Which starter/ partners choose?

  1. Plz I want to know the strenght and weakness of these starters/partners. I thinking now about Riolu(Starter) and Munchlax(Partners) because of Endure+ Reversal combo and the diversity of Munchlax but I,M not sure.

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  1. Riolu is a great starter/partner to choose because once it evolves into Lucario you will have a great team. Riolu's weakness is flying and phychic.
    Endure's description: Accuracy - 100% PP: 10 The user endures any attack, leaving 1 HP. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession.
    Reversal's description: Accuracy: 100% PP: 15 An all-out attack that becomes more powerful the less HP the user has.
    Munchlax is an okay pokemon to choose. Dispite the fact that he mainly has moves that are normal and physical. But he barely have any weaknesses because it's a normal type. That's a good thing.

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  2. Munchlax was always a good Pokemon for me, as it was my own partner. It's attacks are pretty much all physical, but it's a defensive wall when it comesdown to it. It also has plenty of HP. It doesn't really have too many weaknesses either, so it would help your Riolu. Once it learns Bodyguard, it can even block attacks, and due to its high defense and HP, it'll take a good number of hits before it dies.

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  3. As I have posted in a similar thread (its a little lengthy, but still)

    In my opinion, I would get riolu as main and muchlax as partner. Why? Well, riolu can learn endure (VERY helpful in certain situations), and reversal (game description: "Inflicts damage on the target. The lower the user's HP, the greater the damage it inflicts. Range: enemy in front. Type: fighting/physical. Hit ratio: 3 stars. Power: special.) So if riolu uses endure gets to really low hp, spams reversal, then wen the endure wears off, eat an oran berry! Now, munchlax. He would be a good partner because he learns the iq bodyguard. (bodyguard iq info: "Takes damage in place of friends who are low on HP.") Also, muchlax has very good HP and def. So it would take a reasonabl amount of hits to kill him. So that is why both are good in my opinion. I hope this helps!

    Also, credit to Serebii.net for iq info
    Credit to my actual game for reversal info :P

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  4. I Thought You Just Choose Pikach cuz it Have PP Saver IQ Skill its really helpful The Last Time Was Level 72 But The F***king Game Shop Delete It That Guy Is A Son Of A Bit** My Partner Was Eevee its Pretty Strong

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