Which pokemon is good as a HM slave?

  1. If I remember correctly, Sentret and Furret are pretty good, right?

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  1. Bibarel can learn all HM's except Fly and Defog. Bidoof evolves into Bibarel at level 15, making him the most versatile HM slave. Getting a Bidoof to level 15 or catching a Bibarel is cake work.

    Insert any pokemon that can learn Fly and Defog (DPP) at the lowest level possible. Those would be Skarmory and Tropius at level 1.

    The point in HM slaves are to get as many HM's onto 2 pokemon as possible. 8 is possible, but some players use Fly and Surf for competitive moves. If none slaves you carry around are going to have these moves you should be looking for 2 pokemon who can learn the remaining 5 to 7 HM's your current game requires and fill the blank moves in with the useful TM's (Sweet Scent, Headbutt, Flash, and Dig). Fill them in at your importance because your slaves are useless as battlers thanks to Cut and Whirlpool.

    A high level Zigzagoon is a great replacement for Bibarel in HGSS because of Pickup.

    Guys like Nidoking, Dragonite, and Charizard (my bad) take way too long to level before you can make them useful slaves. Guys like Mudkip, Skarmory and Tropius all do it at level 1.

    Any pokemon that can't learn combined 4 HM's and Field TM's is useless to you. Unless they have an ability that works on the field.

    My list above gives you all the useful field moves in three pokemon, but if you want them when they can be useful you'll have to trade them into your game.

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  1. Bibarel if you have diamond pearl or platinum.
    Stupidly, i used my red gyarados as a hm slave because it can learn, like all of the hms

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  2. Geodude & Tentacool are very early HM Slaves. Geodude is usually first seen in Dark Cave (for those who look for a Zubat to train). Tentacool is at Route 32, the same Route you can get the Old Rod (get it from the Fisherman in the Pokemon Center, use the Old Rod for a 5% chance of encounter with one). You'll just need a Fly Slave from there.

    Geodude - Rock Smash, Strength, Rock Climb, (Filler Move)
    Tentacool - Cut, Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall

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  3. In D/P/P the only way I CAN THINK OF to get every HM on only 2 pokemon without wasting a legendary are below:
    Bibarel - Surf, Strength, Waterfall, Rock Climb
    Skarmory - Cut, Fly, Defog, Rock Smash

    In HG/SS the only way I CAN THINK OF to get every HM on only 2 pokemon without wasting a legendary are below:
    Mudkip - Surf, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Rock Climb
    Charmander - Cut, Strength, Rock Smash, Fly (When evolves into Charizard)

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  4. NO!!! I have found the 2 PERFECT HM Slaves. Ursaring and Lanturn/Chinchou.

    Ursaring can learn Cut, Rock Smash, Rock Climb, and Strength!
    While Chinchou/Lanturn can learn Whirlpool, Surf, Waterfall, and Flash!

    Ursaring can be found in victory road, whlie Chinchou can be found in Route 41 by using the Super Rod.
    I hope this will suit your HM enslaving needs! =D

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  5. Ursaring and Chinchou can't use Fly. Flash is a nice touch but misses the HM point. But a lot of people put Fly on flying types for an actual usable move so I can see why bring Flash along is a good go.

    You can also sub Charizard out for Dragonite but you'd have to wait til level 55 instead of 36.

    For the most part the outta combat TMs can be thrown on guys who have lying around since you don't use them that much. You'll need someone with headbutt, flash, sweet scent (there are more I just can't think of them).

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  6. Post-National Dex, the "perfect HM Slaves" from Platinum work:
    --Bibarel - Surf, Rock Climb, Whirlpool, Waterfall
    --Tropius - Fly, Strength, Rock Smash, Cut

    However, Johto Dex Only means you'll need at least 3 Pokemon. Since Teddiursa and Ursaring are SoulSilver exclusive and Dragonite is so late in the Johto half, forget about using them.

    Like I said earlier, Geodude, Tentacool, and a Fly Slave will work. Geodude can also learn the Dig TM for escaping when lost.

    Togetic works as a Fly Slave, a Flash user, and a Headbutt user. Since it is unlikely the Togepi from the Egg Prof. Elm delivered has a good Nature and Serene Grace Ability (unless you save before getting the Egg and reset), go for it.

    Encounter rates when running are high enough that you won't need Sweet Scent...ever. I carry more Repels in HeartGold/SoulSilver than I normally would in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum because of the higher chance of a Wild encounter.

    Johto Dex Only, All HMs + the most used non-HM Field Moves:
    Geodude - Rock Smash, Strength, Rock Climb, Dig
    Tentacool - Cut, Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall
    Togetic - Fly, Flash, Headbutt, (Filler Move)

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  7. Don't forget Zigzagoon - Cut, Surf, Whirlpool, and RockSmash, plus the PickUp ability. They also learn Headbutt.

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  8. TROPIUS! Good one!

    My Perfect Picks For both game sets (as long as your willing to trade at the beginning of the game):

    Tropius - Fly, Strength, Rock Smash, Cut (HGSS), Defog (DDP)
    Bibarel - Surf, Rock Climb, Waterfall, Whirlpool (HGSS), Cut (DDP)
    Shuckle - Dig, Flash, Headbutt, Sweet Scent

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  9. Nidoking can learn all but fly and waterfall.

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  10. Bibarel

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  11. Nidoking and Dragonite

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  12. In HG I've been using Sandshrew. He knows Cut, Strength, Rock Smash and Rock Climb. I chose Totodile, so my Feraligatr knows Surf and I used Gyrados for Whirlpool and Waterfall

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  13. i just used a Krabby as my hm b*tch

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  14. Rampardos is a good one mine knows surf ,cut,strength,and whirlpool

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  15. I still say Bibarel and Tropius is the best bet for anyone who doesn't want to have to LEVEL their slave. The two together have ALL 8 HMs in either DPP or HGSS. Catching a Bibarel is a snap and if you do have to level a Bidoof, it evolves at 15, which is very low, compared to a starter pokemon's 35ish (the water ones make good slaves), Dragonite's 55. You can get a Nidoking by level 16 if you wanna use the Moon Stone to sub out for Bibarel. Skarmory is a good 1st level trade in DPP. Add a Shuckle with Sweet Scent (breeding), Headbutt (tutor), Flash (HM), and Dig (HM) and your in business.

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  16. Sentret/Furret

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  17. Lickitung by far. Aside from Fly, I don't think there is an HM it can't learn.

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  18. If you include flash and headbutt as necessary moves, you'll need three slaves unless you put two moves in your fighting team.
    Gyarados can learn surf, strength, waterfall, whirlpool, and rock climb. By the time you get rock climb, you'll never need to use whirlpool again, so he's got 5 of 10 hms covered. If you don't want to use your shiny, you can train one shortly after you get any fishing rod.
    Farfetch'd makes a good flier with cut and headbutt.
    The last two, rock smash and flash, are only needed for cave exploring, and thus don't need to be in your team at all times. Of the pokemon that learn both; Pikachu is currently available early on from the pokewalker, and psyduck/paras are easy to get early. Togepi works too... Flaafy/wooper/girafarig are other options from the johto region. Most of these pokemon get dig too, which is great for spelunking.

    In summary: Gyarados and Farfetch'd for general use, Pikachu/Psyduck/Paras/Wooper as a part time slave.

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  19. I used Wailord in my saphire i think he can learn every HM (from Saphire not including Flash)

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  20. Near the end of the game its good to use and Empoleon for all the Main Hms
    Rock Climb
    Sure Empoleon is a good Pokemon but after using it as a slave it can Keep Surf because, well its a good move for Empoleon.
    Just find 3 heart scales to teach it all the good moves again...

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  21. Lickitung

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  22. sandslash all it knows r HMmoves for me

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  23. If u have d/p/p u can use girantina

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  24. I used staryu from my pokewalker whirlpool waterfal surf flash and nidoran rock smash strength and i think cut.

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  25. who has pikachu colored pichu from the d/p/platinum evnt nid it plz i need it for i to trigger the event in ilex forest??offer??

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  26. The best HM slave combo is:

    1. Tropius (Fly, Strength, Rock Smash) (Defog for Sinnoh)

    2. Quagsire (Flash, Headbutt, Whirlpool, Dig)

    3. Bibarel (Cut, Waterfall, Surf, Rock Climb)

    and all of these pokemon can be found in Sinnoh at the Great Marsh Quagsire and Bibarel are easy to ctach but to catch Tropius you need to throw a lot of mud at it to catch it (I threw 4 pieces of mud to catch it) I say this is the perfect combo to use.

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  27. Mew is the best HM slave as he can learn all of them.

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