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Reviewed: 04/19/10

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Brain Age Express: Math is another title in the series of Brain Age games for the DS. However, there are a few things different about this. Have you noticed them yet? The first is that this focuses on a single, general subject: mathematics. That much is obvious. Now, unless you looked at your DSi stuff, you may notice something else - this is a DSi Ware title! Yes, that is correct, only the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL can have this - and the DSi XL has it pre-installed! Anyways, some time back, a professor in Japan was studying the brain. He realized what stimulates it the most - primarily the prefrontal cortex - which is basic math and reading and writing. Eventually, Nintendo decided to make this into a video game for their fresh, new DS. That game was Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Just Minutes a Day! Eventually, a sequel came out, presumably before the DSi came out. Around the time of the DSi's release, they realized that they could put some minor Brain Ages with their other DSi Ware titles. And they did. The Nintendo DSi XL was actually pre-installed with it! That rose sales a bit! Anyways, here we are with two Brain Ages as DSi Ware, and two actual games. People are truly trying to have a good brain, even though you may not notice it.

This game has simple gameplay that the normal first graders can do. Literally. This game is all about math. From the get-go, it is all math. But why did I say a first grader could do it? It isn't because I am a total math geek (pi equals 3.14159... whoops!). Okay, it is, but partially. Everything is basic math. Basic math like 13 - 6, 3 x 1, and 4 + 4. Why is this? Apparently, and I don't believe or understand it, but the simplest math problems stimulate your brain, mainly the prefrontal cortex, more than something like 1345 x 123 would. Weird, huh? Anyways, you don't do just math. You put it into various situations. These include timed, change making, and a weird kind of gaming. There is also one game, which is not a training program, that is very similar to Dr. Mario on here. That is pretty much my favorite part.

But there is more. There is a Theme mode. What does this do? In it, you draw, take pics of, and talk out random situations. The drawing may include drawing a castle or a witch. The pictures include getting into your favorite college and getting an F for the first time - hopefully your ONLY time. The talking is my least favorite (my voice is horrible). In that, you talk out situations like breaking up with a girlfriend or talking down your daughter's boyfriend. I do know what you're wondering. You're wondering, "Why is acting and drawing on a game about math to train your brain?" Well, point one - this game isn't about math; it is to train your brain. Point two - acting and drawing actually train the prefrontal cortex. Yet again, weird.

The graphics are nearly, if not entirely, non-existent. Yes, that is what I am saying - virtually non-existent. The only graphics are your Theme mode photos, your Theme mode pictures, your writing, and that professor guy - Ryuta Kawashima (that IS it, right?). Other than that, nothing. Basically, you create the graphics yourself. But, with what is already on there, not too shabby. It needs more color, though.

The sound is rather boring. It always has that weird dingy music in the background, and ... wait, that is it. That is all, really. The only thing left is your speech and the ding when you get something correct. There is no talking, so it is best to listen to your MP3 player, instead.

This game is built on a set timeframe. You have to work exactly this many days to get this thingy. Therefore, it may take weeks to months to finish - unless you manipulate the clock. Other than that, you will be working a long time just to get that Dr. Mario game - trust me, that one is good. I don't see why you wouldn't use it. You need to be smart to be successful in this time, and this will help you. Two and two. FOUR! Sorry...

Anyways, you really should download this. This will make you a lot smarter and even bring up your grades. I am not sure if it is free at the DSi Shop, though. Even so, you should at least try it out. Those with DSi XLs need not worry - they already have it. At no time should you think of this as not useful. It very much is, and is rather fun. I may be overrating this a bit, but is definitely worth your while - and maybe DSi points.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Brain Age Express: Math (US, 04/05/09)

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