What is breeding and how do you do it?

  1. How to breed what is breeding where do you go what do you need?

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  1. Breeding involves creating pokemon eggs by leaving two compatible pokemon of opposite gender in the Daycare, or one pokemon plus a Ditto. What is a compatible pokemon? Every pokemon is a member of one of two "egg groups". Pokemon within the same egg group can breed, For instance, Rhyhorn and Slowpoke are both in the "Monster" group, while Rhyhorn and Rattata are both in the "Ground" egg group, so either of those pairs can be bred. Rattata and Slowpoke are not in the same egg group, so they cannot be bred. Other pokemon, like all of the Legendaries, are in the "Not breedable" group, meaning you can never breed a baby MewTwo, for instance.

    Now, why would you breed a bulky Rhyhorn with a wimpy little Rattata? That's where Egg Moves come into play. Rattata can learn the move Crunch. Rhyhorn cannot. But, if you breed a female Rhyhorn with a male Rattata that knows Crunch, the egg that is produced will give you a Rhyhorn that knows Crunch at level 1.

    Check out the FAQ section of this site, and serebii.net for tonnes more information on breeding and egg moves.

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  1. Breeding is the creation of eggs. You put a female and male pokemon of the same egg group in the day care and you get an egg after you get a phone call from the day care man. After the egg hatches you get either the pre-evolved form or the same species of the female pokemon. You can only breed in the day care outside Goldenrod in Route 34. You can get certain pokemon this way like Cleffa and Igglybuff.

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  2. Oops! That should have said "Every pokemon is a member of one OR two "egg groups".", not "one OF two"! There are many egg groups, and some pokemon are members of only one group, while others are members of two groups.

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  3. "Other pokemon, like all of the Legendaries, are in the "Not breedable" group"

    Actually not ALL the Legendaries are Unbreedable, Manaphy and Phione are both Breedable with Ditto (the results of either is a Phione Egg.

    Many Genderless Pokemon that are not also in the "No Egg Group" can only be bred with Ditto

    Here is a good Resource for Groups

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  4. Breeding is putting two compatible Pokemon into the Day Care on route 34 at the same time, and waiting to hear from the Day Care Man that he has an egg for you. It is also the only way to get certain Pokemon (short of trading) that do not occur naturally in the wild. It is also a way to get certain attacks onto certain Pokemon that would not ordinarily be obtained through levling up, Move Tutors, or HMs or TMs. It is also a way to recycle one-shot TMs.

    As others have mentioned, some Pokemon cannot breed--most legendaries, all pre-evolutions, Nidorina, and Nidoqueen. Also, some can only breed with a Ditto (genderless Pokemon like Magnemite, Voltorb, etc.). Genderless Pokemon (including Ditto) cannot broneeed with Pokemon of the same species (two Voltorb, two Ditto, etc.). Third, all hatched Pokemon take the species of (or pre-evolution of) the female Pokemon. So, a Tauros breeding with a Miltank will result in a Miltank egg. The only way to get a Tauros egg is to breed Tauros with Ditto.

    Breeding certain Pokemon will not result in a pre-evolution form unless an item is included, due to certain pre-evolutions for 1st/2nd generation Pokemon not being revealed until 3rd and 4th generation. So, breeding female Marill will result in a Marill egg; to get an Azurill egg, the Marill would need to be holding the Sea incense. This holds true for other 1st/2nd generation Pokemon (even 3rd generatsion Pokemon) with pre-evolution forms, such as Wobbuffet (Wynaut), Snorlax (Munchlax), and Roselia (Budew).

    For more details, you can visit www.serebii.net.

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