How can I get a Magnet Train Pass and my Hoenn starter??

  1. When I go to the Magnet Train pass,the police tells me I need a Magnet Train Pass,and people say that a guy in Silph Co. gives you a Hoenn Starter,but the police in the elevator says it is out of order,and the lady says "Welcome to the Silph Co.".Anybody helps plz??

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    Emi3280 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I already beat PKMN Trainer Red 11 times....

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  1. To get the Magnet Train Pass:
    - Go to the Copycat's house (A bit north-west of Saffron) and talk to the copycat. She'll mention her doll is missing.
    - Fly to Vermilion and go into the Fan Club. There will be a guy with a Clefairy Doll. Talk to him to retrieve it back.
    - A guy named Steven will appear once you go out of the Fan Club. He'll talk about Latias, a roaming Pokemon from Hoenn and is now available for you to find and capture.
    - Go back to the Copycat's house and give her the doll. She'll thank you by giving you the Magnet Pass!

    To get the Hoenn starter:
    -Make sure you've beaten Trainer Red at least once
    -Make sure you got the Magnet Train Pass, because now Steven (the guy that gives you the Hoenn starter) will be in the Silph Co building, near the lady.

    And if you want to know: That elevator is special and is only available to use if you have Rotom in your team.

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  1. To get the Magnet Train Pass you:
    1. Go to the Copycat's House in Saffron City (A little north-west) and talk to the little girl (which is the copycat). She'll tell you her Poke Doll is missing.
    2. Go to Vermilion City & go to the Fan Club house. Talk to the dude with the Poke Doll. He'll give it back to you.
    3. Once you leave the Fan Club, Steven Stone (Hoenn Champion) will see you & he'll tell you about Latias (HeartGold) or Latios (SoulSilver) & he'll tell you that Latias/Latios will be roaming around Kanto. You can catch him/her using your PokeGear.
    4. Go back to the Copycat's house in Saffron City & give the Doll back to the little girl. She'll thank you & give you the Magnet Train Pass.

    Now for the Hoenn Starter:
    1. Make sure you beat Red at least once.
    2. Make sure you brought back the Poke Doll to the little girl because Steven will tell you he's going to Silph Co.
    3. Go to Silph. Co in Saffron City & talk to him. He'll tell you like which stone or something you would get.
    Grass - Treeko
    Fire - Torchic
    Water - Mudkip

    Choose wisely :)

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  2. Follow what the other two said for Magnet Train.
    To get a Hoenn starter, you also need to have gotten a Kanto starter from Prof. Oak in Pallet Town after beating Red. Try that.

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  3. To get the pass go to the copycat girl, she will say she has lost her doll, find it, it is in the pokemon fan club in vermillion city. Steven Stone from the Hoenn games will tell you latias or latios ( depending on your game) are roaming around Kanto. He will then be in building.

    As for the Hoenn starter, beat red. Then go to building and steven will give you either: Treecko, Mudkip or Torchic.

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