can you trade pokemon from GBA Fire Red to Heart Gold if you have the first NINTENDO DS?

  1. Backwards Trading with first gen DS'?

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  1. There's the Pal Park in Fuchsia City (unlocked after you get the National Pokedex).

    At the menu screen (continue, new game, connect to pokewalker...) there's an option that says "Migrate from FireRed". Your FireRed Boxes will appear and you'll have to choose 6 pkmn (those six will be traveling to your HeartGold). Those pokemon WON'T COME BACK TO YOUR FIRERED so choose wisely (unless you don't care anymore).

    After choosing and saying yes, there's the saving (saving that those pkmn don't exist anymore in FR and are transfered to HG).

    Go to Fuchsia City and where the original safari zone was located, instead will be the Pal Park. What you need to do now is catch those transfered pkmn in the Pal Park; you'll recieve 6 park balls (that work like master balls) for you to catch the transfered pkmn.

    Pal Park is divided in areas (mountain, sea, pond, grassland) and certain pkmn appear in certain areas (if you transfered a water pkmn, have a surf pkmn in your party, cuz water pkmn only appear while surfing)

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  1. Yes but not until you beat the game. There's a plaza where you can do that.

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