In floor 29 of the spirit tower how do i get to the second eye?

  1. The other eye im supposed to hit is apperantly on the other side of an other locked door how do i get to it?

    User Info: link900000

    link900000 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. First there are two arrow ricochet things in the room, put one one the southern platform facing the first suspended eye. (This eye when shot unlocks the door.)

    Second. Have the Phantom bring Link to the northern platform. (It has a nut that drops 5 arrows when broken) So that you can shoot the first arrow ricochet thing.

    Third have the phantom pick up the second arrow ricochet thing. (Have the phantom target it to pick it up and held to the southern platform on the western side of the lava. (Make sure it stands on the tiles with the symbol on them and make sure the arrow device is facing the locked door.)

    Now with everything in place have Link shoot the first arrow device. Opening the door. Then have him shoot the one the phantom is holding.

    There you have it.

    User Info: Angepika

    Angepika - 8 years ago 0 0

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