What are EV's and IV's?

  1. People say EV's and IV's for pokemon stats what do they mean

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  1. IVs mean Individual Values.
    These are usually random generated for each stat, upon meeting / receiving a Pokemon and can't be changed as easily. You know when it says stuff like "Loves to eat" or "Alerts to sounds" on your Pokemon summary screen? These can influence your Pokemon's IVs and becomes a factor when breeding for the perfect IVs.
    More info: www.serebii.net/games/characteristics.shtml

    Breeding seems to be a common method to try and control / determine the newly-borned Pokemon's IVs. Which is helpful for competitive battling. There's a lot of things you have to do in order for such things to happen such as capturing Pokemon with the right nature (and Ditto as well)
    www.wiipals.net/Forum/f37/iv-breeding-18992.html has an article about this whole IV thing. Really helps.

    EVs mean Effort Values.
    These are gained when your Pokemon fights other Pokemon, let it be wild or in-game Trainers. Each Pokemon defeated gives away these "EV points" which help influence and increase your Pokemon stats upon level up. However, each Pokemon gives away EV points which are mainly geared towards a single stat.
    4 EVs = 1 point increase in your stats.

    Like for example: Fighting Abras, Kadabras and Roselias gives Sp.Atk EV points
    But if you fight Magikarps, they give away Speed EV points instead.
    Some Pokemon like Bronzong can give EV points to two stats at once (Def and Sp.Def in this case.
    It's up to you to decide which Pokemon to fight, so they gain EVs towards that specific stat.

    EVs has a cap. Each stat can reach up to a maximum of 255 EVs, although 252 is the recommended amount because anything above 252 won't be added.
    The maximum total for EVs altogether is 510. This means you can have at least 2 stats near-maxed out.

    You can check the kinds of Pokemon and what category they are in for EVs.

    I hope this helps give you the basic idea for IVs and EVs.

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  1. IV is a value that ranges from 0-31 for each stat and each IV (6 in all) is individually determined. Considering the same Nature and EV, a Lv. 100 Scizor with a 0 IV in Atk will have 31 less Stat Points in Atk than a Lv. 100 Scizor with a 31 IV in Atk.

    EV is a value that ranges from 0-510 for all stats, however it is capped at 255 for each stat. For example, you can have a Sunkern with 252 Atk EV, 20 Def EV, 100 SpA EV, 128 SpD EV, and 8 Spe EV (that adds up to 508). You have control on where you want to put your EVs, so that is why you'll notice that all of those values in the example are divisible by 4. I did that because when you have 4 EVs in any stat, that will amount to 1 extra stat point. For example, a Chinchou with 0 EVs in Def will have 1 less Stat Point than a Chinchou with 4 EVs in Def (considering the same IVs and Nature and Lv.). A lot of times when you're EV training your Pokemon, only 508 of its EVs are really used because the 2 extra EVs to make 510 don't do anything.

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