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    FAQ/Walkthrough by lemondrop7

    Version: .45 | Updated: 03/26/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by Luke Miller, aka: lemondrop7
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    Do not copy this guide on your website, or display it online without my
    permission. It is a copyright violation.
    Version .25
    - Guide started, posting to get feedback and see what can be improved or
    - Natures/Opening done
    - Pokemon explored
    - Rival done
    - First gym done
    - I expect the entire base guide to be done in a couple days
    Version .30
    - Second Gym Complete
    - Money issue solved
    - Guide is up at the moment!
    - Added a short FAQ, will update it frequently
    - Bugsy Epic Story!
    Version .35
    - www.supercheats.com has my full permission to promote and use this guide.
    - www.neoseeker.com has my full permission to promote and use this guide.
    - Up to third gym, just have to actually put it down
    - Lot of error clean up
    Version .40
    - Credited people in FAQ
    - Updated Guide
    Version .45
    - The real update
    FAQ -------------------------------------- 0000
    THE SAGA BEGINS -------------------------- 0001
    THE SAGA REALLY BEGINS ------------------- 0002
    POKEMON POKEMON POKEMON ------------------ 0005
    AND SO IT BEGINS [RIVAL] ----------------- 0006
    THE FIRST GYM ---------------------------- 0007
    A SILLY PROPOSITION! --------------------- 0008
    THINGS ARE GETTING BUGGY ----------------- 0010
    INTO THE FOREST -------------------------- 0011
    THE THIRD GYM ---------------------------- 0012
    4TH GYM: PART 1 -------------------------- 0013
    4TH GYM: PART 2 -------------------------- 0014
    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
    Q: Hey, I e-mailed you something, please add my name as a credit!
    A: Don't worry - I keep all of my e-mails saved, and I have all of the names
    of everyone who has e-mailed any information. I will update it and add your 
    names soon. Here are the names of people who have given me support or 
    information through e-mail:
    Michael Wright
    Nick Lange
    Jeff Davies
    Souris-di-di taime Papa Rawr
    John Shannon
    Nic Colon
    Alec Scilovati
    Leo Chan
    Juan Nunya
    Jonathan VanHeiden
    If you guys have GameFaqs or other accounts you go by, just tell me and I will
    gladly add them. You people are the reason I keep going to try and finish this
    guide. You should be recongized too! Keep up the good work people!
    For those of you who have actually e-mailed me something mean, your mother is a
    cow! (I would love to share those e-mails in this guide at some point).
    Q: How do I play Wi-Fi?
    A: Just go to the bottom of any Pokemon Center and you will learn most of what
    you need. You will also be given a Pal Pad that will record your friends.
    Q: What is the GTS?
    A: It is the "Global Trade Station" and can be found in Goldenrod. Use the GTS
    to trade Pokemon with others, all over the world!
    Q: Why would I let my Mom get my money?
    A: Well, you can withdraw it from her anytime but she also gives you nice gifts
    every now and then. I would suggest letting her hold onto it, unless you don't
    care about her presents.
    Q: I can't beat the Elite 4! Help my team!
    A: It's likely because you don't have any team synergy or are just terribly
    underleveled. The Elite 4 are pretty easy to beat as long as you train your 
    Pokemon reasonably well and don't stock up on a single type, such as Grass.
    Q: What are Apricorns?
    A: They grow on trees throughout Johto and can be given to Kurt to make 
    special types of Pokeballs.
    Q: Can I only pick an Apricorn only once?
    A: Nope, they will come back everyday.
    Q: What are the different time ranges in-game?
    A: There are three different time ranges in the game.
    Time Ranges
    4am - 10am - Morning
    10am - 8pm - Afternoon
    8pm - 4am - Night
    Q: What are the differences between HeartGold and SoulSilver?
    A: There really are no differences, except for Pokemon selection. In
    HeartGold, the Mankey, Growlithe, Spinerak, Gligar, Phanpy, Baltoy, Mantyke,
    and Sableye families are all available. In SoulSilver, the Vulpix, Meowth,
    Teddiursa, Gulpin, Ledyba, Delibird, Skarmory, and Mawile families are all
    available. Each version also gets a "version exclusive legendary". In
    HeartGold, it is Kyogre, in SoulSilver, it is Groudon.
    Q: Friend Code?
    A: Nope, I don't play Wi-Fi
    Q: What is competitive Pokemon?
    A: Competitive Pokemon is the game of Pokemon being played under specific rules
    agreed upon by both players. Usually, the strategy involved is higher in
    competitive games. It is important to know about EVs, natures, IVs, and
    abilities before diving into the competitive realm.
    Q: What is Smogon/PokeBeach/__insert other Pokemon site here___?
    A: They are competitive sites that help players learn about competitive
    Q: Do you play competitive Pokemon?
    A: I used to but I am more interested with in-game research and school. My
    username will usually be KD24 if you are looking on a site for me. If you ever
    have a question about this guide or about competitive Pokemon, I will be glad
    to help.
    Q: What are EVs?
    A: EVs, or Effort Values, are the unseeable things that raise your Pokemon's
    stats. Pokemon give different EVs for Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense, 
    Attack, Defense, and HP. I will add a more in-depth look at EVs in my guide.
    A: Your ability to determine what the difference between a question and a 
    statement is, "sucks". Please don't insult me or my guide though.
    The Saga Begins 0001:
    Hello and welcome to my first guide, Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver! Since this
    is my first guide, I am absolutely terrified of making a fool of myself but ...
    you're the one looking at it so we can be fools together! Just some general
    outlines before I begin and a quick glance at what this guide is not for:
    1.) Do not print out my guide to make a profit. I will send you a gift basket
    if you decide to print it out and use it as a personal reference when playing
    the game, but making money off my work isn't something I really want. 
    2.) If you find an error, just give me your PayPal and I will pay you $50 to
    not report it. As Foghorn Leghorn would say, "That's a joke son". In all
    seriousness, just please report the error to me by this new thing called
    "Electronic Mail" or "E-Mail" for short. My "address" is mllr_lk@yahoo.com.
    Most errors will probably occur in Pokemon Listing sections, as I can go only
    off of what I play.
    3.) I am making sure that if printed out, this guide will be printed on
    incredibly stiff paper, so the joke is on you if you decide to use this guide
    as toilet paper! That is my lame segway for telling you this; please don't
    disrespect me or my guide. If you e-mail me, I will happily answer any question
    you may have for me. Don't e-mail me saying something like "This guide sucks". 
    It hurts.
    The Saga Really Begins 0002:
    Now the adventure can really begin ... right? WRONG! As fun as Pokemon is, if
    you want a guide for it, then you likely want to play seriously, hoping to
    catch as many Pokemon as possible and starting a regime, er - team, that will
    eventually dominate the Pokemon Universe. So first, I need to make sure we go
    over the basics. Here are five tips for Pokemon that I always follow:
    1.) Knowing your weaknesses can be your greatest strength - As a player, you 
    want to make sure you know all of the weaknesses of your team and of Pokemon in 
    general. By knowing what your weaknesses are, you can add other Pokemon to fix
    those problems, and create a much more balanced and solid team. 
    2.) Brain > Brawn - The best attacking offense is a good strategy and you want
    to make sure you have one, even if you feel that the opponents in-game are a
    complete waste of time. Stat boosting moves, healing items, status moves, and 
    even defensive tactics can always come in handy and will help you succeed in
    the long run. Learning and using some strategies in-game can help you later
    when you decide to play competitively, as you have already learned much.
    3.) No Money = No Problem - Money is never a big deal in this game, despite
    what you may think. Spend as much as you want early and often, in order to make
    sure you are having as much fun as you can. If you don't spend money, you might
    come across a time where you have no healing items or Pokeballs left, and then
    you have to likely trek back and start spending. There are plenty of trainers,
    items to sell, and items to hold that will guarantee a steady cash flow for you
    to spend.
    4.) Equality only, I don't tolerate segregation - If you want the most, 
    enjoyable experience when playing, then you will want to make sure that all of
    your Pokemon are trained equally. The game kind of loses its fun when you start
    just using that legendary or starter that is now level 89 and the only actual
    fighting Pokemon on your team. 
    5.) Never lose your cool - This is a game, not a social experiment (although
    Nintendo may want to argue =]). Don't lose your head because you couldn't beat
    that 8th Gym Leader or because ____ got away before you could catch it. Just
    relax and explore a little, maybe train for fun. Don't become obsessed.
    So there you have it, my quick little thought process that really doesn't
    affect the game. But you read it and now you are stuck with it, sucker! 
    If The Saga Doesn't Begin, I'm Losing It 0003:
    *This section is actually for all the little stuff before we officially begin,
    and I would advise those not interested in things like natures and abilities 
    to skip it.*
    Natures were a concept introduced in the 3rd generation of Pokemon in order to
    make Pokemon a bit more competitive and just adding something for the sake of
    addition. However, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the Pokemon you
    wanted with the perfect nature. Natures will raise one stat, and lower another,
    while some will just raise/lower the same stat, therefore being neutral.
    Lonely------------------(+Attack and -Defense)
    Adamant-----------------(+Attack and -Special Attack)
    Naughty-----------------(+Attack and -Special Defense)
    Brave-------------------(+Attack and -Speed)
    Bold--------------------(+Defense and -Attack)
    Impish------------------(+Defense and -Special Attack)
    Lax---------------------(+Defense and -Special Defense)
    Relaxed-----------------(+Defense and -Speed)
    Modest------------------(+Special Attack and -Attack)
    Mild--------------------(+Special Attack and -Defense)
    Quiet-------------------(+Special Attack and -Special Defense)
    Rash--------------------(+Special Attack and -Speed)
    Timid-------------------(+Speed and -Attack)
    Hasty-------------------(+Speed and -Defense)
    Jolly-------------------(+Speed and -Special Attack)
    Naive-------------------(+Speed and -Special Defense)
    Calm--------------------(+Special Defense and -Attack)
    Gentle------------------(+Special Defense and -Defense)
    Careful-----------------(+Special Defense and -Special Attack)
    Sassy-------------------(+Special Defense and - Speed)
    Abilities are even more complicated. There is a ton of them and I will not list
    them here right now, until maybe after the actual FAQ/Walkthrough is done.
    There are literally that many. It is somewhat easy to figure out what the
    abilities are, as your Pokemon's summary will list them for you. If you can
    remember most of them, then you will be all set competitively and in-game, as
    abilities often play a part in people's strategies.
    If you would like to e-mail a list of abilities, with what they do and all
    Pokemon that have them, I will gladly add it to this FAQ and give you 100%
    credit. But please don't just go and take them from dmon2 or another great
    dude who took the time to write them down for us. You will have shamed us all.
    If You Want To Start Playing Go Here 0004:
    Now that you have that nice big box, and the game is literally in your grasp,
    it is time to lose all of your human sense and tear that box open! Bring out
    the animal in you - What is this thing? Yes, you may have noticed a little
    Pokeball in your game box. That thing is called the Pokewalker, and it allows
    you to catch and transport Pokemon into the game, store Pokemon for experience,
    and make them happier overall. A waste of time, I say. But if you want to use
    it, there is an instruction manual for it that I suggest you read (I think the
    real reason for the Pokewalker is that Nintendo is tired of no one reading
    their manuals, so they threw in some mandatory reading).
    Start the game up, and get an awesome of video that shows you a little of what
    the game looks like, and some cool Pokemon.
    Nintendo apparantly got so tired of people not reading their little booklets
    that they created a info page in the game. If you need help on a subject, just
    click Control Info or Adventure Info, but I suggest doing things the right way,
    not reading them at all!
    Out comes Professor Oak in a snazzy gold jacket (and I imagine it is silver in
    SoulSilver) and like all old men, he overslept and now wants to ramble on.
    Might as well hear his story.
    As it turns out, his story is just a rehash of everything you should have
    learned from reading the tutorial or instruction booklet. For the record, I use
    my Pokemon for death combat. TO THE DEATH I SAY - TO THE DEATH!
    "Are you a boy? Or are you a girl? Won't you please tell me?"
    Little creepy isn't it?
    "Please tell me your name"
    As if it couldn't get any worse. Seven characters only, so I can't imagine my
    sister, Shanequia, will be too happy. Maybe she could go by Shane ... or Shaq.
    You will wind up in a small bedroom after filling out all the information. It
    should be pointed out that your television is bigger than your bed, or at least
    of equal size. Glad to see that your priorities are straight. If you check your
    PC, you will have received mail from "Lyra". Read it if you want, it's a love 
    note ... to Pokemon. Check your gamestation and you will see it is a Wii,
    being advertised as "Wii is big in Johto too!". Silly Nintendo.
    Walk downstairs to find your Mom, who like all moms, has super hearing and 
    heard you creeping down. Awkward... Apparantly, Lyra is a friend, who came by
    earlier to play Hide-and-Seek. With her Marill. Most importantly, you learn
    Professor Elm was looking for you. After all that is out of the way, Mom
    decides to dump all her old stuff on you. It is actually pretty nifty stuff, 
    a BAG, a PROFILE, a SAVE, a OPTIONS - oh wait, forgot this was a game. She
    will then sit back down, staring into space. Is that Lyra? No it's the Marill -
    Oh, uh hi Lyra. Go into her house to get trashed by her old man and then head
    upstairs. Get that darn Marill out of the way and let the games begin hehehe-
    Nevermind, she's more interested in the Marill and tries to get you to leave.
    I suggest we do that, so save if you haven't (I suggest frequently saving), and
    head to the lab. Ridiculous save times are back by the way! Hey, who is this
    shady fellow next to the Lab? Investigate to get kicked in the groin and thrown
    back several feet. It's amazing how many kicks you can take. Once you feel like
    a man, head inside to the Lab.
    After talking to Elm, he will let you take one Pokemon from his selection
    and go visit Mr. Pokemon. Does anyone else think how conveinent it is that he
    literally gets the e-mail after doing us a favor? I'm almost sure he got it a 
    while ago and was just waiting for the right sucker to come along and go visit
    Mr. Pokemon for him. Ah well, we get a Pokemon anyway.
    I'll give a quick run down on the Pokemon available for use. There are three
    of them and are known as "starters".
    Chikorita - Grass-type
    Chikorita is a pretty interesting Pokemon to choose. It is the hardest one to 
    win with as it loses to the most gyms, and rarely has an advantage. Not to
    mention, Chikorita is not strong at all attack-wise. However, Chikorita learns
    excellent status moves and can really tank hits. If you are looking for a
    challenge, I would choose Chikorita.
    Totodile - Water-type
    Totodile is the "middle of the road" starter. It doesn't struggle against gyms
    like Chikorita does, but it doesn't excel either. It has very good Attack stats
    and some high-powered moves, but its defenses are nothing to cry home about
    (however, they are still decent). Totodile is one of the coolest Pokemon ever 
    though, so I would choose it if you just want a cool starter.
    Cyndaquil - Fire-type
    Cyndaquil is the best starter for the game, excelling in over half of the gyms,
    and having an excellent Special Attack that it can use Fire-type attacks from.
    If you are looking for a challenge, Cyndaquil is not the right Pokemon for you,
    unless, you plan on raising other Pokemon as well and just need a good
    All three of them are cool Pokemon, but I am selecting Chikorita. Give your
    Pokemon a nickname if you would like, I won't because I show no emotion to my
    slaves - er, I mean Pokemon friends. 
    As it turns out, we will be going past Cherrygrove City to find Mr. Pokemon. 
    Guess where we are headed next! You also have received a Pokemon card too, with
    all the crap your mom gave you. It allows you to switch your Pokemon around and
    see all of their information.
    Attempt to leave and you will be accosted by another man in a big jacket.
    Creepy. Anyway, he actually wants to help you on your task, by giving you
    Potions. Potions heal your Pokemon's HP whenever you use them, so I suggest
    stocking up when you get the chance.
    Lyra stops you again once you leave, and now you each have a Pokemon! Time to
    batt- nevermind. Once again, she is much more interested in that Marill.
    However, take her advice and show your mom. I'm sure there would be nothing
    that she would love more than a dirty Pokemon stomping around in her house. She
    will reward you by giving you another useless item. Or not! This is the
    POKeGEAR and it is actually really useful. Regardless of what you answer, she
    will respond as if you said, "no". Enjoy her shock about how easy it is to make
    a phone call and be on your way.
    Head west out of town, only to be stopped once again. They really don't want 
    you to leave do they? Exchange phone numbers with the creepy professor.
    "I'll call you if anything comes up"
    Anyway, now you can go through Route 29. You can't catch anything yet, but
    there are quite a few Pokemon to battle. If you get hurt, go back to Elm to
    Pidgey --- Level 2-3
    Sentret -- Level 2-3
    Rattata -- Level 2-3
    Hoothoot - Level 2-3 (Only at Night)
    Pidgey is Normal/Flying and not strong at all. It will try to fight you with
    Tackle but it really is no big deal. Sentret is even easier. It may not attack
    at all and instead use Foresight. It has Scratch to deal some damage. Just kill
    them for the free experience. I have never actually seen a Rattata but it
    exists here apparantly from a tutorial later on in the game. Hoothoot only 
    appears at night, and is basically a Pidgey.
    Work your way around the grass and head up to the Northeast section of Route 29
    to find a Potion lying on the ground. If you keep going, you will find a
    building. Go through it to find Route 46.
    Spearow - Level 2-3
    Geodude - Level 2-3
    Rattata - Level 2-3
    Spearow is a little stronger than Pidgey, thanks to Peck. It still is nothing
    special. Geodude is Rock/Ground but will die pretty quickly to Water or
    Grass-type attacks. Don't try hitting it with attacks like Scratch or Tackle
    Get out of there after you have trained a little. If you continue west, you
    will find an odd tree just standing in the middle of nowhere. This is actually
    an Apricorn Tree, and it will have much use later on.
    Welcome to Cherrygrove City! Upon entering, you will be accosted once again
    by an old man. Lovely. Let him teach you a few things that I am sure you could
    figure out by yourself (or reading the manual). He does let it slip that Mr.
    Pokemon's house is north of this city. You get his dirty shoes as a reward 
    (don't bother trying to tell me they are brand new, I just saw him run in these
    digusting things). The running shoes are actually useful because now, you won't
    have to walk at a snail's pace!
    Check out the Pokemon Center. They can heal you for free (If that is
    how it goes in Japan, then believe me, I am coming over). By the counter is a
    PC, which lets you check your mail, deposit, withdraw, and release Pokemon, and
    a whole medley of other stuff for later. If you have a friend to trade with or
    battle with, the Union club is upstairs in every Pokemon Center, but it won't
    be open until soon.
    Don't bother with the Mart yet, they don't have anything useful yet. Head north
    and that old man will come back again! I don't know why, but he gives you a 
    Town Map for your POKeGEAR, free of charge. Right on. ONTO ROUTE 30!
    Metapod -- Level 4
    Caterpie - Level 2-4
    Pidgey --- Level 2-4
    Hoothoot - Level 2-4 (only at night)
    Metapod is a Bug-type and only knows Harden. And you can see what it looks like
    for yourself. ... And it knows Harden. Get your mind out of the gutter.
    Caterpie is the Pokemon that evolves into Metapod. It is incredibly weak but at
    least it knows an attack.
    There is another Potion right near us. Go get it. There is a house right above
    us. Inside is the Apricorn Man, who will give us an Apricorn Box out of the
    goodness of his heart. He also explains that they can be made into Pokeballs.
    Go back outside and collect the Apricorn by his house. Continue upward to find
    an Antidote ... and a Pokemon battle! Unfortunately, they don't approve of
    3-ways in the Pokemon world and they will send you off while they finish. 
    Let's go to Mr. Pokemon's house. Get the Apricorn by his house and enter. Good:
    This is Mr. Pokemon's house, Bad: Mr. Pokemon and Oak were making out,
    Worse: They were expecting you.
    Mr. Pokemon will give you an egg and tell you to scram after healing your
    Pokemon. But Oak has other ideas, and much to the dismay of Mr. Pokemon it
    seems, gives you the Pokedex and leaves as well. More number exchanging and
    then leave.
    And So It Begins [RIVAL] 0006
    PHONE CALL! Elm will call you with terrible news. But he can't tell you until
    you return back. Mother's dead? New Bark Town Massacre? The suspense is killing
    If you battled, heal your Pokemon as you trek back to Cherrygrove City.
    Now would be a good time to save, especially if you haven't been doing any
    training at all. Attempt to leave town and you will once again be stopped. Wait
    , haven't I seen this punk before? Hey, it's the guy who kicked you in the
    groin earlier! And it is time for our first official Trainer battle!
    Rival Battle 1
    You rival will choose the Pokemon you are weakest too and didn't choose at the
    lab. How fair. 
    My Team:
    Chikorita - Level 9
    Tackle/Growl/Razor Leaf/PoisonPowder
    Rival's Team
    Cyndaquil - Level 5
    This battle wasn't too hard. I decided to have a little fun since I towered
    over my rival's Pokemon. I decided to use PoisonPowder and Growl to keep his
    attacks doing little damage while he slowly died. A well-timed Tackle at the 
    end was able to put away my rival's Pokemon for good, and promoted me to Level
    10! Right on.
    And as revenge for his previous acts, you steal your rival's trainer card and
    get his name. MWAHAHAHA, who says two wrongs don't make a right?
    I really doubt you need to heal but go ahead and do so if you want. Travel back
    to New Bark to find a copper. He accuses you until Lyra shakes her junk to get
    the cop's attention. Thank goodness for friends with benefits. Tell the cop
    any name (no Passerby Boy will not fit). I imagine they changed it from ??? to
    Passerby Boy because so many people entered the name as ??? thinking it was a 
    memory test. I'm naming my rival Hans for the record. Die Hard lives on!
    Lyra will leave, allowing you to discuss the mysteries of the universe with
    Professor Elm. He'll instruct you to risk your life in order to win a gym
    tourney. Right on. Oh, and say bye to your mom! She'll offer to hold some of
    your money. I would accept, as she sometimes buys you nifty gifts. Then she 
    tells you to scram. 
    The First Gym 0007
    Now your journey will officially begin. Are you ready? I'm certainly ... not.
    Head west from New Bark to see Lyra just standing there. Apparantly she was
    waiting for you. JIGGLE JIGGLE JIGGLE. Oh, actually she was catching a Pokemon.
    Being the creep you are, you want her to do it again ... in slow-mo.
    For resisting your sick impulses, you will be rewarded with 5 Pokeballs. Right
    on. If there is anything we already passed that caught your eye as interesting,
    I would suggest catching it now before you forget. Remember that Apricorn tree?
    Go pick it if you had not already when returning to New Bark Town.
    If you recall from earlier, there were a ton of battlers past Cherrygrove City.
    Guess where we are headed next? We have basically done everything there is to
    do in these two useless towns, so let's start trekkin'. TREK ON SON, TREK ON!
    If you saw those two kids earlier having a battle, they are done now. About
    time. I have no idea what took them so long but I say we clean them out. How
    about you?
    Youngster Joey: $64
    Rattata: Level 4
    Tail Whip/Quick Attack/Tackle
    After you smash him, he will ask for your number. Accept it but be prepared
    to get very annoying calls from this kid. Continue up to find the other brat.
    Youngster Mikey: $64
    Pidgey: Level 2
    Rattata: Level 4
    Tail Whip/Quick Attack/Tackle
    Did we seriously have to wait so long for these clowns to finish their match?
    They both sucked! Keep going north to encounter a silly kid in a hat.
    Bug Catcher Don: $48
    Caterpie: Level 3
    String Shot/Tackle
    Caterpie: Level 3
    String Shot/Tackle
    Continue north to hit Route 31. But before we explore the grass, let's explore
    that giant cave just sitting there. Yeah, that is how you keep visitors away.
    Don't forget to pick up the Potion before you enter.
    Zubat --- Level 2-3*
    Geodude - Level 2-3*
    *Have yet to encounter anything Level 4 or higher
    Zubat is a whole lot of suck and a whole lot of annoying. Naturally, you will
    be fighting a ton of them later on. You can catch one if you like but training
    it can be painful, not to mention it only full evolves from happiness which
    could be tedious. It evolves into Golbat by normal methods and then Crobat with
    the afterforementioned. Zubat's best attack will be Leech Life and eventually
    it will gain attacks like Wing Attack and Bite which are ok. I wouldn't catch
    it but go for it if you want to fill out the Pokedex the right way.
    The reason I brought you into this stupid cave was to waste your time
    completely. Also, I wanted to introduce you to Flash which we will be receiving
    shortly. Once we gain it, we can light this whole stupid cave up. Exit the cave
    after you have caught your Zubat and looked around a little. 
    Head west and get the Apricorn blocked by a Snorlax. Nevermind, it is just a
    fat guy. After talking to him, I'm not so sure he isn't a Snorlax.
    Let's deal with the trainer first, then get into the Pokemon.
    Bug Catcher Wade: $32
    Caterpie: Level 2
    String Shot/Tackle
    Caterpie: Level 2
    String Shot/Tackle
    Weedle: Level 3
    String Shot/Tackle/Poison Sting
    Caterpie: Level 2
    String Shot/Tackle
    Get Wade's number so you can mooch berries off of him. You might want to warn
    him of that Snorlax - er, I mean fat man, in the area. Right below Wade is a 
    Pokeball containing ... a Pokeball. Whatever.
    Bellsprout - Level 3-4
    Caterpie --- Level 3-4
    Metapod ---- Level 5
    Pidgey ----- Level 3-4
    If you find another Pokemon or Pokemon of levels that aren't listed here, 
    e-mail me as soon as possible so I can fix it.
    Bellsprout is a pretty intriguing Pokemon. It is Grass/Poison with a fairly
    high Special Attack and Attack stat. It learns some good moves like Vine Whip
    early, and can be taught dangerous moves such as Sludge Bomb later on. If you
    didn't pick up Chikorita, you may want to snag a Bellsprout. 
    The sign reads "West to Violet City". I guess we could go. Enter and attempt
    to pass through the building, only to be stopped by Lyra. What does she want?
    Actually, the Vs. Recorder is a great item, as you record your previous battles
    and learn from them. A neat "doo-hickey" as we like to say.
    You can now enter the city, and boy, what a city it is. The first matter of
    business is the Pokemon Center. The guy standing right beside it with the
    blantant Yu-Gi-Oh hair rip-off is the Shard de Berry man. You give him a Shard,
    he gives you three berries, no questions asked.
    There are plenty of places of interest in Violet City, including the first
    Pokemon Gym, but I would suggest getting some Pokeballs if you need them and
    traveling south with me for now. We can get the Apricorn that is there.
    Bellsprout - Level 6
    Rattata ---- Level 4
    Hoppip ----- Level 6
    Mareep ----- Level 6
    Wooper ----- Level 6
    I brought you here for a few reasons, one of the most important being training.
    The Pokemon here are stronger than any that you likely have encountered so far.
    This makes Route 32 a training hotspot as your prepare for the first Gym Leader
    Challenge. There are also some Pokemon you may wish to get here. Hoppip is
    Grass/Flying, and a complete waste of space. However, it is incredibly cute
    and it does have some merits, such as being a great status spreader. I wouldn't
    advise using one on your team unless you want a more difficult challenge. The
    Pokemon I would advise you catching is Mareep. Mareep has two evolution stages
    and they aren't extremely ridiculous like Lavitar's Level 55 needed. Besides 
    that, Mareep is an Electric-type and an Electric-type Pokemon can really help
    in this game, when everyone is using Water and Flying-types later on. Wooper is
    a Water/Ground that is extremely slow, but does have merits, such as great
    defenses and a decent attack. You should pick it up if you can find it.
    Head left, through the vistitor doors, to The Ruins of Alph. Right when you
    get there, a strange rock formation of six rocks should be below you. The
    "top" rock, holds a Great Ball, just click on the rock to receive it.
    There are short little mazes here to get into the real caverns. A real cavern
    will have a lady in it telling you about reconstruction of the pictures. Try
    and reconstruct them yourself. I am doing the Kabuto one, located in the 
    northeast corner. After you solve it, you will fall into another chamber.
    There, a man will give you the UNOWN Report item, which records Unown as you
    catch them. You will now randomly fight Unown. Their only attack is Hidden
    Power and they are incredibly weak. I honestly wouldn't bother. After you
    have had your fair share of Unown, leave up the ladder nearby. We're done here.
    If you didn't already, you may want to catch a Bellsprout as your first 
    "in-game trade" opportunity will be coming up soon.
    Right now in fact. Go back up to Violet City and heal if you need to. Below and
    to the left of the Pokemon Center is a house where you can trade your 
    Bellsprout for Onix. I would do it if you don't care about Bellsprout and want
    a quick fix to the first Gym Leader.
    Hear near the Gym and talk to the guy creeping around outside. Just tell him
    that you did not win and he will take you to his school. He is a teacher
    actually. "Earl" will teach you any subject you want (more like any subject he
    asks), and even has a blackboard where you can study up. Right on.
    Before we take on the Gym Leader, we have one last order of business, and that
    is Sprout Tower.
    Head north of the school to Sprout Tower. I wonder what Pokemon this could be
    about? The people here at ground floor will tell you to reach the top. Guess 
    we could give it a shot. 
    Sage Nico: $288
    Bellsprout: Level 3
    Vine Whip
    Bellsprout: Level 3
    Vine Whip
    Bellsprout: Level 3
    Vine Whip
    Like everyone else here, his Pokemon are just a ton of experience waiting to
    be whooped. If you need any last minute training, this is the place to do it.
    Head past Nico and down the stairs to a Paralyz Heal and victim number 2.
    Sage Chow: $288
    Bellsprout: Level 3
    Vine Whip
    Bellsprout: Level 3
    Vine Whip
    Bellsprout: Level 3
    Vine Whip
    Getting 162 EXP per battle is good stuff. Go up the ladder and get a
    Sage Edmond: $288
    Bellsprout: Level 3
    Vine Whip
    Bellsprout: Level 3
    Vine Whip
    Bellsprout: Level 3
    Vine Whip
    Up the ladder to the Potion and top floor.
    Sage Jin: $288
    Bellsprout: Level 6
    Vine Whip
    If he has Growth, he doesn't like to use it. 
    Sage Neal: $288
    Bellsprout: Level 6
    Vine Whip
    Sage Troy: $336
    Bellsprout: Level 7
    Vine Whip/Growth
    Hoothoot: Level 7
    Up ahead is ... your rival! Apparantly he won so you should have no problems
    at all. I mean, the guy sucks!
    Elder Li: $1200
    Bellsprout: Level 7
    Vine Whip/Growth
    Hoothoot: Level 10
    Bellsprout: Level 7
    Vine Whip/Growth
    When you win, you will get TM 70, Flash, which can be used to light up that
    Dark Cave from earlier. Pick up that Escape Rope nearby and pull a Houdini. 
    Now heal up; it's Gym time.
    Bird Keeper Abe: $288
    Spearow: Level 9
    Peck/Leer/Growl/Fury Attack
    Bird Keeper Rod: $224
    Pidgey: Level 7
    Pidgey: Level 7
    Make sure you heal up and get ready for the Big Kahuna himself, Falkner!
    Gym Leader Falkner
    My Team:
    Spearow | Mareep | Chikorita
    Mareep - Level 11
    Spearow - Level 13
    Peck/Pursuit/Fury Attack/Leer
    Chikorita - Level 12
    Tackle/Synthesis/Razor Leaf/PoisonPowder
    Falkner's Team:
    Pidgey | Pidgeotto
    Pidgey: Level 9
    Pidgeotto: Level 13
    I'm not 100% sure on these movesets as I couldn't get him to use Growl on me
    from either Pokemon, and all Pidgey did was Tackle. E-mail me if these sets
    are incorrect!
    My team basically was the product of just looking for what Pokemon lived where
    and fighting all the trainers. If anything, yours might be above my levels if
    you are into training more than me. Luckily, I had Mareep, one of the best
    Electric-types in the game. The problem is, Thundershock was only a 3HKO on
    his Pidgeotto, which meant he could just Roost away any damage. Eventually, 
    Mareep could only take so much after I used up my Potions. Tackle finally put
    Mareep away for good. However, Spearow came out and was luckily faster than
    Pidgeotto. I simply used Peck for the hard fought victory.
    I really suggest buying many Potions for this match-up. Falkner is ridiculously
    tough this early on in the game. 
    For defeating Falkner, you receive the Zephyr Badge, the ability to use Rock
    Smash anytime you want, and TM 51, Roost. Roost is an excellent competitive
    move, and if you can't get ahold of another one, I would suggest holding onto
    Roost until the time is right. Falkner then suggests Azalea Town as your next
    gym to conquer.
    A Silly Proposition 0008
    After you exit Falkner's gym, Elm will call you, ranting about some discovery 
    he and his team made about the egg. He wants you to go meet his aide at the 
    Pokemon Mart. So let's go heal up and do it.
    Inside the Pokemon Center is a man named Primo from "The Show Me Show". You can
    do it if you like, but I'm not going to bother. There is also an escalator you 
    can take down. Here you can learn about Wi-Fi playing and maybe try it out.
    More infortmation can be found near the end of this guide in due time. After 
    you heal, go to the Mart where the aide is just standing .. waiting for you. 
    Accept the offer to take care of the egg, and you can leave. Near the counter 
    is a bellhop for some strange reason ... Anyway, he is there to give you a 
    present from your Mom. It's a Super Potion! Stock up at the Mart and exit. You 
    will be accosted again but this time, it is a woman! I think - She just wants 
    you to take care of the egg. This game is just filled with awkwardness.
    Before we continue on with our adventure, head west of Violet City to another
    visitor center. Through here is a man who will give you HM 06, Rock Smash. It
    is an attack that can break rocks out of battle, as well as deal 40 base damage
    with a 50% chance of lowering defense in battle. It's not the best attack, but
    you will need one of your Pokemon to have it eventually.
    You can finally go south, but not before the strange man gives you the Mircale
    Seed. This item increases your Grass-type attack's power. Right on. Continue 
    south to fight a new batch of trainers.
    Youngster Albert: $256
    Rattata: Level 6
    Quick Attack/Tackle/Tail Whip
    Zubat: Level 8
    Supersonic/Leech Life
    Below Albert is a Repel. Use it to keep wild Pokemon away for a certain amount 
    of steps. Continue down to see a woman performing kissing a wall. You may 
    want a little of this action but as it turns out she was talking on a phone. 
    Picknicker Liz: $256
    Nidoran (F): Level 8
    Growl/Tackle/Poison Sting
    I'm not sure what her moveset is for Nidoran but don't worry, it is incredibly
    weak. Exchange phone numbers after you beat her. Hey, maybe we are getting a 
    little action after all! Go south.
    Camper Roland: $288
    Nidoran (M): Level 9
    Growl/Tackle/Poison Sting/Focus Energy
    There is a Great Ball in the grass. You know what to do. South of Roland is TM 
    09, Bullet Seed. It's not very powerful or useful but at least it is something
    to teach Hoppip if you caught one earlier. Bellsprout and Chikorita users can
    keep using Vine Whip or Razor Leaf. There are a few trainers to fight here, 
    including some that are on the bridge. 
    Youngster Gordon: $320
    Wooper: Level 10
    I imagine his Wooper has Growl, Tail Whip, Pound, and Water Gun. E-mail me if 
    you know for sure!
    Fisherman Ralph: $320
    Goldeen: Level 10
    Supersonic/Water Sport/Tail Whip/???
    Get his number and move on.
    Fisherman Justin: $160
    Magikarp: Level 5
    Magikarp: Level 5
    Magikarp: Level 15
    Magikarp: Level 5
    Fisherman Henry: $256
    Poliwag: Level 8
    Water Sport/Hypnosis/Bubble
    Poliwag: Level 8
    Water Sport/Hypnosis/Bubble
    Back south, you will come across a man who will offer you a Slowpoke tail, only
    for the low price of $1,000,000. That is just out of our reach though, so say 
    no to his offer. Enter the Pokemon Center to heal and find a fisherman just 
    standing. Talk to him. "Would you like one of my rods?" Gain, the courage to
    say yes and be pleasantly surprised to find out that he was only talking about 
    the Old Rod. He will then explain how to fish if you can't figure it out. Now 
    we can fish! There is a man at the bottom of the Pokemon Center who will give 
    you a Lure Ball because you collect Apricorns. It's good to see destroying 
    nature has some rewards.
    Exit the Pokemon Center and head south to encounter the last trainer on this
    Bird Keeper Peter: $256
    Pidgey: Level 6
    Pidgey: Level 6
    Spearow: Level 8
    Before we go through the cave, I suggest that we try and hatch that egg we were
    previously given. To check the egg's progress, just click on the Pokemon
    Summary screen. It should be close to hatching already, so just walk around for
    a while to get it to hatch. You don't have to do it now, but why not? Besides,
    the interesting stuff is about to happen, so think of your babysitting as an
    Oh? Togepi hatched from the egg!
    That's right, Togepi was the mystery Pokemon. It comes at Level 1, but it has
    a fairly reliable attack in Extrasensory, which can be pretty useful when
    you will fight plenty of Poison-types later on. If you haven't already, trek
    back to New Bark Town to show Professor Elm after he calls you. If that doesn't
    scream that he has been keeping tabs on you, then I don't know what does.
    Place Togepi in front of your party and talk to Professor Elm. You will make
    him all excited which is pretty worrying but don't fret! He just wants to give 
    you an Everstone for your hard work. Attaching this to a Pokemon will prevent
    it from evolving. Pretty useful if you have a Pokemon you don't want to evolve
    and don't want to risk forgetting about cancelling the evolution.
    I personally don't like Togepi but it does learn Rock Smash and Flash, so 
    teach those moves if you need a quick HM/TM Slave. 
    Hike all the way back to Route 32 and Union Cave. There is a rock to be smashed
    to the right of the cave. Break it to get yourself a Shell Bell, a handy item
    that restores HP based on the damage you deal. It isn't useful competitively
    but in-game, it can act almost like a miniature, reusable Potion. Time to
    enter the cave!
    Union Cave + Operation Slowpoke 0009
    Union cave is fairly straightforward, but I will hold your hand along the way, 
    just hold on tight.
    Zubat ----- Level 5-7
    Sandshrew - Level 6-8
    Geodude --- Level 6-8
    Rattata --- Level 4-6
    Sandshrew is a decent Ground-type with a high Attack score. I just don't like 
    using any Ground-type Pokemon but if you want to pick one up, I would suggest 
    Go left to see a item just lying there. Manuever around the rocks to reach the
    X Attack. Go up to encounter the devil. No, seriously, what are those two
    things just sticking out his head?
    Firebreather Ray: $288
    Vulpix: Level 9
    Ember/Tail Whip/???/???
    I am almost certain it has Smokescreen, Tackle, or Quick Attack but I don't
    know which one. Otherwise, why have Tail Whip? Go down the stairs and to the
    left to pick up TM 39, Rock Tomb. If you can stick it on a Pokemon, I would do
    it now. It will be very helpful for the next gym. Go back to the stairs and go
    up to find a X Defend. Now we can go back down (or up actually).
    There are some trainers coming up.
    Hiker Daniel: $332
    Onix: Level 11
    Hiker Russel: $256
    Geodude: Level 4
    Defense Curl/Tackle
    Geodude: Level 8
    Defense Curl/Tackle/Mud Sport/Rock Polish
    Geodude: Level 6
    Defense Curl/Tackle/Mud Sport
    Firebreather Bill: $192
    Koffing: Level 6
    Koffing: Level 6
    Below him is a Great Ball. Turn left to fight another creeper.
    Poke Maniac Larry: $332
    Slowpoke: Level 11
    Yawn/Growl/Water Gun/Tackle
    He refuses to attack you anyway, so don't worry about his attacking moves. 
    Credit to ____ for giving me the Slowpoke moveset.
    Just keep following the path to receive an Awakening and reach the exit. We 
    can come back and explore more when we get Surf but until, then it is time for
    the next mission.
    It was raining on Route 33 when I exited the cave, so be careful. Rain will cut
    the power of Fire-type attacks in half and will boost Water-type attacks like 
    Surf by 50%. Pick up the Apricorns and take a look in the grass.
    Spearow - Level 4-7
    Hoppip -- Level 6-7
    Rattata - Level 4-7
    Hiker Anthony: $352
    Geodude: Level 11
    Defense Curl/Tackle/Mud Sport/Rock Polish
    Machop: Level 11
    Focus Energy/Leer/Karate Chop/???
    Get fattie's phone number and head to town! Azalea Town that is. Right when you
    enter, it will stop raining by for the forces of Kyogre and you will see two 
    men staring down ... or kissing? One of the men introduces himself to the other
    and apparantly you as Team Rocket. I'm not quite sure if he was introducing
    himself to the other man because I was literally just standing away watching
    them for five minutes as I wrote this down. Maybe they rehearsed this? "Shut up
    and just beat it!". Talk about getting intense. A loud thud will stop the 
    meeting and send the old man running off. 
    Talking to the town folk, you kind of get the feeling something is up.
    Apparantly, many of the Slowpoke from the town have gone missing, and even
    worse, their tails are being cut off and sold! And to think I almost bought
    one ... Give credit where credit is due, Team Rocket are outstanding salesmen.
    The gym is locked so go explore the buildings. You should eventually come
    across one belonging to Kurt. That name sounds familiar... Steal his personal
    Apricorn before you invade his privacy, it is the only polite thing to do.
    Kurt will explain things to you in the same way that everyone old man will; He
    is the only one who knows what is going on. Listen to his stories and he will 
    get so riled up that he will run for the well! I'm sure there are laws against
    us letting old folk like him go if we know where they are headed, so lets give
    chase! Go down to the well that was previously blocked.
    I laugh everytime I hear what Kurt says next. Basically, he has been struck by
    paralysis after taking a almost death-defying fall from the top of the well. 
    However, instead of being upset at the implication of him never being able to 
    walk again, Kurt will instead rant about how "if" he had his Pokemon and could 
    move, he would show them a thing or two.
    Yeah, this wasn't a set up at all. I'm sure Kurt was waiting for some poor sap
    like us to come that he could lure into the well and fight in his place. 
    Personally, I'm a little hungry for some Slowpoketail and we know they are 
    being sold here, so let's do it!
    Even more confusing than Kurt's story is the grunts. He apparantly fell back
    several yards, into the next room when Kurt yelled at him. Yes folks, he fell
    ... from the ground. Beat him into smithereens.
    Rocket Grunt: $360
    Rattata: Level 9
    Growl/Tail Whip/Quick Attack/Tackle
    Rattata: Level 9
    Growl/Tail Whip/Quick Attack/Tackle
    Slowpoke Well POKEMON LISTINGS
    Slowpoke - Level 6
    What a surprise. Slowpoke is kind of, surprisingly, slow. Unless you are big 
    into letting the opponent always get the first move, I would try and wait for
    better Water-types to come. Slowpoke does have nice typing and a high Special
    Attack though.
    Continue on the path to find a Super Potion.
    Rocket Grunt: $440
    Zubat: Level 9
    Leech Life/Supersonic/Astonish
    Ekans: Level 11
    Poison Sting/Leer
    Rocket Grunt: $360
    Rattata: Level 7
    Growl/Tail Whip/Quick Attack/Tackle
    Zubat: Level 9
    Leech Life/Supersonic/???
    Zubat: Level 9
    Leech Life/Supersonic/???
    Executive Proton: $480
    Zubat: Level 8
    Leech Life/Supersonic/???
    Koffing: Level 12
    He warns you of more to come ... and then leaves. Well, this operation was a
    waste of time for everyone. Kurt's back will have magically healed after you
    win and he will fly you back to his house. Kurt will give you a Fast Ball as a
    reward for helping. You can also give him Apricorns you have picked up and let
    him turn them into a Pokeball. It takes a day though. You can then register 
    Kurt into the POKeGEAR. Honestly, that is all there is to do here, so let's 
    head to the gym. 
    Things Are Getting Buggy 0010
    Enter the gym and prepare to rock all of the cronies. I don't really think it
    is too hard to find your way through this gym but I will try and give
    directions for everyone after I list all the trainers. 
    Bug Catcher Al: $192
    Caterpie: Level 12
    Tackle/String Shot
    Weedle: Level 12
    String Shot/Poison Sting/Tackle
    Bug Catcher Benny: $192
    Weedle: Level 7
    String Shot/Poison Sting/Tackle
    Kakuna: Level 9
    Beedrill: Level 12
    Fury Attack/Poison Sting/???/???
    Bug Catcher Josh: $192
    Paras: Level 13
    First Double Battle of the game time! Double Battles let you use two Pokemon at
    the same time, while your opponent does as well. It really isn't complicated. 
    If you choose a target and that target faints, then your attack hits the next
    available target. 
    Twins Amy and Mimi: $
    Ledyba: Level 10
    Spinerak: Level 10
    Poison Sting/???/???/???
    Unfortunately, I had to kill them quickly so if you know their moves, you know
    the drill; e-mail me. I also don't have their cash amount!
    Now, if you want some directions, just follow these steps:
    Take the middle Spinerak up to fight Al. Go back down the middle Spinerak and
    take the left Spinerak. Go up to fight Benny. Pull the blue lever and go up on
    the Spinerak to fight Josh. Go back down the Spinerak and pull the blue lever 
    again. Go back up the Spinerak to fight the twins. Pull the blue lever and go
    back down the Spinerak. Pull the red lever and get back on Spinerak. It's 
    Gym Leader Bugsy
    My Team:
    Spearow | Mareep | Bayleef
    Spearow - Level 16
    Peck/Fury Attack/Pursuit/Leer
    Mareep - Level 17
    Thundershock/Tackle/Growl/Thunder Wave
    Bayleef - Level 17
    Tackle/Synthesis/Razor Leaf/PoisonPowder
    Bugsy's Team:
    Scyther | Metapod | Kakuna
    Scyther - Level 17
    U-Turn/Quick Attack/Focus Energy
    Metapod - Level 15
    Tackle/Harden/String Shot
    Kakuna - Level 15
    Tackle/Harden/String Shot/Poison Sting
    This battle is extremely difficult, and that is only because of how strong 
    Scyther actually is. My original strategy coming in was to start with Spearow
    and kill Scyther. However, that was completely stupid of me because I didn't 
    stop to think about Scyther's Technician. With that ability, Quick Attack is
    doing an obscene amount of damage. So I went again, this time leading with 
    Mareep. I figured I could Thunder Wave Scyther and then pound it into 
    submission later. 
    My battle opened with my using Thunder Wave to paralyze Scyther while Bugsy 
    used Focus Energy. Taking advantage of the fact that she didn't hit me, I used
    Thundershock next turn and landed a Critical Hit, putting Scyther in Yellow. 
    Unfortunately, Scyther has a Sitrus Berry, which meant it was almost back at
    full health without blinking an eye. Scyther was not able to move though, and 
    we remained at a stalemate.
    The pressure mounting, I decided to just keep using Thundershock and hope for 
    paralysis. Quick Attack however, is a 3HKO on my Mareep, and with Focus Energy
    being used, it was possible only two were needed. Mareep withstood the first 
    Quick Attack but it did take away over 1/3 of my health. Meanwhile, 
    Thundershock just was not doing as much as I had hoped and I would need two
    more to put away Scyther.
    I used Thundershock to bring Scyther into very low red territory. However, 
    Scyther surprised even me with its next move; U-Turn. It easily killed Mareep
    and allowed Scyther to come in later. With Mareep down, I went to Spearow as 
    Bugsy U-Turned to Metapod. Metapod proved to be no challenge for Spearow and I
    easily wiped out Metapod with two Pecks. 
    Scyther came back out, no doubt looking for a quick kill with Quick Attack like
    our previous battle. Instead, Bugsy shocked even me; she used a Super Potion!
    Scyther was back at full health while Peck from Spearow could not even take
    1/2 of Scyther's health. Scyther used Quick Attack again to bring Spearow to 
    almost red, but Spearow held on. Meanwhile, Peck could only bring Scyther down
    to yellow. Realizing, one more Quick Attack would take out my poor Spearow, I 
    switched in Bayleef, in order to fully heal Spearow. Quick Attack barely 
    scratched Bayleef, but I realized one U-Turn would put Bayleef out for the 
    count. I needed to heal quickly. A Super Potion on Spearow brought Spearow back
    to full health, but Scyther U-Turned against Bayleef, killing my starter and 
    allowing Bugsy to bring out Kakuna, her last Pokemon. 
    Two Pecks from Spearow was enough to take down Kakuna as well and Spearow only
    lost 4 HP from Kakuna's pathetic Poison Sting. We were both down to only one 
    Pokemon each. My Spearow vs Bugsy's Scyther. I clicked Peck and hoped for the
    Victory. Scyther went down after Peck and Spearow gained 681 EXP points,
    grew to Level 17, and learned Aerial Ace. 
    If you enjoyed my short epic, then you are going to love battling Bugsy. She is
    extremely tough to defeat and I had to pull out all the stops in order to win. 
    I suggest using a Rock-type if you have one, as it will make this battle go a 
    whole lot easier. If you evolved Mareep into Flaffy, then Scyther won't be as
    nasty to take down. The only reason I didn't is because I feel it is easier
    to train the Pokemon when they are not evolved. Cyndaquil starters should not 
    have any trouble at all.
    For winning, we earn $1800 and a Hive Badge from Bugsy. This badge allows the
    user to use Cut out of battle once we obtain it. Bugsy also gives you TM 89, 
    U-Turn for your troubles. 
    Into The Forest 0011:
    After defeating Bugsy, it's time to heal again and get ready for our next 
    mission, obtaining the 3rd gym badge. Attempt to exit Azalea town left, and
    find another battle! It's Hans (Or whatever you called your rival)! He will 
    doubt that you could have defeated the almighty Team Rocket (despite the fact
    that they apparantly had previously been defeated by a kid three years ago).
    Rival Battle 2
    Your rival has decided to make his team a lot more powerful than before. He
    has added some new Pokemon and basically matches Bugsy's levels. 
    My Team:
    Spearow | Mareep | Bayleef
    Spearow - Level 17
    Aerial Ace/Fury Attack/Pursuit/Leer
    Mareep - Level 17
    Thundershock/Tackle/Growl/Thunder Wave
    Bayleef - Level 17
    Tackle/Synthesis/Razor Leaf/PoisonPowder
    Rival's Team:
    Gastly | Quilava | Zubat
    Gastly - Level 14
    Mean Look/Curse
    Quilava - Level 18
    Leer/Flame Wheel/Quick Attack
    Zubat - Level 16
    Supersonic/Bite/Astonish/Leech Life
    Gastly may have other moves but it would be stupid to try and find out. It will
    always use the Mean Look and Curse combination, trapping you and taking away 
    your health every turn. The good news is that Gastly has horrid defenses, and
    Curse cuts Gastly's HP in half. One attack should be enough. 
    If you have a Water or Rock-type, use it against QUilava. Even if you don't,
    Quilava is pretty easy to handle. It will constantly use Leer, and will try to
    kill you in one strike. You should take it out before that. 
    Zubat will use Supersonic right off the "bat" to confuse you. Assuming Zubat
    is faster than whatever Pokemon you are using, it will just keep using Bite
    to try and flinch you. If you can paralyze or kill Zubat quickly, the better.
    For my battle, I ended up just using Mareep and Spearow to kill everything. 
    Bayleef had almost no use when everything resists its attacks, so I used 
    Mareep to Thunder Wave both Gastly and Zubat, and then kill them with 
    Thundershock. Spearow easily killed Quilava with four Aerial Aces, as Quilava
    only used Leer. I really wish I could say it was harder than that.
    As it turns out, your rival is actually an Anti-Hero. I thought the same about 
    Hans in Die Hard as well so it all works out. "Hans" will talk about how he
    hates everything after you beat him, especially Team Rocket. 
    Heal and stock up on Super Potions, we are going to be fighting a lot of 
    trainers soon. Exit Azelea Town and enter Ilex Forest.
    There is no tall grass, but you will encounter Pokemon anyway. Tricky stuff.
    Zubat ---- Level 5-6
    Caterpie - Level 5-6
    Metapod -- Level 5-6
    Paras ---- Level 5-6
    Paras is a Grass/Bug Pokemon (horrible typing) with dismal Speed and bad
    stats. However, Paras makes up for this by being the absolute best Pokemon
    catcher in the game. Paras gets access to Spore, a rare move with 100% chance
    of putting an opponent to Sleep. When a Pokemon is asleep, the chance of 
    catching that Pokemon greatly increases. Paras also gets False Swipe, which
    will never kill a Pokemon, allowing you to bring a Pokemon's HP to 2 before you
    catch it. Right on.
    Go up to fight the first trainer in this hell-hole. ... Or not. Turns out he 
    is an employee of some man and needs his Farfetch'd. If you explored Azalea, 
    you know what I am talking about. If not ... I won't spoil it yet.
    All you have to do is literally sneak up from behind the Farfetch'd without 
    stepping on a branch. The difficulty of this puzzle may be a little too much 
    for some people, but once you complete it, you will automatically be talking to
    that employee again. As it turns out, you only caught one of the Farfetch'd. At
    least it isn't that easy. 
    Go right to pick up the revive before we catch this stupid bird. For some 
    reason, this was actually difficult the first time I did it. The only way
    to catch this bird is to make it run right from where it originally was. Next,
    step on the branches to the right of Farfetch'd and the tree. Just circle 
    around and talk to it. 
    After you obtain both Farfetch'd, you will appear before the man again. After 
    you talk to him, another man comes, claiming that these are his Pokemon, named
    "Far" and "Fetch'd". Sure ... I think it is pretty "Farfetch'd" that these are 
    his Pokemon, based on what their nicknames are. 
    As it turns out, the man is just a terrible name giver and the Charcoal Man.
    Imagine if he had children; "I'll name you Bay ... and I'll name you Bee." Ugh. 
    For your troubles, he will give you HM 01, Cut. With Bugsy's badge, we can use
    Cut to take out any trees around us, letting us progress through the forest.
    Before we move on, go back to Azalea Town. Don't forget to pick up any balls
    you may have left in Kurt's hands. Get your mind straight. If you can, drop off
    any Apricorns you have as well.
    Go to the house at the bottom right of Azalea Town. This is the Charcoal Man's
    house. There is a Full Heal hidden in the logs near the house. This item can
    rid your Pokemon of any status malady it might have. Enter the house and talk
    to the young boy. For your troubles, he will give you a Charcoal that he made.
    This item is a Miracle Seed for Fire-types. Now forget this dinky town, 
    (except for Kurt, we will be coming back to him as often as we can!). It is
    now officially time to move on to Ilex Forest. 
    Cut through the tree straight ahead that previously blocked your path. There
    is a shrine here dedicated to the Forest Protector ... it has no use to us now
    so don't worry about it. Things may become more clear in due time. Nintendo
    thinks we are so dumb that they decide to literally put a sign that basically
    reads  "There are hidden items on the ground - keep pressing A!". Nah, a 
    literal dead end right beside the sign doesn't give that away at all. Go in it
    and all the way to the right to pick up a X Attack. Whoopee.
    There is another little opening that has a hidden Repel. I'll try to draw it:
    Don't ask me why X = Tree, it just does.
    Keep going to find a Super Potion hidden. Another lame diagram:
    S=Super Potion
    Go up to find that weird person who asked you about the egg earlier. 
    "Kimono Girl, Kimono Girl, lost and all alone. Poor girl lost in the dark Ilex
    Forest. What? You remember me from Violet City? You must be imagining. Anyway,
    will you show me how to get out of this forest? ... You will...? Aren't you 
    lost in the forest as well? How do you know how to get out of here? Wow! Are
    you going to show me how to get out? You are such a smart Pokemon! See you."
    Before I continue, I have a few gripes with this entire sequence of events:
    1.) Her haikus could use a lot of work. Or whatever sort of poetry she was
    using at the beginning. You only speak in 3rd person if you are writing 
    poetry, are Dwayne Johnson, or are deranged. Maybe all three?
    2.) She is clearly out of her mind, since I don't remember ever bringing up
    Violet City aloud to her. 
    3.) Apparantly, another human is not smart enough to find their way out of a 
    forest with literally one straight path, but that human's Pokemon? Why, they 
    must be capable of doing so! It's not like they haven't been here either.
    4.) On that matter, how exactly was she lost? Your Pokemon literally stood
    right beside her and she uses that to get out.
    Yeah, I have problems with everything! Go right and down when you get the 
    chance. You should see a man ... dry humping a tree. Ask what he is doing and
    be relieved to find out that he was only shaking trees with his Headbutt. He
    is actually a move tutor who will teach Headbutt to one of your Pokemon. Using
    Headbutt on trees can actually produce some cool Pokemon that would be 
    uncatchable otherwise, such as Aipom, Pineco, or Heracross. 
    Jump the ledge and continue back up to where the Kimono Girl was. Go get the
    item. It's an Ether, an item which restores 10 PP of a move. Exit the forest
    (yes I know there is another item, but you can't obtain it until you have the 
    HM Surf). Talk to the lady in the building with the Butterfree to get TM 12, 
    Taunt. It forces the opponent's Pokemon to attack. In-game, this is the exact
    opposite of what you want your opponent to do, but it does have uses 
    competitively. Exit the building to reach Route 34.
    The Third Gym 0012
    Drowzee -- Level 10-12
    Rattata -- Level 10-13
    Abra ----- Level 10
    Ditto ---- Level 10
    This is a tremendous jump in levels from what we have previously been fighting
    so this should be a sign that things about to get much tougher. Drowzee is the
    next catchable Psychic Pokemon in the game (the first was Slowpoke). Drowzee
    has very good defenses, especially when it evolves and a pure Psychic-type can
    never be a bad idea. Drowzee also learns Hypnosis naturally, which can help
    making catching easier. Abra is almost like the counter part of Drowzee. It
    has terrible defenses but extremely high Special Attack and Speed. 
    Unfortunately, Abra's only attack is Teleport, which makes catching Abra 
    almost impossible. I would just keep at it if you really want one, using any
    Great or Fast Balls you may have. Finally, there is Ditto. Ditto is what I
    call, the breeding master. It can literally breed with any Pokemon that isn't
    legendary or a baby Pokemon, and produce an egg. As far as using it in battle,
    it sucks, but it can use Transform to become any Pokemon it fights. 
    Youngster Samuel: $128
    Rattata: Level 7
    Tackle/Quick Attack/Tail Whip/Growl
    Spearow: Level 8
    Sandshrew: Level 10
    Defense Curl/Poison Sting
    Spearow: Level 8
    It's been a while since an actual trainer fight. Although it is hard to count
    this as one, he really sucks. Fight the girl in the grass.
    Picnicker Gina: $192
    Hoppip: Level 9
    Splash/Tail Whip/Tackle/Synthesis 
    Bulbasaur: Level 12
    Leech Seed/Tackle/???/???
    Hoppip: Level 9
    Splash/Tail Whip/Tackle/Synthesis 
    Get her number to have your own personal item slave. She will call you if she
    ever picks up an item from the ground. Go right to fight the balding man.
    Pokefan Brandon: $832
    Snubbull: Level 13
    Bite/Lick/Charm/Tail Whip
    Mareep: Level 13
    At this time, I got my first call from my mother (mind you I had been playing
    for around 12 hours, so much for motherly love). She had bought me an item
    and told me to stop near a PokeMart to find it. A Delivery Man will give you
    the item that she bought you. Don't tip him! Continue up to fight the next
    Youngster Ian: $192
    Mankey: Level 10
    Low Kick/Focus Energy/Scratch
    Diglett: Level 12
    Get the man's number.
    Continue up to find Lyra talking to her grandpa. She plays suck up to him and
    he just continues to stare while she talks. Seriously, he never says a word...
    Afraid her grandpa may be dead, she invites you inside quickly, and uses the
    exact same lines on grandma that she tried on grandpa. The grandmother deduces
    quickly that you are dating Lyra but Lyra completely breaks your heart by 
    stating you are just friends.  
    Grandma: Haha, I know, I know
    What the hell does that mean? Are we not good looking enough to date her? Ugh, 
    the grandmother pisses me off more than the girl! Lyra, feeling sorry for you,
    decides to give you her number; maybe there is hope yet! Or not, she tells her
    grandma it's not happening. Sigh...
    We are at the Day-Care Center, a magical place where magical things happen! I 
    won't bore you with sexual details, but let's just say that when two Pokemon
    of the same egg group are left here (or Ditto because he is a pimp), then they
    can breed an egg. But the Pokemon have to be one male, one female; There is
    none of that stuff in Pokemon! As an added bonus, every step you take while
    your Pokemon are in the Day-Care gives them one EXP point. Eventually, you can
    have Pokemon growing levels just walking around! Right on.
    Apparantly, grandpa was just napping, as he quickly jumps awake and asks for
    your number when you leave. Whatever.
    Go up and fight the camper. If it is late, the police officer will also
    Policeman Keith: $680
    Growlithe: Level 17
    As with Todd, he has other moves but will likely not use him. However, if
    Keith does indeed have Flame Wheel, watch out; With Leer, it will be able to
    faint a lot of Pokemon.
    Camper Todd: $224
    Psyduck: Level 14
    Disable/Water Gun
    I'm almost certain it has Tail Whip and Scratch but it will never use them.
    To the right of Todd is TM 63, Embargo.
    Exchange numbers with Todd and arrive at Goldenrod City! There is a ton to do 
    here, but first, let's make traveling easier! Go all the way up until you hit
    the crossroads of Goldenrod. Turn right and go all the way down the little path
    until you reach a building with a blue roof. This is the Bike Shop! Say yes
    to the pathetic man and receive a free bike! I suggest using the register
    function, which can be found in your bag. Just select the bicycle, click 
    register, and you can now press Y to get on your bike at any time! Right on.
    If you remember the Day-Care on route 34, you can use Goldenrod's huge road
    to just ride your bicycle up and down, gaining EXP for your Pokemon. 
    Eventually, the Bike Shop owner will call you and give you the bike for free,
    as your constant riding has been giving him business.
    You may have noticed there is an unblocked gym here. We will be coming to it 
    shortly, don't worry! But for now, we have more important things to do.
    Let's start by going near the Pokemon Center opening. Just follow it left and
    head down. We will end up at a building with a slanted roof that says 
    "tunnel". Go inside to find Lyra and her Marill. She will tell you about a 
    dress-up shop where you can put accessories on your Pokemon. As if I would do
    that haha ... ha (looks around awkwardly). Anywho, she gives you the Fashion
    Case and leave. Talk to the coward to learn that their are also trainers
    downstairs as well. 
    Super Nerd Eric: $432
    Grimer: Level 11
    Poison Gas/Pound/Harden
    Grimer: Level 11
    Poison Gas/Pound/Harden
    Poke Maniac Issac: $768
    Lickitung: Level 12
    There are different shops run here. It is currently Tuesday, and so today, 
    the older Haircut Brother is available. Giving haircuts to Pokemon will 
    increase their happiness. 
    Super Nerd Teru: $432
    Magnemite: Level 7
    Magnemite: Level 7
    Magnemite: Level 9
    Voltorb: Level 11
    Poke Maniac Donald: $704
    Slowpoke: Level 11
    Slowpoke: Level 11
    Like all Slowpoke users, he refuses to attack me. To the right of Donald is
    the Photo Shop. You can wear a Team Rocket Uniform and get your picture 
    taken. Definitely worth it. The room has accessory drawings for $100 and 
    picture frames in case you want to take a picture. We are done here for now.
    Don't like your Pokemon's nickname? The building next door with the purple
    roof is the Name Raters, not a genies. He can change your Pokemon's nickname 
    if you accidently made a mistake. I know I certainly get so drunk that I name
    my Pokemon ridiculous things (>_>). I don't really know why you would want to
    change nicknames, but go for it if you like. 
    Go down and take the first left you can. Go all the way left to reach the GTS
    or Global Trade Station. I will go much more in-depth later on about this
    building, but know that it lets you trade your Pokemon with anyone around the
    world. Go right and talk to the Team Rocket member if you want. Kind of 
    stupid if you ask me, to just hang around in public like that. Enter the 
    Radio Tower. The lady in the middle is the official lottery number checker. 
    She just checks your Pokemon's ID and see if you win any prizes. That's all. 
    Obviously, this is to promote trading with different people, as the more ID's
    your Pokemon have, the better chance you have to win. The third lady is the 
    Quiz Lady. If you can answer all five of her questions, you win a Radio Card!
    This will allow you to listen to the radio from your POKeGEAR.
    Q: Can you check the Town Map with your Pokegear?
    A: Yes
    Q: NIDORINA can only be female?
    A: Yes
    Q: Kurt, the Poke Ball creator, uses apricots as ingredients?
    A: No
    Q: It's impossible to use a TM on MAGIKARP, True?
    A: Yes
    Q: In Professor Oak's popular show, Pokemon Talk, is he on with Marie?
    A: No
    Congrats! I have won you a - I mean, you have won a Radio Card! JIGGLE JIGGLE!
    After you win, a girl will get all excited and come up to you. "Whitney" will
    tell you it is about time for her to get back to the gym ... what could she
    possibly mean by that? Go upstairs and talk to the girl at the desk, Buena.
    She will give you a Blue Card that will record your points from playing her
    Radio game.
    Go into the building on the far right and talk to the man at the green desk. 
    It's Mr. Game and talk to him twice to receive a Coin Case. Now you can 
    gamble everything away! You can exchange coins you win for prizes from the
    two gentlemen. A Game Corner in-depth guide will be given later on in this
    After a few e-mails, I have decided to add PokeMart item and price listings.
    So head right and enter the extremely tall building. This is the Goldenrod
    PokeMart and it has every item you could want.
    Head up the escalator or elevator to floor two right when you enter. There is
    nothing of interest on floor one. 
    PokeMart Floor 2 Item List
    Potion - $300
    Super Potion - $700
    Hyper Potion - $1200
    Max Potion - $2500
    Revive - $1500
    Antidote - $100
    Paralyz Heal - $200 
    Burn Heal - $250
    Ice Heal - $250
    Awakening - $250
    Full Heal - $600
    Poke Ball - $200
    Great Ball - $600
    Ultra Ball - $1200
    Escape Rope - $550
    Poke Doll - $1000
    Repel - $350
    Super Repel - $500
    Max Repel - $700
    Grass Mail - $50
    Flame Mail - $50
    Bubble Mail - $50
    Space Mail - $50
    Go up to floor 3 to find the next batch of items.
    PokeMart Floor 3 Item List
    X Speed - $350
    X Attack - $500
    X Defend - $550
    Guard Spec. - $700
    Dire Hit - $650
    X Accuracy - $950
    X Special - $350
    X Sp. Def - $350
    The next floor awaits.
    PokeMart Floor 4 Item List
    Protein - $9800
    Iron - $9800
    Calcium - $9800
    Zinc - $9800
    Carbos - $9800
    HP Up - $9800
    Yes these prices are insanely high. But these items are definitely worth the
    cost competitively, as they can be used for quick EV training. Continue up to
    floor 5.
    PokeMart Floor 5 Item List
    TM 70 (Flash)
    TM 17 (Protect)
    TM 53 (False Swipe)
    TM 83 (Natural Gift)
    TM 16 (Light Screen)
    TM 33 (Reflect)
    TM 22 (Solarbeam)
    TM 52 (Focus Blast)
    TM 38 (Fire Blast)
    TM 25 (Thunder)
    TM 14 (Blizzard)
    TM 15 (Hyper Beam)
    If you caught a Drowzee on Route 34, you can trade with the man at the far 
    left of this floor. He will give you a Machop for the Drowzee. Might come in
    handy for the next gym. *Hint Hint*
    The next floor has two people are the counter hosting the "Daily Drawing" for
    $300. Yeah, I'm sure we will win that...
    As it turns out, I won on my first try and got third prize. The prizes vary
    everyday apparantly, so feel free to come back and try them.
    The vending machine also holds the following drinks; Fresh Water for $200, 
    Soda Pop for $300, and Lemonade for $350. The Soda Pop is an excellent deal,
    and I would stock up on as many as those as possible. Super Potions heal less
    for more than twice the cost. What a scam... Take the elevator and talk to
    the lady. Instead of going back to down to the first floor, choose floor 
    "B1F". You will enter the basement of the store. Talk to the guy with the 
    Machoke to free a path, leading to a free Ultra Ball. Talk to the guy to the
    left to open a path that leads to an Ether. Head back to floor "1F" and 
    leaves. We have actually done everything left in this town so heal up if you
    need to and enter the gym.
    Talk to the blind man inside to learn that this is the Normal-Type gym. 
    Ghost-types will excel here if you have them. 
    Go upstairs to fight the first lady.
    Beauty Victoria: $896
    Sentret: Level 9
    Defense Curl/Scratch/Quick Attack
    Sentret: Level 13
    Defense Curl/Scratch/Quick Attack
    Sentret: Level 16
    Defense Curl/Fury Swipes/Quick Attack
    Head back down the stairs and head through the little arch to fight the next
    Beauty Samantha: $896
    Meowth: Level 16
    Pay Day/Bite/Scratch/Growl
    Meowth: Level 16
    Pay Day/Bite/Scratch/Growl
    Go through the top arch to find the next trainer.
    Lass Cathy: $240
    Jigglypuff: Level 15
    Disable/Defense Curl/Sing/Pound
    Jigglypuff: Level 15
    Disable/Defense Curl/Sing/Pound
    Jigglypuff: Level 15
    Disable/Defense Curl/Sing/Pound
    Compared to Lass Cathy, those beautys sure have a lot of extra cash to give 
    out. I wonder what they do in their spare time to make that extra dough...
    Go down and fight the next one. 
    Lass Carrie: $???
    Snubbull: Level 17
    Scary Face/Bite/Lick/Tail Whip
    Go and heal; the gym leader awaits.
    It's Whitney! That lady from the radio station! What a plot twist! Bah, there
    was really no point in introducing her earlier but hey, let's get ready for one
    of the toughest battles up to date!
    Gym Leader Whitney
    My Team:
    |Spearow | Flaffy | Bayleef|
    |Kadabra |        |        |
    Spearow - Level 20
    Aerial Ace/Fury Attack/Pursuit/Leer
    Flaffy - Level 20
    Thundershock/Rock Smash/Cotton Spore/Thunder Wave
    Bayleef - Level 21
    Cut/Synthesis/Razor Leaf/Reflect
    **Kadabra - Level 24
    Teleport/Miracle Eye/Psybeam
    Whitney's Team:
    |Clefairy | Miltank|
    Clefairy - Level 17
    Miltank - Level 19
    Stomp/Milk Drink/Attract/Rollout
    **Short little story: I decided to catch an Abra but instead of training, I 
    left it in Day Care. However, it grew to level 18, therefore skipping out on
    Confusion when I evolved it. So I evolved Abra, put it back in Day Care until
    Level 24, where I learned Psybeam. 
    Apparantly disco isn't dead. Just look at Whitney's opening dance routine!
    Clefairy was extremely easy to defeat. Unless you have bad luck, Metronome will
    usually be useless on Clefairy (she pulled out Boomerang and Earthquake on my
    Spearow while I was waiting to find out her moves). I simply used Leer four
    times and then used Aerial Ace to defeat her without any problem.
    Miltank is where things get a bit more difficult. She has a Lum Berry so using
    Thunder Wave right off the bat with Flaffy was not the best idea. Instead, I
    decided to go with Cotton Spore, in order to allow my other Pokemon to all 
    outspeed Miltank. Of course, Stomp flinched me twice which will be the downfall
    of many Pokemon during this fight. 
    Here comes the good news; Flaffy's special ability is Static, which resulted
    in Miltank being paralyzed the same turn as I had used Cotton Spore. Now, I 
    could Thunder Wave without any worry. And what a job Thunder Wave did. Miltank
    was fully paralyzed as I started to use Rock Smash, slowly lowering Miltank's
    mighty Defense. 
    Although Miltank used a Super Potion and her fair share of Milk Drinks, Miltank
    eventually succumbed to Flaffy's Rock Smash. 
    Now, there is a reason for my success, and I will share a few tips to victory
    with you as well.
    1.) Flaffy was female and this made the battle a whole lot easier. By using
    a female or genderless Pokemon against Miltank, she can not use Attract against
    you, meaning all of your attacks will go through. If you plan on fighting with
    a male Pokemon, this battle gets much harder.
    2.) Lower her stats! By lowering her Speed, I got a quick advantage that 
    allowed me to paralyze her on top of it. You can also lower her Defense with
    moves like Leer or Tail Whip. This gives you a much better shot to 2HKO or OHKO
    Whitney's Miltank. I even used that strategy with Rock Smash!
    3.) Avoid Rollout! It continues to double damage each time it is used, and if
    you can avoid it, it will keep going back to weaker damage. It seems as if
    Whitney likes using Stomp much more in order to flinch you, but regardless, 
    avoid it.
    You do get $2280 for winning but Whitney refuses to give you the badge! Women..
    .. Just try to leave and her friend will stop you. Just talk to Whitney again
    afterwards and you will receive a Plain Badge (which lets you use Strength
    outside of battle) as well as TM 45, Attract. She also mentions something about
    a Pokeathlon Dome. I suggest we take her advice very soon. If you talk to the
    blind man near the entrance, he tells you he missed his battle because he was
    "admiring the trainers". Yeah ... pervert.
    Exit the gym. Our quest for the fourth badge will now begin and it will 
    certainly be long!
    4th Gym: Part 1 0013
    Before we move on to the next route or gym, stop next door to the gym. It is
    the Flower Shop! Talk to the girl and she will tell you about a silly tree
    on Route 36. If you have the Plain Badge from Whitney, she will give you the 
    SquirtBottle (yes, that is what it's called). Enter the visitor pass and talk
    to the guard. He will ask you for a favor. Accept it and you will wind up with
    a level 20 Spearow that has a letter attached. Time to take what we learned 
    from Team Rocket to the test; keep the Spearow for yourself if you don't have
    a good Flying-type left. It will be evolving after one level. If you already
    have a good Flying-type, don't bother stealing it. Just wait until we are ready
    to give the Spearow to the man.
    After passing through, we will find ourselves on Route 35. There are trainers
    to be fought here!
    Picnicker Kim: $240
    Vulpix: Level 15
    Quick Attack/Tail Whip
    Go fight the fools in love, who think Pokemon battling will impress the other.
    Believe me, I have tried many times - showing a woman how amazing you are
    at catching Pokemon without weakening the Pokemon does not arouse them. Nor 
    does defeating young boys in Pokemon battles.  
    Camper Elliot: $240
    Sandshrew: Level 13
    Rapid Spin/Defense Curl/Poison Sting/Scratch
    Marill: Level 15
    Tail Whip/Defense Curl/Rollout
    Picknicker Brooke: $256
    Pikachu: Level 16
    Growl/ThunderShock/Double Team/Quick Attack
    You could avoid the next trainers ... but why?
    Camper Ivan: $224
    Diglett: Level 10
    Zubat: Level 10
    Astonish/Supersonic/Leech Life
    Diglett: Level 14
    Juggler Irwin: $448
    Voltorb: Level 2
    Voltorb: Level 6
    Voltorb: Level 10
    Voltorb: Level 14
    Get Irwin's number. He wants to be your biggest fan. Another man with horns
    in his head is next (that is not a hat!)
    Firebreather Walt: $512
    Magmar: Level 11
    Magmar: Level 16
    Smog/Ember/Smokescreen/Faint Attack
    Get his number. There is a building here that will lead us to that Pokeathlon
    Dome and to the National Park. But let's check out the wildlife first. 
    Nidoran (F) -- Level 12
    Drowzee -- Level 14
    Nidoran (M) -- Level 12
    Abra ---- Level 10
    The Nidorans are finally available but you won't be able to fully evolve them
    without a Moonstone. However, if you can evolve them, you will have an 
    excellent Pokemon that can use a variety of moves, including Earthquake, Ice
    Beam, Thunderbolt, and Flamethrower. I would consider it!
    To the right is another kid. Squash him like a bug.
    Bug Catcher Arnie: $240
    Venonat: Level 15
    He won't attack until you are hit by the status. Just keep attacking him until
    he loses. He then wants your phone number. Continue south to find a Paralyz 
    Heal just sitting there in between some trees. Go further south to find another
    Bird Keeper Bryan: $???
    Pidgey: Level 12
    Gust/Growl/Tackle/Sand Attack
    Pidgeotto: Level 14
    Gust/Growl/Tackle/Sand Attack
    I forgot to look at how much cash he had.
    TM 66, Payback is underneath him. This is a good Dark-type attack that deals 
    more damage if you get hit.
    I haven't made a joke in a while. A man goes to a five dollar lady of the 
    night. The next morning he wakes up and discovers crabs. He goes back to the 
    lady to complain. She says, "Hey, it was only five bucks. What did you expect, 
    lobster?". Ah, the classics.
    Go back to that building that advertised the Pokeathlon and the National Park.
    North is the National Park, and it hosts Bug-Catching Contests every Tuesday,
    Thursday, and Saturday. If it isn't one of those days or you don't talk to the
    guide, we can fight trainers and catch normal Pokemon. I'll go over the rules
    for the contest.
    "Using one of your Pokemon, catch a Bug-type Pokemon to be judged." You will
    then receive 20 Sport Balls, and 20 minutes to catch Pokemon. The trainer with
    the best Bug-type at the end wins the game. You either run out of time, balls,
    or you retire to quit. At the end, you can keep the last Pokemon you catch. 
    Always try to catch the good stuff. Avoid things that are weak and don't try to
    hurt the Pokemon you catch too much, otherwise they lose value. 
    I usually like to catch Scyther but it won't be easy to catch any of the 
    Pokemon without giving them too much damage. After you run out of time, balls, 
    or you just want to retire, you will be judged by a guard in the park. He will
    then announce the three winners.
    I won on my first try and got 1st place with my level 14 Scyther. With a score
    of 344 points, I was awarded a Sun Stone. Believe me though, it won't be as 
    easy as that to win 1st place every time. I have heard unbelievable stories 
    about people who have caught Scythers at full health losing to Caterpies.
    Exit the National Park south again, and come back in. This time, we will 
    experience the real thing. That's right, it is time for some trainer battles!
    Talk to the lady at the far right on the bench. She is a teacher and you have
    been a naughty boy! Time to get the claw - er, actually you are just receiving
    a Quick Claw.
    I just noticed this, but this is some of the best music I have ever heard. I 
    could just sit here for hours listening to this. Oh yeah, Pokemon:
    National Park POKEMON LISTINGS
    Caterpie -- Level 10
    Sunkern --- Level 12
    Meet Sunkern, the Pokemon with the lowest combined stat total ever. That is 
    correct, Sunkern is in fact one of the worst Pokemon ever created. However,
    you can evolve it with a Sun Stone into Sunflora ... who is still terrible
    but a dancing flower is always a great way to hypnotise - er, I mean, impress
    the ladies.
    Straight up from the grass is our first trainer.
    Pokefan Beverly: $1024
    Snubbull: Level 16
    Scary Face/Bite/Lick/Tail Whip
    Get the girl's number to find out that she is another girl attracted to Marill.
    What is it about that blue mouse that makes all the females run to it? Sigh,
    Lyra, I guess I can't get over you yet.
    To the right, in that same area of grass is the next trainer.
    School Kid Jack: $300
    Oddish: Level 12
    Sweet Scent/Acid
    Voltorb: Level 15
    Kid wants to exchange "tips". Sounds like a front for some sort of insider 
    trading. Count me in.
    If you continue up, without stepping in the grass, you will see an opening
    through the gate that surrounds the park. It is right next to a kid who is
    huffing and puffing about the Pokewalker. Glad I didn't use it. Anyway, enter
    the opening and head back south. You may notice a mountain to climb before you
    head south but you can't do it yet, so ... head south. You will receive a 
    Soothe Bell which gives more happiness to the Pokemon holding it. This is a 
    great way to make evolving Pokemon who only evolve through happiness much
    Head all the way back and past where the opening was. Continue left and south
    to eventually reach TM 28, Dig. This is a pretty useless attack but out of
    battle, it basically acts as an Escape Rope whenever you are in a cave or 
    something similar to it. 
    Head back to the opening and this time, go to the left a little and you should
    see a man in the grass. Go down and fight him.
    Pokefan William: $1024
    Raichu: Level 16
    Tail Whip/Quick Attack/ThunderShock
    Go left to fight the next trainer. She'll accuse you of staring at her funny.
    Yeah, like I haven't heard that before.
    Lass Krise: $
    Oddish: Level 14
    Sweet Scent/Acid/PoisonPowder
    Cubone: Level 17
    Headbutt/Bone Club/Focus Energy
    Get her number, she obviously liked how we looked at her. Congrats, you have
    whooped all the trainers here. Head east through the visitor building to
    continue our journey. There is Blu Apricorn to greet you. And a trainer.
    Psychic Mark: $512
    Abra: Level 14
    Kadabra: Level 16
    Abra: Level 14
    If you head south, you can see that there actually was a shortcut from Route
    35 to Route 36. But I like to make things as hard as possible for you, haha!
    Nidoran (F) -- Level 12
    Nidoran (M) -- Level 12
    Growlithe ---- Level 15
    Stantler ----- Level 15
    I always wanted a Growlithe. Although he needs a Fire Stone to evolve into
    Arcanine, Growlithe is just a cool Pokemon and an awesome Fire-type. Yeah, I
    love him. There may be other Pokemon on this route, but I haven't been able to
    confirm it yet. Thanks to Beast9287 for giving me information on Stantler.
    The next trainer awaits.
    School Kid Alan: $340
    Tangela: Level 17
    Sleep Powder/Growth/Absorb
    Get nerd boy's number. If you go to the right, you will find a Flower Shop Girl
    who wants you to destroy some nature. Apparantly she is turned on by watching
    the Tree Pokemon shake in pain when water is poured on it. However, the Tree
    It is actually a Level 20 Sudowoodo. Not very useful, but a fun Pokemon to 
    catch. It honestly isn't hard to catch at all, just use status and weaken it
    like normal. 
    For entertaining her with cruel acts towards a poor defenseless Pokemon, she
    will give you the Berry Pots. She will then give you some berries to use with
    it. The Berry Pots, by the way, if you couldn't read what she said, are used
    to grow berries from any region. 
    As it turns out, Arthur comes on Thursdays. What the hell am I talking about?
    Well, just go right back to the first gym and if there is a man standing next
    to the Rock Smash guy, just talk to him. You will get a Hard Stone. This man
    is jus - wait, Hard Stone? Ugh, I don't like the sound of that. Anyway, dirty
    jokes aside, he is related to other kids who's parents were so uncreative that
    they just named them after a day of the week. And who can bother being creative
    when you get it on so many times that you pop out seven kids. But I digress...
    Head right, past Violet City and back to Route 31. If you remember the guy who
    I mistook for a Snorlax, go and talk to him if you have Kenya, the Spearow. You
    give him the Pokemon, and he gives you TM 44, Rest, in return. Someone please
    check to make sure that this man is not a Snorlax! All signs point to it!
    Go heal up if you need to, we are headed to the fourth gym. Head west back 
    through Violet City and go north from where Sudowoodo was. I usually don't do
    stuff like this, but it has been a long time since a team update, and my team
    has changed considerably. If you recall the Game Corner, I bought a Dratini
    and won a few 10,000 coins. Yeah, I have no life. But anyway, I am saving my
    coins for one of the great TMs they have there, but in the mean time, I trained
    my Dratini up because Dragon Rage is a great move to fight trainers with.
    Anyway, Team Update:
    Flaffy: Level 22
    Thundershock/Cotton Spore/Rock Smash/Thunder Wave
    Spearow: Level 23
    Aerial Ace/Leer/Mirror Move/Pursuit
    Kadabra: Level 24
    Psybeam/Teleport/Miracle Eye
    Bayleef: Level 22
    Magical Leaf/Cut/Reflect/Synthesis
    Dratini: Level 23
    Dragon Rage/Twister/Thunder Wave/Slam
    Growlithe: Level 22
    Ember/Roar/Flame Wheel/Helping Hand
    Day Care is definitely the best way to quickly level.
    4th Gym: Part 2 0014
    This guide may not be reproduced other any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any other website or otherwise distributed
    publicly without my written advanced permission. Use of this guide on any other
    website as a part of any other public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright. 
    Copyright 2010 Luke Miller

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