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    Wi-Fi Plaza Guide by xxrocker

    Version: 1.15 | Updated: 04/19/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     WWW     WWW WWW     WWW       =       FF            =
      WWW   WWW   WWW   WWW        =       FFFFF         =
       WWW WWW     WWW WWW         =       FF            =
        WWWWW       WWWWW      IIIIIIIII   FF        IIIIIIIII
    PPPPPP   LL              AAAAA        ZZZZZZZZZ        AAAAA
    PP   PP  LL             AAA AAA            ZZZZ       AAA AAA
    PP   PP  LL            AAA   AAA          ZZZ        AAA   AAA
    PPPPPP   LL           AAAAAAAAAAA        ZZZ        AAAAAAAAAAA
    PP       LL          AAA       AAA      ZZZ        AAA       AAA
    PP       LL         AAA         AAA   ZZZZ        AAA         AAA
    PP       LLLLLLLLL AAA           AAA  ZZZZZZZZZ  AAA           AAA
            WI-FI PLAZA GUIDE                       =-=-=-=-=-=-=-_'_-'-
    ||  I |     Introduction    ||               VERSION 1.1
    / I01 | Overview /
    The Wi-fi Plaza is a place to show off your tap toy,
    play games, stamp the footprints of your pokemon, chat,
    enjoy different events, check he plaza's news, participate
    in a survey each week, and check where other people are
    located while doing all of it online. 
    |   ===                  ===            6           ===  
    |  ___  |MM      M()MM()M       MMM                 M()MMM
    | / 5 \ |=M       MMMMMM        MMM            MMMMMMMMMMMM
    | \___/                                        M__________MM
    |===()MM M              MM()MMMMMMMMM()M       |____10____|M
    |  ___  |M             MM|          8  |        M()MMMMMMMMM
    | / 4 \ |=            M|9|_____________|       M__________MM
    | \___/                    |____7____|         |____11____|M
    |  ___ |M                     /""""\             M___MMMMM
    | / 3 \|=                   O|  13  |O           / 12\ MMMM
    | \___/                       \____/             \___/ MMMM
    |=====M                       ______         MMMMMMMMMMMMMM
                               \||       ||/
                               |MM      |2|
                               |MM      |=|
    / Key:                                     
    | 1 = Teleporter entrance/exit  |  7 = Information desk
    | 2 = Check-in counter          |  8 = Plaza News
    | 3 = Wobbuffet Pop             |  9 = Plaza Survey box
    | 4 = Mime Jr. Top              |  10 = Black Stamp Board
    | 5 = Swalot Plop               |  11 = White Stamp Board
    | 6 = Pokemon Parade road       |  12 = Player Locations (WorldWise)
    | 13 = Spinning pokemon         |  M = represents grass
    | () = bobblehead/lights        |
    Note: Grass is not in legendary theme. (PL02 - Themes)
    / I03 | Plaza Location  /
    Go inside a pokemon center and go downstairs. On the far left is the Plaza
    Receptionist that looks alot different then the other two. Talk to her
    and she'll bring you to the Plaza Teleporter.
    / VH | Version History /
    Version 1.15 - 4 / 21 / 2010
    - new title.
    - slight adjustments to the map.
    - random grammer and spelling mistakes fixed.
    - created "overview section" (New I01)
    Version 1.12 - 4 / 19 / 2010
    - added which pokefloats do what. (chart)
    - added that Supercheats now also has this guide.
    - added permission notice in the Contact info.
    Version 1.1 - 4 / 11 / 2010
    - Created more accurate map with 3 more symbols.
    - added 2 new back and front pokefloat moves.
    - added more info to communication section.
    - new section outlines.
    Version 1.05 - 4 / 9 / 2010
    - Corrected pokefloat pokemon from Magneton to Magnezone.
    - added PL10. (Visitor Profiles)
    - added PL11. (GI counter/Information Desk)
    - added some extra info to the survey box, footprint stamps,
    and also 1 new topic to the Plaza News Info.
    Version 1.00 - 4 / 8 / 2010
    - Created Introduction along with I01, and I02.
    - Created Version History and Table of Contents.
    - Created Plaza Section with PL01 through PL09.
    - Created Closing Info with CI01, and CI02.
    /TC01 | Table of Contents /
    / Introduction                 |     I
    |    - Overview                |    I01
    |    - Map                     |    I02
    |    - Plaza Location          |    I03
    |Version History               |     VH
    |The Plaza                     |     PL
    |   - Tap Toys                 |    PL01
    |   - Themes                   |    PL02
    |   - Games                    |    PL03
    |   - Footprint stamps         |    PL04
    |   - Plaza News               |    PL05
    |   - Ending of the Plaza      |    PL06
    |   - Check in counter         |    PL07
    |   - Survey box               |    PL08
    |   - Communicating            |    PL09
    |   - Visitor Profiles         |    PL10
    |   - GI counter/Info Desk     |    PL11
    |Closing Info                  |     CI
    |   - Contact Information      |    CI01
    |   - Copyright                |    CI02 
    ||  PL |    THE PLAZA      ||
    / PL01 |    Tap Toys   /
    {Obtaining Tap toys}
    1.Talk to someone with a different tap toy and click "tap toy" when the 
    option appears.
    2.When you walk into the Plaza, the check-in woman will give you a tap toy, 
    here are the possible tap toys you could get:
    Ripple 01, Whirl 01, Drum 01, Bell 01, Sparkle 01, Balloon 01, Signal 01, 
    Cymbal 01, Pop 01.
    R=Red, B=Blue, Y=Yellow, P=Purple, and W=White
    Below is the Taptoy's |Name|level|Effect|Color| in that order
    |Ripple|Lvl. 01|Creates 3 ripples twice around you|Red|
    |Ripple|Lvl. 02|Creates 3 purple and Y ripples around you twice|Yellow|
    |Ripple|Lvl. 03|Creates 3 purple, Y, and B ripple around you twice|Blue|
    |Drum|Lvl. 01|Creates 2 notes around you 2 times|Red|
    |Drum|Lvl. 02|Creates 3 notes around you 3 times|Yellow|
    |Drum|Lvl. 03|Creates 4 notes around you 3 times|Blue|
    |Balloon|Lvl. 01|Lifts you up in the air, then pops|Red|
    |Balloon|Lvl. 02|2 balloons lift you in the air, then spread out|R, and Y|
    |Balloon|Lvl. 03|3 balloons lift you in the air, then spread out|R, Y, and B|
    |Signal|Lvl. 01|Creates 4 purple flashes of light 6 times|Red|
    |Signal|Lvl. 02|Creates 4 purple and Y flashes of light each 3 times|Yellow|
    |Signal|Lvl. 03|Creates 4 purple , Y and B flashes of light each 2 times|Blue|
    |Cymbal|Lvl. 01|Creates 2 notes and 2 clashes twice|Red|
    |Cymbal|Lvl. 02|Creates 2 notes (new colors) and 2 clashes twice|Yellow|
    |Cymbal|Lvl. 03|Creates 4 notes and 2 clashes twice|Blue|
    |Sparkle|Lvl. 01|Creates confetti of it's colors|White and red|
    |Sparkle|Lvl. 02|Creates confetti of it's colors|White, red, and yellow|
    |Sparkle|Lvl. 03|Creates confetti of it's colors|White, red, yellow, and blue|
    |Bell|Lvl. 01|Creates 2 notes upward twice|Red|
    |Bell|Lvl. 02|Creates 3 notes upward twice|Yellow|
    |Bell|Lvl. 03|Creates 4 notes upward three times|Blue|
    |Whirl|Lvl. 01|4 flashes of lights spin around you|Red|
    |Whirl|Lvl. 02|4 lights spin around you changing from P to Y|Yellow|
    |Whirl|Lvl. 03|4 lights spin around you changing from P, to Y, to B|Blue|
    |Pop|Lvl. 01|Shoots R and W streamers in front of you|Red and White|
    |Pop|Lvl. 02|Shoots two sets of streamers of its color|R, W, and Y|
    |Pop|Lvl. 03|Shoots three sets of streamers of its color|R, W, Y, and B|
    {Upgrading Tap toys}
    Each tap toy can get upgraded to level 3 max
    To upgrade a Tap toy, you can either;
    1. pop 10 balloons as a group in Wobuffet Pop
    2. Win first place in Mime Jr. Top
    3. Win first place in Swalot Plop
    / PL02 |    Themes      /
    Themes effect what objects are in the plaza and what the pokefloat 
    pokemon are. To tell what the theme is, look at the color around the
    edge of the plaza.
    There are five types of themes;
    {Grass Theme (It's color is green)}
    Objects: Bobble heads will be scattered around of grass pokemon like 
    Bulbasaur, turtwig, and chikorita.
    Pokefloat pokemon: The pattern is Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur, Carnivine [Repeat]
    {Water Theme (blue)}
    Objects: Bobble heads will be scattered around of water pokemon Squirtle,
    and piplup
    Pokefloat pokemon: Piplup, Piplup, Gyrados [Repeat]
    {Electric Theme (yellow)}
    Objects: Bobble heads will be scattered around of Electric pokemon like
    plusle, minun, and pikachu
    Pokefloat pokemon: Pikachu, Pikachu, Magnezone [Repeat]
    {Fire Theme (red)}
    Objects: Bobble heads will be scattered around of Fire pokemon like
    charmander, and torchic
    Pokefloat pokemon: Torchic, Torchic, Charizard [Repeat]
    {Legendary Theme (shiny floor)}
    Objects: Lights that spin when you press them
    Pokefloat pokemon: Mew [Repeat]
    / PL03 |    Games    /
    There are three games over to the left of the Plaza,
    Swalot Plop, Mime Jr. Top, and Wobuffet Pop.
    {Swalot Plop}
    Objective: Use the stylus to flick berries into the swalot's mouth,
    the player at the end with the most points wins and get a tap toy upgrade.
    The game: A swalot will rotate around while you have to try throwing 
    berries in its mouth. After halfway through, the swalot will slowing keep 
    opening and closing it's mouth.
    Tips: You don't lose points so you can rapidly flick berries at swalot.
    {Mime Jr. Top}
    Objective: Use your stylus to spin the  ball and keep mime jr. on it,
    the player at the end with the most points wins and get a tap toy upgrade.
    The game: Mime Jr. will start out falling backwards or forward. A few
    seconds later a spotlight will shine on him, then some clapping hands
    come in and he'll start also spinning left or right.
    Tips: Move the stylus mainly the other way of which mime Jr. is falling.
    |_direction falling_=_direction pull towards_
    |     backwards     =         down
    |      forward      =          up
    |   forward-left    =  (Diagonal) up-right
    | backwards-right   =       down-left
    {Wobuffet Pop}
    Objective: Blow up as many balloons as you can within the time limit,
    If you group pops 10 balloons, you'll each earn a tap toy upgrade.
    The game: Use the pump on the bottom of the screen to blow up the
    Tips: Try pulling down the pump directly in the middle for maximum air.
    Try having your air hit either a medium spoink or a large spoink to give 
    you a boost, hitting a small spoink can make the air less effective or not 
    effective at all.
    / PL04 | FootPrint Stamps /
    There are two Footprint stamp boards, one white, one black.
    When you are in the footprint stamping board, there will be stamps at
    the bottom of the screen. These are determined by your pokemon
    as they are their footprints.
    Up to 8 people can be on each board at a time. (That usually never happens)
    A player will teleport to the footprint stamp board if they access it. Also if
    you're wondering, the reason people teleport is because if you were able
    to see where they really are and if it effected you, no more than 1 person
    could join games or get on the pokemon float they want.
    If a person joins you while you're stamping, it will show their name and
    what footprint stamp they're using.
    / PL05 | Plaza News  /
    The plaza news will inform you on whats going on in the plaza.
    Plaza News can display three things at a time.
    These are the possible information (I will So for a person)
    1. So and So are chatting...
    2. So shared a gift with So...
    3. So joined blk or wht stamp board, still room for x more...
    4. So is checking plaza news...
    5. So and So are in play or So, So and So are in play or
    So, So, So and So are in play...
    6. So is checking visitor profiles...
    7. So is seeking players, room for x more...
    8. So has won... (At a game)
    The plaza news also tells you the time left in the plaza in the top left.
    When the time reaches red, you can no longer play games.
    / PL06 | Ending of the Plaza /
    When it gets dark with lights and when the time is in red, (Plaza news)
    the games will then be closed. But it is a good time to show off your tap toy.
    After a few minutes of lighting show, next comes the firework show.
    The holes in the ground where the light was coming from will now shoot
    out fireworks. This will go on for about another 2 minutes, then you'll hear
    some party music that the parade is here. You can go back to the themes
    section to see what pokemon will appear. But there is also things you can
    do on the float. If your in front, depending on the pokemon you got on.
    You can press the button on the bottom screen to either;
    Front:                 Middle:                  Back:
    1.Breath fire          1.Shake pokemon only     1.Electrify
    2.Shoot water                                   2.Sparkle effect
    3.Pokemon "cry" (voice)                         3.Flap wings
    4.Creates Vines                                 4.Spins tail
    5.Electricity                                   5.Shakes tail
    6.Opens mouth (wide)                            6.Spins wings
    These are listed by the numbers above.
    |          | Front | Middle | Back |
    |Bulbusaur |  #4   |   #1   |  #4  |
    |Carnivine |  #6   |   #1   |  #5  |
    |Piplup    |  #2   |   #1   |  #6  |
    |Gyrados   |  #2   |   #1   |  #5  |
    |Pikachu   |  #3   |   #1   |  #5  |
    |Magnezone |  #5   |NoMiddle|  #1  |
    |Torchic   |  #1   |   #1   |  #5  |
    |Charizard |  #1   |   #1   |  #3  |
    |Mew       |  #3   |   #1   |  #2  |
    The float will then take you out of the plaza and back to the receptionist's
    counter. Don't worry, you can go right back in immediately
    / PL07 | Check-in Counter /
    When you enter through the teleporter, you will move forward and the
    Check-in person will give a random tap toy. (see PL01 for list)
    Then she will ask what type you are today, you can scroll through the list
    and pick 1 or 2 types. (or none at all)
    Then she'll send you on your way to the plaza.
    / PL08 | Survey Box  /
    Every week, a new survey will be posted for the survey box.
    Select your answer and then come back later during the lighting effect.
    When they are ready, then survey man will start jumping.
    When you check them, it will show the results and the answer you chose.
    You can also view last week's survey.
    By this, I guess you can determine what kind of people your with in the
    If you talk to the man next to the survey box he will give a brief
    description of the box then ask if you want to know more.
    / PL09 | Communicating  /
    People in the plaza will be scattered around.
    Options:When you talk to someone, you both say hello (it is translated)
    Then you'll have two options and cancel.
    /   Tap Toys  \
    |   Chat      |
    \ _Cancel_____/  
    Choosing tap toys, you will recieve his/her tap toy.
    Choosing Chat will give you a few questions to ask the person you're
    chatting with. After you ask them the qeustion, you'll both answer.
    If you go into chat again, a new series of questions appear.
    Cancel will obviously stop the conversation and say goodbye.
    It's kind of annoying too when people randomly stop you when you
    try doing something. If they talk to you, and you keep pressing A then
    they can automatically get your tap toy. If you don't want them to copy
    your tap toy, then wait a little bit, then it will say "somethings come up".
    It will then teleport the player back to their original location.
    / PL10 | Visitor Profiles  /
    The Visitor Profiles shows you the Generic location and time
    of the people in the plaza.
    For the bottom screen you can use the direction pad or your stylus
    to move around the globe. Use the A button or tap the globe
    to zoom in to make it easier to select the location with X button.
    If you notice the top screen, when you slect an area it will tell
    you the Country, then the state/province/territory/etc...
    Also occasionally a balloon will pass by on top. The balloon also
    changes depending on what type of day it is on the locations you
    Note: You must choose at least one location to have a balloon
    / PL11 | GI counter/Info Desk /
    GI stands for General Inquiries
    There is a girl and a guy at the desk. The girl will give you some info
    on some of the stuff in the plaza such as tap toys, games, visitor
    profiles, news, footprint stamp, plaza survey and time events.
    The guy will greet you to the plaza then tell you what he
    recommends. (He usually recommends games)
    ||  CI |   Closing Info    ||
    / CI01 | Contact Information /
    Please only contact me for information on the Guide
    -spelling mistakes
    -missing information
    -incorrect information
    -additions to the guide
    My email is: Karmeleon1993 [at] yahoo [dot] com
    If you do submit Info/notify me of something to add, I will credit you in
    the version history next to the info you posted.
    If someone individual asks me for this guide I'll probabaly say no.
    But if a site asks me, I will look at the site and give whoever their
    / CI02 | Copyright  /
    This Guide Is Copyrighted to myself, xxrocker.
    Started version 1.00 on 4 / 6 / 2010, finished V. 1.00 on 4 / 8 / 2010.
    Use this guide for personal use only, do not sell it to others, and do not 
    reproduce this guide for any reasons at all.
    (Money, your undeserved credit, etc...) These following sites are
    allowed to use this guide.
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    - http://www.gamespot.com/
    - http://www.supercheats.com/

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