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"The Best Thing $2 Ever Purchased!"

The Nintendo DSi is Nintendo's newest handheld system. This genius of piece of hardware has been met with the same criticism that anything attempted by Nintendo, yet has managed great sales. One selling point to the DSi is the DSi Shop, an online marketplace for those with pre-purchased Nintendo Points. With the ten dollars of free Nintendo Points that came with my system I chose to purchase Birds and Beans, a rereleased game from WarioWare Inc.. This title appeals to WarioWare fans, those who enjoy arcade-type games, and bird watchers, bean eaters, or bird watchers who eat beans at dinner then play WarioWare and arcade-type games. Yes, this game covers basically everyone.


Birds and Beans handles like a beautiful dream. All that is required of player is left and ride sides of the Control Pad to move, the "A" button to extend your tounge or shoot the beans depending on the mode, and pause the game by pressing "Start". Yes there are absolutely no Touch-Screen controls.


This is the ultimate on-the-go game for on the go gameplay for quick spurts. In the "Birds and Beans" mode, players control Pyoro, a red bird with a tounge that can stretch to ubelievable lengths (for Naruto fans, think Orochimaru, except it only at forty-five degree angles). Green, white, and flasing beans fall from the sky as players try to catch with their tounge before it can hit the stones that Pyoro runs along; the higher the catch, the more points are rewared. When a bean hits the stones, they dissapear , limiting Pyoro's movement ability. Once a bean touches Pyoro, the game is over. White beans restore one lost stone, while the flashing variety restores around ten. The objective is to last as long as possible while scoring high, the higher the score the more apppealing the background design becomes. Once the player has played "Birds and Beans" ten times or reaches 10,000 points, a new mde, title "Birds and Beans 2" is unlocked, featuring a yellow Pyoro that shoots beans instead of catching them and a different background. Because shooting beans is easier than than catching them, scoring is done slower in this mode. "Birds and Beans 2" feels like a different game once you have played it, only further increasing this title's, great two dollar value.


Since "Birds and Beans" was originally on the Game Boy Advance, the graphics are only in 32-bits. However, those are some extremely pretty 32-bits. As your score goes higher, the appearnce of the game changes, and with two seperate-looking modes, replayabilty is boosted for all of those people who want to earn goregeous backgrounds.


Like many of my favorite games, "Birds and Beans" has very catchy music. At first, the cute songs play like catchy tunes you may find yourself humming to. But as you progress, the music speeds up to become as frantic as the speedily-falling and beans and Roderunner-esque Pyoro blazing across the screen to give you a sense of desperate urgency. When you get larger scores the "pings" and "fuhs" will provide you with an odd sense of harmony.

Final Opinion

To tie things up, "Birds and Beans" is a role model for downloadable games. The simple, yet stangely entertaing gameplay will players hooked. And this addicting fun won't even cost you a haypenny should you use the free 1,000 Nintendo Points ($10) that comes free with all DSi handhelds purchased before October 5, 2009. So, if you want to really enjoy your DSi, buy "Birds and Beans" on the DSi Shop today and give Nintendo the green light to support dun, First Party downloads!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/19/09

Game Release: Bird & Beans (US, 04/05/09)

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