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    FAQ/Walkthrough by bodo_parkour

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    Guide Note

    This guide is currently incomplete. Therefore, not many of the sections are complete.


    "The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks" is the (sort of) sequal to Nintendo's 2007 DS adventure, "The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass". This game features many of the same gameplay mechanics, control methods, and features of the earlier game, although it is a completely different adventure.

    The Zelda series is one of the most popular in gaming history. Starting way back with one solitary game on the NES, the Zelda series now spans more than 15 games, on many systems. Each game is famous for adding something new and exciting to the gameplay, and Spirit Tracks is no exceptions. It's a great game to write for, as it isn't too linear, but at the same time isn't too open and confusing. In this guide, I hope to, one day, cover every possible aspect of this game, although that could be quite a large task.

    If you have any comments, questions, queries, or information to provide, you can find my email address in the contact section of this guide at the end.

    With all of that out of the way, I hope you enjoy the guide!

    Version History

    Version 0.01 - 24th December 2009

    • Started the Walkthrough. Finished up to Outset Village.

    Version 0.05 - 25th December 2009

    • Walkthrough finished up to the Wooded Temple.
    • Started the Shops and Prices section, Item Guide, and Spirit Pipes Songs section.

    Version 0.25 - 30th December 2009

    • Walkthrough finished up to the end of the Blizzard Temple.
    • Added Fraaz to the boss guide.
    • Added the boomerang to the weapons section.
    • Added some items to the shops and prices section.

    Version 0.30 - 31st December 2009

    • Walkthrough finished up to the Trading Post (Second Visit).
    • Added the fiery fish knight to the boss guide.

    Version 0.40 - 2nd January 2010

    • Walkthrough finished up to the Island Sanctuary (Second Visit).

    Version 0.50 - 4th January 2010

    • Walkthrough finished up to the Tower of Spirits (Fourth Visit).
    • Added Cactops to the boss guide.

    Version 0.52 - 11th January 2010

    • Rewrote Introduction
    • Started the Enemy Guide. All enemies in up to the train tutorial added.
    • Added the recruit's sword to the weapons section of the item guide.
    • Walkthrough finished up to Goron Village.
    • Added the Goron Village Shop to the shops section.

    Still to add/finish:

    • Remainder of walkthrough
    • Remainder of character section
    • Remainder of shops and prices
    • Remainder of spirit pipes songs
    • Remainder of boss guide
    • Train parts guide
    • Remainder of Enemy guide
    • Remainder of Item guide
    • Multiplayer section
    • Section on warp gates
    • Minigames section
    • Section on US/EU differences

    Background Story

    This section has been copied from the Game Manual.

    This is a tale from long ago. The tale of the first people of this land.

    In the beginning, the people followed the spirits, and all was peaceful But that era of peace soon came to an end. The evil Demon King rose to power, destroying everything in his path. The spirits had no choice but to face him in battle.

    The war that ensued seemed to last an eternity, and much blood was shed. Finally, the spirits subdued the Demon King, but they could not destroy him. Their powers were too heavily depleted.

    With their power drained, the spirits returned to the heavens. Suddenly bereft of both demons and spirits, this land was entrusted to us.

    But now the shackles are disappearing and darkness once again threatens the land...


    This list is in alphabetical order and includes minor characters as well as major characters.


    Alfonzo is a train driver who mentored Link. In the past, he used to serve loyally as a member of Princess Zelda's guard in Hyrule castle, and occasionally assists Link on his quest. He lives in Outset village.


    Linebeck was Link's cowardly companion in the Phantom Hourglass. This Linebeck however is one of his descendants, with a lust for treasure and an inherited cowardliness. He runs a shop in south-east Forest Land.


    Link is the protaganist of the Legend of Zelda series, although in almost every Zelda game, he is a different person with the same name. In Spirit Tracks, Link is a trainee train engineer (no pun intended) who undertakes a massive quest to vanquish evil from the kingdom of Hyrule along with Princess Zelda.


    Niko is Link's elderly roommate. Filled with stories and a thirst for adventure, when Niko was younger, he used to travel the world. Now confined to one village, he bestows a favour on Link during the game.

    Princess Zelda

    Zelda is the princess of the kingdom of Hyrule. One of the plots in the game involves Link trying to recover her missing body.


    This red-coated man delivers mail all over Hyrule. Not much is known about him, but when he has a letter for you, the red Hyrule mailboxes wobble left and right until you approach them, when the Postman appears to deliver your letter. In the game, it is mentioned that the postman is new to his job.

    On-foot Controls

    • Controlling Link
      • Touch screen
        • Press the stylus in the direction you want Link to move
        • Tap enemies to hit them with sword
        • Swipe at enemies to hit them with sword
        • Draw a quick circle to spin with the sword
        • Tap twice at the edge of the screen to make Link roll in that direction
        • Tap on people or signs to speak to and read them
    • Accessing menu bar
      • Tap menu icon on touch screen
      • Y button
      • D-pad right
    • Equip current iten
      • L button
      • R button
      • Tap item icon on touch screen
    • Display map on touch screen (so you can draw on it)
      • Tap the map icon in the menu bar on the touch screen
      • B button
      • D-pad down
    • Skip and speed up speech
      • Tap touch screen
      • A button
    • Show the Collection screen
      • Tap the Collection icon in the menu bar on the touch screen
      • SELECT button
    • Pause the game
      • START button

    Train Controls

    To transport Link and other characters between areas, you take control of a Steam Train on pre-laid tracks. During the rail sections of the game, controla are:

    • Adjust speed/Stop/Reverse
      • Lever to the left or right of the screen
    • Whistle
      • Pull the chain to the top left or right corner of the screen
    • Change points
      • At a 'junction', a lever will appear at the bottom of the screen to select which route to take
    • Change camera
      • Slide the stylus over the touch screen to move the camera in that direction
    • Use cannon (once you get one)
      • Tap at anything to fire the cannon at it


    This Walkthrough deals with the main adventure only. Seperate sections will be written for the side quests.

    NOTE: Some items may differ in your version of the game.

    Starting a Game

    After booting up your copy of the game, and after the title screen, you will be taken to a screen with two save files. Tap on the one you'd like to play on, then type in your hero's name. You can call him anything you like, but for this guide, I shall call the hero "Link", the name of the classic Legend of Zelda hero. Then, you have to pick which hand you hold the DS stylus in. After confirming this, the game saves and takes you back to the file selection screen. Now tap on the file you just created and hit "Start". Then, tape "Adventure" to start the game.

    NOTE - Don't forget to save your game regularly!

    Outset Village (Aboda Village)

    1xStalfos Skull

    Watch the opening sequence, and when you get to pick conversation answers, it doesn't really matter which option you choose. After you gain control of Link, you can speak to Niko if you like, then leave the house through the door to the south.

    Outside, there isn't much to do in the village. If you like, speak to all of the villagers and tap on the boulders to pick them up, and tap somewhere else to throw and smash them. This will hopefully get you a few rupees (money in the game). To the northwest of the village, you'll see a strange pedestal thing. This is called a 'stamp stand', but you can ignore it for now. Near the centre of the village is a tree with a beehive on it, and child standing near it. Speak to the child, who dares you to roll into the tree. Doing this causes the bees to chase you about. Roll as fast as you can away to shake the bees off, or jump in the water to the east. Jumping in the water does take some of your health, but it is possibly quicker.

    After this, if you go back to the child, he'll give you a gift as an apology. These 'treasures' can be found all over the world, and can be traded later for other things. Treasures you have collected are stored in the collection screen.

    There is one last thing you can do in Outset village. Go to the bottom right house on the map. Speak to the woman, then pick up and smash the four rocks in front of the building to her right. Speaking to her again will get you a small reward for your efforts. Now, go up to the station in the north of the village. Stepping up to the platform will trigger a small cutscene. After this, speak to Alfonzo, and if you are ready to leave the village and continue the story, answer "yeah" to his question. If you wish to stay in the village a little longer, you can come back here at any time to proceed.

    Train Tutorial

    First things first, you only have 300 seconds to reach castle town. This isn't too much of a challenge, you should be able to finish the journey in about half of the allowed time. As soon as you start controlling the train, change the speed to the faster speed to make the journey a little quicker. Every little helps!

    When the moink appears on the track, hold the whistle down to scare it off the tracks then keep going. The map shows the directions of the other trains, so make sure you keep your train from colliding head on with any of them. If you collide with any one, you'll have to start again from Outset village.

    Once you reach Hyrule Castle, slam on the brakes to come to a halt at the station. Journey complete!

    Castle Town

    1xBee larvae

    First of all, speak to the guy at the right hand side of the platform, then go down into Castle Town proper. There is nothing really to do here, you cannot reach any of the chests on the higher levels. There is a man in the main square who is interested in selling cuccos (chickens) in different towns later in the game (hint, hint!). After having a look around, head north to Hyrule Castle. Just before you go through the arch, the Postman will run up and deliver a letter. You can read it in the collection screen but it's only a letter from the Postmaster, telling you nothing important. Go north through the arch.

    Hyrule Castle

    1xEngineer's Certificate
    1xHero's Clothes
    1xRecruit's Sword
    1xSpirit Pipes
    1xStalfos Skull

    Go straight up the path and speak to the guards guarding the door to the castle. When asked whether you are here for the engineer graduation ceremony, answer "Yes, sir!" and the guards will part, letting you pass. In the next room, walk up the carpet to another guard. Speak to him and you'll trigger a cutscene. Following the cutscene, walk past the guard and up the staircase that Chancellor Colo climbed. You'll trigger another cutscene. Princess Zelda will give you a letter, and once the cutscene is finished, access the Collection screen then read the letter. Hit the map icon to copy the directions from the letter to your map, then hit the return arrows to get back to the game. Leave the throne-room by the south exit then take the bottom right hand path in the next area. Take the south path and climb the stairs.

    From the stairs, turn right and follow the map directions you took down earlier. Go along the very thin path, being careful not to fall off. If you do, you will have to go round and enter the castle again. At the end of the thin path, jump off the ledge on to the stone area with a door on it. Now go through the door. From here, go left then up. Take another left then turn north, going up the stairs. You will find yourself in Zelda's bedroom and a cutscene will ensue. Zelda will give you a guard's uniform (in the same colours as Link's classic green tunic and cap) then leave the room. Follow her out the way you came in.

    Now you are introduced to a new gameplay mechanic, controlling Zelda. Zelda follows you unless you want her to go elsewhere. Use the marker at her feet to draw her a path to walk. The icon in the corner of the screen allows you to switch between controlling Link and drawing a path for Zelda and watching her walk it. The Call button allows you to bring Zelda to Link's side. The goal here is to keep Zelda from getting seen by any of the guards while leading her out of the castle. It doesn't matter if the guards see Link however. The map screen shows the guards' positions and their fields of vision.

    The guard in the top right hand corner walks clockwise round the square and the guard directly below him walks back and forth along the left, bottom, and right sides of the second square from the top. As soon as the uppermost guard passes the passage you and Zelda are on, and the lower guard is walking right, about a quarter of the way along the lower side of his square, send Zelda down the left side of both squares and into the first passage south. Make sure to not send her too far down though, or she'll be seen by the guard down there. Make your way to join her. Now when the lower guard is walking left, and passes the passage you and Zelda are in, send her up and right, then down into the other passage south. This will take you into the next area.

    Now here, you'll have to distract the guards while Zelda passes unseen. First off, both you and Zelda drop down to the ground in the little alcove. Take Link and bring him round the right side of the guard. When you are north-east of him, tap on him to make him turn and speak to you. Now tap the Zelda icon and draw her a path behind the guard and finishing in between the two hedges. Now you can stop distracting the guard and join Zelda. Walk south, and over to the second guard. Walk past him and stand to his north-west. Now speak to him and draw Zelda another path to the south of the long thin hedge. Make the path stop in the middle of the hedge. Now control Link and join her to trigger a small cutscene.

    Pick up one of the boulders to your left and take it round to the last guard you passed. Now take the boulder round the north side of the hedge Zelda is hiding behind. Stand directly opposite Princess Zelda. Now, before you throw it, draw a path for Zelda up in front of the guard, left, down, and out to Castle Town. STRAIGHT AWAY, throw the boulder against the castle wall to distract the guard. Once Zelda is safely out of the way, follow her back to Castle Town. There will now be a big important cutscene.

    After the cutscene, you'll end up in another room in Hyrule Castle. Leave the room and walk south a little to see a small cutscene. Go right then up the stairs to the throne room you visited earlier. Walk up for yet another cutscene. Zelda will go into her bedroom but the guard blocks the way. I hope you remember the way from earlier because you're going to have to go the same way you did earlier. Go back out the throne room then take the lower right path, go down, then up the stairs. Run back along the thin path, being careful not to fall, drop down, and enter the building again. Go up to the top left and climb the stairs to Zelda's room. Cutscene.

    Leave the bedroom then go down the really long corridor shown on the map that takes you to the long horizontal path at the bottom of the map screen. Go all the way left to see a chest. Open it for a red rupee, worth 20. Head north, then go left and down through the door to another chest. This one contains a Stalfos Skull. Go back through the door and go up and right to the stairs down. Here, go to the right of the room to yet another chest, which contains another red rupee. Now speak to the guard blocking the exit.

    Go back up the stairs then go to the long horizontal path at the bottom of the area. Go through the door then go down the stairs at the bottom right. In here, go straight up, into the guard training room. The guy right in front of the door if the guard captain you want to speak to. He will give you a sword, but only if you show him you can use it. You'll have to perform certain moves on the other guards in the room to prove yourself. First up is the targetted attack. Just tap once on something to perform the attack. You have to do it twice to each guard then speak to the captain again. Next up is the swipe attack. Just swipe the stylus over something to perform this move. Do it twice to each guard. Finally, there is the spinning attack. To do this, draw a circle around Link. Do this once to each guard and you can finally leave. Retrace your steps back to the room with the guard who wanted you to get a sword.

    Now, he'll let you pass, after warning you of the dangers ahead. In this area, you will encounter your first killable enemies. Kill all in sight by slashing, stabbing, or spinning with your sword. Speaking to the guard will reveal the rough whereabouts of the secret path. Go up the stairs and left, killing any more enemies you encounter. Go up the second staircase, and kill the final enemies in the area. Don't accidentally or deliberately touch the blue things growing from the ground, as they are bombs. Like boulders, you can pick there up and throw them at things to blow them up. It is your job to find the section of the wall that you can blow up. You can either throw a bomb at every section of wall until you find it or look at this map of the top section:

           ______/             \_________
          /                            X \___
         |                                   \______
         |                                          \_______
         |                                                  \
         |                                                   |
         |                                                    \
         |                                                     |
                 X = Where you should put the bomb

    Go through the hole in the wall the bomb makes. Inside, tap the Keese (crow thing) to kill it then continue forwards. Kill the four red enemies. To the right side of the cave are two more keese, and after killing them, there is a puzzle to complete. Tap the block to the bottom right to grab hold of it. Drag it left a bit, then push it up. Now push it right, so it's below the floor switch. Finally, push it up on to the switch to open the door to your right. On the other side of the door is a chest which contains a small key. Use the key on the door in the middle of the cavea and climb the stairs.

    Kill the red enemies and continue forwards. Jump over the gap and read the message on the stone. This is the first clue to a puzzle later on. The other two platforms contain two other clues. Don't worry if you can't remember them, you can always come back and read them again. To the right of the platform are two bombs, a chest, and a red enemy. Kill the red enemy and open the chest for 20 rupees, then use as many bombs as you like to get rid of the walls to the north. On the other side of these walls, there are purple switches. First of all, destroy all the enemies. After that, examine the puzzle.

    As you can see, there are four hittable switches and you have to hit them in the correct order to open the door to proceed. The three clues on the stones read:

    • The switch after the bottom switch is the left one.
    • Before you hit the bottom switch, hit the top one.
    • Hit the right switch before the top switch.

    The order you have to hit them is Right, Top, Bottom, Left. After you accomplish this, head through the door. In the next room, kill the two keese then walk forwards. After a small cutscene, kill the two rats that circle Zelda. Watch out, they are fast and cause quite a bit of damage if you let yourself get hit by them. Once they're vanquished, go forward and up the stairs to trigger a cutscene.

    Tower of Spirits

    As soon as you regain control of Link, lead him north to the staircase up. Climb the spiral staircase and go through the first and only door. In the room, head forwards until Zelda stops you. Once the phantom appears, turn and scarper out the door you came in as fast as you possibly can. Pay attention to the cutscene then go back up the stairs into the room again.

    You'll notice that the phantom traverses the innermost circle in a clockwise direction. When it is on the northermost side of the square, go round to the purple area on the left side. These purple areas are safe zones, and the phantoms can't see you when you're in them. If a phantom sees you, run as fast as you can to one of these areas. From the safe zone you're currently in, go directly left to another safe zone and pick up the first tear of light. One down, two to go!

    Go back to the first safe zone and when the phantom reaches the right side of the square, run round to the northen safe zone. Directly north is the second tear. From here, go right to a purple switch. When the phantom is passing the inner right hand side safe zone, hit the switch then run back to the northern safe zones. Go round the right hand side of the inner square and through the right safe zone. Go across the bridge and pick up the third and final tear of light. If the bridge withdraws before you make it, simply go back and repeat, making sure you remain unseen by the phantom. From the location of the third tear, go left across the bridge and wait in the right safe zone for the phantom to walk round. When he has passed you, slip out behind him and tap his back with your sword. Zelda will fly inside the phantom and possess it, allowing you to control it. The controls are the same as when you controlled Zelda in Hyrule Castle earlier on.

    Walk round to the giant door on the lower side of the square and stand Link in front of the left door. Move Zelda to the right door and you'll push it together. Once the door opens, lead Link and Zelda up the stairs to the second floor. Go round to the right and send Zelda through the floor spikes (phantoms can walk over them). Make Zelda hit the purple switch, lowering the spikes and allowing Link to pass through. South from here, kill the enemies then stand on one of the switches and move Zelda to stand on the other. Walk through the door without Zelda and kill the rats. Push the block right one square to block the hole in the wall before calling Zelda to you. Here, you'll see more spikes, that Link can't cross. Send Zelda past the Phantom and into the safe zone to hit the switch. Have Zelda go round to the left of the Phantom and speak to it. Now take Link and lead him behind the phantom into the safe zone. Both go up the stairs to trigger a cutscene. Go up the stairs on to the platform in the middle of the room to get the first section of the rail map.

    Walk into the blue light to return to the entrance. Walk back down the stairs and speak to Anjean. After the cutscene, board the train and leave. Draw a path on the rail map to the place between Castle Town and Outset Village. It'll be shown on the map at "???". Once you reach the destination, you will find that it is called

    Mayscore (Whittleton)

    Once you get off the train, Zelda will speak to you and once she does this, come down off the platform and go left. There's a man who is selling wood (this could be useful later in the game) and next to him is the village shop. If you haven't already done so from any of the other shops you've encountered, you should buy a shield from here. It is an important item to have and only costs 80 rupees. After acquiring a shield, leave the shop and go to the large house in the north of the village. Enter the house to speak to the Chief of the village.

    Leave the chief's house and speak to the man in the right hand side house, who tells you to listen to the trees but not to the fourth tree. Interesting. The man in the left house gives some more interesting information. He tells you to pay attantion to the tree branches. With this information, go back to the platform and leave the village. Draw a route west along the route which just stops in the middle of nowhere.

    Lost Woods

    Once you go through the tunnel entrance, you'll be in the lost woods. Keep going forwards and soon you'll go past a tree on your left which has a really small branch near the ground pointing to the right. When the points lever appears at the bottom of the screen, make sure that it's set to take you to the right. Soon after this, look out for another tree with a low down branch. Make sure you set the points the way the tree tells you too, and after this, the same process occurs once more. The fourth time this happens, set the points the opposite direction that the tree tells you to, and after this, the train will go through another arch and come to a halt at the Woodland Sanctuary.

    Woodland Sanctuary

    Leave the platform and go round the entire 'ground floor', clearing it of enemies. After you've done that, go to the top right and go up the stairs. Up here, there are two bombs and a bridge. On the other side of the bridge is a purplr switch which temporarily extends another section of the bridge. Go back to the bombs, pick one up, then jump off the ledge back to the ground, taking the bomb up and left to steps with bombable walls on them. Throw the bomb at the steps to clear them of barriers. Go up these stairs and clear the area of enemies. You'll see another breakable wall, but it's too far away from the bombs to carry them the long way round.

    This is where the bridge comes in. But, there's one problem: the bridge retracts before you can carry a bomb over it. There is a simple solution though. Carry and place a bomb next to the purple switch then run to pick up the other bomb. Then take it all the way across both sections of the bridge and use it to blow up the breakable wall. Now you can continue.

    On the other side of the wall is a strange statue. Tap on it a few times until two circles fly out of it. These are notes for your Spirit Flute/Pipes. Select the pipes from the menu bar and blow into the microphone while the blue note then the orange note is in the centre of the screen. The statue will fly away revealing another statue. It tells you some information about the pipes, the statues, and songs.

    In the next large area, go to the centre and read the sign on the wall. There are 8 beam statues, each one facing in one direction. You have to find the two that are facing each other and draw a line between them on the sign in the centre. The line you have to draw is:

               X   0                    0 = Statue
           0      \    0                X = Statue you have to connect
           0           X
               0   0

    After you draw the line, the door to the north will open, so make your way through it, go up the stairs, and trigger a cutscene by speaking to the man in the middle of the platform. Now you have to perform a song on the Spirit Pipes. Copy the notes shown to you by Gage then after you practice it, you have to perform it for real. After he performs his notes, play your notes in time. You have to do this quite a few times, but don't lose concentration. If you need help remembering the notes, refer to the Spirit Pipes Songs section later on in this FAQ/Walkthrough. You can find it under "Song of Restoration - Forest Land".

    After the song has finished, leave the room and make your way southeast back to the train. Remember to regularly save your game by the way. Draw a route north to the first proper dungeon in the game, the Wooded Temple. Spiders will drop down on to the track during your journey. Simply hold the whistle down to scare them off and continue.

    Wooded Temple (Forest Temple)

    1xStalfos Skull
    1xStar Fragment
    1xPirate's Necklace

    Go up and to the top left of the room to see a rocket shaped statue similar to the one in the Woodland Sanctuary. Tapping it will reveal three notes. Play those on your spirit pipes to reveal a fairy who will let you use it's healing powers once, and only once. See the Spirit Pipes Songs section for more information on this song. Go north through the door to enter the main temple. In the first room, smash up the pots for hearts and one Star Fragment, then continue forwards. The door in front of you is currently locked, and you need a key, so go the only way you can: to the right.

    In this room, you will find two seeds. These can be thrown at things, and sometimes contain items. Pick one up and carry it to the right, standing directly to the left of the purple switch over the gap. Hit the switch with the seed to extend a bridge. Be careful not to fall into the abyss and cross the bridge. To the north is some purple haze which you can't do anything about for now, and to the south is the way forwards. When you reach the next open area, the door will close behind you. This is the first of what will be many forced battles. You have to kill all the enemies in the vicinity for the doors to reopen. Once you've killed them all, the doors back and forwards open, and a chest appears. In it, you'll find a nice reward of 100 rupees. If you're short on hearts, go up the stairs, avoid the purple haze, and you'll find two pots, one of which contains a heart for you. Go north to another forced battle. These spiders aren't hard to kill, but when they die, they emit purple haze, which you MUST NOT touch.

    Once they're dead, a golden chest appears in the top right corner of the room. This chest contains the first of many in-game items: the whirlwind. To use this item, equip it, use the stylus to point in the direction you want to use it, and blow into the DS's microphone to activate it. Go back south and blow away all the purple haze to reveal a chest (containing a Stalfos Skull). Go back down the stairs then all the way north to the huge cloud of purple. Blow it all away to reveal a currently useless stamp stand and a switch. Stand on the switch to make a chest drop down back across the bridge. Open the chest then go back across the bridge and up the stairs again.

    Back in the room where you found the Whirlwind, blow the windmill to make the door open. You'll have to blow away the purple haze to proceed, but before you do, walk up to the statue and perform the Song of Awakening. If you've missed any treasure chests, the statue will tell you their locations. Once you've got them all, clear the haze and go down the stairs. From here, go right and stand on the bottom side of the square. Use the whirlwind to blow the key to the other side of the square then go round and pick it up. Go to the right and step on the switch to open the door. You have been in this area before, but now you have a key to open the locked door from earlier. Before you do that however, kill the spiders.

    After unlocking the door, head to the left. There isn't any point in performing the Song of Awakening on this statue, as if you've followed this guide, you'll have opened all the chests on this floor of the temple. South of this is another forced battle, this one containing two animated stalfos skulls. Use the whirlwind to blow away the haze that's lifting them around and to paralyze them. When they're paralyzed, hit them with your sword to kill them. Once they're dead, head up the stairs that are now unblocked.

    In this room, kill the spiders (you can use the whirlwind to paralyze them while you hit them). Go north and up the stairs then go left and stand to the south of the seed. Use your whirlwind to blow it into the purple switch then open the chest it reveals. Go back downstairs and use the key to open the door to the southeast. Inside: you'll find a mini-boss, a phantomy cyclops thing.

    Mini BOSS - Phantomy Cyclops Thing

    To kill this creature, stay well out of it's way until it shoots a skull at you. Quickly use the whirlwind to blow the skull back at it which will paralyze it for a few moments. Use the oppurtunity to get in a few taps with your sword. Rinse and repeat until it withers up and dies.

    Once it's dead, head up the stairs to the north. Go left and down past the pillars, all the way to two seeds. From here, run to the right. Tap the caterpillar to make it expand into a bomb. Use the whirlwind to send it into the bombable wall to the right. If you miss, don't worry, the worm respawns constantly. Use the whirlwind to blow away all the purple haze then go on to the thin platform. The switch makes a chest appear (a pirate's necklace), the statue has nothing to say, and the purple switch opens a door to the west. Head south and west, through that door. Remember that blue caterpillar you turned into a bomb? You have to do the same thing two these two. There's a bombable wall to the north hiding a bomable purple switch. Once the switch has been hit, go to the north east of the entire floor to find the boss key. Before picking it up, read the sign on the north wall. Copy the directions on to your map. Pick up the key and carry it to the door, along the path shown in the sign, avoiding both the areas with skulls on them.

    When you reach the door, the boss key will open it, allowing you to climb the stairs, which you should do. Up here, you can refill your hearts, and if you really want, return to the temple entrance. Save your game and go up the stairs to the Wooded Temple's Boss Fight.

    BOSS - Stagnox (Armoured Beetle)

    First of all, round round to Stagnox's behind. When you're directly behind him, use your whirlwind to blow away the cloud from his behind. This will paralyze him for a few seconds. Use the oppurtunity to hit him a few times with your sword. Rinse and repeat. After a few times, Stagnox will take to the skies and start flying around. He'll spit out three blue caterpillar and continue flying about. Hit each one quickly with your sword to 'bombilise' them and wait for Stagnox to fly straight at you. Use your whirlwind to send a bomb at him when he's low down. Hit his dazed backside a few times. Rinse and repeat this a few times and Stagnox will die.

    There'll be another quick cutscene, then open the chest in front of you to increase your hearts by 1. Then use the blue light to return to the train at the temple entrance. Board the train and set a course for the Tower of Spirits. When you left the lost woods, there will be a small cutscene and the other trains on the rails will become possessed. You now have to make sure they don't hit you. Luckily, arrows show the direction they'll take next. Continue on your journey.

    Tower of Spirits (Second Visit)

    1xRuto Crown

    Speak to Anjean then head up the stairs. This time, don't go through the first door in the spiral staircase. Instead, keep on climbing and go in the second door.

    Go right, up, and left, into the first safe zone, avoiding the shooting flames. Now when the lower phantom is making it's way down the left side of the square, make your way to the bottom side, where there's a gap in the wall. Use the whirlwind to blow the tear up to the other side of the square. Run anticlockwise round and pick it up, avoiding the gaze of the upper phantom and all of the shooting flames. Then run left and down into the second safe zone and the second tear of life. Just before this safe zone is a large unnoticable shooting flame, so watch out for that. It's just to the left of the tiled floor section. After you pick up the second tear, go up and take the first right, avoiding the gaze of both phantoms and the shooting flames. Once you get the third tear in the top right, go south and right to a golden chest containing a Ruto crown. When it is safe, make your way back to the lower left safe zone and wait for the lower phantom to pass by.

    When it does, stab it in the back and Zelda will possess it (like earlier in the game). From the lower left safe zone, go east to an area full of fire. Link can't walk through this, but Zelda can. Take Zelda down the steps and round to stand to the east of the platform. Tap her shield for Link to jump aboard, then send Zelda and Link east to the other platform where you should double tap on the shield to make Link jump off. Bring Zelda up to the the ground then take her up the stairs with you. Lead her south to the next firey section. Send her into the fire and use her to target and kill any keese flying around. If you can't do that, then it doesn't really matter, it just makes the task at hand a little harder. Jump on to her shield and make her carry you north to a windmill. Use your whirlwind to spin it then get carried south and left to another windmill.

    Perform the same maneuvre on this one to cause a door on the nearby platform to open, but before you go through that, go to the bottom left of the area where there is a big, golden chest for you. You'll have to jump off Zelda from the south of the platform, and once you have the big green rupee, hop back on and go through the door to the north. Head west then south into an area with a cross-pattern of corridors. The enemy in here is marked on your map as a skull, but there is one problem. As soon as you get anywhere near it, it runs away. Set a path for Zelda to trap it in a corner, then approach it from another direction and kill it. It may take a few attempts, but if the enemy continues to elude you, try drawing a huge complicated path for Zelda and you'll get it eventually. The enemy drops a key which you should use to open the area directly above your current room.

    In here, use Zelda to transport you over the lava, then go up the stairs. Upstairs, you'll be launched straight into a forced battle with an enemy called a fish knight.

    Mini BOSS - Fish Knight

    These enemies existed in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, but now you cannot kill them yourselves. Send Zelda to engage it in combat and while it is distracted, run round behind it and hit it a few times with your sword. Do this two or three times, and it will die.

    If you need to, replenish your hearts with the pots in the top left corner of the room, then, when you're ready, go east through the door. Follow the path round to a large, open space. Here, you'll see a goblin standing on top of a moving statue. Try not to get hit and run past it then in the east side of the room, place Zelda in the way of the shooting flames, blocking them and allowing you to walk past. Move Zelda a few steps to the right to block the way for the goblin. Walk up on to the ledge and jump on to Zelda's shield from there. Then, go back through the flames and use your Whirlwind to knock the goblin off the statue. Jump from Zelda's shield to the ground then kill the goblin. The statue will now disintigrate. Now go back through the flames, using Zelda to block the current of fire.

    Use the same ledge to jump back on to Zelda's shield then go east and north into a large area. There are two goblins on statues here, try to knock both of them off, then jump down and kill them. Now go back to the same ledge and get back on top of Zelda. This time go east. Watch out for the second flame shooting statue, as it is higher up and will cause you damage. Wait for it to stop then proceed. Don't worry about the other two shooting flames as when you're on top of Zelda, they will not damage you. Now use your whirlwind to blow the key in the centre off the platform and on to the ground. Hop down and pick it up, then, using Zelda to block both the low-down flames, make your way to the room that had two goblins in it. Use the key to open the door to the north of the room. Go up the stairs and pick up the glyph on the central podium. Use the blue light to return to the temple entrance.

    Speak to Anjean, board the train, and set a course for Snow Land. It's the most northwest track on the map. Remember to watch out for the possessed trains. On the way, you will be attacked by bulls and Zelda will recommend you stop at Castle Town and get help from Alfonzo. Set a route there and pull into the station. Head straight north into Hyrule Castle.

    Castle Town (Second Visit)

    If you like, you can buy a potion or two in Castle Town Shop. You can store up to two potions at one time. Once you're finished, head north towards the arch north. Before you go through the arch, the postman will give you a letter from Alfonzo. Read it, and continue north.

    Hyrule Castle (Second Visit)

    Enter the castle then go left and up to the room Alfonzo is resting in. Speak to him then head back the way you came in, all the way to the train. Set a course back to Outset village.

    Outset Village (Second Visit)

    1xStamp Book

    From the station, go south and into the bottom left house. In here, speak to Niko. He gives you a stamp book, which you can fill with a stamp from every area you visit. Each area has a stamp stand where you get your stamp. However, they aren't part of the main quest, so I'll cover them in a subsection later in the guide. Anyway, when you're done in Outset village, head back to the station to advance the story. After a cutscene, you will be given a tutorial on how to use your new cannon. Then, set a course up the northwest route to Snow Land. On the way, you will see an unmarked station in front of you. Stop at this station to discover you are in:

    Rabbit Haven

    1xRabbit Net

    There isn't much to do here, except talk to a guy wearing a rabbit mask to the east of the station. He gives you a rabbit net which is needed for one of the sidequests in Spirit Tracks. Refer to that section for more details. Go back to the station and set a course north to Snow Land. When you get there, set a course up and right to the only place you can get to just now.

    Anouki Village

    Head north up the path, then right when the path splits. Follow it round, past a blue Anouki, and left up the stairs. Then continue along the path to a rocket shaped statue. Tap it to reveal a new Spirit Pipes Song. Open the chest that appears then go up one of the sets of stairs. Go up the one right next to the one you went up then enter the centre house. When the man inside asks you whether you're looking for the village Honcho or not, answer yes. After the village honcho blabbers on a bit, he'll give you a task. You have to pair up all six members of the village, making sure the pairs are happy being paired to each other. If you look at the map, you'll now notice that the six houses now have a head over them. This helps you to remember which Anouki is which. Leave the house and go down the stairs to your left, speaking to the Anouki there. Remember that the village leader is happy to be paired with anybody. After speaking to Yeko, make your way round the other four Anouki, making notes if you need them. I've drawn up two tables for you. The first tells you all the statistics of each Anouki, including their preferences. The second shows you each Anouki's location in the village, to help with telling the village leader your results.

    Anouki LocationNameColourFacial HairAntlersPreferences
    Top LeftYekoYellowNoBigNot the blue Anouki with small horns
    Top CentreVillage LeaderPurpleYesSmallAnyone
    Top RightKofuBlueYesBigSmall horns only
    Bottom LeftYefuYellowYesSmallSmall horns only
    Bottom CentreNokoBlueNoSmallNobody wearing yellow
    Bottom RightBuluBlueNoBigNo Anouki with facial hair

    Anouki Locations:

    YekoVillage HonchoKofu

    Once you have worked out the pairs, head back to the leader's house and speak with him. Now you have to draw lines between the Anouki to be paired. The drawing has them in the same order as the table above. Pair the village leader with Yefu. Pair Kofu with Noko, and pair Yeko with Bulu. The village leader will then tell you how to get to Snowfall Sanctuary. There's nothing more to do in Anouki Village so head south, save your game, and board your train. Set a course along the western track that appears to go nowhere, and get ready for your first train boss battle.

    Mini BOSS - Phantom Crab

    This thing is beastly. It chases your train and when it gets close enough, it attacks you. You can keep it away by firing your cannon CONSTANTLY at it's eye. When it is further away, the eye is the only part of it you can see anyway, so attack it as much as you can. Watch out as the eye can move around a bit, causing you to reduce the number of accurate cannon hits. This boss really is just about button mashing (touch screen mashing). Keep going, and eventually it will fall.

    After the Boss battle, you will end up automatically in Snowfall Sanctuary.

    Snowfall Sanctuary

    From the platform, go left, unless you want something from the shop which is to the right. Avoid the snow wolves, as they take quite a while to kill, and also avoid the ice enemies. If they touch you, you'll get frozen in a block of ice for a few moments. Anyway, run left, and go north up the stairs. Here, follow the path round to more stairs. Up here, watch out for the ice enemies. If you need to kill any, use your whirlwind on them first to daze then then hit them. Go through the door to the cave.

    In here is a puzzle. You step on the switch to unlock the door ahead, but the switch also activates the seeing statues. If you step into the invisible eyesight of any of the statues, you'll be sent back to the start. Before you step on the switch, walk round all of the statues, making notes on which way they point. Their eyesight only stretches to about one statue away. This map should help.

         .----------| DOOR  |----------.
         |   \            J            |
         |    O ------- O     I   O -- |
         |            /   \            |
         |          /       \     H    |   Follow the letters A-J to get round the
         |        /      D    \        |   maze safely.
         |      /    C          \      |
         |    O         O    E    O  G |
         |                \            |
         |         B        \     F    |
         |\                   \       /|
         |  \                   \   /  |
         |    O         O ------- O    |
         |                             |
         |         A  START            |
         |                             |
         '----------|       |----------'

    I suggest you copy the directions on to your map, as there is a time limit to get through the door. Once you get through it, speak to the Lokomo in the middle, play the new restoration song, then leave the way you came in. Drop down from the ledge to cut off a large chunk of the journey back, then go right, watching out for enemies, and make your way back to the train.

    Set a course to the right, taking the first possible route north then all the way to the Blizzard temple. Watch out for the snowmen as you go. Eventually, the extreme weather will force you back to where you were earlier. Try once again to go north, taking a different route to the temple and the same thing will happen. Now set a course for Anouki village and once again, watch out for the snowmen.

    Anouki Village (Second Visit)

    From the train, go north and up all the stairs to the village honcho's house. Inside, speak to him then leave the house and go back to the train. On the rail map, draw a route all the way east to where the snow stops and there is grass. Just before the snow ends, come to a halt at a station not shown on the map.

    Icy Spring

    There's a whole area to the left of this area you can do nothing in just now, so from the platform, follow the path around to the right and into a caravan. On the back wall, there is a notice pinned. Read that then examine the map laid out on the table in the middle. Copy the three circles on to your map (the section to the east of Snow Land, in case you couldn't tell. After you get all three written down, head back to the train. On the train, go east then south to the lower of the three circles. Watch out for the possessed enemy train. At the circle, stop right in front of a guy standing taking photos.

    After a short cutscene, blow into the microphone to clear all of the dust off the map and copy the exact route on to your rail map. If you like, you can also erase the three circles you just drew. Now set a course along the exact route on your map and head for the Blizzard temple!

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