The number of pokemon?

  1. So I haven't played Pokemon since the blue version. I started watching the original Pokemon series and started to like it again. My question is are the original 150 or so in this new heart gold version or are they a completely different set of Pokemon?

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    Serenno - 7 years ago
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    Over 500 Pokemon!!!??? WOW. Looks like I better get catching those Pokemon. Thank you both, you've given me a lot of help.

    User Info: Serenno

    Serenno - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. HeartGold & SoulSilver are remakes of the 2nd generation of games, Gold/Silver/Crystal. They came out after the original Red/Blue/Yellow and increased the Pokemon count to 251. Most of the 151 Pokemon from the R/B/Y series are in the game, as well most all of the 100 G/S/C cast. It also allows you to go BACK to the Kanto continent and see how everything has changed since R/B/Y, and you'll even get to fight your old R/B/Y character. ;) (his canon name is Red)

    However, these are 4th generation remakes, and the Pokemon count as of 4th Gen is at 493. After obtaining the National Pokedex in HG/SS, you'll have many ways of obtaining Pokemon from 3rd and 4th Gens. In all I believe there's over 400 Pokemon that can be obtained (or evolved into) in HG/SS without needing outside help like Wi-Fi events (although Wi-Fi events have given out some special Pokemon already).

    It may be pretty hard to swallow if you've been out of the loop since Generation 1, but I think you'll find that Pokemon has CONSIDERABLY evolved in your absence. ;) It's never been better, and I have high hopes for the upcoming 5th Generation (it'll never stop!)

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  1. Before the National Dex Mode is obtained, your Johto Mode Pokedex will allow info on up to 256 Pokemon (can only get 254 of those via trades and without hacking, the other 2 being Mew and Celebi).

    As Smoke Rulz said, it is a lot to swallow, plus Game Freak is already working on Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, meaning the number will easily surpass 500 Pokemon (they already have 5 new Pokemon revealed to the Japanese public).

    If you want help getting accustomed to the shift from Gen I to Gen IV, do some reading here:

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