How do you get the Gym Leaders to show up in the Fighting Dojo?

  1. I have all 16 badges and I wanted to get some extra training in before I face Red but the Gym Leaders aren't in the fight dojo.

    User Info: Hurunda02

    Hurunda02 - 7 years ago

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  1. G'day mate, this is a thing that takes a bit of a while to do. You will need to have beaten the Elite Four ONCE and beaten Blue at Viridian Gym and have the Earth Badge.

    First off we need to get their numbers. Takes some time but I will clarify these timeslots for you. The locations for each gym leader and what time to find them are provided below.

    Faulkner: Celadon Department Store - 4F, Mondays (anytime)
    Bugsy: Viridian Forest (Viridian City entrance), Thursdays (anytime)
    Whitney: Goldenrod Department Store - 6F, Saturdays (12pm - 4pm)
    Morty: Bellchime Trail (the path to the Tin Tower), Mondays and Tuesdays (anytime)
    Chuck: Ask his Wife in front of Cianwood Gym, any day (anytime)
    Jasmine: Olivine Diner (the building left of the Olivine City Pokemon Center), any day (1pm - 2pm)
    Pryce: Lake of Rage (west side), any day (6am-10am)
    Clair: Find your rival in the Dragon's Den on a Tuesday or Thursday, anytime

    Brock: Diglett's Tunnel (Route 3 entrance or Pewter City end), anyday (1pm-2pm)
    Misty: Cerulean Cape (the place east of Bill's Sea Cottage), any day (4pm - 6pm)
    Lt. Surge: Infront of the Kanto Power Plant after Zapdos is gone, any day, (9am - 12pm)
    Erika: In front of the Celadon Department Store, Saturdays and Sundays (2pm - 5pm)
    Janine: Route 26 Tollbooth to Victory Road, any day (4pm - 6pm)
    Sabrina: Olivine City Pier for SS Aqua, Fridays (anytime)
    Blaine: Cinnabar Island, Tuesdays (anytime)
    Blue: Get Daisy to massage your Pokemon 7 times between 3pm-4pm

    And the times to call the Gym Leaders... Once you have got their numbers, call them during their desired times on your Pokegear and please note the following timeframes:

    - Morning (4am - 9:59am)
    - Afternoon (10am - 7:59pm)
    - Night (8pm - 3:59am)

    Faulkner: Saturday Mornings
    Bugsy: Thursday Afternoons
    Whitney: Saturday Afternoons
    Morty: Tuesday Nights
    Chuck: Wednesday Nights
    Jasmine: Wednesday Afternoons
    Pryce: Monday Mornings
    Clair: Friday Nights

    Brock: Saturday Nights
    Misty: Wednesday Mornings
    Lt. Surge: Friday Mornings
    Erika: Sunday Mornings
    Janine: Monday Afternoons
    Sabrina: Sunday Afternoons
    Blaine: Tuesday Afternoons
    Blue: Sunday Nights

    I hope that helps answer your question in making them appear.

    User Info: shinno11

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  1. You have to register their numbers first. Check, click on Heartgold/Soulsilver (under the video games section) Then click on Gym leaders rematch on the right hand side of the screen under the console pic. It gives detailed information on how to get their numbers, and how to get them to appear in the fighting dojo. Hope this helped!

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  2. tells how to get there numbers registered then on a certain day and time you call them and then they ask you to battle and you can choose yes or no

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  3. you can refight all the gym leaders by phoning them in their freetime.. But first you must register their phone number..
    School kid Billy will tell you how to get it..just phone him everytime.. Go to the right side of Fuchsia city to find him..(if I'm not mistaken)
    or check the faqs for their to find those leaders location..
    Ex : talk to Whitney when you see her at the Goldenrod department store at noon.. She will say that she is bored at Saturday noon.. Phone her at that time and fight her at saffron city!
    Hope this helps!

    User Info: 84m84ng

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  4. First you'd have to register the gym leaders into your phone. But you can't do so until you have defeated red for the first time unfortunatly... Sorry to say you'd have to verse the elite four over and over again to get some extra training in before you verse him...

    User Info: Ilovesandy01

    Ilovesandy01 - 7 years ago 0 1

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