What is a strong flying type pokemon for later on in the game?(pokemon heartgold)

  1. i am about to take on the steel type gym (6th) but before i do that i want a flying type so i can travel faster. My team is :
    the type im looking for is a level above 23 and doesnt grow to slow

    thanks for the help :)

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Accepted Answer

  1. For Flying Types, I recommend Fearow (Physical Attacker), Xatu (Special Attacker), or Noctowl (Special Attacker) if you only have HeartGold or cannot wait until you can get a Skarmory in SoulSilver (which is, even then, rather late). If you'd rather wait in HeartGold, Dragonite works wonders, too.

    I'd get a Growlithe (HeartGold)/Vulpix (SoulSilver) or a Magmar instead of Ponyta/Rapidash. Magmar and Vulpix are better suited to use Flamethrower and 50% of Wild Growlithe have Intimidate Ability (very useful for neutering Jasmine's Steelix because it uses Iron Tail and Rock Throw, both of which are based on Attack). If you Trade for a Vulpix, Will-o-wisp will also shut down Steelix's Attack stat via Burns.

    If either Nidoking or Sandslash know Dig or Earthquake, you're good to go VS Jasmine's pair of Magnemite, but beware of her Steelix's beefy Defense. You'll definitely need a Special Move like Surf, Earth Power, Flamethrower...hell, even an "It's not very effective..." Special Move will rip into Steelix's Achilles' Heel: Very Low Sp.Def. Just avoid using Poison Type Moves because of the Steel Type's Immunity to them.

    Other unconventional Pokemon for Jasmine are Gengar and Weezing. Gengar can be obtained easily by getting a Gastly to Level 25 and Trading Haunter. Weezing Evolves from Koffing at Level 35, which is my recommended minimum Level for all of your Pokemon before facing Jasmine.

    Weezing is a Physical Wall and can use Flamethrower to good effect. Gengar is a fast Ghost Type that learns Night Shade, Spite, Taunt, and Curse (Steelix's other Achilles' Heels are low Speed and craptacular HP, plus Jasmine's Steelix only has 20 PP worth of offensive Moves). A good strategy with Gengar is:
    1. Taunt Steelix to prevent Screech and Sandstorm
    2. Spite away the 10 PP from Iron Tail (inaccurate, but a brutal STAB Move, so be sure to Flash or Sand-attack Steelix a few times first) and the 10 PP from Rock Throw (weak, non-STAB for countering Fire Types)
    3. Curse Steelix (cuts Gengar's HP by half of the Maximum HP, but it isn't a problem because Gengar is a supporter here, not a fighter).
    4. Night Shade it into submission if possible.

    If you have time to clean up your Movesets to free up some space, get:
    --A temporary Pokemon for Surf and Whirlpool and a temporary Pokemon for Fly until you have a Dragonite (or two if you want to train one for the second half of the game)
    --A Dragonite for the HM Moves Fly, Surf, Whirlpool, and Waterfall (later on, but make a note to get one)
    --Another Sandshrew (Union Cave for HeartGold, Safari Game for SoulSilver) for the HM Moves Cut, Rock Smash, Strength, and Rock Climb
    --The Shuckle from the guy in Cianwood City that your Rival stole from* for the TM and Tutored Moves Dig, Flash, and Headbutt

    * That's why the Rival will have a Sneasel so early in the game. Normally you'd need all 16 Badges and Rock Climb to reach where Wild Sneasel appear. The Pokemon he stole in Cianwood City was a Sneasel.

    Finally, do NOT use HM Moves for your Pokemon unless it is Waterfall for a Physical Based Water Type Attacker (Feraligatr, Gyarados) or Surf for a Special Based Water Type Attacker (Starmie, Vaporeon). Other HM Moves are useless for Gyms after Violet City. The only Gym Battle where another HM Move will work well is Rock Smash against Falkner, and, even then, just barely. You don't have time for weak-sauce Moves like Cut, Whirlpool, or Rock Smash against Gym Leaders, Elite Four, or the Champion, nor do you give them an opportunity to Protect, Detect, or set up combos against you when using Fly.

    Strength is okay for power, but there are so many better options due to a lack of bonus features with Strength. Headbutt can Flinch 30% of the time, Secret Power has a 30% chance of status effects based on the terrain, and Facade doubles in power while the user has a Status Effect. Here's the kicker...all 3 of those are weaker in base power than Strength.

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Other Answers

  1. Pidgey and fearow are pretty basic ones that dont take to long...
    If your gonna take on the "steel gym" i would level up your feraligator
    or catch a fire type pokemon
    your team right now wouldnt stand a chance against steelix
    level up first
    catch a fire type, ponyta is good
    but nidoking, and sandslash wont do much
    use your sandslash for her magnemite then use feraligator for steelix
    for backup use ponyta if you can catch one

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  2. Wow, Kraleck had a good answer there. But my fav fly type has to be Crobat!!! Just get a Zubat/Golbat and evolve with happiness. He has the highest speed in the game, so he will defintely add speed to your team.

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  3. Thanks, rockerman2828. I completely forgot about Crobat (I don't know how, I've been using them since I caught them as Zubat on Day 1 of both my HeartGold and SoulSilver files).

    Crobat is surprisingly effective against the Gyms and Elite 4 that its Moves aren't normally effective against (taught mine U-Turn, Pluck, Bite, and Poison Fang). The Moves are a bit weak in power, but their effects are incredible as game-changers:
    --Shell Bell + Pluck VS a Pokemon holding Sitrus Berry...lots of HP recovery and double damage because they have...sorry, _had_ a Berry as a Hold Item.
    --U-Turn to a Pokemon Resistant or Immune to Crobat's Weaknesses...always fun.
    --Poison Fang inflicts Toxic Poisoning...great for HP packed Pokemon like Red's Snorlax and Lapras.
    --Bite for Ghost Types and flinching.

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  4. I recommend Gligar. Oh, wait... you find him on route 45! My bad!

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  5. Pidgey.He evolves into Pidgeotto,and then into Pidgeot,and he is strong.

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  6. Hmmm... I don't know if you want him due to criticism I've seen, but I would recommend Togetic, the one you get from the Egg at the start of the game. It's born knowing Extrasensory, which is really helpful, and can learn moves like Aura Sphere and Sky Attack once you've gotten you're mitts on a Shiny Stone. He's also got pretty good base stats. It would take a little time to train him, as Togetic is a friendship evolution, but it would be worth it.

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  7. Yes, most certainly a togetig. It later evolves into togepi ( a flying pokemon ) And after that, togekiss, a VERY good addition to your party.

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  8. marteenz, Togetic is the second stage. Togepi hatches from the egg, then evolves into Togetic through friendship and finally evolves into Togekiss with a Shiny Stone.

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  9. Togekiss

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  10. Get a Rayquaza from an action replay.
    Or evolve a togepi, like the others said.
    Hope this helped!

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  11. You can trade legendary birds like Articuno,Zapdos,and Moltres,and then maybe you can level it up and teach it strong moves! ;-) I hoped this helped!

    . ;-),mollyjd

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  12. I would prefer a Pidgey, it evolves quickly. Also, get a Zubat or a Golbat, as it evolves into a Crobat at about level 45-50. Togepi evolves in to Togetic, which begins to be a flying type. Afterwards, if you have a Shiny Stone, it will evolve faster if you make it evolve from the stone. I'd rather train then use stones because it makes it level up higher, so the HP is higher. You can get a flying type Spearow, which evolves into Fearow, the final evolution of Spearow. It starts to use fly. You can get a Spearow by headbutting trees. You also can try to surf or use your rod, to get a Dratini. It evolves into Dragonair, then Dragonite, a flying and dragon type. You can tell it's a flying type from it's small wings. Xatu is good, but I honestly don't know where to obtain or catch it. You can get HootHoot, which evolves into Noctowl, but you can only complete this at night, just to catch a HootHoot or Noctowl. Noctowl is a great addition to your team because it may have the ability Keen Eye. The ability Keen Eye keeps the Pokemon from losing accuracy, so that's good against Steelix, which may know sand attack. Crobat is good because of it's speed, so it's hard to lose HP and get hit. Pidgeot and Fearow have no indeed help, except the type advantage. Almost all of them can use fly because you have the fly HM now from the Cianwood City gym leader, Chuck's, wife, after you beat him. Hope I helped you!

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