How do i catch Entei?

  1. He's at one hp i Mean Look and Hypnosis him, I've used 17 ultra balls... Is there a prerequisite? I only have 7 badges, do i need 8 to catch Entei? i caught Raikou in one try >>

    User Info: Quartz123

    Quartz123 - 7 years ago

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  1. Entei is caught exactly the same way as Raikou. I'd recommend using Dusk Balls and playing at night (or setting the clock to around 10pm). They have a higher catch rate than Ultra Balls.

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  1. No. It's all luck (besides the masterball obviously).

    Lowering his HP and putting him to sleep is all the preparation you really can use to catch him. \

    User Info: ellis123

    ellis123 (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0
  2. 1 HP + Sleep is the best thing, but do not Mean Look it.

    It can run even while asleep, but it won't risk Struggle KO'ing itself. Use Quick Balls (12/255 Catch Rate in the first 5 turns), Fast Balls (12/255 Catch Rate because Entei's Base Speed is 100, just at Fast Ball's lowest limit), and Dusk Balls (10.5/255 Catch Rate at Night A.K.A. 20:00-03:59) instead of Ultra Balls (6/255 Catch Rate).

    --Quick Balls are bought in Safari Zone Gate (the only place you can reach now that sells them directly) for 1,000 Poke or in Goldenrod Dept. Store's daily drawing game (2nd prize) for 300 Poke per drawing on Thursdays (repeatable, yet random).
    --Fast Balls are obtained by giving Wht Apricorns to Kurt in Azalea Town (there's one from the tree outside his house).
    --Dusk Balls are bought in Safari Zone Gate, Olivine City, or Blackthorn City (if you've defeated Rocket Admin Archer, this is your next destination in the story) for 1,000 Poke or Goldenrod Dept. Store's daily drawing game (2nd prize) for 300 Poke per drawing on Fridays (again, repeatable, yet random).

    For Goldenrod Dept. Store's daily drawing game, you don't have just 1 chance. As long as you have 300 Poke, you can keep playing, so Save & Reset can help (plus the Balls sell for 500 Poke, not to mention the TMs you can win sell for 2-3 times as much).

    User Info: Kraleck

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  3. Its all about luck. Just keep throwing ultra balls at it when you find it until you catch it

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  4. Instead of using ultra balls, wait till night (or change time) and use dusk balls (can buy at the Safari Zone Gate) Make sure u use mean look or block so he doesnt run, and save before u battle him just in case he dies.

    User Info: senrithebear

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  5. I used a fast ball ball and it worked on the first try for entei and raikou. havent tried for suicune yet but maybe that might do the trick for you

    User Info: just_gary88

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  6. Look,if he escapes,I really recommend doing this.It will work for Latios (HeartGold),Latias (SoulSilver),Entei,and Raikou.

    -Check the map in the Pokegear,and a little figure will appear in a random route.Dont use fly,they will change location.Walk,run or use your bike to that route,and the Legendary Pokemon will be the first one you confront in the tall grass in the place the Pokegear indicated it.

    -Use Mean Look,and he wont escape.

    -Damage him,if you have a Pokemon with False Swipe,use it when its weak.

    -Use Hypnosis and Poison it.

    -He is going to have 1 HP left and he is going to be asleep.An easy prey.If its night,use a Dusk Ball.If its daytime,use Ultra Balls,but NEVER use your Master Ball in a runner.

    Hope I helped. ;)

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  7. In fire red version, I catch entei using ultre ball, now in heartgold i use friend ball, same as raikou and ho-oh, also suicune

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  8. I had a lv. 100 pokemon in front and caught entei in a level ball(after i weakened it to 1hp and put it to sleep)

    User Info: marsboy12345

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