How do you get past the guy in mahogany town to get to blackthorn city?

  1. The guy that you buy the rare candy bar.

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    smackyrmom - 7 years ago

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  1. woops, almost forgot

    6. Beat Chuck & acquire Secretpotion to heal Amphy in Cianwood

    User Info: NarutoMaster77

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  1. you have to complete all these tasks:

    1. Heal Amphy in Olivine City
    2. Beat Jasmine
    3. Beat Team Rocket in Mahogany
    4. Beat Pryce
    5. Complete Team Rocket at Goldenrod Radio Tower Event

    After those 5 things have been completed, you can go to Blackthorn

    User Info: NarutoMaster77

    NarutoMaster77 - 7 years ago 5 0
  2. You have to beat the Olivine City Gym, which means defeating the Cianwood Gym and getting the medicine at the special pharmacy in Cianwood city. After healing the Ampharos in the Olivine Lighthouse, you can go to Mahogany to get rid of the Team Rocket agents that are causing harm to the Pokemon (especially that poor Magikarp that was forcefully evolve into a Gyarados at the Lake of Rage). After taking or defeating the Red Gyarados, you can finally get access to the underground base beneath the suspicious store in Mahogany Town.. When you get rid of them, and beat Pryce (the Town's gym leader), the next stop is Goldenrod, where you have to take down the last agents of Team Rocket. You'll have to get access to a hidden area that's connected to the underground stores in Goldenrod, and find the key that accesses the third floor doors in the Radio Tower. After beating the final Executive, you'll finally be able to get past that Rage Candybar salesman and reach Blackthorn.

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