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    Glitch/Secrets Guide by Spideymaster

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/02/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Scribblenauts Glitches/Secrets Guide
    Scribblenauts Glitches/Secrets Guide
    Mitchell Ruggeri(Spideymaster)
    Version 1.0
    READ THIS! All parts of this guide belong to me and cannot be changed unless I 
    give permission. You may use this guide for home use but may NEVER sell it. 
    If you would like to use this guide on your site, please contact me and I will 
    likely grant permission. Any questions can be answered by contacting me below.
    Contact me at Stupidcat777@gmail.com. Any questions or comments can be sent 
    Any questions or comments can be posted here: (coming soon).
    Version History
    Sec. 1: About glitches
    Sec. 2: Useful Glitches
            Ch.1-Easy Glitches
            Ch.2-Medium Glitches
            Ch.3-Hard Glitches
    Sec. 3: Pointless(but fun)Glitches
            Ch.4-Easy Glitches
            Ch.5-Medium Glitches
            Ch.6-Hard Glitches
    Sec. 4: Game Freezing Glitches
    Sec. 5: Secrets
            Ch.7-Secrets and easter eggs
    Sec. 6: FAQ
    Sec. 7: Special Thanks
    Sec. 1: About Glitches
    The glitches in this guide will include regular glitches as well as game
    freezing glitches. None of the glitches will alter the game or erase data, but
    game freezing glitches will force you to turn off your DS system.
    Easy, medium, and hard are just to show how difficult the glitches are
    to perform. The secrets section is a section for easter eggs in the game as
    well as other secrets. Enjoy.
    Sec. 2: Useful Glitches
    Ch.1: Easy Glitches
    Easy win
    If there is a starite on the other side of a closed door, you can drop a spring 
    on it's side onto the starite to cause it to go through the door.
    Epic Fail
    If you finish a level once and replay it again, you can use the same objects 
    each time. All you have to do is type a random prefix before the main word
     and it will summon and you’ll be able to use it over and over again in the 
    level. This is the biggest failure in the game, but it’s also helpful at times.
    Extra space
     If you write the word "fore room" you get three items, and it does not cost 
    any points to your par.
    Starite in Vending Machine
    In action levels, if you summon a vending machine and handcuffs and attach the
    cuffs to the vending machine, bring it over to the starite, and then attach the
    starite to the handcuffs and fill the vending machine, you can empty the 
    vending machine and the starite will come out and you will win the level. Note
    that this glitch will only work if there is enough space to fit the vending
    machine in the area of the starite.
    Ch.2: Medium Glitches
    Get Nuked Without Dying
    If you summon a nuke and interact with it so as to make it start ticking,
    grab the nuke with your stylus and right when it goes off, throw it away
    and the screen will be bleached until you summon something else. You can kill
    enemies with this technique, but be sure to throw it away before it kills you.
    Rocket escalator
    Turning an escalator upside-down turns it into a high-speed rocketing staircase
     which is useful for pushing things.
    The tripwire
    For tripwires, you can spawn a vehicle across the tripwire, so that part of 
    it is on the side you are on, but the driver’s seat is on the other side. 
    Then, you can get in the vehicle, and then get back out to get past the 
    tripwire without setting it off.
    Sideways vehicle
    If you summon any large vehicle and lay it on its side and get in and out 
    of it, you may fall through the ground. If you use an ornithopter(Maybe other 
    flying vehicles as well), you can fly inside the ground and emerge anywhere.
    Ch.3: Hard Glitches
    Magic carpet meets magic ground
    Flying carpet- flies for a limited time. Fly up with it. When it falls, 
    you might fall through the ground if you hit the ground fast enough. 
    If not, you might be slightly in the ground- get off the flying carpet 
    and you fall through. Works on the top-left title screen stage and 2 stages 
    down from it.
    That’s huge
    Quote "On the 6-11 Action stage, I made a rope, and attached it to the bottom 
    of the green door. I then attached the other end of the rope to one of the 
    apples, which then fell through the door, still attached to the rope. After 
    one of the zebras ate the apple, the rope obtained strange properties, like 
    suddenly exploding to 5000 times its normal size. I've managed to pull this 
    off twice (the first time I actually beat the level using this glitch)."
    End quote.
    Sec. 3: Pointless(but fun)Glitches
    Ch.4: Easy Glitches
    Inside an Ice Block
    If you put something like a crate (Or anything medium sized) into a fridge and
    open the fridge while standing directly in front of it, the crate will pop out
    of the fridge and you will be stuck inside of the ice block until you tap it
    to get out or until it melts.
    Shrink ray
    If you summon a body of water and shrink it, the containment shrinks but the
    body of water remains floating in the air. You will fall through the ground if
    you try to get onto the body of water.
    Disappearing Vending Machine
    If you summon handcuffs and attach them to a vending machine, equip them to
    yourself, and then try to put them inside the vending machine, the vending
    machine will disappear.
    Frozen on fire
    If you summon a spider and drop it right above a fire, you won't be able to
    move the spider and it will remain there until you exit.
    Flying truck
    If you summon a truck and put a person in it and tap the truck so as to run in 
    to the truck bed continually, you will be shot into the sky with the truck and 
    the screen will reset.
    Evil tornado
    If you summon a tornado above your head, it will either fly off screen or carry
     you with it off screen.
    Fishing pole vault
    Gluing two fishing rods together and making Maxwell equip it makes him pole 
    vault all over the screen (The longer the tool, the higher you'll go).
    The sinking garlic
    Spawn a board, glue garlic on one end of it, and lay it vertical so that the 
    garlic is on top, and the board will sink through the floor.
    Creepily stuck
    Put a Voodoo Doll and a Corpse in a Coffin. Interact with the Coffin so both 
    items come out. The Voodoo Doll will be stuck in the Corpse for a little while.
    Ch.5: Medium Glitches
    Meteor and T-Rex
    If you summon a meteor and drop it right above a T-Rex, the game will freeze.
    Flying golf cart
    If you spawn a golf cart and put either Maxwell or another avatar in to it and
    flip it on either of its sides, it will continually flip back and forth and
    fly up in to the sky. One of the golf cart's wheels may fall off, and if this
    happens, the golf cart won't fly up as high, but will still flip back and
    Fly away
    Go inside a Cherry picker and make it go upside down. You and the Cherry picker
     will fly up out of bounds and die.
    If you tap above Maxwell but slightly behind him he will start doing the 
    running animation but running backwards.
    Ch.6: Hard Glitches
    Handcuffs + water=fail
    If you are handcuffed to a steel/metal box and have an air tank/scuba gear on, 
    then jump into water, you will fly up and out of the screen and die.
    If you summon a baseball bat(it might not be the only object that will make the
     glitch work) and lay it on the ground and summon a match and drop it on the 
    bat face down, the bat and match may fly straight up and off the screen.
    The floating gnome
    If you summon a gnome next to a fire, it will rarely float.
    A bunch of stuff at once
    Quote "Bear in mind I've only been able to do it once because the timing is a 
    little difficult. Used the time machine and it sent me to the level with the 
    king and the horse and the knight and some other stuff. The time machine is on 
    what I'm assuming is a drawbridge. Any who, as I attempted to get back in, 
    something broke the bridge and attacked the time machine. I had spawned some 
    things so it's anybody's guess as to what attacked me. The time machine broke 
    as I hit the water. When this happened Maxwell was swimming in the water and 
    the screen continued to flash and the noise continued as well. The flashing 
    stopped once I exited the water but the noise persisted until I quit the level."
    End quote.
    Sec. 4: Game Freezing Glitches(All of these glitches will force you to turn
    off your DS system, but will not affect the game in any other way)
    Stun Gun
    If you use a stun gun on a corpse, the game will freeze.
    Loituma Girl
    If you summon Loituma girl and use earth magic on her, the game will freeze.
    Ollar Store
    If you are in the ollar store, tapping random spots may result in your game
    Freezing Fish
    If you spawn a Zebrafish when there is another fish on-screen, the game will
    freeze. This also works with the Barracuda and the Swordfish, and probably
    others as well.
    Stuck in the Time Machine
    If you spawn any hostile enemy, tame it, and go through a time machine with
    it, the game will freeze. This may also work with a teleporter.
    In the level editor, if you summon two beings that mount each other and 
    program both to mount each other, when they meet up the game will freeze.
    Note: This has only worked with acrobats.
    Rope Freeze
    If you connect two witches with a rope(Make sure you pick attach rather than
    pick up) and tranform one of them with a magic wand, the game will freeze
    when the other witch tries to eat them.
    1-11 Freeze
    In 1-11 action, if you summon a rock and place it on the switch, the game will
    freeze and the top screen will look like you had nightvision goggles on.
    Fishing Pole Glitch
    If you attach any object to the hook on a fishing pole and then try to catch
    something, the game will freeze.
    Sec. 5: Secrets
    Ch.7: Secrets and easter eggs
    Time Machine
    If you summon a time machine, you will be brought to one of three secret 
    levels.The three are: A dinosaur level which has a bunch of dinosaurs in it, a 
    medieval level that has a bunch of medieval people and horses in it, and a 
    futuristic level which has aliens and martians in it. Although they all have a 
    par screen,there is no way to complete the level, and it's basically just for 
    Like the time machine, the teleporter will bring you to one of three secret
    levels. One brings you to outer space and has cyborgs fighting aliens and
    martians, and another has a vampire hunter in a dark cave. The best one, 
    though, is the 5th Cell office, which has all of the developers in the game 
    there. Like the time machine levels, there is no way to actually complete 
    the levels.
    Original Maxwell Avatar
    Once you complete all of the challenge levels, the original Maxwell avatar
    will be unlocked for use. If you want to see what he looks like beforehand,
    all you have to do it summon Scribblenaut and you will be able to see what he
    looks like.
    Internet memes(Not yet complete)
    Ch.8: Memes
    Keyboard Cat
    Ceiling cat
    Rick Roll
    Post Two One Seven
    Ninja Shark
    Spaghetti Cat
    Giant Enemy Crab
    Monorail Cat
    Over 9000
    Dramatic Chipmunk
    I See What You Did There
    all your base are belong to us
    do not want
    om nom nom nom
    Sec. 6: FAQ
    Included will be some general questions about glitches.
    What is the point of this guide?
    The point of this guide is to make the game that much more fun by sharing
    fun glitches that will help you experiment with the game. Also, the guide
    is also to be helpful as it points out game freezing glitches so you can avoid
    them if you'd like to.
    Why won't a glitch work?
    Some of the glitches may only happen by chance, but most take skill to
    accomplish. If a glitch does not work, contact me and tell me which it is
    and I'll remove it if necessary.
    Why isn't this glitch/secret in the guide?
    If a glitch/secret isn't in the guide, it is because I haven't found out about 
    it yet. You can contact me about a glitch or secret that isn't in this guide, 
    and I'll be sure to put it in if it works.
    If I want a glitch/secret to be in the guide, how detailed should my 
    explanation be?
    If you want to tell me about a glitch, you don't have to be too detailed
    about it if it's simple, although you may have to explain in some detail
    if the glitch has to be precise.
    Why didn't I get credit?
    As you know, I give credit to everyone that helps me out, and if you aren't
    included in the special thatnks section, please contact me and I'll be sure
    to include you. Make sure you give me evidence that you found a glitch so I
    can believe you.
    Sec. 7: Special thanks
    As you all know, barely any of the glitches and secrets were originally found 
    by me, so I’m going to try to thank as many people as I can. If I forget 
    someone, please tell me.
    Extra Special Thanks to:
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    Special thanks to:

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