How to catch Ho-Oh ?

  1. Please give complete and detail info.

    User Info: Ulquiorra365

    Ulquiorra365 - 7 years ago
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    I already 8th badge and i talk to professor Elm but he not give me the Master Ball.After that i go see the Kimono girls, still nothing happen..there only 1 Kimono girl in Ecruteak City. I am missing something?

    User Info: Ulquiorra365

    Ulquiorra365 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. To capture it i would buy lots of Ultra Balls from the Mart and bring along a pokemon with Hypnosis or another sleep move, weaken it's health into the red, put it to sleep and keep throwing ultra balls at it, if it wakes up put it back to sleep, remember to save BEFORE the battle incase you run out of pokeballs / black out / Ho-oh faints etc.

    If you want to know how Ho-oh is unlocked, after you get the 8th badge, return to New Bark Town and go talk to Professor Elm, he will give you the Master Ball. After that go to Ecruteak City and battle all of the Kimono Girls, then go catch Ho-oh at Tin Tower.

    User Info: andym1989

    andym1989 - 7 years ago 0 0

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