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    Duel Puzzle Guide by Zaeolus

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    Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Stardust Accelerator: World Championship 2009 Duel Puzzle FAQ
    Table of Contents:
    [1] Introduction
    [2] Copyright
    [3] Contact Information
    [4] Disclaimer
    [5] In-Game Duel Puzzles
    [6] Download Duel Puzzles
    [1] Introduction
    This is my first FAQ, so I'm sorry for anything you may not like.
     I'm pretty good at Duel Puzzles, and I know some other's have problems,
     so I decided to try to help by posting this.
    Note: I figured all these answers out on my own, and will up date
     regularly when the new puzzles come out, and I solve them. Give me a
     few days after each puzzle release to update.
    [2] Copyright
    Copyright Jeremy M. Kirpatrick 8/16/2009
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
     publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and 
    a violation of copyright.  
    The following sites have permission to post this FAQ: 
    [3]Contact Information
    You can email me at Zenju3@Hotmail.com Please leave 
    Feedback/Questions/Comments etc.
    My Friend Code for this game is:
    Add me and drop me an email so I can add you!
    [4] Disclaimer
    Now, I'm sure there may be alternate ways to solve some of these puzzles,
     you can discard a different card than what I've listed, so on and so forth.
     I just list the exact way I used. Please don't email me with alternate ways.
     I already know, and will not be including them. Also, do not email me when 
    a new puzzle is added. I know. I'm probably working on it, just check back
     in a day or two. Lastly, I have given each puzzle it's own name, along with 
    how it's listed in the game, I just did it for fun. They are not official 
    names by any means.
    [5] In-Game Duel Puzzles
    Compact Duel 1 - Mother Naturia
    1. Activate Pot of Generosity, returning Ally of Justice - Blind Sucker and
     Ally of Justice - Unknown Crusher
    2. Summon Nuvia the Wicked
    3. Activate Big Bang Shot, equipping it to any monster,  and negate it's 
     with Naturia Beast
    4. Activate the effect of Dark Hunter
    5. Attack with Naturia Beetle, and Naturia Beast for game.
    Compact Duel 2 - Master's Control
    1. Activate Solemn Wishes
    2. Activate Terraforming, getting Magical Citadel of Endymion
    3. Activate Magical Citadel of Endymion
    4. Activate Upstart Goblin
    5. Activate Gather Your Mind
    6. Special Summon Endymion, the Master Magician, adding Upstart Goblin
     from the graveyard to your hand.
    7. Activate Upstart Goblin
    8. Activate Endymion, Master Magician's effect, discarding Gather Your Mind 
    to destroy Gravity Bind
    9. Activate Smashing Ground, destroying Gellenduo
    10. Attack with Endymion, the Master Magician for game
    Compact Duel 3 - Colossal Might
    1. Activate Raigeki Break, discarding Speed Warrior, to destroy 
    Burden of the Mighty
    2. Summon Junk Warrior, using it's effect to special summon
     Speed Warrior.
    3. Activate Quillbolt Hedgehog's effect to special summon it from the
    4. Special summon Turbo Warrior from your hand.
    5. Synchro Summon for Colossal FIghter.
    6. Activate Skill Drain.
    7. Activate Final Attack Orders.
    8. Enter the battle phase and attack one of your opponent's
     XYZ-Dragon Cannons.
    9. Use Colossal Fighters effect to special summon himself, and attack 
    another XYZ-Dragon Cannon.
    10. Repeat Step 9 and attack the last remaining XYZ-Dragon Cannon.
    11. Revive Colossal Fighter one last time.
    12. Activate Mystical Space Typhoon, and destroy your face up Skill Drain.
    13. Attack with Colossal Fighter.
    Compact Duel 4 - Psychic Sight
    1. Activate the effect of Destructotron and destroying the face-down
     Mirror Force.
    2. Summon Psychic Snail
    3. Activate Telekinetic Power Well, special summoning Krebons and Mind Master.
    4. Activate the effect of Psychic Snail, targeting Destructotron
    5. Activate the effect of Mind Master, sacrificing Psychic Snail to 
    special summon Psychic Commander.
    6. Activate the effect of Mind Master, sacrificing Krebons to 
    special summon Power Injector.
    7. Activate the effect of Power Injector.
    8. Activate Psychic Sword and equip to Destructotron
    9. Attack Spirit Reaper with Mind Master, activating Psychic Commanders 
    effect, and paying 300 life points.
    10. Attack directly with Destructotron twice. 
    11. Attack with Psychic Commander and Power Injector for game.
    Compact Duel 5 - /Assault Mode Win
    1. Activate the effect of Assault Mercenary, destroying the face-down 
    Bottomless Trap Hole.
    2. Discard Assualt Beast from your hand to add /Assault Mode Activate 
    to your hand.
    3. Activate Copy Plant, copying one of your opponent's Queen of Thorns.
    4. Activate Dark Core, Discarding Dandylion to destroy the attack mode 
    Queen of Thorns.
    5. Synchro Summon Red Dragon Archfiend, using the Copy Plant and 2 
    Fluffy Tokens.
    6. Special Summon Quillbolt Hedgehog from the graveyard.
    7. Synchro Summon Stardust Dragon with Arcane Apprentice, Assault Mercenary, 
    and Quillbolt Hedgehog.
    8. Activate Arcane Apprentice's effect to add /Assault Mode Activate to 
    your hand.
    9. Summon Night Wing Sorceress.
    10. Set both /Assault Mode Activate
    11. Have Red Dragon Archfiend attack one of your opponents Queen of Thorns.
    12. Attack directly with Stardust Dragon and Night Wing Sorceress.
    13. Activate both /Assault Mode Activates, special summoning 
    Stardust Dragon /Assault Mode, and Red Dragon Archfiend /Assault Mode.
    14. Attack with Stardust Dragon /Assault Mode. 
    15. Attack with Red Dragon Archfiend /Assault Mode.
    16. Activate the effect of Stardust Dragon /Assault Mode to negate and 
    destroy Red Dragon Archfiend /Assault Mode.
    17. Activate the effect of Red Dragon Archfiend /Assault mode to 
    special summon Red Dragon Archfiend from your graveyard.
    18. Attack for game.
    [5] Download Duel Puzzles
    Downloads1 - Plant's Strike Back
    1. Activate Seed Cannon.
    2. Activate Dark World Dealings, discarding Plaguespreader Zombie.
    3. Activate Fragrance Storm, destroying Dandylion.
    4. Use Fragrance Storm's second effect to draw an extra card.
    5. Activate Super Solar Nutrient, sacrificing a Fluffy Token to special 
    summon Lonefire Blossom.
    6. Activate the effect of Plaguespreader Zombie, returing
     Tytannial, Princess of Camellias to the deck.
    7. Summon Naturia Cosmos Beet in attack mode.
    8. Activate the effect of Lonefire Blossom, sacrificing the Fluffy Token
     to special summon the second Lonefire Blossom.
    9. Activate the effect of Lonefire Blossom, sacrificing Lonefire Blossom
     (either one) to special summon Tytannial, Princess of Camellias.
    10. Have Tytannial, Princess of Camellias attack Gorz the Emissary of 
    11. Attack directly with Plaguespreader Zombie, Lonefire Blossom, and 
    Naturia Cosmos Beast.
    12. In Main Phase 2, activate the effect of Seed Cannon for game.
    Downloads2 - Zombie's Revenge
    1. Activate Zombie World.
    2. Summon Armageddon Knight, sending Plaguespreader Zombie to the graveyard.
    3. Special summon Plaguespreader Zombie, sending Molten Zombie back to
     the deck.
    4. Synchro summon for DoomKaiser Dragon, and use his effect to special summon
     Blue Eyes White Dragon from your opponents graveyard.
    5. Activate Book of Life, special summoning Armageddon Knight from the
     and remove Gene-Warped Warwolf from play.
    6. Activate Armageddon Knights effect to send Gravitic Orb to the graveyard.
    7. Activate Shallow Grave to special summon Gravitic Orb.
    8. Activate Book of Moon on Gravitic Orb.
    9. Attack your opponents face down Gorz the Emissary of Darkness with
     Blue Eyes White Dragon.
    10. Attack your opponents Plaguespreader Zombie with DoomKaiser Dragon.
    11. Destroy Armageddon Knight by attacking Saurobeast Brachion.
    12. Activate /Assault Mode Activate, and special summon 
    DoomKaiser Dragon/ Assault Mode.
    13. With DoomKaiser Dragon /Assault Mode's effect, special summon
     Plaguespreader Zombie, Blue Eyes White Dragon, and 
    Gorz the Emissary of Darkness.
    14. Activate Urgent Tuning, using Plaguespreader Zombie and Gravitic Orb 
    to special summon Ally of Justice - Catastor
    15. Attack Saurobeast Brachion with Ally of Justice - Catastor.
    16. Attack directly with Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, 
    DoomKaiser Dragon /Assault Mode, and Blue Eyes White Dragon for game.
    Downloads3 - LP=What??
    1. Activate Card Rotator, discarding Stop Defense.
    2. Set Megamorph Face-Down.
    3. Activate Beckoning Light, and return Asura Priest and Honest to your hand.
    4. Switch Judgment Dragon, Blue Eyes White Dragon, and Honest to attack mode.
    5. Return Honest to your hand.
    6. Summon Asura Priest.
    7. Equip Megamorph to F.G.D.
    8. Have Asura Priest attack F.G.D. using both Honests effects.
    9, Attack Marshmallon with Asura Priest.
    10. Attack Black Stego with Asura Priest.
    11. Activate Windstorm of Etaqua when the prompt shows up.
    12. Attack the remaining two monsters with Asura Priest.
    13. Attack Spirit Reaper with Judgment Dragon and Blue Eyes White Dragon 
    for game.
    Downloads4 - Brute Strength
    1. Activate Gold Sarcophagus, remove Cyber Ouroboros from play.
    2. Discard Chaos Sorcerer for Cyber Ouroboros's effect.
    3. Sacrifice Yubel - Terror Incarnate to summon Divine Fowl King Alector.
    4. Activate the effect of Divine Fowl King Alector to negate the effect of 
    The End of Anubis.
    5. Activate the effect of Phantom of Chaos, choosing Chaos Sorcerer. 
    6. Activate the effect of Chaos Sorcerer (PoC) to remove The End of Anubis
     from play.
    7. Destroy a Gravity Bind to Special Summon Trap Eater from your hand.
    8. Synchro Summon Red Dragon Archfiend with Trap Eater and Chaos Sorcerer 
    9. Activate Recurring Nightmare to put Yubel - Terror Incarnate, and
     Phantom of Chaos into your hand.
    10. Special Summon Montage Dragon by discarding Yubel - Terror Incarnate, 
    Gate Guardian, and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.
    11. Equip Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce to Montage Dragon by 
    Phantom of Chaos.
    12. Chain Unleash Your Power! to Twin Swords of Flashing - Tryce, chain
     Mystical Wind Typhoon to destroy the other Gravity Bind, chain
     Miraculous Rebirth to special summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.
    13. Attack for game.
    Downloads5 - Dark Strike Annihilation
    1. Activate Trade-In, discarding Tytannial, Princess of Camellias.
    2. Special Summon Dark Grepher by discarding Destiny Hero - Malicious.
    3. Special Summon The Tricky, discarding Plaguespreader Zombie.
    4. Special Summon Destiny Hero - Malicious by activating it's effect 
    in the graveyard.
    5. Activate Reinforcement of the Army, adding Junk Synchron to your hand.
    6. Summon Junk Synchron, special summoning Plaguespreader Zombie from 
    the graveyard.
    7. Use Plaguespreader Zombie and The Tricky to Synchro Summon 
    Black Rose Dragon, do not activate it's effect!
    8. Use Junk Synchron and Dark Grepher to Synchro Summon Dark Strike Fighter.
    9. Activate Black Rose Dragon's effect on Marshmallon by removing 
    Tytannial, Princess of Camellias from play.
    10. Special Summon Plaguespreader Zombie from the graveyard by returning 
    Krebons to the deck.
    11. Synchro Summon Dark End Dragon with Plaguespreader Zombie and 
    Destiny Hero - Malicious.
    12. Activate the effect of Destiny Hero - Malicious in your graveyard,
     allowing you to special summon another one.
    13. Attack Marshmallon with all monsters.
    14. In Main Phase 2, Activate Dark End Dragon's effect, to send 
    Prime Material Dragon to the Graveyard.
    15. Activate Macro Cosmos.
    16. Sacrifice Destiny Hero - Malicious, Tytannial, Black Rose Dragon, 
    Dark End Dragon, and Dark Strike Fighter for the effect of 
    Dark Strike Fighter.
    17. Activate Return from the Different Dimension, summoning Tytannial, 
    Princess of Camellias, Dark Strike Fighter, Destiny Hero - Malicious,
     Dark End Dragon, and Black Rose Dragon.
    18. Use Dark Strike Fighter to sacrifice all monsters for game.
    Downloads6 - Fatal Fish
    1. Activate Fish Depth Charge, sacrificing Oyster Meister, and destroy Toll.
    2. Activate Fatal Abacus
    3. Activate Fish Depth Charge, sacrificing your Oyster Token to destroy a
     Beelze Frog.
    4. Activate Zombie World.
    5. Activate Book of Life, special summoning Oyster Meister to your side
     of the field, and removing a T.A.D.P.O.L.E. from play.
    6. Sacrifice Oyster Meister for Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon
    7. Equip Hydra Viper with Mist Body.
    8. Attack a Beelze Frog with Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon.
    9. Activate DNA Surgery, and choose Aqua.
    10. Attack the remaining Beelze Frog with Hydra Viper, when you sacrifice
     the Beelze Frog for the attack, and kill the remaining three Beelze Frog,
     Fatal Abacus will end the game.
    Downloads7 - Blackwing Beatdown
    1. Use Shien's Spy to give your opponent Bora the Spear
    2. Normal Summon Sirocco the Dawn with his effect.
    3. Special Summon your 2 Gale the Whirlwinds and 2 Bora the Spears.
    4. Activate Sirocco's effect, Selecting one of the Gales as the target.
    5. Activate Ultimate Offering.
    6. Pay 500 Life Points and sacrifice Sirocco for your second Sirocco.
    7. Activate Sirocco's effect, selecting again the same Gale that was 
    chosen for the first effect.
    8. Synchro Summon Red Dragon Archfiend, using Sirocco the Dawn and the 
    Gale the Whirlwind that did not have its attack boosted.
    9. Activate the Transmigration Prophecy, selecting the two Sirocco the Dawns 
    in your Graveyard.
    10. Activate Pot of Greed, drawing the 2 Siroccos.
    11. Use Ultimate Offering's effect paying 1000 Life Points, and Sacrificing 
    Red Dragon Archfiend and one of the Bora the Spear's to summon the two 
    12. Activate the two Sirocco's effects, selecting once again 
    Gale the Whirlwind.
     (At this point he should have 42900 ATK.)
    13. Activate Gale the Whirlwind's effect, selecting the opponent's 
    Bora the Spear as the target. (850 ATK)
    14. Attack Bora the Spear with Gale the Whirlwind.
     (42900 - 850 = 42050, 45450 - 42050 = 3400 LP)
    15. After the Battle Phase, synchro summon Dark Strike Fighter,
     using Gale the Whirlwind and Bora the Spear.
    16. Activate Dark Strike Fighter's effect, sacrificing one of the 
    (2400 LP)
    17. Activate Dark Strike Fighter's effect, sacrificing the other
    (1400 LP)
    18. Activate Dark Strike Fighter's effect, sacrificing himself. (0 LP)
    **Apolloflameowns gets all the credit to this solution, she beat 
    me to it and gave me the answer on MSN, so it all goes to her. 
    Downloads8 - MisCalculation
    1. Activate Foolish Burial, putting PlagueSpreader Zombie in the graveyard.
    2. Activate Emergency Teleport, and special summon Mind Protector.
    3. Summon Beast of the Pharoah
    4. Activate Creature Swap, giving The Calculator to your opponent.
    5. Synchro Summon for Red Dragon Archfiend, using all three monsters.
    6. Use Beast of Pharoah's effect to special summon PlagueSpreader Zombie.
    7. Activate Remove Brainwashing.
    8. Special Summon The Tricky by discarding Destiny Hero - Malicious.
    9. Remove Destiny Hero - Malicious from play, to special summon the
    second one from your graveyard.
    10. Use PlagueSpreader Zombie, and The Tricky to Synchro Summon 
    Dark Strike Fighter.
    11. Special Summon Gigantes from your hand, removing 
    Beast of the Pharoah from play.
    12. Attack with The Calculator.
    13. Using Dark Strike Fighter's effect, sacrifice The Calculator,
    Destiny Hero - Malicious, Red Dragon Archfiend, Gigantes,
    and finally, himself for game.
    Downloads9 - Ameba Overload
    1. Put your middle Ameba into Attack Position.
    2. Brain Control any of your opponent's Ameba.
    3. Activate Monster Reincarnation, discarding Book of Eclipse, targeting
    Kuraz the Light Monarch in your graveyard.
    4. Sacrifice one Defense Position Ameba to summon Kuraz the Light Monarch.
    5. With Kuraz's effect, target a defense position Ameba, and your facedown
    Nightmare Archfiends.
    6. When prompted, chain Nightmare Archfiends, sacrificing the other defense
    position ameba, not the one you selected for Kuraz's effect.
    7. Draw Creature Swap, and Vengeful Servant from your deck.
    8. Activate Creature Swap, Giving up your Ameba.
    9. Equip Vengeful Servant to your Kuraz the Light Monarch.
    10. Activate Mystic Box, targetting your opponents Defense position Ameba,
    and giving control of your own Kuraz the Light Monarch.
    11. Activate Giant Trunade, and chain Remove Brainwashing when asked.
    12. Attack with the Ameba and 3 tokens for game.
    Downloads10 – Fairy Fury
    1.	Activate Spell Economics.
    2.	Activate Twister, Destroying Skill Drain
    3.	Activate Stamping Destruction, targeting Spell Economics.
    4.	Activate Jar of Greed
    5.	Return all three Honest to your hand.
    6.	Activate Back to Square One, Discarding Voltanis the Adjudicator
    To return The White Stone of Legend to the top of your deck.
    7.	Activate Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen, and use it to special
    Summon Athena.
    8.	Summon Absorbing Kid From the Sky.
    9.	Activate Athena’s effect, sending Absorbing Kid From the Sky to
    To the graveyard to Special Summon Voltanis the Adjudicator.
    10.	Attack a Gorz the Emissary of Darkness with Voltanis the Adjudicator
    Using the effects of all three Honest in your hand.
    ~Sorry for the epic delay…Computer issues. -_-	
    Downloads11- Ultimate Swarm
    1. Activate Burial From a Different Dimension, returning Destructotron,
    Lifeforce Harmonizer, and Psychic Jumper to your graveyard.
    2. Activate Monster Reincarnation, discarding Creature Swap, and adding
    Raiza the Storm Monarch to your hand.
    3. Sacrifice your face down Cyber Jar for Raiza the Storm Monarch, and
    return Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch to the top of your deck.
    4. Activate Pot of Greed, and chain Jar of Greed, then chain Psychic
    Overload, then finally chain Emergency Provisions, and send Pot of Greed,
    Jar of Greed, and Psychic Overload to the graveyard.
    5. Normal Summon Destructotron with the effect of Ultimate Offering.
    6. Activate the effect of Desturctotron to destroy your opponent's face
    down Dimensional Prison
    7. With Ultimate Offering, Normal Summon Psychic Jumper, 
    Lifeforce Harmonizer, and Mind Protector.
    8. Activate the effect of Psychic Jumper to swap your Mind Protector 
    with your opponent's Beast King Barbaros.
    9. Use Ultimate Offering to normal summon Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
    from your hand, sacrificing Psychic Jumper.
    10. Attack with all monsters.
    Downloads12 - Mighty Morphin' 
    1. Summon Morphtronic Boarden.
    3. Equip Morphtronic Cord to Morphtronic Boarden.
    4. Activate Morphtronic Map.
    5. Activate Morphtronic Monitron.
    6. Activate Machine Duplication to special summon two Morphtronic Boarden 
    from your deck, in attack mode, and use the effect of Morphtronic Monitron 
    to switch them to defense mode.
    7. Activate Zero Gravity, and use Morphtonic Cord's effect to destroy one 
    of your opponents face down Magic Cylinder.
    8. Set Dark World Lighning
    9. Activate The Transmigration Prophecy, sending Zero Gravity and 
    Machine Duplication back to your deck.
    10. Flip Summon Morphing Jar.
    11. Use the effect of all three Gadget Drivers in your hand, 
    one at a time to switch your equipped Morphtronic Boarden in and out of 
    Defense/Attack position.(It will end in Attack Mode), the effect of 
    Morphtronic Cord will allow you to destroy three of your opponents 
    face down Magic Cylinder.
    12. Activate Dark World Lightning to destoy the remaining Magic Cylinder,
    discarding either cark left in your hand.
    13. Have all three of your Morphtronic Boardens attack your opponent 
    directly to finish the puzzle.

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