Forest as a WC mode opponent. Now let's check out the central guard.
    I am the Law! (740)
    Kyono uses a Beast deck and also includes Burden of the Mighty in his deck. 
    You'll need some s/t destruction effects, and you'll need a decent number of 
    traps because the last things you want to see are Green Baboon and Naturia 
    Beast. Beasts are an annoying deck-type, but Bottomless Trap Hole works well 
    against them, as do Macro decks. A good way to win is by simply getting out a 
    monster with 2700+ ATK on the field.
    Snapping the whip on Kyono 5x unlocks Dark Ruler Ha Des as a WC mode duelist. 
    In the southwest corner, let's duel this inmate.
    Basic Strategy (734)
    Motoi uses a Vanilla Beatdown deck. Watch out for Justi-Break, as it acts as a 
    2nd, 3rd, and 4th Mirror Force! He also uses cards like Birthright to revive 
    his monsters. Having good trap cards will help you in this duel, as will 
    having monster destruction effects.
    Bullying Motoi 5x unlocks Red-Eyes Wyvern as a WC mode opponent. Now let's get 
    started on the individual prisoner rooms, starting with the one on the far 
    west side. In here is a green-haired inmate.
    Let Me Outside (690)
    Barclay uses a somewhat odd deck involving The Kick Man, Equip cards, and Card 
    of Safe Return. If you have a healthy number of spell/trap destruction cards 
    in your deck you should have no problems beating him.
    Tearing down Barclay 5x unlocks Genex Controller as a WC mode duelist. In the 
    next cell you'll find 2 inmates. Let's start with the 1 in the doorway.
    Prisoner Shuji (707)
    He uses Burden of the Mighty and also has Don Zaloog making this (I suppose) a 
    form of control deck. Whatever you want to call it, you've seen much better 
    Shunting Shuji 5x unlocks Cloudian - Storm Dragon as a WC mode opponent. Now 
    let's take out the other guy in that cell.
    Ups and Downs (712)
    He uses a deck out deck with some Burn cards, or maybe it's a Burn deck with 
    deck out cards =/. It's not a very good 1, anyways, so as long as you don't 
    take your sweet time beating him he shouldn't be able to accomplish that goal. 
    I don't suggest using an LS deck on this guy. xD
    Putting a downer on Taniyama 5x unlocks X-Saber Wayne as a WC mode duelist. 
    Head on over to the next cell and duel the green-haired dude in there.
    Ellison Noula
    Catch/Fortune Tell (672)
    He uses some sort of stall and burn Spellcaster deck. It is weird and it 
    doesn't really work very well if you bring a bit of spell/trap destruction 
    with you to the duel. For some reason, he also runs Nephthys even though he 
    himself has a ton of trap cards?
    Catching Ellison Noula off-guard 5x unlocks Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude as a 
    WC mode opponent. More importantly, this also unlocks Tournament Level 2!! 
    Before we go after Tournament Level 2, let's finish up in the jailhouse. In 
    the next room are 2 more inmates. Let's start with the 1 closest to the 
    Beat-up Card (718)
    Skathi apparently has a low level OTK deck (I think). This is basically a hit 
    or miss deck that uses very very weak low star normal monsters and the support 
    cards that are made for them. I suggest Solemn Judgment and Dark Bribe for 
    dueling him. Basically, his monsters are completely worthless, so if you can 
    negate his spells and traps you win. Then again, he also has some Warrior 
    Toolbox cards, so I really am not certain what his strategy actually is. I 
    think he is just meant to be weak. =/
    Beating up Skathi 5x unlocks Stone Statue of Aztecs as a WC mode duelist. Move 
    on to the other person in that cell.
    Herbivore Horde (730)
    He uses a Dinosaur deck, but has both high ATK and high DEF monsters in it, 
    and he powers up the DEF with Chorus of Sanctuary (old card o_o). Anyways, he 
    shouldn't be too much trouble for you.
    Munching Yagishita 5x unlocks Necroface as a WC mode opponent. Time to move on 
    to the last cell on the eastern wall. Only 1 person in here, let's take him 
    In a Prison (688)
    Geruzet is annoying to duel against because he uses a ton of stall cards, and 
    then he burns you. When you go to face him, bring a lot of spell and trap 
    destruction cards. You'll be very glad you did.
    Torching Geruzet 5x unlocks Marshmallon of a WC mode duelist. It turns out we 
    missed someone in the prison (sryz). Head back over to the gymnasium and look 
    in the southeast corner to find the last duelist in the prison.
    Spreading Ripple (744)
    This guy use the Ice set. Fortunately, it's not exactly an awesome set, but 
    still it isn't the worst out there. He has to get multiple Ice monsters on the 
    field at once to have any chance. There's no special strategy for this one, 
    you should just be able to outduel him.
    Ripping through Dio 5x unlocks Gravekeeper's Chief as a WC mode opponent. 
    Additionally, you should now have beaten everyone in the jail 3x each so that 
    unlocks 2 new card packs, The Duelist Genesis and Invasion of Worms!! Let's 
    start with the Invasion of Worms pack and save the best for last. Good cards 
    to look for in the Invasion of Worms pack include: the Flamvell set, the Worm 
    set, the Genex set, the X-Saber set, the Mist Valley set, some Ally of Justice 
    support, Big Piece Golem, Nitro Synchron, Ally of Justice - Light Gazer, Goyo 
    Guardian!!!!!!!, Hydro Genex, Nitro Warrior, X-Saber Wayne, and Crystal Beast 
    Sapphire Pegasus. So there are a few new decks you can make, although they 
    aren't exactly great ones. You can finally get a single Crystal Beast monster 
    to go with the support cards you've gotten in previous packs. Nitro Synchron 
    and Nitro Warrior are excellent cards, as is Ally of Justice - Light Gazer, 
    but the big card to look for here, the 1 that should give you an IRL scream of 
    joy, is Goyo Guardian!! This guy is easily 1 of the top 3 Synchro monsters in 
    the game! So rejoice, for you now finally can lay hands on Goyo!! Moving on, 
    there's much more fun as you go to take a look at The Duelist Genesis pack you 
    also just unlocked! Good cards to look for in this pack include: Red Dragon 
    Archfiend!!!!, Gladiator Beast War Chariot!!, Emergency Teleport!!!!, Krebons, 
    Quillbolt Hedgehog, Spirit Monster supports, the Psychic set, Montage Dragon, 
    some Fish support, Magical Android, Yamato-no-Kami, Gladiator Beast supports, 
    Goyo Guardian!!!, some LS support, Thought Ruler Archfiend!!!!, Sinister 
    Sprocket, and Stardust Dragon!!!! Let's just review some things here. 
    Quillbolt Hedgehog + Imperial Iron Wall + Mass Driver + any Tuner monster = 
    win. Emergency Teleport --> Krebons --> summon a monster and Synchro summon. 
    Oh, and did I mention that you now have access to the 5 most powerful Synchros 
    in the game: Goyo Guardian, Thought Ruler Archfiend, Red Dragon Archfiend, 
    Stardust Dragon, and Colossal Fight?
    Can we add anything else to this awesomeness? Well, by buying copies of this 
    pack you should be able to unlock the View Mode and the Tag View Mode so you 
    can watch the cpu's duel eachother. Did I also mention that we've now unlocked 
    the level 2 tournament which we can best 5x for a new pack? I can't really 
    help you much with the tournament, so good luck! Oh yeah, by the way Evil Hero 
    Infernal Gainer should now be unlocked as a WC mode duelist as well if you've 
    spent 50 hours playing (you should've spent well over that by now).
    Beating the tournament 1x unlocks a new duel disk. Beating Tournament Level 2 
    5x unlocks a new card pack, Crossroads of Chaos! Cards to be looking for here 
    include: Turbo Synchron, a ton of Plant support, Morphtronic support, the Iron 
    Chain set, Psychic Lifetrancer, Nettles, Tytannial, Psychic support, 
    Doomkaiser Dragon, Pollinosis, Black Rose Dragon, Black Garden, Mark of the 
    Rose, Secret Village of the Spellcasters, Queen of Thorns, Revived King Ha 
    Des, Iron Chain Dragon, Plaguespreader Zombie!!!, Turbo Warrior, and Battle 
    Mania. With this pack, you are now missing only Mezuki to make an awesome 
    Zombie deck. Plaguespreader Zombie is a killer card, especially if you use it 
    in combination with Card of Safe Return (it becomes a free special summon of a 
    tuner). If you enjoy using spellcasters or psychics then you received some 
    good support from these packs. The Iron Chain cards are sorta weak imo. The 
    other big thing to note here, aside from Plaguespreader, is that you should 
    now be completely capable of making an awesome Black Garden Plant deck!! I've 
    said it a couple of times in this walkthrough, but I just love Plants! They 
    are an awesome deck-type (my other favorite deck-type is Zombies btw). So 
    hurrah! Go make some new decks!
    Back in story mode there are still more things to do. You could go off and 
    start unlocking people to tag duel in WC mode which will also eventually 
    unlock packs, but if you're like me, I prefer to wait until my deck is as good 
    as it can be before attempting to play with those quasi-retarded cpu's as a 
    teammate. Instead, head west from the bar and enter the card shop in the 
    northernmost section of that map. Let's duel the shopkeepers here 3x each, 
    starting with the 1 on the left.
    Magician's Show (834)
    She loves searching out Tune Warrior for some reason, and she does have some 
    powerful monsters like Breaker the Magical Warrior. In general, she has a 
    fairly average deck. By this point, I had a fairly powerful Zombie deck, 
    however (just missing Mezuki and Allure of Darkness), so handling her wasn't a 
    problem. If you've been having trouble finding the right cards in packs, she 
    might be a bit tricky. She also has some fairly random cards in her deck such 
    as Lyla.
    You only need to beat her 3x, but by beating her 5x you should unlock a new 
    wardrobe ^_^. Now for the 1 on the right.
    Alina Noula
    More Sell/Fortune (840)
    Just like the shopkeeper in the other shop, she uses an Arcana Force deck. I'm 
    not sure what's up with her build, but I think she must use too many high 
    level monsters because she hardly ever seems able to summon anything against 
    me. This makes her an easy target some of the time. If she gets Valhalla on 
    the field, however, you become screwed because she has all those powerful 
    monsters, so make sure you wait and use your negation effects for that!
    Now head west and enter the Duel Runner shop on that map. Let's duel each of 
    these shopkeepers 3x each starting with the 1 on the left.
    Fighter's Show (860)
    Here we have a Gladiator Beast deck, and it isn't too shabby either (although 
    your opponent doesn't really know how to use it properly). Still, because the 
    deck is so well-made you may have some serious trouble beating it because it 
    is a Tier 1 deck. Pack your deck with Bottomless Trap Hole and Solemn Judgment 
    to negate the special summons. Also, use Thunder King Rai-Oh to stop the 
    summons while giving yourself a nice beatstick. The monsters he'll be shooting 
    for are Gyzarus and Heraklinos. Gyzarus you might not always be able to stop, 
    but make sure that he never gets out Heraklinos or else the duel is pretty 
    much over at that point. This should be a tough battle, so good luck.
    Now for the 1 on the right.
    Kalisse Noula
    More Ride/Fortune (878)
    His deck seems to be a bit of this and a bit of that without much actually 
    strategy. He has good cards but little synergy so he shouldn't be too much 
    If you've beaten him 3x, you should now have beaten all the shopkeepers in the 
    game 3x. This unlocks a new pack, Fiend Roar Diety Revival!! Cards to look for 
    in this pack include: the Mist Valley set, the Ally of Justice set, the Worm 
    set, the Naturia set, the Fiend Roar Deity set, some Dinosaur support, some 
    Morphtronic support, Hyper Synchron, the Ice Barrier set, Thunder Lord of Mist 
    Valley, some Plant support, Wind Farm Genex, Naturia Gaodrake, Fiend Roar 
    Deity Valkiris, Jurak Giganot, and Card Trooper. Of all these cards, the only 
    reasonably good card is Card Trooper while the rest pretty much are just 
    support for weaker sets that you should only play if you just really happen to 
    like the set. Additionally, buying enough of these packs should unlock a new 
    hair style.
    In story mode, the only thing left to do in this area of the city is the Tag 
    Duels, which I still want to hold off on until later. So that means it's time 
    to go west and north to head into the upper city! You'll want to make sure you 
    have a Turbo deck prepped with all your new cards, because some of these 
    opponents will be doing Turbo duels! Head east to find Bass in the same place 
    he was in before. Go ahead and beat him 3x. Just southeast of Bass is a 
    securities fellow walking around whom you can beat 3x (Turbo Duelists don't 
    unlock WC mode opponents).
    Wheel Acceleration (1078)
    Albie appears to be running some odd form of Water deck. It isn't very strong 
    although it does have a few stall cards so it can be annoying. For some reason 
    he also has Horus LV6 in the deck =/. It's really silly. Maybe he has Frost 
    and Flame Dragon tucked away somewhere? I've never seen him summon it but it's 
    the only reason I can think of for having a Water/Fire deck. =/
    East of Albie, guarding the Gate is another person to duel. It's a regular 
    duel so beat him 5x.
    Get Started (1010)
    He has a very annoying stall/burn deck. Watch out for face down monsters 
    because Wall of Illusion and Legendary Jujitsu Master could be waiting to 
    bite. He also has Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and Back to Square One, so what all 
    this means is your monsters will probably not stay on the field for long if 
    you don't swarm the field. Bust out the LS deck, the Zombie deck, or any other 
    swarm-style deck you have in order to win this one.
    Spinning out Giado 5x unlocks Dark Simorgh as a WC mode opponent. 
    Additionally, by beating him 3x you should have beaten all the average people 
    (non-main characters) in the upper city 3x each, which unlocks a new pack, 
    Gladiator's Assault! Finally, you'll be getting your hands on some GB's! Good 
    cards to look for in this pack include: the Cloudian set, the Gladiator Beast 
    set and supports, the Evil Hero set, some Roid support, the Six Samurai set, 
    Light-Imprisoning Mirror, Swing of Memories, some Elemental Hero support, some 
    Ancient Gear support, some Alien support, Superalloy Beast Raptinus, Dark 
    Fusion, and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. The GB set is a particularly awesome 
    card set that makes for a great deck. If you were lucky like me, you might 
    have also received a copy of Test Tiger from the shopkeeper with the GB deck 
    whom you faced earlier. There are only a couple other missing components to a 
    complete GB deck for you right now, among which is not having the Gyzarus 
    fusion. On other notes, Evil Hero Dark Gaia makes for an amazing OTK deck, the 
    Six Samurai set used to be awesome and is still sort of a decent decent, 
    although not the best by a ways. The 2 Mirror cards are very important! 
    Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror shuts down DAD decks and Zombies, while 
    Light-Imprisoning Mirror shuts down Arcana Force and LS! Use these Mirror 
    cards well and your duels may end up being a lot easier.
    In story mode, head over to the stadium where you did all the tournaments. 
    Outside of the stadium you'll find 3 opponents. Start with the 1 farthest to 
    the left. It's Hunter whom you've dueled before. He will only Turbo duel with 
    you. Beat him 3x. Then go off to the right and find Greiger to beat him 3x. 
    Now go ahead and beat Jack 3x. Next, head into the duel arena and go up the 
    evalator to reach the top level. Rex Goodwin is here and he'll just talk to 
    you, but you can duel the MC and another duelist. Let's head over to the left 
    for the MC 1st. Beat him 3x.
    Muscle Ceremony (1250)
    he runs a Neos deck with other warrior supports. As long as you don't take 
    your time beating him you shouldn't have too much in the way of problems here. 
    He does run Royal Oppression so either bring some extra spell/trap control, or 
    don't use a deck that relies too heavily on special summons.
    Next head over to face Randsborg whom you've beaten before and beat him 3x. 
    Now the only thing left is to take on the tag duels. Let's start out in WC 
    mode and work from there. I'm not going to really give advice on how to beat 
    each team. Just use some form of OTK-style deck and give your partner as few 
    chances as possible to screw things up. You can unlock more partners by 
    beating certain duelists 10x in story mode. You want to beat everyone 5x, just 
    like the single player opponents in WC mode.
    Catnipped Kitty / Mad Dog of Darkness
    Woof Woof Meow (790/790)
    Horseytail / Gokipon
    Jungle Alliance (980/980)
    Abyss Soldier / Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus
    Flood Warning (1220/1220)
    Breaker the Magical Warrior / Marauding Captain
    Magic and Sword (1400/1400)
    Next, head into story mode. Just outside the Duel Runner shop in the lower 
    City are a pair who are tag duelists. 1st let's beat them both individually 3x 
    each. Make sure not to accept their invitations to tag up when you win, or 
    else you won't be able to duel them again until you find someone to replace 
    them as your partner.
    Long and Slender (912)
    He uses a Burn and stall deck (don't you just hate those by now?). Hit him 
    fast and bring along some extra spell/trap destruction and you should be fine. 
    Optionally, you could also bring along some cards to heal your LP to really 
    screw him over.
    Short and Fat (914)
    He also uses a Burn deck. Duel him the same way as you did Itokawa.
    Now beat them both in a Tag Duel by talking to Itokawa.
    Itokawa / Elgio
    Nice Complements (912/914)
    Beating that team 5x unlocks Gagagigo / Goblin Elite Attack Force as a WC mode 
    Tag Opponent. Head into Blister's old hideout to find him and Bolt over there. 
    You've beaten them both before singly and as a team, so you're going to duel 
    both of them 3x singly and 5x as a team. Beating that team 5x unlocks Jenis, 
    Lightsworn Mender / Mezuki as a WC mode Tag Opponent. Also, at this time I 
    took Bolt in as a partner since both of us use Zombie decks. Now head over to 
    the bar. Just outside the bar you'll find 2 guys just standing around. Duel 
    them each separately 3x and then as a tag team 5x.
    Air Master (798)
    He uses an anti-meta style of deck that aims at slowing you down. Doomcaliber 
    Knight will take out your monster effects. Anti-Spell Fragrance will keep you 
    from activating Spells quickly.
    Iron Meister (791)
    He runs an interesting style of stall/burn deck based around Chain Energy. 
    Overall, however, his strategy is a failure and if you bring some extra 
    spell/trap destruction you should beat him with ease.
    Jean / Tail
    My Stars (791/798)
    Beating that team 5x unlocks Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World / Fiend Roar Deity 
    Luri as a WC mode Tag Opponent. Now head into the bar. In the back of the bar 
    are 2 more tag duelists for you to beat 3x each and then 5x as a tag team.
    Life Liquid (822)
    He runs a Macro deck that also seems to have stall cards like Gravity Bind and 
    uses some slight Fire Princess Burn strategy (but not very well). I wonder if 
    I'm the only 1 who finds it annoying that the cpu always seems to be running 
    stall tactics. =/ As usual for these types of decks, bring along some extra 
    spell/trap destruction and you should be fine.
    Destiny Liquid (828)
    He uses a Nurse Reficule / Bad Reaction to Simochi deck. It's a very fun style 
    of Burn, but the cpu is extremely horrible when it comes to using it, so he'll 
    play Life Points increasing cards when neither of those cards are on his 
    field, thus simply helping out your LP.
    Orcus / Gunnie
    Front-to-back Tag (822/828)
    Beating that team 5x unlocks Simorgh, Bird of Divinity / Simorgh, Bird of 
    Ancestry as a WC mode Tag Opponent. Head out of the bar now and go over to the 
    underground dueling arena. Over by the stairs are a tag pair to beat. Same 
    number of wins as its been for awhile now.
    Aboveground Light (928)
    He uses an LS deck. It's not the most powerful 1 you've seen, but it is still 
    entirely capable of OTK'ing. Bring along Light-Imprisoning Mirror and you 
    should shut him down completely. ^_^
    Underground Dark (930)
    She uses a DAD deck. If she gets lucky she can pull off some serious combos, 
    but oftentimes she manages to screw up the strategy. Bring along 
    Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror to shut her down. Additionally, when she summons DAD 
    she likes to target monsters before spells so if you bring along My Body as a 
    Shield, Bottomless Trap Hole, and Solemn Judgment, then DAD should never be 
    able to see the light of day.
    Graton / Angie
    Light and Dark (928/930)
    Beating that team 5x unlocks White Magician Pikeru / Ebon Magician Curran as a 
    WC mode Tag Opponent. Head downstairs and find the 2 people standing around by 
    the tables.
    Classic Deck (918)
    She uses an Archfiend deck. It is not very powerful, just watch out for the 
    low level, high ATK monsters she can summon. If you can take out Pandemonium, 
    she'll destroy herself with her monsters' self-damaging effects.
    Modern Deck (923)
    He uses a Psychic deck, but it isn't up to par with the deck Krebons has in WC 
    mode. He shouldn't be much trouble for you at this point.
    Figaro / Corse
    New Old Ideas (918/923)
    Beating that team 5x unlocks Royal Firestorm Guards / Flamvell Archer as a WC 
    mode Tag Opponent. That makes 10 Tag Opponents unlocked, however before we go 
    about beating them all there's 1 more thing to take care of in story mode. Go 
    back downstairs, find Akiza (the Witch), and beat her 3x. Now let's move on to 
    the Tag Duelists in WC mode. We need to be all 10 of them 5x each.
    Gagagigo / Goblin Elite Attack Force
    Gagagi Goblins (800/800)
    Royal Firestorm Guards / Flamvell Archer
    Flame Friend Tag (990/990)
    White Magician Pikeru / Ebon Magician Curran
    Pretties! (1010/1010)
    Fiend Roar Deity Luri / Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World
    Light Dark Fiend (1580/1580)
    Simorgh, Bird of Divinity / Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry
    Storm Clouds Tag (1790/1790)
    Jenis, Lightsworn Mender / Mezuki
    Graveyard Alight (1830/1830)
    With this, you should now have beaten 10 WC mode Tag Opponents 5x each. This 
    unlocks another Tag Opponent, Batteryman Charger / Thunder King Rai-Oh, and it 
    also unlocks a new card pack, World Championship Edition 2! Cards to look for 
    in this pack include: Chimeratech Fortress Dragon, Destiny Draw, Evil Hero 
    support, Arms Hole, Dandylion, Dark Calling, Alkana Knight Joker, Destiny Hero 
    - Malicious, Earth Giant Gaia Plate, D Hero Plasma, E Hero Stratos, E Hero 
    Divine Neos, and Dimensional Prison. This is a deck I suggest you highly 
    invest in! It has many of the cards that are key cards to good decks! Destiny 
    Draw, Malicious, and Stratos now mean you can complete the D Hero draw engine 
    (still minus Allure of Darkness) which should make any TeleDAD deck you've 
    built even more powerful and even faster. Arms Hole is the best support there 
    is for any deck that uses Equip Spell cards. Dandylion is an awesome addition 
    to any Plant deck, but it also has uses in other decks such as Monarchs. 
    Plasma is an awesome monster who is even better than having Skill Drain. 
    Dimensional Prison, while being maybe a half-step down from Bottomless Trap 
    Hole, is a full step up from Widespread Ruin and Sakuretsu Armor.
    Now, if you think we're done, guess again. We still need to unlock enough 
    single and tag opponents to unlock Tournament Level 3 and the Tag Tournament, 
    because beating either tournament 5x will net us yet another new card pack! 
    So, how shall we go about this? If you summon certain monsters during a duel 
    that you win, it will unlock new opponents. Go find an easy opponent to beat 
    on (maybe try heading back to Satellite and beating up on Nervin?) and win 
    after summoning the following monsters or by completing the win conditions:
    Exodia Victory - unlocks Exodia / Tragoedia as a WC mode Tag Opponent
    Destiny Board - unlocks Spirit Reaper / Dark Necrofear as a WC mode Tag 
    Final Countdown Victory - unlocks Ruin / Demise as a WC mode Tag Opponent
    Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill - unlocks Cyber Dragon / Drillroid as a WC mode 
    Tag Opponent
    D Hero Plasma - unlocks Destiny End Dragoon as a WC mode opponent
    Yubel - the Ultimate Nightmare - unlocks Yubel as a WC mode opponent
    Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon - unlocks Blue Eyes White Dragon as a WC mode 
    GB Heraklinos - unlocks GB Gyzarus as a WC mode opponent
    At this point you should now finally have unlocked the Single Tournament Level 
    3!! So now your job is to beat that tournie 5x to unlock a new pack! Beating 
    the tournament 1x will unlock Endymion, the Master Magician as a WC mode 
    opponent. For this tournament I used a TeleDAD deck since the only card I 
    didn't have for it yet was Allure of Darkness. Beating the tournament 2x 
    unlocks Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 as a WC mode opponent. Finally, 
    beating Tournament Level 3 5x unlocks Extra Pack!! This is possible 1 of the 
    best card packs you'll have seen in awhile. Cards to look for in this pack 
    include: ALLURE OF DARKNESS!!!, Fish support, Test Tiger, Grandmaster, 
    Lonefire Blossom, Volcanic support, DARK GREPHER!, Il Blud, Blazewing 
    Butterfly, Darknight Parshath, Darklord Zerato, and Royal Firestorm Guards. If 
    you didn't pick up a Test Tiger yet for your GB deck, this is the pack to get 
    it. Having Grandmaster now should complete any 6Sam deck you want to build. 
    Lonefire Blossom should pretty much complete any Plant decks you had in mind. 
    Il Blud is great Zombie support. However, the 2 biggies to look for here are 
    Allure of Darkness and Dark Grepher. Allure completes TeleDAD and Zombie 
    decks, while Dark Grepher is just as good as Armageddon Knight, but with 
    higher ATK power! Getting some copies of these packs also unlocks the Recipe 
    Duel mode as well as a new ban list that'll allow you to use 1 Forbidden card 
    in your deck.
    Well, there aren't many more packs left to unlock, but all the rest involve 
    doing Tag duels which I'm sure you all are looking forward to. Thing left to 
    do are beat 20 WC mode Tag Duelists 5x each, beat 30 WC mode Tag Duelists 5x 
    each, and beat all 36 WC mode Tag Duelists and beat the Tag Tournament 5x. 
    Quite the daunting task. To start, there are a few more opponents who can be 
    unlocked without doing Tag Duels. So let's move on to more summonings and win 
    conditions 1st.
    have 10,000 DP - unlocks Neo Daedalus / Abyss Soldier as a WC mode Tag Opponent
    Vennominaga Victory - unlocks Vennominaga as a WC mode duelist and unlocks 
    Gol'gar / Vennominaga as a WC mode Tag Opponent
    5-Headed Dragon - unlocks F.G.D. / Cyberdark Dragon as a WC mode Tag Opponent
    20,000 ATK - i'll make a comment on this 1. Try using Future Fusion --> 
    Overload Fusion along with Chimeratech Overdragon. Just keep retrying until 
    you manage to get Future Fusion and Overload Fusion both in your starting 
    hand, or you can add in cards like Upstart Goblin and Reckless Greed to get 
    yourself to draw into the 2 Spell cards more quickly. This one unlocks Cyber 
    End Dragon / Chimeratech Overdragon as a WC mode Tag Opponent
    Rainbow Dark Dragon - unlocks Hot Ride / Rainbow Dark Dragon as a WC mode Tag 
    Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode - unlocks Soldier of Mist Valley / Red 
    Dragon Archfiend/AM as a WC mode Tag Opponent
    That should now be exactly 20 Tag Opponents unlocked in WC mode. Let's duel 
    them all 5x to unlock the next pack. Remember, if you want other partners, you 
    can go beat any of the tag characters in story mode 10x. Yusei and a few 
    others can also be beaten 10x if you want to partner with them.
    Spirit Reaper / Dark Necrofear
    Special Winners (780/780)
    Ruin, Queen of Oblivion / Demise, King of Armageddon
    Rituals are Nice (810/810)
    Exodia the Forbidden Once / Tragoedia
    The Exodia (820/820)
    Cyber Dragon / Drillroid
    Mechanical Empire (830/830)
    Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes / Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar
    Cross Counter (1210/1210)
    F.G.D. / Cyberdark Dragon
    Dragon Ruler (1410/1410)
    Cyber End Dragon / Chimeratech Overdragon
    Not Fusion Yet (1590/1590)
    Hot Ride / Rainbow Dark Dragon
    100 Demon Night (1610/1610)
    Batteryman Charger / Thunder King Rai-Oh
    Us Thunders (1630/1630)
    Soldier of Mist Valley / Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode
    Full Power Busters (1810/1810)
    Beating 20 Tag Opponents unlocks Horus LV8 / Silent Swordsman LV5 as a WC mode 
    Tag Opponent. Of course, it also unlocks a new pack, World Championship 
    Edition 4! Cards to look forward to in this pack include: Blizzard Dragon, The 
    Tricky, Winged Kuriboh LV9, Armed Dragon LV10, the Valkyrion set, Gold 
    Sarcophagus, D.D. Assailant, Anti-Spell Fragrance, Green Baboon, Hunter Owl, 
    Dark Simorgh, Necroface, Doomcaliber Knight, Fossil Dyna, and Kuraz the Light 
    Monarch. Gold Sarcophagus is just an all around good card. Necroface decks can 
    be fun to play. Hunter Owl is a great addition to Wind and Harpie decks. 
    Assailant, Doomcaliber, and Fossil Dyna are all great anti-meta cards that 
    work well in things like Gadget decks. Kuraz is an interesting Monarch who 
    sorta requires his own deck-type.
    Now comes the most annoying part of the game. You need to go back and fight 
    all of the tag duelists in story mode that you already beat 5x each. Beating 
    them each 10x unlocks another WC mode Tag Opponent.
    Figaro / Corse - unlocks Snipe Hunter / Sasuke Samurai #4 as a WC mode Tag 
    Graton / Angie - unlocks Absorbing Kid / Telekinetic Shooter as a WC mode Tag 
    Orcus / Gunnie - unlocks Maha Vailo / Ben Kei as a WC mode Tag Opponent
    At this point you should now have unlocked the Tag Tournament in WC mode! 
    Let's go over and start winning ourselves some tournies! I used Yusei as my 
    partner, but this is gonna be tough no matter who you pick because all of the 
    cpu partners pretty much suck. I was also using a TeleDAD deck. Beating the 
    tag tournament 1x nets you a new duel disk (also beating Yusei 10x gets you 
    another duel disk). Beating the tag tournament 2x unlocks Flamvell Baby / 
    Medium of the Ice Barrier as a WC mode Tag Opponent. Beating the tag 
    tournament 3x unlocks DAD / Caius as a WC mode Tag Opponent. Beat the tag 
    tournament 5x unlocks Summoned Skull / Splendid Venus as a WC mode Tag 
    At this point, the only way to unlocks the last 2 packs is to beat 30 WC mode 
    Tag Opponents 5x each and then to beat all 36 unlockable WC mode Tag 
    Opponents. Currently, 28 opponents should be unlocked at this point so it's 
    time to delve back into story mode and beat more tag duelists 10x each. Since 
    we never fought them the initial 5x, let's go find Lutz and Luna (the Twins). 
    They're hanging out around the entrance to the upper city, on the same map as 
    the entrance actually.
    Leo / Luna - 5x unlocks Rescue Cat / Gene-Warped Warwolf as a WC mode Tag 
    Leo / Luna - 10x unlocks a new duel disk and Jurak Giganot / Naturia Gaodrake 
    as a WC mode Tag Opponent.
    That should now make 30 Tag Opponents unlocked, so now let's go about beating 
    the newest 10 so we can unlock a new pack!
    The Calculator / Gora Turtle
    1 + 1 = Infinity (1000/1000)
    Absorbing Kid from the Sky / Telekinetic Shocker
    Psychic Sky Kid (1180/1180)
    Rescue Cat / Gene-Warped Warwolf
    Turn into a Beast! (1190/1190)
    Maha Vailo / Armed Samurai - Ben Kei
    Get a Weapon! (1200/1200)
    Snipe Hunter / Sasuke Samurai #4
    Couple's Fate (1230/1230)
    Summoned Skull / Splendid Venus
    Angel-Devil Fusion (1380/1380)
    At this point I finally had done enough Tag Duels (200) to unlock Ultimate 
    Tyranno / Super Conductor Tyranno as a WC mode Tag Opponent.
    Ultimate Tyranno / Super Conductor Tyranno
    Jurassic Combo (1020/1030)
    Jurak Giganot / Naturia Gaodrake
    Na-Jurak (1390/1390)
    Dark Armed Dragon / Caius the Shadow Monarch
    Silent Darkness (1430/1430)
    Flamvell Baby / Medium of the Ice Barrier
    Water and Fire (1600/1600)
    And with that you should now have beaten 30 WC mode Tag Opponents 5x each! 
    This unlocks a new pack, World Championship Edition 6! Cards to look for in 
    this pack include: Exodius, Phantom of Chaos, MEZUKI!!!, Beast King Barbaros, 
    Metal Reflect Slime, Dark Bribe, Arcana Force EX, Angel O7, Burial from a 
    Different Dimension, and Beast Machine King Barbaros Ur. Dark Bribe means you 
    now have all the materials you need for a Counter Fairies deck. Barbaros (not 
    Ur) is an awesome card for Skill Drain decks. Angel O7 has a similar effect to 
    Skill Drain (although not quite the same) and 2500 ATK. She fits well in most 
    Fairy decks. However, the 2 big cards to look for a Mezuki and Burial from a 
    Different Dimension (BfaDD)!! With these 2 cards now available, you can 
    finally complete any Zombie deck you want! At this point I switched from a 
    TeleDAD deck to a TeleZombie deck.
    Now, currently you should have unlocked 31 Tag Opponents, so there are still 5 
    more to unlock. That means going back into story mode to beat up more tag 
    duelists for the 10th time.
    Itokawa / Elgio - unlocks Night Wing Sorceress / Assault Mercenary as a WC 
    mode Tag Opponent
    Blister / Bolt - unlocks Asura Priest / Majestic Mech - Ohka as a WC mode Tag 
    Jean / Tail - unlocks Green Gadget / Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo as a WC mode Tag 
    Well, we now have 34 Tag Opponents unlocked . . . but didn't I say there were 
    36 total? We also need to beat all 36, 5x each, in order to unlock that last 
    pack! So, how to do this? Well, at this point you've probably played a fairly 
    minimal number of Turbo Duels. It's time to change that. Play 100 total Turbo 
    Duels in order to unlock D Hero Doom Lord / E Hero Stratos as a WC mode Tag 
    Opponent. Then, play 200 total Turbo Duels in order to unlock D.D. Survivor / 
    Raiza the Storm Monarch as a WC mode Tag Opponent. And that should complete 
    it! Now it's just a matter of beating up the leftovers!
    Asura Priest / Majestic Mech - Ohka
    See You Next Turn (1040/1040)
    Destiny Hero - Doom Lord / Elemental Hero Stratos
    ABC "D" "E" (1420/1420)
    Night Wing Sorceress / Assault Mercenary
    Everyone Together (1620/1620)
    Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 / Silent Swordsman LV5
    Magic Can't Touch (1780/1780)
    Green Gadget / Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo
    Pachy Gajes (1800/1800)
    D.D. Survivor / Raiza the Storm Monarch
    Tribute Emperor!? (1820/1820)
    And with that you are finally done! You have now unlocked the last pack in the 
    game, World Championship Edition 8!!! This pack includes the following 
    important cards: Armory Arm, Spell Striker, the Machiners set, E Hero Ice 
    Edge, Tuningware, Exploder Dragon, Hot Ride, E Hero Gaia, Ido the Supreme 
    Magical Force, Machiners Force, Fortress Warrior, Shield Wing, Red-Eyes 
    Wyvern, and Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode. Of all these cards, only 3 are 
    mentionable. Exploder Dragon will complete your Dragon decks, and if you 
    wanted to make a REBD deck, then Red-Eyes Wyvern will be useful to you. 
    Lastly, if you're into Assault Mode decks, you now have the final card needed 
    to complete that.
    At this point the only thing left to do is unlock the remaining WC mode Single 
    Opponents and complete all the bonuses. I'm not going to go through how to 
    unlock all the duelists in this guide because other guides have already done 
    that, but I will say there are a total of 63 duelists spanning 11 pages. With 
    that said, here is a list of all the available bonuses that you can achieve in 
    a duel:
    IV. List of Bonuses:
    Egyptian God Finish - win by attacking with Ra, Slifer, or Obelisk (can only 
    be unlocked by cheating)
    Sacred Beast Finish - win by attacking with Raviel, Haman, or Uria
    The Wicked Finish - win by attacking with Dreadroot, Eraser, or Avatar
    Exodia Finish - win by Exodia's effect
    Destiny Board Finish - win by Destiny Board's effect
    No More Cards - deck out your opponent
    Final Countdown Finish - win by the effect of Final Countdown
    Skull Servant Finish - win by attacking with Skull Servant
    Sparks Finish - win by finishing your opponent's last LP with Sparks
    Vennominaga Finish - win by Vennominaga's effect
    Exodius Finish - win by Exodius' effect
    Quick Finish - win within 5 turns
    Reversal Finish - win after your LP is at least 1/2 your opponent's LP at some 
    point in the duel
    Opponent's Turn Finish - win on your opponent's turn
    Low LP - win with 500 LP or less
    Extremely Low LP - win with 100 LP or less
    No Damage - take no damage during the duel
    Over 20000 LP - win with over 20,000 LP
    Konami - win with exactly 5,730 LP remaining
    Low Deck - win with 1 card left in your deck
    Extremely Low Deck - win with 0 cards left in your deck
    Spell Card - activate 10 Spell cards during the duel
    Trap Card - activate 10 Trap cards during the duel
    No Spell Cards - don't activate any Spell cards
    No Trap Cards - don't activate any Trap cards
    Fusion Summon - Fusion Summon 3x during the duel
    Ritual Summon - Ritual Summon 3x during the duel
    Tribute Summon - Tribute Summon 3x during the duel
    Synchro Summon - Synchro Summon 3x during the duel
    No Special Summon - don't Special Summon during the duel
    Chain - create a chain of 3 cards or more during the duel
    Max ATK - make a monster have 3000 or more ATK
    Max Damage - deal 3000 or more damage in 1 attack
    LP Differential - make your LP lower than your opponent's by at least 3000
    Max Reflected Damage - cause at least 3000 damage from your defense position 
    monsters being attacked
    Exactly 0 LP - defeat your opponent with exactly the amount of damage needed 
    to win
    Battle Damage Only - don't do any Effect Damage to your opponent
    Effect Damage Only - don't do any Battle Damage to your opponent
    Destroy in Battle - destroy at least 5 monsters in battle
    Battle Reversal - use an effect to change the outcome of a battle (i.e. Shrink 
    / Honest)
    Destroy by Effect - destroy at least 5 monsters by effects
    Removed from Play - remove from play at least 3 cards
    Hand Destruction - make your opponent discard at least 3 cards from his/her 
    Deck Destruction - make your opponent discard at least 3 cards from his/her 
    Return to Hand - return at least 3 monsters on your opponent's field to 
    his/her hand
    Key Card - activate your key card during the duel (can be selected in deck 
    Luck - win 3 coin tosses in a row
    Spell Counter - create at least 3 Spell Counters
    Union - equip a Union monster to an appropriate target at least 3x
    LV Monsters - Level up at least 3 LV monsters
    Position Change - Change the positions of monsters via effects at least 3x
    Gemini - 2nd summon at least 3 Gemini monsters
    Alien - Create at least 3 Alien Counters
    Crystal Beast - Make at least 3 Crystal Beast monsters go to your spell/trap 
    Max Speed - have 12 Speed Counters
    Same Card - activate/summon the same card 3 times
    All Monster Card Zone - fill all your monster card zones
    No Monster Card Zone - negate all your opponent's monster card zones via 
    Ground Collapse and Ojama King
    Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth - summon Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
    Wall Shadow - summon Wall Shadow
    Gate Guardian - summon Gate Guardian
    Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - summon Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
    Metalzoa - summon Metalzoa
    Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon - summon REBMD
    Obelisk the Tormentor - summon Obelisk (can only be unlocked by cheating)
    Slifer the Sky Dragon - summon Slifer (can only be unlocked by cheating)
    The Winged Dragon of Ra - summon Ra (can only be unlocked by cheating)
    Valkyrion the Magna Warrior - summon Valkyrion the Magna Warrior
    Dark Sage - summon Dark Sage
    XYZ-Dragon Cannon - summon XYZ-Dragon Cannon
    Exodia Necross - summon Exodia Necross
    Ojama King - summon Ojama King
    Mokey Mokey King - summon Mokey Mokey King
    Spirit of the Pharaoh - summon Spirit of the Pharaoh
    Cyber Twin Dragon - summon Cyber Twin Dragon
    Cyber End Dragon - summon Cyber End Dragon
    Water Dragon - summon Water Dragon
    Elemental Hero Tempest - summon Tempest
    Armed Dragon LV10 - summon Armed Dragon LV10
    Uria, Lord of Searing Flames - summon Uria
    Hamon, Lord of Striking Terror - summon Hamon
    Raviel, Lord of Phantasms - summon Raviel
    Cyber Laser Dragon - summon Cyber Laser Dragon
    Elemental Hero Electrum - summon E Hero Elektrum
    Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill - summon Jumbo Drill
    Cyberdark Dragon - summon Cyberdark Dragon
    The Wicked Dreadroot - summon Dreadroot
    The Wicked Avatar - summon Avatar
    The Wicked Eraser - summon Eraser
    Destiny Hero - Dogma - summon Dogma
    Destiny Hero - Plasma - summon Plasma
    Winged Kuriboh LV10 - summon Winged Kuriboh LV10
    Alkana Knight Joker - summon Alkana Knight Joker
    VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon - summon VWXYZ
    Volcanic Doomfire - summon Volcanic Doomfire
    Sky Scourge Enrise - summon Enrise
    Sky Scourge Norleras - summon Norleras
    Rainbow Dragon - summon Rainbow Dragon
    Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes - summon Vennominaga
    Elemental Hero Chaos Neos - summon Chaos Neos
    Gladiator Beast Heraklinos - summon Heraklinos
    Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler - summon Arcana Force EX
    Armityle the Chaos Phantom - summon Armityle
    F.G.D. - summon F.G.D.
    Mirage Knight - summon Mirage Knight
    Berserk Dragon - summon Berserk Dragon
    Sorcerer of Dark Magic - summon Sorcerer of Dark Magic
    Machiners Force - summon Machiners Force
    Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union - summon Stealth Union
    Rainbow Dark Dragon - summon Rainbow Dark Dragon
    Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare - summon Yubel's 3rd form
    Elemental Hero Storm Neos - summon Storm Neos
    Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler - summon The Dark Ruler
    Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem - summon Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem
    Neos Wiseman - summon Neos Wiseman
    Elemental Hero Divine Neos - summon Divine Neos
    Flying Fortress SKY FIRE - summon SKY FIRE
    Mega Ton Magical Cannon - activate Mega Ton Magical Cannon
    Yu-Jo Friendship - activate Yu-Jo Friendship and obtain a successful handshake.
    Dark Scorpion Combination - activate Dark Scorpion Combination
    Ojama Delta Hurricane!! - activate Ojama Delta Hurricane!!
    Blasting the Ruins - activate Blasting the Ruins
    The Law of the Normal - activate The Law of the Normal
    Inferno Tempest - activate Inferno Tempest
    Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan - activate Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan
    Elemental Burst - activate Elemental Burst
    HERO Flash!! - activate HERO Flash!!
    Flash of the Forbidden Spell - activate Flash of the Forbidden Spell
    Miraculous Rebirth - activate Miraculous Rebirth
    Straight Flush - activate Straight Flush
    Accumulated Fortune - activate Accumulated Fortune
    Vanity's Call - activate Vanity's Call
    Crystal Abundance - activate Crystal Abundance
    Assault Mode Activate - activate Assault Mode Activate
    No Monsters Deck - win with a deck containing no monsters
    No Forbidden Cards Deck - win with a deck containing no Forbidden cards
    No Limited/Semi-Limited Cards - win with a deck containing only unlimited cards
    1 Copy per Card Deck - win with a deck containing only 1 copy of each card
    Limited Type Deck - win with a deck containing all monsters of the same Type
    Limited Attribute Deck - win with a deck containing all monsters of the same 
    All Monster Levels Deck - win with a deck containing monsters of level 1 
    through 8
    Level 1 Monsters Deck - win with a deck containing only 1 star monsters
    No Effect Monsters Deck - win with a deck containing only Normal Monsters
    V. Ending Notes:
    I hope that you enjoyed my guide and that it made your gaming experience a bit 
    easier. This guide was made by me with the only reference used being the 
    actual game the guide is based on. If you wish to place this on a site or use 
    a part of my guide for a guide of your own, please give proper credit where 
    credit is due. I prefer not having to waste an email address with a bunch of 
    junk mail, so I won't be posting any email address for you to send comments 
    to. Just enjoy the guide as it is please. Thank you for reading!

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