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    IQ Skill FAQ by FatRatKnight

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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky        IQ Skills FAQ
    By FatRatKnight    (Lee Eric Kirwan)
    This FAQ is Copyright 2009-2016 Leeland Eric Kirwan
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     1 - (  26)  INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [in101]
     2 - (  55)  IQ SKILLS, LIST                          [iql27]
     3 - ( 241)  IQ GROUPS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [grp54]
     4 - (1434)  IQ SKILLS, DETAILS                       [iqd62]
     5 - (4153)  UNANSWERED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . [why42]
     6 - (4338)  CLOSING                                  [Clo45]
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      .4 {4572}    Version History                        <vsn06>
     1 -O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*      INTRODUCTION       *O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*
    A while ago, my message board name was Lee Eric Kirwan. Now,
    the GameFAQs Username Reconciliation took place, and it now
    matches my contributor name, FatRatKnight. This is for all
    those who were familiar with my old board name.
    Hello, I hope there will be less confusion in the future.
    This FAQ contains IQ Skills and IQ Groups. The reason the
    groups are important is because it defines what skills you
    get. As such, they fit right along with IQ Skills just fine.
    The IQ Skills had plenty of writing and rewriting done.
    Especially this time, so that it's almost as if it's a new
    FAQ, specifically for Sky. As usual, I go into the mechanics
    around the IQ Skill so you know exactly what you're getting.
    Besides, the rewrite should make all my old readers
    interested in reading all this stuff again!
    Seeing as very few people on the GameFAQs boards browse the
    earlier games for information, I figured I should re-hash
    said stuff so it's in a more findable spot. That is, the
    Explorers of Sky's list of FAQs.
    There's a lot listed. And may this FAQ be of assistance...
     2 -O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*     IQ SKILLS, LIST     *O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*
    IQv      - IQ Value required to learn IQ Skill.
    IQ Group - Which groups may learn this IQ Skill. There are 10 groups.
    Name     - Name of IQ Skill as seen in the game.
    Effect   - My one-line, 41-character description of the IQ Skill.
    IQv| IQ Group | Name                | Effect
      1|----------|'           0.5-star |------------------------------------------
      1|ABCDEFGHIJ|Escapist             | Allows rescuing...?
      1|ABCDEFGHIJ|Course Checker       | [Ally] checks for obstacles for moves
      1|ABCDEFGHIJ|Item Catcher         | Catch thrown items
      1|ABCDEFGHIJ|Item Master          | [Ally] may use item; Reviver Seeds work
      1|ABCDEFGHIJ|Exclusive Move-User  | [Ally] won't use regular attacks
      1|AB D      |Dedicated Traveler   | [Ally] tries to move before attacking
     10|    E  H  |Efficiency Expert    | [Ally] targets low-HP foes first
     25|ABCDEFGHIJ|Status Checker       | [Ally] won't use pre-existing status
     30| B  E     |Cheerleader          | Nearby allies' Attack & Sp.Atk up
     40|ABCDEFGHIJ|Nontraitor           | Allies safe even when Confused/Cowering
     50|A     G   |Acute Sniffer        | On floor entry: Know number of items
     55|A  D FG IJ|PP Saver             | 8% chance a move won't use PP
     60|----------|*           1.0-star |------------------------------------------
     65| B  E  H  |Bodyguard            | Get hit instead of a nearby low-HP ally
     70|   D FGHI |Self-Curer           | Bad status effects end sooner
    100|  C E  H  |Brick Tough          | +10 Max HP
    105|ABC  F    |Type-Advantage Master| Crit-rate up with Super-Effective moves
    110|----------|*'          1.5-star |------------------------------------------
    125|     F   J|Weak-Type Picker     | [Ally] considers all its effective moves
    130|  C E   I |Power Pitcher        | Thrown items are more powerful
    140|A C E   I |Survivalist          | +10% Belly; 50% chance resist Grimy Food
    150|AB     H  |Coin Watcher         | +20% more money picked up
    160|----------|**          2.0-star |------------------------------------------
    160|ABC       |Nonsleeper           | Immune to all sleep effects
    170| B D F   J|Gap Prober           | Line moves and throwables pass allies
    175| B  E  H  |Wise Healer          | +15% healing from moves/items/effects
    180|    EF H J|Wary Fighter         | On miss: Step away one square
    185|  CD     J|Concentrator         | Accuracy up; Evasion down
    190| B  E  HI |Deep Breather        | On floor entry: +1 PP to random move
    195|  CD  G IJ|Practice Swinger     | On miss: Offenses up for next turn only
    200|  C   G I |Exp. Go-Getter       | [Ally] targets high-EXP foes first
    210|----------|**'         2.5-star |------------------------------------------
    220|  C     I |Aggressor            |  Attack & Sp.Atk up;Defense & Sp.Def down
    230|    E    J|Defender             | Defense & Sp.Def up; Attack & Sp.Atk down
    240|   D  G   |Trap Avoider         | [Ally] will not step on trap tiles
    250|    E    J|Energy Saver         | [Leader] Slows down natural Belly loss
    260|----------|***         3.0-star |------------------------------------------
    260|   D F  I |Sharp Shooter        | +15% Critical-rate
    270|     FG  J|Hit-and-Runner       | May prevent foe's Counter-effect working
    280|  C       |Counter Basher       | Defense down; 12%ch Counter full damage
    290|    E GHI |Quick Healer         | Natural HP recovery doubled
    300|ABCDEFGHIJ|Lava Evader          | [Ally] will not step on lava tiles
    310|----------|***'        3.5-star |------------------------------------------
    310|A    F   J|Multitalent          | +5 max PP for all moves
    320|     FG   |Exp. Elite           | +10% EXP
    330|   DE     |Counter Hitter       | 12% chance to Mini-Counter for 1/4 damage
    340|  C   G   |Erratic Player       | Type match-ups become more important!
    350|AB        |Haggler              | [Leader] 20% better prices in dungeons
    360|----------|****        4.0-star |------------------------------------------
    360|  CD      |Clutch Performer     | At low HP, Evasion up
    370|A         |Collector            | Increases box drop rate (4x)
    400|A    F HI |All-Terrain Hiker    | Allows movement over any non-wall tile
    410|----------|****'       4.5-star |------------------------------------------
    420|AB   F H  |Trap Buster          | 33% chance to destroy a trap on trigger
    440|   D  GH  |Critical Dodger      | Can't be struck by a critical hit
    460|----------|*****       5.0-star |------------------------------------------
    480|A  D FG  J|Stair Sensor         | On floor entry: Points to the stairs
    500|    E    J|Sure-Hit Attacker    | Regular attacks can't miss
    510|----------|*****'      5.5-star |------------------------------------------
    520|  CD    I |Extra Striker        | ??% chance 2 regular attacks in 1 turn
    540|   D  GHI |Quick Dodger         | Evasion up
    550| B     H  |Fast Friend          | [Leader] Recruitment becomes easier
    560|----------|******      6.0-star |------------------------------------------
    560|  C E   IJ|Intimidator          | 33% chance to stop a close-up attack
    570|  C  F    |No-Charger           | Charge-up moves take 1 turn, using 2 PP
    580|A     G  J|Map Surveyor         | Know layout of floor
    600| B D  G   |Trap Seer            | Unseen traps won't trigger, but reveal
    610|----------|******'     6.5-star |------------------------------------------
    660|----------|*******     7.0-star |------------------------------------------
    710|----------|*******'    7.5-star |------------------------------------------
    750|   D  G   |Quick Striker        | Two regular attacks in a single turn
    760|----------|********    8.0-star |------------------------------------------
    800|AB  EF HIJ|House Avoider        | [Ally] won't step in a Monster House
    810|----------|********'   8.5-star |------------------------------------------
    850|ABC  F    |Pierce Hurler        | Thrown items fly through everything
    860|----------|*********   9.0-star |------------------------------------------
    900| B     H  |Nature Gifter        | [Leader] Seeds&Berries affect all allies
    910|----------|*********'  9.5-star |------------------------------------------
    950|        I |Time Tripper         | Movement speed up
    960|----------|********** 10.0-star |------------------------------------------
    990|         J|Absolute Mover       | Break walls by walking into them
    999|----------|Maximum possible IQ  |------------------------------------------
    IQv| IQ Group |   Name              | Effect
    I use the term IQv to describe a hidden number which
    determines your IQ. IQv is basically short for "IQ Value".
    How much IQv makes a star, you ask? Read the following table
    for an estimate of how much of this IQv stuff you have:
    |  Visual  : Numeric  | IQv range | |  Visual  : Numeric  | IQv range |
    +---------------------+-----------+ +---------------------+-----------+
    |'         : 0.5-star |   1 ~  59 | |*****'    : 5.5-star | 510 ~ 559 |
    |*         : 1.0-star |  60 ~ 109 | |******    : 6.0-star | 560 ~ 609 |
    |*'        : 1.5-star | 110 ~ 159 | |******'   : 6.5-star | 610 ~ 659 |
    |**        : 2.0-star | 160 ~ 209 | |*******   : 7.0-star | 660 ~ 709 |
    |**'       : 2.5-star | 210 ~ 259 | |*******'  : 7.5-star | 710 ~ 759 |
    |***       : 3.0-star | 260 ~ 309 | |********  : 8.0-star | 760 ~ 809 |
    |***'      : 3.5-star | 310 ~ 359 | |********' : 8.5-star | 810 ~ 859 |
    |****      : 4.0-star | 360 ~ 409 | |********* : 9.0-star | 860 ~ 909 |
    |****'     : 4.5-star | 410 ~ 459 | |*********': 9.5-star | 910 ~ 959 |
    |*****     : 5.0-star | 460 ~ 509 | |**********:10.0-star | 960 ~ 999 |
    +---------------------+-----------+ +---------------------+-----------+
    In general, each half-star is about 50 IQv.
    An example: If your IQ reads as 3 stars, your IQv is as low
    as 260 and could be as high as 309, or any value in between.
    Oh, now you're asking what raises this IQv?
    Use this other table:
    | IQv |   What is it?      |   Example              |
    | + 1 | Little Effect      | Purple to Normal-type  |  Using the
    | + 2 | Not Very Effective | Yellow to Grass-type   |  old lists.
    | + 3 | Neutral effect     | Sky    to Fire-type    |
    | + 4 | Super Effective    | Orange to Rock-type    |  I'm guessing
    | + 5 | Same Type - Fav.   | Black  to Dark-type    |  they are
    +-----+--------------------+------------------------+  still true.
    | +10 | Nectar (drink)     | Ingest a Nectar item   |
    | +15 | Wonder Gummi       | Eat a Wonder Gummi     |
    | ... | SPINDA'S CAFE      | NOTES                  |
    | +?? | Gummi Drink @ Cafe | Same as gummis normally|  These parts
    | +?? | Good gummi drink   | Bonus +2 IQv if lucky  |  are new,
    | + 3 | Good Eyedrop drink | Lucky Eyedrop Seed!    |  however...
    | + 2 | Good Max Elixir    | Lucky Max Elixir!      |
    | + 2 | Good Gravelyrock   |//These are lookalikes//|
    | + 3 | Good Oren drink    |//that can also turn  //|
    | + 3 | Good DropEye drink |//into bad drinks that//|
    | + 3 | Good Dough drink   |//can permanently drop//|
    | + 3 | Good Reviser drink |//stats instead. The  //|
    | + 3 | Good Slip drink    |//chances are notably //|
    | + 3 | Good Via drink     |//high, so unless you //|  Most items used
    | + 3 | Good Mix Elixir    |//abuse saving a lot..//|  at Spinda's Cafe
    | +?? | Miracle drink      | Randomly boosts stats  |  can turn into a
    +-----+--------------------+------------------------+  Miracle drink.
    | ... | UNUSUAL GOODIES    | WHERE THEY WORK        |
    | +10 | Gravelyrock        | For Bonsly or Sudowoodo|
    | + 1 | IQ Booster held    | Only at certain floors |
    Each gummi has a type. If you are so confused, use the
    in-game help. The type which considers the gummi a favorite
    is the type of the gummi. Think of it as "attacking" the
    Pokemon with the gummi. The more effective an actual move
    would be, the better the gummi. Same-type is used in place
    of actual effectiveness, no +9 for a Dragon-type!
    Some Pokemon have two types. In that case, the gummi is
    checked against BOTH types, separately. The best result is
    used. If I feed a Gastly, a Ghost/Poison-type, a White
    Gummi, it will gain +3 IQv. Between the Ghost (+1) and the
    Poison (+3), the game will always pick the better bonus.
    I know, a Tackle has little effect. Doesn't matter here.
    I haven't checked Spinda's Cafe drinks much. I may get
    around to them someday, but I do not know how good every
    lucky boost is compared to things like a favorite gummi.
    I have some information now, but hopefully I can get more
    Even when your IQ is maxed out, you can still eat gummis.
    The main difference is that you don't gain IQ anymore.
    Would you prefer starving just because you are maxed on IQ
    and only have gummis for food?
     3 -O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*        IQ GROUPS        *O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*
    There are four basic facts about IQ Groups, as follows:
     - An IQ Group represents what IQ Skills a Pokemon may learn.
     - All IQ Groups have exactly 24 IQ Skills in them, out of 62 possible.
     - All Pokemon reside in some IQ Group, depending entirely on specie.
     - There are 10 different IQ Groups.
    Basically, if there's an IQ Skill you want, you need the
    right Pokemon. I could feed gummis all day long to Palkia,
    and that legendary Pokemon will never gain Efficiency Expert
    even long after I get it Absolute Mover. It's simply not in
    the list of possible IQ Skills for Palkia!
    Also, recruit those Psyducks all day long, but no matter
    what, they're all in Group C. Don't bother recruiting more
    than one of any kind just because you're hoping they get a
    new set of IQ Skills, as it's entirely determined by what
    they are. Even evolution won't change that.
    Though, the whole reason you're in this section should be
    because I state all those IQ Skills and what Pokemon are in
    these IQ Groups. There are also plenty of suggestions if you
    do end up lost in this section, so don't think all you'll
    get is only the raw data.
    |Enemies in general|
    Enemies have IQ Skills. They can hurt the unprepared. Ouch.
    At least, watch out after the credits roll, okay?
    Before the credits, all normal foes have roughly no IQ.
    A certain handful might have Status Checker or something,
    but that's it for the normal ones. Bosses may still be
    granted a bunch of painful IQ Skills, so keep this in mind.
    But once you see the credits, the Post-Story enemies get
    smart. Some even as high as 330 IQv. There are numerous
    places where they have 330 IQv, too many to list here, so
    basically, if it's not found before the credits, be prepared
    for enemies knowing a bit much.
    However, I can list the places which breaks the 330 IQv
    level. There are, in fact, only four such locations that
    aren't boss battles. They are as follows:
    |   Which dungeon?     |  Floors  | Notes
    | Southeastern Islands | 23F, 24F | 600 IQv
    | Inferno Cave         | 23F~ 29F | 600 IQv
    | Zero Isle North      | 50F~ 74F | 600 IQv, 850 at 70+
    | Zero Isle Center     |  1F~ 49F | 850 IQv
    Naturally, with more IQ Skills in their reach, you really
    should take plenty of caution. Considering they get things
    like Erratic Player, All-Terrain Hiker, Quick Dodger, and
    Intimidator, you'd need to come prepared. Zero Isle's
    notable difference is Pierce Hurler, so now nasty items in
    their hands get nastier...
    But remember: They still follow IQ Group rules. Even at
    Zero Isle North's 70th floor, things like Gengar picking up
    a Stun Seed aren't nearly as threatening as an Arbok
    grabbing the same item. I would recommend paying attention
    to that message box, for the cautious players.
    In spite of how smart your enemies get, they will always
    join with 1 IQv, the minimum possible. No doubt there's
    rumors which state "you must be an idiot to join that team,"
    and amazingly enough, every single Pokemon you recruit takes
    that very rumor at face value. Yeesh!
    |Style choices|
    Official names: [None] (as far as I'm aware)
    Standard names: Group A, Group B, Group C, [...], up to Group J
    Fun names: Gatherer, Materialist, and so forth
    Just so each subsection containing the group names have a
    little more flavor, I come up with fun names for each group.
    With some help, I display those names proudly. It sure helps
    when I don't change just a single letter between sections.
    Although the fun names are more fun than the standard names,
    you should still use the standard names. Group A is more
    known than Gatherer, and mentioning Gatherer may cause some
    confusion in some forums. It's plain, but use Group A to
    talk about the first IQ Group listed.
    Finally, I don't list out every Pokemon. I simply use the
    least evolved form's name and list every number in the
    evolution path. Otherwise, the lengths of the Pokemon lists
    would get rather long, and you'd have to scroll a lot more
    to see the next group.
    Anyway, on to the first actual group...
    ---------------------------- Group A:  Gatherer   -----------------------------
    Alas, you can't start as a Group A Pokemon.
    A somewhat rare IQ Group. They tend to find stuff laying
    about. Whether they have use for it, they're quite willing
    to share their findings.
    Take a look in Apple Woods. Find a Paras? Good. Did you
    recruit one? Use that Paras! Stun Spore helps in stopping
    nasty enemies around you so you can pummel away, free of
    damage. Level up a bit, and Paras also gets Spore (17),
    which sleepifies all enemies in a room. Yeah, don't complain
    how I made up a word...
    After the credits, sleep is vastly less effective. In which
    case, pick out a Caterpie in Apple Woods and evolve up a
    Butterfree from one. That Compound Eyes ability will surely
    help you make any Stun Spore (12) or Silver Wind (28) hit,
    which any Butterfree should come packed with.
    They're not good fighters. The only things they really can
    claim is the fact they don't sleep and can at least last for
    a while without reloading their PP. Beyond that, don't
    expect them to be more effective in battle than most of the
    other groups. Still, they have other utilities you'd like.
    Their whole point is to get items quick. In fact they're the
    only ones with Collector, which lets boxes drop from enemies
    they KO like crazy. You know, with everything they get and
    how much money they can keep, this group will help you get
    wealthy pretty swiftly... When you get the IQ up.
    Even if you don't really bother with their potential to get
    wealth for you, that map really does come in handy. That,
    and they can last with plenty of PP to use, too, which makes
    longer dungeons a bit easier.
    After the credits, they don't sleep. One of the reasons why
    I say Spore loses a great deal of use. Also, watch out for
    critical hits if any of them have super-effective attacks in
    the first place. Besides that, they're not much of a threat,
    as far as IQ Skills go.
    In those tougher places, they can travel "off-road" now.
    Just be ready for attacks where there aren't walls around.
    As for Zero Isle's North and Center, there's plenty of these
    to worry about, alright! Expect items flying through
    |  41 Pokemon in 19 families  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |IQv| Stars    | Name of IQ Skill      |
    | 'Dex Number    | Pkmn Name  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |  1|'         | Escapist              |
    | #010 #011 #012 | Caterpie   |   |  1|'         | Item Master           |
    | #013 #014 #015 | Weedle     |   |  1|'         | Course Checker        |
    | #046 #047      | Paras      |   |  1|'         | Exclusive Move-User   |
    | #048 #049      | Venonat    |   |  1|'         | Item Catcher          |
    | #050 #051      | Diglett    |   |  1|'         | Dedicated Traveler    |
    | #081 #082 #462 | Magnemite  |   | 25|'         | Status Checker        |
    | #118 #119      | Goldeen    |   | 40|'         | Nontraitor            |
    | #132           | Ditto      |   | 50|'         | Acute Sniffer         |
    | #163 #164      | Hoothoot   |   | 55|'         | PP Saver              |
    | #170 #171      | Chinchou   |   |105|*         | Type-Advantage Master |
    | #201           | Unown      |   |140|*'        | Survivalist           |
    | #206           | Dunsparce  |   |150|*'        | Coin Watcher          |
    | #220 #221 #473 | Swinub     |   |160|**        | Nonsleeper            |
    //#265 #266 #267\\ Wurmple    \   |300|***       | Lava Evader           |
    \\#268 #269     //  ^ ^  ^ ^  /   |310|***'      | Multitalent           |
    | #361 #362 #478 | Snorunt    |   |350|***'      | Haggler               |
    | #415 #416      | Combee     |   |370|****      | Collector             |
    | #455           | Carnivine  |   |400|****      | All-Terrain Hiker     |
    | #456 #457      | Finneon    |   |420|****'     | Trap Buster           |
    | #492           | Shaymin    |   |480|*****     | Stair Sensor          |
    +----------------+------------+   |580|******    | Map Surveyor          |
                                      |800|********  | House Avoider         |
                                      |850|********' | Pierce Hurler         |
    ---------------------------- Group B: Materialist -----------------------------
    Alas, you can't start as a Group B Pokemon.
    An uncommon IQ Group. Ah, to be carefree... They certainly
    enjoy being around friends and love all the toys you bring
    them. I can hear their cheers and laughter now...
    Before the credits, go into Apple Woods for a bit. Plenty of
    useful Pokemon there, but Oddish is the focus of this group.
    Sweet Scent helps you hit, Stun Spore or Sleep Powder helps
    you not get hit. The damage moves like Absorb aren't that
    impressive, but the option for another attack is there.
    But then you beat the main part of the game. Post-Story
    time! Deep within Mystifying Forest lives Teddiursa. When
    evolved to an Ursarang, they are foes most fierce when they
    are poisoned or burned, with both Guts and Quick Feet. With
    strength and speed, few have ever walked away intact.
    They love friends. Why else would they have both IQ Skills
    that powers their offense and protects them from harm? And
    they're very early IQ Skills, both of which are very useful.
    It doesn't take much IQ before they shine, and bright they
    will shine, alright. Especially their smiles!
    And they love toys. Other than Power Pitcher, they get every
    IQ Skill that enhances items in one form or another. If
    nothing else, at least their prices are enhanced. The top
    two IQ Skills, Pierce Hurler and Nature Gifter, provides a
    way to use stat-boosters on more than one Pokemon at a time.
    Between Trap Seer, Fast Friend, and Nature Gifter, they seem
    like they'd make good leaders. And actually, they're one of
    only two groups that gets Fast Friend or Nature Gifter.
    Beware of enemy groups involving this IQ Group. At least, in
    the Post-Story. They'll enhance their allies' attacks and
    start protecting them when they hit low HP. They also add to
    the reason why Spore is less useful with their Nonsleeper.
    At least their own defense tends to lack.
    In those tougher places... They're exactly the same as the
    other areas. They're only any more threatening in Zero Isle,
    either Center or late North, where they get to Pierce-throw
    items like so many others can.
    |  45 Pokemon in 25 families  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |IQv| Stars    | Name of IQ Skill      |
    | 'Dex Number    | Pkmn Name  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |  1|'         | Escapist              |
    | #173 #035 #036 | Cleffa     |   |  1|'         | Item Master           |
    | #174 #039 #040 | Igglybuff  |   |  1|'         | Course Checker        |
    //#043 #044 #045\\ Oddish     \   |  1|'         | Exclusive Move-User   |
    \\#182          //  ^ ^  ^ ^  /   |  1|'         | Item Catcher          |
    | #079 #080 #199 | Slowpoke   |   |  1|'         | Dedicated Traveler    |
    | #098 #099      | Krabby     |   | 25|'         | Status Checker        |
    | #102 #103      | Exeggcute  |   | 30|'         | Cheerleader           |
    | #115           | Kangaskhan |   | 40|'         | Nontraitor            |
    | #131           | Lapras     |   | 65|*         | Bodyguard             |
    | #191 #192      | Sunkern    |   |105|*         | Type-Advantage Master |
    | #209 #210      | Snubbull   |   |150|*'        | Coin Watcher          |
    | #216 #217      | Teddiursa  |   |160|**        | Nonsleeper            |
    | #225           | Delibird   |   |170|**        | Gap Prober            |
    | #251           | Celebi     |   |175|**        | Wise Healer           |
    | #293 #294 #295 | Whismur    |   |190|**        | Deep Breather         |
    | #311           | Plusle     |   |300|***       | Lava Evader           |
    | #312           | Minun      |   |350|***'      | Haggler               |
    | #339 #340      | Barboach   |   |420|****'     | Trap Buster           |
    | #341 #342      | Corphish   |   |550|*****'    | Fast Friend           |
    | #433 #358      | Chingling  |   |600|******    | Trap Seer             |
    | #385           | Jirachi    |   |800|********  | House Avoider         |
    | #417           | Pachirisu  |   |850|********' | Pierce Hurler         |
    | #420 #421      | Cherubi    |   |900|********* | Nature Gifter         |
    | #441           | Chatot     |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    | #489           | Phione     |
    | #490           | Manaphy    |
    ---------------------------- Group C:  Aggressor  -----------------------------
    Get one of these to start as a Group C Pokemon:
    - Charmander
    - Cyndaquil
    - Torchic
    - Chimchar
    - Shinx
    - Riolu
    The most common IQ Group. Determined? Reckless? Whatever the
    case, they certainly are willing to charge forth. Though
    they should learn some caution...
    This group contains the most starters. Most of them are of
    the Fire-Type, but some non-fires were added since the last
    game. Only the males can begin as Shinx or Riolu, but any of
    them can be partners, as long as you don't pick Fire and
    Fire. Still, Shinx can make things easier with Discharge
    late into the game.
    Still in the Main Story? Get Psyduck from Waterfall cave.
    As one levels up, the stats won't disappoint. Psyduck's
    ability to force Clear weather just by existing will make
    things easier in dungeons like Northern Desert. Naturally,
    as a Water-type, Psyduck gets a few useful water moves.
    After you see the credits, Remoraid of Surrounded Sea might
    be of help. Especially with evolution to Octillery. This
    Pokemon is a long-range specialist with lots of line-range
    moves available, and with the IQ Skills in this group, they
    are as accurate as they are deadly.
    Practically a reverse of Group E, though they pair up well.
    This group is sheer offense to its core. Their mindset
    should be that if you defeat your foes first, they rarely
    get the chance to defeat you second. The high offense is
    best used to avoid exposing your low defense!
    And heck, you even get Concentrator to ensure a hit! Truth
    be told, you can't afford misses nearly as much, especially
    since this group has no IQ Skills to help maintain PP. And
    of course, there's the fact your enemy can use your miss as
    a chance to attack you with your low defense. Yeah, that's
    why I adore Concentrator, which prevents that chance.
    Basically, they're good at burning through what they have to
    deal the greatest amount of damage possible. Battles will
    surely end sooner... Whether it's good for you or not!
    ... I hate these... Once you see the credits, make darn
    certain that any Group C foe you come across don't get a
    chance to pound you in! They're even another reason why
    sleep is horribly weak in the Post-Story. They'll have the
    offense which you'll have some trouble stopping!
    And be extra careful about attacks that don't quite KO them.
    They have this Counter Basher IQ Skill that has a chance to
    reflect the full damage you deal to them right back at you.
    If you can take them out in one shot, do it. If not, try to
    weaken them at range, perhaps with sticks and stones, before
    you clash up close.
    Then you see them in the tough areas. Now their lacking
    defense just about vanishes when you can't even hit them
    consistently anymore. I say again, they hurt. Really bad.
    Then Zero Isle North/Center. Then they get to Pierce-throw.
    Then you're not happy with a Stun Seeded party.
    Keep in mind that there are some boss battles involving
    Intimidator. That stops all sorts of moves when up close to
    you. Throwing items does get around this, at least, and try
    to attack at range while you have the chance. There's plenty
    of these boss battles after the credits.
    |  96 Pokemon in 48 families  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |IQv| Stars    | Name of IQ Skill      |
    | 'Dex Number    | Pkmn Name  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |  1|'         | Escapist              |
    | #004 #005 #006 | Charmander |   |  1|'         | Item Master           |
    | #023 #024      | Ekans      |   |  1|'         | Course Checker        |
    | #029 #030 #031 | Nidoran F  |   |  1|'         | Exclusive Move-User   |
    | #032 #033 #034 | Nidoran M  |   |  1|'         | Item Catcher          |
    | #054 #055      | Psyduck    |   | 25|'         | Status Checker        |
    | #056 #057      | Mankey     |   | 40|'         | Nontraitor            |
    | #058 #059      | Growlithe  |   |100|*         | Brick Tough           |
    | #072 #073      | Tentacool  |   |105|*         | Type-Advantage Master |
    | #100 #101      | Voltorb    |   |130|*'        | Power Pitcher         |
    //#236 #106 #107\\ Tyrogue    \   |140|*'        | Survivalist           |
    \\#237          //  ^ ^  ^ ^  /   |160|**        | Nonsleeper            |
    | #116 #117 #230 | Horsea     |   |185|**        | Concentrator          |
    | #120 #121      | Staryu     |   |195|**        | Practice Swinger      |
    | #239 #125 #466 | Elekid     |   |200|**        | Exp. Go-Getter        |
    | #240 #126 #467 | Magby      |   |220|**'       | Aggressor             |
    | #127           | Pinsir     |   |280|***       | Counter Basher        |
    | #128           | Tauros     |   |300|***       | Lava Evader           |
    | #129 #130      | Magikarp   |   |340|***'      | Erratic Player        |
    | #144           | Articuno   |   |360|****      | Clutch Performer      |
    | #145           | Zapdos     |   |520|*****'    | Extra Striker         |
    | #146           | Moltres    |   |560|******    | Intimidator           |
    | #150           | Mewtwo     |   |570|******    | No-Charger            |
    | #155 #156 #157 | Cyndaquil  |   |850|********' | Pierce Hurler         |
    | #207 #472      | Gligar     |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    | #211           | Qwilfish   |
    | #214           | Heracross  |
    | #223 #224      | Remoraid   |
    | #227           | Skarmory   |
    | #228 #229      | Houndour   |
    | #246 #247 #248 | Larvitar   |
    | #255 #256 #257 | Torchic    |
    | #273 #274 #275 | Seedot     |
    | #285 #286      | Shroomish  |
    | #287 #288 #289 | Slakoth    |
    | #302           | Sableye    |
    | #303           | Mawile     |
    | #307 #308      | Meditite   |
    | #331 #332      | Cacnea     |
    | #335           | Zangoose   |
    | #336           | Seviper    |
    | #359           | Absol      |
    | #390 #391 #392 | Chimchar   |
    | #403 #404 #405 | Shinx      |
    | #408 #409      | Cranidos   |
    | #443 #444 #445 | Gible      |
    | #447 #448      | Riolu      |
    | #451 #452      | Skorupi    |
    | #485           | Heatran    |
    | #487           | Giratina   |
    ---------------------------- Group D:  Speedster  -----------------------------
    Get one of these to start as a Group D Pokemon:
    - Pikachu
    - Treecko
    A common IQ Group. You know, I see them go into a rather
    nasty situation, but even when things seemed hopeless, they
    come back out intact. Was it all luck?
    Pikachu is this game's easy mode. Though, both the Pokemon
    here can get Agility, which has the potential for extra
    turns for the whole team, insanely enough. In any case,
    you'll really feel their usefulness, especially with
    When you get to Waterfall Cave, see if you can't find a
    Surskit floating about. This Pokemon has ranged moves it can
    use, and good stats to go with them. Level up enough (31),
    and Surskit even gets Agility, as mentioned above.
    After the credits, that same Surskit can evolve. Masquerain,
    which is Surskit's evolved form, will always have one useful
    move available: Ominous Wind. Ask Electivire to remember it.
    Silver Wind also shows up at a late level (40), and Stun
    Spore is around, too. Truly capable in groups!
    Luck. Lots of luck. Exactly what of luck, you ask? Things
    like accuracy, evasion, and critical hits. When you stop
    missing at all with some common moves, thank Concentrator,
    boosting accuracy at the cost of evasion. If you hit, do you
    really need to dodge? Oh, right, you still can dodge!
    With everything that swings into their favor, it turns them
    into decent fighters like Groups C and E. Seriously, if you
    don't miss and even get more criticals than usual, your
    offense ain't bad. When you can dodge, especially at low HP,
    and never hit by criticals, your defense ain't bad either.
    As for when you get things, you won't see a lot early on.
    PP Saver then Self-Curer. Then a gap. Then Concentrator.
    You're likely to enjoy just those before the credits. Near
    or after the credits, most of the late ones turn out rather
    impressive. It'll make up for the lack of good ones early.
    You'd think they'd be more dangerous, what with how lucky
    this group is. Fact is, their Concentrator makes things even
    easier for you when you won't miss! And they don't dodge all
    that well until you reach top-level places. So basically,
    they should be easier than usual! Except for the critical
    hits, so KO them quick with their low evasion.
    Once the tough places show up, they become trouble. They can
    dodge again, and quite well at that. You would be well
    advised to find a way around evasion problems, especially
    when you allow them to hit low HP. Not as deadly as the
    Group C Pokemon, but still irritating as heck...
    |  67 Pokemon in 33 families  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |IQv| Stars    | Name of IQ Skill      |
    | 'Dex Number    | Pkmn Name  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |  1|'         | Escapist              |
    | #016 #017 #018 | Pidgey     |   |  1|'         | Item Master           |
    | #021 #022      | Spearow    |   |  1|'         | Course Checker        |
    | #172 #025 #026 | Pichu      |   |  1|'         | Exclusive Move-User   |
    | #027 #028      | Sandshrew  |   |  1|'         | Item Catcher          |
    | #041 #042 #169 | Zubat      |   |  1|'         | Dedicated Traveler    |
    | #066 #067 #068 | Machop     |   | 25|'         | Status Checker        |
    | #077 #078      | Ponyta     |   | 40|'         | Nontraitor            |
    | #084 #085      | Doduo      |   | 55|'         | PP Saver              |
    | #123 #212      | Scyther    |   | 70|*         | Self-Curer            |
    | #142           | Aerodactyl |   |170|**        | Gap Prober            |
    | #147 #148 #149 | Dratini    |   |185|**        | Concentrator          |
    | #161 #162      | Sentret    |   |195|**        | Practice Swinger      |
    | #298 #183 #184 | Azurill    |   |240|**'       | Trap Avoider          |
    | #193 #469      | Yanma      |   |260|***       | Sharp Shooter         |
    | #198 #430      | Murkrow    |   |300|***       | Lava Evader           |
    | #243           | Raikou     |   |330|***'      | Counter Hitter        |
    | #244           | Entei      |   |360|****      | Clutch Performer      |
    | #245           | Suicune    |   |440|****'     | Critical Dodger       |
    | #250           | Ho-Oh      |   |480|*****     | Stair Sensor          |
    | #252 #253 #254 | Treecko    |   |520|*****'    | Extra Striker         |
    | #261 #262      | Poochyena  |   |540|*****'    | Quick Dodger          |
    | #263 #264      | Zigzagoon  |   |600|******    | Trap Seer             |
    | #276 #277      | Taillow    |   |750|*******'  | Quick Striker         |
    | #278 #279      | Wingull    |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    | #283 #284      | Surskit    |
    | #290 #291 #292 | Nincada    |
    | #328 #329 #330 | Trapinch   |
    | #370           | Luvdisc    |
    | #380           | Latias     |
    | #381           | Latios     |
    | #384           | Rayquaza   |
    | #396 #397 #398 | Starly     |
    | #427 #428      | Buneary    |
    ---------------------------- Group E:    Tank     -----------------------------
    Get one of these to start as a Group E Pokemon:
    - Squirtle
    - Totodile
    - Phanpy
    - Turtwig
    - Munchlax
    A very common IQ Group. Perhaps not the fastest, but they
    certainly know how to keep on moving even when there is this
    obviously placed death trap in the way.
    There's quite a mix of types here. Picking two defensive
    Pokemon can happen rather easily. If you're fine with things
    taking longer than they should, you can get starters who
    both fall under this group. Munchlax, however, is partner
    Once you can begin recruiting stuff, you could wander in
    Drenched Bluff for Shellos. Though the stats are far from
    impressive, that Storm Drain ability will make you safer in
    the more watery places, by negating any water damage you
    would otherwise take.
    At Blizzard Island, in the reaches of the Post-Story, comes
    Nosepass. While the useful room-range moves comes late, this
    Pokemon does get Discharge (49) and Earth Power (73). Maybe
    the defensive Pokemon have have a harder time using them,
    but Nosepass can also get a few utility moves.
    Close enough to an opposite of Group C, the two mixes real
    well. This group gains greatly in defense and the ability to
    last. When an ally is in trouble, Bodyguard will put aside
    the ally's weakness and insert your potent defense. Just
    imagine a Group C Pokemon with Blaze active, safe with you.
    Defense isn't the only interesting part. This group gets
    most of its IQ Skills early. From the start, you'll get a
    steady stream of IQ Skills right up until Counter Hitter.
    Then there's little left to get at a mere 330 IQv.
    Basically, most of their usefulness comes early.
    Finally, as I said, they can last. This is the only group,
    aside from the Palkia-only one, that gets Energy Saver. Even
    food is less trouble, when the next thing you eat is 147% as
    Keep in mind one thing... They don't like sleep effects.
    With neither Nonsleeper or Self-Curer, the Sleep status
    hurts. They still have some defense, though, but still...
    Be careful around things with Sleep Powder.
    There is a boss, at the end of some expedition, with an
    unusual amount of defense. Blame Defender for that. Said
    boss can surprise a few by backing up suddenly after using
    a move. That would be Wary Fighter. You can still toss an
    X-Eye Seed and make things rediculously simple.
    Seen the credits? Expect smaller numbers around these guys.
    While they are easily affected by Sleep, they're not a good
    enough reason to hang on to Spore. Especially since the
    damage they deal to you isn't all that threatening. They can
    protect other enemies at low HP, so bypassing that defense
    might end up a bit trickier in groups.
    But in those tough, tough places, they add only one IQ Skill
    to their list: Intimidator. This one IQ Skill activates more
    often than it really should. Any move that isn't used when
    up close is fine, but it can really irritate sometimes.
    |  83 Pokemon in 42 families  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |IQv| Stars    | Name of IQ Skill      |
    | 'Dex Number    | Pkmn Name  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |  1|'         | Escapist              |
    | #007 #008 #009 | Squirtle   |   |  1|'         | Item Master           |
    | #074 #075 #076 | Geodude    |   |  1|'         | Course Checker        |
    | #090 #091      | Shellder   |   |  1|'         | Exclusive Move-User   |
    | #095 #208      | Onix       |   |  1|'         | Item Catcher          |
    | #109 #110      | Koffing    |   | 10|'         | Efficiency Expert     |
    | #111 #112 #464 | Rhyhorn    |   | 25|'         | Status Checker        |
    | #137 #233 #474 | Porygon    |   | 30|'         | Cheerleader           |
    | #138 #139      | Omanyte    |   | 40|'         | Nontraitor            |
    | #140 #141      | Kabuto     |   | 65|*         | Bodyguard             |
    | #446 #143      | Munchlax   |   |100|*         | Brick Tough           |
    | #158 #159 #160 | Totodile   |   |130|*'        | Power Pitcher         |
    | #438 #185      | Bonsly     |   |140|*'        | Survivalist           |
    | #360 #202      | Wynaut     |   |175|**        | Wise Healer           |
    | #204 #205      | Pineco     |   |180|**        | Wary Fighter          |
    | #213           | Shuckle    |   |190|**        | Deep Breather         |
    | #218 #219      | Slugma     |   |230|**'       | Defender              |
    | #222           | Corsola    |   |250|**'       | Energy Saver          |
    | #231 #232      | Phanpy     |   |290|***       | Quick Healer          |
    | #296 #297      | Makuhita   |   |300|***       | Lava Evader           |
    | #299 #476      | Nosepass   |   |330|***'      | Counter Hitter        |
    | #304 #305 #306 | Aron       |   |500|*****     | Sure-Hit Attacker     |
    | #320 #321      | Wailmer    |   |560|******    | Intimidator           |
    | #322 #323      | Numel      |   |800|********  | House Avoider         |
    | #324           | Torkoal    |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    | #347 #348      | Anorith    |
    | #357           | Tropius    |
    | #363 #364 #365 | Spheal     |
    | #369           | Relicanth  |
    | #371 #372 #373 | Bagon      |
    | #374 #375 #376 | Beldum     |
    | #377           | Regirock   |
    | #378           | Regice     |
    | #379           | Registeel  |
    | #382           | Kyogre     |
    | #383           | Groudon    |
    | #387 #388 #389 | Turtwig    |
    | #410 #411      | Shieldon   |
    | #422 #423      | Shellos    |
    | #436 #437      | Bronzor    |
    | #449 #450      | Hippopotas |
    | #459 #460      | Snover     |
    | #486           | Regigigas  |
    ---------------------------- Group F: Utilitarian -----------------------------
    Get one of these to start as a Group F Pokemon:
    - Bulbasaur
    - Mudkip
    - Piplup
    - Eevee
    A common IQ Group. What they can do is often surprising.
    On the surface, they may seem weak, but they always seem to
    have yet another possibility they can take.
    This gets All-Terrain Hiker. So does Group H. If you wanted
    some mobility in starter-only areas, pick those. Although at
    400 IQv to learn, this'll take a while. I can't recommend an
    Eevee as a partner, thanks to that Run Away ability, which
    ruins things at half HP. As a leader is fine, though.
    In Mt. Bristle lives Spinarak. After you're able to recruit
    a few things, go find one! Early, there's String Shot,
    Poison Sting, and Leech Life. Later, there's Agility and Pin
    Missile. They have useful moves and a surprising number of
    different types of attacks, so will often hit pretty well.
    After the credits, dive back into Mystifying Forest after
    its completion. Go pick up an Eevee. Yeah, I know, it's a
    possible starter, but who says you can't recruit one? You
    can evolve one into a variety of forms, but if not, that
    Adaptability gives one heck of a punch for Normal attacks.
    These make the best non-leaders, primarily because of the
    Weak-Type Picker IQ Skill. No one else, except Palkia, gets
    this IQ Skill. It's also the only thing in the whole game
    that lets them pick the right moves more often, other than
    keeping rampant control over them by switching moves on and
    off so often. Control freaks can ease off a little...
    But aside from that one IQ Skill, there are others that
    expand what this group can do. After all, the ability to
    shoot line-range moves safely through allies is a plus. The
    ability to travel over water is another plus! You know, they
    really can do a few things that some just don't get to do.
    As far as battling goes, some of their utility can apply
    quite nicely to help any battle. Then there's the fact that
    they have more critical hits than usual and plenty of PP to
    use. They're not bad at fighting at all.
    This group is the master of critical hits and more critical
    hits. When you see the credits, start expecting a steady
    stream of critical hits. Also expect a steady stream of
    the worst moves used at the worst times, as these ones are
    particularly smarter thanks to that Weak-Type Picker.
    But for your travels into those tough places I'm so inclined
    to mention, they'll travel over water just fine. Be prepared
    for attacks at any angle! But let's not forget the rampant
    unstoppable fly-through-anything ability they get for
    throwing items in Zero Isle North (70+) or Center.
    |  79 Pokemon in 35 families  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |IQv| Stars    | Name of IQ Skill      |
    | 'Dex Number    | Pkmn Name  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |  1|'         | Escapist              |
    | #001 #002 #003 | Bulbasaur  |   |  1|'         | Item Master           |
    | #019 #020      | Rattata    |   |  1|'         | Course Checker        |
    //#060 #061 #062\\ Poliwag    \   |  1|'         | Exclusive Move-User   |
    \\#186          //  ^ ^  ^ ^  /   |  1|'         | Item Catcher          |
    | #063 #064 #065 | Abra       |   | 25|'         | Status Checker        |
    | #096 #097      | Drowzee    |   | 40|'         | Nontraitor            |
    | #104 #105      | Cubone     |   | 55|'         | PP Saver              |
    | #439 #122      | Mime Jr.   |   | 70|*         | Self-Curer            |
    //#133 #134 #135\\  V V  V V  \   |105|*         | Type-Advantage Master |
    ==#136 #196 #197== Eevee      =   |125|*'        | Weak-Type Picker      |
    \\#470 #471     //  ^ ^  ^ ^  /   |170|**        | Gap Prober            |
    | #165 #166      | Ledyba     |   |180|**        | Wary Fighter          |
    | #167 #168      | Spinarak   |   |260|***       | Sharp Shooter         |
    | #177 #178      | Natu       |   |270|***       | Hit-and-Runner        |
    | #179 #180 #181 | Mareep     |   |300|***       | Lava Evader           |
    | #190 #424      | Aipom      |   |310|***'      | Multitalent           |
    | #203           | Girafarig  |   |320|***'      | Exp. Elite            |
    | #215 #461      | Sneasel    |   |400|****      | All-Terrain Hiker     |
    | #235           | Smeargle   |   |420|****'     | Trap Buster           |
    | #249           | Lugia      |   |480|*****     | Stair Sensor          |
    | #258 #259 #260 | Mudkip     |   |570|******    | No-Charger            |
    //#280 #281 #282\\ Ralts      \   |800|********  | House Avoider         |
    \\#475          //  ^ ^  ^ ^  /   |850|********' | Pierce Hurler         |
    | #309 #310      | Electrike  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    | #313           | Volbeat    |
    | #314           | Illumise   |
    | #325 #326      | Spoink     |
    | #337           | Lunatone   |
    | #338           | Solrock    |
    | #343 #344      | Baltoy     |
    | #345 #346      | Lileep     |
    | #353 #354      | Shuppet    |
    | #355 #356 #477 | Duskull    |
    | #366 #367 #368 | Clamperl   |
    | #386           | Deoxys     |
    | #393 #394 #395 | Piplup     |
    | #399 #400      | Bidoof     |
    | #418 #419      | Buizel     |
    | #453 #454      | Croagunk   |
    ---------------------------- Group G:  Explorer   -----------------------------
    Get one of these to start as a Group G Pokemon:
    - Meowth
    - Skitty
    - Vulpix
    A somewhat uncommon IQ Group. They can't stand the unknown!
    They're always out and about trying to find out what's
    behind yet another corner! They're just too curious!
    If you get Skitty, turn off Erratic Player upon getting it,
    as there's no way Skitty can get Super Effective attacks.
    Aside from that, you can't declare yourself male and start
    as one of these -- Meowth is partner only, and the other two
    will turn out female only. Well darn...
    Milling about in Waterfall Cave are Wooper. Along with other
    Pokemon, but they're not important for this paragraph. The
    use of one is more obvious in Amp Plains later, where Mud
    Sport finally gets use. Besides that, Mud Shot is a decent
    attacking move, and at a late level, gains Rain Dance (37).
    After the credits, you shouldn't look much father than a
    place called Mystifying Forest. Seek out Skuntanks. The fact
    they have one single weakness and, with the right TMs, wide
    selection of attack types, makes them the perfect fit for
    one of the IQ Skills this group gets: Erratic Player.
    Although they are big on exploring, they're slow learners.
    You'll get Self-Curer, but then you'll get nothing else
    until well into 2-star IQ. But don't worry, for when
    Practice Swinger shows up, the rest will follow fairly
    quick. They start slow, but end pretty well. Most of the
    pre-credits just have to deal with few IQ Skills...
    Again, their point is exploration. They're very good at
    keeping out of trouble when they get the IQ Skills. After a
    tough battle, Quick Healer gets 'em out of trouble quick.
    Critical Dodger stops trouble from coming all at once, and
    Quick Dodger helps avoid so much trouble!
    So their survivability is good later on. They also get maps
    of every floor. And the ability to sense stairs and items.
    Well not their exact locations, but still, things will be
    much more efficient with one of these tagging along. You
    just need to be patient with the IQ Skills...
    So now you journey on after the credits. The only real thing
    to look out from this group is the fact they recover quickly
    from status effects. Quite a few others can claim that, too.
    Then you happen in certain tough places, deep in. They start
    dodging more than they really should. You also can't rely on
    critical hits knocking them out, but they're usually
    unreliable anyway. And they have access to Erratic Player,
    making them a tad more dangerous with the right attacks.
    |  52 Pokemon in 29 families  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |IQv| Stars    | Name of IQ Skill      |
    | 'Dex Number    | Pkmn Name  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |  1|'         | Escapist              |
    | #037 #038      | Vulpix     |   |  1|'         | Item Master           |
    | #052 #053      | Meowth     |   |  1|'         | Course Checker        |
    | #069 #070 #071 | Bellsprout |   |  1|'         | Exclusive Move-User   |
    | #083           | Farfetch'd |   |  1|'         | Item Catcher          |
    | #088 #089      | Grimer     |   | 25|'         | Status Checker        |
    | #092 #093 #094 | Gastly     |   | 40|'         | Nontraitor            |
    | #108 #463      | Lickitung  |   | 50|'         | Acute Sniffer         |
    | #114 #465      | Tangela    |   | 55|'         | PP Saver              |
    | #238 #124      | Smoochum   |   | 70|*         | Self-Curer            |
    | #194 #195      | Wooper     |   |195|**        | Practice Swinger      |
    | #200 #429      | Misdreavus |   |200|**        | Exp. Go-Getter        |
    | #234           | Stantler   |   |240|**'       | Trap Avoider          |
    | #270 #271 #272 | Lotad      |   |270|***       | Hit-and-Runner        |
    | #300 #301      | Skitty     |   |290|***       | Quick Healer          |
    | #316 #317      | Gulpin     |   |300|***       | Lava Evader           |
    | #318 #319      | Carvanha   |   |320|***'      | Exp. Elite            |
    | #327           | Spinda     |   |340|***'      | Erratic Player        |
    | #351           | Castform   |   |440|****'     | Critical Dodger       |
    | #352           | Kecleon    |   |480|*****     | Stair Sensor          |
    | #401 #402      | Kriketot   |   |540|*****'    | Quick Dodger          |
    | #412 #413 #414 | Burmy      |   |580|******    | Map Surveyor          |
    | #425 #426      | Drifloon   |   |600|******    | Trap Seer             |
    | #431 #432      | Glameow    |   |750|*******'  | Quick Striker         |
    | #434 #435      | Stunky     |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    | #442           | Spiritomb  |
    | #479           | Rotom      |
    | #480           | Uxie       |
    | #481           | Mesprit    |
    | #482           | Azelf      |
    ---------------------------- Group H:   Cleric    -----------------------------
    Get this one to start as a Group H Pokemon:
    - Chikorita
    A rare IQ Group. Few can match their kindness. They will
    often protect others like their own child. Alright, imagine
    them in plushie form. Now cuddle them! Yay!
    There's only one starter in this group. I suppose you could
    pick Chikorita so you have something from this group. But in
    spite of how few Pokemon are in this group, it's not that
    hard to get a Group H Pokemon. You really don't have to look
    that far...
    In fact, no farther than Apple Woods! Getting a Hoppip from
    here is a good idea if you're looking for something from
    this group. Stun Spore is certainly a useful move to have,
    paralyzing surrounding enemies without a sweat! Also of
    note, they get Bullet Seed and Synthesis.
    But then you see the credits and continue on. Chikorita is
    found in Mystifying Forest, and like any starter, gets good
    stats. It is a good idea to have a status-curing move like
    Aromatherapy (42), which Chikorita gets. Especially since it
    can get rid of things like Perish Song.
    They're defensive, but in a different way from Group E.
    While the two have nice things like Bodyguard, Brick Tough,
    and Quick Healer, this group is a bit more evasive as a
    means for its defense. They will last, but certainly in a
    different way.
    But basically, like with Group E, stick one of these near an
    ally at low HP, and you should feel much safer.
    They also have utility. Things like All-Terrain Hiker, for
    one. Things like Fast Friend and Nature Gifter, which only
    Group B can say they have as well, for another. Of course,
    these come real late, but still, it's a notable detail that
    should be mentioned.
    After the credits, although they're rare, just imagine them
    like Group E enemies, except not so defensive. They will
    cover low-HP enemies, but other than that, not really a pain
    to deal with, even if you don't see much of them.
    In the usual tough places I keep talking about, they get
    evasive. I'm sure a great deal of irritation will show up
    when they take the hit for something else and yet, a "miss"
    still pops up. That, and water is no barrier now. Find ways
    around that evasion, and you'll do fine.
    |  26 Pokemon in 12 families  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |IQv| Stars    | Name of IQ Skill      |
    | 'Dex Number    | Pkmn Name  |   +---+----------+-----------------------+
    +----------------+------------+   |  1|'         | Escapist              |
    | #086 #087      | Seel       |   |  1|'         | Item Master           |
    | #440 #113 #242 | Happiny    |   |  1|'         | Course Checker        |
    | #151           | Mew        |   |  1|'         | Exclusive Move-User   |
    | #152 #153 #154 | Chikorita  |   |  1|'         | Item Catcher          |
    | #175 #176 #468 | Togepi     |   | 10|'         | Efficiency Expert     |
    | #187 #188 #189 | Hoppip     |   | 25|'         | Status Checker        |
    | #458 #226      | Mantyke    |   | 40|'         | Nontraitor            |
    | #241           | Miltank    |   | 65|*         | Bodyguard             |
    | #406 #315 #407 | Budew      |   | 70|*         | Self-Curer            |
    | #333 #334      | Swablu     |   |100|*         | Brick Tough           |
    | #349 #350      | Feebas     |   |150|*'        | Coin Watcher          |
    | #488           | Cresselia  |   |175|**        | Wise Healer           |
    +----------------+------------+   |180|**        | Wary Fighter          |
                                      |190|**        | Deep Breather         |
                                      |290|***       | Quick Healer          |
                                      |300|***       | Lava Evader           |
                                      |400|****      | All-Terrain Hiker     |
                                      |420|****'     | Trap Buster           |
                                      |440|****'     | Critical Dodger       |
                                      |540|*****'    | Quick Dodger          |
                                      |550|*****'    | Fast Friend           |
                                      |800|********  | House Avoider         |
                                      |900|********* | Nature Gifter         |
    ---------------------------- Group I:    Time     -----------------------------
    A legendary IQ Group. The master of time rests here.
    There's only two Pokemon in this group. Thanks to the fact
    that it's a legends-only group, I don't really recommend
    aiming for this group if you just want to go through the
    game. Especially since you have no access until after the
    credits show up.
    Dialga: If you didn't fight this one yet, you obviously
    didn't go far enough. If you did, go back through Hidden
    Land, up Temporal Tower, and beat Dialga again. Upon your
    second (or beyond) victory, you'll be asked to recruit
    Dialga. Just like that! Yay!
    Darkrai: The requirements are as follows:
    - Beat Dark Crater (concluding the Post-Story)
    - Mystery Part or Secret Slab in bag. DON'T USE!
    - Boosted recruit rate to beat the -22.0% chance.
    - Seek out specific places as follows:
    | Mystifying Forest  13F | Mt. Travail        17F | Darkrai's locations
    | Deep Crevice Cave B 2F | Spacial Rift      B14F | after Post-Story
    | Miracle Sea       B 3F +------------------------+
    Info taken from xvolution's FAQ.
    Re-confirmed by OgreGunner for Sky.
    If you're looking here for advice, you're probably looking
    to max stuff out. In that case, the 950 IQv for Time Tripper
    shouldn't be too much trouble for you, eh? I mean, you may
    as well enjoy a permanent speed boost that's sure to make
    things easier, especially if you know movement mechanics.
    They have offense from Aggressor! And they have evasion to
    negate most of the defense drop from Aggressor! And throw in
    Time Tripper as another survival trait, helping you keep out
    of reach of their moves. They can fight pretty well thanks
    to all that.
    This is a legends-only IQ Group, so of course they should be
    relatively powerful. And if you can finally get use for that
    power, you really should enjoy it!
    Both these bosses have Intimidator. Thanks to that, it makes
    everything up close unreliable to use against them. You can
    still always throw items, that will ignore Intimidator.
    Truth be told, I don't know what Pokemon you got for your
    starters. I can't say for certain if you have access to
    things like Discharge, Dig, Agility, or Smokescreen. But I
    can say you do have access to items, like X-Eye Seeds! Give
    one of those a toss, and things should be easier.
    Need a resupply in items? You can back out of the dungeons.
    I don't care if the fate of the world depends on you
    finishing the segment, you can still run back out, do a few
    missions, and get yourself resupplied. Yay for gameplay
    mechanics that don't make sense for the story!
    +---+----------+-----------------------+   |     2 Pokemon     |
    |IQv| Stars    | Name of IQ Skill      |   +------+------------+
    +---+----------+-----------------------+   | 'Dex | Pkmn Name  |
    |  1|'         | Escapist              |   +------+------------+
    |  1|'         | Item Master           |   | #483 | Dialga     |
    |  1|'         | Course Checker        |   | #491 | Darkrai    |
    |  1|'         | Exclusive Move-User   |   +------+------------+
    |  1|'         | Item Catcher          |
    | 25|'         | Status Checker        |
    | 40|'         | Nontraitor            |   Those two are really
    | 55|'         | PP Saver              |   the only ones in this
    | 70|*         | Self-Curer            |   group!
    |130|*'        | Power Pitcher         |
    |140|*'        | Survivalist           |   Recruit one of them
    |190|**        | Deep Breather         |   if you want to see
    |195|**        | Practice Swinger      |   Time Tripper
    |200|**        | Exp. Go-Getter        |
    |220|**'       | Aggressor             |
    |260|***       | Sharp Shooter         |
    |290|***       | Quick Healer          |
    |300|***       | Lava Evader           |
    |400|****      | All-Terrain Hiker     |
    |520|*****'    | Extra Striker         |
    |540|*****'    | Quick Dodger          |
    |560|******    | Intimidator           |
    |800|********  | House Avoider         |
    |950|*********'| Time Tripper          |
    ---------------------------- Group J:    Space    -----------------------------
    A legendary IQ Group. The master of space resides here.
    Ah, Palkia... Why, oh why, do you believe that you, and you
    alone, should occupy an entire group to yourself? Yes,
    Palkia is the only Pokemon in this group.
    Want Absolute Mover? You need this group. Need something
    from this group? Get Palkia. Want to get Palkia? You need
    to complete the Post-Story. You're nearly done with the
    whole game by the time you can recruit Palkia...
    So after you're done with Dark Crater, walk over to Spacial
    Rift and give Palkia another beating! A recruitment dialogue
    will show up after you are victorious again. As for Absolute
    Mover, 990 IQv isn't that much, now is it?
    The whole point of recruiting Palkia in the first place is
    so you get to play around with Absolute Mover. This IQ Skill
    lets you get through all those walls that tend to be in the
    way. And over other stuff like water, lava, and air, a
    detail that might be overlooked thanks to those walls.
    Palkia hits accurately, and with lots of PP. You're not
    going to run low on moves that easily. Add the fact that
    Palkia can take shortcuts where there aren't any and the
    nice exploration IQ Skills, makes dungeons fail to last long
    enough to make PP a problem, most of the time.
    So basically, you should have no trouble speeding through
    places. Now, have fun out there!
    When you see Palkia, there's Intimidator. Having your moves
    fail doesn't feel fun. Use them from afar, or when up close,
    toss an item! An X-Eye Seed solves so many problems...
    Also, your first trip through the dungeon involves a segment
    where it is impossible to leave to re-stock. Therefore, I
    say a well-stocked storage just in case should be of help.
    You've been through one of these kinds of segments before,
    but it's still painful if you don't keep a packed storage.
    +---+----------+-----------------------+   |     1 Pokemon     |
    |IQv| Stars    | Name of IQ Skill      |   +------+------------+
    +---+----------+-----------------------+   | 'Dex | Pkmn Name  |
    |  1|'         | Escapist              |   +------+------------+
    |  1|'         | Item Master           |   | #484 | Palkia     |
    |  1|'         | Course Checker        |   +------+------------+
    |  1|'         | Exclusive Move-User   |
    |  1|'         | Item Catcher          |
    | 25|'         | Status Checker        |   Yes, Palkia is the
    | 40|'         | Nontraitor            |   only one here...
    | 55|'         | PP Saver              |
    |125|*'        | Weak-Type Picker      |   Also, there is an
    |170|**        | Gap Prober            |   IQ Skill that is
    |180|**        | Wary Fighter          |   exclusive here:
    |185|**        | Concentrator          |   Absolute Mover.
    |195|**        | Practice Swinger      |
    |230|**'       | Defender              |   Take a guess what
    |250|**'       | Energy Saver          |   this means...
    |270|***       | Hit-and-Runner        |
    |300|***       | Lava Evader           |
    |310|***'      | Multitalent           |
    |480|*****     | Stair Sensor          |
    |500|*****     | Sure-Hit Attacker     |
    |560|******    | Intimidator           |
    |580|******    | Map Surveyor          |
    |800|********  | House Avoider         |
    |990|**********| Absolute Mover        |
     4 -O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*   IQ SKILLS, DETAILS    *O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*
    I have a great many answers. Every one I could think of, I
    have placed here. Every answer I didn't have, I let you know
    I'm missing them.
    The quick list is at the beginning of this FAQ. This section
    goes into details and more details. The basic stuff is up
    there, if you'd rather not bog yourself down here.
    Though, you're welcome to read my thoughts for every single
    IQ SKill out there. Which includes mechanics, suggestions,
    and what to watch out for.
    [[You may also see text in brackets like this. They are of
      no use except to entertain. They are my own flavor texts
      to add flavor to these texts. Enjoy them anyway!        ]]
    -['         ]---------------------- 0.5-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Escapist <======================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv:   1  '           | ABCDEFGHIJ |The Pokemon has the power to let         |
    ====== Always on ===================|rescue targets escape a dungeon. This is |
                                        |an essential IQ Skill for exploration    |
                                        |teams. Team members must always be       |
                                        |ready to use this skill, so it can't be  |
                                        |turned off.                              |
    * Allows rescuing... Theoretically!
    I'd test to see if it works, but fact is, I can't find a
    case where this isn't active. Okay, before it even matters,
    you don't have it. In Special Episodes, you don't have it,
    but there's no missions to go on!
    Other than that, every Pokemon, without question, has it.
    And since it can't be turned off, and since the IQ
    requirement doesn't really exist, this IQ Skill has no
    Just so I have something useful here...
    If you reach the target floor and steal from Kecleon on the
    same floor, you can't rescue anyone. If you want to be this
    thieving guy who still does missions, do the missions first,
    then you can steal without worry. ... If you can get away
    from Kecleon safely!
    [[Standard rescuing practice demands that all teams are
      ready to act, wherever they may be. Ignoring someone in
      trouble is quite against this practice.                 ]]
    ==> Course Checker <================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv:   1  '           | ABCDEFGHIJ |If this Pokemon targets an enemy with    |
    ====================================|a move or a thrown item, it will first   |
                                        |check for walls and other Pokemon that   |
                                        |may get in the way, then stop the action |
                                        |if such an obstacle exists.              |
    * [Ally] Avoids using a line-range move with an ally in the way
    * [Ally] Avoids using moves if walls would prevent its effect
    - [Ally] On linked moves, only the first move in the link is checked
    Affects the following ranges:
    - Foe in front, cuts corners (prevent waste against enemies in walls)
    - Line of sight (Ally Pokemon or a wall is in the way)
    Interestingly, "Foe in front" and "Enemy up to 2 tiles away"
    check for adjacent walls with or without this IQ Skill.
    Additionally, "Enemy up to 2 tiles away" is still fired at
    an enemy inside a wall exactly two tiles away and no walls
    between the two Pokemon, even with this IQ Skill on. The
    Pokemon only looks at the immediately surrounding walls, not
    caring whether the enemy 2 tiles away is *inside* a wall.
    All other ranges ignores walls or ally Pokemon.
    Your allies will treat certain moves as though they have a
    different range. Growl, for example, is treated exactly like
    "Enemy up to 2 tiles away" even though the actual range hits
    every enemy in sight.
    Lastly, allies only ever look at the first move in a linked
    set. Whether the ally uses the whole link depends entirely
    on what it thinks is the range for the first move.
    Course Checker should be left on. Turning it off often
    results in a few nasty moves hitting your back, and from an
    ally no less. Line-range moves have an interesting trait in
    that they can hit allies, quite unlike many other moves.
    Though, there are reasons for turning off Course Checker:
     - Gap Prober, another IQ Skill
     - Line-range move you can absorb (i.e. Bubble against Dry Skin)
    Gap Prober makes line-range moves ignore allies in the way.
    However, this IQ Skill stops allies from using line-range
    moves through other allies, therefore making Gap Prober
    useless on allies... Unless you turn this IQ Skill off!
    Walls are still a barrier, so try to be careful with wasted
    moves around corners and ghosts.
    And there are abilities that absorb damage. Well, specific
    types of damage, like Electric for Volt Absorb and Water for
    Water Absorb and Dry Skin. Allies will never take advantage
    of this fact on their own, but with this IQ Skill off, and
    with you between them and an enemy, you can trick them into
    shooting that nice, refreshing Bubblebeam to your Dry Skin.
    But when it comes to linked moves, your allies will only
    ever see the first move. While Sweet Scent -> Razor Leaf may
    seem really good, reducing evasion and striking something at
    range with hardly a chance to miss, allies won't care where
    that Razor Leaf is pointed, like your back. Ouch!
    If you plan for allies to use linked moves, I recommend that
    you try to link moves with similar ranges. For reference,
    most moves that affect just the user will only be used when
    the enemy is one tile away. Some maybe even two tiles.
    Of course, you, the leader, won't have any such restriction.
    You can use moves anytime, no matter the context. Except for
    status effects that specifically stop you or PP runs out...
    [[Those who specifically tell their allies to not pay any
      attention will get a Razor Leaf to their head. Please,
      let your allies avoid this grievous mistake. Thank you. ]]
    ==> Item Catcher <==================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv:   1  '           | ABCDEFGHIJ |The Pokemon can catch and hold a         |
    ====================================|thrown item, unless it is already holding|
                                        |an item. It can't catch Seeds or Health  |
                                        |Drinks.                                  |
    * Thrown items that would hit are caught and held
    - Will fail if an item is already held
    - Will fail if there's no room in your bag
    - Seeds, Drinks, and Pierce-thrown items ignores this IQ Skill
    For a good portion of the game, enemies don't throw items at
    you. So while you start with this IQ Skill, it's mostly
    useless. Only items that would be caught are from either you
    or your allies.
    That said, there's rarely any reason to turn it off. Enemies
    with their stack of Sticks after the credits or in some
    Special Episodes are sure to throw them at you. Catching
    things like these makes them harmless, so it's always nice
    to avoid damage.
    Upon catching an item, it is a held item. This means you
    can't catch another item. Of course, you could always throw
    it right back at the foe, or put it away in your bag to free
    up the hold slot to catch another item.
    Then again, there are harmful seeds that can be thrown.
    Those you can't catch, so if you see things like a Doom Seed
    picked up by an enemy, do take caution.
    Lastly, for some unknown reason, enemies will never catch
    Sticks and stones, in spite of the fact you can. For once,
    you can do something the enemies can't do!
    [[You can throw a punch. You can throw a fit. You can even
      throw ideas around. But when you throw items, I'm sure to
      catch them in mid-flight! But you could throw nothing.  ]]
    ==> Item Master <===================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv:   1  '           | ABCDEFGHIJ |The Pokemon will use or throw            |
    ====================================|its hold item.                           |
    * [Ally] Allows decision about throwing or using its held item
    * (anyone) Reviver Seeds will work when HP hits 0
    * (anyone) Reviser Seeds "work" (to no useful effect) when HP hits 0
    Although it lets allies use or throw held items, this does
    not affect whether things like Power Band would work. Even
    with this IQ Skill off, that Warp Scarf will send you away.
    The fact that it allows allies to use held items is often
    overlooked. I don't really remember the last time I gave my
    partner any items to use. Still, that option is available.
    The more important factor of this IQ Skill is the fact it
    allows Reviver Seeds to work. Turning this off on a leader
    is almost always a bad idea, as preventing Reviver Seeds
    from working on the leader results in losing the trip.
    As for your other Pokemon, if they're not as necessary to
    keep around, you can save your Reviver Seeds by turning off
    their Item Master. When they become more important,
    especially when you decide to make one the leader of some
    trip, don't ever forget to turn it back on.
    As for Reviser Seeds, you'll get back up and laugh yourself
    out again. Yeah, it is kind of funny how you got KO'd in the
    first place, so knock yourself out again through laughter.
    Basically means Reviser Seeds won't save you -- They are not
    a Reviver Seed in the least.
    [[Even with a thousand items, each and every one of them
      capable of miracles, they are all useless, each and
      every one of them, if you never let yourself use them.  ]]
    ==> Exclusive Move-User <===========+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv:   1  '           | ABCDEFGHIJ |The Pokemon uses only moves, not its     |
    ====================================|regular attack. It won't use moves that  |
                                        |are out of PP or moves with a link       |
                                        |that will delink if used one more time.  |
    * [Ally] Disallows regular attacks
    * [Ally] Disallows moves with 0 PP remaining
    * [Ally] Disallows linked moves with a move at 0 or 1 PP left
    The Pokemon can still walk (or use/throw items with Item
    Master), so obviously this doesn't force moves only. It just
    gets rid of the regular attack as a possible action. Usually
    a good idea to avoid regular attacks in boss battles.
    PP becomes more of an issue if you don't switch this off.
    It's not a bad idea to hit just once with a move and finish
    them with regular attacks. Exclusively using regular attacks 
    will cut how much EXP enemies are worth in half, but hitting
    with a move at least once will give you the full EXP.
    One quirk with this IQ SKill is that, if it's on, and you
    have no moves selected on an ally, said ally will do
    nothing at all. Okay, walk, depending on the tactic, or toss
    an item, but that's it.
    Why would you prevent an ally from attacking? Pick one:
     - You want to force movement
     - Ensure dealing the final hit yourself, for recruitment
     - Just testing stuff? That's fine
    It's often a good idea that, if this is on, try to keep at
    least one useful move switched on. At least give the ally a
    chance to do something!
    If no moves have any PP, there is no way you can prevent an
    ally from using Struggle, short of status effects, Dedicated
    Traveler, or the tactic "Get away from here". Turning off
    Exclusive Move-User does not stop an ally from using moves.
    [[A regular attack is never strong, my friend. Keep that
      in mind. But never have I seen someone so convinced that
      they'd rather do nothing than try a regular attack!     ]]
    ==> Dedicated Traveler <============+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv:   1  '           | AB_D______ |The Pokemon will focus on traveling.     |
    ====================================|It will use moves and items less often.  |
    * [Ally] Checks for possible movement before checking attacks
    The priority is usually attack first, and walk around later.
    This IQ Skill reverses that priority... Mostly.
    While it is known what it does, this actually only has a
    useful effect on two tactics:
    Let's go together   - Ignore enemies unless can't move or next to leader
    Go after foes       - Ignore use of long-range moves
    Avoid the first hit - Steps away from enemies until at a wall
    Wait there          - (No effect)
    Get away from here  - (No effect)
    You go the other way- Ignore use of long-range moves
    Be Patient          - (Acts like Let's go together  or  Wait there)
    Avoid Trouble       - (Acts like Let's go together  or  Get away from here)
    With this IQ Skill on, the ally will check the most direct
    route. If the tile it wants to walk on is blocked, it will
    look over its attacks like normal, before it looks at nearby
    tiles as a different path.
    When separated from an ally with this IQ Skill, I highly
    recommend either turning off Dedicated Traveler, or set the
    tactic to something other than "Let's go together". If both
    of these are set, the ally will completely ignore enemies
    until it reunites with you or gets cornered.
    Thankfully, you can always turn it off whenever you want.
    While you can force movement by clever use of Exclusive
    Move-User, this IQ Skill might have rare moments of some
    use. But I don't often see it, though.
    [[Where my leader goes, I will follow. Through thick and
      thin, I will follow. Even through traps, I will follow.
      and should my leader ever fall... I will follow.        ]]
    ==> Efficiency Expert <=============+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv:  10  '           | ____E__H__ |When near several enemies, the           |
    ====================================|Pokemon will target the one that         |
                                        |has the lowest HP.                       |
    * [Ally] targets low-HP foes first
    This is a targeting IQ Skill, the first of three. Without
    any of these targeting IQ Skills, the game will decide on
    random targets.
    This IQ Skill in particular grants the knowledge of who has
    the lowest HP to your allies. It will still randomly pick
    moves, but for the random action it picks, the lowest HP foe
    in reach will be targeted.
    Usually a good idea, since an enemy at 1 HP is still going
    to cause trouble, just as much as another at 150. With this
    IQ Skill, it helps ensure that the ally won't leave a bunch
    of low-HP enemies alone and attack the one high-HP foe in
    Keep in mind that it doesn't decide the move for the ally.
    Of the moves you allow on your ally, it will quite randomly
    pick one, not really caring that this Razor Leaf can reach
    that enemy over there and not this Tackle. If it can't make
    use the randomly picked move, it may do nothing.
    Which means switching moves on or off is still important!
    [[You may feel exhausted, but what you can do is still a
      surprise. As even with the greatest damage, one can still
      be just as much trouble. Make them the first to go!     ]]
    ==> Status Checker <================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv:  25  '           | ABCDEFGHIJ |The Pokemon will not use moves that      |
    ====================================|cause a status problem if the target     |
                                        |already has the same status problem.     |
    * [Ally] Prevents using non-damage moves under certain conditions
    A quick overview of various kinds of moves:
     - Damage moves   -- Never checked
     - Status effects -- Will it affect a target in reach?
     - Status-heals   -- Does anyone in reach have a bad status?
     - Stat-adjusters -- Is the stat maxed out or minimized?
     - HP-heals       -- Does anyone have less than 25% HP left?
    Yes, the game description makes no mention of things like HP
    healing or stat adjustment moves. Status Checker still works
    on those things!
    Once you get it, it's usually a good idea to keep it on. It
    won't matter if the ally doesn't get moves that are covered
    by this IQ Skill, as all the damage moves are still used,
    with or without this IQ Skill.
    One important detail that should be known: It won't prevent
    the ally from randomly picking the status move. It will look
    at things like Aromatherapy, find that no one needs status
    recovery, then does nothing instead of picking a more useful
    move, such as Sweet Scent. Yeesh...
    Then again, if it does stop itself after checking a move, it
    may decide to use a regular attack. No good with Exclusive
    Move-User on, as that stops regular attacks from ever coming
    up at all. Curious about enemies that "watch carefully"?
    It's basically this process they went through!
    There's only three ways to prevent an ally from picking an
    ineffective move:
     - IQ Skill: Weak-Type Picker.
       That IQ Skill is a somewhat rare one to get.
     - Exclusive Move-User on with the ineffective move at 0 PP.
       Needless to say, if it has 0 PP, you have a problem...
     - Turn off the ally's move.
       This means you need to take the time to use the menu.
    [[Sometimes, the best way to handle things is not to
      figure out what you want to do, but to eliminate the
      things you most certainly want to avoid doing.          ]]
    ==> Cheerleader <===================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv:  30  '           | _B__E_____ |The Pokemon cheers on nearby team        |
    ====================================|members, boosting their Attack and       |
                                        |Special Attack by 1 level.               |
    * Allies one tile away gains Attack & Sp.Atk
    - 2 or 3 Cheerleaders won't enhance the effect at all
    |   Attack & Sp.Atk   |
    |Stage|    Change     |
    |Usual| 256/256  100% |
    | + 1 | 307/256  120% |
    Ah, free attack power. Okay, mostly free. All you need are
    just a few gummis, not even enough for a single star, and
    it's yours. As long as it's Group B or E, that is. Since it
    is cheap, it won't hurt much to get it, even if you don't
    plan to keep the Pokemon around!
    The idea is simple: Stand next to one of these, and you hit
    harder. Even better, all Pokemon who gets this IQ Skill also
    gains Bodyguard later, all the better for tight groups! And
    they're such cheap IQ Skills, how fun!
    A Pokemon with Cheerleader does not boost its own damage.
    Cheerleader boosts other Pokemon's damage, not self. But a
    pair of Cheerleader Pokemon can boost each other's damage.
    [[Prove to us your merit! I say you can do it! It is a super
      fit! Believe me, it's true! Words will carry far! There's
      no higher bar! With your victory RAWR! I believe in you!]]
    ==> Nontraitor <====================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv:  40  '           | ABCDEFGHIJ |If the Pokemon has a Confused status     |
    ====================================|or a Cowering status, its wildly aimed   |
                                        |attacks will not hit friends.            |
    * Attacks that wouldn't target allies still don't under certain status
    Status effects that allow you to hit your allies:
     - Confused (various moves, Totter Orb, Totter Seed)
     - Cowering (Shocker Orb)
     - Blinker  (Blinker Seed, Wander Gummi)
    This IQ Skill prevents the "allow hitting allies" part of
    certain status effects. The other painful things, like going
    in random directions, attacking in the opposite direction,
    or being unable to see anything... They still apply.
    This IQ Skill will NOT prevent moves that already can hit
    allies without status effects. Moves that hit in a line or
    or moves like Earthquake are sure to hit your allies, even
    without confusion. This IQ Skill does not change this fact.
    But moves that normally won't hit your allies, like Tackle,
    Blizzard, Silver Wind, Lava Plume... Well, being confused
    will allow them to hit your allies. Especially painful for
    room-range moves. However, this IQ Skill prevents confusion
    from allowing those to hurt your friends. Yay!
    Generally, once obtained, keep it on. There are rare
    occasions where you want it off, notably when you have a
    Smeargle and wish to Sketch an ally's move after eating a
    Blinker Seed. The low IQ requirement and the fact everyone
    can get it makes it particularly useful.
    [[I shall never hurt you. That's my promise. Even in the
      middle of battle, even when I can't even so much as
      recognize who you are, this promise I will keep. I will.]]
    ==> Acute Sniffer <=================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv:  50  '           | A_____G___ |When it reaches a new floor, the         |
    ====================================|Pokemon knows the number of items        |
                                        |that are lying on the ground.            |
    * On floor entry, a message stating number of items appear
    - Buried items are included as part of this number
    - Sealed Chambers and item boxes are _NOT_ part of this number
    Once you have this IQ Skill, you can tell when further
    searching will certainly fail to give you more items. Just
    try to remember it! If you forgot already, hold L and hit B,
    and scroll up. Maybe the message is still there! Maybe...
    It includes shop items. If the number of items is unusually
    high, it is an indicator of a shop, but not a sure thing. If
    you wanted a Kecleon shop, take the time to search floors
    where there is an unusually high number of items!
    It also includes buried items. In dungeons where there are
    buried items, you'll know you're in one when you've searched
    every room and found only 3 of 8 items on the floor, as an
    example. These dungeons greatly reduce the usefulness of
    this IQ Skill, because you don't know exactly when you're
    done finding all the non-buried items anymore.
    It won't display things like boxes that some Pokemon holds.
    Truth is, those dropped boxes are generated upon defeat of
    an enemy Pokemon. Therefore, they will never exist on entry
    of any floor.
    Also won't display Sealed Chamber items or locked room items
    as part of the number. A small detail, but it is a detail.
    [[Don't trust my ability to predict the future? I can tell
      you that you will find 4 items on this floor. Go on, take
      a look! Stand not here and go seek out those items!     ]]
    ==> PP Saver <======================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv:  55  '           | A__D_FG_IJ |The Pokemon will occasionally use a      |
    ====================================|move without consuming PP.               |
    * 8% chance to activate, preventing PP loss
    - Linked moves only checks this IQ Skill once
     PP cost||PP Saver|Foe with|No-     |  Notes
            || works! |Pressure|Charger |
     1 PP*  ||   no   |   no   |   no   |  Usual case
     0 PP  .||. YES. .|. .no. .|. .no. .|. 8% chance for that PP Saver!
     2 PP** ||   no   |  YES   |   no   |  Pressure eats up 1 extra PP
     0 PP  .||. YES. .|. YES. .|. .no. .|. PP Saver negates Pressure
     2 PP** ||   no   |   no   |  YES   |  No-Charger eats up 1 extra PP
     1 PP* .||. YES. .|. .no. .|. YES. .|. PP Saver fails against No-Charger
     3 PP***||   no   |  YES   |  YES   |  Expensive. Got Max Elixirs?
     1 PP* .||. YES. .|. YES. .|. YES. .|. Only No-Charger keeps PP usage
    PP Saver, when it activates with its 8% chance, will negate
    Pressure. Then again, for the other 92% of the time, PP
    Saver has no effect, so you'll feel the Pressure without
    much doubt!
    As for No-Charger, a later IQ Skill, PP Saver will never
    save the extra PP that No-Charger eats up. Given how few PP
    each of the charge-up moves have, you're not likely to have
    PP Saver activate before you run out of PP anyway.
    When you link moves together and use the link, PP Saver is
    checked only once during the whole attack. Though, if it
    activates, the whole link uses no PP!
    Still, 8% chance to avoid using PP isn't much. On average,
    you'll use 12 moves and get one free. But you know, that
    still helps you last just a bit longer without Max Elixirs.
    On a side note, an ally can attempt to use a 0 PP move.
    While PP Saver can activate, nothing will happen anyway.
    They'll only attempt it if Exclusive Move-User is off and
    the 0 PP move is on, but it's likely you'll go out of your
    way to see this oddity.
    [[I still have one last shot! Which I used, and thus we
      defeat our enemy. Too quick, another comes. But, as luck
      would have it, I STILL have one last shot!              ]]
    -[*         ]---------------------- 1.0-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Bodyguard <=====================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv:  65  *           | _B__E__H__ |If a team member next to this Pokemon    |
    ====================================|is in trouble and has low HP, the        |
                                        |Pokemon will step in to take attacks     |
                                        |aimed at the friend.                     |
    * Attacks aimed at nearby low-HP allies instead targets this one
    - Some status conditions prevent this IQ Skill
    - Any moves that can hit an area will ignore this IQ Skill
    A Pokemon with Bodyguard standing next to a low HP ally will
    take any attacks aimed at said low HP ally, using its own
    HP, defenses, and evasion instead of the poor low HP ally.
    Status effects can prevent this IQ Skill from working. In
    particular, I believe any of those that prevent use of moves
    and attacks stop this IQ Skill, but Frightened still let
    Bodyguard work. Kind of disproves my initial belief.
    Low HP is a point where you have less than 25% of your HP
    left. If you see things like your menu flashing red, that
    should let you know you're not in good shape.
    This gives no protection to those who have at least 25% of
    their maximum HP. If an attack would KO above this amount,
    say goodbye to a Reviver Seed. Only when HP is currently
    less than 25% of max will Bodyguard offer any protection.
    Though, below 25%, the ally can usually stay alive through
    anything short of weather, status effects, or multi-target
    moves. An ability like Blaze or a move like Flail is sure to
    see plenty of use in this state.
    Again, multi-target moves pierce through this IQ Skill. They
    are room-range moves like Silver Wind, ones that hit the
    8 tiles around you like Lava Plume, and the rather unique
    Wide Slash. Bodyguard can't redirect those attacks. Take
    care in dungeons where enemies have such moves.
    An ally could be in decent enough shape, but then drop to
    low HP. Further attacks in the same turn, or even from the
    same multi-hit move will trigger Bodyguard, so it adds a
    further step of safety. Things like Pin Missile are less
    threatening thanks to this. They still hurt, of course!
    It's a powerful survival IQ Skill, and comes fairly early as
    well. When weaker defense and critical HP is put aside for a
    stronger defense and comfy HP of the neighboring tank you
    have along, you will feel quite safe so suddenly.
    [[As you can see, there is a point where I can't stand by
      watching you get hurt like this. I'm sore, but it was
      well worth throwing myself in the way of those attacks. ]]
    ==> Self-Curer <====================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv:  70  *           | ___D_FGHI_ |The Pokemon recovers faster than         |
    ====================================|usual from status problems.              |
    * Painful status effects last half as long, rounded up
    Although it doesn't stop bad status effects, it makes some
    of the worse ones, such as those that prevent you from doing
    anything, last so much shorter.
    There are some that aren't affected, like Poison, due to the
    fact they last forever anyway, and half of forever is still
    too long. Paralysis is also unaffected, due to it lasting 1
    turn. It takes longer than 1 turn thanks to its slowdown
    effect that comes with Paralysis.
    There are plenty of status effects out there that this does
    affect, and you'd be glad you're not stuck with them for so
    long. It comes early, so you can become safer fairly easily.
    A complement to Nonsleeper, which covers Groups A, B, and C.
    That leaves Groups E and J uncovered. Also, thanks to these
    two IQ Skills, Sleep is a nearly worthless status effect to
    keep around after the credits, so you can't really rely on
    Spore so much by then.
    [[There, one well-placed Hypnosis, and that Raticate is
      down. Just as I turned to face another foe, I hear, from
      that same Pokemon, "worry not, I'm fine." Such recovery!]]
    ==> Brick Tough <===================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 100  *           | __C_E__H__ |The Pokemon's body becomes tougher,      |
    ====== Always on ===================|which gives it more HP. This IQ Skill    |
                                        |can't be turned off.                     |
    * +10 Max HP
    This IQ Skill is direct enough. Getting it grants you an
    extra ten maximum HP. It doesn't "heal" you up to your new
    maximum, so don't make tough calculations and depend on that
    10 HP saving you the instant you eat that gummi.
    The extra HP makes you more durable. Perhaps not a whole
    lot, but if it brings you to 90/90 HP up from 80/80 HP, it
    does tend to make you safer.
    It's less useful since the cafe exists in Sky. You can
    permanently raise HP with a few drinks...
    Blinker Seed, X-Eye Seed, Totter Seed, or Sleep Seed:
    25% chance to permanently get +4 HP.
    Notably, these seeds are far easier to find than Life Seed
    or Sitrus Berry. Keep a few X-Eye Seeds for boss battles,
    since they are extremely useful against a single opponent.
    Max HP is used as part of the regeneration formula. With an
    extra 10 max HP, you'll recover an extra 1 HP per 20 steps,
    without things like Heal Ribbon or Quick Healer. Might not
    be much, but you'll more likely last in longer trips with
    the number of steps you'll take.
    On a final note, this IQ Skill works as an indicator whether
    Riolu or Budew has enough IQ to evolve. When they get this
    IQ Skill, they're ready to evolve with a Sun Ribbon. The
    other IQ + Ribbon evolvers would also evolve at exactly this
    point, but they don't get this IQ Skill, leaving you to
    guess when they're ready.
    [[Like a brick, I'm tough to shatter! I can sit there and
      take all that you can dish out, and am one that can hold
      up even a wall! Unlike a brick, I can fight back, too!  ]]
    ==> Type-Advantage Master <=========+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 105  *           | ABC__F____ |The Pokemon's critical-hit rate is       |
    ====================================|boosted when attacking enemies that      |
                                        |have a type disadvantage.                |
    * A Super-Effective attack has a much higher critical rate
    Super-Effective attacks hit fairly hard. Not as good as a
    move that's the same type as yourself, but still good. This
    IQ Skill makes you want to use Super-Effective attacks more
    often, when you start getting critical hits like crazy.
    It's more useful on Pokemon who can learn a wide variety of
    attacks, as they are more likely to get consistent Super-
    Effective attacks. For everyone else, it's a nice perk when
    you can hit the enemy hard.
    Critical hits tend to be unreliable, but at least when you
    can one-hit KO stuff from full health more often, it will
    prevent you from taking as much damage as usual.
    [[Great, you use an effective attack. But why stop there?
      Go drive in the point hard! A critical hit in many an
      attack! A bit much, sure, but why hold back?            ]]
    -[*'        ]---------------------- 1.5-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Weak-Type Picker <==============+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 125  *'          | _____F___J |When near several enemies, the           |
    ====================================|Pokemon will target the one that         |
                                        |has a type disadvantage.                 |
    * [Ally] Picks an effective move instead of randomly picking a move
    This is a targeting IQ Skill, the second of three. Without
    any of these targeting IQ Skills, the game will decide on
    random targets. In the case of Weak-Type Picker, it does
    even more.
    This IQ Skill allows an ally to look at all of its switched
    on moves, instead of only one randomly picked move. This
    includes the regular attack if Exclusive Move-User is off.
    There is no other effect in the whole game that does this.
    Among these moves, whatever is the most effective will
    generally be chosen. You can choose to leave on multiple
    moves without needing to control your ally so often anymore.
    Among damage moves, it will look at weaknesses and
    resistances, counting STAB as one layer of weakness. A
    regular attack is counted as up against two layers of
    resistances. A "little effect" attack, like Normal against
    Ghost-Type, is counted as two layers of resistance.
    Abilities like Water Absorb isn't looked at, be careful.
    Among status moves, it will skip over those that are stopped
    by Status Checker. You can leave on a move like Refresh and
    expect it to be used when you're hit by a status effect in a
    single turn. Among those not stopped by Status Checker, it's
    still random.
    Range of moves are considered as well. An ally will always
    use a long-range attack at a distant target rather than a
    short-range move that can't reach anyone.
    Your allies will still follow whatever moves you switch on
    or off, but because ones with Weak-Type Picker are much
    smarter at what moves they pick, you don't need to worry so
    much about switching moves on or off.
    It's too bad about the narrow availability of this IQ Skill.
    Only one group, besides Palkia, even gets it. Few will ever
    realize the power of this IQ Skill.
    [[My friend, there are all sorts of enemies, with all sorts
      of defense. It's a lot to track, no? But worry not, for I
      always make the best choices. Can they say the same?    ]]
    ==> Power Pitcher <=================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 130  *'          | __C_E___I_ |The Pokemon's throwing power is          |
    ====================================|boosted, so thrown or hurled items       |
                                        |inflict greater damage.                  |
    * Thrown straight-line damage items deal 50% more damage
    - Arcing rocks aren't affected
    Throwables are common. This IQ Skill makes those common
    throwables more useful to have around. It also makes it a
    wiser choice to throw one instead of using a regular attack,
    in case damage is needed.
    One good way to conserve PP, yet you still need damage, is
    to throw a Stick. With this IQ Skill, that Stick will deal
    decent damage. Not as good as a move, but with Power
    Pitcher, it's a better option than a regular attack.
    Without Power Pitcher, Sticks, Iron Thorns, Silver Spikes,
    and those other straight line throwables are about as good
    as a regular attack. Except they have range, unlike a
    regular attack.
    Though, throwables are plenty useful for scouting for
    enemies in halls. With or without Power Pitcher, knowing
    that a Torterra is down that hall thanks to your thrown
    Stick is certainly a nice advantage to have. The extra
    damage from this IQ Skill is a bonus.
    [[The common Stick. Along with stones, is said to break
      bones. When words fail to hurt, the use of Sticks are
      recommended as a means of getting your point across.    ]]
    ==> Survivalist <===================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 140  *'          | A_C_E___I_ |The Pokemon's Belly fills up more than   |
    ====================================|usual from eating. It may also resist    |
                                        |the bad effects of eating Grimy Food.    |
    * Eating provides an extra +10% Belly
    * 50% chance for Grimy Food to give no negative effects
    | Food         |Belly|Steps | |Belly|Steps | Notes
    |              |     |      | |w/Sur|w/Surv|
    | Seed, Berry, |   5 |   50 | |   6 |   60 | No seed, berry, or drink may
    | or Drink     |     |      | |     |      | be affected by Grimy Trap.
    | Gravelyrock  |  10 |  100 | |  11 |  110 | If at max, + 5 max Belly
    | Grimy Food   |  30 |  300 | |  33 |  330 | May give bad status
    | Apple        |  50 |  500 | |  55 |  550 | If at max, + 5 max Belly
    | Big Apple    | 100 | 1000 | | 110 | 1100 | If at max, +10 max Belly
    | Huge Apple   | 200 | 2000 | | 200 | 2000 | Always +10 max Belly
    | Golden Apple | 200 | 2000 | | 200 | 2000 | Always +50 max Belly
    | Bad Gummi    |   5 |   50 | |   6 |   60 | "Little Effect"
    | Poor Gummi   |  10 |  100 | |  11 |  110 | "Not Very Effective"
    | Fair Gummi   |  15 |  150 | |  17 |  170 | Normal effectiveness
    | Good Gummi   |  20 |  200 | |  22 |  220 | "Super Effective"
    | Favored Gummi|  30 |  300 | |  33 |  330 | Same type
    | Wonder Gummi |  50 |  500 | |  55 |  550 |
    | Wander Gummi |   0 |    0 | |   0 |    0 | Lookalike item
    Belly: Food gained from item
    Steps: How many steps? Without things like Energy Saver
    The possible effects of Grimy Food:
    - Poisoned
    - Burned
    - Paralyzed
    - Immobilized
    - Sharply reduced Attack and Sp.Atk
    Not as good as Energy Saver for when you want to last with
    low food, but this IQ Skill is more readily available, both
    in IQ required and who learns it. Even so, the 10% boost is
    not much compared to the 33% or so of Energy Saver.
    As for when you want to eat Grimy Food, it's preferable that
    you always stand on stairs before chowing down. Any effects
    that hit you can be negated by menu -> Ground -> Stairs.
    Hence, making this IQ Skill less useful.
    If enemies pick up Grimy Food, they'll tend to toss it your
    way. Item Catcher may safely catch the tossed food, but it
    may fail thanks to holding X-Ray Specs or something, so it's
    nice when you're not guaranteed to be unhappy from the
    effect. Only half the time.
    Max Belly can't exceed 200. It also resets to 100 when you
    leave the dungeon for any reason, so the new max isn't
    [[There are things that aren't appealing, something that
      you'd never think could keep you going for long. But
      there are times where anything helps, no matter how bad.]]
    ==> Coin Watcher <==================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 150  *'          | AB_____H__ |The Pokemon has a keen eye for money.    |
    ====== Always on ===================|When picking up ($), it will find more   |
                                        |($) than usual.                          |
    * +20% bonus to money picked up (+51/256 exact)
    - Only on auto-pickup or menu -> Ground -> Get
    To be precise, you get an extra +51/256. Slightly less than
    +20% extra, but +20% is close enough. It rounds down.
    The Pokemon who picks up the coins is the one checked for
    this IQ Skill. Your leader with Coin Watcher will not make
    the coin pile larger for the ally who gets the coins.
    If an ally has Coin Watcher, you can try to make the ally
    pick up the coins. One way is to stand next to coins, then
    hold the B button, then step on the coins. Now switch places
    with your ally.
    Coins inside your bag aren't affected by this IQ Skill. When
    you hit Select, any coins in your bag gets sorted into your
    wallet, bypassing anyone's Coin Watcher.
    How to get coins into your bag, you ask?
     - Swap coins with an item in your bag. Skip Auto-pickup holding B
     - A move, like Trick, against an enemy holding coins
    But other than that, it's more money for use in shops. Never
    hurts to have more money for that, right?
    [[Coins are mysterious things. Found in various dungeons,
      scattered about, they're useful for shopping. There are
      some who finds more where there really shouldn't be.    ]]
    -[**        ]---------------------- 2.0-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Nonsleeper <====================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 160  **          | ABC_______ |The Pokemon resists sleep inflicted on   |
    ====================================|it from traps and enemy moves.           |
    * Can't fall asleep for any reason
    Ah, silly in-game description... No form of Sleep works on
    you. Rest fails. Sleep Seed fails. Everything Sleep fails.
    So basically, unless you're about to use Rest, keep this on.
    Sleep prevents you from acting, so it's nice to stop it from
    happening. It's certainly of use on you or your allies.
    A complement to Self-Curer, which covers Groups D, F, G, H,
    and I. That only leaves E and Palkia as being horribly weak
    to Sleep effects.
    Because so few are so weak to sleep, moves like Spore won't
    work well in the Post-Story. Don't pick items that cause
    Sleep, for they'll take up an item slot and may well end up
    [[After long training, I can finally stand up to any Spore
      that comes my way! Never must I sleep when foes want it,
      but it's such trouble when I want to sleep at night...  ]]
    ==> Gap Prober <====================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 170  **          | _B_D_F___J |The Pokemon can send thrown items        |
    ====================================|and deliver its moves through team       |
                                        |members to target only enemies.          |
                                        |For this IQ Skill to work, the           |
                                        |Course Checker skill must be             |
                                        |turned off.                              |
    * Line-range harmful effects bypass allies
    * Oddly, confused "Cuts Corners" moves also miss allies
    Again with silly in-game description. You, the leader, can
    use this IQ Skill with Course Checker on. The reason it's
    mentioned is because allies with Course Checker on will not
    attempt to use Line-range moves through friendly targets.
    Thrown helpful items, like Oran Berry or Heal Seed, won't
    bypass allies with or without this IQ Skill. Not that it
    matters, since you'd use the Eat command to ensure a hit.
    You can basically replace all the moves that strike 2 tiles
    away with Line-range moves. Except somehow, allies seem to
    know when enemies are in reach of a 2-tile-range move, even
    with 1 tile vision. Something that Line-range can't say.
    Poorly thought-out linked moves, like Growl -> Bubble, are
    less painful since now the Line-range moves won't hit your
    back anymore. Whew.
    In any case, don't forget that if you, the leader, have this
    IQ Skill, don't be afraid of throwing Sticks through your
    party to hit some enemy in the back. This does affect items
    -- it's not exclusive to Line-range moves.
    On an unusual note, should you turn off Nontraitor, get
    yourself confused somehow, then use a move that cuts
    corners, Gap Prober will prevent the move from hitting your
    allies. This is not a case you're likely to worry about.
    [[Often, even your smallest friends manage to find a way
      to block the entire passage. But if one looks closely,
      maybe a tiny crack can be found to bypass your ally...  ]]
    ==> Wise Healer <===================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 175  **          | _B__E__H__ |The Pokemon recovers more HP than        |
    ====================================|usual if it uses an HP-healing move or   |
                                        |item.                                    |
    * +15% healing from moves/items/effects, rounded down
    |   Healing    |w/IQ Skill?| Notes
    |    effect    | No  : Yes |
    |====ITEMS=====| --- : --- | Not many healing items...
    | Oran Berry   | 100 : 115 | 
    | Sitrus Berry | 100 : 115 | If HP is at max, then +2 max HP
    |====MOVES=====| --- : --- |
    | Rest         | 999 : 999 | Self; Begin Napping, common TM move
    | Healing Wish | 999 : 999 | Room; Also heals status, user drops to 1 HP
    | Recover      | 50% :57.5%| Self
    | Slack Off    | 50% :57.5%| Self
    | Softboiled   | 25% :28.7%| Room; Of note, only Chansey or Blissey gets it
    | Milk Drink   | 25% :28.7%| Floor; Of note, only Miltank may learn it
    | Synthesis    |  50 :  57 | Self; Affected by weather
    | Moonlight    |  50 :  57 | Floor; Affected by weather
    | Morning Sun  |  50 :  57 | Floor; Affected by weather
    | Roost        |  40 :  46 | Self; Lose Flying type for one turn
    | Heal Order   |  40 :  46 | Self: Only Vespiquen (Group A) learns it.
    | Ingrain      |  10 :  11 | Self; Prevents movement, heal every 5 turns
    | Leech Seed   |  10 :  11 | Foe; Seeds foe to drain HP, every 2 turns
    | Present      | 25% :28.7%| Foe; Chance to heal enemy, usually damages
    | [Absorbing]  | 50% :57.5%| Any move that drains recover half of dmg dealt
    |===WEATHER====| --- : --- |
    | Clear        |  50 :  57 |  For the moves
    | Sunny        |  80 :  92 |  Synthsesis,
    | Rainy        |  10 :  11 |  Moonlight, and
    | Sandstorm    |  20 :  23 |  Morning Sun.
    | Hail         |  10 :  11 |  Pretty useless
    | Fog          |  10 :  11 |  in bad weather.
    | Cloudy       |  30 :  34 |
    | Snow         |   1 :   1 |
    The above should cover nearly everything there needs to be
    said about this IQ Skill. Let the numbers speak. The boost
    isn't much, and I haven't encountered a case where I ended
    up needing that 15% bonus.
    Turn-by-turn regeneration is not affected by this IQ Skill.
    If you wanted that, look at Quick Healer.
    Does not affect the ability to heal others. A Moonlight,
    for example, will heal 50 points to anyone without this IQ
    Skill and 57 to those who have it, in Clear Weather.
    Yes, I'm listing Heal Order. In the unlikely case that you
    Copycat a Vespiquen's Heal Order with a Pokemon that knows
    Wise Healer, you'll get more HP than usual. This case is
    rather rare, but it is possible.
    [[No, healing isn't "shoot it off and hope." You just need
      to know how to chew that Oran Berry wisely. Or how to
      Slack Off more efficiently. You know, simple tricks!    ]]
    ==> Wary Fighter <==================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 180  **          | ____EF_H_J |If the Pokemon misses with an attack,    |
    ====================================|it takes a step back to distance itself  |
                                        |from its target.                         |
    * On miss, move backwards one tile
    - Can cut around corners and move "off-road" regardless of mobility
    - Blocked by Pokemon, walls (w/o ghost movement), and map edge
    - Line-range moves never trigger this IQ Skill
    The "off-road" terrain are as follows:
     - Water -- Removes and prevents burns
     - Lava  -- Causes burns on entry
     - Air   -- Not much in particular
    If you can't normally walk on the terrain in question, you
    will warp after backing up into them. Non-leaders that do so
    will warp to the leader, whereas the leader would warp to a
    random room.
    With this IQ Skill, when you miss, you put a little distance
    between yourself and a foe. This takes you out of reach of
    their close-range attacks. They'll usually waste a turn
    walking towards you, in which case, your miss only costs you
    a single PP and not your good health. Nice defense.
    Better when alone, as opposed to a group. Generally, in a
    group, backing up would tend to leave your other members in
    more danger. Might have occasional utility in a group, but
    it's almost certainly more help alone.
    With linked moves or multi-hit moves, you'll back up on your
    first miss. Usually, this means your whole link depends on
    whether or not your first move hits. Keep this in mind and
    turn off this IQ Skill when you don't want to risk it.
    Finally, unless it's a Line-range move, a "miss" of any sort
    besides attacking air will back you up. Silver Wind miss
    something? Back up! Protect failed? Moved! Used Last Resort
    without a move empty of PP? Retreat! Particularly nice when
    you want that Protect, so missing it isn't as deadly.
    For Groups E and H, owners of Bodyguard, make sure that,
    when you back up, you're still protecting necessary allies.
    Either that, or turn off this IQ Skill. Make sure you don't
    miss and automatically back up at the worst times.
    [[Every time she missed, she would simply dance back, away
      from my counterattack. Though, looking back on it, she
      never did see that deep pool of water behind her...     ]]
    ==> Concentrator <==================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 185  **          | __CD_____J |The Pokemon focuses on making its        |
    ====================================|attacks hit, so its accuracy is boosted  |
                                        |by 1 level. Its evasiveness is reduced b |
                                        |y                                        |
                                        |1 level, however.                        |
    * Accuracy up; Evasion down
    Yes, the in-game description is glitched. Silly programmers!
    |      Accuracy       ||       Evasion       |
    |Stage|    Change     ||Stage|    Change     |
    |Usual| 256/256  100% || - 1 | 345/256  135% |
    | + 1 | 320/256  125% ||Usual| 263/256  103% |
    The percentages are relative to the accuracy of the move.
    So a move with 60 accuracy boosted with 1 stage of accuracy
    gets 60 + (25% of 60) for a total of 75! No, you don't add
    25 to 60 to get 85, things don't work like that.
    Keep in mind that this does not boost the natural accuracy
    of thrown items. Without Lockon Specs, you can't achieve
    100% accuracy for throwing things. But it does help against
    foes that make themselves more evasive.
    This is my favorite. Moves with 80 accuracy stop missing,
    and therefore become reliable. There are many damage moves
    in the range of 80~99 accuracy, and this helps to make every
    one of them hit without fail, against usual evasion. Think
    about why you want reliable moves...
    Okay, I send you on your way to a painful situation, just
    one hit away from being KO'd. Here's your 90 accuracy move.
    Do you use it? Yes, you're thinking twice about it now, as
    when you miss, you only have a 12% chance to dodge the next
    attack. 9% of the time, you miss, AND you're doomed.
    With Concentrator, you don't miss. This prevents the need to
    dodge the doom, therefore giving you a 100% chance to come
    out fine. And good freaking luck if you need to make many of
    those 90% chance hits at once without Concentrator!
    Mutli-hit moves from enemies are far more painful with this
    IQ Skill. Hit them down before they get the chance!
    If you're so keen on reading move descriptions, you may note
    stars for move's accuracy. Here's some guidelines:
    ******** : 95% to 100% : Perfect hits for female; Male needs 100% for perfect
    *******  : 90%         : Good accuracy in general.
    ******   : 85% to  88% : Common range.
    *****    : 80% to  84% : Perfect hits for those with Concentrator
    ****     : 70% to  80% : Use only if you're prepared to miss.
    ***      : 52% to  67% : Risky. Avoid them. Really.
    **       : 34% to  48% : Mostly multi-hit moves. Don't rely on them.
    *        : 15% to  20% : Looking at One-Hit Knock Out moves?
    [[I struck him hard, I did. I didn't believe I would hit,
      but he didn't even try to dodge! But now I see why, as
      he needed his hit more than he needed to avoid mine...  ]]
    ==> Deep Breather <=================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 190  **          | _B__E__HI_ |When it reaches a new floor, the         |
    ====================================|Pokemon breathes deeply, which slightly  |
                                        |restores the PP of its moves.            |
    * On floor entry, a random not-full move gains 1 PP
    This always picks a move that isn't full of PP, so this IQ
    Skill is never wasted, unless all moves are full. This gives
    some control over what moves last longer -- Just avoid using
    ones you don't want for PP!
    Only 1 PP for each floor? Look, in a 15-floor dungeon, that
    is 14 more PP, right there! Already that's a fairly decent
    amount! A fair number of moves don't even have 14 PP! Do
    tell me that 1 per floor still isn't much, eh?
    Once again, it picks moves that aren't full on PP. If you
    have some moves you like, make your early trip a little
    easier by using only that move for a bit. As you travel
    through floors, that move will keep recovering a bit thanks
    to this IQ Skill.
    It does help you last a bit longer. Forgetting to pack Max
    Elixirs aren't as painful.
    [[Deep breath in, and... Breathe out. Yes? Oh, what's it
      supposed to do? It helps relax the mind and keeps you in
      focus. Now, let's continue. Deep breath in, Breathe out.]]
    ==> Practice Swinger <==============+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 195  **          | __CD__G_IJ |When the Pokemon fails to hit a target   |
    ====================================|with an attack or move, its Attack and   |
                                        |Special Attack get boosted for only the  |
                                        |next turn.                               |
    * On miss, offenses up for one turn
    When you miss, that's a whole chunk of damage you don't do.
    An offense boost for that miss generally won't make up for
    all the damage you didn't do. Especially since the enemy
    gets a chance to hit you for missing.
    Also, it's silly how everyone who gets Concentrator also
    gets this IQ Skill. They're not missing as often anyway,
    so they hardly get any use out of this IQ Skill.
    But that's all I really know. I have little info here...
    [[It's a simple trick: Always attack so that, if you do
      miss, the momentum will enhance your next attack. All it
      takes is more physics than anyone cares to learn!       ]]
    ==> Exp. Go-Getter <================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 200  **          | __C___G_I_ |When near several enemies, the           |
    ====================================|Pokemon will target the one that         |
                                        |is worth the most Exp. Points.           |
    * [Ally] targets high-EXP foes first
    This is a targeting IQ Skill, the last of the three. Without
    any of these targeting IQ Skills, the game will decide on
    random targets.
    This one in particular makes the ally go after the high-EXP
    foes first. This... Doesn't exactly help you get EXP any
    faster, as you'd take out the low-EXP enemies, then move on
    to the high-EXP ones anyway. The ally is consistent at going
    after everyone else except the outlaw with this IQ Skill.
    Better than nothing, though. Groups A, B, and D don't get
    any of the three targeting IQ Skills, so you can't really
    count on them picking at any particular foe.
    On a side note, all pure IQ evolving Pokemon would evolve at
    the same amount of IQv needed to get this IQ Skill. However,
    none of them do get this IQ Skill, which leaves you to guess
    when they are ready.
    [[Always aiming for the toughest -- A sign of confidence!
      This way to Treasure Town -- A sign pointing to home.
      It's all a matter of looking for the right signs.       ]]
    -[**'       ]---------------------- 2.5-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Aggressor <=====================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 220  **'         | __C_____I_ |The Pokemon becomes very aggressive,     |
    ====================================|so its Attack and Special Attack are     |
                                        |both boosted by 1 level. Its Defense     |
                                        |and Special Defense are both reduced by  |
                                        |1 level, however.                        |
    * Attack & Sp.Atk up; Defense & Sp.Def down
    |   Attack & Sp.Atk   ||  Defense & Sp.Def   |
    |Stage|    Change     ||Stage|    Change     |
    |Usual| 256/256  100% || - 1 | 179/256   70% |
    | + 1 | 307/256  120% ||Usual| 256/256  100% |
    | + 2 | 332/256  130% |+-----+---------------+
    Pointing out +2 stages in case an ally has Cheerleader.
    A reverse of the next IQ Skill, Defender. This IQ Skill just
    simply adds to the sheer offense of Group C, combining very
    nicely with their Concentrator.
    Improving your attack power like this has an unexpectedly
    small impact to the damage you deal, but even a few points
    in damage can turn a 2-turn KO into a 1-turn KO. If you can
    tell when enemies approach and KO them before they cause any
    trouble, you don't really need your defense at all.
    Though, that drop in your defenses can be painful. It would
    be a good idea to find ways to avoid making your low defense
    a problem, such as hiding behind allies who have the defense
    you don't have and just use things like Quick Attack. Or,
    like I suggest above, KO your foes before they KO you!
    If you really don't want low defense, you can switch the IQ
    Skill on or off whenever you feel like. Change it around to
    whatever the sitation demands! It's an extra option to keep
    track of, and it takes no turns at all to switch it.
    It's sure to make battles last shorter, in any case. Only
    one group learns it, not counting the legends-only Group I.
    Yet that one group is a fairly common one.
    [[A legend among battlers tells of one who could shatter
      boulders in a single blow. Yes, inhaling deeply and
      sending out a breath where even stone would crumble.    ]]
    ==> Defender <======================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 230  **'         | ____E____J |The Pokemon becomes very defensive,      |
    ====================================|so its Defense and Special Defense are   |
                                        |both boosted by 1 level. Its Attack and  |
                                        |Special Attack are both reduced by       |
                                        |1 level, however.                        |
    * Defense & Sp.Def up; Attack & Sp.Atk down
    |   Attack & Sp.Atk   ||   Defense & Sp.Def  |
    |Stage|    Change     ||Stage|    Change     |
    | - 1 | 204/256   80% ||Usual| 256/256  100% |
    |Usual| 256/256  100% || + 1 | 332/256  130% |
    A reverse of Aggressor, just above this IQ Skill. This one
    is sure to fortify the intimidating defense of Group E, with
    even more use of that defense thanks to Bodyguard!
    The boost to your defenses should go a long way into making
    those numbers over your head feel more comforting. Though
    they aren't likely to drop so quick from your attacks, you
    are rather tough to KO yourself! Besides, none of your
    allies are weaker just because you have Defender, right?
    Though, you do have somewhat weaker attacks... There are
    ways to get around reduced attack power, by relying on
    status effects and set-damage attacks. Or, like I suggest
    above, your allies still have plenty of attack power, and
    can make up for what you lack in damage.
    Sometimes, you still want to deal damage yourself. Keep in
    mind that IQ Skills can be switched on or off, and this one
    is another example of such. Figure out whether you should
    bother with defense for the situation, or if you really need
    that damage. Switching IQ Skills eats up no turns at all!
    This IQ Skill can help you get more turns to think things
    through. Though only one group learns it, besides Palkia,
    it turns out that group is rather common.
    [[A legend among battlers tells of one that stood where
      others fell. It helps that our legend hovers when the
      ground itself got a mind of its own and moved around.   ]]
    ==> Trap Avoider <==================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 240  **'         | ___D__G___ |The Pokemon avoids stepping on           |
    ====================================|visible traps (and Wonder                |
                                        |Tiles) when walking.                     |
    * [Ally] Restricts visible trap tiles as a possible path
    Even under the effects of things like Frightened, they will
    avoid visible trap tiles. They're pretty good at avoiding
    traps under many conditions.
    Although, you can switch places with them to force them to
    trigger the trap. Typically a good idea when they have
    reduced stats you want to fix and want them to step on that
    Wonder Tile.
    It's only good on allies, not the leader. You can still
    accidentally trip over any trap with or without this IQ
    Skill. It just prevents your allies from walking into traps.
    Technically, Wonder tiles are also traps, and are avoided.
    Another odd perk about allies is the fact they can't trigger
    the unseen traps, regardless of IQ Skills. You can trip them
    just fine, but for some reason, your allies are immune to
    those invisible traps. So once they get this IQ Skill, they
    avoid the visible ones, and thus will never trigger stuff.
    Being able to see traps by Goggle Specs or Eyedrop Seed does
    not suddenly allow those traps to affect your allies. You
    need to actually reveal them by stepping on it yourself or
    using a regular attack before your allies can trip them.
    As helpful as it may be on allies, there is one simple
    problem with this IQ Skill: Not enough IQ Groups learn it.
    With a party where even a single ally doesn't have this IQ
    Skill, that ally is sure to do all the triggering that the
    other two won't do. That limits Trap Avoider's use greatly.
    It's real nice when your three smart allies are from Groups
    D or G, but you don't always have such a party. For those
    without Trap Avoider, your only real way to make them avoid
    traps is to tell them to "Wait there" until you position
    yourself so they won't trip the trap. Yeesh...
    [[You know, when I saw what just happened to our leader no
      more than two seconds ago, I decided it would be wise to
      avoid following in his footsteps. Not closely, anyway.  ]]
    ==> Energy Saver <==================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 250  **'         | ____E____J |The Pokemon's Belly empties slower.      |
    * [Leader] Reduces step-by-step Belly loss
    |Use per| Turns w/| Notes
    | turn  |100 Belly|
    | 0.400 |   250   | Gluttony + hunger item
    | 0.200 |   500   | Gluttony or hunger item, or both w/ Energy Saver
    | 0.100 |  1000   | Usual rate, or mix of hunger speed-ups + slow-downs.
    | 0.075 |  1334   | Stamana Band or Energy Saver, or both w/ Gluttony
    | 0.050 |  2000   | Stamina Band + Energy Saver
    | 0.000 | Endless | Tight Belt sets usage to zero
    Effects which ALWAYS reduce Belly regardless of above:
    |  Action              |  Belly usage       | Notes
    | Move: Belly Drum     | Down to 1 Belly    | Unusable at 0 or 1 Belly
    | Walk in walls        | -5 per turn        | Mobile Scarf or natural ghost
    | Pass Scarf activates | -2 per passed move | Need someone to pass to
    | 2-moves link used    | -1 per use         |
    | 3-moves link used    | -2 per use         |
    | 4-moves link used    | -4 per use         |
    Hunger items:
    - Munch Belt  (raises Attack and Sp.Atk)
    - Heal Ribbon (double healing rate, but not with Quick Healer)
    - Diet Ribbon (Practically disables non-leaders)
    Without any of the above factors that affect hunger, you
    will lose 0.1 Belly with each step. Plain ol' Energy Saver
    will drop the loss to 0.075, extending your time by 33%.
    Unlike Survivalist, this helps with the initial 100 Belly
    that you enter a dungeon with.
    Belly has some importance, due to the fact that, once zero,
    you'll lose 1 HP per turn, and regenerating naturally won't
    happen. At this point, even holding a Tight Belt won't stop
    the HP loss. There are three "cures": Eat something; Let a
    Reviver Seed activate on you; Or leave the dungeon segment.
    Besides Palkia, there's only one Group that learns this IQ
    Skill. As it's generally useful only on leaders, it means
    you need to answer the start questions correctly to see any
    decent use before the credits. Then again, with the IQv
    needed, a good chunk of Main Story wouldn't see it anyway.
    [[Great, we forgot the food, and now we're stuck deep in
      this place. Any minute now, he's going to starve. Any
      minute now... Any minute... Uhm, He's still going...    ]]
    -[***       ]---------------------- 3.0-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Sharp Shooter <=================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 260  ***         | ___D_F__I_ |Boosts the critical-hit ratios of the    |
    ====================================|Pokemon's moves and attacks.             |
    * Critical-rate up (+15%)
    - Does NOT stack with Scope Lens.
    | What is it?     |Usual|IQ S.|
    |Regular Attack   |  0% | 15% |
    |Most attack moves|  8% | 23% |
    |High-crit moves  | 30% | 45% |
    It raises critical hit rate by an absolute 15%. Quite unlike
    accuracy, which does things relative to the accuracy of the
    Scope Lens mimics what this IQ Skill does down to the last
    percent. In fact, it won't stack with Sharp Shooter, so
    don't expect double the usefulness with both.
    It's not a reliable damage boost, as what one would expect
    from critical hits. It's more scary in the hands of enemies,
    where getting a streak of bad luck with criticals is more
    likely. Then again, having this on you does tend to help
    by KOing things a turn earlier on occasion.
    On a side note, male Pokemon do get twice as many critical
    hits as female, and attacks versus the opposite gender get
    reduced rates. That "8%" up there matches most closely to a
    male Pokemon attacking a female. I do not know about
    genderless, and I also do not know how it reacts to other
    sources of critical rate boosts such as this IQ Skill.
    [[Quick as I can, I strike the foe with care. You think it
      not strong enough, my friend? Worry not, for I waste no
      action -- Take another look at the foe, my friend...    ]]
    ==> Hit-and-Runner <================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 270  ***         | _____FG__J |The Pokemon may avoid a counterstrike    |
    ====================================|that the enemy uses in response to being |
                                        |struck with an attack or a move.         |
    * When attacking, chance to ignore counter-effects (unknown chance)
    I know frighteningly little information for this one.
    Does it work against abilities like Effect Spore?
    Will it work against an actual Counter status?
    What about IQ Skills Counter Hitter or Counter Basher?
    And what are the freaking chances of it working?!
    I have too many questions without proper answers.
    Therefore, I can't be of much help here.
    I'm the one asking for help now...
    [[Ah, another foe! My buddy strikes, but is struck back
      fiercely. I, too, will attack. My friend, worry not, for
      I have seen such tricks, and will surely avoid this one.]]
    ==> Counter Basher <================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 280  ***         | __C_______ |The Pokemon takes on the Counter         |
    ====================================|status, so it counterstrikes under       |
                                        |certain conditions. Its Defense will be  |
                                        |reduced by 1 level, however.             |
    * 12% chance to Counter for full damage
    * Defense down
    |       Defense       |
    |Stage|    Change     |
    | - 2 | 128/256   50% |
    | - 1 | 179/256   70% |
    |Usual| 256/256  100% |
    If you have Aggressor (and Group C must know it by now),
    then you may well have both this and Aggressor on, dropping
    your Defense by 2 stages.
    There are things wrong with keeping this IQ Skill on:
     - With a Defense drop, you get hurt more. Ouch!
     - With a 1 in 8 chance of working, you can't rely on it!
    My advice: Once you get it, turn it off and never think of
    it ever again. If you're at a high enough level to afford
    the Defense drop, reflecting that damage will not really be
    a decent source of damage at that point.
    But there is a reason why this IQ Skill exists. You're going
    to find enemies after the credits with this IQ Skill. It is,
    in fact, this IQ Skill that is the reason why Group C
    Pokemon are ones to be feared by then, as when you attack
    and fail to KO in that hit, it may reflect on you.
    If your stats are half-decent by that point, it's 70 damage.
    Good stats should expect 100 or so damage. Exceptional stats
    should hopefully bypass the whole thing by KOing right away.
    [[I so wish my friend wouldn't put himself into danger so
      much. Tauros took a nasty hit. Didn't need my help, as
      that same damage came back to the enemy. Too much, huh? ]]
    ==> Quick Healer <==================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 290  ***         | ____E_GHI_ |The Pokemon's natural HP-recovery        |
    ====================================|speed is boosted.                        |
    * Doubles turn-by-turn HP recovery
    - Does NOT stack with Heal Ribbon
    |  Rate   : PR%  | Notes
    |   None  : 0.0% | (Badly) Poisoned, Nightmare, leader w/ 0 Belly, or enemy.
    | 1 / 200 : 0.5% | Typical case for allies and leader
    | 1 / 100 : 1.0% | Heal Ribbon or Quick Healer
    | 1 /  50 : 2.0% | Rain Dish in rainy weather
    | 1 /  30 : 3.3% | Rain Dish + Quick Healer/Heal Ribbon  OR  Wish
    "Rate" tells you what fraction of max HP you recover each
    turn. "None" is just a label for no recovery.
    "PR%" is percent of max HP recovered per turn, in case you
    are more comfy with percentages.
    The turn-by-turn formula is fairly simple: Multiply either
    Rate or PR% by your Max HP. The 3.3% is slightly low, but
    the 1/30 is exact.
    Fractions of an HP are tracked pretty precisely, so don't
    worry about any rounding errors, since the programmers used
    a method that doesn't have rounding errors.
    Normally, you have none of those fancy regen-boosting
    effects, so you get 0.5% of your max HP each turn. With
    Quick Healer, it's now 1.0% of your max HP every turn.
    This is double the usual recovery speed.
    The new, speedy rate at which you'd recover will make you
    get out of trouble fairly quick after a damaging battle.
    Because you won't remain weak at low HP for long, you'll
    tend to hit top condition before the next foe comes along.
    A good thing to help you last in dungeons!
    Though, if you're looking for reasons to turn this IQ Skill
    off, you'd look for effects that depend on low HP. This
    stuff tends to be abilities like Overgrow or moves like
    Flail. Quick Healer gets you out of critical HP faster,
    making these useful effects last a shorter time.
    [[Truly a grueling battle. Everyone was exhausted, but we
      made it through. I was busy checking myself, but when I
      looked up, our leader is already in pristine shape!     ]]
    ==> Lava Evader <===================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 300  ***         | ABCDEFGHIJ |The Pokemon will avoid walking on        |
    ====================================|fiery lava.                              |
    * [Ally] Restricts lava tiles as a possible path
    This IQ Skill has one purpose: Prevent allies from walking
    into lava. It won't stop you, the leader, from strolling in.
    Useful for those who have hovering or ghost-like movement,
    All-Terrain Hiker, or hold a Mobile Scarf. All Fire-types,
    as well as Groudon, Rhydon, and Rhyperior, can step on lava
    without getting Burned, so they don't need to watch out for
    lava anyway.
    A Burn reduces your damage by a fair amount. The offense
    drop is enough to bother you, so it's not a bad idea to keep
    this IQ Skill on, so your allies don't cripple themselves.
    It also occasionally deals 6 damage, but you're likely to
    recover faster than the damage it deals.
    The list of places where there is lava is not a long list.
    Basically, it's not a useful IQ Skill most of the time, but
    it's there, and likely available when the lava becomes
    important. Whether you want it, that's up to you -- Just
    switch it off if you don't like it.
    On a final note, this IQ Skill works as an indicator when
    the Pokemon can learn one of four certain moves at level 72.
    In particular, Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, and
    Draco Meteor. Only certain Pokemon may learn one. Even if
    you've already passed Lv.72, you can drop by Electivire's
    Link Shop to remember the move once you have this IQ Skill.
    [[It is well advised to avoid stepping in fiery lava, for
      it's real hot and sure to cause burns on contact. It is
      also advised to watch out for non-fiery lava as well.   ]]
    -[***'      ]---------------------- 3.5-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Multitalent <===================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 310  ***'        | A____F___J |The Pokemon becomes so talented with     |
    ====== Always on ===================|its moves that it gets slightly more     |
                                        |PP to spend on them. This IQ Skill       |
                                        |can't be turned off.                     |
    * All moves get +5 max PP
    The max PP is quite useful when entering dungeons and for
    Max Elixirs. Not useful at the moment you learn the move or
    this IQ Skill inside a dungeon, as the PP isn't at the new,
    raised maximum at those points. A Max Elixir is still made
    more useful, however.
    It's 20 PP between four moves. That's quite a chunk of PP.
    Since everyone who learns Multitalent also gets PP Saver,
    it usually looks more like 21 or 22 PP. A single Max Elixir
    gets significantly more useful. Let's be honest, you're not
    going to run out of PP nearly as easy.
    For moves with limited PP, they still get the +5 to their
    maximum. There are plenty of never-miss or room-range moves
    that have less than 10 PP. This +5 to their maximum makes
    those last more than 50% longer. Tell me you're not happy
    when you can get 12 shots off with Silver Wind instead of 7.
    Wouldn't be a bad idea to shoot for 3.5-star for whoever can
    learn this IQ Skill. It'll take a while, but you'll really
    feel like you can keep going forever.
    [[I can see your potential. Long after I've exhausted my
      own abilities, you're still moving along just fine. You
      truly are as talented a Pokemon you said you were.      ]]
    ==> Exp. Elite <====================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 320  ***'        | _____FG___ |The Pokemon earns extra EXP. Points      |
    ====================================|after defeating enemies.                 |
    * +10% EXP earned
    | What is it?   |Percnt|  Exact  | Notes
    | Base rate     | 100% | 256/256 | Standard rate
    | Exp. Elite    |+ 10% |+ 25/256 | IQ Skill
    | Wonder Chest  |+ 15% |+ 38/256 | Hold item
    | Miracle Chest |+ 30% |+ 76/256 | Hold item
    | Evolve Charm  |+ 12% |+ 30/256 | Eevee specific item
    The rates do stack. Simply add them! The game calculates
    each rate separately then totals them up. An example using
    the exact rates with Exp. Elite and Miracle Chest:
    409 * 256/256 =  409  | Base exp
    409 *  25/256 =   39  | Exp. Elite
    409 *  76/256 =  121  | Miracle Chest
    Total gain:      569
    Thanks to rounding errors, we don't get 570 EXP. Darn.
    The exact rates are impractically precise. If you need a
    quick calculation, the percentages are enough. If you simply
    thought 140%, it gives a decent enough picture. Besides,
    140% of 409 is about 572. That's just 3 points off from the
    actual answer! That's smaller than 1% error!
    Numbers aren't that important. This IQ Skill helps you level
    up faster, that's the main point. But the timing that you
    get this IQ Skill is a bit late, so most of the usefulness
    is lost as you aren't likely to get it early.
    Regardless, the road to becoming level 100 goes a little
    faster for those who do get this IQ Skill. You may as well
    enjoy the boost once you get this IQ Skill.
    [[Some think that learning just comes whether you try or
      not. However, some put a lot of effort into it. In fact,
      some have even turned learning into a sort of an art.   ]]
    ==> Counter Hitter <================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 330  ***'        | ___DE_____ |The Pokemon takes on the Mini Counter    |
    ====================================|status, which makes it strike back       |
                                        |against attackers in certain conditions. |
    * 12% chance to Mini Counter for 1/4 damage
    You'll counter some attacks once out of every eight times.
    And when you do, you'll counter with a fourth of the force.
    Some basic mathematics later, and the average reflected
    damage is 1/32 of what you take. Usually means it's of no
    real help.
    Unlike Counter Basher, you don't lose Defense, so leaving
    this one on won't hurt you. You never know when that 18
    damage may help when you're struck for 73 damage the next
    time around...
    Apparently, the reflected damage, unaffected by type
    resistances, is the same type as whatever hit you. It is
    reported that an Electivire used Thunderpunch, got hit by
    Counter Hitter in response, and Motor Drive activated from
    this IQ Skill.
    [[All enemies leave themselves more open to attack than
      what you'd expect. Watch them carefully, endure their
      attacks, and there, indeed, a moment you can strike!    ]]
    ==> Erratic Player <================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 340  ***'        | __C___G___ |The Pokemon's battle performance is      |
    ====================================|erratic, so the positive and negative    |
                                        |effects of types influence the power     |
                                        |of moves more intensely. This affects    |
                                        |the power of moves that the Pokemon      |
                                        |uses, as well as the power of moves      |
                                        |that hit the Pokemon!                    |
    * Type match-ups become more important!
    |  Effectiveness   | No Erratic P. | Yes Erratic P.|
    |Little Effect     | 128/256   50% |  64/256   25% |
    |Not Very Effective| 181/256   70% | 128/256   50% |
    |Usual, neutral,...| 256/256  100% | 256/256  100% |
    |Super Effective!  | 358/256  140% | 435/256  170% |
    Against two types, multiply in each change, don't add.
    For reference, the Same-Type Attack Bonus is 150%. This is
    when you use an attack the same type as yourself, or one of
    your two types. Slightly better than a Super-Effective
    attack without this IQ Skill.
    As tabled above, type match-ups become more extreme than
    usual. This is actually for both defense and offense. If you
    don't like the exacting fractions, there's the percentages
    which should give a decent idea anyway.
    This IQ Skill is very much a two-way effect. It can help
    greatly, or it can hurt greatly. A Fire-type in a forest of
    Grass- and Bug-types will enjoy this. The same Fire-type in
    the ocean of Water-types would love to turn this off. If you
    get this IQ Skill, it's a reason to check IQs at times.
    Of course, you could always turn it off and never think
    about it again, if you don't want to think about situation-
    specific cases. At least it's easy to turn it off and forget
    it exists, but it can help those who want to manage their IQ
    Skills closely.
    [[Seconds ago, I saw him hit hard. The foe stood no chance
      against him. Now, nothing he does is any good. Strange
      how one moment an unstoppable force, and then nothing.  ]]
    ==> Haggler <=======================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 350  ***'        | AB________ |The Pokemon can bargain with Kecleon     |
    ====================================|merchants in dungeons, so it will get    |
                                        |lower prices for purchases and higher    |
                                        |prices for items it sells.               |
    * [Leader] 20% better prices when buying/selling in dungeon shops
    None of the starters can get this IQ Skill. The fact it's
    useful only on leaders makes this IQ Skill impossible to use
    before the credits. Even after the credits, the IQ needed to
    learn means it'll take a while for any recruited Pokemon to
    gain this IQ Skill.
    It affects the total sale of items being traded, not the
    individual items. Not a major point, since the prices of
    most items tend to be divisible by 5, but that fact is there
    in case you care about being precise.
    The town shop is never affected by this IQ Skill.
    Only the dungeon shops will ever give better deals.
    It can save plenty of money, or help you earn money. It will
    help you in all your money needs deep in dungeons.
    [[Oh, come now! I can find plenty of these already! What's
      the point of having it at that price? No one's going to
      want it! I'm not paying 5 Poke for it, but I'll pay 4!  ]]
    -[****      ]---------------------- 4.0-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Clutch Performer <==============+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 360  ****        | __CD______ |If the Pokemon's HP gets dangerously     |
    ====================================|low, its evasiveness is boosted by       |
                                        |2 levels.                                |
    * At low HP, Evasion up
    |       Evasion       |
    |Stage|    Change     |
    |Usual| 263/256  103% |
    | + 1 | 204/256   80% |
    | + 2 | 179/256   70% |
    Evasion is relative to how accurate the move is. An example,
    a move with 90 accuracy is reduced to a 63% chance to hit
    with two stages of evasion. No, it's not down to 60%.
    Everyone who gets Clutch Performer also gets Concentrator.
    Usually means you'll only have 1 stage of Evasion at low HP.
    Then again, it's better than -1 stage!
    As seen above, giving enemy moves only a 70% chance to hit
    will help you avoid doom 30% of the time. Or more likely, a
    20% chance, since you probably have Concentrator. Evasion
    isn't a reliable means of defense, but at such low HP, there
    isn't much else that can save you, other than healing.
    A lucky extra turn when the next attack misses could very
    well let you pull away from a defeat, or at least keep a
    Reviver Seed. Though it relies on chance, you're given that
    chance instead of a sure defeat from the foe's next turn.
    [[In situations of dire need, there are few who truly
      shine. When every moment turns into a gamble of one's
      good health, some beat the odds. Some significantly.    ]]
    ==> Collector <=====================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 370  ****        | A_________ |When an enemy is defeated, the chances   |
    ====================================|that it will leave a treasure box        |
                                        |behind are slightly better.              |
    * Box drop rate up
    |What is it? |Percent|Ratio |
    |   Usual    |  2.5% | 1/40 |
    |W/ Collector| 11.1% | 1/ 9 |
    It seems to be over 4 times more likely.
    Boxes are only generated when an enemy is defeated, or on
    special floors where there's nothing else of interest.
    Enemies do not pop into existence holding a box.
    Acute Sniffer will never detect boxes held by enemies.
    Additionally, if an enemy picks up an item and is holding it
    at time of defeat, it will never drop a box.
    Only the one who deals the KOing blow is checked for
    Collector. So if you, the leader, do not have it, but an
    ally does, try to make your ally KO stuff if you want more
    It is significantly more likely that boxes are dropped with
    this IQ Skill. An enemy dropping a box may still have a
    chance at being recruited in the same KOing blow.
    [[Some Pokemon carry boxes with them, perhaps it contains
      their hopes and dreams. If one takes a look around, there
      are actually a lot more of them than one would think.   ]]
    ==> All-Terrain Hiker <=============+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 400  ****        | A____F_HI_ |The Pokemon gains the ability to cross   |
    ====================================|water and lava and walk through          |
                                        |gulleys.                                 |
    * Allows movement over water, lava, and open air. Can't walk through walls.
    |Terrain|   Effect    | Items? | If you throw an item into
    +-------+-------------+--------+ lava or air, the item
    | Water | Remove Burn | Stay   | vanishes. It's fine in
    | Lava  | Cause Burns | Lost!  | water, but getting it out
    | Air   | No effect   | Lost!  | of the water is tricky...
    | Wall  | -5 Belly    | Block  |
    | Floor | No effect   | Stay   |
    |MoveType|Floor|Water|Lava | Air |Wall | Movement type
    +--------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ depends on the
    | Normal | Yes |     |     |     |     | Pokemon itself.
    | Water  | Yes | Yes |     |     |     |
    | Lava   | Yes |     | Yes |     |     | Fliers often don't
    | Hover  | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes |     | hover at all! Some
    | Ghost  | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | ghosts can't walk
    +--------+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ through walls!
    All-Terrain Hiker replaces your natural movement type to
    Hovering. This even replaces the Ghost-like movement type,
    which affects Shuppet, Banette, Duskull, Dusknoir, and
    Darkrai. Others with Ghost-like movement don't ever get this
    IQ Skill anyway.
    For reference, a Mobile Scarf provides Ghost-like movement,
    and will ignore this IQ Skill for this mobility.
    There's a few good things about moving "off-road" with this
    IQ Skill. Like shortcuts, getting items surrounded by water,
    getting items that fell _in_ the water, and even warping!
    Halls with "off-road" stuff surrounding them can also allow
    you to fight side-by-side with an ally.
    There are reasons for turning off this IQ Skill, though. For
    the mentioned ghosties, this IQ Skill prevents them from
    entering walls, so turn it off. Problem solved.
    If you're on terrain you can't normally walk on, and you
    turn off this IQ Skill while on said terrain, you'll warp
    after one action, just before enemies get to act. Doing this
    to an ally will warp the ally to the leader, but a leader
    that warps away in this fashion will go to a random room.
    Of course, something like a Piplup on water won't warp when
    you turn off All-Terrain Hiker, as a Piplup can naturally
    move into a water tile already.
    The whole deal where you can move into a wider variety of
    terrain will help. This is one nice IQ Skill to get.
    [[I was chasing an outlaw, but he eluded me. There! I spot
      him across a ravine! Just there insulting me, hmm? I walk
      up to him. He's... Shocked, as gravity failed on me!    ]]
    -[****'     ]---------------------- 4.5-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Trap Buster <===================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 420  ****'       | AB___F_H__ |The Pokemon may remove traps it steps    |
    ====================================|on. Beware: this IQ Skill won't work all |
                                        |of the time and also affects a           |
                                        |Wonder Tile.                             |
    * On trap trigger, 33% chance to turn trap into floor tile, without trap effect
    With this IQ Skill, tripping over a trap will have a chance
    that it simply vanishes, without ever hitting you with its
    effect. Usually, you don't see what the trap was, but it's
    no longer any threat anyway.
    Visible or invisible, Wonder Tile or not, even if you use
    menu -> Ground -> Trigger, there's a chance that the trap
    just goes away. Poof. Gone. If you want the trap to work,
    try to recall this IQ Skill and turn it off when you
    actually want the trap to work.
    I know, it's based on chance, and therefore "worse" than
    Trap Avoider or Trap Seer. Even so, having this on a leader
    will cut down on the number of traps you hit. It won't quite
    make you safe, but it will reduce how often traps and their
    painful effects hit you.
    Those hidden stairs that lead to those bazaars are not
    traps. Trap Buster will never destroy these things on you.
    Between Trap Buster and Trap Seer, Groups C and E gain no
    benefit versus traps, as well as the legends-only I and J.
    Groups A, F, and H have some protection, while B, D, and G
    won't have to worry much when they finally get 600 IQv.
    [[But wait, I told our leader. There are many traps! Yet,
      our leader walked in... Smoke comes out the room. When
      I entered, turns out the traps broke, not our leader.   ]]
    ==> Critical Dodger <===============+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 440  ****'       | ___D__GH__ |The Pokemon is able to slip out of the   |
    ====================================|reach of dangerous attacks so that       |
                                        |critical hits don't make an impact.      |
    * No attack may land a critical hit on a Pokemon with this IQ Skill
    This stops critical hits flawlessly. This is a good thing,
    as critical hits can shove a ton of damage onto you all at
    once, which could easily send you down to zero HP. The usual
    hits don't often come quickly enough to beat out your rate
    of recovery between battles.
    Really, the fact that critical hits don't hit you anymore
    provides a great deal of safety when you expect to hit low
    HP in the enemy's next turn, rather than zero. As such, you
    will be able to survive much better.
    [[It was close. The Scyther focused himself, then started
      slashing into me viciously. Each hit narrowly missed the
      vital areas, making me glad I studied my weak spots.    ]]
    -[*****     ]---------------------- 5.0-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Stair Sensor <==================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 480  *****       | A__D_FG__J |When it reaches a new floor,             |
    ====================================|the Pokemon uses its intuition to know   |
                                        |exactly where the floor's stairway is.   |
    * On floor entry, an arrow points towards stairs
    It doesn't matter who has it, leader or ally. An arrow will
    appear for a short time when you enter the next floor. This
    tends to help you get through the floor faster, or make your
    search more efficient by going towards the stairs after you
    clean out the floor.
    The arrow will point in one of eight directions. It will
    only point straight up/down or left/right if the stairs are
    on the same column or row as you. As that's not often the
    case, you'll usually see it point diagonally. If it points
    straight in one direction, it can only be in that line.
    There are some occasions where it's useless, such as when
    you appear in a corner room and the arrow points to the rest
    of the map, or you appear in the same room as the stairs.
    While those cases can and do happen, there's also the fact
    they don't happen all the time, so it's still useful.
    Just remember to pay attention at each floor. There will be
    nothing in the message log saying where the arrow pointed...
    [[I've been mistaken for a compass one time. The main
      reason why this isn't true is I can't point north. I
      can only point to the stairs. ... Wait, that's useful?  ]]
    ==> Sure-Hit Attacker <=============+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 500  *****       | ____E____J |The Pokemon's regular attacks never      |
    ====================================|miss.                                    |
    * Regular attacks can't miss
    It matters not what happened to your accuracy, or how much
    the enemy raised their evasion... Your regular attacks won't
    miss. This IQ Skill will give you a way to always have a
    perfect accuracy attack.
    Only one IQ Group gets it, besides Palkia. Although the fact
    you stop missing with regular attacks is great, the one
    group that gets this IQ Skill isn't decent on offense. They
    have plenty of defensive options, but fairly weak when they
    attack. It does reduce the usefulness a bit.
    ... To a point where it's close to useless. It can ensure
    that you have an option that will hit something. But when
    you use moves to deal damage or status, this IQ Skill just
    doesn't have any impact at all.
    Compare it to Concentrator, and you'll realize why I don't
    believe in this IQ Skill. Concentrator lets you hit with
    consistency with regular attacks AND moves. Sure-Hit
    Attacker only beats out Concentrator when the enemy has
    unusually high evasion or you've been Sand-Attacked down.
    In any case, Sure-Hit Attacker at least won't drop your
    evasion like Concentrator, but it doesn't stop it from being
    simply a shadow of Concentrator. Was nice back in Red/Blue,
    but in Sky, it's almost useless.
    If nothing else, you can cruise through earlier dungeons a
    bit faster, now that you can't miss with regular attacks.
    [[Sand flying all over the place. Images from Double Teams
      everywhere. That Porygon is lost in the middle of it all.
      Then it hit me. Even through all that. It hurt. Ouch.   ]]
    -[*****'    ]---------------------- 5.5-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Extra Striker <=================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 520  *****'      | __CD____I_ |The Pokemon attacks at a faster rate,    |
    ====================================|so it may lash out with an extra attack  |
                                        |right after its first one.               |
    * On regular attack, may strike a second time
    Just works on regular attacks, not moves. It simply gives a
    chance that your regular attacks may strike a second time in
    a single turn. A good thing, since regular attacks really
    need an offense boost to be a decent choice over the weakest
    of moves.
    There's a few problems. Namely, the fact it relies on chance
    to get two attacks in. When you make a regular attack, you
    don't know if it'll strike a second time. You can be sure it
    doesn't by turning off the IQ Skill, but you can't be sure
    it does hit twice.
    And don't forget reaction effects. With a possible second
    attack, that gives a possible second chance of things like
    Effect Spore hitting you. Might not happen all that often,
    but the possibility is there, so try to be aware when your
    enemies have those reaction abilities.
    Still, the occasional second hit isn't to be underestimated.
    For a shining moment, the regular attack is as strong as a
    move! Do realize that, although not something to be relied
    on, the fact it can help shouldn't be overlooked.
    [[Whenever possible, one should always strike rapidly and
      without fail. It is advised that whenever impossible,
      you really shouldn't do it. Some still try, however.    ]]
    ==> Quick Dodger <==================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 540  *****'      | ___D___HI_ |The Pokemon becomes better at evading    |
    ====================================|attacks and moves.                       |
    * Evasion up
    Things stop hitting you as often. In cases where you can't
    survive a hit, you have a chance. In cases where you can,
    it helps you last longer. It's a great defense!
    I'm not sure about the precise mechanics of the evasion
    boost of Quick Dodger. It might be an absolute drop in the
    accuracy of the move, or it could relative to how accurate
    the move is, I'm not sure.
    In any case, it won't matter that I don't know the internal
    mechanics of Quick Dodger, having it means that you're going
    to dodge more attacks, plain and simple. The amount that
    you start dodging is a pretty large number, actually.
    [[However strong some may be, it turns out that the best
      armor may very well be to not get hit. After all, it is
      real easy to miss. Just convince them how easy it is!   ]]
    ==> Fast Friend <===================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 550  *****'      | _B_____H__ |Improves the chances that defeated       |
    ====================================|enemies will want to join the            |
                                        |exploration team.                        |
    * [Leader] Enemies are more likely to ask to join
    If you were expecting a table like the one I have for
    Time/Darkness, I chose not to copy it here. The reason is
    simple: None of it is confirmed for Time/Darkness/Sky.
    Regardless, I can say the following will affect the chances:
     - Holding certain items, like a Friend Bow or Golden Mask
     - Your leader's current level
     - This IQ Skill, Fast Friend
     - A game-starting question, asking if you played Time/Darkness
       * Saying "Yes" here gives better recruitment chances
    Additionally, each Pokemon has an assigned chance to be
    recruited. This has absolutely nothing to do with their
    level or status. Some recruit chances are negative, meaning
    that you'll need a few boosts to even have a chance to
    recruit the Pokemon.
    Other than that, this IQ Skill apparently has a small impact
    on the recruit chances. I'm not even sure if it's required
    to have in order to recruit Kecleon in Sky. Still, this IQ
    Skill does give a boost. That much is certain.
    I have no further confirmed information to give.
    [[No, they're not the strongest, brightest, wealthiest, or
      any of the -est you can think of. It only comes down to
      merely one thing: The leader simply said "please."      ]]
    -[******    ]---------------------- 6.0-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Intimidator <===================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 560  ******      | __C_E___IJ |Under certain conditions the Pokemon     |
    ====================================|can intimidate an enemy that attacks,    |
                                        |which gives it a Cringe status condition.|
    * Attacks up close have a 33% chance to be stopped
    - Regular attacks can also be stopped by this IQ Skill
    - Linked moves are checked individually, not whole-link basis.
    One nice thing about Intimidator is the fact that no status
    effects prevent your ability to intimidate things. Levels
    don't affect Intimidator, either. In fact, nothing in the
    game can prevent Intimidator if you're using a move that
    targets a foe right in front of you, other than luck.
    Ranges that aren't confirmed to be stopped by Intimidator
    are "Line of sight" and "All enemies in the room". I suspect
    it's possible these too can be stopped, if used up close.
    Charge-up moves will bypass Intimidator, but this involves
    spending a turn charging up the move (without No-Charger).
    Even orbs from your inventory aren't safe from Intimidator!
    Attempting to use one while facing an adjacent enemy with
    this IQ Skill may cause your orb to be wasted!
    A 33% chance to outright stop moves when close up is NOT a
    small chance. Most enemies end up real close to you before
    they attack, so this greatly improves your chances to avoid
    getting hit.
    Linked moves versus Intimidator will have each move checked
    individually. The first move stopped by Intimidator will not
    interrupt the entire link, as the second move will still be
    attempted even if the first fails, and so on for the third
    and fourth moves.
    Some bosses have Intimidator. You will note its effect real
    well. To get around Intimidator, Dig can work, as well as
    attacking from a distance or throwing items. You can also
    link moves to get a greater chance that at least one of
    them actually goes through this turn.
    A move stopped by Intimidator still uses up PP. Useless when
    when your enemies lose PP, but it's quite important for you
    when you are stopped by it.
    [[Many may have charged forth, but only a few have managed
      to touch this legend. It's not armor or speed, but the
      presence sapped the attackers of their will to strike.  ]]
    ==> No-Charger <====================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 570  ******      | __C__F____ |The Pokemon charges then unleashes       |
    ====================================|any move that normally requires 2 turns  |
                                        |in only 1 turn. Powering up these        |
                                        |charge-up moves so quickly consumes      |
                                        |2 PP, however.                           |
    * Certain moves no longer need to charge up, using up 1 extra PP instead
    | Name of move | Type  | Pw Acc Cr PP | Notes
    | Bounce       | Fly/P | 16 100  8 11 | Safe first turn
    | Dig          | Gnd/P | 12 100  8 12 | Safe first turn
    | Dive         | Wtr/P | 12 100  8 12 | Safe first turn
    | Fly          | Fly/P | 14 100  8 12 | Safe first turn
    | Focus Punch  | Fgt/P | 20 100  8  8 |
    | Razor Wind   | Nrm/S | 16 100  8 13 |
    | Shadow Force | Gho/P | ?? ??? ??  6 | Safe first turn; Ignores Protect
    | Skull Bash   | Nrm/P | 10 100  8 15 | Defense up from first turn
    | Sky Attack   | Fly/P | 30  90  8  6 |
    | SolarBeam    | Grs/S | 24 100  8  9 | Sunny makes it 1-turn
    Info taken from Serebii, for Time/Darkness.
    When you use one of the above moves, you lose one extra PP.
    This loss can't be prevented, even if PP Saver activates.
    However, the advantage you get is the fact you no longer
    need to wait one turn for the move to be used.
    Sunny weather makes SolarBeam a 1-turn move. This IQ Skill
    does NOT eat up extra PP in this particular case.
    As far as useful IQ Skills go, it hovers around Practice
    Swinger and Sure-Hit Attacker in usefulness. Basically, I
    don't like this IQ Skill.
    For one thing, with the speedy PP loss, you might get 6
    shots with some of these moves. Group F gets Multitalent,
    which helps somewhat, but even room-range moves have more
    than 6 PP to use. In any case, you need to last in most
    dungeons, but the speedy PP loss doesn't help.
    And for another, by the time you get this IQ Skill, you're
    done with most boss battles already, definitely before the
    credits, and probably a good chunk after the credits. That
    570 IQv isn't something you'd get with a few dozen gummis.
    Many factors do combine to make this IQ Skill close to
    worthless. You probably would have to go out of your way to
    make use out of it.
    [[Although some attacks take time, that's only relative.
      I feel as though I have all the time in the world. But
      everyone I meet doesn't seem to think that way with me. ]]
    ==> Map Surveyor <==================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 580  ******      | A_____G__J |The Pokemon is able to sense the layout  |
    ====================================|of the dungeon floor.                    |
    * The entire map shows up. Darkened regions are unexplored.
    Leader or ally, if anyone has it, you'll see the walls of
    the entire floor in your map. Won't reveal enemies, items,
    stairs, or traps, but they'll show up as you crash into
    them. The walls show up as darkened lines until you travel
    to those spots as normal.
    Switching this IQ Skill off or on will make those dark lines
    disappear or show up. It's not an "on floor entry" IQ Skill,
    so it's useful whenever it's on. Unless, of course, you
    switch the options around to get rid of the map...
    With knowledge of the map walls, you're sure to avoid those
    dead-ends and can more efficiently plan out your route
    through every room. Everyone who gets this also has Stair
    Sensor, so getting through each floor should go quick!
    [[My group was getting exhausted, but still another floor.
      When asked for a direction, I briefly close my eyes. Then
      I point, using the vision of the cave from overhead.    ]]
    ==> Trap Seer <=====================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 600  ******      | _B_D__G___ |The Pokemon will not activate a hidden   |
    ====================================|trap when it steps on it. The trap will  |
                                        |then be visible.                         |
    * Unseen traps won't trigger when stepped on, but will be revealed
    Perfect for leaders. For some strange reason, allies don't
    trip invisible traps, but you can. So once you get this IQ
    Skill, you should feel rather safe in rooms where you don't
    see any traps.
    Even this IQ Skill is of absolutely no help around the
    visible traps. However, they're visible -- You should be
    able to avoid them without help!
    If you have a leader with Trap Seer followed by allies all
    with Trap Avoider, you are largely immune to evil traps. You
    won't trigger any without actually walking into a visible
    trap or using the menu. So you should be rather safe that
    Though, with the amount of gummis you need, you won't enjoy
    this IQ Skill for quite some time. Not everyone learns it,
    either, but that doesn't stop the usefulness of this IQ
    Skill once obtained, as you only need one Pokemon with it:
    The leader. Charge fearlessly into the unknown!
    [[Hmm? What's that? Oh, you say there is a trap here?
      Well, good thing I didn't know it existed, or else I
      would surely be in trouble now!                         ]]
    -[******'   ]---------------------- 6.5-star ----------------------------------
    There does not exist any IQ skills that are exactly 6.5-stars.
    -[*******   ]---------------------- 7.0-star ----------------------------------
    There does not exist any IQ skills that are exactly 7.0-stars.
    -[*******'  ]---------------------- 7.5-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Quick Striker <=================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 750  *******'    | ___D__G___ |The Pokemon attacks at a very fast       |
    ====================================|rate, so it will always lash out with an |
                                        |extra attack right after its first one.  |
    * Two regular attacks in a single turn
    Your regular attacks will strike twice. A rather potent
    offense boost. Your moves still strike once, however.
    Now that your regular attacks deal double the damage, your
    weaker "foe in front" moves, like Tackle or Scratch from
    someone who isn't Normal-type, start to pale in terms of
    usefulness compared to regular attacks.
    Countering effects, like Static, Effect Spore, or Counter
    Basher, will get two chances to affect you, if the target
    still stands from your double-hit. Getting paralyzed by
    Static from your first hit will interrupt your second, but
    the chances are fairly low.
    While two attacks will help get at least one hit, it does
    not mean that you WILL hit at least once. Only Concentrator
    and Sure-Hit Attacker can do that for you, or with some
    moves like Mind Reader or Sweet Scent. Group G Pokemon
    should keep this in mind.
    In any case, two regular attacks in one turn is powerful.
    Enjoy the ever-present offense when you get this much IQ...
    [[I challenged a Sandslash to a duel. When he said all he'll
      use are the weakest attacks, I laughed! Boy, was I in for
      a surprise when he struck with such unbelievable speed! ]]
    -[********  ]---------------------- 8.0-star ----------------------------------
    ==> House Avoider <=================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 800  ********    | A___EF_HIJ |The Pokemon senses nearby Monster        |
    ====================================|Houses. It will stop 1 tile before       |
                                        |the entrances of a Monster House.        |
    * [Ally] Restricts Monster House tiles as a possible path
    This helps prevent an ally from triggering a Monster House,
    by preventing them from walking right into it. Like with
    Trap Avoider and Lava Evader, certain tiles are made off-
    limits to the ally.
    They'll walk into a Monster House if someone already went
    and triggered it already, as the trigger is no longer there,
    and therefore there's no reason to avoid the room.
    However, you're the leader. This IQ Skill, just like Trap
    Avoider and Lava Evader, will not prevent *YOU*, the leader,
    from walking into certain tiles. So even with this IQ Skill,
    you can still walk blindly into a Monster House and must
    deal with what's inside.
    As such, House Avoider is only useful when your allies are
    separated from you, or when you set the tactic "You go the
    other way". In fact, it's not a bad idea to set "You go the
    other way" and follow the ally around, if you have trouble
    dealing with Monster Houses normally.
    [[One day, I asked a friend to walk ahead, but I'm still the
      leader, don't forget that! At one room, said friend turned
      around. Annoyed, I walked in, but sure enough, an ambush!]]
    -[********' ]---------------------- 8.5-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Pierce Hurler <=================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 850  ********'   | ABC__F____ |Pokemon's thrown items pierce through    |
    ====================================|walls and other Pokemon without          |
                                        |stopping, but impact all Pokemon they    |
                                        |hit along the way.                       |
    * Gain Pierce status -- items aren't stopped by obstacles
    - Attributes of Pierce status:
        Items fly through walls and Pokemon
        Every Pokemon the item flies through is a target of the item
        Thrown items are always lost
        Thrown items can't be caught
    There are items that grant exactly what this IQ Skill gives.
    They are Pierce Band and Pierce Orb. However, Pierce Band
    requires that you use a hold item slot, and a Pierce Orb
    disappears on use. This IQ Skill allows you to avoid using
    items for the same effect.
    For offense, this IQ Skill doesn't often shine. It's quite
    rare that you can line up more than one enemy to hit with
    your Stick. Except in Monster Houses, but you tend to be
    surrounded in this case. It's still possible that hitting
    everything in a line helps, but not often enough.
    Additionally, throwing the item under Pierce status will
    destroy the item, regardless of any hits. It is therefore
    not a good idea to leave Pierce Hurler on while throwing
    various items down halls, as you can't recover the thrown
    item that way.
    Although it's not often good offensively, it still has great
    utility. Thing is, you're not limited to throwing items
    through enemies -- Your allies are just as good a target as
    anything else. So Pierce-throw those Protiens and Wonder
    Gummis through your party for awesome effect!
    Even with Pierce Status, you can miss with thrown items. The
    only way to ensure hits with thrown items is to wear Lock-On
    Specs. Even raising your accuracy with Concentrator or
    dropping evasion with Sweet Scent won't help you hit with
    items. Again, only Lock-On Specs ensure hits with items.
    [[Ah, foes approach! My buddy hides, but worry not, for I
      pull out my Silver Spike and throw! My aim is true, I hit
      a foe. But, my friend, the spike does not stop there... ]]
    -[********* ]---------------------- 9.0-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Nature Gifter <=================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 900  *********   | _B_____H__ |The effects of any Seed or Berry that    |
    ====================================|the Pokemon eats spread to the whole     |
                                        |party. This IQ Skill works only for the  |
                                        |team leader.                             |
    * [Leader] Eaten Seeds and Berries apply to whole party
    - Range: All allies on floor. The whole floor. Yes, indeed
    - Eaten Reviver Seeds, Reviser Seeds, or Blast Seeds aren't affected
    - Being hit by thrown items won't trigger this IQ Skill
    Let's look at a few items, shall we?
     - Life Seed: +3 max HP for four Pokemon at once!
     - Sitrus Berry: +2 max HP for four Pokemon at once!
     - Golden Seed: +5 levels for four Pokemon at once!
     - Joy Seed: +1 level for four Pokemon at once!
     - Oran Berry: Heal everyone for 100 HP
     - Heal Seed: Cure everyone of status effects
     - Chesto Berry: Sleepless condition on everyone
     - Violent Seed: Power up offense of everyone
     - Most seeds or berries: Fix Hungry Pal of all allies
    However, things like gummis or drinks aren't affected. They
    are not a "Seed" or a "Berry". Therefore, eating that Wonder
    Gummi isn't making your party any smarter. Ingesting that
    Zinc won't provide any boost to your allies, either. You
    need Pierce Hurler for those things.
    I suppose the biggest use everyone will get out of this is
    boost everyone's levels and max HP. I mean, who wouldn't
    quadruple the permanent boost? But don't forget that you can
    use other items as the situation demands it. Healing
    everyone for 100 HP is something rarely seen otherwise.
    Like with Pierce Hurler, a single item can now affect many
    targets. There are good uses for this.
    [[Every trip that Togekiss has led, I have enjoyed. You may
      think she's greedy, eating everything, but everything she
      ate, I can taste as well. I also felt the effects.      ]]
    -[*********']---------------------- 9.5-star ----------------------------------
    ==> Time Tripper <==================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 950  *********'  | ________I_ |The Pokemon's Movement Speed is          |
    ====================================|boosted by 1 level while this IQ Skill   |
                                        |is active.                               |
    * Movement speed up
    A rather potent IQ Skill. The fact your movement speed is
    often double is powerful. Among which, status effects which
    prevent action disappear twice as quick, and it is possible
    to move in such a way to prevent enemies from ever hitting
    you, if they don't have room-range moves.
    Generally, movement speed gives you extra turns when all you
    do is walk around. But there are secret ways into making it
    give you extra turns when using moves or items.
    With permanent speed, which this IQ Skill provides, just
    walk one step. If the enemies act, it is safe to attack. If
    they don't act, walk one more step. Then pound away.
    This gives an immense amount of safety if you know how to
    really use the increased movement speed. The cautious player
    can avoid a majority of attacks where it would otherwise be
    impossible, without losing out on attacking enemies. It is
    The only trouble with this IQ Skill is the fact that only
    Dialga and Darkrai gets it, and how much IQ you need. You'll
    probably beat most of the game before you ever see this IQ
    Skill, but if you do get it, you really do deserve something
    powerful for your efforts.
    Temporary speed has ways of giving you bonus turns on the
    spot just for triggering them. It is possible to abuse this
    endlessly for infinite turns without the enemy's reaction.
    A vicious cycle may be like so:
    1) Use Agility, Tailwind, or Dragon Dance (Maybe Quick Seed)
    2) Walk one step
    3) Use a move or item, or a regular attack.
    4) Boost your speed again, like in step (1)
    5) Walk two steps this time
    6) Loop to (3)
    This loop gets you as many turns as you have PP before the
    enemy can even act once. Out of PP? Treat step 3 as a moment
    where you use a Max Elixir instead.
    But this is an effect that doesn't come from this IQ Skill.
    Regardless, I feel you should know about it anyway. If you
    know what you're doing, this will make you practically
    invincible when you need it most.
    [[We were surrounded upon reaching the next floor, but even
      though a large lumbering beast that Dialga was, you'd say
      otherwise what with darting through our enemies so quick]]
    -[**********]---------------------- 10-star -----------------------------------
    ==> Absolute Mover <================+-----------------------------------------+
     IQv: 990  **********  | _________J |The Pokemon gains the ability to cross   |
    ====================================|water and lava, walk through gulleys,    |
                                        |and dig its way through walls.           |
    * Allows movement over water, lava, and open air.
    * Allows movement into walls, which then turns it into a floor tile
    Although you can walk into walls, this IQ Skill won't use up
    5 Belly with each step, like what usual ghost-like movement
    would eat up.
    Unlike true ghost-like movement, you can't walk diagonally
    into walls. You can move or attack ghosts up/down or
    left/right into them just fine, however.
    When you don't agree with the path, you make a path that
    agrees with you! And with Map Surveyor, it won't take you
    long to explore each room before moving on. Where there
    isn't a shortcut, you make one!
    In many dungeons, there are buried items. When you want
    them, your choices are usually as follows:
     - Ghost-like movement; Certain Pokemon or Mobile Scarf
     - Rock Smash. With only 99 PP, you'll run out quick enough.
     - One-Room Orb. Though, once one is used, it's gone!
    With Ghost-like movement, you'll lose 5 Belly with each step
    into a wall. Allies mysteriously don't lose anything by
    walking into walls, so tell them "You go the other way" and
    let them at it, and hope they crash into something.
    If you're Palkia with this IQ Skill, you just walk into the
    walls yourself. You don't lose Belly for it as walls vanish.
    It still takes a while, but you can do it.
    Okay, maybe this is a good IQ Skill, but only one Pokemon
    gets it, and you're completely done with the story once you
    get Palkia. And at 990 IQv, that's a lot of extra stuff
    beyond that you do by the time Palkia gets the IQ Skill. But
    hey, if you got Palkia, you may as well get max IQ!
    [[It was a complicated maze. Many times we were lost, but
      when the next path branched, neither looking good, Palkia
      simply took another path: Through the wall. We followed.]]
     5 -O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*  UNANSWERED QUESTIONS   *O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*
    It is true that this FAQ has a lot of information. It is
    also true that I don't have information on every last detail
    that I would like answered.
    There are several questions I have. They are as follows:
    - Bodyguard: Which status effects prevent it from working?
    - Practice Swinger: Do multi-hit moves gain a bonus on immediate miss?
    - Hit-and-Runner: What are its chances, anyway?
    - Sure-Hit Attacker: Does it pierce through even the Whiffer condition?
    - Quick Dodger: By what mechanic does it affect evasion?
    - Extra Striker: What is the chance of attacking twice?
    - Fast Friend: The recruit chances? We... Don't... Know! Don't ask me!
    I shall go into details over each question I have. After
    all, I want them answered, and I want to make it as clear
    and easy as possible for them to be answered.
    |Bodyguard| Which status effects prevent it from working?
    I did notice it not activate at all while I was Cringing.
    That's the limit to my knowledge. A list of status effects
    for your use:
    | Status effect       |???|  If "Yes", it stops Bodyguard
    +---------------------+---+  If "No ", Bodyguard will work
    | Poisoned            |No |  If blank, I do not know.
    | Badly poisoned      |   |
    | Burned              |   |  nhahtdh has been quite helpful so far.
    | Sleep               |   |  OgreGunner, too.
    | Nightmare           |   |
    | Napping             |   |  As a guess, anything that
    | Yawning             |   |  prevents moves would halt
    | Paralyzed           |Yes|  Bodyguard.
    | Frozen              |   |
    | Confused            |No |  Guess fails against the
    | Cowering            |   |  Frightened status effect,
    | Frightened          |No |  as it didn't stop
    | Infaturated         |   |  Bodyguard, yet it does
    | Taunted             |   |  stop moves.
    | Ingrain             |   |
    | Leech Seeded        |   |
    | Heard Perish Song   |No |
    | Embargo             |   |
    | Cursed              |   |
    | Healing blocked     |   |
    | Gastro Acid         |   |
    | Encore              |   |
    | Exposed             |   |
    | Grudge              |   |
    | Charging 2-turn move|   |
    | Cringing            |Yes|
    | Wrapped by foe      |   |
    | Wrapping a foe      |   |
    | Constricted         |   |
    | Immobilized         |No |
    | Petrified           |   |
    | Paused              |   |
    | Decoy               |   |
    | Blinker             |   |
    | Cross-eyed          |   |
    | Whiffer             |No |
    | Muzzled             |   |
    | Vanished            |No |
    | Low HP              |No |
    | Empty Belly, leader |   |
    | Empty Belly, others |No |
    Which ones stop Bodyguard? A clever person would utilize
    enemies with Bodyguard, False Swipe, and ways to cause
    these status effects. Keep track of dungeons which have
    smart enough enemies!
    |Practice Swinger| About multi-hit moves and linked moves...
    If an earlier attack misses, does it immediately benefit
    the later moves in the same turn?
    Specifcally, linked moves and multi-hit attacks can attack
    multiple times in a single turn. It should come as no
    surprise then, that with multiple attacks, you can make some
    number of hits and misses in the same turn.
    In short, get linked or multi-hit moves, and use 'em until
    you know beyond doubt whether that damage number is being
    |Hit-and-Runner| What are its chances, anyway?
    The game description states that it may prevent counters.
    First, what's the chance? Second, what about abilities like
    Static, Effect Spore, or Rough Skin?
    Find the right enemies. Attack them. See if you are punished
    for doing so. Keep in mind that if you end up KOing the foe,
    it will never counter against you.
    |Sure-Hit Attacker| Is it stopped by Whiffer?
    In the first PMD, this IQ Skill ignored Whiffer, letting
    regular attacks hit anyway.
    I am aware that never-miss moves fail under Whiffer. I am
    also aware that I hit with regular attacks while stuck with
    Whiffer when I had Sure-Hit Attacker in the first PMD. All
    I'm asking is whether this is still true.
    |Quick Dodger| Exactly how does it affect evasion?
    While browsing through UPC, I spotted something interesting
    in the PMD1 section. Apparently, Quick Dodger in the earlier
    games reduced the accuracy of moves by a flat 30. No, it's
    not reduced by a portion, but simply subtracted out.
    While this game does follow most mechanics of the previous
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team, I can't be
    sure that it is still true. I'd like to check, man!
    Testing for this will be tricky, to say the least. How can
    one tell the difference between reducing the move's accuracy
    by a set amount and merely raising your evasion by Minimize?
    Find some enemies with inaccurate moves. Typically, these
    are multi-hit moves. Something like Fury Swipes from a
    Sandshrew has 41 accuracy, according to Serebii.
    If Quick Dodger does what is said for PMD1, then Fury Swipes
    goes to 11 accuracy. Compare with +2 evasion stages, which
    multiplies by 179/256, setting the accuracy to 28 or 29.
    Trust me, that's a big, highly noticable difference.
    |Extra Striker| What is the chance of attacking twice?
    Attack enemy. Did you strike twice? Use your counting skills!
    Keep in mind that you will *NEVER* make a second attack
    against air. If the first attack KO'd the enemy, then you
    will never launch a second one that immediately follows the
    |Fast Friend| Recruit chances? All I hear is speculation.
    I don't know the answer. I don't know if I'll ever get one.
    Anything short of hacking the game and reading out the exact
    code will I expect to know the answer.
    You may have heard 1% or 2%. As far as I care, they are
    guesses, nothing more, unless you can prove that someone did
    hack into the game and told us the number.
    As for the chances for each specific Pokemon, at least that
    is known. At least for Time/Darkness. Just not the precise
    values for whatever changes those chances.
    Whether these questions will ever be answered, I don't know.
    The most likely place to contact me would be at the GameFAQs
    message board, as I don't even bother with E-mail at the
     6 -O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*         CLOSING         *O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*
    Welcome to the end of the FAQ. There is nothing relevant to
    the game itself beyond this point, but it's here to let you
    know every last person to have helped me, how in the world
    you can contact me, and what happened in this FAQ.
    6.1 ------------------------------- Credits ----------------------------<tnk20>
    There has been a lot of help on the way to making this FAQ.
    I extend my thanks to the GameFAQs message board and to
    everyone who helped me on the way.
    In particular, I will name those that have contributed here.
    They helped in other ways, but all I'm listing is what
    directly helps this FAQ be what it is.
    * Has provided lots of details of IQ Skills. Thanks!
    * Actively pointed out things in my prototype posts. Quite helpful.
    Has been helpful in other ways numerous times.
    * IQ Skill descriptions. They are not used in this FAQ, but thanks!
    * Found Absolute Mover's IQv requirement... And walls stuff.
    * Found an error in my list.
    * Actively pointed out things in my prototype posts. Quite helpful.
    * Showed diagram of one floor-type. I used the idea.
    Has been helpful in other ways a number of times.
    * IQ Skill descriptions. They are not used in this FAQ, but thanks!
    * Details of: Acute Sniffer, Power Pitcher.
    * Provided advice for recruiting Pokemon. I took only one, though.
    * Pointed out errors in my move list for No-Charger.
    * Had a list of two-turn moves. While thinking about Bodyguard...
    * Checked Synthesis, Morning Sun, and Moonlight in all weather.
    * Asked about level difference involving Intimidator.
    * Asked about the confusion status and Gap Prober
    * Pointed out flaws in my description for Quick Healer.
    * Helped fill in which status effects affect Bodyguard.
    * Mentioned what sort of boost a Miracle Drink gives.
    * General hacking into the game for information.
    Has been helpful in another way.
    * Provided advice for recuiting Pokemon. I didn't use it word for word.
    * Tested out Collector, and answered my question for it.
    * Filled in a few status effects for Bodyguard.
    * Asked about if Coin Watcher applies to swapping coins into inventory.
    * Pointed out my "overview" section...
    * General hacking into the game for information.
    * Asked about Status Checker, prompting confirmation of
      whether moves really are still wastefully selected. They are...
    * The main reason why I submitted a version 1.05. Besides
      Brick Tough and Lava Evader, had suggestions for all of 1.05
    * IQ Skill descriptions. They are not used in this FAQ, but thanks!
    Has been helpful in another way.
    * Scanned through a strategy guide, fixing my IQ Group errors.
    * Asked about Intimidator. The answer is it isn't affected by status.
    Has been helpful in another way.
    * Pointed out something in my prototype posts.
    * Details of: Wary Fighter.
    * Pointed out how linked moves work with Intimidator.
    * Further confirmed that Absolute Mover can hit into walls.
    * Pinned down Evolve Charm EXP boost for me. It's listed proudly now.
    * A detail about Exclusive Move-User.
    * Mentioned how much IQv the IQ Booster gives on each useful floor.
    Help given is unrelated to IQ Skills.
    * About Kecleon robbing and missions. Info used for Escapist.
    Help given is unrelated to IQ Skills.
    Suggestion given is unrelated to IQ Skills.
    Suggestion given is unrelated to this particular FAQ.
    * Did some work at figuring out the IQv bonus of lucky gummi drinks.
    * Asked about a detail of a game start question
    * Confirmed a detail of a game start question (played Time/Darkness?)
    Additionally, there are two sites I must thank as well:
    It has errors, but I initially used it to help build a
    framework to list out IQ Skills. Things would not have gone
    as cleanly at the start without it.
    upokecenter.com     UPC -- the ultimate Pokemon Center
    A site that contains actual data from within the game itself.
    Actually, just the data for Time/Darkness. Still useful.
    Without the efforts of Peter O., there are many, many values
    and mechanics which I would never know to this day.
    If you really must look through some history yourself, these
    are the topics that began the whole thing. They are in
    chronological order:
     6. 2 -------------------------- Contact Info --------------------------<cnt86>
    It is difficult to contact me. I apologize. However, if you
    have a GameFAQs message board account, I can be contacted
    through that private message system.
    GameFAQs message board name: FatRatKnight
    As for E-mail, I seem to use it so rarely I ended up losing
    it again. Even if I did have one, whether it's a good enough
    way to contact me would be highly questionable anyway. I am
    pretty active on the message boards, and I don't mind a PM
    no matter how long it's been since I last visited the game.
    But I will guarantee a response within a few days if you
    send a private message to FatRatKnight through the GameFAQs
    message board. I am always ready to look back here.
     6. 3 ------------------------------ Legal -----------------------------<stp54>
    Copyright 2009-2016 Leeland Eric Kirwan
    Permission granted to these sites:
    This guide may *not* be reproduced under any circumstances
    except for personal, private use. Only the listed sites may
    publicly distribute this file, until such a time that I give
    permission to other sites as desired. Do not alter this
    guide, do not present it as the work of anyone else.
    CheatCC, or Cheat Code Central, will take special notice as
    a site *not* allowed to host this file. David Allison, owner
    of CheatCC, has infringed the copyright of many guides, with
    modifications in many cases to make it appear the author's
    intent was to have it hosted on CheatCC (or any sites owned
    by or affiliated with David Allison). I will raise awareness
    of this person's history here, in an effort to minimize any
    support for one who has taken so many guides. This has been
    apparently going on for more than a decade.
     6. 4 ------------------------- Version History ------------------------<vsn06>
    1.16a- Added www.neoseeker.com to permissions list.
    1.16 - Reflavored No-Charger.
         - Clarified an effect of a game start question under Fast Friend.
         - Sharp Shooter now briefly explains gender differences.
         - Added Legal section.
    mm/dd/yyyy - Date format
    1.15 - As always: Slight, minor text adjustments.
         - Merged ending sections into a single CLOSING section.
         - New Contact Info. Changed intro, too.
         - Edited mentions of Intimidator in IQ Groups. It's
           more than just "foe in front" moves, after all...
         - Significant text changes for:
            Course Checker     Brick Tough        Exp. Go-Getter
            Trap Buster        Intimidator        Time Tripper
    ... I think this update was overdue a year and a half...
    1.10 - Rewrote Weak-Type Picker entirely.
         - Mostly rewrote Dedicated Traveler
         - Fixed error on Survivalist.
         - Added a few more drinks that can provide IQv
    (notice) I also updated Concentrator with rough accuracy
             ranges for given numbers of stars. I forgot to
             note that here.
    1.05 - Minor text stuffs
         - Silly errors fixed. X-Ray specs? I meant Goggle! Gah!
         - Significant text changes for:
            PP Saver           Bodyguard          Brick Tough
            Gap Prober         Wary Fighter       Trap Avoider
            Quick Healer       Lava Evader        Counter Hitter
            No-Charger         Intimidator
    1.02 - Fixed list of dungeons containing enemies with
           exceptional IQ. I missed Zero Isle Center!
         - Filled in IQv boost of Max Elixir.
         - Moved the Quick IQ Skill list to top of its section
         - Significant text changes for:
            Survivalist        Quick Healer       All-Terrain Hiker
            Absolute Mover
    1.00 - Initial re-release. Basically a full rewrite of the
           FAQ while keeping the same basic structure. All so
           old readers can enjoy my writing once again.
           Otherwise, it's a branch off the Time/Darkness FAQ.
         - Though, I did add some extra flavor texts. Have fun!
    And thanks for reading...
    *O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*       End of File       *O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*-O-*O*

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