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    FAQ/Walkthrough by alerith

    Version: 0.19 | Updated: 05/10/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dragon Ball Kai - Invasion of the Saiyans
    Mini FAQ/Translation Guide
    v0.11 05/05/09
    Contact: alerith at charter dot net
    Controls/Menu Explanation .......................... [MNU]
    Queston and Answer ................................. [???]
    Character Information............................... [CHA]
    S-Combo List ....................................... [CMB]
    Locations List...................................... [LOC]
    Objectives/Walkthrough ............................. [WLK]
    Miniquests ......................................... [QUE]
    Item List .......................................... [ITM]
    Capsule List ....................................... [CAP]
    Equipment List ..................................... [EQP]
    Thanks ............................................. [THX]
    About this guide:
    For the moment, this guide is not a full-fledged walkthrough. It's meant to
    explain the game, its systems and items in a clear enough manner so that 
    someone without Japanese knowledge can still enjoy it. A full walkthrough would
    take more time than I have at the moment, but it's possible I will write one
    in the near future.
    If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, e-mail me at the address
    provided above. 
    Stuff to add:
    Finish walkthrough
    Add Broly faq
    Controls/Menu Explanation [MNU]************************************************
    During dialogue scenes, if you press start, you will be asked if you would like
    to skip it. The R button will instantly display text. If you hold down R and A,
    you will advance quickly through the text without skipping the scene.
    Hold down the B button in the field to begin charging your ki blast. You can
    blow away certain obstacles, but only if your ki blast is high enough level.
    They come in three flavors: yellow, white, and black flashing obstacles. They
    correspond to ki blast level one, two, and three, respectively.
    The R button switches your active Capsule and the L button displays what the
    currently equipped one does. 
    Press Start in walking mode to access the menu.
    Backpack: Items
    Blue flame: Skills
    Gi: Equipment
    Person: Status
    Gear: Settings
    Red/blue arrows: Switch out
    Crystal ball: Fortune telling
    Capsule: Capsules of course :)
    In the items menu, the Y button will throw away a selected item, and R and L
    will switch between usable items and key items.
    In the equipment menu, pressing the Y button will unequip the selected item.
    Settings menu:
    Message Speed: Slow - Normal - Fast
    Sound Settings: Monorail - Stereo
    In the fortune telling menu, the first selection allows you to view your next
    objective, the second allows you to view enemy information, and the last allows
    you to view which S-Combos you have performed and what notes you have for each.
    Question and Answer [???]******************************************************
    Q. Your FAQ is all jumbly!
    A. It uses Japanese encoding. Please install Japanese support if you want to
    get the most out of this guide.
    Q. I don't get what it's asking me!!!
    A. If you're playing an import RPG, memorize this:
    はい - Hai - Yes
    いいえ - Iie - No
    Q. How do I unlock everyone's skills?
    A. When you go into a character's skill menu to select which ones you would
    like to upgrade, some have ? ? ? as the name. Certain skills are unlocked as
    you progress through the story, others you learn by upgrading certain skills.
    When you highlight an unlocked move, the help dialogue at the bottom of the
    screen will tell you which skills are needed at what level. Refer to the CHA
    section to see which skills are what.
    Q: What do I do with carrots?
       How do I capture monsters?
       How do I fight Broly?
    A: See the QUE miniquest section.
    Q. How do I upgrade my field Ki blast?
    A. You don't, it upgrades as you progress through the story. After defeating
    chapter 6 boss, you will gain Lv2 Ki blast, enabling you to break
    white-flashing obstructions, and Lv3 after the Chapter 12 boss, to break
    black-flashing obstructions.
    Q. What do the stats do?
    Strength(力): Damage for normal attacks and skills
    Defense(防): Increases defense
    Recover(復): Recovery rate
    Skill(技): Skill damage (moreso than Str), accuracy
    Speed(速): Action speed, evasion rate
    Luck(運): Chain/critical chance
    *Luck also effects certain things like Mafuuba's success rate, chance to blind
    enemy, drop rate, etc.
    Q. What should I wish for from Shen Long?
    A. You can gather the dragon balls as often as you like. Here are the wishes:
    経験値がいっぱい欲しい - I want a ton of EXP - Everyone gains 30,000 EXP
    たくさんAPが欲しい - I want a lot of AP - Everyone gains 5,000 AP
    大金持ちにしてくれ - Make me filthy rich - Obtain 100,000 Zeni
    新しい場所に行きたい - I want to go someplace new - Get 'investigative
                           license' for East Town
    すごいアイテムが欲しい - I want an amazing item - Get 'Heavy Gi'
    最強の敵と戦いたい - I want to fight the strongest foe - Broly will appear
    *You can wish for the first three as many times as you want.
    Q. How do I start these stupid S-Combos?
    A. S-Combos are two or three special attacks that will combine to perform a
    super powerful attack. You must have two or three characters with a full anger
    guage, so they are in Sparking mode.
     This has several advantages. First, S-Combos will always go first in battle.
    Second, you can deal huge damage. Third, they generally look awesome and you
    want to do them as much as possible.
     There are two types of S-Combos. The first is a general S-Combo that any
    character can perform with any other character. The second is character and 
    move specific. To perform a normal S-Combo, select any fist or ki skill with
    a WHITE border around the icon for as many characters in Sparking mode as you
    wish to perform the attack. Be sure you select the same enemy with all
    characters! Red, green, and purple skills cannot be comboed in this way. When
    the round begins, your characters will start the combo immediately.
     The second type of S-Combo requires certain characters and certain skills to
    be used. These are hidden until you perform them or find the notes scattered
    around the game world. A simple one is to do a kamehameha with Goku, Krillin,
    and Yamcha when all three are Sparking. Go to the CMB section to view the
     Note that Ultimate Techniques also require a full anger guage,
    and the anger guage will return to 0 after the Ultimate move or S-Combo is
    performed. However, if you input a skill but an S-Combo doesn't occur, your
    Sparking status will not be removed.
     To take advantage of the S-Combo system as much as possible, you have to play
    smart. Ki attacks generally don't generate as much anger as a standard
    attack, and combo skills will usually generate quite a bit. If you need to
    increase your anger meter in a hurry, use combo skills! Note that in Yamcha's
    case, his Wolf Fang Fist makes MUCH more anger than Wolf Hurricane, but it will
    only S-Combo with Tenshinhan's Kikouhou. If you want to do a standard Sparking
    fist combo with Yamcha, make sure you use Wolf Hurricane.
     You can also raise the "Anger Guage Up" skill for your characters, and "Chain
    Rate Up" with Goku, Yamcha, and Piccolo. More chains means more anger, and a
    high chain rate will sometimes generate more anger than combo skills. Anger
    obtained is based on number of hits, so accuracy plays a part as well. Also,
    the higher level a skill is, the more anger it will generate. Keep all of this
    in mind!
    Q. What's this Active Guard mess?
    A. When you are attacked by an enemy, the character being attacked will have
    a small flash over their head and you will hear a sharp sound effect. If you
    press the corresponding button fast enough, you will guard the attack,
    reducing damage. The button needed to be pressed depends on which slot the 
    character is occupying. The top character slot corresponds to the X button, the
    middle character is the Y button, and the bottom character is the B button. If
    you select a character to guard that turn, they will not have a chance to
    active guard, as they are already blocking.
    Character Information [CHA]****************************************************
    The following is a list, in the order they appear in the skills menu, of each
    characters abilities and their in-game description.
    Special Techniques(必殺技):
    Combination(コンビネーション) - A fast combo attack
    Meteo Combination(メテオコンビネーション) - An angry combo attack
    Kamehameha(かめはめ波) - Kamesen-school energy wave attack, the Kamehameha we
                             all know
    Chain Energy Wave(連続エネルギー波) - Shoot numerous energy balls at all
    Zanzouken/Illusion Fist(残像拳) - Greatly raises evasion for a few turns
    Ultimate Techniques(究極技):
    Spirit Bomb/Genkidama(元気玉)
    HP Up(HPアップ)
    KI Up(KIアップ)
    Strength Up(攻撃力アップ)
    Evade Up(回避率アップ)
    Chain Rate Up(チェーン発生率アップ)
    Critical Rate Up(クリティカル発生率アップ)
    All Stats Up(全能力アップ)
    Anger Guage Up(怒りゲージアップ)
    Special Techniques(必殺技):
    Rush(ラッシュ): Fast combo attack
    Masenko(魔閃光): An energy wave attack learned from Piccolo
    Gekiretsu-madan(激烈魔弾) - Fires numerous energy balls at all enemies
    Rage(激怒) - Increase anger guage, increase attack power each turn
    Haiya Dragon(ハイヤードラゴン) - Haiya Dragon comes and restores HP to all
    Ultimate Techniques(究極技):
    Explosive Rush(爆裂ラッシュ) - Violent chain attack in anger
    Miracle Full Power(ミラクル全開パワー) - Gohan's anger explodes and tackles
                                             an enemy
    HP Up(HPアップ)
    Ki Up(KIアップ)
    Attack Up(攻撃力アップ)
    Defense Up(防御力アップ)
    Evasion Rate Up(回避率アップ)
    Critical Rate Up(クリティカル発生率アップ)
    All Stats Up(全能力アップ)
    Anger Guage Up(怒りゲージアップ)
    Special Techniques(必殺技):
    Blitz(連撃) - Chain attack that hits the enemy where they're open
    Kamehameha(かめはめ波) - Kamesen-school energy wave attack
    Kienzan(気円斬) - Energy attack of a ki shaped into a cutter. Blows through
    Scattered Energy Wave(拡散エネルギー波) - Scatters condensed energy from up in
                                              the air attacking all enemies
    Taiyouken(太陽拳) - Blinds the enemy with a strong light. High chance to escape
    Ultimate Techniques(究極技):
    Kienretsuzan(気円烈斬) - Shoots multiple Kienzan at all enemies.
    Y-Yajirobe!?(ヤ、ヤジロベー!?) Yajirobe appears and heals all allies and
                                     attacks all enemies with a death attack.
    HP Up(HPアップ)
    KI Up(KIアップ)
    Defense Up(防御力アップ)
    Evasion Rate Up(回避率アップ)
    Act Speed Up(行動速度アップ)
    Critical Rate Up(クリティカル発生率アップ)
    Item Effect Up(アイテム効果アップ)
    Anger Guage Up(怒りゲージアップ)
    Special Techniques(必殺技):
    Wolf Hurricane(ウルフハリケーン) - A chain attack with some useless movements
    Wolf Fang Fist/Rouga Fuufuuken(狼牙風風拳) - Yamcha's special powerful chain 
    Kamehameha(かめはめ波) - Kamesen-school energy wave attack
    Soukidan(操気弾) - Control a ki ball to hit multiple times
    Useless Movement(ムダな動き) - Uses useless movement to always hit the enemy
                                   for several turns
    Ultimate Techniques(究極技):
    New Wolf Fang Fist(新狼牙風風拳) - An angry combo attack with a more powerful
                                       Rouga Fuufuuken
    Super Soukidan(超操気弾) - Attack all enemies multiple times with a powerful
    HP Up(HPアップ)
    KI Up(KIアップ)
    Accuracy Up(命中率アップ)
    Evasion Rate Up(回避率アップ)
    Act Speed Up(行動速度アップ)
    Chain Rate Up(チェーン発生率アップ)
    Item Drop Up(アイテムドロップアップ)
    Anger Guage Up(怒りゲージアップ)
    Special Techniques(必殺技):
    Raid(強襲) - All out chain attack
    Kikouhou(気功法) - A power energy wave, but reduces HP
    First of Four Selves(四身の拳) - Split into 4 people and shoot a sure-fire
                                     energy blast
    Taiyouken(太陽拳) - Darkness on all enemies
    Mafuuba(魔封波) - Seal enemy in Electric Jar, a weakened enemy increases
                      success rate
    Ultimate Techniques(究極技):
    New Kikouhou(新気功法) - A powerful technique that shoots multiple Kikouhou,
                             but HP is reduced
    Shin Taiyouken(真・太陽拳) - The true Taiyouken that no one can mimic,
                                 darkness on all enemies and large damage
    HP Up(HPアップ)
    KI Up(KIアップ)
    Attack Up(攻撃力アップ)
    Accuracy Up(命中力アップ)
    Auto Recover Up(自動回復量アップ)
    Ki-element Resistance Up(気弾耐性アップ)
    All Status Resist(全状態異常レジスト)
    Anger Guage Up(怒りゲージアップ)
    Special Techniques(必殺技):
    Demon Combo(魔連撃) - Piccolo's chain attack
    Bakuriki-maha(爆力魔波) - Demon tribe's energy wave attack
    Gekiretsu-koudan(激烈光弾) - Powerful energy attack that hits the enemy with
                                 charged ki from both hands
    Super Bakuriki-maha(超爆力魔波) - Attacks all enemies with energy exploding 
                                      out from Piccolo as the center
    Self-Revive(自己再生) - Recovers Piccolo's HP
    Ultimate Techniques(究極技):
    Makankou-sappou(魔貫光殺砲) - Hits enemy with accumulated ki. Will be
                                  defenseless for a few turns until it fires.
    Makuu-houidan(魔空包囲弾) - Explodes at once multiple energy balls that
                                surround the enemy
    HP Up(HPアップ)
    KI Up(KIアップ)
    Attack Up(攻撃力アップ)
    Accuracy Up(命中率アップ)
    Recovery Up(自動回復量アップ)
    Chain Rate Up(チェーン発生率アップ)
    All Element Resist Up(全属性耐性アップ)
    Anger Guage Up(怒りゲージアップ)
    S-Combo List [CMB]*************************************************************
    Name(Japanese name) - Skills/characters needed
    In-game description
    Two-Person Combos
    Saiyan Attack(サイヤンアタック) - Kamehameha (Goku), Rush (Gohan)
    Son family combo attack. Blow them away and rush them down!
    Jin-Ma Fusion Wave(神魔融合波) - Super Bakuriki-maha (Piccolo), Chain Energy
                                     Wave (Goku)
    Powerful attack with God's #1 apprentice and a member of the demon tribe.
    Finish them with a ki wave attack!
    Rapid Demon Cannon(連魔キャノン) - Demon Combo (Piccolo), Masenkou (Gohan)
    A tactic developed by demons. Knock them away with a chain attack and hit them
    with a ki blast!
    Tenshoukou(天照光) - Taiyouken (Krillin), Taiyouken (Tenshinhan)
    A flash comparable to the sun. This does more than blind with brightness.
    Wolf-Crane Strike Formation(狼鶴相打陣) - Rouga-fuufuuken (Yamcha), Kikouhou
    Combination of wolf and crane! After a combo attack, fire a powerful ki blast!
    Fierce Energy Blast(激烈エネルギー弾) - Scattered Energy Wave (Krillin),
                                            Gekiretsu-madan (Gohan)
    Combo attack with two types of ki blasts. The small won't lose!
    Soukienzan(操気円斬) - Soukidan (Yamcha), Kienzan (Krillin)
    Wave attack with different types of ki. Can they stop drooling over women?
    4X Surrounding Shot(四倍包囲弾) - Fist of Four Selves (Tenshinhan),
                                      Makuu-houidan (Piccolo)
    Knock the enemy into the air with a 4x attack then hit them with a demon blast.
    Three-Person Combos
    Kamehame-Ranbu(かめはめ乱舞) - Kamehameha (Krillin), Kamehameha (Yamcha),
                                   Kamehameha (Goku)
    Ultimate wave attack technique from Sennin-school. Burn 'em to a crisp!
    Earthling Strike(地球人ストライク) - Raid (Tenshinhan), Wolf Hurricane (Yamcha)
                                         Blitz (Krillin)
    Show all enemies the spirit of the Earthlings in an all out fight!
    Meteo Impact(メテオインパクト) - Explosive Rush (Gohan), Meteo Combination
                                     (Goku), Makankou-Sappou (Piccolo)
    Hit with a Saiyan chain attack, then finish it with a demonic ki blast!
    Friendship Energy(友情エナジー) - Kienzan (Krillin), Kamehameha (Goku),
                                      Miracle Full Power (Gohan)
    Slice, pow, pow! Full power energy attack. Show them the power of friendship!
    Demon-Wolf-Crane(魔・狼・鶴) - Shin Taiyouken (Tenshinhan), Super Soukidan
                                   (Yamcha), Super Bakuriki-maha (Piccolo)
    Combination attack with the demon tribe, the wolf, and the crane! Blinds them
    and hits them with a ki blast without pausing!
    Locations Listing [LOC]********************************************************
    Please use this locations list to help you navigate the world map.
    亀ハウス - Kame House
    修行の島 - Training Island
    東の都 - East Town
    バンブの森 - Bamboo Forest
    パオズ山 - Paozu Mountain
    パオズ山東側 - Paozu Mountain East
    パオズ山ドラゴン岩 - Paozu Mountain Dragon Crag
    神渡しの道 - Road to God
    武道寺 - Budou Temple (martial arts temple/budoukai rink)
    牛魔王の城 - Gyuu-Maou's Castle (Ox King)
    占いババの宮殿 - Baba's Palace
    五行山 - Gokou Mountain
    キウイ火山 - Kiwi Volcano
    フラッペ山 - Frappe Mountain
    スピニッチ荒野 - Spinach Wilds
    ブレイク荒野 - Break Wilds
    西の都 - West Town
    ジングル村 - Jingle Village
    ヒイラギ平原 - Hiiragi Plains
    聖地カリン - Holy Land Karin
    仙人の泉 - Sennin's Spring
    砂漠 - Desert
    海賊の洞窟 - Pirate's Cave
    マッスルタワー - Muscle Tower
    ユンザビット高地 - Yunzabit Heights
    ユンザビット氷窟 - Yunzabit Ice Cave
    悪魔の大便所 - Devil's Toilet
    ピラフ城 - Pilaf Castle
    ネムリア遺跡 - Nemuria Ruins
    武泰斗の修行場 - Butaito's Training Grounds
    パプリカ荒野 - Paprika Wilds
    ギザード荒野 - Gizard Wilds
    Objectives / Walkthrough [WLK]*************************************************
    The following is a translated list of the objectives from the fortune-telling
    menu, accompanied by walkthrough notes by me when appropriate.
    - Go downstairs and talk to Roshi. He'll tell you to go to the island to the
    south. Leave and the turtle will talk about saving. Use the Capsule pad, then
    you can leave.
    - Go to the small island to the south. Krillin will explain how to fight and
    level up skills in the first battle. Slightly forward, he'll explain how to 
    break objects (hold B in front of flashing obstructions. Release when the rock
    is *not* flashing orange). Further in, Krillin explains about element attacks.
    Ghosts take high damage from ki skills. Active guarding is explained in this
    - Towards the back of the cave, Bulma will call and explain capsules. Take the
    Gas Mask and Charm of Darkness in the chests in front of the mist. The Gas Mask
    will allow you to pass through the poison mist unharmed. Note if a capsule is
    greyed out it will not apply its effect. Take the crystal ball at the back of
    the cave and Jackie Chun will attack. 
    Boss: Jackie Chun (151)
    Recommended Level: 4
    S-Combo's are explained in this battle (using the standard rush attack
    with all three will unlock Earthing Strike). Careful with active guard timing,
    and use healing items if needed.
    Chapter 1: Take Back the Oorin Temple! Krillin's Tearful Return
    1. Krillin's return after a long time to the nostalgic 'Oorin Temple'
    -Enter the shop as you pass it, though you don't have to buy anything, you will
    not be able to visit another shop for a while (I recommended buying a couple
    -The temple as at the top of the north stairs.
    2. The Oorin Temple has been attacked! They escaped to 'Bamboo Grove', defeat
    the temple's rival!
    -The grove is to the right of the temple. At the far side, you'll encounter
    Boss: Paopao (152)
    Recommended Level: 6
    Use skills 'til you're out of ki then beat on her.
    Chapter 2: Yamcha's Special Soukidan! Who took over my base?
    3. Something strange at 'Paozu Mountain', what's with these scattered carrots?
    4. Toninjinka appears again! Follow the guys headed for your 'Base'!
    -Navigate your way to Yamcha's base. On the second screen, you can walk under-
    neath the overhanging rocks to go further north.
    Boss: Toninjinka (153)
    Recommended Level: 8
    Just kill one of the minions, or he'll summon more. Spam your favorite skill
    on the bunny 'til he's gone. You get the Carroter Glove for beating him. See
    the QUE section for info on carrots.
    Chapter 3: Warrior of Isolation, Ten trains! Illusion Fist of Four Selves
    5. Tenshinhan is told to train, head for 'Road to God' where Mutaito sleeps
    -Head to the back of the cave and blow up the crystal with a ki blast.
    -When Chaozu gets possessed, don't waste ki, guard or do whatever for a few
    turns. You'll get Fist of Four Selves.
    Boss: Evil Flame (154)
    Recommended Level: 7
    I wouldn't use Kikouhou, as it damages Ten. You get Electric Jar for winning.
    Chapter 4: Fly High! Trouble at the Tenkaichi Budokai
    6. The Tenkaichi Budoukai is open! First, to the 'Preliminaries Hall'
    -Walk to the northeast (past the infirmary) to get to the preliminaries.
    -Talk to the announcer on the center platform and he will ask if you are ready.
    7. Dramatic Tenkaichi Budoukai! Who is the mysterious Majunia?
    -Level up by fighting the contestants on the platform. I would level at least
    once, twice if you aren't feeling too lucky.
    -Leave the preliminaries hall and talk to the announcer in the spectator's
    area when you're ready to fight Piccolo.
    8. Demon Lord Piccolo returns! Trust in Goku to Obtain Victory
    Boss: Piccolo (155)
    Recommended Level: 5-6
    This is a two-part fight and you can't use items. I would only use Ki for
    Zanzouken since Piccolo is hard to A.Guard against. Use normal attacks to save
    ki, and don't forget to save some for the second battle.
    Chapter 5: Ox King's Disaster!? The Wedding Dress in Flames
    9. Goku and Chichi get married! Ceremony at Ox King's castle
    -Go inside.
    10. See Fortune Teller Baba when you're in trouble. Go to Baba's Palace for the
    -West Town is also open if you want to go there. You can turn in carrots to the
    dogman on the rear roof down the stairs in the back of town. Baba's Palace is
    southwest. She will tell you to go to Gokou Mountain.
    11. The origin of the fire is the Flame of Hakkakero? Hurry to 'Gokou Mountain'
    which connects to Hakkakero!
    -Gokou Mt. is close to the north.
    -Make your way to the back of the cave.
    Boss: Annin (156)
    Recommended Level: 10
    Be careful, as she can blind you, and her A. Guards have difficult timing. Pick
    up some Midbeans and Dark Recovers in town if you have trouble.
    12. Kamesennin knows the location of one of the ingredients needed to plug the
    hole that the flame is leaking from, 'Honey'?
    -Go to the Kame House. After talking to Roshi, Oolong opens his shop and Yamcha
    Krillin and Tenshinhan join your party.
    13. Seek the 'Egg Shell' from the Fire-eating Bird at Kiwi Volcano, an
    ingredient to plug the hole
    -Kiwi Volcano is to the southwest of Kame House.
    -Take the upper path that wraps back around to the first screen to find the
    Cool Suit. You can walk on lava with this capsule equipped.
    -Roshi will call and tell you that you must upgrade your ki blast to lv2 or 3
    in order to break the white and black flashing obstructions.
    Boss: Shu Machine (157)
    Recommended Level: 12
    Watch out for stun and fire attacks. Stun Recovers, Midbeans and the Cool Suit
    along with decent levels and S-Combos should take out Shu without a great
    amount of trouble. You get the Egg Shell for winning.
    14. Old Lady Hakkake is collecting Honey, she lives near Frappe Mountain.
    -Frappe Mountain is in the far north. 
    15. Honey was stolen! Follow the three into the back of Frappe Mountain!
    -Navigate through the mountain.
    -Be sure to search all treasure chests. In one is the Silver Fur, which will
    allow you to traverse ice without taking damage.
    16. Pilaf is the theif?! Follow them!
    -After you encounter Pilaf, follow them into the cave. Make a mental note there
    are blocks of ice that you need Lv2 or Lv3 ki blasts to get through here.
    Boss: Mai Machine (158)
    Recommended Level: 14
    Can stun with high damage on all party members, just like Shu's. No special
    tactics involved, but try to keep HP above 200. You get the Honey for
    17. Got the Honey! Got the other ingredient, Egg Shell, so back to Annin!
    -Rest, save, buy items if needed.
    -Go back to Gokou Mountain and talk to Annin.
    18. Where's the hole in the Hakkakero? Push through the flames and find it!
    -Pressing A next to flames will extinguish it with the Bashou-sen. Don't forget
    to re-equip the Cool Suit capsule. Navigate your way through and defeat the
    flame monsters. The green flame is optional, and a little harder, but gives
    lots of experience. He'll ask you first before you fight him.
    Boss: Devil Flame (green) (160)
    Recommended Level: 15
    Keep the Cool Suit on and beat on him with everything you've got. His A. Guards
    have really quick timing so try to be fast.
    Boss: Hakkakero Flame (159)
    Recommended Level: 14
    If you have the Cool Suit equipped this battle shouldn't be too difficult.
    -Walk through the final flame to end the chapter.
    Chapter 6: Arrival of Raditz, the Strongest Warrior!
    19. Mysterious man arrives out of nowhere. He's headed for... Kame House?!
    -Do whatever in the battle, you can't hurt him.
    -Leave the area and head to Kame House.
    20. The mini-Goku is spoiled! I'm Gohan!
    -Talk to everyone (including inside) and talk to Bulma a second time to start
    the event.
    21. Gohan is kidnapped! The one responsible... Goku's brother?!
    -Talk to everyone again, just like before, Bulma twice.
    22. Goku and Piccolo's Tag Formation! Raditz is at 'Spinach Wilds'.
    -Level up, buy items, whatever, then go to Spinach Wilds.
    -Note the Lv2 obstructions.
    -Gas Mask will let you pass through the purple poison mist.
    Boss: Raditz (161)
    Recommended Level: 18
    Raditz does insane damage, so you'll want lots of Midbeans and possibly a few
    Pheonix Feathers. Don't worry so much about accumulating anger, as you'll
    get Sparking from one or two of Raditz' attacks. Don't use all of Piccolo's ki!
    Save 60 for his Makankou-sappou, which will become usable towards the end of
    the battle. He needs to be Sparking to use it, since it's an Ultimate Technique
    but after you use it the battle will end. You get Lv2 ki blast for winning.
    Chapter 7: Don't cry, Gohan! The First Battle
    23. Alone in the wilds... Head forward to where Piccolo waits
    -Head to the left screen, then northeast
    24. Gohan's training begins? Survival! Survive for six months!
    -Follow the path.
    Chapter 8: Fly higher! Train under Kami
    25. Goku is dead... And Gohan was taken away. Krillin, give the news to Chichi
    26. Bring the Secret Circuit from Capsule Corporation to Bulma
    -Visit Goku's house at Paozu Mountain East, right next to Kame House.
    -Go to Capsule Corp (at West Town) and go up the left stairs.
    -The circuit is on the workbench.
    -Return to Kame House.
    27. Summons! Training with Kami! Search for Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Yamcha
    -Head to Jingle Village to the far north. Shop here if you want.
    28. Where is the Hiiragi Plains? Follow Lunch to get the secret medicine!
    -Talk to the man at the north edge of the village and he'll tell you where the
    Hiiragi Plains are (about 10 pixels to the south on the world map).
    -To find Lunch, head one screen east, then one screen to the northwest.
    -Grab all the chests here - you can find the Absorption Bracelet, which will
    restore some HP every time you deal damage. Good for Tenshinhan.
    29. Found Lunch! Go after the Rei-Yashinsu behind the closed gate
    -Use the key she gives you to open the door at the north side of the area.
    -You will be attacked when you find the herb.
    Boss: Dongiras (163)
    Recommended Level: 17
    Equip the Silver Fur and make sure you have a couple Freeze Recovers. He
    shouldn't be too much trouble.
    30. Good job, Lunch! Hurry and bring the Rei-yashinsu to Jingle Village
    31. Reunite! Tenshinhan and Chaozu! Yamcha is at Paozu Mountain
    -If you go to Paozu Mountain, there will be a large boulder blocking your path.
    -Krillin will mention there is a way around on the East Side. Return to your
    world map and go there (where Goku's house is).
    -The bridge will be repaired. Cross it to get to Yamcha's base.
    -On the third screen, you'll see a sign that points to the east, towards a
    darker looking area. This is the Dragon Crag zone. DO NOT GO HERE. Head north,
    if you want to live...!
    -One more screen east and you can find Yamcha's base. Go in and recruit him.
    32. Everyone's reunited! Report back to Kame-sennin at the Kame House
    -Leave the area via south and return to Kame House.
    33. Head for Kami's Temple! First, leave for Karin Tower
    -Holy Land Karin is north of Baba's Palace.
    -You can shop in the southwest most tent. The entrance to the tower is as the
    far north. Go up, go upstairs and talk to Karin.
    34. Danger at the Senzu sprout? Take water to Sennin's Spring
    -Go back down the tower and blast away the rock to the right. This leads to the
    -Monsters here are pretty tough, so be careful. Once you find the sprout, you
    will be attacked.
    Boss: Spring Hunter/Spring Devil (165/164)
    Recommended Level: 20
    This is a fairly tough fight. I would take out the Hunter first (the one in the
    rear) as, if I recall correctly, he can revive and heal. The Silver Fur helps.
    Stock up on Pheonix Feathers, Midbeans, and if you have spare cash, Ki capsules
    and Hot Capsules. Hot Capsules will do about 200 damage to the Devil even when
    he increases his defense (you'll see a blue shield come up). You get the
    Karin's Flask for winning the battle. 
    -Return to Karin.
    35. Gohan is growing! Who's Ki do I feel up ahead?
    -Note the level 3 obstructions here. Navigate your way to the southeast and
    talk to Piccolo on the ridge. When you get close, you will be ambushed.
    Boss: Rival Dinosaur (162)
    Recommended Level: 6
    Spam Rush and it'll die.
    36. Defeat the dragon that is eating the giant flower! Gohan's road to true
    -You can leave via the south exit, this is the perfect time to revisit old
    locations and break the level 2 obstructions for treasure. You don't have to,
    but it helps raise Gohan and Piccolo up to around 20 with your other chars. The
    ones I remember are at Kiwi Volcano, Frappe Mountain, and Spinach Wilds. The
    treasure at Spinach Wilds contains a Knowledge of Martial Arts accessory.
    -Return to the flower at the north of the area where Gohan starts.
    Boss: Midogias (166)
    Recommended Level: 15
    Not much to say, spam attacks until it dies.
    Chapter 9: Lord Enma is shocked too! Fight in the Netherworld!
    37. This is the Netherworld? Meet Kami and Enma-Daiou
    38. Train under Kaiou-sama! Go up the loooong Snake Way
    -Don't miss the two chests in Enma's room, they are nice accessories.
    -Go up to Snake Way.
    39. Sleeping on Snake Way, Goku fell into Hell
    40. Rumble! To get back on Snake Way, a sumou battle with Gozu!
    -Talk to Gozu, the blue ogre, and say yes.
    Boss: Gozu ()
    Recommended Level: 19
    Careful of his stun attacks. You may need to use a few items, but he should
    die after 5-6 Meteo Combos. If you need to, you can buy items at the Hell Shop
    above the save point.
    41. Teach me! Secret shortcut! Game of Hell Tag with Mezu!
    -Talk to Mezu and say yes.
    42. Follow the fleeing Mezu!
    -Navigate your way across the river (Styx?) and bus yard.
    43. Gotcha! Now you can hear about the shortcut from Gozu/Mezu
    -Talk to the demons and run up the stairs.
    44. Lost a lot of time! Hurry back to Snake Way
    -Run back through Snake Way until you find the mansion.
    45. Did I arrive at Kaiou-sama's home? Let's go in anyway
    ***IN PROGRESS***
    Miniquests [QUE]***************************************************************
    After defeating Toninjinka as Yamcha in chapter 2, you will obtain the Carroter
    Glove capsule, which will allow you to start collecting carrots. All you have
    to do is kill an enemy when the Carroter Glove is equipped and active.
    The dogman in the back part of West Town on the roof collects these, and will
    reward you with the following:
    1: Midbean
    100: Secret Shortcut
    500: Zeni Rush
    1000: Sewer Key (for Budou Temple sewers)
    Fight in areas full of weak enemies so you can get through battles quickly.
    Don't bother buying Noisy Shoes for the purpose of collecting carrots, as they
    can't work in conjunction with the Carroter Glove. You can only carry 99 of
    each type of carrot, so check your inventory every 10 minutes or so. When you
    are full, return to West Town. It should only take about 45 minutes of
    grinding in Training Island to get a sackful. It's obviously a pain if you are
    at the end of the game and want to get into the sewers and have no carrots, so
    the best way is to take breaks from advancing the story every so often and go
    collect a hundred or so, so you'll have enough by chapter 15. 
    You can capture monsters with Tenshinhan's Mafuuba skill. Beginning in chapter
    10, Kami will give you rewards depending on how many you have captured:
    30: Offense Ring
    60: Good Electric Jar
    120: Kami's Gi
    150(all): Spark Boots
    The weaker the enemy, the easier it is to capture it with the Mafuuba.
    Character level difference, level of Mafuuba skill, and remaining hit points of
    the monster apply to the success rate. Try to keep Electric Jar capsules
    equipped. If an enemy is so weak it dies with one hit, try poisoning it. You
    can check which monsters you have captured by going to the crystal ball and 
    selecting view monster data from the menu. The number of monsters captured
    appears in the top right.
    Ask Shenlong to fight the strongest enemy and Broly will appear in Paozu
    Mountain Dragon Crag. 
    ITEM LISTING [ITM]*************************************************************
    English Name(Japanese name) - Game description
    Buy price(sell price) Location found
    *I translated these names and descriptions myself, so I take zero
     responsibility for accuracy. :)
    *Location is general, or a shop where it can be obtained.
    Azuki(小豆) - Recovers 150 HP for one ally
    100(50) East Town shops
    Midbean(中豆) - Recovers 300 HP for one ally
    500(250) East Town shops
    Soy bean(大豆) - Recovers 800 HP for one ally
    1000(500) Jingle Village shops
    Bean Kai(豆改) - Recovers 1500HP for one ally
    2000(1000) Ulong at Kame House (after chapter 10)
    HP Drink 30(HPドリンク30) - Recovers 30% HP for one ally
    500(250) East Town shops
    HP Drink 50(HPドリンク50) - Recovers 50% HP for one ally
    1000(500) East Town shops
    HP Drink Z(HPドリンクZ) - Recovers all HP for one ally
    3000(1500) East Town shops(after chapter 10)
    HP Capsule 50(HPカプセル50) - Recovers 50% HP for all allies
    3000(1500) West Town shops
    HP Capsule Z(HPカプセルZ) - Recovers all HP for all allies
    -(3000) Treasure boxes
    Rotten Carrot(しなびた人参) - Recovers a little HP for one ally(battle only)
    -(1) Defeat enemy with Carroter's (Toninjinka) glove capsule equipped in
         the beginning of the game
    Carrot(人参) - Recovers a little HP for one ally (battle only)
    -(5) Defeat enemies with Ninjinka glove capsule equipped in the middle of the
    High-grade Carrot(高級人参) - Recovers a little HP for one ally (battle only)
    -(10) Defeat enemies with Ninjinka glove at end of game
    Stone of the Dragon Clan(龍族の石) - Recovers a little HP for all allies (only
                                         in battle, usable infinite times)
    -(1) Treasure box in Pirate's Cave
    KI Drink 30(KIドリンク30) - Recovers 30% of KI for one ally
    500(250) East Town shops
    KI Drink 50(KIドリンク50) - Recovers 50% of KI for one ally
    1500(750) East Town shops
    KI Drink Z(KIドリンクZ) - Recovers all KI for one ally
    4000(2000) Jingle Village shops
    KI Capsule 50(KIカプセル50) - Recovers 50% of KI for all allies
    4000(2000) West Town shops
    KI Capsule Z(KIカプセルZ) - Recovers all KI for all allies
    -(3000) Treasure boxes
    W Drink 50(Wドリンク50) - Recovers 50% of HP and KI for one ally
    -(750) Treasure boxes
    W Drink Z(WドリンクZ) - Recovers all HP and KI for one ally
    -(2250) Treasure boxes
    W Capsule 50(Wカプセル50) - Recovers 50% of HP and KI for all allies
    -(2500) Treasure boxes
    W Capsule Z(WカプセルZ) - Recovers all HP and KI for all allies
    -(4000) Treasure boxes
    Senmaru(仙丸) - Recovers medium HP and KI for one ally but reduces anger guage
    2000(1000) Holy Land Karin shops
    Senyaku(仙薬) - Recovers all HP and KI for one ally but drastically reduces
                    anger guage
    10000(5000) Holy Land Karin shops(after chapter 10)
    Sensui(仙水) - Recovers medium HP and KI for all allies but reduces anger guage
    5000(2500) Holy Land Karin shops
    Sennyuu(仙乳) - Recovers all HP and KI for all allies but drastically reduces
                    anger guage
    25000(12500) Holy Land Karin shops (after chapter 10)
    Senzu(仙豆) - Recovers all HP, KI, status ailments and incapacitation for one
    -(5000) Treasure boxes
    Super Senzu(超仙豆) - Recovers all HP, KI, status ailments and incapacitation
                          for all allies
    -(5000) Treasure boxes
    Super Holy Ball(超聖玉) - Recovers a little KI for one ally (Only in battle,
                              usable infinite times)
    -(1) Kiwi Volcano treasure box (with Lv3 ki blast)
    Pheonix Feather(不死鳥の羽毛) - Recovers from incapacitation with 50% HP
    800(400) East Town shops
    Pheonix Plume(不死鳥の尾羽根) - Recovers from incapacitation with MAX HP
    3000(1500) Baba's Palace (buy from ghost after chapter 10)
    Sleep Recover(スリープリカバー) - Recovers one ally from sleep status
    300(150) East Town shops
    Bind Recover(バインドリカバー) - Recovers one ally from bind status
    300(150) East Town shops
    Poison Recover(ポイズンリカバー) - Recovers one ally from poison status
    300(150) East Town shops
    Dark Recover(ダークリカバー) - Recovers one ally from dark status
    300(150) East Town shops
    Stun Recover(スタンリカバー) - Recovers one ally from stun status
    300(150) East Town shops
    Panic Recover(パニックリカバー) - Recovers one ally from panic status
    500(250) East Town shops
    Freeze Recover(フリーズリカバー) - Recovers one ally from freeze status
    500(250) East Town shops
    Recover Capsule(リカバーカプセル) - Recovers one ally from all status effects
    1000(500) East Town shops (after chapter 10)
    All Recover(オールリカバー) - Recovers all allies from all status effects
    3000(1500) East Town shops (after chapter 10)
    Anger Ball(怒り玉) - Increases one ally's anger guage a little
    500(250) East Town shops
    Scale of Shen Long(神竜のウロコ) - Increases one ally's anger guage to MAX
    5000(2500) Hell shop
    Missile(ミサイル) - Launches a missle to attack one enemy
    500(250) West Town shop (after chapter 10)
    Giant Missile(巨大ミサイル) - Launches a giant missile to attack one enemy
    2000(1000) West Town shop (after chapter 10)
    Missile Shower(多弾ミサイル) - Launches multiple missiles to attack all enemies
    3000(1500) West Town shops (after chapter 10)
    Satellite Lazer(衛星レーザー) - Attacks all enemies with a lazer from above
    5000(2500) West Town shops (after chapter 10)
    Hot Capsule(ホットカプセル) - Small fire-element damage on one enemy
    500(250) Budou Temple (Budouji / Budokai ring) shop (after chapter 10)
    Burn Capsule(バーンカプセル) - Big fire-element damage on one enemy
    2000(1000) Budou Temple shop (after chapter 10)
    Ox-King's Blaze(牛魔王の炎) - Small fire-element damage on all enemies
    3000(1500) Budou Temple shop (after chapter 10)
    An'nin's Blaze(アンニンの炎) - Big fire-element damage on all enemies
    5000(2500) Budou Temple shop (after chapter 10)
    Ice Capsule(アイスカプセル) - Small ice-element damage on one enemy
    500(250) Jingle Village shop (after chapter 10)
    Freeze Capsule(フリーズカプセル) - Big ice-element damage on one enemy
    2000(1000) Jingle Village shop (after chapter 10)
    Jingle Village Bomb(ジングル村ボム) - Small ice-element damage all enemies
    3000(1500) Jingle Village (after chapter 10)
    Elec-Capsule(エレキカプセル) - Small lightning-element damage on one enemy
    500(250) East Town shop (after chapter 10)
    Thunder Capsule(サンダーカプセル) - Big lightning-element damage on one enemy
    2000(1000) East Town shops (after chapter 10)
    Kame-sennin's Anger(亀仙人の怒り) - Small lightning-element damage on all
    3000(1500) East Town shop (after chapter 10)
    God's Judgement(神様のさばき) - Big lightning-element damage on all enemies
    5000(2500) East Town shop (after chapter 10)
    Yunzabit Bomb(ユンザビットボム) - Big ice-element damage on all enemies
    -(2500) Yunzabit Ice Caves treasure box
    Lullaby-Baby Ball(よいこ眠眠玉) - Puts 'sleep' on one enemy
    500(250) Baba's Palace shop
    Wolf's Howl(狼のほうこう) - Puts 'bind' on one enemy
    500(250) Baba's Palace shop
    Poison Snake Scale(毒蛇のウロコ) - Puts 'poison' on one enemy
    500(250) Baba's Palace shop
    Kiai Light(気合の光) - Puts 'dark' on one enemy
    500(250) Baba's Palace shop
    Absolute Zero(絶対れいど) - Puts 'freeze' on one enemy
    1500(750) Baba's Palace shop (after chapter 10)
    Demon's Seal(魔王の刻印) - Chance to cause death on one enemy
    1500(750) Baba's Palace shop (after chapter 10)
    Toninjinka Ball(兎人参化玉) - Puts 'carrot' on one enemy
    1500(750) Baba's Palace shop
    Mysterious Ball(不思議玉) - Puts random status effect on one enemy
    1000(500)Baba's Palace shop (after chapter 10)
    Resist Seal(レジストシール) - Makes it easier to block status effects for
                                  several turns
    5000(2500) East Town shops
    Vitality Berry(体力の果実) - Raises max HP
    -(1) Treasure boxes
    Ki Berry(気力の果実) - Raises max KI
    -(1) Treasure boxes
    Power Berry(力の果実) - Raises strength
    -(1) Treasure boxes
    Defense Berry(防の果実) - Raises defense
    -(1) Treasure boxes
    Recover Berry(復の果実) - Raises recovery
    -(1) Treasure boxes
    Skill Berry(技の果実) - Raises skill
    -(1) Treasure boxes
    Speed Berry(速の果実) - Raises speed
    -(1) Treasure boxes
    Luck Berry(運の果実) - Raises luck
    -(1) Treasure boxes
    Charm of Sight(見切りのごふ) - Raises evasion rate a great amount until next
    -(2500) Jackie Chun drops it
    Charm of Concentration(集中のごふ) - Raises attack power a great amount until
                                         next turn
    -(2500) Hakkero's Blaze drops it
    Attack Water(攻の水) - Raises attack power for a few turns
    -(500) Treasure boxes
    Defense Water(防の水) - Raises defense for a few turns
    -(500) Treasure boxes
    Battle Sense(バトルセンス) - Raises accuracy for a few turns
    -(500) Treasure boxes
    Key to Evasion(回避の極意) - Raises evasion for several turns
    -(500) Treasure boxes
    Paozu Stone(パオズ石) - Raises action speed for several turns
    -(500) Treasure boxes
    Supernectar(超神水) - Raises all parameters for a few turns
    -(4000) Enshoju Forest treasure box
    Dragon Bone Powder(龍骨の粉末) - Raises critical rate for a few turns
    -(1500) Enshoju Forest treasure box
    Charm of Failure(失策のお札) - Lowers attack power on one enemy
    3000(1500) Baba's Palace shop
    Charm of Conceit(まんしんのお札) - Lowers defense on one enemy
    3000(1500) Baba's Palace shop
    Charm of Lacking(さんまんのお札) - Lowers accuracy of one enemy
    2000(1000) Baba's Palace shop
    Charm of Negligence(油断のお札) - Lowers evasion of one enemy
    2000(1000) Baba's Palace shop
    Summoning Water(呼び寄せ水) - Raises chance to meet enemies by walking for a
                                  few steps
    1000(500) Baba's Palace shop
    Smokeball (ケムリ玉) - 100% chance to escape from battle
    500(250) Oolong's shop (Kame house)
    Ki Blast berry(気弾の果実) - Raises max ki blast meter in the field
    -(1) Treasure boxes
    Iron scrap(鉄くず) - Sells for high price
    -(3000) Dropped by enemy
    Opal(オパール) - Sells for high price
    -(5000)Dropped by enemy
    Amethyst(アメジスト) - Sells for high price
    -(8000) Paozu Mountain East treasure box
    Emerald(エメラルド) - Sells for high price
    -(12000) Pirate Queen(海賊クイーン) drops it
    Ruby(ルビー) - Sells for high price
    -(20000) Captain Robo(キャプテンロボ) drops it
    Diamond(ダイヤモンド) - Sells for high price
    -(30000) Dropped by enemy
    Technique Bean(必殺豆) - Use to obtain 1500 AP
    -(1) Evil Blaze(魔の炎) drops it
    Mazoku Guts(魔族のきも) - Become invincible until next turn
    -(2500) Fountain Majin(泉の魔人) drops it
    Invite XP(マネキ経験) - Increases obtained XP in battle
    5000(2500) Baba's Palace shop (after chapter 10)
    Invite Zeni (マネキゼニー)- Increases obtained Zeni in battle
    -(1500) Drops from enemies
    Steal Charm(ぬすみ札) - Enemies more likely to drop items
    5000(2500) Baba's Palace shop (after chapter 10)
    CAPSULES LIST [CAP]************************************************************
    Name(Japanese name) - Effects
    Where its found
    Gas Mask(ガスマスク) - Negates gas floors - Resistance to poison attacks up
    Treasure box on Training Island
    Cool Suit(ひんやりスーツ) - Negates fire floors - Resistance to fire attacks up
    Kiwi Volcano treasure box
    Silver Fur(銀色の毛皮) - Negates ice floors - Resistance to ice attacks up
    Frappe Mountain treasure box
    Blessing of Shen Long(神龍の加護) - Negate all damage floors
    Break Wildlands treasure box
    Charm of Darkness(暗闇の札) - At start of battle, puts darkness on all enemies
    Training Island treasure box
    Kami's Gi(神様の道着) - Poison, lightning, fire, ice attack resist up  
    Capture 120 enemies with Mafuuba
    Poison Charm(どくぎりの札) - At start of battle, puts poison on all enemies
    Kiwi Volcano treasure box
    Sleep Charm(睡眠の札) - At start of battle, puts sleep on all enemies
    Frappe Mountain treasure box
    Paralyzation Charm(かなしばりの札) - At start of battle, puts bind on all
    Treasure box in Pilaf Castle (chapter 10)
    Freeze Charm(凍結の札) At start of battle, puts freeze on all enemies
    Devil's Toilet treasure chest (chapter 10)
    Noisy Shoes(ドタバタのくつ) - Encounter rate up
    East Town shop - 50000
    Carroter/Ninjinka's Glove(人参化のてぶくろ) - Defeated enemies will become
                                                  carrots, but you will not gain
                                                  any zeni
    Bunny Carroter / Toninjinka drops it
    Electric Jar(電子ジャー) - Tenshinhan's Mafuuba success rate up (small)
    Evil Flame(じゃあくの炎) drops it
    Good Electric Jar(いい電子ジャー) - Tenshinhan's Mafuuba success rate up
    Capture 60 enemies with Mafuuba (talk to Kami after ch.10)
    Awesome Electric Jar(最高の電子ジャー) - Tenshinhan's Mafuuba success rate up
    Muscle Tower treasure box (need ki blast Lv3)
    Oolong's Nose(ウーロンのハナ) When used you will know the number of unopened
                                  treasure chests on the map (Y button)
    Oolong's shop - 50000
    Oolong's Wallet(ウーロンのさいふ) - Obtain some zeni just by walking
    East Town ruins treasure chest
    Rubber Boots(ラバーブーツ) - Nullify electric floors - Electric attack
                                 resistance up
    West Town shop - 50000
    Combo Up(コンボUP) - Sparking combo damage up 50%
    Frappe Mountain Treasure box (needs lv3 ki blast)
    Secret Shortcut(秘密の抜け道) - In battle, escape success rate up
    Reward for collecting carrots
    Scouter(スカウター) - In battle, see status of enemies
    From Bulma in chapter 6
    Hammock(ハンモック) - Raises XP and AP that inactive members recieve
    Spinach Flats treasure box
    Karin's Flask(カリンのすいとう) - Ki blast meter recovery speed up
    Dropped by enemy Fountain Guardian (泉の守り人)
    Mince Cutter?(メンチキッテル) - Harder to meet weak enemies, easier to meet
                                    strong enemies
    Kaiou Planet shop - 50000
    Heavy Gi(重い道着) - Obtain a little XP just by walking
    Ask for an incredible item with the dragon balls (すごいアイテムが欲しい)
    Zeni Rush(ゼニーラッシュ) - After battle, money dropped by enemies up
    Collect 500 carrots for guy in West Town
    Item Rush(アイテムラッシュ) - After battle, item drop rate up
    Chapter 12 - Butaito's Training Grounds treasure chest
    Puar's Wallet(プアールのさいふ) - After battle, rare item drop rate up
    Chapter 15 - Paozu Mountain Yamcha's base, talk to Puar with Yamcha
    Dragon Radar(ドラゴンレーダー) - Know the location of the Dragon Balls when
                                      you use this (Y Button)
    Chapter 10 - Talk to Baba
    Foundation of Stamina(体力の素) - After battle, recover a little HP
    Paozu Mountain - Dragon Crag treasure box
    Foundation of Ki(気力の素) - After battle, recover a little Ki
    Chapter 10 - Muscle Tower treasure box
    Chichi's Lunch(チチの弁当) - Recover a little HP by walking
    Chapter 10 - Go to Son's house as Gohan, talk to Chichi
    Karin's Staff(カリンのつえ) - Recover a little Ki just by walking
    Chapter 10 - Talk to Karin
    Stimulant(こうふんざい) - After battle, anger guage will be reduced less
    Spinach Wildlands treasure box (ki blast lv3)
    Adrenaline(アドレナリン) - After battle, anger guage will not reduce
    Kiwi Volcano treasure box (ki blast lv3)
    Sneaky Socks(しのびのたび) - Encount rate down
    Chapter 10 - Desert treasure chest
    Tekiatsu Mail(テキアツメール) - Rare enemy encount rate up
    Chapter 11 - Break Wildlands treasure chest
    Skanda's Boots(いだてんブーツ) - Move speed up - Ambush chance up
    Chapter 10 - Pirates Cave treasure chest
    Spark Boots(スパークブーツ) - Move speed up greatly
    Capture 150(all) enemies with Mafuuba
    Offense Ring(オフェンスリング) - At start of battle, raised chance of
                                     performing pre-emptive attack
    Capture 30 enemies with Mafuuba
    Eye of God(神の眼) - Guards against ambush attacks
    Break Wildlands treasure chest (Lv3 ki-blast needed)
    Equipment List [EQP]***********************************************************
    Name(Japanese name) - Game description
    Buy price(Sell price) Where obtained
    Knuckles and Gloves
    Sleep Knuckle(スリープナックル) - Adds 'sleep' effect to normal attacks
    10000(5000) Hell shop
    Poison Knuckle(ポイズンナックル) - Adds 'poison' effect to normal attacks
    10000(5000) Hell shop
    Blindness Knuckle(目つぶしナックル) - Applies 'darkness' effect to normal
    10000(5000) Hell shop
    Stun Knuckle(スタンナックル) - Applies 'stun' to normal attacks
    10000(5000) Hell shop
    Bind Knuckle(バインドナックル) - Applies 'bind' to normal attacks
    -(5000) Snake Princess' Mansion treasure box
    Freeze Knuckle(フリーズナックル) - Applies 'freeze' to normal status effects
    -(5000) Hiiragi Plains treasure box
    Fire Glove(ファイアグローブ) - Changes normal attacks to fire element
    10000(5000) Hell shop
    Thunder Glove(サンダーグローブ) - Changes normal attacks to lightning element
    10000(5000) Hell shop
    Ice Glove(アイスグローブ) - Changes normal attacks to ice element
    10000(5000) Hell shop
    Vitality Ring(体力のゆびわ) - Raises max HP by 100
    1000(500) West Town shop
    Ki Ring(気力のゆびわ) - Raises max KI by 30
    1000(500) West Town shop
    Strength Ring(力のゆびわ) - Raises Strength by 3
    1000(500) Oolong's shop
    Defense Ring(防御のゆびわ) - Raises Defense by 3
    1000(500) Oolong's shop
    Recovery Ring(回復力のゆびわ) - Raises Recovery by 3
    1000(500) Oolong's shop
    Technique Ring(技術のゆびわ) - Raises Skill by 3
    1000(500) - Oolong's shop
    Agility Ring(素早さのゆびわ) - Raises Speed by 3
    1000(500) - Oolong's shop
    Luck Ring(運のゆびわ) - Raises Luck by 5
    1000(500) - Oolong's shop
    Reckless Ring(ちょ突のゆびわ) - Raises Attack 15%, lowers Defense 15%
    2000(1000)Jingle Village shop (after chapter 10)
    Cautious Ring(しん重のゆびわ) - Defense up 15%, Attack down 15%
    2000(1000) Jingle Village shop (after chapter 10)
    Sleep Ring(眠りのゆびわ) - Harder to be put in 'sleep' status
    3000(1500) East Town shop
    Bind Ring(マヒのゆびわ) - Harder to be put in 'bind' status
    3000(1500) East Town shop
    Poison Ring(毒のゆびわ) - Harder to be put in 'poison' status
    3000(1500) East Town shops
    Darkness Ring(暗闇のゆびわ) - Harder to be put in 'darkness' status
    3000(1500) East Town shops
    Stun Ring(スタンのゆびわ) - Harder to be put in 'stun' status
    3000(1500) East Town shops
    Panic Ring(混乱のゆびわ) - Harder to be put in 'panic' status
    3000(1500) East Town shop
    Freeze Ring(凍結のゆびわ) - Harder to be put in 'freeze' status
    3000(1500) East Town shop
    All Ring(全部のゆびわ) - All parameters up 2
    -(1000) Gogyou Mountain treasure box
    Tranquil Ring(安らぎのゆびわ) - Recovers a little Ki every turn
    -(2500) Enshoju Forest treasure box
    Energy Ring(練気のゆびわ) - Raises damage of Ki element attacks
    -(5000) East Town ruins treasure box
    Rush Ring(ラッシュリング) - Uses Ki to perform a standard chain attack
    -(5000) Kiwi Volcano treasure box
    Dead-aim Ring(必中リング) - Always hit the enemy
    -(5000) Devil's Toilet treasure box
    Shen Long's Claw Ring(神龍つめリング) - Always move first in battle
    -(5000) Devil's Toilet treasure box, Budou Temple Sewers treasure box
    Vitality Bracelet(体力のうでわ) - Raises max HP by 300
    8000(4000) Kaiou planet shop
    Ki Bracelet(気力のうでわ) - Raises max KI by 50
    8000(4000) Kaiou shop
    Absorb Ki Bracelet(吸気のうでわ) - Absorb some ki-element damage into ki
    -(5000) Kiwi Volcano treasure chest
    Hostile Bracelet(敵対のうでわ) - Easier to be targeted by the enemy
    -(2500) Kiwi Volcano, Spinich Wilds treasure box
    Absorbtion Bracelet(吸力のうでわ) - Absorb some damage dealt to enemy as HP
    -(1500) Hiiragi Plains treasure box
    Sleep Bracelet(眠りのうでわ) - Will not be affected by 'sleep' status
    15000(7500) East Town shop (after chapter 10)
    Bind Bracelet(マヒのうでわ) - Will not be affected by 'bind' status
    15000(7500) East Town shop (after chapter 10)
    Poison Bracelet(毒のうでわ) - Will not be affected by 'poison' status
    -(7500) Paozu Mountain East treasure box, East Town shop (after chapter 10)
    Darkness Bracelet(暗闇のうでわ) - Will not be affected by 'dark' status
    15000(7500) East Town shop (after chapter 10)
    Stun Bracelet(スタンのうでわ) - Will not be affected by 'stun' status
    15000(7500) East Town shop (after chapter 10)
    Panic Bracelet(混乱のうでわ) - Will not be affected by 'panic' status
    15000(7500) East Town shop (after chapter 10)
    Freeze Bracelet(凍結のうでわ) - Will not be affected by 'freeze' status
    15000(7500) East Town shop (after chapter 10)
    Strength Bracelet(力のうでわ) - Raises Strength by 5
    8000(4000) Kaiou shop
    Defense Bracelet(防御のうでわ) - Raises Defense by 5
    8000(4000) Kaiou shop
    Recovery Bracelet(回復力のうでわ) - Raises Recover by 5
    8000(4000) Kaiou shop
    Technique Bracelet(技術のうでわ) - Raises Skill by 5
    8000(4000) Kaiou shop
    Agility Bracelet(素早さのうでわ) - Raises Speed by 5
    8000(4000) Kaiou shop
    Luck Bracelet(運のうでわ) - Raises Luck by 10
    8000(4000) Kaiou shop
    Counter-attack Bracelet(反撃のうでわ) - Can counter-attack after being attacked
                                            (Low chance)
    -(5000) Snake Princess mansion treasure box
    Reckless Bracelet(ちょ突のうでわ) - Attack 20% up, defense 20% down
    10000(5000) Jingle Village shop (after chapter 10)
    Cautious Bracelet(しん重のうでわ) - Defense 20% up, attack 20% down
    10000(5000) Jingle Village shop (after chapter 10)
    All Bracelet(全部のうでわ) - Raises all parameters by 4
    -(5000) Treasure box in Devil's Toilet
    Bracelet of Soothing(いやしのうでわ) - HP auto recovery up, Ki small recovery
    -(4000) Butaito's Training Ground treasure chest, Brake Wilds treasure chest
                                                      (with lv3 ki blast)
    Tranquil Bracelet(安らぎのうでわ) Recovers moderate Ki every turn
    -(5000) Nemuria Ruins treasure box
    Symbols, Seals, Texts and Crests
    Warrior's Symbol(戦士の印) - Attack up 5%
    2000(1000) Budou Temple shop
    Guardian's Symbol(守護の印) - Defense up 5%
    2000(1000) Budou Temple shop
    Accuracy Symbol(命中の印) - Accuracy up 10%
    2000(1000) Budou Temple shop
    Evasion Symbol(回避の印) - Evasion rate up 10%
    2000(1000) Budou Temple shop
    Speed Symbol(速度の印) - Action speed up 10%
    2000(1000) Budou Temple shop
    Recovery Symbol(回復の印) - Auto recover rate up 10%
    2000(1000) Budou Temple shop
    Two-Edged Symbol(もろはの印) - Attack power is raised but you will take damage
                                   when you attack.
    -(5000) Frappe Mountain treasure box
    Warrior's Seal(戦士の刻印) - Attack up 10%
    10000(5000) Kaiou shop
    Guardian's Seal(守護の刻印) - Defense up 10%
    10000(5000) Kaiou shop
    Seal of Accuracy(命中の刻印) - Accuracy up 15%
    10000(5000) Kaiou shop
    Seal of Evasion(回避の刻印) - Evasion up 15%
    10000(5000) Kaiou shop
    Seal of Speed(速度の刻印) - Action speed up 20%
    10000(5000) Kaiou shop
    Seal of Recovery(回復の刻印) - Auto recovery up 15%
    10000(5000) Frappe Mountain treasure box, Kaiou shop
    Soldier's Secret(戦士の秘策) - Critical rate up 3%
    2000(1000) East Town shop
    Hero's Secret(勇者の秘策) - Critical rate up 5%
    10000(5000) Kaiou shop
    Soldier's Maneuver(戦士の画策) - Chain rate up 3%
    2000(1000) East Town shop
    Hero's Maneuver(勇者の画策) - Chain rate up 5%
    10000(5000) Kaiou shop
    Master's Maneuver(達人の画策) - Chain rate up 8%
    -(5000) Paprika Wilds treasure box
    Soldier's Crest(戦士のもん章) - Raises attack by 15%
    -(5000) Pirate's Cave treasure box
    Guardian's Crest(守護のもん章) - Raises defense by 15%
    -(5000) Devil's Toilet treasure box
    Accuracy Crest(命中のもん章) - Accuracy up 20%
    -(5000) Pirate's Cave treasure box
    Evasion Crest(回避のもん章) - Evasion up 20%
    -(5000) Desert treasure box
    Speed Crest(速度のもん章) - Action speed up 30%
    -(5000) Pilaf Castle treasure box
    Recovery Crest(回復のもん章) - Auto recovery up 20%
    -(5000) Muscle Tower treasure box
    Crest of the Demon(魔族の印章) - Chance to cause death with normal attacks
    -(5000) Enshoju Forest treasure chest (after chapter 13)
    Vitality Necklace(体力の首飾り) - Raises max HP by 500
    -(5000) Nemuria Ruins treasure box
    Ki Necklace(気力の首飾り) - Raises max KI by 100
    -(5000) Devil's Toilet/East Town Ruins treasure boxes
    Strength Necklace(力の首飾り) - Raises Strength by 8
    -(5000) Butaito's Training Grounds treasure box
    Defense Necklace(防御の首飾り) - Raises Defense by 8
    -(5000) Devil's Toilet treasure chest
    Recovery Necklace(回復力の首飾り) - Raises Recover by 8
    -(5000) Muscle Tower treasure box
    Technique Necklace(技術の首飾り) - Raises Skill by 8
    -(5000) Nemuria Ruins treasure box
    Agility Necklace(素早さの首飾り) - Raises Speed by 8
    -(5000) Desert treasure box
    Luck Necklace(運の首飾り) - Raises Luck by 15
    -(5000) Pilaf Castle treasure box
    All Necklace(全部の首飾り) - Raises all parameters by 6
    -(5000) Paozu Mountain Dragon Crag treasure box
    Belt of Knowledge(知識のベルト) - Effect of used items up
    20000(10000) Kaiou shop
    Belt of Innocence(無心のベルト) - Ki used for techniques reduced a bit
    -(1500) Enma Daiou's house treasure box
    Selfless Belt(無我のベルト) - Chance to not use ki when using techniques
    -(5000) Yunzabit Ice Cave treasure box
    Blessed Belt(加護のベルト) - Chance to nullify damage from enemies
    -(5000) East Town Ruins treasure box
    Guts Belt(根性のベルト) - Chance to revive when incapacitated
    -(5000) Break Wilds treasure box (ki blast lv3 needed)
    Expand Belt(はんいのベルト) - HP and KI recovery items effect all allies
    -(10000) Pilaf Castle treasure box
    Fortune Belt(幸運のベルト) - Sometimes used items will not disappear
    -(10000) Break Wilds treasure box (ki blast lv3 needed), Paozu Mountains
                                                             Dragon Crag
    God's Cape(神のマント) - Ki used with techniques reduced to 1
    -(5000) Budou Temple Sewers treasure box
    Earring of Sight(見切りのピアス) - Chance to evade on successful active guard
    -(2500) Spinach Wilds treasure box
    Earring of Warding(受け流しのピアス) - Chance to reduce damage on successful
                                           active guard
    -(1500) Kiwi Volcano treasure box
    Guard Sense(ガードセンス) - Chance to counter attack on successful active guard
    -(5000) Enshoju Forest treasure box (after chapter 13)
    Mafuuseki(魔封石) - Chance to nullify instant death attacks
    3000(1500) - East Town shop
    Mafuudama(魔封玉) - Complete defense against death attacks
    15000(7500) East Town shop (after chapter 10)
    Knowledge of Martial Arts(武道の心得) - Obtained AP Up
    -(10000) Spinach Wilds treasure box
    Popo's Turban(ポポのターバン) - Obtained EXP Up
    -(10000) Yunzabit Ice Caves treasure box, Paozu Mountain Dragon Crag 
    Tension Upper(テンションアッパー) - Anger guage easier to fill
    -(5000) Gokou Mountain treasure box
    CHA-LA - Harder to be affected by status effects
    -(2500) Holy Land Karin treasure box
    CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA - Will not be affected by status effects
    -(5000) Break Wilds treasure box (ki blast lv3 needed)
    Perfume(コウスイ) - Defense greatly reduced but other stats up (Yamcha only)
    -(5000) Pilaf Castle treasure box
    Fake Moon(ギジ満月) - Always 'panic' status, all stats up (Saiyans only)
    -(5000) Paprika Wilds treasure box
    Saiyan Attribute(サイヤ人の特性) - All stats up when close to death (Saiyans
    -(5000) East Town Ruins treasure box
    Always Spirited(いつも元気) - Spirit Bomb power up (Goku only)
    -(5000) Talk to Bubbles in chapter 15 (not with Goku)
    Wrath of the Dragon(龍のゲキリン) - When attacked, chance to counter-attack
                                        (high chance)
    -(10000) Paozu Mountain Dragon Crag treasure box
    Thanks [THX]*******************************************************************
    Akira Toriyama, for making something that was such a big part of my childhood,
    and still lets me feel like a kid.
    MonolithSoft for finally making the Dragon Ball game I've always wanted.
    GameLando, Gamelove, and Game-K for the great information.

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