How do I beat morty the gym leader inecruteak city?

  1. I need help!

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    CNM4799 - 7 years ago

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  1. A good tip for taking out his Gengar. If you send out a normal type, the only he can hurt you with is Sucker Punch. This is good, as it only has 5 pp AND only works if you use an attacking move. I always found he tried to put me to sleep with hypnosis before using it, so if he uses that, use a non-damaging move. Once it has failed 5 times, he'll be unable to cause any damage to your normal type. It then just a case of slowly wearing him down.

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  1. Some good types are Psychic, Dark and Ghost. You can get Bill's eevee in Goldenrod after you talk to him in the Ecruteak city pokemon center, which you can evolve into Espeon or Umbreon. Those will cover those types! But remember that since Ghost is super effective against itself and Psychic and Dark are vice-versa be carefull and train ALOT first! Oh, and you can also catch wild Drowzee on route 34 which are around level 20 and can learn strong Psychic moves! I actually used one myself.

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  2. Game_Guy567 already provided some good strategies but here is some more.

    Pokemon that "could" be used: Drowzee, Croconaw (With Bite or Crunch), Umbreon (Bite or Payback),
    If you like the pokewalker (YAY) try to catch a Kangaskhan with the ability Scrappy. It allows Kangaskhan with normal moves to hit the ghost types. BUT the vice versa is not true. You are potentially immune to his ghost attacks.
    And to mention the fact that kangaskhan can learn Bite (lvl 13) and Crunch (lvl 31)

    I wouldn't recommend Espeon for this gym since Morty's Gengar could potentially one hit KO it with shadow ball.
    Gastly/Haunter is also really dangerous since Ghost is super effective against ghost...
    I did however recommend Drowzee since it has some nice Sp. Def

    User Info: Death_Ragnell

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  3. Why not do what I do and exploit the poison side of the Ghastlys, the Haunters and the Gengar and use a ground type pokemon. Try Geodude or its evolutions. Plus its good for gym 1,2 and 3.

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  4. I used a Kangaskhan that I special-bred for the job: scrappy with Dizzy Punch, Bite, Flamethrower, and Earthquake. It was a cake walk!

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  5. @Underdogman6

    Gastly, Haunter and Gengar have the ability LEVITATE. Ground type attacks do NO DAMANGE to them since Levitate makes all Ground attacks have no effect.

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  6. I suggest using primarily Normal types with Psychic attacks. A good one would probably be Hoothoot/Noctowl with Insomnia. It can't be put to sleep, may be able to put the Ghosts to sleep, and being able to use Confusion would inflict harm. Your only threat would be if one of the Ghosts uses Curse, so you'd probably want tow Hoothoot/Noctowl and switch them out if one gets cursed.

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  7. What I did was, I got an Abra from the game corner and evolved it into Kadabra, and used confusion against the entire gym and won easily.

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  8. Try bug types dark types and ghosts of your own. A butterfree from the bug catching contest or Umbreon from Bill's Eevee will do.

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  9. If you have a Quilava train it until it learns flame wheel if you have a Croconaw always use watergun if you have Bayleef use razor leaf ps get some potions or super potions

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