What is the best move set for Dragonite?

  1. Preferably moves which use STAB and beat its weaknesses

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  2. Clarification Request::
    Competitive or non-competitive?

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  1. Im guessing for gameplay.

    There are three options: Special sweeper, mixed sweeper, and physical sweeper. Physical is most popular but i like mixed better.

    Physical Dragonite
    Nature: Adamant
    Item: Leftovers(assuming gameplay), Muscle Band
    EV: Attack and Speed. 252-attack, 252-speed, 4-hp
    Gender: Female(so you are not annoyed by attract users who are usually female.)
    Dragon Claw: Dragon Type. 80 power. 100 accuracy. Physical. STAB boost. while yes outrage is more powerful and same acc and STAB, after 2-3 turns you get confused, and yes you can switch out and avoid confusion what if you have nothing else good against the next pokemon? Besides, with a massive attack stat, STAB, and optional muscle band you will deal out plenty of damage.
    EarthQuake: Ground Type. 100 power. 100 acc. Physical. Coverage against two weaknesses: Rock and electric, and takes down steel types who are resistant to dragon.
    Fire Punch: Fire type. 75 power. 100 acc. Physical. Coverage against a major weakness: ice. As well as takes down steel types.
    ThunderPunch: electric. 75 power. 100 acc. Physical. Covers water types who can pack ice moves.

    Tips: Because im assuming gameplay theres no boosts or need for setup seeing as Dragonite is a beast as it is and will usually just need to attack. Keep away from ice types if they outspeed you, like weavile and ice shard.

    Special Dragonite
    Nature: Modest
    Item: Leftovers, Wise Glasses, Expert Belt
    EV: Special Attack: 252, Speed: 252, Hp:4
    Dragon Pulse: Dragon. Special. 90 Power. 100 Acc. STAB. Unlikes Draco Meteor it doesnt make you other special attacks useless.
    Flamethrower: Fire. Special. 95 power. 100 acc. More accurate than fire blast, doesnt waste a turn like blast burn, and is more powerful than Fire punch. Coverage against main weakness: Ice. And takes down dragon resisting steel.
    Thunderbolt: Electric. 95 power. 100acc. Special. More accurate than thunder and more powerful than shockwave. coverage against water types who pack ice moves.
    Ice Beam/Surf: Ice/Water. 95 power. 100 acc. Special. Surf is for rock weakness and takes down pesky ground types as well. Ice Beam is for Ground and other dragons, but dragon pulse takes care of it. Surf preferred.

    Tip: Again this is for game play. Jus attack and stay away from fast ice pokemon or those ice packing ice shard.

    Mixed Dragonite
    Nature: Rash
    Item: Leftovers/Expert Belt.
    EV: Attack: 36, Special attack: 220, Speed: 252
    Dragon Pulse: (look above for more info) better than dragon claw by 10 power.
    Flamethrower: (look above for more info)
    Earthquake: explained already.
    Thunderbolt: Explained already.

    Tips: Same as before. This is the best one i think because special attacks are more better than their physical counterparts and earthquake takes out weaknesses rock and electric and annoying steel types.

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  1. Possible movesets include:
    Dragon Claw/Outrage(for STAB and Dragon weakness), Fire Punch(for Ice weakness), Earthquake(for Rock weakness), and Dragon Dance(for stat boost).
    Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Surf, and Ice Beam/Thunderbolt/Draco Meteor.

    My suggestion would be the Physical set, since Dragonite has massive physical attack and will be able to destroy almost anything.

    Hope this helped.
    If you have anymore questions let me know.

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  2. Well Draco Meteor/Outrage/Fire Blast/Earthquake will abuse its STABs to the fullest and hit all the types that can hit it with STAB SE attacks as well as Steel types. The movesets listed on the page below are considered the best for Dragonite, though.


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  3. For a Dragonite to hold on its own, it depends on your choice.

    -Dragon Dance for prepping a increase of attack and speed
    -Dragon Claw for neutral coverage. Don't pick Outrage however, if is a 6 on 6 battle. It will lock you into confusion and your Pokemon may hit itself...for more damage depending on your attack stat.
    -Earthquake for Steels who resist Dragons.
    -Draco Meteor for hit-and-run situations.
    -Fire Punch or Flamethrower for Steel/Flying like Skarmory.
    -Superpower for a special set, just like hit and run.
    -Roost is a HP support move and removes its flying typing at the same turn it was used meaning ice moves will hit only 2x. Dragonite has the defenses to pull it off than other dragons.

    That's what I can think of; minimun moves with good coverage is the goal.

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  4. I'm trying to get a level 100 dragonite. His moves right now are:
    -Ice Beam
    -Thunder Bolt
    -Fire Blast

    He's basically an all out attacker.

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