Does Stealth Rock benefits from STAB?

  1. Does Stealth Rock gains power from STAB from Rock-types or not?

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    axelmar2002 - 7 years ago

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  1. No. The amount of damage depends on whether the opposing Pokemon is good or bad against Rock-type.

    Example: You use Stealth Rock. The opponent decides to switch Pokemon. Let's say a Fire-type switches in. Since Rock is Super Effective to Fire, Stealth Rock will chip away more HP than usual.
    But let's say a Steel type switches in instead. Since Rock is Not Very Effective to Steel, Stealth Rock will chip away less HP than usual.

    This is the damage calculation for Stealth Rock. Dual-types are affected by the move as well, so there's potential to deal a lot of damage, or very little damage.

    x0.25 Effective: 1/32 of Max HP (3.125%)
    x0.5 Effective: 1/16 of Max HP (6.25%)
    x1 Effective: 1/8 of Max HP (12.5%)
    x2 Effective: 1/4 of Max HP (25%)
    x4 Effective: 1/2 of Max HP (50%)
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