How do I defeat red?

  1. Pokemon:lugia lv.72 aeroblast, punishment, ancientpower, strength.
    Ho-oh Lv.54 psychic, fly, fire blast, sacred fire.
    Meganium lv.40 rock climb, rock smash, magical leaf, frenzy plant.
    Flaaffy lv 60 signal beam, thunder, iron tail, focus punch.
    Dragonite lv 55 waterfall, fly, surf, draco meteor.
    Umbreon lv 24 tackle, cut, flash hyper beam.

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  2. Additional Details:
    Have raikou, entei, suicune, mewtwo, snorlax, zapdos, moltres, articuno, red gyrados, etc.

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    No, not evolving flaaffy because my bro doesn't want me to...

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  1. The Good:
    Ho-oh and Lugia have Pressure Ability, making Red's low-ish PP deplete twice as fast.

    The Bad:
    He leads off with Pikachu, which can clean-sweep your entire team with it's oddly familiar Moves and Light Ball. Plus, Snorlax, Blastoise, and Lapras all know Blizzard (see The Ugly, below). His Pokemon are at Levels 80 (Lapras), 82 (Snorlax), 84 (Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise), and 88 (Pikachu).

    The Ugly:
    Hail is constant in battle, making Blizzard a No-Miss Move and your Levels are severely low for several members.

    First, defeat the Pokemon League...a lot. The Experience you'll gain is incredible at this point (use the Exp. Share you can get from Mr. Pokemon by giving him the Red Scale).

    Second, bring lots of Revives to face Red. Red's team is beatable in the low 60s, but not without Items to help. Switch between Lugia and Ho-oh (using Revives when one is downed) to drain his PP via Pressure.

    Third, evolve your Flaaffy and ignore your brother (he's an idiot). As Ampharos, it can survive much better and Flaaffy cannot learn any more Level Up Moves (neither can Ampharos, so why not evolve it). Either replace Thunder with Thunderbolt or teach someone Rain Dance because the Hail will make Thunder less likely to hit (like Sunny Day and Sandstorm will, too).

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  1. You are screwed all his pokemon are over level 80 and have incredibly high stats for their level. youre best choice would be to have pokenon with high speed stats and a good offensive stat.(300+)

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  2. Just bring lots of revives and full restores. A friend of mine beat Red with Pokemon in their 50s plus a Mewtwo at level 72 using revives and full restores.To level up your Pokemon it helps to have the gym leaders' phone numbers so you can keep challenging them at the times you can call them.

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  3. I used this sorta team to Beat him by a scratch.

    First up he will send out Pikachu as always.
    Counter with a Power Housed Ground type i recommend Rhyperior but if you cant get yourself one then use Tyranitar.
    (Any Ground Pokemon Thats Powerful And Knows earthquake would work because Volt Tackle Would be Useless)

    So I chose Tyranitar as a first because of the Sand Stream not only getting rid of that annying 100% Sure Hit Blizzard but it will have no Effect on Tyranitar.
    Give Tyranitar Quick Claw and use Earthquake hoping that it strikes first.
    That Should Surely take care of Pikachu but beware of the fact that when its HP is low he will use a Full Restore. Sandstorm should finish off Pikachu if your Lucky

    Now that Pikachu is Gone he will Either send out Venasaur or Lapras.
    If Venasaur:
    Choose Typhlosion (if you started with him) and Sweep it clean with Blast Burn, No Problem..
    If not Typhlosion then choose a Houndoom as it is one of the Best Fire Types in Johto (Aside from Ho-oh) at level 87 my Houndoom had an incredible 283 Sp. Attack but lacked Defense, so a quick strike would have to be Your Choice.
    Get Rid of Sandstorm with Sunny Day hoping that he doesnt choose to use Frenzy Plant and then Finish with a Flamethrower.

    If Lapras:
    Choose a fighting or Electric type.
    I chose Heracross and its Close Combat Made short work of it but Seeing as you have Flaffy.... Evolve it seriously this Pokemon will acctually have full Potential Evolved and give it something like Wise Glasses to Power It up even more.
    Considering you choose Ampharos (Flaffy evolve form) Optionally choose to use Charge Beam to power up its Sp. Attack or just Ravage Lapras With Thunderbolts making sure it Doenst go to Red But KO.

    Now if you had to fight Venasaur then either Lapras or Blastoise will be Sent out
    For Both Of them just use what i said above about Lapras except dont use Heracross against Blastiose.
    Watch out for Blastoise's Skull hurts.

    If you had to fight Lapras after Pikachu then he will send out Snorlax...a big Fat problem as far as now.
    Either Choose to use Poliwrath, Heracross or Machamp.
    There is a way to take this out fast mainly becasue some of its moves are inaccurate.
    Two Moves are needed from TMs thought.
    By Using Double Team a number of times (3 at the least) take a chance and throw a Focus Punch which will Probably Drop Snorlax in a One.

    After this he may Send out Charizard or Blastoise.
    Heres a way to Take either of them out.

    Charizard isnt a huge Threat if you have Feraligtr or Lugia.
    Use Waterfall On Charizard Continuously and it may Flinch.
    Mystic Water should be combined (An Item).
    You Have Lugia but if anyone else doesnt then use Slightly weaker Suicine (Caught Near Bill's House in Ceruleuan after a long Pursuit).

    As mentioned before your Ampharos would be a good choice.
    If you started with Meganium then beware it has Blizzard..
    Also you could use the Powered Raikou to take it out with continuous Thunderbolts.

    A good team Line-up is shown Below
    Tyranitar - Sand Stream - Earthquake, Stone Edge, Crunch, Thunder Fang - Quick Claw
    Ho-Oh - Pressure - Sacred Fire - Fly - AncientPower - Sky Attack - Charcoal

    Whichever Starter: only 1..
    Typhlosion - Blaze - Eruption - Earthquake - Thunder Fang - Flamethrower - Macho Brace
    Feraligatr - Torrent - Waterfall - Ice Fang - Crunch - Earthquake - Mystic Water
    Meganium - Forgot Ability :p - Frenzy Plant - Earthquake - Other Misc moves i really dont recommend this Pokemon though.

    Houndoom ( if not Typhlosion) - Sunny Day - Flamethrower - Dark Pulse - Solarbeam - Wise Glasses
    Heracross - Close Combat - Night Slash - Aerial Ace - Megahorn - Macho Brace
    Gyarados - (If not Feraligatr) - Aqua Tail - Ice Fang - Earthquake - Waterfall - Mystic Water
    Jolteon - (If Not Meganium) - Volt Absorb - Thunderbolt - Shadow ball - Protect - Double Team - Wise Glasses.

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  4. When I beat Red , I you 3 LV.100 Pokemon. Red's Pokemon all got ONE-HIT-KO

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