What is the best strategy for this team ??

  1. I need some information about what itens I put with them, what moves are the best.
    Sorry bad english.

    Feraligatr - 77 - M -
    Nature : Mild
    Item : Wave Incense
    Moves :
    Water Cannon

    Raichu - 75 - F
    Nature : Lax
    Item : Magnet
    Volt Tackle
    Focus Punch

    Sneasel - 50 - F ( trying to evolve )
    Nature : Serious
    Item :
    Ice Shard
    Ice Wind
    Metal Claw

    Dragonite - 62 - F
    Nature: Relaxed
    Item : Dragon Scale
    Hyper Beam
    Water Pulse
    Dragon Meteor

    Charizard - 50 - M
    Nature: Relaxed
    Item : Charcoal
    Dragon Rage
    Fire Fang

    Sceptile - 50 - M
    Nature : Rash
    Item : Miracle Seed
    Leaf Blade
    Rock Smash

    Some pokes are with a low level.

    User Info: vraaal

    vraaal - 4 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Like In-game or competitive?

    User Info: p13808

    p13808 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hi. Your team is pretty good.
    But for Dragonite, you could replace Draco Meteor with Outrage. Draco meteor lowers your stats, but Outrage has a large PP amount and almost no downside (execpt for confusion in the end) but you can just switch him out with another Pokemon.

    Your items are good.

    I recommend a Quick Claw for Raichu, so it can go first.

    For Sneasel I recommend that you use something that boosts Ice Type Attacks.

    Otherwise, your team is good.

    User Info: xguhan

    xguhan - 4 years ago 0 0

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