Review by jdecker21

"Excellent idea, poor execution..."

When I first heard about this game, I was bewildered that such an idea was possible, but I thought it sounded really neat. I continued to hear about it and the many accolades it was given, even though it had yet to be fully played by, well, anyone.

Then it finally came out and I got a chance to play it for myself. I really enjoy the graphics. The whole stylistic thing works for me, and for the game. I didn't have any problems with the music. Sounded good. And I was delighted by the various objects I could obtain. A grapple gun. Trampolines. A hot air balloon. Lasers. Lightning. Etc. The first levels are too small to use any large objects like tanks. It would be nice to have more control over the object, but it seems the game only lets you use it the way it wants you to. Oh well.

My problem is that some of the things I wouldn't know how the game lets me use them. I summon a hawk, but it does nothing. I can toss the dang bird and amuse myself, but that's about it. I summoned a wire, which I thought would let me grab on to things. It does, but it's very finicky.

That's my other problem with this game and it's a big one. The controls are horrendous. First of all, I hate have to move with the stylus. I'm not a fan of any DS game that forces me to move that way. Both the D-Pad and the buttons are used to change camera view. Could they not have allowed an option to let you use the D-Pad for movement? It would have helped greatly. I often found myself tipping my helicopters and submarines right over because of the poor controls.

I did enjoy using a t-rex to wipe out a couple polar bears though. However, if most people are like me, they can't think of every possible word they can use and end up using the same ones over and over again because, hey! They work. I kept using wings to fly places because a helicopter wouldn't fit and the spring kept tipping over so I couldn't use it.

Anyway, it is a great idea. Just needs better controls and perhaps when you summon things, a little box could pop up explaining what it can be used for.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/22/09

Game Release: Scribblenauts (US, 09/15/09)

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