How Do I get To Pallet Town After you get off the Ship?

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  1. 1. Go to the the power plant and talk to the manager. Then talk to the police officer by the exit. He will say he saw a shady person at the Creulean gym.
    2. Go to the gym. A team rocket grunt will see you and run away. Follow him to the middle of the golden bridge.
    3. Battle him and win. After that he will say he hid a machine part in the gym.
    4. Go to the gym, on the left side of the pool. Use the dowsing machine to find the machine part.
    5. Go to the power plant and give the machine part to the manager. Then go to the Lavander town radio tower and talk to the guy in the brown hat. He will upgrade your radio so it plays music in Kanto.
    6. Go to the entrance to Diglett's cave, right of Vermillion City. Stand next to the snorelax and open your radio. Move the white circle to the very top, wait a bit, then talk to the Snorelax.
    7. The snorelax will attack you. Catch, kill, or run from it and go through Diglett's Cave.
    8. When you come out, keep going south untill you reach Pallet Town!

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  1. You go through Diglett Cave into Pewter City, and then go downwards from there.

    For information about hot to get through Diglett Cave, check this out:

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  2. Basically what he said^

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