How do I get easy Battle Points and easy Voltorb Flip coins??

  1. Battle Points:
    I pass the 7 battles and they only give me 3 Battle Points.....3!!!! WTF,is there a faster way??

    Voltorb Flip Coins:
    Is there another place for making those coins?? I want the Porygon,and if there is no other way,can anyone tell me some tips on how to beat it and get more coins,becuz I have only made 36 coins in 2 days.

    Anybody,plz help!!

    User Info: Emi3280

    Emi3280 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    yeah,I know,and for the Coins I really want Porygon,because I already have the Up-Grade and the Dubious Disc for making it evolve......WTF,its too damn hard.

    User Info: Emi3280

    Emi3280 - 7 years ago

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  1. The voltorb flip game is simple. id liken it to mine sweeper because you need to use logic to find the safe spaces. notice on the bottom and the right hand side of the card areas it shows 2 numbers, one of them is the number of points in the adjacent row and the other is the number of voltorbs. meanining if it shows 0 next to voltorbs for a row feel free to click all of them, but if there is a 5 dont hit any of them. its very simple once you get the hang of it. in order to get a dratini when i was first at goldenrod i spent maybe an hour- an hour and a half there and that was like a fifth of what youll need to earn so its still going to take awhile once you figure it out but not the months you wouldve taken.

    and battle points are ridiculously slow to get im interest myself because i only need to teach my weavile ice punch for my party to be complete but it takes ages to get points...

    User Info: imthestuntman

    imthestuntman - 7 years ago 4 2


  1. For BP, if you are able to beat 20 trainers in a row (at the battle frontier), you get a shot
    at the frontier brain (or watever), and defeating them gives you 20 raw BP (single battles only)
    also, there's the Trainer lounge in Viridian which gives you 1BP per battle won ~

    And ya, voltorb flip bites n_n

    User Info: Torsque

    Torsque - 7 years ago 0 1
  2. Well about BP the EASIEST and FASTEST tower is the Battle Arcade on the southeast. At first look you'll think its ridiculous beacuse you'll get only 1bp for each 7 matches, still any other tower you will not finish faster beacuse you can explore the status changes to your favor( that's really easy to choose that panels) and you have more chances to LOSE, dont get any BPS and break the chain wins, trust me.. trying harder towers just to get 2 extras BPs doesent worth.(exept battle factory/5bp and battle hall/varies, still any of these doesent worth)
    after 21 wining matches in a row you will chalenge the tower leader Dahlia(all tower leaders give you 20 BP). She has a Ludiloco, a Medichan and a Dusknoir on 1st battle. And her's second set is a Zapdos, Blaizeken and Togekiss.(at 49 battles if i remeber well)

    Well all that it's just my opinion from my experience about these annoying towers but there's no impossible tower or whatever, still i've found it the battle factory the hardest for me( the rental pokemon one, to northeast) it gives you 5bp for 7 wins.(the most)

    well about the voltorb flip.. unfortunately there's no a faster way to get many conis.
    but there are some tips to you guess how to beat the level faster, and dont get a voltorb(still its hard and needs practice
    first of all look always to a panel where is NO VOLTORBS and filp them all.. just see dat logic for example: 6 coins and 0 voltorbs in a row: obviously there are 1 coin in four panels, 2 coins in one panel, and no voltorb panels so that row is indeed safe.(1/1/1/1/2)
    I wont look deep into, but i recomend you to see the 'jayman7' FAQ here:

    I bought a dratini playng voltorb flip on 1st time saving these coins about 4 hours, and I never beat the level 5 so to get many coins you must be pretty smart(its not my case)

    Sorry bad english im not from US or EU ;/

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  3. go to the trainer house and defeat trainers. If you change the time to 23:59 and let the day end with the game on, you can rebattle the trainers in trainer house.

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  4. You must be a ROMer ? if you aren't you must've gotten the pokewalker included in the game box,use it to exchane data with your friends' pokewalker and their data will be battleable in the trainer house (10 max) which means you can get 11 BP each day, sorry if I get it wrong >=|

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  5. Go through the first seven battles in any facility for easy BP. Do not do the factory, it takes too much luck to win. I prefer the Battle Arcade as you can set up the events to your advantage, and that is why I had an easy time there. Less BP than the tower, but less frustrating since you can raise your level, lower opponent HP, inflict status, etc.

    To rule Voltorb Flip, look for the top number and bottom number for each row and column that equals five. You know that it is a dead-spot; you only get ones or Voltorbs, so avoid them and mark them up with something. When the bottom number is zero, you are free to flip all the tiles for that row or column. When you mark up the dead spots, you may have an idea on what tiles you should flip. Start off with rows/column where there are fewer Voltorbs, as you are likely to survive. Go from there and if you make it to Lv.4, you can rack up loads of coins. My highest level was 7. Yeah, not being able to buy coins for easy TMs suck.

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  6. The easiest way to get coins in voltorb flip is to google "voltorb flip calculator" and either use an online one or download one for free. The calculators are not 100% accurate but they helped me A LOT.
    Here is the link to the one i use:

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  7. It took me only two tries to master v.flip. The key is to look at numbers on a line, if added they make five, then don't choose'em mark them volbord or 1. Thats how I already have 6 porygon in about 1 month and a half.

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  8. BP can be earned in the Battle frontier and at the Virdian Trainer House.

    Voltorb Flip Coins: watch the side and bottom bars. It will show the number of coins and how many Voltorb are hiding on a single line. The rest is using your head to figure out which spaces to flip over to collect the coins. Once you find all of the 2's and 3's the game goes up to the next level. It takes time to learn the game but once you do you be pulling the coins in quickly. I have collected over 10,000 coins so far.

    User Info: mnkysprn

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  9. For BP, the Battle Factory gives you very easy points. You get 5 BP per round and much more when you beat the boss, of course. The Battle Factory also is the most fun of all the buildings because it actually makes you think and in my opinion, it is the least boring to set new records on. You can also become pretty notable if you get past the 30 win-streak mark on the Lv. 50 setting. Generally, however, I think the best way to make BP is to make a dedicated team to see how far you can get on the Battle Tower; when you get after the 49th match, you're making 7 BP per round so it's very easy to rack up the points.

    If you don't want to use Voltorb Flip Calculators, just use the Memo; it's a great tool and it'll let you see the board much easier. The game is just about Probability so if you know how to count, you'll be fine. If you were to sit down and play to Level 7 or even a couple levels after Level 7, you can easily make more than a couple thousand coins.

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  10. Once you get the hang of it its not that hard. You always have the option of migrating a Porygon from FRLG too, but you don't have to keep buying each Porygon. You can soft reset or catch a Ditto because they caan breed with Porygons

    User Info: Nicktendo____64

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  11. For easy bp if you have friends that also have hgss then all of you put 1 weak pokemon in your party connect with your pokewalker then connect to all your friends walkers then connect to game again, go to viridian city in the building above the center lvl50+ pokemon with you go down the stairs walk into square, lady will talk, save, if 1st time exit and come back and fight each person depending on amount of friends you'll get 1-11 bp a day if you can beat guy in middle

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  12. First all you do is get rid of the zero columns. Then you find which ones add up to five (example: 1 voltorb and 4 points). Then if that doesn't seem to help you, move onto the ones that add up to 6 then 7 etc. You can also go onto youtube to find info out. I have seen the youtube clips and they actually somehow work!!!! O.o Well I hope that helps!!!!!

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  13. If you use the pokewalker, you can challenge all the trainers you've met (and one extra guy, in case you don't use the pokewalker) at the Trainer house in Viridian City. You get one BP for every victory you get. But I don't suggest using this method if you didn't find at least two other people using pokewalkers.

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