how do I catch kyogre and groudon or evn rayquaza?

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    and where do I find ithem

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    miZukawaMaster - 6 years ago

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  1. You catch them by lowering their HP to red zone, putting them to Sleep or other status condition, and throwing Ultra Balls until you get lucky. You should be familiar with all that by now.

    As for finding them, they're found in a spot called the Embedded Tower, which is on Route 47. However, the entrance to the tower is hidden until you have either the Blue Orb (for Kyogre) or the Red Orb (for Groudon). Blue Orb & Kyogre are only available in HeartGold, and hence, Red Orb & Groudon are SoulSilver-only. You get your game's orb from Mr. Pokemon, after you've obtained the National Dex as well as a Kanto starter from Professor Oak. Both of these require beating the E4 and all 16 Gyms. Once you have your Orb, head to the Embedded Tower and the legendary will be there waiting for you.

    Then, for Rayquaza, you need both of the other legendaries. The unfortunate part is that you can only get ONE of the them in your game - in your case, you can only get Kyogre. So you'd need a copy of SoulSilver, or a friend with it, to trade you a Groudon. It HAS to be a Groudon caught in Embedded Tower or it won't count. If you have both of them, and show them to Professor Oak, he'll give you the Jade Orb. Once you have the Jade Orb, you can go back to the Tower and Rayquaza will be waiting.

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