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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by geozeldadude

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    Brain Age Express: Math
    Challenge Mode FAQ/Walkthrough
    By geozeldadude (http://geozeldadude.wordpress.com)
    Created March 31, 2012
    The purpose of this FAQ/Walkthrough is to provide details 
    on the Challenge mode of Brain Age Express: Math. The mode
    is unlocked when you reach the best possible brain age of 20.  
    The "Challenge Master" (Dr. Kawashima's alter ego) will 
    start you off at level 0 and present you with a challenge
    you must pass in order to progress to the next level.  There 
    are 10 challenges total, and some of them will definitely 
    have you ripping your hair out.
    This FAQ is dedicated to all the great FAQ writers out there
    who have helped me through rough patches many a time.  This is 
    my first FAQ, and just my small way of filling a gap in order
    to repay all the help I've received.
    General Info
    All of the challenges are based on the training and test 
    exercises in the game, although since they exceed the "rocket"
    level (i.e. highest scoring) requirements of the exercises many 
    of them are quite difficult, especially since you're only 
    allowed one complete attempt a day.  One tip that will help you 
    keep your blood pressure in check is to remember that you can 
    press start to exit out of the exercise and retry, since the 
    game only allows one full attempt a day but as many retries as 
    you want.  If things are going badly you should restart, and 
    in most cases if you make even a single mistake you should 
    just restart rather than hope you'll still make the time
    The challenge mode also sneaks in two new variations to 
    existing exercises that aren't otherwise available anywhere
    else, but more on that later.
    List of Challenges
    The numbering of the challenges is a little confusing
    because you start at level 0.  The levels listed
    below are the levels you'll earn after successfully
    completing that challenge.  For example, completing the
    first challenge will move you from level 0 to level 1.
    All the challenges are the same as training or test 
    exercises in the main game, so for the most part the same 
    strategies will still apply, with the exceptions of #6 and #8
    which are new.  See the "New challenges" section for details 
    on those two exercises, and the "Tip on Challenges" section 
    for tips on the old challenges.
    1 Number Memory                         Remember 20
    2 Change Maker                          < 35 seconds
    3 By the Numbers                        < 35 seconds
    4 High Number                           < 35 seconds
    5 Sum Totalled                          < 1 minute
    6 Math Recall - Challenge mode          < 1 min 10 sec
    7 Multi-task - Hard mode                < 50 sec
    8 Virus Buster - Challenge Mode         Clear all viruses
    9 Triangle Math - Hard Mode             < 1 min 5 sec
    10 Calculations X100        		< 60 seconds
    New Challenges
    Challenge #6 is a harder version of "Math Recall".  In the 
    original exercise you were presented with a number that
    was quickly blacked out and that you had to remember 
    in order to add it to another number.  The second number
    in turn gets blacked out and you have to add it to a 
    third number, and then the third number gets blacked out, 
    and so on.  In the hard version you have to remember two
    numbers instead of just one.  The first number that is
    hidden gets put into a "waiting" area above the current 
    sum, and then gets put into the left side of the next sum, 
    and so on. The example below explains this cycling more 
    Example part 1: 
     [3]       <-- Waiting area, 3 is hidden.
    [5] + 2    <-- Current sum, 5 is hidden.
                   2 will become hidden next.
    Example part 2:
     [2]       <-- Waiting area, 2 is still hidden.
    [3] + 4    <-- Current sum, 3 is still hidden.  
                   4 will become hidden next.
    This challenge is not that difficult.  Just keep repeating
    the hidden numbers to yourself as you do the current sum.
    Challenge #8 is a unique mode of "Virus Buster", the 
    touch-based version of Dr. Mario that was included in 
    Brain Age 2.  In the Challenge version single-block capsules
    will quickly rain down from the top of the screen. The goal
    is still to clear all the viruses, but since the capsules are
    only single blocks you don't have to worry about rotating 
    anything.  Just focus on moving the blocks quickly into place
    and restart as often as you need.
    Tips on Old Challenges
    For "Number Memory", feel free to restart until you get a grid
    of numbers that has at least 5 or 6 numbers in sequence in a 
    connected line.  Don't cheat and just write all the numbers
    down on a piece of paper!
    For "By the Numbers" restart until you get a multiple that 
    you're very comfortable with, preferably an even number such as 4
    so you can automatically ignore any number that's not even and 
    focus on keeping your eye out for the digit you have to select.
    You also may find it easier to keep the next multiple in your head, 
    again, so you can focus on watching for the digit you have to 
    select.  Once you get to that digit in the 10's place (e.g. for
    3 it would be the 30's) quickly tap "Yes" until you're past that
    series of numbers and on to the next 10's place.
    "High Number" is very difficult, and is often just a matter of 
    luck.  Avoid guessing, and try to scan all the numbers as quickly 
    as possible by moving your eyes around the whole screen.  If you 
    feel like you've hesitated at all you should restart.
    In "Multi-task" to pass the challenge you'll have to do the sums
    as quickly as possible while still keeping an eye on the people
    entering and leaving the house.  I always end up having to make an 
    educated guess on the last one, but if the game pauses after you've
    written in your answer you should restart because that means you
    were probably wrong.
    In "Triangle Math" just use the same technique as you're probably 
    already using, which is if it's all additions just multiply the
    sum of the two numbers in the middle by three and then add in the 
    first and last number.  Then you should have plenty of time to 
    spend on the problems where subtraction is involved.
    The challenge mode of "Calculations X100" is also quite difficult.
    Again, if you feel that you've hesitated at all just restart, 
    because you're probably not going to make the time limit otherwise.
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    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    © 2012 by geozeldadude
    Feel free to contact me through the address at 

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