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    Structure Deck Guide by drakeswarm

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    \----------STARDUST------------WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP----\
     ***      ***                                Drakeswarm
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    --INTRO (IN00)
    --STAPLE CARDS (A003)
    ----DRAGON’S ROAR (B001)
    ----ZOMBIE MADNESS (B002)
    ----FURY FROM THE DEEP (B004)
    ----WARRIOR’S TRIUMPH (B005)
    ----LORD OF THE STORM (B008)
    ----DINOSAUR’S RAGE (B009)
    ----MACHINE RE-VOLT (B010)
    ----SURGE OF RADIANCE (B011)
    ----CURSE OF DARKNESS (B012)
    ----THE DARK EMPEROR (B014)
    ----ZOMBIE WORLD (B015)
    ----5D’S STARTER DECK (B017)
    --BEST TO WORST (A004)
    I would like to first note that this guide is intended solely for new players
    to the game. I understand that if you’re playing this game, you’re probably not
    new to Yu-Gi-Oh, but some people are. I personally think Structure Deck Dueling
    is a great idea and a good way to kick back from beating people with the same
    Lightsworns or Blackwings over and over again. I hope if any new players are
    reading this guide that they can learn from it and use it to their advantage,
    although obviously, most of the information in this game is obvious. Another
    purpose of this guide is simply to document the decks and possible strategies,
    since some things have changed from the TCG game to this game. I will try to be
    completely accurate, but I will accept any E-mails providing any corrections or
    new strategies that anyone may have.
    I may refer to the following terms throughout this guide. They are either
    universal terms or just words I use to describe things:
    -The “Fairy-Crush” Ability: This ability allows a monster in ATK mode to damage
    a monster in DEF mode if its ATK is higher than the other’s DEF. The name
    refers to “Fairy’s Meteor Crush”, the first card to have this ability.
    -Wall: This is any card intended to stall the opponent, usually to stop them
    from attacking. Common cards in Structure decks include Swords of Revealing
    Light, Gravity Bind, and Level Limit – Area B. Another way to “wall” an
    opponent is by using high DEF monsters.
    -Archetype: any group of monsters and their support cards, usually identified
    by specific words in the card names (in this guide, it refers to Counter
    Fairies in Surge of Radiance and Ancient Gears in Machine Re-Volt).
    -Counter Fairies: In surge of Radiance, there are a couple monsters from the
    “counter fairy” archetype. While they do not use the words Counter Fairy in
    their names, they have obvious effects that activate when a Counter Trap is
    You can identify special Effect monsters by these terms below. Instead of
    listing “Effect” on the card, they will list these terms.
    -Tuner: These monsters are to Synchros as Ritual Spells are to Ritual monsters.
    Every Synchro monster requires one Tuner and other monsters, whose combined Lv
    with the Tuner equals the Synchro monster’s Lv. To Synchro summon a monster,
    the tuner and other monsters must be on the field. Also, some monsters require
    specific Tuner to be summoned (for example, Junk Warrior requires Junk Synchron
    as a Tuner). You’ll only find Tuners in the 5Ds Structure deck.
    -Spirit: A Spirit monster cannot be special summoned. They usually have great
    effects, but will return to the owner’s hand at the end of the turn they appear
    face-up on the field.
    -Union: A union is an effect monster that can be equipped to another monster,
    usually to a specific monster or type of monster. A Union can be special
    summoned to the field by un-equipping it. Also, when a monster with a Union
    equipped to it is destroyed by battle, the union is destroyed instead.
    -----A001----------------------STRUCTURE DECK BASICS---------------------------
    A structure Deck is basically a pre-prepared deck that follows a certain theme,
    usually relating to a certain Monster Type and/or a certain form of winning.
    These decks reflect the real life Structure Decks that have been released, from
    the first, Dragon’s Roar, up to the 5D’s Starter Deck. Despite a few
    moderations in-game, the decks are almost exactly the same. Structure decks are
    intended to give you a new way of looking at strategies. For those having
    trouble winning with their own decks, a Structure Deck can prove to be a help.
    They aren’t the most powerful decks by a long shot, but some are very useful
    and well put together.
    Every Structure Deck has a Pre-set Key Card that matches the monster on the
    cover of the Box. For most of these decks, using the Key Card can make for a
    quick win in a duel. Each one has a powerful effect that usually works along
    with the other cards in the deck. A few of the decks rely strongly on specific
    Field Spell Cards, so keeping those up should be priority. Of course, a single
    card doesn’t guarantee you’ll win, so you have to use the cards together, like
    any normal duel.
    -----A002----------------------STRUCTURE DECK DUELING--------------------------
    During Story Mode, you’ll reach the slum-side of New-Domino City. Near the Card
    Shop, you’ll find a single kid in a sandy area named Nico. After a short
    explanation of Structure Decks, he’ll introduce you to Structure Deck Dueling.
    From that point on you’re free to Structure Deck Duel Nico at any point. The
    process is simple. Nico will show you a list of all 17 Structure Decks in the
    game. Once you select one, the CPU will randomly select one as well, and you’ll
    carry out the duel like any other.
    Like normal, there is no downside to losing. However, if you win using any
    structure deck, a star will appear above it when you duel him next time. Once
    you’ve beaten Nico with all 17 decks, you will be given the chance of buying
    the Structure Decks in the card shop. The decks will appear at random, and you
    can only buy each one once. At first, only one deck will be available in the
    shop. Once you’ve bought that one, another one will not replace it until you’ve
    beat the game (that is, you must beat Jack Atlas and roll through the credits).
    Each deck costs 2000 DP, and once you’ve bought all of them, the only one
    available will be the 5Ds Starter Deck.
    You can also use a structure deck to duel throughout the rest of the game;
    however, you must own every card in the deck before you use it. To do so, go to
    the Recipe Viewer in the Deck Construction menu. Press R1 to go to the “Sample
    Recipe” list, which will provide you with a list of every Structure Deck and a
    percentage of the cards from each deck you’ve collected. Once you’ve collected
    every card in the deck, you can make it yourself, with whatever modifications
    you find necessary. One very important thing to remember is that you’ll have to
    adjust the Limited/Restricted cards in the deck to use it in the game.
    There are a few advantages of using a Structure Deck over other decks. For one,
    you a few of the decks will provide you with instant win bonuses because of the
    way they are constructed. For instance, a deck like Dinosaur’s Rage will
    instantly give you the Limited Type Bonus, and a deck like Blaze of the
    Destruction will instantly give the Limited Attribute. Of course, you can
    construct your own deck to do this; it’s just an option. Also, for those new to
    the game, Structure Decks can give you a chance to see how to focus on a theme
    for a deck, and learn how to build your own deck.
    Structure Deck Dueling can also be selected as an option on Wi-fi, but
    unfortunately, it isn’t very popular and does not affect your duel rank.
    -----A003--------------------------STAPLE CARDS--------------------------------
    “Staples” are Spell and Trap cards that can universally fit into almost any
    deck build. Use this section to refer to the effects of many Staple cards that
    recur in Structure Decks:
    -Brain Control: Pay 800 LP to take control of an opponent’s monster until the
    End Phase. This is a lesser version of the banned Change of Heart.
    -Call of the Haunted: This continuous Spell targets and special summons a
    monster in your graveyard. If either card is destroyed, so is the other. This
    is commonly seen with Premature Burial in Structure decks.
    -Card of Safe Return: This continuous Spell lets you draw a card when a monster
    is special summoned from your graveyard. Works perfectly in Zombie decks.
    -Creature Swap: Both players select a monster on their sides of the field and
    switch control. Those monsters’ positions cannot be changed during the same
    turn. Note that this card does NOT target those monsters.
    -Divine Wrath: Discard one card when a monster’s effect is activated. This
    Counter trap negates that effect and destroys the monster. Works against FLIP
    effects, ignition effects, etc.
    -Dust Tornado: This trap destroys a Spell or Trap on the field. Also, you can
    set a Spell/Trap from your hand when it resolves. Use this effect and you can
    set a Trap, making it playable during your next turn.
    -Giant Trunade: Returns all Spells/Traps on the field to their owners’ hands.
    -Heavy Storm: Destroys all Spell and Traps on the field, with no cost.
    -Lightning Vortex: Discard one card and destroy all opponent’s Face-up
    monsters. This is a lesser version of the banned Raigeki.
    -Magic Cylinder: Negates an opponent’s monster’s attack, and inflicts Direct
    Damage equal to their ATK.
    -Magical Mallet: Select any number of cards in your hand and shuffle them into
    your deck, then draw an equal amount that you returned. This is a better
    version of Reload, as it lets you choose cards to return.
    -Magic Drain: This counter trap triggers against an opponent’s Spell. If they
    do not discard another Spell card from their hand, the original Spell’s effect
    is negated.
    -Magic Jammer: This counter trap costs one card from your hand, but negates an
    opponent’s Spell card.
    -Mystical Space Typhoon: This Quick-play Spell immediately destroys one Spell
    or Trap on the field. It’s very useful as it can be played during your
    opponent’s turn.
    -Nightmare’s Steelcage: Just like Swords of Revealing Light, this Spell remains
    face-up, preventing attacks from both players until your opponent’s 2nd End
    Phase after activation.
    -Nobleman of Crossout: Targets a face-down monster and removes it from play.
    Also, if that monster has a FLIP effect, all copies of that monster in both
    players’ deck are removed from play.
    -Pot of Greed: Banned for having no cost in normal duels, this spell
    immediately lets you draw two cards.
    -Premature Burial: Pay 800 LP and Equip this Spell to a monster in your
    Graveyard. The monster is Special Summoned. If either this card or the monster
    is destroyed, the other is as well. Note that, if the monster is flipped face-
    down, Premature Burial stays on the field but does not affect the monster
    -Reckless Greed: Draw two cards and skip your next two Draw Phases. If you
    activate one while you’re still skipping Draws because of another, it’ll
    restart at two turns.
    -Reload: This continuous Spell shuffles all cards in your hand back into your
    deck, and lets you draw the same number of cards.
    -Sakuretsu Armor: This trap destroys an opponent’s attacking monster. It’s a
    lesser version of Mirror Force, but just as useful.
    -Snatch Steal: Target an opponent’s monster with this Equip Spell card. The
    monster becomes yours, but your opponent will gain 1000 LP once per turn. Note
    that, if one monster is equipped with Snatch Steal, the one who played it
    second controls the monster, both players continue to gain 1000 LP.
    -Solemn Judgment: Counter trap that costs half your LP, and in return, negates
    an opponent’s Spell/Trap/Summon and destroys that card. It’s costly, but handy.
    -Swords of Revealing Light: Immediately flips all of your opponent’s Face-down
    monsters Face-up (FLIP effects are activated). Also, your opponent cannot
    attack until their 3rd End Phase after this card is activated. Although this is
    a normal Spell, it remains on the field until it’s effect finished, and can be
    -Terraforming: This normal Spell lets you add a Field Spell card from your deck
    to your hand. Obviously, it’s only useful in decks like Surge of Radiance,
    Zombie World, etc.
    -Tornado: While your opponent has at least 3 Spells/Traps, you can destroy one.
    -Torrential Tribute: When either player summons a monster to the field, you can
    activate this and destroy all monsters on the field. Cannot be activated in
    response to a set monster.
    -Twister: Pat 500 LP to destroy one face-up Spell/Trap. Much lesser version of
    Mystical Space Typhoon.
    -Waboku: Once activated, this trap prevents all Battle Damage you take for the
    turn, and your monsters cannot be destroyed by battle.
                                      |DRAGON’S ROAR| (B001)
    |KEY CARD: Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon           |
    |                                             |
    |THEME: Dragon Type and Dragon-support cards. |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Luster Dragon                            1900       1600       Dragon
    Luster Dragon                            1900       1600       Dragon
    Armed Dragon Lv3                         1200       900        Dragon
    Armed Dragon Lv3                         1200       900        Dragon
    Element Dragon                           1500       1200       Dragon
    Masked Dragon                            1400       1100       Dragon
    Masked Dragon                            1400       1100       Dragon
    Masked Dragon                            1400       1100       Dragon
    Red-Eyes B. Chick                        800        500        Dragon
    Twin-Headed Behemoth                     1500       1200       Dragon
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon                 2400       2000       Dragon
    Red-Eyes B. Dragon                       2400       2000       Dragon
    Armed Dragon Lv5                         2400       1700       Dragon
    Armed Dragon Lv5                         2400       1700       Dragon
    Creature Swap
    Creature Swap
    Heavy Storm
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Pot of Greed
    Premature Burial
    Snatch Steal
    Stamping Destruction
    Stamping Destruction
    Stamping Destruction
    Swords of Revealing Light
    The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension
    Interdimensional Matter Transporter
    Interdimensional Matter Transporter
    Call of the Haunted
    Curse of Anubis
    Dragon’s Rage
    Dragon’s Rage
    Reckless Greed
    The Dragon’s Bead
    Trap Jammer
    It’s not hard to imagine that this deck should not be first choice if you’re
    going to be Structure Deck Dueling. While Dragons generally benefit from high
    ATK and good support cards, this deck lacks as far as Monsters are concerned.
    The deck relies on Luster Dragon (1900 ATK) and Armed Dragon Lv5 (2400 ATK) to
    provide offense; otherwise, there is very little to defend yourself with.
    However, if you can control the field with Armed Dragon, you may be in the
    clear. There are multiple copies of most monsters in here, which in my opinion,
    isn’t a great idea. You may end up drawing more Armed Dragon LV5s than LV3s.
    Another problem here is the Monster to Spell/Trap ratio. There are only 14
    monsters total, meaning you’ll be drawing many more Spells/Traps if you’re
    waiting on the right card. The deck does come with two Reload cards to try for
    a better hand, but the same problem will come here to, not to mention Armed
    Dragons and Masked Dragons will slim down your monster count even faster.
    The Key Card, Red Eyes Darkness Dragon can be summoned only if you have a Red
    Eyes B. Dragon on your field to sacrifice. It gains 300 ATK for each Dragon
    type in your Graveyard, which can add up to quite a bit towards the end of the
    duel. There is much better support for a Red-Eyes themed deck than what is
    provided in this deck. If you really want to make the most of this deck, add
    your own cards to it and use it outside of structure deck dueling. Otherwise, I
    would advise using another deck.
    (IMT + Red Eyes B. Chick + Masked Dragon)
    --If you’re trying to summon Red Eyes B. Dragon from your hand, but you’re
    waiting on Red Eyes B. Chick first, use the effect of Masked Dragon to special
    summon it, then use IMT to keep it safe until your next turn.
    (Masked Dragon + Armed Dragon Lv3)
    --On your opponent’s turn, if your opponent destroys “Masked Dragon” in battle,
    you can summon “Armed Dragon Lv3”, whose effect will activate during your
    Standby Phase.
    (Masked Dragon + Creature Swap)
    --Masked Dragon’s effect activates when sent to the Graveyard. This means you
    can use Creature Swap, exchange it for an opponent’s monster, and still get
    Masked Dragon’s effect when you destroy it.
    (Reckless Greed)
    --You can draw two cards instantly with this, but you skip your next two Draw
    Phases. Make sure you pack Reloads or Pot of Greed along with this so you don’t
    get stuck waiting two turns out for a life-saver.
    (Curse of Anubis + Ceasefire + Dragon’s Rage)
    --Activate Ceasefire first, flipping all monsters face-up, negating flip
    effects, and dealing 500 damage to your opponent for each effect monster on the
    field. Next play Curse of Anubis to drain their def to 0 for the turn. Use
    Dragon’s Rage, and either Luster Dragon or a new monster to attack, dealing a
    max ATK power attack and destroying your opponent’s monsters.
    (IMT + Call of the Haunted/Premature Burial)
    --Interdimensional Matter Transporter will remove the negative effects of Call
    of the Haunted or Premature Burial. Normally, if the Trap/Spell is removed from
    the field, so is the effected monster. Remove them from the field with IMT, and
    the Trap/Spell will not target that monster anymore.
    (Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon + The Dragon’s Bead)
    --The Dragon’s Bead protects a Dragon from a targeting Trap at the cost of
    discarding a card. If you have the key card up, you can discard dragon-types,
    protect your monsters, and increase Darkness Dragon’s ATK further.
                                      |ZOMBIE MADNESS| (B002)
    |KEY CARD: Vampire Genesis                    |
    |                                             |
    |THEME: Zombie-Type and Special Summoning     |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Master Kyonshee                          1750       1000       Zombie
    Double Coston                            1700       1650       Zombie
    Pyramid Turtle                           1200       1400       Zombie
    Pyramid Turtle                           1200       1400       Zombie
    Pyramid Turtle                           1200       1400       Zombie
    Regenerating Mummy                       1800       1500       Zombie
    Regenerating Mummy                       1800       1500       Zombie
    Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower                400        1500       Zombie
    Spirit Reaper                            300        200        Zombie
    Vampire Lady                             1550       1550       Zombie
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Vampire Genesis                          3000       2100       Zombie
    Dark Dust Spirit                         2200       1800       Zombie/Spirit
    Despair from the Dark                    2800       3000       Zombie
    Despair from the Dark                    2800       3000       Zombie
    Ryu Kokki                                2400       2000       Zombie
    Ryu Kokki                                2400       2000       Zombie
    Vampire Lord                             2000       1500       Zombie
    Book of Life
    Book of Life
    Call of the Mummy
    Call of the Mummy
    Call of the Mummy
    Card of Safe Return
    Creature Swap
    Creature Swap
    Giant Trunade
    Heavy Storm
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Pot of Greed
    Snatch Steal
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Dust Tornado
    Magic Jammer
    Reckless Greed
    Torrential Tribute
    Zombie type monsters usually have abilities that deal in different ways with
    special summoning Zombies from the Graveyard. While Zombie Madness displays
    those effects fairly well, the latest Zombie deck, Zombie World (B015) has a
    much more centralized theme. Regardless, this deck still packs a bit of a
    challenge for opposing decks. One thing you may notice is that there are 7
    monsters that are Lv5+, but thankfully, the monsters are easy to summon through
    other card effects. In fact, this deck allows you to easily summon a monster
    like Despair from the Dark with hardly any trouble at all. Swarming the field
    with Zombie monsters is a piece of cake with cards like Book of Life and Call
    of the Mummy.
    Offense is the only practical way to win with this deck. You could try to deck
    your opponent with the effects of Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower, Vampire Lady, and
    Vampire Lord, but it would be a slow process, and not very effective at that.
    In actuality, the effects of Vampire Lord and Vampire Lady can eliminate
    essential cards in your opponent’s deck. The key card, Vampire Genesis, is an
    engine for special summoning Zombies, giving you the chance to do so every
    turn. The only problem with Vampire Genesis is that it requires removing
    Vampire Lord from play, and Vampire Lord could be more useful at times. Quickly
    try to scare your opponent into DEF and use that time take control of the
    field. If you’re dueling against Warriors or Spellcasters, take advantage of
    Ryu Kokki’s ability to destroy them automatically.
    If you’re craving a well-put together Zombie deck, Zombie World is essentially
    better than Zombie Madness. Similar strategies are incorporated between the
    two, but Zombie World offers more in terms of immediate offense, but less in
    strategic summoning, as this deck does. Zombie Madness is also an older deck,
    so it lacks some of the more “up-to-date” staple cards, like Lightning Vortex.
    Despite this fact, Zombie Madness is by no means a pushover deck, and can still
    hold its own against other decks.
    (Spirit Reaper + Creature Swap)
    --Creature Swap does not TARGET a card, therefore, you can give Spirit Reaper
    to an opponent and it will not be destroyed. Switch it to ATK mode before
    swapping then use it as a target for all of your monsters to take a shot at.
    (Compulsory Evacuation Device + Call of the Mummy)
    --You can send your only monsters back to your own hand with CED and then use
    the effect of Call of the Mummy to Special Summon a powerful monster like
    Despair from the Dark.
    (Spirit Reaper + Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower)
    --Spirit Reaper isn’t destroyed by battle, and Bone Tower cannot be attacked
    while another Zombie is on your side of the field. Use both of them together
    and gain their effects together. I suggest keeping Bone Tower in DEF though,
    because Spirit Reaper can easily be destroyed by card effects.
    (Pyramid Turtle + Ryu Kokki)
    --Ryu Kokki is the strongest monster that can be summoned with Pyramid Turtle’s
    effect. With 2400 ATK, you can quickly get him up and reap havoc. Remember that
    Creature Swap can give Pyramid Turtle to an opponent, and you’ll still gain its
    effect when it is destroyed by battle.
    (Double Coston + Despair from the Dark)
    --Double Coston counts as both tributes if you tribute summon Despair with him.
    (Creature Swap + Dark Dust Spirit)
    --Dark Dust Spirit destroys all face-up monsters except himself when summoned.
    Use him to wipe out the face-up monsters, then use Creature Swap to take a
    face-down monster in exchange for him. Since he’s a “Spirit” monster, he’ll
    return to your hand at the end of the turn.
    (Card of Safe Return)
    --CoSR is a real game-breaker, although its effect is simple. When a monster is
    special summoned from the Graveyard, you draw a card. Just make sure not to
    overuse it, but take advantage and use it for serious draw power. Combine it
    with Book of Life, Vampire Lord, or Vampire Genesis.
                                      |BLAZE OF DESTRUCTION| (B003)
    |KEY CARD: Infernal Flame Emperor             |
    |                                             |
    |THEME: FIRE Attribute and Direct Damage      |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Great Angus                              1800       600        Beast
    Blazing Inpachi                          1850       0          Pyro
    UFO Turtle                               1400       1200       Machine
    UFO Turtle                               1400       1200       Machine
    UFO Turtle                               1400       1200       Machine
    Little Chimera                           600        500        Beast
    Inferno                                  1100       1900       Pyro
    Inferno                                  1100       1900       Pyro
    Molten Zombie                            1600       400        Pyro
    Solar Flare Dragon                       1500       1000       Pyro
    Solar Flare Dragon                       1500       1000       Pyro
    Ultimate Baseball Kid                    500        1000       Warrior
    Ultimate Baseball Kid                    500        1000       Warrior
    Raging Flame Sprite                      100        200        Pyro
    Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective     2000       0          Pyro
    Fox Fire                                 300        200        Pyro
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Infernal Flame Emperor                   2700        1600      Pyro
    Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch          2400        1000      Pyro
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Snatch Steal
    Molten Destruction
    Molten Destruction
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Premature Burial
    Pot of Greed
    Tribute to the Doomed
    Heavy Storm
    Dark Room of Nightmare
    Level Limit – Area B
    Level Limit – Area B
    Necklace of Command
    Meteor of Destruction
    Dust Tornado
    Dust Tornado
    Call of the Haunted
    Jar of Greed
    Spell Shield Type-8
    While not quite the best of the available structure decks, Blaze of Destruction
    can set you up for a quick win through Direct Damage. It follows a theme of
    FIRE monsters that can easily be pumped up. Not all of the monsters in this
    deck are necessarily Pyro-Type, but all can receive the benefits of power-ups
    from Molten Destruction, Little Chimera, etc. A bunch of the monsters have
    effects to increase their own ATK power, but most of these require assistance
    from Wall cards such as Gravity Bind or Level Limit – Area B. Although this
    deck is capable of winning through pure offense, it has enough cards to
    alternatively win through Direct Damage. Most Direct Damage effects deal small
    amounts of damage constantly, which quickly builds up.
    The greatest part of this deck is that you’ll usually draw a starting hand with
    cards that work almost perfectly together. Take advantage of a good starting
    hand. If you draw UFO Turtles, use them quickly to get a FIRE monster that fits
    your situation more appropriately. And, if you have the chance, attack with a
    monster like Great Angus or Blazing Inpachi. Special Summon Inferno or Flame
    Spirit to quickly swarm the field near the beginning of the duel. If attacking
    isn’t working out, try using walls and resorting to the effects of Raging Flame
    Sprite or Ultimate Baseball Kid. There’s really no reason to hold back with a
    deck like this. Set the field up correctly, and you can blast a hole in your
    opponent’s LP in no time.
    (Level Limit – Area B + Infernal Flame Emperor)
    --Use Level Limit to keep your opponent’s strong monsters in DEF mode until
    you’re able to summon the Key Card for this deck. When you do manage to summon
    him, you can use his effect to destroy Level Limit, allowing him to attack.
    (Solar Flare Dragon + Solar Flare Dragon)
    --Solar Flare Dragon (1500 ATK) cannot be attacked if there is another Pyro-
    type monster face-up on your side of the field. If you have two up, they cannot
    be attacked at all, and at the end of each of your turns, your opponent will
    lose 1000 LP. Add a third one in for 1500 damage a turn.
    (Raging Flame Sprite)
    --This monster only has 100 ATK, but each time it does damage to your opponent,
    it gains 1000 more ATK. To make it even better, it can attack directly when
    your opponent has a monster on the field. Use cards like Gravity Bind or Level
    Limit – Area B to stop your opponent’s monsters from targeting her, than make
    quick work of your opponent.
    (Tribute to the Doomed + Call of the Haunted/Premature Burial/Meteor of
    --By discarding a card from your hand, you can use Tribute to the Doomed to
    destroy a monster on the field. Discard a monster, than use Premature Burial or
    Call of the Haunted to return that monster to the field (Remember, The Key Card
    cannot be special summoned). Meteor of Destruction cannot be activated if your
    opponent has less than 3000 LP, so discard it when it becomes useless.
    (Inferno + Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective)
    --Wait for the right moment to use this monster. Don’t just blindly throw it
    out and attack unless you know for sure it’s going to be successful. You must
    remove 2 FIRE monsters in your graveyard to Special Summon him, so use Infernal
    Flame Emperor as one, since he can’t be Special Summoned from the graveyard.
    Gaia Soul can tribute up to 2 other FIRE monsters you control and gain 1000 ATK
    for each one. Sacrifice these two monsters, than use them in the graveyard to
    special summon Inferno.
    (Molten Zombie)
    --When Special Summoned from the Graveyard, Molten Zombie lets you draw a card.
    This is only achievable through Call of the Haunted or Premature Burial.
    (Dark Room of Nightmare)
    --This Spell tacks another 300 Damage onto any card that inflicts damage to
    your opponent. Combined with Direct Damage cards such as Backfire, Solar Flare
    Dragon, Ultimate Baseball King, etc, it’ll add up quickly. Note that if you
    have more than one Solar Flare Dragon damaging your opponent, you’ll add 300
    more for each one.
    (Mystical Space Typhoon + Snatch Steal)
    --If your opponent has a single face-up monster keeping you from a direct
    attack, use Snatch Steal to take it. Attack with your monsters, and then, if
    you want, you can play MST to destroy Snatch Steal, avoiding its negative
                                    |FURY FROM THE DEEP| (B004)
    |KEY CARD: Ocean Dragon Lord – Neo-Daedalus     |
    |                                               |
    |THEME: Water Attribute and “Umi”-related cards |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    7 Colored Fish                           1800       800        Fish
    Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness          1800       1500       Sea Serpent
    Space Mambo                              1700       1000       Fish
    Mother Grizzly                           1400       1000       Beast-Warrior
    Mother Grizzly                           1400       1000       Beast-Warrior
    Mother Grizzly                           1400       1000       Beast-Warrior
    Star Boy                                 550        500        Aqua
    Tribe-Infecting Virus                    1600       1000       Aqua
    Fenrir                                   1400       1200       Beast
    Fenrir                                   1400       1200       Beast
    Amphibious Bugroth MK-3                  1500       1300       Machine
    Mermaid Knight                           1500       700        Aqua
    Unshaven Angler                          1500       1600       Fish
    Creeping Doom Manta                      1300       1200       Fish
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Ocean Lord Dragon – New-Daedalus         2900       1600       Sea Serpent
    Levia-Dragon – Daedalus                  2600       1500       Sea Serpent
    Mobius the Frost Monarch                 2400       1000       Aqua
    Snatch Steal
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Premature Burial
    Pot of Greed
    Heavy Storm
    A Legendary Ocean
    A Legendary Ocean
    A Legendary Ocean
    Creature Swap
    Hammer Shot
    Big Wave Small Wave
    Dust Tornado
    Call of the Haunted
    Gravity Bind
    Gravity Bind
    Tornado Wall
    Torrential Tribute
    Spell Shield Type-8
    Xing Zhen Hu
    Fury From the Deep is a decent Structure Deck, manipulating WATER Attribute
    Monsters. The focus of the deck is on A Legendary Ocean, a Field Spell, which
    acts as Umi while on the field. While this card is active, Water monsters will
    receive an ATK and DEF boost, and Water Monsters in your hand are downgraded by
    1 Lv (Ex: A Lv5 Monster is summoned as a Lv4, and does not require a tribute).
    The real power in this deck comes with Daedalus and Neo-Daedalus. The former
    has the ability to send Umi to the Graveyard to clear the field, and the latter
    is a pumped up version, which destroys everything except itself when Umi is
    removed. If you can manage to summon either one, you can easily take control of
    the match.
    Now where exactly is the problem? With the exception of the key card and its
    lesser version, the monsters cannot support themselves very well. Even with the
    200 ATK boost from A Legendary Ocean, it’s difficult to get a decent monster to
    take a stand. With the field, the most ATK a Lv4 or lower monster will have is
    2000 ATK even. There are no Equip Spells that boost monsters ATK or DEF in this
    deck. The traps are typical, but there it’s lacking the power of better traps
    like Sakuretsu Armor. Basically, if you can’t get a good hand, or Reload a good
    hand, you’re in for a tough match.
    (Mother Grizzly + Unshaven Angler + Daedalus)
    --If “Mother Grizzly” is destroyed by battle, you can special summon another
    “Mother Grizzly” from your deck, although it will automatically summon in ATK
    mode. This is a given, but helps block direct attacks. On your opponent’s final
    attack, Special Summon Unshaven Angler, who counts as 2 tributes for a WATER
    type monster. When your turn comes, use him to summon Daedalus, and possibly,
    (Gravity Bind + A Legendary Ocean)
    --Since the field spell reduces all WATER monsters by 1 Lv, a WATER monster
    that is normally Lv4 can still attack, bypassing Gravity Bind.
    (Zing Xen Hu)
    --This trap targets two face-down Spells/Traps and stops their use. This card
    cannot be countered by one of the target cards. One thing to note is that you
    MUST select two cards. If your opponent has only one face-down Spell/Trap, you
    must also select one of your own cards. To make the quickest use of it, once
    you set it and have two cards picked out to use it on, activate it on the turn
    immediately following, before your opponent has a chance to activate those
    (A Legendary Ocean + Tornado Wall)
    --You don’t take battle damage while Tornado Wall is active. You can only play
    it while Umi is up, so remember, if the field is destroyed, the trap becomes
    useless until you replace it.
    (Tribe Infecting Virus + Salvage)
    --Discarding a card activates TIV’s effect, allowing you to pick a monster type
    and destroy all cards on the field that match. Use a WATER monster for the cost
    and you can play Salvage to return it to your hand. You can discard Daedalus
    and use Call of the Haunted or Premature Burial to Special Summon it, but his
    effect will destroy himself if used.
    (Big Wave Small Wave + Star Boy)
    --Star Boy increases the ATK of all WATER monsters, but takes up a normal
    summon to play, leaving him prone to attacks. Use Big Wave Small Wave to play
    him, so you can still summon a stronger monster along with him.
                                     |WARRIOR’S TRIUMPH| (B005)
    |KEY CARD: Gilford the Legend                   |
    |                                               |
    |THEME: Warriors and Equip Spell Cards          |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Armed Samurai – Ben Kei                  500        800        Warrior
    Dark Blade                               1800       1500       Warrior
    Command Knight                           1200       1900       Warrior
    D.D. Warrior Lady                        1500       1600       Warrior
    Exiled Force                             1000       1000       Warrior
    Gearfried the Iron Knight                1800       1600       Warrior
    Gearfried the Iron Knight                1800       1600       Warrior
    Goblin Attack Force                      2300       0          Warrior
    Marauding Captain                        1200       400        Warrior
    Marauding Captain                        1200       400        Warrior
    Mataza the Zapper                        1300       800        Warrior
    Mystic Swordsman Lv2                     900        0          Warrior
    Mystic Swordsman Lv4                     1900       1600       Warrior
    Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke                 1800       1000       Warrior
    Obnoxious Celtic Guardian                1400       1200       Warrior
    Warrior Lady of the Wasteland            1100       1200       Warrior
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Gilford The Legend                       2600       2000       Warrior
    Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight             2300       2100       Warrior
    Gearfried the Swordmaster                2600       2200       Warrior
    Fairy of the Spring
    Fusion Sword Murasame Blade
    Giant Trunade
    Heavy Storm
    Lightning Vortex
    Reinforcement of the Army
    Reinforcement of the Army
    Release Restraint
    Snatch Steal
    Swords of Concealing Light
    The Warrior Returning Alive
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade
    Lightning Blade
    Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou
    Blast with Chain
    Call of the Haunted
    Magic Jammer
    Royal Decree
    To put it in simple words, this Deck is great. Warrior Type monsters always
    typically benefited from high ATK and cooperative abilities, and that fact has
    not changed for Warrior’s Triumph. The focus here is less on swarming the field
    with Warriors, and more on abusing Equip Spell Cards. By equipping the right
    monster with the right Spell, you can easily take control of the field, and
    cause devastating damage through attacking. In fact, the key card, Gilford the
    Legend, can become extremely powerful as soon as he hits the field. The best
    way to win using this deck is to quickly summon Command Knight or Marauding
    Captains and use their shielding effects to buy time before going on a full-
    frontal attack. Of course, many of the monsters in this deck are capable of
    fending for themselves, and those that aren’t can easily receive a boost from
    an Equip.
    There are only four trap cards to use here. However, one of those traps, Royal
    Decree, can make attacking almost unstoppable, and the other traps aren’t too
    badly affected by it. The lack of traps is mostly due to the mass of Spells.
    The majority of Spells in this deck are Equip cards, a couple others are
    Warrior support cards, and the rest are typical Structure Deck staple cards.
    The balance of Spells and Traps to monsters is perfect for this deck, giving
    you the opportunity to go on the offensive with monsters and spells at the same
    It’s all about offense here; don’t be shy to attack when the opportunity comes
    around. This deck isn’t focused so much on protecting your monsters, since they
    can easily be replaced; it revolves more around brutal attacks. It’s an easy
    deck to learn with, and provides great cards for its theme.
    (Marauding Captain + Marauding Captain)
    --Marauding Captain prevents your opponent from attacking Warriors while it’s
    face-up, so if you have two on the field, you’re opponent can’t attack at all.
    This is a good way to stall or protect a weaker monster.
    (Marauding Captain + Mystic Swordsman LV4)
    --If you summon Mystic Swordsman LV4 from your hand without using LV2’s effect,
    it has to be set one turn before. However, use Marauding Captain’s effect to
    summon him, and you won’t have to set him.
    (Marauding Captain + Reload)
    --If you want to special summon using Marauding Captain’s effect, but you don’t
    have the right monster, you can Summon him, then chain Reload to his effect.
    (Note that playing Reload first will shuffle him back into the deck).
    (Swords of Concealing Light + Mystic Swordsman LV4)
    --If a monster is really troubling you, play SoCL to flip it face-down to DEF
    mode, then use LV4’s effect by attacking it, destroying it regardless of its
    (Armed Samurai – Ben Kei)
    --In my opinion, this card is the best in the deck. Although he has low ATK and
    DEF, he gains one extra attack for each Equip card on him. Not only can he
    attack more, but his ATK will be pumped up more for each Equip. Using Wicked
    Breaking Flamberge, he’ll negate the effects of every monster he attacks. If
    you need one extra attack for the win, you can spring Blast with Chain,
    boosting an extra 500 ATK and equipping to him for another attack.
    (Lightning Vortex + Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade)
    --Discard Phoenix Blade to activate Lightning Vortex, destroying all of your
    opponents’ face-up monsters. Then activate Phoenix Blade’s effect in the
    graveyard to return it to your hand.
    (Lightning Vortex + Swift Gaia)
    --If you have three cards in your hand, Swift Gaia, Lightning Vortex, and any
    other, play Vortex and discard the other card. Since Gaia will be the only card
    left in your hand, you can normal summon him without tributing.
    (Royal Decree + Call of the Haunted + Blast with Chain)
    --Royal Decree negates the effects of all Traps. Use Blast with chain before
    this, because it becomes an Equip Spell and will not be affected. Also, If you
    use Call of Haunted before Royal Decree, the monster targeted with Call of the
    Haunted will not be destroyed if the trap is destroyed.
                                      |SPELLCASTER’S JUDGMENT| (B006)
    |KEY CARD: Dark Eradicator Warlock            |
    |                                             |
    |THEME: Spellcasters, Spell cards, and Spell  |
    |Counter use                                  |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                     ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Gemini Elf                             1900       900        Spellcaster
    Apprentice Magician                    400        800        Spellcaster
    Apprentice Magician                    400        800        Spellcaster
    Blast Magician                         1400       1700       Spellcaster
    Breaker the Magical Warrior            1600       1000       Spellcaster
    Ebon Magician Curran                   1200       0          Spellcaster
    Magician of Faith                      300        400        Spellcaster
    Magician of Faith                      300        400        Spellcaster
    Mythical Beast Cerberus                1400       1400       Spellcaster
    Rapid-Fire Magician                    1600       1200       Spellcaster
    Royal Magical Library                  0          2000       Spellcaster
    Skilled Dark Magician                  1900       1700       Spellcaster
    Skilled Dark Magician                  1900       1700       Spellcaster
    Tsukuyomi                              1100       1400       Spellcaster/Spirit
    White Magician Pike                    1200       0          Spellcaster
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Dark Eradicator Warlock                2500       2100       Spellcaster
    Dark Magician                          2500       2100       Spellcaster
    Chaos Command Magician                 2400       1900       Spellcaster
    Chaos Sorcerer                         2300       2000       Spellcaster
    Dark Magic Attack
    Diffusion Wave Motion
    Heavy Storm
    Lightning Vortex
    Mage Power
    Magical Blast
    Magical Dimension
    Magical Dimension
    Mystic Box
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Nightmare’s Steelcage
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Premature Burial
    Spell Absoption
    Swords of Revealing Light
    Call of the Haunted
    Divine Wrath
    Magic Cylinder
    Pitch-Black Power Stone
    Spell Shield Type-8
    This deck provides a very strategic edge to combining  Spellcaster-type
    monsters with direct damage. Thankfully, every monster in the deck is a
    Spellcaster, and many of their effects are focused on reusing or reaping
    benefits from Spell cards. Spellcaster’s Judgment also comes with a good
    offensive base, between strong Lv4 monsters such as Skilled Dark Magician,
    Gemini Elf, and Mythical Beast Cerberus. Also, this is deck provides a loop
    (described below at the first tip) that can completely immobilize your
    opponent’s attacks until they draw a card to counter it. The deck provides the
    right amount of cards to attack, mixed with a good number of cards with
    destructive effects.
    An easy way to play this deck is to lighten up on attacking and focus more on
    direct damage. Ebon Magician Curran, Rapid-Fire Magician, Magical Blast, and
    Magic Cylinder are cards that can easily deplete LP fast. The Key card works in
    much the same way as Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon from Dragon’s Rage, in that you
    must tribute a Lv7 monster (Dark Magician) to play it. Thankfully, there are
    numerous ways to special summon Dark Magician with this deck, making the key
    card very playable. Once it’s on the field, it only takes a matter of time
    before its effect will demolish your opponent. A couple of cards in this deck
    use Spell Counter advantages, so winning with these effects requires correct
    timing of Spell cards. You’ll also have plenty of ways to destroy your
    opponents Spells/Traps through the effects of Breaker, Heavy Storm, MST, and
    Dark Magic Attack, and a few traps to negate your opponent’s card effects.
    This is a very good deck for beginners; it wins often and plays smoothly. In
    comparison to the other Spellcaster deck (Spellcaster’s Command – B016), this
    is more of a beginner-friendly deck, but both play equally as well, and share
    similar strategies and monsters.
    (Tsukuyomi + Magician of Faith + Swords of Revealing Light)
    --Tsukuyomi lets you flip a monster face-down, and returns to your hand at the
    end of the turn she’s played. You can use her effect to keep targeting a
    Magician of Faith, and use Magician of Faith’s effect to keep returning Swords
    of Revealing Light to your hand every three turns. Until your opponent draws a
    card to stop the loop, they can’t declare an attack! This also works with
    Nightmare’s Steelcage
    (Tsukuyomi + Nobleman of Crossout)
    --Use Tsukuyomi’s effect to flip an opponent’s monster face-down, then follow
    up with Nobleman of Crossout, removing that monster from play.
    (Tsukuyomi + Mystic Box)
    --Since Tsukuyomi’s a Spirit, it will return to your hand at the end of the
    turn. Using Mystic Box will let you destroy an opponent’s monster, but you must
    give them one of yours as well. Give them Tsukuyomi, and it will come back to
    you at the end of the turn.
    (Lightning Vortex/Spell Shield Type-8/Divine Wrath + Magical Blast)
    --Discard Magical Blast as the cost for Lightning Vortex, destroying your
    opponent’s face-up monsters, or as the cost for Spell Shield Type-8 or Divine
    Wrath. Magical Blast will let you skip your draw phase to return it to your
    hand from the graveyard, so the cost isn’t as hurtful.
    (Dark Eradicator Warlock/Rapid-Fire Magician + Magical Blast)
    --Magical Blast is repeatable every turn, at the cost of not drawing a card.
    Not only will it deal 200 damage for each Spellcaster you control, but Dark
    Eradicator Warlock will add an additional 1000 damage since it’s a normal Spell
    card, and Rapid-Fire Magician will tack on another 400. If you have all three
    of these cards, you’re dealing at least 1800 Direct Damage every time you use
    Magical Blast.
    (Chaos Sorcerer + Magical Dimension)
    --Chaos Sorcerer can remove a face-up monster from play, but cannot attack the
    same turn you use the effect. Use it, then play Magical Dimension. Tribute
    Chaos Sorcerer for a monster that can attack; you’ll also get to destroy
    another monster because of the spell’s second effect.
    (Mythical Beast Cerberus)
    --his monster starts with 1400 ATK, but gains 500 more for each Spell Counter
    on him. He gains a Spell counter every time a Spell is activated, with no
    limit. However, when he attacks or is attacked, all of his spell counters will
    be removed. Save up his counters and unleash them for a strong direct attack.
    (Diffusion Wave Motion + Dark Magic Attack)
    --If you have Dark Magician, you can use Dark Magic attack to destroy all your
    opponent’s Spells/Traps. You can then pay 1000 LP for Diffusion Wave Motion,
    allowing Dark Magician to clear out all of your opponent’s monsters. You can’t
    do much direct damage this turn, but you can easily wipe out their field.
                                      |INVINCIBLE FORTRESS| (B007)
    |KEY CARD: Exxod, Master of the Guard         |
    |                                             |
    |THEME: Rock-Type, EARTH Attribute, DEF       |
    |advantages.                                  |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Great Spirit                             500        1500       Rock
    Giant Rat                                1400       1450       Beast
    Giant Rat                                1400       1450       Beast
    Giant Rat                                1400       1450       Beast
    Maharaghi                                1200       1700       Rock/Spirit
    Gigantes                                 1900       1300       Rock
    Gigantes                                 1900       1300       Rock
    Stone Statue of the Aztecs               300        2000       Rock
    Golem Sentry                             800        1800       Rock
    Moai Interceptor Cannons                 1100       2000       Rock
    Moai Interceptor Cannons                 1100       2000       Rock
    Guardian Statue                          800        1400       Rock
    Medusa Worm                              500        600        Rock
    Sand Moth                                1000       2000       Rock
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Exxod, Master of the Guard               0          4000       Rock
    Guardian Sphinx                          1700       2400       Rock
    Hieracosphinx                            2400       1200       Rock
    Criosphinx                               1200       2400       Rock
    Megarock Dragon                          ?          ?          Rock
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Premature Burial
    Swords of Revealing Light
    Shield and Sword
    Shield and Sword
    Magical Mallet
    Hammer Shot
    Brain Control
    Shifting Shadows
    Ultimate Offering
    Magic Drain
    Magic Drain
    Robbin’ Goblin
    Ordeal of a Traveler
    Ordeal of a Traveler
    Reckless Greed
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    This is the only structure deck that benefits almost 100% from remaining
    Defensive. A large number of the monsters in this deck have the ability to flip
    themselves into Face-down DEF mode. Because of this ability, their effects are
    repeatable once per turn. Many of them return monsters on the opponent’s field
    to their hand, which is an unbeatable way to clear the field. Using these
    abilities bypasses the effects of monsters that activate once sent to the
    graveyard (Mystic Tomato, Sangan, etc). Manipulate these effects and take
    advantage of defense to win with this deck. Remember, a monster with this
    effect can attack, then return Face-down during Main Phase 2. Through the
    effects of Shield and Sword and Great Spirit, you can use defensive monsters to
    deal major damage, swapping their ATK and DEF. I don’t recommend doing this
    unless you’re sure your opponent cannot block it, because using these effects
    leaves your monsters vulnerable during the next turn.
    Exxod is the key card here, sporting a good 4000 DEF (0 ATK). To summon him,
    you must tribute a “Sphinx” monster, three of which are in the deck, all Lv5-6.
    Consider the situation before you go using the key card though. Sometimes, a
    card like Guardian Sphinx can prove to be much more useful than Exxod. Exxod
    himself deals 1000 points of Direct Damage to the opponent when a monster is
    Flip summoned. Because of this deck’s specialty, you can repeatedly Flip-summon
    most monsters, dealing 1000 damage for each one every turn. Even if this
    strategy fails, Megarock Dragon can deal a heft blow on the opponent if used at
    the right time. You probably want to avoid him unless it’s a final resort
    though. Overall, if you keep defenses a priority in this match, you can easily
    control the field.
    (Robbin’ Goblin)
    --This Trap is misleading for new players. When your monster does battle
    damage, it allows you to randomly discard an opponent’s card. The point is to
    get an opponent’s monster to attack a DEF monster they can’t destroy, and
    trigger Robbin’ Goblin.
    (Ectoplasmer + Ultimate Offering)
    --Ectoplasmer forces both players to sacrifice a face-up monster every turn,
    and inflict damage to the other player equal to half its original ATK. Most of
    the monsters in this deck can flip themselves face-down, so Ectoplasmer won’t
    affect them. If you have to tribute your only monster with Ectoplasmer, you can
    use Ultimate Offering during your opponent’s Battle Phase to summon another
    monster (at the cost of 500 LP).
    (Ordeal of a Traveler)
    --Once activated, this card becomes a guessing game. Every time your opponent
    attacks, they select a card in your hand, and guess if it’s a Spell, Trap, or
    Monster. If they guess wrong, their monster returns to their hand. If you can
    manage to keep one Spell, one Trap, and one Monster in your hand, the odds are
    in your favor when using this card (Note that in game, the CPU will remember
    what cards they’ve seen from this, and will adjust their guesses accordingly).
    (Maoi Interceptor Cannons + Great Spirit)
    --MIC has the highest DEF of any monster that can be flipped face-down. Use him
    along with Great Spirit for the greatest damage.
    (Shifting Shadows)
    --Once per turn, at the cost of 300 LP, you can rearrange your Face-down
    monsters. This makes is harder for your opponent to take down monsters with low
    DEF, such as Medusa Worm.
                                      |LORD OF THE STORM| (B008)
    |KEY CARD: Simorgh, Bird of Divinity          |
    |                                             |
    |THEME: WIND Attribute, Harpie Support, and   |
    |Magic/Trap removal                           |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Sonic Shooter                            1300       600        Winged Beast
    Sonic Duck                               1700       700        Winged Beast
    Harpie Girl                              500        500        Winged Beast
    Slater Warrior                           1900       400        Fiend
    Flying Kamakiri #1                       1400       900        Insect
    Flying Kamakiri #1                       1400       900        Insect
    Bladefly                                 600        700        Insect
    Birdface                                 1600       1600       Winged Beast
    Silpheed                                 1700       700        Fairy
    Lady Ninja Yae                           1100       200        Warrior
    Harpie Lady 1                            1300       1400       Winged Beast
    Harpie Lady 2                            1300       1400       Winged Beast
    Harpie Lady 3                            1300       1400       Winged Beast
    Harpie’s Pet Baby Dragon                 1200       600        Dragon
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Simorgh, Bird of Divinity                2700       1000       Winged Beast
    Harpie Lady Sisters                      1950       2100       Winged Beast
    Harpie Lady Sisters                      1950       2100       Winged Beast
    Roc from the Valley of Haze              2400       1400       Winged Beast
    Swift Birdman Joe                        2300       1400       Winged Beast
    Card Destruction
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Elegant Egotist
    Elegant Egotist
    Heavy Storm
    Harpies’ Hunting Ground
    Harpies’ Hunting Ground
    Triangle Ecstasy Spark
    Lightning Vortex
    Hysteric Party
    Aqua Chorus
    Dust Tornado
    Call of the Haunted
    Magic Jammer
    Dark Coffin
    Reckless Greed
    Sakuretsu Armor
    Ninjitsu Art of Transformation
    Icarus Attack
    As far as Structure Decks are concerned, Lord of the Storm is possibly the
    worst Structure Deck possible. The WIND Attribute monsters provided are
    basically all Harpie Lady monsters or related support. Because of this, you’ll
    end up drawing support cards while not having the right monster to combine it
    with. If, however, you can take advantage of the field early with different
    Harpie Lady monsters, you can try for a quick win. The Field Spell card,
    Harpie’s Hunting Ground, allows you to destroy one Spell/Trap card on the field
    each time a Harpie Lady/Harpie Lady Sisters is summoned. The field also
    increased WIND monsters by 200 ATK and DEF. This card has serious advantages,
    but comes with a problem as well. If you summon a Harpie card while your
    opponent controls no Spells/Traps, you must destroy one of your own cards.
    This deck is easily over-powered by any high ATK monsters. Although having
    multiple Harpie cards on the field strengthens each individual one, it’s
    difficult to get them onto the field unless your opponent is constantly playing
    defense. There isn’t much in terms of powerful Traps to defend yourself, except
    maybe Sakuretsu Armor. The key card, Simorgh, seems to almost never show up for
    some reason, although summoning it can lead to a potential victory.
    The up-side to this deck is its ability to destroy Spells and Traps, besides
    using the Field Spell. Cards such as Magic Jammer and Card Destruction can
    cripple an opponent’s strategy, although lightly. If you’re going to focus on
    anything in this deck, it should be removing Spells and Traps, otherwise it’s
    going to make for a difficult win.
    (Dark Coffin + Harpies’ Hunting Ground)
    --Remember you can destroy your own cards with Harpies’ Hunting Ground. You can
    target your own Dark Coffin, which is only effective when destroyed, and force
    your opponent to activate one of its effects.
    (Lady Ninja Yae + Card Destruction + Sonic Shooter)
    --If you discard a WIND monster, Lady Ninja Yae lets you return all Spells and
    Traps to their owners’ hand. Use this to send your opponent’s cards back, then
    play Card Destruction, making them discard all of them. Also, while there are
    no Spell/Traps on your opponent’s side of the field, Sonic Shooter can attack
    (Aqua Chorus)
    --Harpie Monsters will receive a significant boost if you have multiple copies
    on the field when you activate this.
    (Simorgh, Bird of Divinity + Harpies’ Hunting Ground)
    --Simorgh deals 1000 direct damage to both players during each End Phase, but
    each player loses 500 less for each spell/trap they have on the field. Harpie’s
    hunting ground will remove 500 Damage for you, and allow you to easily destroy
    your opponent’s cards, making them take the full 1000 LP every turn.
    (Sonic Duck)
    --It may be worth noting that Sonic Duck is a Lv3 monster with 1700 ATK,
    meaning it can override the effects of Gravity Bind and Level Limit – Area B.
                                      |DINOSAUR’S RAGE| (B009)
    |KEY CARD: Super Conductor Tyranno            |
    |                                             |
    |THEME: Dinosaur Type                         |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Kabazalus                                1700       1500       Dinosaur
    Sabersaurus                              1900       500        Dinosaur
    Mad Sword Beast                          1400       1200       Dinosaur
    Gilasaurus                               1400       400        Dinosaur
    Gilasaurus                               1400       400        Dinosaur
    Hyper Hammerhead                         1500       1200       Dinosaur
    Hyper Hammerhead                         1500       1200       Dinosaur
    Black Ptera                              1000       500        Dinosaur
    Oxygeddon                                1800       800        Dinosaur
    Hydrogeddon                              1600       1000       Dinosaur
    Tyranno Infinity                         ?          0          Dinosaur
    Black Stego                              1200       2000       Dinosaur
    Miracle Miracle Jurassic Egg             0          2000       Dinosaur
    Babycerasaurus                           500        500        Dinosaur
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Super Conductor Tyranno                  3300       1400       Dinosaur
    Black Tyranno                            2600       1800       Dinosaur
    Dark Driceratops                         2400       1500       Dinosaur
    Ultimate Tyranno                         3000       2200       Dinosaur
    Big Evolution Pill
    Tail Swipe
    Jurassic World
    Sebek’s Blessing
    Mesmeric Control
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Heavy Storm
    Lightning Vortex
    Magical Mallet
    Magical Mallet
    Hunting Instinct
    Survival Instinct
    Volcanic Eruption
    Seismic Shockwave
    Magical Arm Shield
    Negate Attack
    Goblin Out of the Frying Pan
    Fossil Excavation
    Dinosaur’s Rage is a highly offensive deck in the running with Warrior’s
    Triumph. To add to this appeal, it is one of the most centrally-themed
    structure decks in the game, providing very ample support for its Dinosaur-type
    monsters. The typical way to play with this deck is to summon one of the Lv7+
    monsters as quickly as possible, then manipulate their effects and high ATK to
    deal massive damage. There are plenty of cards to let you special summon,
    providing Tribute material for a stronger monster. Black Tyranno and Ultimate
    Tyranno have abilities that make it very easy to get at direct attacks, and the
    key monster Super Conductor Tyranno, has 3300 ATK and an ability to deal 1000
    Direct Damage every turn.
    In terms of Spells and Traps, this deck can really pack a punch. In addition to
    common Staple Spells, you are given a number of other Spells that pump up and
    take advantage of this deck’s monsters. With these spells, it’s easy to set up
    a very strong attack. The traps are more centralized on Dinosaur-related
    effects, allowing you to use Dinosaurs in your Graveyard to your advantage. The
    other traps are not necessarily fantastic in any way, but can be used to negate
    an opponent’s attempt at your LP or monsters.
    Dinosaur’s Rage is well-rounded and one of the easier Structure Decks to win
    with. It requires an offensive and can rival Warrior’s Triumph in terms of
    attacking. It’s also fun to play with through the use of Lv7+ monsters.
    Definitely one of the best decks.
    (Malfunction/Goblin Out of the Frying Pan)
    --These counter traps negate the activation of an opponent’s Trap or Spell card
    (respectively), then reset the targeted card on the field. They may seem
    pointless, but they can come in handy. If your opponent tries to negate your
    effects, summoning, etc., you can counter them and carry out your effect. They
    also make your opponent pay activation costs again for the targeted card.
    (Super Conductor Tyranno + Black Ptera)
    --Use Super Conductor Tyranno’s effect to tribute Black Ptera, dealing 1000
    damage to your opponent. Black Ptera will return to your hand, where you can
    re-summon him and repeat the process.
    --You can special summon Gilasaurus instead of normal summoning it. If you do,
    your opponent can Special Summon a monster too. Use this when your opponent has
    no monsters to summon and you can freely get away with its effect. You can
    still normal summon a monster during the turn you special summon a Gilasaurus,
    so use them as tributes for a stronger monster, or combine them with Super
    Conductor’s effect.
    (Gilasaurus + Hunting Instinct)
    --Let your opponent Special summon a monster with Gilasaurus. Then, you can
    trigger Hunting Instinct and special summon another Dinosaur from your hand.
    (Heavy Storm + Black Tyranno)
    --Black Tyranno can attack directly if there are no Spell/Traps on your
    opponents side of the field, and all of their monsters are in DEF. Use Heavy
    Storm to wipe out their Spells/Traps, readying Black Tyranno for a huge hit.
    (Tyranno Infinity + Survival Instinct)
    --Survival Instinct lets you remove Dinosaurs in your Graveyard from play and
    gain 400 LP for each one. Remove them all, and Tyranno Infinity will have 1000
    ATK for each one.
    (Volcanic Eruption + Jurassic World)
    --Jurassic world is a field that pumps up all Dinosaurs, and it must be on the
    field to activate Volcanic Eruption. This trap destroys all cards on the field.
    Use it when your opponent’s hand is low, because it can only be activated in
    your End Phase, which means your opponent has the first chance to recover.
    (Mesmeric Control + Dark Driceratops/Mad Sword Beast)
    --Dark Driceratops and Mad Sword Beast have the fairy-crush ability, so use
    Mesmeric control to keep your opponent’s monster in DEF, leaving them
    vulnerable for piercing damage.
    (Fossil Excavation + Ultimate Tyranno)
    --Ultimate Tyranno has trouble attacking directly because it must attack first
    if you conduct a battle phase. If you summon it with Fossil Excavation, its
    effect is negated, and you can choose to attack with it as you feel necessary.
                                      |MACHINE RE-VOLT| (B010)
    |KEY CARD: Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon     |
    |                                             |
    |THEME: Ancient Gears, Machine Types          |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Mechanicalchaser                         1850       800        Machine
    Ancient Gear                             100        800        Machine
    Ancient Gear                             100        800        Machine
    Ancient Gear Cannon                      500        500        Machine
    Ancient Gear Soldier                     1300       1300       Machine
    Boot-Up Soldier – Dread Dynamo           0          2000       Machine
    Cannon Soldier                           1400       1300       Machine
    Gear Golem the Moving Fortress           800        2200       Machine
    Green Gadget                             1400       600        Machine
    Heavy Mech Support Platform              500        500        Machine/Union
    Heavy Mech Support Platform              500        500        Machine/Union
    Red Gadget                               1300       1500       Machine
    Yellow Gadget                            1200       1200       Machine
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon           3000       2000       Machine
    Ancient Gear Golem                       3000       3000       Machine
    Ancient Gear Beast                       2000       2000       Machine
    Ancient Gear Engineer                    1500       1500       Machine
    Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera          2300       1300       Machine
    Ancient Gear Castle
    Ancient Gear Drill
    Ancient Gear Explosive
    Ancient Gear Factory
    Ancient Gear Fist
    Ancient Gear Tank
    Ancient Gear Workshop
    Enemy Controller
    Heavy Storm
    Limiter Removal
    Machine Duplication
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Pot of Avarice
    Weapon Change
    Covering Fire
    Micro Ray
    Rare Metalmorph
    Roll Out!
    Sakuretsu Armor
    Sakuretsu Armor
    Stronghold the Moving Fortress
    Ultimate Offering
    Machine Revolt packs a very powerful edge that can cripple almost every other
    Structure deck (especially Surge of Radiance). The majority of the monsters in
    this deck comprise Ancient Gear monster. Ancient Gears are a group of Machine-
    type effect monsters that stop your opponent from playing Traps/Spells until
    the end of the Damage Step in which they attack. This means Ancient Gears with
    this effect are impervious to traps like Sakuretsu Armor and Magic Cylinder. In
    other words, most of them can freely attack without worrying about face-down
    cards. “Gadget” monsters are also essential to the deck’s purpose. Each one
    lets you add another from your deck to your hand when Normal Summoned. They
    have no other effects and have fairly low ATK and DEF, but can be used in
    combination with Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera, and the pumped up version,
    Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon. These monster gain abilities if you tribute
    summon them by tributing Gadgets. These effects activate while
    attacking/destroying monsters, and deal instant damage to your opponent.
    Spells in this deck compose mostly of Ancient Gear Spells, most of which allow
    you to normal summon high Lv Ancient Gear monsters easier. The others give
    Ancient Gears a boost in ATK that further increase their usefulness when
    attacking. Traps in this deck focus on blocking your opponents attacks as well
    as increasing your monsters’ ATK. You’ll definitely need these Spells/Traps,
    because the lower Lv monsters in this deck have typically low ATK/DEF. Use
    these cards to quickly summon one of the Gadjiltron monsters, or an equally
    powerful Ancient Gear, and go on the offensive. It’s smartest to save the
    equips/buffs for a stronger monster instead of using them with the lower Lv.
    Also, depending on what deck your opponent is using, you may want to swap
    between Ancient Gears to fit a certain counter. For example, use Ancient Gear
    Beast against a deck with many effect monsters, or Ancient Gear Engineer
    against a deck with many Spells/Traps.
    The best use of this deck is its ability to attack almost freely. It is far
    from perfect, but nowhere near useless. It doesn’t work very well against
    offensive decks (Warrior’s Triumph or Dinosaur’s Rage), but stands a formidable
    challenge to most others.
    (Pot of Avarice + Gadget monsters)
    --If you’ve got a Gadget monster to summon, and the monster you can gain using
    its effect is in the Graveyard, use Pot of Avarice to shuffle it back into your
    deck. Summon the Gadget, then add the other to your hand.
    (Ultimate Offering + Gadget monsters)
    --Each Gadget adds another Gadget from your deck to your hand when normal
    summoned. Summon a Gadget, then use Ultimate Offering to summon the one you add
    to your hand. This will give you use of all three during one turn.
    (Roll Out! + Heavy Mech Support Platform)
    --Roll Out! can take a Heavy Mech Support Platform and Union Equip it to a
    Machine type you control. This can also save the monster from being destroyed
    by battle, since Union monsters are destroyed instead.
    (Machine Duplication + Ancient Gear)
    --Use Machine Duplication while you have a face-up Ancient Gear to special
    summon another, then use them as a tribute for a stronger monster, or with
    Cannon Soldier’s effect.
    (Ancient Gear Golem/Gadjiltron Dragon + Micro Ray)
    --Ancient Gear Golem has the Fairy Crush ability, and the key card gains this
    ability if you tributed Yellow Gadget to summon him. Use Micro Ray to drain a
    monster’s DEF to 0. These monsters can then pierce through the monster. Use
    Limiter Removal to double the damage. This will add up to 6000 damage for
    Ancient Gear Golem, and better yet, your opponent cannot activate Spell/Traps
    in response to the attack.
    (Limiter Removal + Covering Fire)
    --If you have two face-up monsters and you’re opponent is attacking, you can
    play covering fire to add the ATK of one to the ATK of the other. Use Limiter
    Removal first, than Covering Fire, and your opponent’s attack will backfire
    with major damage. Of course, Limiter Removal will destroy your monsters at the
    end of the turn.
    (Ancient Gear Cannon)
    --You can tribute this monster to inflict 500 damage to your opponent. After
    that, your opponent cannot activate Traps until the end of the turn. Use this
    with cards like Mechanicalchaser to give them an added chance of successfully
    (Gear Golem to Moving Fortress + Weapon Change)
    --Weapon Change can swap Gear Golems ATK and DEF, giving him 2200 ATK. His
    ability lets you pay 800 LP to attack directly, dealing 2200 direct damage.
                                      |SURGE OF RADIANCE| (B011)
    |KEY CARD: Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin      |
    |                                             |
    |THEME: “Counter” fairies and gaining LP      |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Dunames Dark Witch                       1800       1050       Fairy
    Absorbing Kid from the Sky               1300       1000       Fairy
    Bountiful Artemis                        1600       1700       Fairy
    Freya, Spirit of Victory                 100        100        Fairy
    Gellenduo                                1700       0          Fairy
    Harvest Angel of Wisdom                  1800       1000       Fairy
    Layard the Liberator                     1400       1500       Fairy
    Meltiel, Sage of the Sky                 1600       1200       Fairy
    Nova Summoner                            1400       800        Fairy
    Radiant Jeral                            1000       2000       Fairy
    Royal Knight                             1300       800        Fairy
    Shining Angel                            1400       800        Fairy
    Shining Angel                            1400       800        Fairy
    The Agent of Force – Mars                0          0          Fairy
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin            2300       2000       Fairy
    Voltanis the Adjudicator                 2800       1400       Fairy
    Soul of Purity and Light                 2000       1800       Fairy
    Airknight Parshath                       1900       1400       Fairy
    Airknight Parshath                       1900       1400       Fairy
    Guardian Angel Joan                      2800       2000       Fairy
    Cestus of Dagla
    Heavy Storm
    Lightning Vortex
    Magical Mallet
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Premature Burial
    Swords of Revealing Light
    Sanctuary in the Sky
    Sanctuary in the Sky
    Aegis of Gaia
    Beckoning Light
    Divine Wrath
    Magic Jammer
    Negate Attack
    Negate Attack
    Seven Tools of the Bandit
    Solemn Judgment
    Widespread Ruin
    Surge of Radiance is a well-constructed Fairy/Light deck that focuses greatly
    on Counter Trap cards and an archetype of “Counter Fairies”. These effect
    monsters activate their effects once a Counter trap card is activated
    successfully. Thankfully, the deck comes prepared with a nice supply of counter
    traps, which is nice in itself. Many of the lower-leveled monsters are poor
    choices to for offense, but can defend themselves if you activate the right
    trap at the right time. Between the Shining Angels and Nova Summoners, you can
    easily summon LIGHT monsters from your deck to fit a certain situation.
    Another large advantage to this Fairy deck is the Field Spell, Sanctuary in the
    Sky. While activated, Battle Damage inflicted to Fairy-type monsters to 0.
    Also, some monsters gain additional effects while the field is active. Nova
    Summoner, for example, can special summon a Lv5 Airknight Parshath when
    destroyed while the field is up. The key card in this deck is easily summoned
    while Airknight Parshath is on the field, and the 2300 ATK monster can help
    recover if you’re at a disadvantage. The key card, Neo-Parshath, in my opinion,
    is the best Key Card from any deck, because of it’s ability to sharply raise
    its attack. Combining this with the Fairy-crush ability makes it a monster to
    watch out for.
    Overall, Surge of Radiance is one of my favorite decks to use because the cards
    work very well together. It relies on precise timing of traps to work
    effectively, and can easily turn the tide of a duel in your favor.
    (Gellenduo + Freya, Spirit of Victory)
    --Gellenduo cannot be destroyed by battle, but will destroy itself when you
    take any damage (note that paying LP for a card cost is not taking damage).
    Keep it in DEF, and use Freya to pump up all Fairy monsters you control. Also,
    Freya is protected from attacks while another Fairy is face-up.
    (Divine Wrath/Lightning Vortex + Radiant Jeral)
    --Radiant Jeral gives you 1000 LP when sent to the Graveyard, unless it is
    destroyed in battle (Sanctuary in the Sky has to be face-up for this effect).
    You can discard it with an effect like Divine Wrath or Lightning Vortex and
    still gain 1000 LP.
    (Layard the Liberator + Soul of Purity and Light)
    --To summon the second monster, you must remove two LIGHT types in your
    graveyard from play. Use Layard’s effect with any Counter Trap to put those two
    monsters back in your hand.
    (Shining Angel OR Nova Summoner)
    --Nova Summoner is a better choice than Shining Angel if you’re comparing
    effects. They have equal ATK and DEF, and both let you special summon a LIGHT
    monster with 1500 or less ATK when destroyed in battle. Nova Summoner can
    instead summon an Airknight Parshath if Sanctuary in the Sky is active. Also,
    Nova Summoner can summon the monster in DEF, but Shining Angel forces it in
    (Voltanis the Adjudicator)
    --You can normal summon this card, or use its effect when your Counter Trap is
    resolved to Special Summon it from your hand. You MUST tribute all of your
    monsters when you do, and you cannot summon it if you control no monsters. When
    it’s special summoned this way, you can destroy your opponent’s cards equal to
    the number of Fairies you tributed. Negate Attack is the easiest card to use to
    summon it, because it has no cost. If you’re desperate, you can also use Divine
    Wrath on your own monster effect to summon it.
    (Beckoning Light)
    --Discard your whole hand, then return LIGHT types from your graveyard to your
    hand equal to the number of cards you discarded. Discard any cards you no
    longer need, and remember, you can return some of the cards you discarded to
    your hand.
                                      |CURSE OF DARKNESS| (B012)
    |KEY CARD: Diabolos, King of the Abyss        |
    |                                             |
    |THEME: DARK Monsters and Monster Elimination |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Prometheus, King of the Shadows          1200       800        Fiend
    Plague Wolf                              1000       1000       Zombie
    Goblin Zombie                            1100       1050       Zombie
    Axe Dragonute                            2000       1000       Dragon
    Axe Dragonute                            2000       1000       Dragon
    Mystic Tomato                            1400       1100       Plant
    Mask of Darkness                         900        400        Fiend
    Spirit Reaper                            300        200        Zombie
    Giant Orc                                2200       0          Fiend
    Giant Orc                                2200       0          Fiend
    Giant Orc                                2200       0          Fiend
    Stealth Bird                             700        1700       Winged-Beast
    Stealth Bird                             700        1700       Winged-Beast
    Malice Doll of Demise                    1600       1700       Fiend
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Diabolos, King of the Abyss              2800       1000       Dragon
    Lich Lord, King of the Underworld        2400       1200       Zombie
    Mist Archfiend                           2400       0          Fiend
    Recurring Nightmare
    Sword of Dark Rites
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Giant Trunade
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Heavy Storm
    Pot of Avarice
    Magical Mallet
    Shield Crush
    Nightmare’s Steelcage
    Dimension Wall
    Dimension Wall
    Eradicator Epidemic Virus
    Crush Card Virus
    Deck Devastation Virus
    Deck Devastation Virus
    Magic Cylinder
    Just Desserts
    Dark Mirror Force
    This Deck seems to be the most strategic of them all. You can’t simply Set
    Traps, attack, and hope to win. Instead, you should focus heavily on playing
    the Virus cards in the deck. Each one can eliminate your opponent’s cards in
    different ways for three turns straight. If you can manage to activate them in
    the right order, you can completely mobilize your opponent and stop them from
    playing cards altogether. You’ll notice there are many high ATK monster in this
    deck that do not require tributes. They may be strong but their real purpose is
    being combined with the Virus Traps.
    In the worst case scenario, none of these traps will work correctly, but
    thankfully, you can take out your opponent in other ways. Dimension Wall, Just
    Desserts, and Magic Cylinder are other traps that can significantly reduce your
    opponent’s LP. Ectoplasmer, as well, can keep monsters off your opponent’s
    field and add extra Direct Damage to your count every turn. Steal Birds are
    quick hitters that can deal 1000 LP a piece each turn. The Key Card Diabolos
    overrides Ectoplasmer, but unfortunately, cannot be Tributed for any card
    effects. As an added effect, though, Diabolos lets you look at the top card of
    your opponent’s deck every turn, and decide whether to let them draw it or put
    it on the bottom of the deck.
    There’s also a bit of support for eliminating DEF position monsters, through
    Dark Mirror Force, Shield Crush, and Nobleman of Crossout. If your Traps aren’t
    working well, the offensive may be a final option, and removing DEF monsters
    can cripple some Structure Decks such as Invincible Fortress. If you’re new to
    the game, you may want to get used to this Deck, because it reflects a very
    strategic aspect of dueling.
    (Recurring Nightmare)
    --This Spell lets you return 2 DARK monsters with 0 DEF from your Graveyard to
    your hand. This works with Mist Archfiend and Giant Orc.
    (Deck Devastation Virus)
    --DDV requires a Tribute with 2000+ ATK. Giant Orc and Axe Dragonute both
    switch to DEF mode after attacking, so tribute them once they’ve attacked.
    Plague Wolf can double his ATK to 2000, but destroys himself at the end of the
    turn if you do, so make use of him and Tribute him with DDV. Mist Archfiend is
    a LV5 monster that can be normal summoned without a Tribute. If you do this, he
    destroys himself at the end of the turn, and you lose 1000 LP. However, play
    DDV and you’ll avoid taking damage, and get the Trap’s effect.
    (Deck Devastation Virus + Crush Card Virus)
    --By Tributing a DARK monster with 2000+ ATK, DDV card eliminates all monsters
    your opponent controls, all monsters in their hands, and all monsters they draw
    with 1500 or less ATK for 3 turns. This can really “devastate” some decks, by
    destroying crucial Tributes and Flip Effect monsters with low ATK. CCV requires
    a DARK tribute with 1000 or less ATK, and has the same effect for monsters with
    1500+ ATK. Play both at the same time, and your opponent will have no monsters
    for three turns straight, leaving them wide open. One thing to note is that
    monsters Set on the field are not effected after the activation of the card
    until they are flipped face-up.
    --While this Spell is face-up, both players are required to tribute a Face-up
    Monster at the end of their turns. When they do, their opponent takes half its
    original ATK as Direct Damage. This is a perfect card for this deck. Not only
    does it empty your opponent’s field slowly, but it combines well with many
    cards. Demise Doll of Malice is the trump card here. When he’s Tributed with a
    Continuous Spell, he can be special summoned on your next turn. This is worth a
    constant 800 Direct Damage every turn. Lich Lord returns to your hand when
    tributed, and will do 1200 Damage with Ectoplasmer. Stealth Bird can be flipped
    Face-Down if he’s on the field, avoiding Ectoplasmer.
    (Eradicator Epidemic Virus + Sword of Dark Rites)
    --This trap is like DDV/CCV, except that it targets Traps or Spells (your
    choice). The problem here is that it requires a DARK Tribute with 2500+ ATK.
    The only Monster in this Deck with 2500+ is Diabolos, who cannot be Tributed by
    an effect. To get a proper tribute, you have to increase its ATK with Megamorph
    or Sword of Dark Rites. The second gives 400+ ATK, and returns to your hand
    when the equipped monster is tributed, so it works much better than Megamorph.
    (Diabolos + Virus Traps)
    --Diabolos lets you look at your opponent’s card before they draw it every
    turn. If you have the effect of a “Virus” card active, you can force them to
    have a different draw if that card would not be affected by the virus.
                                      |RISE OF THE DRAGON LORDS| (B013)
    |KEY CARD: Felgrand Dragon                    |
    |                                             |
    |THEME: Special Summoning high Lv Monsters    |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Decoy Dragon                             300        200        Dragon
    Flame Ruler                              1500       1600       Pyro
    Herald of Creation                       1800       600        Spellcaster
    Kaiser Sea Horse                         1700       1650       Sea Serpent
    Kaiser Sea Horse                         1700       1650       Sea Serpent
    Masked Dragon                            1400       1100       Dragon
    Masked Dragon                            1400       1100       Dragon
    Morphing Jar                             700        600        Rock
    Night Assailant                          200        500        Fiend
    Spirit Reaper                            300        200        Zombie
    The Creator Incarnate                    1600       1500       Warrior
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Felgrand Dragon                          2800       2800       Dragon
    Darkblaze Dragon                         1200       1000       Dragon
    Different Dimension Dragon               1200       1500       Dragon
    Guardian Angel Joan                      2800       2000       Fairy
    Majestic Mech – Goryu                    2900       1800       Fairy
    The Creator                              2300       3000       Thunder
    Tyrant Dragon                            2900       2500       Dragon
    Yamata Dragon                            2600       3100       Dragon/Spirit
    A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon
    Card of Safe Return
    Foolish Burial
    Lighten the Load
    Lightning Vortex
    Mausoleum of the Emperor
    Mausoleum of the Emperor
    Mystik Wok
    Premature Burial
    The Shallow Grave
    Call of the Haunted
    Good Goblin Housekeeping
    Good Goblin Housekeeping
    Interdimensional Matter Transporter
    Judgment of Anubis
    Magic Jammer
    Malevolent Catastrophe
    Rise of the Dragon Lords is the prime example in Structure Deck Dueling of how
    to fail miserably and lose consistently. The first and most obvious flaw is the
    deck’s name, since the Fairy type monsters in this deck prove much more useful
    than the [lack of] Dragons. This deck is essentially focused on Special
    Summoning Lv7+ monsters from the Graveyard or the hand. The problem? Some of
    these monsters are ONLY useful if special summoned. For example, Darkblaze
    dragon is basically weak if normal summoned, and the Key Card, Felgrand Dragon,
    is trumped by Blue-Eyes White Dragon if it doesn’t activate its effect. Some
    monsters in this deck seem misplaced, if anything. There may be some FIRE
    monsters in need of two tributes here, but Flame Ruler does not deserve a spot
    in this deck. Night Assailant may be a great card too, but even he seems a
    little lost in a “dragon” deck.
    So how do you win using this deck? You desperately hope that once you’ve wasted
    cards getting a 2800+ ATK monster on the field, that they don’t get trashed by
    Lightning Vortex, or done in by Magic Cylinder and the like. This deck lacks
    Dust Tornado, MST, etc., and offers lousy replacements in the form of
    Malevolent Catastrophe, Twister, etc. Basically, your monsters are vulnerable
    to traps, save Tyrant Dragon because of his effect. Mausoleum of the Emperor
    seems to be a priority for playing this deck to its fullest potential. While it
    lets you summon monsters without tributes, it costs significant LP costs, and
    there’s little in this deck to recover lost LP. If you’re relying on Mausoleum
    of the Emperor, remember that your opponent can use it as well.
    Why is Yamata Dragon in this deck? Nobody knows...As for the other monsters,
    the one that seems to give the best edge for this deck is The Creator, allowing
    you to practically summon any monster in your hand or graveyard once per turn.
    Try to use his 3000 DEF to wall your opponent and buy time to summon an
    offensive monster. One pro for this deck is its ability to swap cards, through
    the effects of Herald of Creation, Lighten the Load, Trade-In, and Good Goblin
    Housekeeping, as well as the ever-useful Card of Safe Return.
    In summary, Rise of the Dragon/Fairy/Thunder Lords isn’t terrible, it’s just
    bad and inconsistent. Avoid it, if at all possible.
    (The Creator + Herald of Creation)
    --The Creator’s effect lets you select a monster in the Graveyard, than discard
    a card to Special Summon it. Herald of Creation lets you discard a card to
    return a Lv7+ monster from the graveyard to your hand. You can use these
    effects interchangeably to special summon monsters quickly. For example,
    discard a useful monster with Herald of Creation, than Special Summon it with
    The Creator, or reverse the order to return it to your hand.
    (Foolish Burial + Darkblaze Dragon)
    --Darkblaze Dragon’s ATK doubles to 2400 if Special Summoned from the
    Graveyard. Use Foolish Burial to send it from your deck to the Graveyard, than
    make use of it with Call of the Haunted, Premature Burial, etc.
    (Magic Jammer/Lightning Vortex + Morphing Jar + Night Assailant)
    --If Morphing Jar’s in your Graveyard and his effect could help you, use
    Lightning Vortex or Magic Jammer and discard Night Assailant. When it’s sent
    from your hand to the graveyard, you can return Morphing Jar to your hand.
    (Yamata Dragon + Mystik Wok)
    --Yamata Dragon is great, but less than necessary in this deck. If you can
    manage battle damage with Yamata, you draw cards until you have 5 in your hand.
    This also counts if your opponent attacks it while its in DEF and takes damage
    (Yamata has 3100 DEF). Its effect may only be good for one go, so play Mystik
    Wok before it returns to your hand, and choose its DEF to gain 3100 LP. You
    could also use it as a quick Tribute if you’re trying to Special Summon Tyrant
                                      |THE DARK EMPEROR| (B014)
    |KEY CARD: Caius the Shadow Monarch     |
    |                                       |
    |THEME: Removed-from play revival and   |
    |Monarch Control                        |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Banisher of the Light                    100        2000       Fairy
    D.D. Survivor                            1800       200        Warrior
    D.D. Survivor                            1800       200        Warrior
    Banisher of the Radiance                 1600       0          Fairy
    Dimensional Alchemist                    1300       200        Fairy
    Samsara Kaiser                           200        100        Warrior
    D.D. Warrior                             1200       1000       Warrior
    Lady Assailant of Flames                 1500       1000       Pyro
    D.D. Scout Plane                         800        1200       Machine
    D.D. Scout Plane                         800        1200       Machine
    Chaosrider Gustaph                       1400       1500       Warrior
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Caius the Shadow Monarch                 2400       1000       Fiend
    Mobius the Frost Monarch                 2400       1000       Aqua
    Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch          2400       1000       Pyro
    Granmarg the Rock Monarch                2400       1000       Rock
    D.D.M. – Different Dimension Master      1700       1500       Spellcaster
    Raiza the Storm Monarch                  2400       1000       Winged-Beast
    Zaborg the Thunder Monarch               2400       1000       Thunder
    D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation
    Big Bang Shot
    Enemy Controller
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Soul Absorption
    Dimensional Fissure
    Dimensional Fissure
    Card of Sanctity
    Brain Control
    Soul Release
    Soul Exchange
    Dimension Distortion
    By Order of the Emperor
    Return from the Different Dimension
    Dust Tornado
    Skull Lair
    Solemn Judgment
    Statue of the Wicked
    Macro Cosmos
    Counter Counter
    The Dark Emperor is a fairly good deck to play in a strategic manner. It’s
    built using a combination of Monarch monsters and the constant ability to
    remove cards from play. Monarchs have abilities that activate instantly when
    they are tribute summoned. In other words, they provide one-time advantages by
    taking cards off the field (with the exception of Thestalos, which targets the
    opponent’s hand). Sometimes, it’s possible to draw just the right Monarchs and
    use one per turn to take down your opponent fast. Every monarch has 2400 ATK to
    hold its own. Use their effects to remove you opponent’s barriers, than attack
    when possible.
    Although Monarchs can best most structure decks, The Dark Emperor gives you the
    alternative strategies of removing cards from play, in particular, your own
    cards. Because of the effects of most Lv4 and below monsters in this deck, it’s
    very possible to keep monsters on the field at all times. Macro Cosmos and
    Dimensional Fissure are the most important cards to win with this method,
    because they cause all cards to be removed from play instead of going to the
    Graveyard. Banisher of the Radiance and Bansiher of the Light also have this
    effect, but it is more useful in the form of a Spell/Trap. Removing cards from
    play overrides the effects of cards like Pyramid Turtle, Mother Grizzly,
    Sangan, etc., and combines with the effects of D.D. Scout Plane and D.D.
    Survivor, monsters that return to the field when removed from play.
    Oddly, this deck doesn’t play with many of the staple cards you see in other
    decks. Instead, it remains centralized, providing cards to fit its needs.
    Basically any card with “Dimension” or “D.D.” in its name deals with removed
    from play cards. There is slight support in way of countering your opponent’s
    moves, but not much. With this deck, you want to look more intently at what
    card you can play, and not what card your opponent might play.
    (By Order of the Emperor + any Monarch monster)
    --When a Monarch monster is tribute summoned, its effect is forcibly activated.
    However, if your opponent has no cards that can be targeted by their effect,
    you have to use it on your own cards (this does not count Thestalos). With this
    Continuous Trap, you can negate these effects if this situation happens, and
    draw a card as well.
    (Caius the Shadow Monarch + D.D. Survivor/D.D. Scout Plane)
    --When you Tribute summon Caius, you can remove a card on the field from play,
    even your own. Also, if it’s a DARK monster, your opponent takes 1000 Direct
    Damage. You can remove your own monster and still do damage, so target D.D.
    Survivor or D.D. Scout Plane and they’ll revive at the end of the turn.
    (Soul Absorption + Macro Cosmos/Dimensional Fissure)
    --If Macro Cosmos or Dimensional Fissure is on the field, every card is removed
    from play. This means you can activate Soul Absorption and gain 500 LP every
    time a card is destroyed, tributed, or activated. Try to activate this combo
    early in the duel and you can take a major lead.
    (Chaosrider Gustaph + Dimension Distortion)
    --You cannot activate Dimension Distortion if you have a card in your
    Graveyard. It’s easy to remove monsters already in the Graveyard from play, but
    removing Spells/Traps in the Graveyard is harder. Use Chaosrider Gustaph’s
    effect to remove up to 2 Spells per turn.
    (Return from the Different Dimension)
    --This should be saved for a OTK (one-turn kill). At the cost of half your LP,
    you can special summon as many removed from play monsters to your side of the
    field, but only for that turn. Save it for the right moment, when your opponent
    is unprotected, and hoard the field. Also, if you have Soul Absorption active,
    you’ll gain back 500 LP for each one during the End Phase.
    (Samasara Kaiser)
    --This monster returns to your hand when used for a tribute summon. Try to
    continue using it for Monarch Tributes, instead of tributing your other
                                      |ZOMBIE WORLD| (B015)
    |KEY CARD: Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon             |
    |                                             |
    |THEME: Zombie Types, Graveyard Control       |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Paladin of the Cursed Dragon             1900       1200       Zombie
    Gernia                                   1300       1200       Zombie
    Des Lacooda                              500        600        Zombie
    Blood Sucker                             1300       1500       Zombie
    Red Moon Baby                            700        1000       Zombie
    Pyramid Turtle                           1200       1400       Zombie
    Pyramid Turtle                           1200       1400       Zombie
    Regenerating Mummy                       1800       1500       Zombie
    Reborn Zombie                            1000       1600       Zombie
    Marionette Mite                          1000       1000       Insect
    Marionette Mite                          1000       1000       Insect
    Zombie Master                            1800       0          Zombie
    Zombie Master                            1800       0          Zombie
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon                   2400       2000       Zombie
    Malevolent Mech – Goku En                2400       1400       Zombie
    Patrician of Darkness                    2000       1400       Zombie
    Vampire’s Curse                          2000       600        Zombie
    Ryu Kokki                                2400       2000       Zombie
    Zombie World
    Magical Stone Excavation
    Spell Shattering Arrow
    Soul Taker
    Overpowering Eye
    Cold Wave
    Card of Safe Return
    Creature Swap
    Book of Life
    Call of the Mummy
    Different Dimension Capsule
    Pot of Avarice
    Card Destruction
    Field Barrier
    Imperial Iron Wall
    Mask of Restrict
    Bottomless Trap Hole
    Tutan Mask
    Interdimesnional Matter Transporter
    Dark Mirror Force
    Magic Arm Shield
    While I have a personal bias against this deck, I would be lying if I said it
    was terrible. Zombie World is similar to Zombie Madness in its theme, but
    improved in the way it plays out. Although this deck supports the theme of
    special summoning Zombies from your Graveyard, it extends it to your opponent’s
    Graveyard as well, giving you the chance to use your opponent’s monsters
    against them. Out of all Structure Decks, this deck has the most reliance on a
    Field Spell, in this case, Zombie World. Zombie World changes all monsters on
    the field and in the Graveyard into Zombie Types. This eliminates monster
    advantages in other decks that rely on Types, especially the Spellcaster decks,
    and gives your monsters a broader range with their effects. The Key card, Red-
    Eyes Zombie Dragon, as well as its lesser version, Paladin of the Cursed
    Dragon, use Zombie world to take your opponent’s monster straight from the
    Graveyard, and use them as your own.
    Zombie World has an additional effect while active. While it’s active, players
    cannot tribute summon unless the monster is a Zombie Type. Basically, this
    prevents all Tribute summons that aren’t in this deck, Zombie Madness, and
    Curse of Darkness, the only decks with Lv5+ Zombie monsters. The Spells in this
    deck, except Zombie World, are more or less average. Some give you easier ways
    to special summon zombies through typical Zombie-support, but the others are a
    hodgepodge of cards that don’t match a theme. Staples are a bit lacking here,
    and you won’t find a need for most of the traps in this deck. The effects of
    monsters in this deck are more powerful and more useful than the Spells/Traps
    There’s plenty of room to modify this deck with better Zombies, but as far as
    Structure Deck Dueling is concerned, you shouldn’t find winning too hard with
    Zombie World. You can back your opponent into a corner once the deck’s Field
    Spell is active, but even without it, there’s enough support to beat most other
    (Imperial Iron Wall + Bottomless Trap Hole/Dark Mirror Force)
    --Keep in mind you cannot trigger your Bottomless Trap Hole or Dark Mirror
    Force if Imperial Iron Wall is active.
    (Malevolent Mech – Goku En + Creature Swap)
    --Malevolent Mech can be summoned without a tribute, but destroys itself during
    the End Phase if you do not control another Zombie. Summon it, and use Creature
    Swap to take an opponent’s monster. This will cost you 2400 LP though, because
    of the damage you take when Malevolent Mech is sent to the Graveyard.
    (Marionette Mite + Zombie World)
    --You can discard Marionette Mite to take control of a Zombie (or Fiend) type
    your opponent controls. Zombie World will make all of your monsters Zombies,
    making them all targets for Marionette Mite.
    (Pyramid Turtle + Zombie Master/Patrician of Darkness)
    --Unlike the monsters in Zombie Madness, EVERY monster in this deck can be
    special summoned by Pyramid Turtle’s effect, even Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon. You
    can use Zombie Master to continue special summoning Pyramid Turtle from your
    Graveyard. You can also summon Patrician of Darkness, which lets you pick your
    opponent’s attack targets.
    (Paladin of the Cursed Dragon + Magical Arm Shield + Zombie World)
    --Use Magical Arm Shield and force your opponent to destroy their own Lv4 or
    lower monster. While Zombie World is up, the destroyed monster is bait for
    (Zombie World/Mask of Restrict)
    --It’s not recommended to activate Mask of Restrict for this deck. It prevents
    ALL tributing, for effects, Spells, Traps, and tribute summoning. Also, if it’s
    up along with Zombie World, it takes priority over the Field, preventing you
    from tribute summoning your own monsters.
                                    |SPELLCASTER’S COMMAND| (B016)
    |KEY CARD: Endymion, the Master Magician        |
    |                                               |
    |THEME: Spellcasters and Spell Counter use      |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                       ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Blast Magician                           1400       1700       Spellcaster
    Skilled White Magician                   1700       1900       Spellcaster
    Skilled Dark Magician                    1900       1700       Spellcaster
    Apprentice Magician                      400         800       Spellcaster
    Defender, the Magical Knight             1600       2000       Spellcaster
    Hannibal Necromancer                     1400       1800       Spellcaster
    Silent Magician LV4                      1000       1000       Spellcaster
    Summoner Monk                            800        1600       Spellcaster
    Old Vindictive Magician                  450        600        Spellcaster
    Breaker the Magical Warrior              1600       1000       Spellcaster
    Magical Plant Mandragola                 500        200        Spellcaster
    Royal Magical Library                    0          2000       Spellcaster
    Mythical Beast Cerberus                  1400       1400       Spellcaster
    Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers              1700       600        Spellcaster
    Crystal Seer                             100        100        Spellcaster
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Endymion, the Master Magician            2700       1700       Spellcaster
    Magical Marionette                       2000       1000       Spellcaster
    Dark Red Enchanter                       1700       2200       Spellcaster
    Disenchanter                             2000       2300       Spellcaster
    Silent Magician LV8                      3500       1000       Spellcaster
    Magicians Unite
    Mist Body
    Mage Power
    Mega Ton Magical Cannon
    Magical Blast
    Magical Dimension
    Spell Power Grasp
    Magical Citadel of Endymion
    Giant Trunade
    Hidden Book of Spell
    Tower of Babel
    Magic Cylinder
    Black Horn of Heaven
    Magician’s Circle
    Pitch-Black Power Stone
    Pitch-Black Power Stone
    Spellcaster’s Command is an amazing deck, besting the already powerful
    Spellcaster’s Judgment. The same concept that works with Zombie world works
    here: relying almost completely on a Field Spell Card. In this case, the Field
    is Magical Citadel of Endymion. This Field gains a Spell Counter (no max) every
    time a Spell is played. It protects itself from being destroyed by removing one
    spell counter from it, and when a card with Spell Counters on it is destroyed,
    those counters move to this field. To sweeten the deal, spell counters can be
    removed from this card to substitute counter use for another card. To sum it
    up, this card makes it perfectly possible to activate a monsters effect
    repeatedly if it costs Spell Counters.
    There’s a large array of monsters here, ranging many Lvs, to fit different
    needs. Thanks to the Citadel field, they can activate their effects almost
    endlessly, provided you play your Spells right. Endymion, the Master Magician,
    is the key card, sporting 2700 ATK and an effect that allows you to return a
    Spell to your hand from your Graveyard once per turn. He can be normal
    summoned, and works well with Citadel to be Special Summoned easier. His effect
    also allows you to discard a Spell to destroy a card. Basically, his effect
    allows you to destroy a card every turn. Other monsters in this deck aren’t
    quite so bad either. Through the effects of Silent Magician Lv4 and Lv8, Dark
    Red Enchanter, Magical Marionette, and Mythical Beast Cerberus, you can let
    your monsters’ ATK climb, giving you a purely offensive advantage over your
    opponent, not to mention their effects make them all the more useful. Trap
    cards are limited in effect and serve mostly as catalysts for Magical Citadel
    of Endymion. Attacking may be the heart of winning with this deck, but there
    isn’t much to prevent your opponent from attacking you.
    Spellcaster’s Command is a strategic improvement to Spellcaster’s Judgment, and
    in my opinion, one of the hardest decks to beat. In the hands of a smart
    player, this deck is dangerous.
    -This monster allows you to remove a Spell Counter from anywhere on the field
    to return a face-up Spell Card to its owner’s hand. This means you can use your
    opponent’s Spell Counter to activate this effect. Also, try using it on your
    own Spells, then re-activate the Spell for more counters.
    (Giant Trunade + Pitch-Black Power Stone)
    -If the trap has only one counter left on it, use Giant Trunade to return it to
    your hand, where it’ll be worth three more Spell Counters when you play it
    (Terraforming/Spell Power Grasp)
    -Remember, when you activate Terraforming, you get Spell Counters on
    appropriate cards for it, then more Spell Counters for the field Spell you
    choose to get. If the field’s active, Spell Power Grasp will add one Spell
    Counter on it for its effect, and another for its activation.
    (Magical Citadel + Pitch-Black Power Stone + Hannibal Necromancer)
    --You can activate Pitch-Black Power Stone, then destroy it with Hannibal
    Necromancer’s effect, immediately moving all three counters to Citadel.
    (Skilled Dark Magician/Skilled White Magician)
    --You’ll notice there is no Dark Magician or Buster Blader in this deck, so
    these monsters’ effects are useless. They can still store Spell Counters,
    though, and serve as very good Lv4 monsters.
    (Tower of Babel + Mega Ton Magical Cannon)
    --Tower of Babel can scare your opponent into not playing Spell cards, at the
    cost of 3000 LP. Of course, you’re at risk too. Keep your opponent waiting,
    then use Mega Ton Magical Cannon at the right time, removing those counters and
    destroying your opponent’s field completely.
                                      |5D’S STARTER DECK| (B017)
    |KEY CARD: Junk Warrior                       |
    |                                             |
    |THEME: Synchro Summoning                     |
    MONSTERS (Lv1-Lv4)                      ATK:       DEF:       TYPE:
    Atlantean Pikeman                       1400       0          Sea Serpent
    Axe Raider                              1700       1150       Warrior
    Charcoal Inpachi                        100        2100       Pyro
    Dark Blade                              1800       1500       Warrior
    Harpie Girl                             500        500        Winged Beast
    Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World         100        2100       Fiend
    Tune Warrior                            1600       200        Warrior/Tuner
    Water Spirit                            400        1200       Aqua/Tuner
    Copycat                                 0          0          Spellcaster
    Exiled Force                            1000       1000       Warrior
    Frequency Magician                      800        400        Spellcaster/Tuner
    Junk Synchron                           1300       500        Warrior/Tuner
    Magna Dragon                            1400       600        Dragon/Tuner
    Marauding Captain                       1200       400        Warrior
    Mystic Tomato                           1400       1100       Plant
    Sonic Chick                             300        300        Winged Beast
    Speed Warrior                           900        400        Warrior
    UFO Turtle                              1400       1200       Machine
    MONSTERS (Lv5+)
    Spiral Serpent                          2900       2900       Sea Serpent
    Junk Warrior---------------------Lv5    2300       1300       Warrior
    Colossal Fighter-----------------Lv8    2800       1000       Warrior
    Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth—-Lv6    2600       800        Warrior
    Dian Keto the Cure Master
    Double Summon
    Lightning Vortex
    Monster Reincarnation
    Symbols of Duty
    Synchro Blast Wave
    Synchro Boost
    Synchronized Realm
    Tremendous Fire
    Backup Soldier
    Divine Wrath
    Good Goblin Housekeeping
    Sakuretsu Armor
    Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
    Spellbinding Circle
    Trap Hole
    The 5Ds Starter deck is the first (and in this game, only) Structure Deck to
    introduce Synchro Monsters. Because of this, the deck is 43 cards, but the
    Synchros are in the extra deck. To be honest, the deck is terrible beyond
    belief. It seems to me to be a conglomeration of cards from pretty much every
    other structure deck, but with no theme except synchro summoning. For example,
    the deck has only one Good Goblin Housekeeping, fairly useless “blast-from-the-
    past” cards like Tremendous Fire and Dian Keto the Cure Master, and monsters
    that cannot hold their own unless they are quickly synchroed into something
    better. If you can manage a Synchro summon, or Summon Spiral Serpent, you may
    stand a chance, but otherwise you won’t be attacking or defending very well
    with cards like Atlantean Pikeman and Harpie Girl.
    An alternative theme here is to play with normal monsters. The only good ones,
    however, are Dark Blade, Spiral Serpent, and the defensive monsters Inpachi and
    Renge. Cards like Birthright and Symbols of Duty make summoning these monsters
    easy, but again, they’re only normal monsters, and don’t have much to offer but
    pure offense. This deck is more of an introductory deck to Synchro monsters,
    and provides you with a good supply of Tuners to learn the trade.
    Unfortunately, none of the Synchros are very amazing, and once they’re
    destroyed, you’re probably out of luck because you’ve already wasted your good
    monsters summoning them.
    Spells and Traps are more or less dumbed down here as well. You’re given lesser
    versions of stronger cards; for instance, Spellbinding Circle and Trap Hole.
    Some cards, like Demotion and Miniaturize, are intended to adjust a monster’s
    Lv, to accommodate for a specific Synchro, but are pretty pointless otherwise.
    Unless you’re new to Synchro summoning, I don’t suggest using this deck often.
    In fact, the Starter Deck given to you in story mode is a much better deck to
    learn Synchro summoning with. If you buy this deck, I strongly suggest
    stripping it of its tuners, and modifying your own Synchro deck with it.
    (Junk Warrior + Junk Synchron)
    --Junk Warrior is a Lv5 Synchro that requires Junk Synchron and another 2 Lvs
    combined to Summon. Junk Synchron lets you special summon a Lv2 or lower
    monster from your Graveyard when Normal Summoned, meaning you can immediately
    summon Junk Warrior. Remember Junk Warrior’s effect only activates when he
    first hits the field.
    (Colossal Fighter)
    --Colossal Fighter lets you special summon a Warrior when destroyed by battle
    and sent to the graveyard. This makes him the most useful Synchro in this deck,
    because he can continuously special summon himself with his own effect. Cards
    like Macro Cosmos and Zombie World will ruin this however, and he will not
    revive a Warrior if destroyed by a card effect.
    (Marauding Captain + Junk Synchron/Tune Warrior)
    --Use Marauding Captain’s effect to special summon Tune Warrior or Junk
    Synchron, and you can Synchro summon Junk Warrior)
    (Spiral Serpent + Demotion/Miniaturize)
    --Spiral Serpent is Lv8, so you must reduce its Lv with Miniaturize (-1) or
    Demotion (-2) to use him for Colossal Fighter.
    (Copycat/Sonic Chick/Charcoal Inpachi/Water Spirit)
    --These are all Lv1 Monsters; Water Spirit is the most versatile Tuner since it
    is Lv1. Lv1 monsters can add in the single Lv you need to make Synchro
    Summoning just that much easier.
    -----A004------------------------BEST TO WORST---------------------------------
    For new players, this is my personal order of Structure decks, from number one
    being the best to number one being the worst. This is personal, so don’t take
    offense if you like a deck I don’t:
    1:  Spellcaster’s Command--------------------
    2:  Surge of Radiance                       |
    3:  Warrior’s Triumph                       |
    4:  Zombie World                            |-----For Strategic/Advanced
    5:  Dinosaur’s Rage                         |     players.
    6:  Spellcaster’s Judgment                  |
    7:  Curse of Darkness------------------------
    8:  The Dark Emperor-------------------------
    9:  Blaze of Destruction                    |
    10: Machine Re-volt                         |-----For general playing
    11: Zombie Madness                          |
    12: Invincible Fortress ---------------------
    13: Fury From the Deep-----------------------
    14: Dragon’s Rage                           |-----For New Players, or those
    15: Rise of the Dragon Lords                |     that cry themselves to sleep.
    16: 5D’s Starter Deck                       |
    17: Lord of the Storm------------------------
    -----ES00-----------------------ENDING STATEMENT-------------------------------
    Again, I hope that this Deck guide can be of some use to new players. This
    guide is for use only on Gamefaqs.com, and may not be used for any means
    without my permission. I can be contacted at Tazdude40@yahoo.com and will
    accept e-mails on different strategies, corrections, questions, etc. Thanks

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