• Godanner (Sword)

    1. Stage 15 B part 2, do not let Lou fight with any of the mimic monsters. 2. It will join after you clear stage 30 C part 2 (Godanner route).

    Contributed By: KoldofCaelin.

  • Rey and Stellar

    1: Stage 14 A part 1, do NOT use Kira to defeat Shinn. 2. Stage 14 A part 2, do NOT defeat Shinn at all. 3. Stage 15 A, do NOT take out Shinn, Rey and Talia. 4. Rey and Steller will then join in stage 30 in the fafner route when Minerva shows up to help you guys via event.

    Contributed By: KoldofCaelin.


  • Felme with Bio-Ptera

    After stage 25, choose the Darius World route(B, 2nd option). Then in stage 27B, have Re Mii, Kotona and Souta fight Felme. By the end of stage 27B, Kotona and Re Mii's total kill count should be over 150.

    Contributed By: Shogain.

  • GxS (Michael and Fasalina)

    1. In stage 8, let Van take out the axe dude (Doesn't matter if it is the first time or 2nd time.) 2. Stage 26 A, let Vann take out Carossa. 3. Stage 27, something about Vann's kill counts. 4. Stage 31 part 1, take out Woo and Fasalina first, then take out Michael. 5. They join after stage 31 part 1.

    Contributed By: stargust.

  • Heine Westenfluss with GOUF Ignited

    On stage 19-2, have Athrun attack Heine, and then have Athrun convince him.

    Contributed By: Shogain.

  • New Game +

    Finish the game once and save. You will be able to load that save and start a new game with half your money carried over, your chosen favorite series carried over, and choose a new senshin set for the originals.

    Contributed By: iamverydead.

  • Shouko(Mark Sechs), Kouyou(Mark Vier), Mamoru(Mark Funf), Sakura(Mark Drei), Michio(Mark Eins)

    At the end of stage 13, choose the Tatsumiya Island route (B, 2nd option). On stage 15B part 2, have Shouko destroy the Type C Sphinx Festum, while having more than 30% hp. This will trigger the generic sad BGM instead of the piano version of Separation. At the end of stage 16, Part 2, choose the Build Base Route (A, 1st option). On stage 17A, have Kouyou destroy more total Festums than Kazuki. After the festums are destroyed, Kouyou's first dialogue box will end in "...!" Now, on stage 23, 24, and 25 deploy Sakura, Mamoru, Kenji, Canon, and Michio during those stages. After stage 25, choose the Build Base Route (A, first option). Now, through stage 26A and 29, deploy the five pilots again. After Stage 29, choose the Tatsumiya Island route(A, first option), and deploy those five again on Stage 30A, part 1. On Stage 30A, Part 2, move the Archangel to the designated point before the enemies are destroyed. After Stage 31A, you will get Shouko, Kouyou, Mamoru, Sakura and Michio.

    Contributed By: Shogain.

Secret Items

  • GBA SRW Slot 2 Unlocks

    Just like Super Robot Wars W, Super Robot Wars K also utilizes Slot 2 on both the DS and the DS Lite. Simply insert either SRW A, R, D, J, OG, or OG2 to obtain extra money and an item. Each game will give a different amount of money and a unique item.

    50,000 & ResuarikanaInsert Super Robot Wars D into Slot 2
    80,000 & Orugon KuraudoInsert Super Robot Wars J into Slot 2

    Contributed By: Someguy1212.

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