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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dmon2

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    Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Version Walkthrough
    by Matt Johnson
    Version 1.00 - May 2, 2010
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    0. Table of Contents
    0. Table of Contents
    1. The Stuff Everyone Oughta Care About If They Want To Succeed.........[ltitw]
    1a. Legal Info..........................................................[isuyu]
    1b. Knowing Pokemon.....................................................[htptg]
    1c. Nature List.........................................................[tfnia]
    1d. Type Matchups.......................................................[hthse]
    1e. Major Status Effects................................................[spcds]
    2. It's Been Ten Years..................................................[lolhi]
    3. The Mystery Egg of Mr. Pokemon.......................................[owcib]
    3a. New Bark Town - Winds of a New Beginning............................[rlstr]
    3b. Cherrygrove City - The City of Fragrant Flowers.....................[ngitt]
    4. The First Badge......................................................[zfrbj]
    4a. Violet City - The City of Nostalgic Scents..........................[fgitc]
    4b. Sprout Tower........................................................[sprtr]
    4c. Boss: Falkner.......................................................[frkws]
    5. The Second Badge.....................................................[hyvbj]
    5a. Ruins of Alph.......................................................[annon]
    5b. Union Cave..........................................................[gpirg]
    5c. Azalea Town - Living Happily With Pokemon...........................[wagnt]
    5d. Slowpoke Well.......................................................[nrepo]
    5e. Boss: Proton........................................................[cnbgn]
    5f. Vs. Silver: Azalea Town.............................................[pwnzr]
    5g. Boss: Bugsy.........................................................[ymnbo]
    6. The Third Badge......................................................[plnbj]
    6a. Ilex Forest.........................................................[hotpc]
    6b. Goldenrod City - A Happening Big City...............................[trtam]
    6c. Goldenrod City Department Store.....................................[wuhuu]
    6d. Boss: Whitney.......................................................[mmvnt]
    7. The Fourth Badge.....................................................[fogbj]
    7a. Ecruteak City - A Historical City...................................[tmleg]
    7b. Vs. Silver: Burned Tower............................................[pwnd2]
    7c. Burned Tower........................................................[ttftg]
    7d. Boss: Morty.........................................................[rlcsk]
    8. The Fifth Badge......................................................[srmbj]
    8a. Cross-Country Surfing...............................................[ytnil]
    8b. To the Lighthouse!..................................................[jisfs]
    8c. Olivine City - The Port with Sea Breezes............................[oysgt]
    8d. Olivine Lighthouse..................................................[satgl]
    8e. The Path Across the Sea.............................................[gjsyl]
    8f. Cianwood City - A Port of Crashing Waves............................[ttkaf]
    8g. Boss: Chuck.........................................................[jtswn]
    9. The Sixth Badge......................................................[mrlbj]
    9a. Super New Johto Route Fun Time......................................[nigas]
    9b. Boss: Jasmine.......................................................[ipsmn]
    10. The Seventh Badge...................................................[gsrbj]
    10a. Mt. Mortar.........................................................[nrctw]
    10b. Mahogany Town - Home of the Ninja..................................[wtfwn]
    10c. The Lake of Rage...................................................[ronrh]
    10d. Infiltrating the Totally Not Suspicious Souvenir Shop..............[nntba]
    10e. Boss: Petrel.......................................................[srtre]
    10f. Boss: Ariana & Team Rocket Grunt...................................[hffep]
    10g. Boss: Pryce........................................................[ymnbt]
    11. The Eighth Badge....................................................[rsnbj]
    11a. Team Rocket's Last Stand...........................................[npjwi]
    11b. Boss: Petrel.......................................................[ftosw]
    11c. Vs. Silver: Goldenrod Underground..................................[pwnd3]
    11d. Boss: Proton.......................................................[oftdt]
    11e. Boss: Ariana.......................................................[nuagn]
    11f. Boss: Archer.......................................................[jsstw]
    11g. The Icy Trek of Not Lame...........................................[rtmpg]
    11h. Blackthorn City - A Quiet Mountain Retreat.........................[iaftg]
    11i. East Side Cleanup..................................................[pwshm]
    11j. Boss: Clair........................................................[cikos]
    11k. Dragon's Den.......................................................[ciadw]
    12. The Path to the Pokemon League......................................[noaae]
    12a. Waterfall Play.....................................................[krnr2]
    12b. Boss: The Kimono Girls.............................................[znmsk]
    12c. Bell Tower.........................................................[stwgl]
    12c1. Boss: Ho-Oh.......................................................[nahag]
    12d. Whirl Islands......................................................[sfehd]
    12d1. Boss: Lugia.......................................................[gihtl]
    12e. Welcome to Kanto!..................................................[pswhc]
    12f. Vs. Silver: Victory Road...........................................[pwnd4]
    12g. The Elite Four & Champion..........................................[wkbkl]
    13. The Ninth Badge.....................................................[tdrbj]
    13a. Fast Ship S.S. Aqua - Olivine to Vermilion.........................[jootp]
    13b. Vermilion City - The Port of Exquisite Sunsets.....................[ncffl]
    13c. Boss. Lt. Surge....................................................[feeuu]
    14. Badges Ten and Eleven...............................................[mrsno]
    14a. No Tea This Time...................................................[gtscy]
    14b. Boss: Sabrina......................................................[lwshc]
    14c. The Power Plant Mist-ery...........................................[cscbj]
    14d. Boss: Misty........................................................[twfpq]
    15. The Twelfth Badge...................................................[solbj]
    15a. Rock Tunnel and Route 8............................................[rktre]
    15b. Silence Bridge to Fuchsia..........................................[rttaf]
    15c. Boss: Janine.......................................................[wbthf]
    16. Kanto Cleanup.......................................................[fgsse]
    16a. Celadon City Department Store......................................[nrawh]
    16b. Boss: Erika........................................................[ksglp]
    16c. Intermission.......................................................[cradc]
    16d. Boss: Brock........................................................[bdrbj]
    16e. From Pewter to Cerulean............................................[rtamm]
    16f. Vs. Silver: Mt. Moon...............................................[pwnd5]
    16g. Viridian Forest and Route 1........................................[yatta]
    16h. Seafoam Islands....................................................[ytbib]
    16i. Boss: Blaine.......................................................[vcnbj]
    16j. Boss: Blue.........................................................[rthbj]
    17. The End.............................................................[umsfr]
    17a. Cerulean Cave......................................................[mltud]
    17b. Boss: Lance & Clair................................................[pwnd6]
    17c. Vs. Silver: Indigo Plateau.........................................[pwnd7]
    17d. Elite Four, Round 2................................................[lkbkw]
    17e. Mt. Silver.........................................................[nerwl]
    17f. Boss: Red..........................................................[lgrbn]
    18. In-Game Events......................................................[gceap]
    18a. In-Game Trades.....................................................[rsnmc]
    19. The Safari Zone.....................................................[nbtta]
    20. Bug-Catching Contest................................................[tthsa]
    21. The Battle Frontier.................................................[oatef]
    21a. Battle Castle......................................................[scphk]
    21b. Battle Hall........................................................[opbtb]
    21c. Battle Tower.......................................................[gihtp]
    21d. Battle Factory.....................................................[tiaed]
    21e. Battle Arcade......................................................[tpisa]
    22. Pokeathlon..........................................................[lashd]
    22a. Pokeathlon Prizes..................................................[pcesd]
    22b. Creating a Winner..................................................[lklke]
    23. S.S. Aqua Return Trips..............................................[gtgap]
    24. Fighting Dojo.......................................................[gptlu]
    24a. Falkner............................................................[mjftn]
    24b. Bugsy..............................................................[owbtl]
    24c. Whitney............................................................[olwkp]
    24d. Morty..............................................................[osogf]
    24e. Chuck..............................................................[tcaim]
    24f. Jasmine............................................................[towra]
    24g. Pryce..............................................................[ntctt]
    24h. Clair..............................................................[epofa]
    24i. Blaine.............................................................[cfaaa]
    24j. Blue...............................................................[citcc]
    24k. Brock..............................................................[rtths]
    24l. Erika..............................................................[qbnzp]
    24m. Janine.............................................................[ecgir]
    24n. Lt. Surge..........................................................[oyfto]
    24o. Misty..............................................................[kwsdp]
    24p. Sabrina............................................................[hlars]
    25. Master Lists........................................................[mtssl]
    25a. Daily Activities...................................................[oweui]
    25b. Shiny Leaves.......................................................[ftsbw]
    25c. Pokemon Swarms.....................................................[ofwwh]
    25d. Abilities..........................................................[zzhng]
    25e. TMs and HMs........................................................[olnkt]
    25f. Apricorns..........................................................[imtgg]
    26. Competitive Battling 101............................................[widnt]
    26a. Individual Values and Characteristics..............................[nqtlt]
    26b. Effort Values and EV Training......................................[osfdq]
    27. Pal Park............................................................[ifrtd]
    28. The Pokewalker......................................................[stgfl]
    28a. Poke Radar.........................................................[nlaty]
    28a1. Battling..........................................................[fachg]
    28b. Pokewalker Routes..................................................[tsfto]
    29. Version History.....................................................[wtidd]
    30. Acknowledgements....................................................[thx2u]
    1. The Stuff Everyone Oughta Care About If They Want To Succeed         [ltitw]
    Before I get into the actual guide, there are numerous things that you, dear
    reader, should know. Most of this is basic Pokemon information, but some of it
    is explanations of some of the terms I use in the guide.
    This is mainly geared towards the newest of new players, meaning if you've
    played a Pokemon game at all that isn't called Red, Blue, Yellow, or Stadium,
    you probably don't need to know any of this stuff. Skip directly to the next
    1a. Legal Info                                                          [isuyu]
    This document is copyright (c) 2010 by Matt Johnson. However, all trademarks
    and copyrights found in this document are owned by their respective copyright
    and trademark holders. No infringement of copyright is intended. This document
    may be printed, in part or in whole, for personal use ONLY.
    The following sites have my permission to post this walkthrough:
    GameFAQs       - http://www.gamefaqs.com
    PokeBeach      - http://www.pokebeach.com
    Only these guys will be allowed to post this document, so please don't ask.
    Check GameFAQs for the most recent updates. Also, if you e-mail me, it's
    important that you let me know what game you need help with. Since I also have
    walkthroughs for other games, please specify which game you need help with.
    If you don't want to e-mail me, you can always find me as PMJ on PB Forums:
    Sign up, it's free.
    1b. Knowing Pokemon                                                     [htptg]
    Each Pokemon has either one or two of 17 types: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Grass,
    Ghost, Ground, Electric, Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic,
    Rock, Steel, and Water.
    No Pokemon currently has two of the same type, but who knows? It may happen
    Pokemon have seven core stats: Level (in this guide, L for short), Hit Points
    (HP), Attack (ATK), Defense (DEF), Special Attack (SP.ATK), Special Defense
    (SP.DEF), and Speed (SPD).
    A Pokemon's Level is a relative gauge of strength. The higher the Pokemon's
    Level, the stronger that Pokemon is. HP shows how much punishment your Pokemon
    can take. If at any time its HP is reduced to 0, it faints and can no longer
    battle until it is brought back to life. ATK and SP.ATK are used for attacking
    purposes. The higher the stat, the more damage the Pokemon is capable of
    inflicting. DEF and SP.DEF reduce damage done to your Pokemon - the higher the
    stat, the less damage your Pokemon will take. SPD determines who goes first in
    a battle. Whoever has the higher SPD goes first - it's that simple. In the
    event of a tie, it's essentially a coin flip - 50% chance to go first. Each of
    these stats can go as high as 999 (Level caps at 100), but you will never see
    any stat anywhere near that high.
    Pokemon also have two hidden stats: accuracy and evasion. Accuracy affects the
    opponent; evasion affects you.
    Pokemon can have up to four moves with which to attack the opponent. Each move
    is classified into one of the 17 types, and is further classified into three
    sub-types: physical (shown by orange symbol), special (shown by purple symbol),
    and status (shown by gray symbol). Physical attacks do more damage if the
    user's ATK is high. DEF is factored in when taking physical damage.
    A high SP.ATK will yield more damage from special-based moves. When being
    attacked by a special move, SP.DEF is used instead of DEF.
    Status moves do not do direct damage, but change the status of the Pokemon in
    play. Some such moves might increase a user's ATK by any number of stages, or
    inflict a status effect on the opponent.
    A "stage" in Pokemon is one point on a scale that goes from -6 to +6. Stages
    represent percentages that serve as modifiers when determining damage of an
    attack, or if an attack will hit. When attacking, stage percentages are
    multiplied by the attack strength of a move (its "base power"). Here are all
    the multipliers for attacking:
    -6: x0.25       +1: x1.5
    -5: x0.2857     +2: x2.0
    -4: x0.3333     +3: x2.5            As you can see, stage boosts are very
    -3: x0.4        +4: x3.0            straightforward; stage reductions are not
    -2: x0.5        +5: x3.5            as clear cut.
    -1: x0.6667     +6: x4.0
    Pokemon moves have accuracy, from as low as 30 to as high as 100. For all
    intents and purposes, these can be treated as percentages; a move with 30
    accuracy has a 30% to hit the opponent, whereas a move with 100 accuracy will
    never miss unless one of the two Pokemon has an accuracy or evasion modifier.
    Accuracy and evasion have their own multipliers. This is what accuracy looks
    -6: x0.3333     +1: x1.3333
    -5: x0.375      +2: x1.6666
    -4: x0.4285     +3: x2.0            Evasion modifiers are the same thing,
    -3: x0.5        +4: x2.3333         except reversed.
    -2: x0.6        +5: x2.6666
    -1: x0.75       +6: x3.0
    Pokemon moves have Power Points (PP) that tell you how many times a move can be
    used. When PP fall to zero, that move can no longer be used. Some items restore
    PP, but they're fairly rare. The most common method of PP restoration is
    healing at a Pokemon Center.
    When a Pokemon uses a move that is the same type as the Pokemon's type, its
    base power is multiplied by 1.5x. This is called "Same Type Attack Bonus," or
    STAB for short.
    For example, Chikorita is a Grass-type. If it uses Energy Ball, a Grass-type
    attack with 80 base power, STAB will increase it to 120 (80 x 1.5 = 120).
    STAB is incredibly important - you should always have a STAB option on your
    Pokemon grow through Experience (Exp.) which is gained by participating in
    battles against other Pokemon. When a Pokemon is defeated, Exp. Points are
    awarded to any Pokemon that was in that battle. Points are divided evenly by
    the number of combatants. For example, if 300 Exp. Points are awarded, and 2
    Pokemon took part, each of them would get 150 Exp. If only one Pokemon was in
    the battle, that Pokemon gets the entire 300 Points.
    When a Pokemon gets a certain amount of Exp., it will level up.
    Pokemon grow further through evolution. There are numerous methods of
    evolution, the most common of which is simply through leveling up. When a
    Pokemon gets to that Level, it will try to evolve at the battle's end. If you
    press B, you can halt the evolution. This can be wise because Pokemon will
    learn more powerful moves much earlier than if they had been allowed to evolve;
    Pokemon get a big boost in each of their core stats upon evolution, however.
    Should you choose to halt the evolution, the Pokemon will try to evolve once it
    levels up. Keep in mind that Levels max out at 100, so if your Pokemon is L100,
    evolves by leveling up, and still hasn't evolved fully, you are out of luck.
    Each Pokemon has its own happiness rating that basically determines how much
    your Pokemon likes you. Some Pokemon, like Golbat, evolve if it has a certain
    happiness rating when it levels up. Happiness is increased through many
    different methods found in the game. A happy Pokemon won't do better in battle
    than a Pokemon who hates you, but for Pokemon like Golbat where happiness is
    key, it's important to know how you can increase it effectively.
    1c. Nature List                                                         [tfnia]
    Each Pokemon also has one of 25 natures that will change a Pokemon's core stats
    (except HP). Each stat is increased or reduced by 10%. For example, a Lonely
    nature increases ATK by 10% and reduce DEF by 10%.
    Generally speaking, it is a bad idea to use a Pokemon with a neutral nature
    (one of the ones that increase and decrease the same stat), but for the
    purposes of playing the main story, it doesn't really matter.
      Hardy: (no change)        Bold: +DEF -ATK            Timid: +SPD -ATK
     Lonely: +ATK -DEF        Docile: (no change)          Hasty: +SPD -DEF
      Brave: +ATK -SPD       Relaxed: +DEF -SPD          Serious: (no change)
    Adamant: +ATK -SP.ATK     Impish: +DEF -SP.ATK         Jolly: +SPD -SP.ATK
    Naughty: +ATK -SP.DEF        Lax: +DEF -SP.DEF         Naive: +SPD -SP.DEF
                 Modest: +SP.ATK -ATK           Calm: +SP.DEF -ATK
                   Mild: +SP.ATK -DEF         Gentle: +SP.DEF -DEF
                  Quiet: +SP.ATK -SPD          Sassy: +SP.DEF -SPD
                Bashful: (no change)         Careful: +SP.DEF -SP.ATK
                   Rash: +SP.ATK -SP.DEF      Quirky: (no change)
    1d. Type Matchups                                                       [hthse]
    Each type has its own stats, as well. All types are either weak to, resistant
    to, or immune to certain other types.
    When a Pokemon attacks an opponent with a move the opponent is weak to, the
    base power of the move is multiplied by 2. Let's say Chikorita uses Energy Ball
    on Totodile, a Water-type. Water is weak to Grass, so the base power is
    doubled. Chikorita's Energy Ball already has 120 base power due to STAB - this
    is doubled due to weakness for a total of 240 base power. Without STAB, this
    would only have 160 base power, which is a phenomenal difference in strength.
    When a Pokemon attacks an opponent with a move the opponent resists, the base
    power of the move is multiplied by 0.5. Let's say that somehow, Totodile
    survived Chikorita's Energy Ball and he retaliates with Surf, a Water-type
    attack with 95 base power. Totodile and Surf share the same type, so the base
    power is first increased to 142 (Pokemon always rounds down when decimals are
    involved). Grass resists Water, so the base power is reduced to 71.
    If a Pokemon has two types, both of those types' weaknesses and resistances are
    factored in when determining the base power. Let's say Chikorita attacks
    Quagsire, a Water/Ground-type, with Energy Ball. Ground is also weak to Grass,
    so this is really going to hurt. First, the 120 base power (thanks to STAB) is
    doubled because Water is weak to Grass, for a total of 240. This is doubled
    _again_ thanks to the Ground weakness for a grand total of 480 base power,
    which is obscene and all but guarantees certain death.
    On the other side of that coin, let's say Chikorita attacks Jumpluff, a
    Grass/Flying-type, with Energy Ball. Both Grass and Flying resist Grass. The
    120 base power is halved first to 60 base power for the Grass resist and then
    halved again for the Flying resist for a total of a measly 30 base power.
    Finally, we'll have Chikorita attack Gyarados, a Water/Flying type. Water is
    weak to Grass, but Grass resists it. This results in neutral damage - the 120
    base power is doubled to 240 because of the Water weakness, but halved to 120
    because of the Flying resistance.
    When a Pokemon attacks an opponent with a move the opponent is immune to, the
    attack does absolutely nothing. No damage, no effects, nothing.
    Here is a list of each of the 17 types and their weaknesses (W), resistances
    (R), and immunities (I):
    BUG                                    FIRE
    ---                                    ----
    W: Fire, Flying, Rock                  W: Ground, Rock, Water
    R: Fighting, Grass, Ground, Poison     R: Bug, Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel
    I: none                                I: none
    DARK                                   FLYING
    ----                                   ------
    W: Bug, Fighting                       W: Electric, Ice, Rock
    R: Dark, Ghost                         R: Bug, Grass, Fighting
    I: Psychic                             I: Ground
    DRAGON                                 ICE
    ------                                 ---
    W: Dragon, Ice                         W: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
    R: Electric, Fire, Grass, Water        R: Ice
    I: none                                I: none
    GRASS                                  NORMAL
    -----                                  ------
    W: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison      W: Fighting
    R: Electric, Grass, Ground, Water      R: none
    I: none                                I: Ghost
    GHOST                                  POISON
    -----                                  ------
    W: Dark, Ghost                         W: Ground, Psychic
    R: Bug, Poison                         R: Bug, Fighting, Grass, Poison
    I: Fighting, Normal                    I: none
    GROUND                                 PSYCHIC
    ------                                 -------
    W: Grass, Ice, Water                   W: Bug, Dark, Ghost
    R: Poison, Rock                        R: Fighting, Psychic
    I: Electric                            I: none
    ELECTRIC                               ROCK
    --------                               ----
    W: Ground                              W: Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water
    R: Electric, Flying, Steel             R: Fire, Flying, Normal
    I: none                                I: none
    FIGHTING                               WATER
    --------                               -----
    W: Flying, Psychic                     W: Electric, Grass
    R: Bug, Dark, Rock                     R: Fire, Ice, Steel, Water
    I: none                                I: none
    W: Fire, Fighting, Ground
    R: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Grass, Ghost, Flying, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel
    I: Poison
    1e. Major Status Effects                                                [spcds]
    There are six major status effects: burned (BRN), fainted (FNT), frozen (FRZ),
    paralyzed (PAR), poisoned (PSN), and asleep (SLP). These are major status
    effects because your Pokemon can only be affected by one of them at any given
    time. If your Pokemon is affected by any of them, you'll see it quite easily in
    battle or in the menu. Each of them have their own methods of curing, but all
    of them can be cured by healing at a Pokemon Center or depositing the afflicted
    Pokemon in a PC Box.
    Any burned Pokemon will suffer an ATK decrease of 50%. It also loses 1/8 of its
    maximum HP between turns.
    How to heal: Burn Heal, Full Heal, Full Restore, Heal Powder, Lum Berry, Rawst
    Confusion is not a major status effect, but it's just as dangerous, so I'm
    listing it here. When a confused Pokemon tries to attack, it will either hit
    itself (50% chance), hit the opponent as normal but remain confused (25%
    chance), or shake off the confusion and attack as normal (25% chance). You will
    be experiencing this throughout the whole entire game, so get used to it.
    How to heal: Full Heal, Full Restore, Heal Powder, Lum Berry, Persim Berry
    A Pokemon that has fainted cannot be used in battle. If it knows any Hidden
    Machines (HMs), it can still use them out of battle.
    How to heal: Max Revive, Rare Candy (L99 or lower), Revival Herb, Revive
    A frozen Pokemon can't do anything. If it's hit by Flamethrower or Fire Blast,
    the frozen Pokemon will thaw. If the frozen Pokemon uses Flame Wheel or Sacred
    Fire, the frozen Pokemon will thaw. This effect will wear off in a random
    number of turns, sometimes immediately.
    How to heal: Aspear Berry, Full Heal, Full Restore, Heal Powder, Ice Heal, Lum
    One of the worst status effects to have. A paralyzed Pokemon has its SPD
    reduced by 75%. In addition to this, there is a 25% chance each turn that the
    Pokemon will be "fully paralyzed" and unable to move for that turn.
    How to heal: Cheri Berry, Full Heal, Full Restore, Heal Powder, Lum Berry,
                 Parlyz Heal, or be hit by the move Smellingsalt
    If your Pokemon gets poisoned, it will lose 1/16 of its maximum HP between
    turns. Outside of battle, this Pokemon will lose 1 HP for every 4 steps you
    How to heal: Antidote, Full Heal, Full Restore, Heal Powder, Lum Berry, Pecha
                 Berry, or have the poisoned Pokemon's HP drop to 1 in the field
    Sleeping Pokemon can't do anything except use the move Sleep Talk or Snore. If
    the user fell asleep by the use of Rest, it will wake up in 2 turns. In all
    other cases, will wake up after a preset amount of turns, to a 4 turn maximum.
    How to heal: Awakening, Chesto Berry, Full Heal, Full Restore, Heal Powder, Lum
                 Berry, or be hit by the move Wake-Up Slap
    2. It's Been Ten Years...                                               [lolhi]
    * Start the game.
    Yeah, okay, I said I wasn't going to do this again, but I decided that I would
    do this service to you, the Pokemon players of the world. I don't really see
    how anyone could need to be walked through a Pokemon game, but some people
    really do appreciate it. Plus, I like to think that my overall lightheartedness
    when I write makes for an enjoyable experience, you know?
    Enough about that. On with the show!
    Whoops. One more thing. Since I'm playing HeartGold, this walkthrough is
    written from HeartGold's point of view - there may be slight differences in the
    guide if you're playing SoulSilver, but they shouldn't be so major that you
    become lost, and I'll be pointing out those differences when they arise. Okay,
    now on with the show.
    When you first start the game, you will be asked by a text box if you need
    help. If you do, tap either of the selections available to learn the basics on
    how to play. When you're done (or if you don't need any help), tap "No Info
    You'll see a button on the bottom screen that says "Touch." You can use this to
    scroll through the text here instead of pressing A, so sit through Professor
    Oak's speech. Choose which gender you want to play as, and give yourself a
    name. You will encounter the other character over the course of the game. The
    boy's name is Ethan, and the girl's name is Lyra. I'm playing as the male, so
    I'll be referring to that second character as Lyra throughout this guide.
    You'll then be thrust into the world of Pokemon!
    3. The Mystery Egg of Mr. Pokemon                                       [owcib]
    * Get acquainted with the game's controls.
    * Get your first Pokemon.
    * Investigate Mr. Pokemon's discovery.
    When you get control of your character, you won't be able to do anything except
    walk around. You can examine the PC for a letter from Lyra, but that's it. Go
    downstairs and your mom will give you your bag, Trainer Card, and the ability
    to save (she's quite powerful). She also gives you the Options menu, which you
    should utilize right now to customize your game to your liking.
    The only option not self-explanatory would be the "Battle Style" option.
    "Shift" means you get an option to switch your Pokemon out whenever the
    opponent's Pokemon dies; "Set" means their next Pokemon will be sent out
    automatically after a KO. "L=A" in the "Button Mode" just means you can use L
    Button as you would A Button - confirm a choice, progress text, etc.
    There are 20 frames to choose from. I use number seven.
    Don't forget to Confirm when you're done.
    I'd take this opportunity to save. Go ahead and step outside!
    3a. New Bark Town - Winds of a New Beginning                            [rlstr]
    Leave your house, and you'll be approached by a Marill. A girl will emerge from
    the building nearby; Marill will go to her, and the two will head off-screen.
    Head into the building you saw the girl exit from and talk to the guy at the
    top of the room. This be Professor Elm, authority on Pokemon in Johto. During
    his talk with you, he receives an email from one "Mr. Pokemon" who claims he
    has something awesome. Elm speculates it's just a Pokemon Egg, but he sends you
    to go check it out anyway. To make sure you don't get ravaged by the oh-so-
    dangerous wild Pokemon out there, Elm allows you to take one of the three
    Pokemon located to your right.
    Each Pokemon is good in their own way. None of the three Pokemon gain a second
    type at all; they'll be Grass, Water, and Fire their entire lives. Chikorita is
    a somewhat defensive Pokemon with stats to match. Cyndaquil and Totodile are
    both powerhouses in their own right, but the Water type is a better attacking
    type than Fire, so Totodile players will have an easier time.
    It should be noted that Chikorita players will have a tougher time against the
    first two Gyms than other players.
    Whichever one you want to have, take one and be on your way. Before you leave,
    one of Elm's aides will fork over five Potions. You can find them by tapping
    the Bag icon, then the Medicine Pocket icon (second from left). You can take
    the time to acquaint yourself with the location of each of these pockets, as
    you can switch between any of them with just a tap.
    Now you are finally ready to head out into the world.
    When you leave, Lyra will stop you and comment on your new Pokemon. She
    suggests you show it to your mom. You _have_ to do this, as much as you might
    not want to. Head home and talk to your mom, who will give you the Pokegear.
    Your mom will then ask you if you remember how to place a call. To call
    someone, tap the Pokegear icon. you can choose a name on your list of phone
    numbers, then choose to "Call" them. It's that easy.
    The button next to the phone icon lets you change the background of the
    Pokegear. Instantly I picked the Team Rocket background. You should, too.
    o--------------------------o  Try to leave town and Elm will stop you to give
    | ROUTE 29 POKEMON LISTING |  you his phone number before finally, _finally_
    o--------------------------o  letting you go off on your own.
    | Rattata        (all day) |
    | Pidgey     (morning/day) |  Head west to Route 29. You can't catch anything
    | Sentret    (morning/day) |  yet, so just kill any Pokemon that run into you.
    | Hoothoot         (night) |
                                  Cherrygrove City is a short walk west, but if
    o--------------------------o  you like, you can head north to Route 46 about
    | ROUTE 46 POKEMON LISTING |  halfway through the route. Most of this route is
    |      ROUTE 29 SIDE       |  inaccessible to you because it's blocked by
    o--------------------------o  ledges. You won't be coming back this way for a
    | Geodude        (all day) |  long time, but there are some new Pokemon you
    | Rattata        (all day) |  won't be able to find until later.
    | Spearow    (morning/day) |
    3b. Cherrygrove City - The City of Fragrant Flowers                     [ngitt]
    As you enter the city, an old guy--the Guide Gent--will show you around, noting
    the important locations around the city. When you reach his house, he'll give
    you some Running Shoes as a token of goodwill. Sweet.
    A new icon has appeared on the Touch Screen. If you tap it, you will dash as
    long as that button is pressed. Tap it again and you will resume walking.
    Alternatively, you can utilize the tried-and-true method of holding B Button to
    Check out the Poke Mart, and take note of their stock. Most shops will carry
    the same items no matter where you go; as you progress, more items will be
    available to you. Pick up a couple Potions if you need to, then leave north out
    of the city, only to be stopped again by the Guide Gent. He'll give you a Map
    Card for the Pokegear, and then leave. People in Johto sure are forgetful...
    o----------------------------o  At this point in the game, you'll start to see
    |  ROUTE 30 POKEMON LISTING  |  version-exclusive Pokemon. Those found only in
    o----------------------------o  HeartGold will be shown with HG next to their
    | Hoothoot           (night) |  catch times, and any Pokemon that is only in
    | Pidgey       (HG, all day) |  SoulSilver will have SS next to their catch
    | Caterpie (HG, morning/day) |  times.
    | Metapod  (HG, morning/day) |
    | Spinarak       (HG, night) |  A Potion is in clear view, so pick it up.
    | Ledyba       (SS, morning) |
    | Kakuna   (SS, morning/day) |  Enter the nearby house to the north and talk to
    | Pidgey   (SS, morning/day) |  the man for an Apricorn Box. Now you can pick
    | Weedle   (SS, morning/day) |  Apricorns from the trees scattered all over.
    | Hoothoot       (SS, night) |
    | Rattata        (SS, night) |  Go ahead and try it on the tree outside. It's a
    o----------------------------o  Grn Apricorn.
    Now that you have a Key Item, you should learn about registering items. A new
    change to Pokemon games in general - you can now register two Key Items. Both
    items will be shown on the Touch Screen, above the shoes icon. The first item
    you register will be able to be used by pressing Y Button, or tapping the icon.
    The second item will have to be tapped in order to use it. By registering the
    Apricorn Box, you can see how many Apricorns you have at a glance.
    Just above this part you will see two Trainers in a heated battle. They're
    taking up the entire road, so you can't pass. Go up the other side.
    Continue up the path and you'll spot an Antidote to your left. North of here,
    the path will split into two. Continue north, staying on the right side of the
    path and you will eventually reach Mr. Pokemon's house. There's a Pnk Apricorn
    next to his house. Steal it and enter. Mr. Pokemon will give you a Pokemon Egg
    (this is a Key Item) to show to Professor Elm. He'll then heal your Pokemon,
    and Professor Oak takes over. He notices your Pokemon and gives you a Pokedex.
    Now you can record data on new monsters you encounter. Then Oak forces his
    number on you in a _completely_ non-creepy way.
    As soon as you leave, Elm calls you with bad news...? Better get back home.
    Head to Cherrygrove, then heal and save.
    When you leave the city, you'll come across the person who was peering into
    Elm's lab at the beginning of the game. He will challenge you to a battle,
    using the Pokemon available at Elm's lab that has a type advantage against
    yours. You should have gained a few Levels at this point, so this fight should
    not be difficult at all. You should also have a surplus of Potions that will
    help you, should you need it.
    Hurry back home and see what Elm wants.
    Upon entering the lab, it is revealed that a Pokemon has been stolen! Travesty!
    You get blamed because, according to the officer, whoever did it will return to
    the site. Lyra bursts onto the scene and defends your honor - there was a red-
    haired boy looking into the building! Realizing his error, the officer asks if
    you caught the young man's name, and it is at this point you can name your
    rival. I named him Silver, so he will be referred to as such throughout this
    The officer and Lyra leave, and Elm remembers the reason he let you out in the
    first place - Mr. Pokemon's discovery. You will hand him the Egg and Elm will
    shrug it off, the total opposite of his reaction in Gold and Silver. I guess
    after ten years, Pokemon Eggs just aren't cool anymore.
    Elm will freak out that Oak gave you a Pokedex, so he suggests you go lay waste
    to the Gyms in Johto. You might even become the Champion!
    ...Or not! Ha ha.
    Elm tells you to go talk to your mom after this; you can skip it if you want
    to. She will ask you if you want to send a little money (specifically, 1/4 of
    your winnings) to her every time you earn some. If you die a lot, you might
    want to consider it. Otherwise, just tell her to shove off and she won't save a
    thing. You can come back at any time and switch to savings mode, so don't worry
    about letting her down now.
    As I said before, you can ignore her completely; she'll call you when you get a
    little past Mr. Pokemon's house, and you can drop the bad news on her then.
    I really think you should keep your funds to yourself. Since dolls are no
    longer in the game, your mom will buy stupid things like Super Potions and
    Repels for you. When your mom buys you something, head to any Poke Mart and
    talk to the dude by the shelf for the item.
    If you try to leave New Bark Town, Lyra will stop you dead and drag you to the
    field. She and Marill will then go hop around a bunch, then say "Just like
    Yes, Lyra, you were way too fast. This time, she drags you into the field with
    her and shows you how to catch a Pokemon. Really, she just got lucky. You won't
    usually be able to capture something at the HP level she does, which she
    mentions. Lyra then gives you 5 Poke Balls, which you may use to attempt
    catching whatever you like. Then she leaves, and you're free to go about your
    Poke Balls are now available in shops all over the country, and each Poke Mart
    now has a secondary shop that sells special Poke Balls and Mail. I'll be
    covering each secondary shop in each town and city, but the general Mart wares
    remain the same, so there's no point in writing it down each time.
    Fun fact: Deposit a Pokemon in the PC to completely cure it.
    Your mission now is to conquer the Johto region's eight Gyms. The first one is
    in Violet City, which is west of Mr. Pokemon's house. Get going.
    4. The First Badge                                                      [zfrbj]
    * Ascend Sprout Tower.
    * Earn your first Badge.
    Yep! That's it! It's all fighting from now until you are one Badge closer to
    challenging the Elite Four.
    Head into Elm's lab and heal your Pokemon if you need to. When you leave the
    lab, examine the tile where Silver was standing for a Potion. Go back to the
    place where those Trainers were fighting each other. They're done now, so you
    can pass... just as soon as you fight one of them.
    Youngster Joey*
    Rattata L4
    When you beat him, he will offer his phone number. Some Trainers will do this
    upon defeat. Some will want a rematch, others will have other things for you.
    In this guide, those Trainers will be marked with an asterisk (*) next to their
    Regardless of the numbers you get, everyone who isn't a part of the storyline
    (and Lyra) will call you occasionally with an absolutely worthless call, such
    as this call I just received from a dude you'll fight a little later:
    This is Anthony, how are ya?
    Oh yeah, I was battling this
    RATTATA the other day...
    It took off when I got distracted by a
    passing Beauty.
    Learn from my mistake--always stay
    focused on the job at hand!
    All right then!
    Be good!
    ...... ......
    Useless. When your Pokegear rings, tap the Pokegear icon to answer it. Unless
    you call them, most of them will tell you dumb crap like I have shown above. If
    you can ignore 32 rings, they will hang up.
    Continue on your way towards Violet City.
    Youngster Mikey                  Stand to the right of the Trainer Tips sign,
    Pidgey L2, Rattata L4            take 4 steps right, and press A for a Potion.
    Bug Catcher Don                  Shortly after this point, your mom will
    Caterpie L3 x2                   call you if you didn't talk to her when you
    $48                              were in New Bark Town. Again, I strongly
                                     suggest not letting her anywhere near your
    money, unless you like her spending it without your approval. No matter what
    you tell her, continue up to Route 31.
    o----------------------------o  Next to the cave is a Potion. If you really
    |  ROUTE 31 POKEMON LISTING  |  want to catch a Zubat, enter Dark Cave and
    o----------------------------o  wander around until you find one. You can't see
    | Bellsprout       (all day) |  where you're going, so I won't cover that cave
    | Pidgey       (morning/day) |  until you have the ability to do so. Continue
    | Hoothoot           (night) |  west. Take the Blk Apricorn from the tree, and
    | Rattata            (night) |  fight this kid down below.
    | Caterpie (HG, morning/day) |
    | Metapod  (HG, morning/day) |  Bug Catcher Wade*
    | Spinarak       (HG, night) |  Caterpie L2 x3, Weedle L3
    | Ledyba       (SS, morning) |  $32
    | Weedle   (SS, morning/day) |
    | Kakuna   (SS, morning/day) |  Wade is someone whose number you should get.
    o----------------------------o  He'll occasionally have Berries for you.
    To Wade's right is a Poke Ball. After you defeat him, it's just a little bit
    more to Violet City. When you enter the building separating the city from the
    route, Lyra will stop you and wonder how you managed to pass her. As a reward
    for "surprising" her, she will hand you the Vs. Recorder. This nifty little
    tool can record a battle held between two people, or at the Sinnoh--I mean
    Johto--Battle Frontier much later in the game. Then she takes off, so now
    you're free to enter the city.
    4a. Violet City - The City of Nostalgic Scents                          [fgitc]
    You'll see a guy standing by the Pokemon Center. He'll trade you a specific set
    of Berries for specific Shards. More specifically:
    Red    - Cheri, Pecha, Leppa (Set A)
    Blue   - Oran, Chesto, Wiki (Set B)
    Yellow - Aspear, Sitrus, Iapapa (Set C)
    Green  - Rawst, Lum, Aguav (Set D)
    You don't have any Shards yet, so ignore this dude for now. Head into the
    Pokemon Center. Upstairs on the left is a person who will ask you what Trainer
    you are most like. This is the sprite people will see you as in the Union Room.
    Choose whatever one you like. On the first floor, next to the PC, is a guy
    named Primo who wants you to tell him what you think about him. I have no idea
    what this dude is for, so have fun with him. Heal up and get out.
    To your left, you'll see a house with a purple roof. In it is a boy who will
    trade his Onix for your Bellsprout. Onix will help against the Gym here,
    especially if you picked Chikorita. You can catch Bellsprout on Route 31, just
    out of the city. Onix is nicknamed Rocky, has a Hasty nature, and is holding a
    Persim Berry. He, like any other Pokemon received from an in-game trade, will
    be whatever level Bellsprout is at the time of trade - if Bellsprout is L3,
    Onix will also be L3.
    Onix also makes a good HM slave (a Pokemon who can learn multiple HMs), and can
    learn the HM you're about to get. If you don't want to take up one of your main
    team members' move slots, Onix will happily shoulder the burden. I suggest
    doing this trade.
    Directly north, at the end of the street, is the Pokemon School. You can make a
    group here. No idea what that's for, either.
    o------------------o  Now go west, past the Gym and the Poke Mart, then up and
    | VIOLET CITY SHOP |  left out of the city to Route 36. There are two people
    o------------------o  here. Talk to the fat guy on the left and he will give
    | Tunnel Mail..$50 |  you HM06, Rock Smash. You can't use this out of battle
    | Heal Ball...$300 |  yet, but it's still good to get it now since you can
    | Net Ball...$1000 |  still use it _in_ battle.
                          A note: If it's Thursday, you'll see a kid in glasses
    between the two people normally found on this route. This is Arthur, and he'll
    give you a Hard Stone, which powers up Rock attacks. He'll be here every
    Go back to the Pokemon School and head north from there, to Sprout Tower. When
    you get to the little part in the water, stand to the left of the left lantern.
    Take three steps left and face up. Press A for a Poke Ball.
    4b. Sprout Tower                                                        [sprtr]
    o------------------------------o  Run to the second floor. Encounters will
    | SPROUT TOWER POKEMON LISTING |  start now. Head right to begin.
    | Rattata            (all day) |  Sage Nico
    | Gastly               (night) |  Bellsprout L3 x3
    o------------------------------o  $144
    Go down the ladder near Nico. Head down for a Parlyz Heal, then left.
    Sage Chow                Go up the ladder here. Above you is an X Accuracy.
    Bellsprout L3 x3         Then, go down.
    Sage Edmond              Go up the ladder to his right.
    Bellsprout L3 x3         Just a few more guys and you'll have this tower beat.
    Sage Jin                 Sage Neal                 Sage Troy
    Bellsprout L6            Bellsprout L6             Bellsprout L7, Hoothoot L7
    $288                     $288                      $336
    Head past Troy and you'll see Silver, who's just beaten the elder. He receives
    a Technical Machine (TM) and uses an Escape Rope to get out. The item ball you
    see on the ground is an Escape Rope, so pick it up. Heal, save, and talk to the
    old guy:
    Elder Li
    Bellsprout L7 x2, Hoothoot L10
    This fight can be a little difficult if you chose Totodile, and slightly more
    difficult if you chose Chikorita, but your other party members should be able
    to handle it. If you caught a Pidgey or Spearow, their Flying-type attacks will
    make short work of Bellsprout. Onix can shrug off Hoothoot's attacks quite
    easily, or you can just batter him with Chikorita's Razor Leaf since it is
    stronger than Tackle, even though it's not very effective. If you've been
    burning this place to the ground with Cyndaquil, he will probably evolve after
    this battle if you haven't been using anyone else.
    After you win, you will receive TM70, Flash, for your trouble. This move will
    light up dark caves when used out of battle, and reduces the foe's accuracy
    when used in battle. Remember, TMs can only be used once!
    Warp on out of here.
    After you heal up at the Pokemon Center, head to the Gym.
    4c. Boss: Falkner                                                       [frkws]
    Step on the platform-thing in the middle to be carried into the air. Falkner
    has two cronies, both of which you can completely skip by utilizing the
    transparent floor. That is a huge waste of Experience (and it's not like
    they're hard to beat anyway), so just kill them.
    Bird Keeper Abe               Bird Keeper Rod
    Spearow L9                    Pidgey L7 x2
    $288                          $224
    That wasn't so hard, was it? Heal and save before you fight Falkner.
    Falkner's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o  Chikorita's Level: 16      Money: $1560
    |      Pidgey L9 |  Pidgeotto L13 |  ---------------------
    |        Tackle  |          Gust  |  I'm playing a Chikorita solo, which means
    |   Sand-Attack  |         Roost  |  the only Pokemon I'm going to be using is
    |                |        Tackle  |  Chikorita. Not Meganium, Chikorita. No
    |                |                |  evolving for the whole game! This was a
    o----------------o----------------o  really difficult fight for me to win;
                                         Pidgeotto outsped me and Roosted away what
    little damage I could do to it. Sand-Attack did me no favors, either, and Keen
    Eye rendered Flash totally worthless. Fortunately for you, you probably aren't
    doing a Chikorita solo, so you won't have nearly as much trouble as I did.
    Falkner's Pidgey is no threat. Just slap it around and it will die. Falkner's
    notorious Pidgeotto is still of an illegal level (sort of)... this battle
    should not be difficult at all if you have any Pokemon not named Chikorita or
    Falkner's special technique is Roost. It's a Flying-type move that restores 50%
    of the user's maximum HP. If the user is a Flying-type, the Flying-type is
    removed for the duration of the turn. This means you would be able to hit a
    Flying-type with a Ground-type move, which normally does 0 damage. Remember
    that Roost's effect only works if the Pokemon using it goes first. If you are
    having trouble with this battle, Onix can make short work of Pidgey and
    Pidgeotto. At the very least, he will resist their Flying-type attacks, leaving
    you time to heal up.
    Ground Falkner's birds and you will earn the Zephyr Badge, the ability to use
    Rock Smash out of battle, and TM51, Roost.
    5. The Second Badge                                                     [hyvbj]
    * Become a Pokemon babysitter.
    * Trek to Azalea Town.
    * Meet Team Rocket.
    * Defeat Silver.
    * Earn your second Badge.
    Now that you have one Badge, all shops will now carry Super Potions,
    Awakenings, Burn Heals, Ice Heals, Escape Ropes, and Repels. Repels are very
    important when you're in the field and can't be bothered fighting any Pokemon,
    and you need to get back to town quickly. Get a bunch. Pick up a couple Escape
    Ropes too, for good measure - you will actually need one a little later.
    When you exit the Gym, Elm will call you and tell you that he sent an aide to
    the Poke Mart. He wants you to take that Egg you delivered earlier.
    Head there and get the Egg. When you leave, a weird girl will come up to you
    and tell you to take care of that Egg. Hatching an Egg is as easy as walking
    around with it. After a certain number of steps, it will hatch. A Togepi is
    inside this particular Egg.
    Whenever Togepi hatches, take it back to Professor Elm. Put it in the front of
    your party and speak to him for an Everstone.
    Smash the rock in front of the Trainer's School. On this path, examine the last
    tile for a Hyper Potion.
    If today is Tuesday, walk back to Route 29. You'll find a girl here, Tuscany,
    and she'll give you a TwistedSpoon. It's important that you speak to her at
    your earliest convenience so you can start getting their ribbons.
    Heal yourself and leave south out of the city. Pick the Ylw Apricorn and Route
    32 officially begins a short walk later. Head left through the building and
    you'll be in the Ruins of Alph.
    5a. Ruins of Alph                                                       [annon]
    Make sure you have someone that knows Rock Smash. If you have the Toys'R'Us
    special event Arceus, or any Arceus from the Hall of Origin in Sinnoh, you can
    obtain baby legendary Pokemon! See section 18 for details.
    Right as you leave, you'll see a sign that says "Ruins of Alph." Stand to the
    left of this sign and take three steps down. Examine the rock for a Great Ball.
    Follow the path north. Skip all the buildings you see and you'll see three
    breakable rocks near the north exit.
    Whenever you see rocks like these, you may find prizes in the rubble. Usually
    these are fossils or Shards that you can keep until later, or trade to the guy
    outside Violet City's Pokemon Center. You might find Pokemon in there, too.
    You can do this as long as you like; just enter the building and exit, and the
    rocks will have respawned.
    Break the leftmost of these three rocks and examine the rock it was blocking
    for a Rare Candy. From that spot, take two steps right, six steps down, then
    head left to a hidden area where you can bust your way to a Hyper Potion.
    Back on the main path, head south. There are two buildings - an entrance on one
    of them is blocked. Stand in front of the entrance that is blocked. Take one
    step down and face left. Press A for a TinyMushroom. Go into the open building
    and find that it is actually a path that you can follow to an actual building.
    Go to the back of the room in the center. Use an Escape Rope and a secret room
    will open up. In this room is a Heal Powder, an Oran Berry, a Pecha Berry, and
    an EnergyPowder. For the most part, they're all worthless, but you can't
    complain about free stuff. If you fall down the hole at the top of the room
    (don't), you will be in a secret room with words written on the floor. It
    Falling down the next hole will take you to the main area, which you will be
    entering soon enough. Just leave the way you came and stand on the altar in the
    center of the room.
    o---------------------o  You will have to assemble the pieces of the puzzle
    | Alph Puzzle: Kabuto |  here in order to unlock a secret. Here is the entire
    o---------------------o  puzzle board as you see it in-game:
    *   A  B  C  D  *        The asterisks represent blank spots. The letters
    E  01 02 03 04  I        represent the default location of the puzzle pieces
    F  05 06 07 08  J        you need to put in the puzzle, and the numbers
    G  09 10 11 12  K        represent the 16 spots where the pieces go. Most of
    H  13 14 15 16  L        the pieces are already filled in for you, so this
    *   M  N  O  P  *        particular puzzle is very easy.
    To pick up a piece, tap and hold it with your stylus. Move it to the desired
    location, and release to drop the piece. To turn the pieces, double tap the
    piece. For example, if in the solution it says "H-2(1)", you would move the
    piece at spot H to empty spot 2. The number in parentheses represents how many
    times you have to flip the piece before it's in the correct position. In this
    case, piece H would need to be flipped just once.
    Here's the solution to the Kabuto puzzle:
    H-2(1), E-6(3), P-9(3), J-11(2)
    When you solve it, the floor will open beneath you, and you'll be in the main
    area. A guy will give you the Unown Report, which you can look at to check out
    all the different shapes of Unown you have captured (there are 28 of them; one
    for each letter of the alphabet, plus ! and ?). There are four puzzles in the
    Ruins of Alph that you must complete in order to unlock more shapes of Unown,
    but this is the only one you can access right now
    You'll start running into wild Unown now, so fight your way to the center of
    the room where the ladder is to be brought back to the surface. Leave and
    follow the path east back to Route 32.
    5b. Union Cave                                                          [gpirg]
    o----------------------------o  To get to Azalea Town, we'll have to pass
    |  ROUTE 32 POKEMON LISTING  |  through Union Cave, which is found south of
    o----------------------------o  here. The path is pretty straightforward right
    | Bellsprout       (all day) |  now, so just go south. A guy will give you a
    | Mareep           (all day) |  Miracle Seed, which Chikorita or Bellsprout can
    | Hoppip       (morning/day) |  make nice use of.
    | Zubat      (morning/night) |
    | Wooper             (night) |  Youngster Albert
    | Rattata      (HG, all day) |  Rattata L6, Zubat L8
    | Ekans        (SS, all day) |  $128
    | Rattata  (SS, morning/day) |
    o----------------------------o  To the left of him is a Repel. A little down
                                    and to the right, you'll see a girl who won't
    fight you unless you speak to her.
    Picnicker Liz*
    NidoranF L8                 When you get to the stairs, take a right.
    Fisherman Henry             Fisherman Justin             Fisherman Ralph*
    Poliwag L8 x2               Magikarp L5 x3/L15           Goldeen L10
    $256                        $160                         $320
    Youngster Gordon            Go left, up the stairs, and into the grass to your
    Wooper L10                  left for TM09, Bullet Seed. This physical-based
    $160                        Grass move hits the foe 2-5 times. Then go straight
    Camper Roland
    NidoranM L9                 A Great Ball can be found to his right, on the
    $144                        other side of the trees.
    Now go down past Gordon and you'll see a Pokemon Center. If it's Friday, a girl
    will be on the path just above it. She'll give you a Poison Barb, which powers
    up Poison moves.
    You can go downstairs in Pokemon Centers now; do so and get your Pal Pad. This
    will be used to store Friend Codes of people you meet. To get your own Friend
    Code, connect to Nintendo WFC.
    Talk to the fisherman on the ground floor and say yes for an Old Rod.
    You now have a new method of finding Pokemon!
    The Old Rod mainly catches Magikarp. However, if you're that desperate for
    certain Pokemon, you can use it to get certain other Pokemon that the spots
    you've already visited:
    Cherrygrove City: Krabby
       New Bark Town: Tentacool
            Route 30: Poliwag
            Route 31: Poliwag
            Route 32: Tentacool
       Ruins of Alph: Poliwag
         Violet City: Poliwag
    They're very rare, though, so you might want to wait until you get a better
    rod. From now on, any Pokemon you can capture with the Old Rod that isn't
    called Magikarp will be displayed in each location's Pokemon listing with the
    tag "(fishing)."
    You should register the Old Rod to the #1 spot and keep the Apricorn Box at #2.
    Incidentally, the balding man next to him will give you two Lure Balls if you
    say yes, and refer you to Kurt in Azalea Town who can make more. Lure Balls
    have triple effectiveness when used against Pokemon snared by a rod. Heal up
    and get out of here.
    Bird Keeper Peter
    Pidgey L6 x2, Spearow L8
    Down and to the right of him is a rock you can smash. It is blocking a Shell
    Bell, which will heal the user a little bit every time it damages an enemy. Now
    you can enter Union Cave, but before you do, stand near the entrance in the
    upper left corner. Face down and press A for a Great Ball. Head inside.
    o----------------------------o  Head left until you reach a fork. Get the X
    | UNION CAVE POKEMON LISTING |  Attack that's in plain view, then go up the
    o----------------------------o  other side.
    |  Geodude         (all day) |
    |  Onix            (all day) |  Firebreather Ray
    |  Rattata         (all day) |  Vulpix L9
    |  Zubat           (all day) |  $288
    |  Goldeen         (fishing) |
    |  Sandshrew   (HG, all day) |  Go down the steps here. Head left for TM39,
    o----------------------------o  Rock Tomb. This is a physical-based Rock-type
                                    move that lowers SPD if it hits. Examine the
    lone rock in the middle of the path for an X Speed. To the north lies an X
    Defend. Go back upstairs and head straight down, then continue east.
    Hiker Daniel             Hiker Russel               When you are traveling down
    Onix L11                 Geodude L4/L6/L8           the path after you fight
    $352                     $256                       Russel, you will see a gap
                                                        between the second and
    third rocks. Stand in between them and examin the wall for a Great Ball.
    Firebreather Bill
    Koffing L6 x2
    Near him is a Great Ball. Go left from that spot. You'll see a large rock in a
    corner. Examine it for a Parlyz Heal. Continuing left, go between the rocks
    above the water for a Potion, then go south once you're back on the main path.
    Poke Maniac Larry
    Slowpoke L11
    Continue all the way right, then down. Near the exit is an Awakening.
    o--------------------------o  For whatever reason, it's raining on Route 33, so
    | ROUTE 33 POKEMON LISTING |  it will be raining in any battles you do on this
    o--------------------------o  route.
    | Rattata        (all day) |
    | Hoppip     (morning/day) |  Go down a little bit and you'll see a Pnk
    | Spearow    (morning/day) |  Apricorn tree and a Blk Apricorn tree. Pick them
    | Zubat    (morning/night) |  both and go left for one last battle.
    | Ekans      (SS, all day) |
    o--------------------------o  Hiker Anthony*
                                  Geodude L11, Machop L11
    5c. Azalea Town - Living Happily With Pokemon                           [wagnt]
    When you enter the town, a dude will get harassed by a thug in black.
    o------------------o  That's the highlight of excitement in this town. There
    | AZALEA TOWN SHOP |  isn't anything else to do here except head straight for
    o------------------o  Kurt's house. It's at the far west end of the town.
    | Bloom Mail...$50 |  There's a Wht Apricorn tree next to it, and I don't see
    | Heal Ball...$300 |  Kurt's name on it.
    | Net Ball...$1000 |
    o------------------o  Talk to Kurt (the old guy) and he'll head for Slowpoke
                          Well, the spot the guy in black was blocking when you got
    to the town. Stock up on healing items and go after him, but before you do,
    examine the pile of firewood in front of the house to the right of the Gym for
    a Full Heal.
    5d. Slowpoke Well                                                       [nrepo]
    o-------------------------------o  Enter the next room. Encounters will start
    | Slowpoke            (all day) |  The path to the end could not be more
    | Zubat               (all day) |  straightforward.
    | Goldeen             (fishing) |
    o-------------------------------o  Team Rocket Grunt
                                       Rattata L9 x2
    Go up and left for a Super         $360
    Team Rocket Grunt                  Go straight down to the bottom level and
    Zubat L9, Ekans L11                around to the small rock which has a hidden
    $440                               Super Potion in it. Then go back and left.
    Team Rocket Grunt
    Rattata L7, Zubat L9 x2
    Heal and save before you talk to the dude at the end.
    5e. Boss: Proton                                                        [cnbgn]
    Proton's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o  Chikorita's Level: 22      Money: $480
    |       Zubat L8 |    Koffing L12 |  ---------------------
    |    Leech Life  |          Smog  |  What kind of name is "Proton," anyway?
    |    Supersonic  |        Tackle  |
    |                |    Poison Gas  |  Anyway, he's not that hard to beat - he's
    |                |   SmokeScreen  |  barely worthy of "boss" status, but the
    o----------------o----------------o  game makes a big deal out of him, so I
                                         will, too.
    Proton's team consists of only two
    Pokemon, both of which are easily dispatched. Koffing's Poison Gas will poison
    your Pokemon if it hits, but other than that, you should be able to win this
    fight easily.
    When Proton is defeated, Team Rocket will take off. Kurt will thank you for
    your assistance and then you will find yourself back at Kurt's place. Kurt will
    give you a Fast Ball as thanks for helping, and it's at this time that you can
    give Kurt any number of a certain type of Apricorn. In 24 hours, come back and
    you'll have your Poke Ball! Here are the different kinds of Apricorns you can
    give to Kurt, the Poke Balls you'll get in return, and their effects:
    Blu Apricorn -> Lure Ball
    - Has 3x effectiveness on any Pokemon hooked by a fishing rod
    Blk Apricorn -> Heavy Ball
    - For really fat Pokemon. The heavier the Pokemon, the more effective the ball.
    Grn Apricorn -> Friend Ball
    - Any Pokemon caught with this has their base happiness boosted to 200 from 70.
      It has the same catch rate as a Poke Ball, however.
    Pnk Apricorn -> Love Ball
    - The king of Poke Balls. Has 8x effectiveness on any wild Pokemon that is the
      opposite gender of your lead Pokemon. Doesn't work on genderless Pokemon.
    Red Apricorn -> Level Ball
    - For low-level Pokemon. The bigger the difference in the target Pokemon's
    Level and your Pokemon's Level, the more effective the ball.
    Ylw Apricorn -> Moon Ball
    - Has 4x effectiveness on any Pokemon that evolves with a Moon Stone. Useless.
    Wht Apricorn -> Fast Ball
    - For fast wild Pokemon. In other words... useless.
    As you can see, Love Balls are supreme and should be crafted at every available
    opportunity. There are Pnk Apricorns on Route 30, outside Mr. Pokemon's house,
    and Route 33, just outside of Azalea Town.
    You'll also receive Kurt's number once you give him an Apricorn. It takes one
    day to create a Poke Ball. You can give him as many Apricorns of one type as
    you like, and he will still have them all finished in one day. How nice!
    Now that that's done, you have two options. You can attempt to leave Azalea
    Town and fight against Silver, or you can take on Azalea's Gym now and take
    Silver on afterwards. I fought against Silver first, just to get it done, so
    I'm listing that battle next. If you want to fight against Silver after you're
    done with the Gym (an arguably better plan), feel free. Just skip over this
    next part and come back when you're done.
    Before you do anything, though, go back into Slowpoke Well. Immediately after
    entering, take two steps down and press A for a Great Ball.
    5f. Vs. Silver: Azalea Town                                             [pwnzr]
    If you try to leave the town due west, Silver will attack you.
    o----------------o----------------o  Chikorita's Level: 22      Money: $1152
    |     Gastly L14 |      Zubat L16 |  ---------------------
    |          Lick  |          Bite  |  Silver's team changes depending on who his
    |         Curse  |      Astonish  |  starter is. At this point, it doesn't
    |         Spite  |    Leech Life  |  matter, because he always has 3 Pokemon;
    |     Mean Look  |    Supersonic  |                   Gastly, Zubat, and his
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  starter. For future
    |    Bayleef L18 |    Quilava L18 |   Croconaw L18 |  fights, just look at the
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  moveset appropriate for
    |       Reflect  |          Leer  |          Bite  |  the Pokemon he has.
    |     Synthesis  |         Ember  |          Rage  |
    |    Razor Leaf  |   Sand-Attack  |     Water Gun  |  Watch out for Gastly's
    |  PoisonPowder  |  Quick Attack  |    Scary Face  |  Curse. It will strip away
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  25% of your Pokemon's max
                                                          HP between turns. This is
    easily fixed by switching out, but if like me you are using only one Pokemon,
    this is pretty much a death sentence. Switch out of its effect immediately. If
    Gastly uses Mean Look, you are stuck fighting it until one of you dies. Gastly
    is a Ghost-type, so Normal- and Fighting-type attacks will do zero damage.
    Be wary of Bayleef's Reflect. You probably don't have any special attacks that
    can hit Bayleef at least neutrally, so Reflect may cause problems for you.
    After the battle, Silver will leave, leaving you free to challenge the Gym (if
    you fought him after beating Proton) or head into Ilex Forest (if you've
    already beaten the Gym).
    5g. Boss: Bugsy                                                         [ymnbo]
    The Azalea Gym has been changed to a simple puzzle of sorts. The three spider
    platforms you see in the second room will travel along the path, crossing over
    every time it reaches a fork in the road. Step on the middle platform and
    you'll fight a dude:
    Bug Catcher Al
    Caterpie L12, Weedle L12             Return to the entrance and step on the
    $192                                 left platform to continue.
    Bug Catcher Benny
    Weedle L7, Kakuna L9, Beedrill L12   Don't hit the switch here; just step on
    $192                                 the platform.
    Twins Amy & Mimi                     You'll be battling 2v2 here. It's no
    Spinarak L10/Ledyba L10              different than singles play, but they
    $320                                 won't fight if you only have 1 Pokemon.
    Go back and hit the switch, then step on the platform.
    Bug Catcher Josh                     Go back, hit the switch, and step on the
    Paras L13                            platform. Hit the switch next to the twins
    $208                                 and step on the platform. Hit this switch
                                         and step on the platform. Heal and save.
    Bugsy's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $1800
    |    Scyther L17 |     Kakuna L15 |    Metapod L15 |  Chikorita's Level: 24
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |          Leer  |        Harden  |        Harden  |
    |        U-turn  |   String Shot  |        Tackle  |  Man, this fight was not
    |  Focus Energy  |  Poison Sting  |   String Shot  |  easy for me at all.
    |  Quick Attack  |                |                |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Gamefreak did you a favor
                                                          by not evolving Bugsy's
    other Pokemon. You would definitely have a harder time (unless you chose
    Cyndaquil, in which case you've probably already won this fight before you even
    read this sentence). They did, however, switch things up by making Bugsy lead
    with his only threat, Scyther. He has a pretty good move set for this stage of
    the game, and he's very dangerous if he starts stacking on those Leers.
    U-turn is Bugsy's special move. It's a physical-based Bug-type attack that
    makes the user switch out after the attack is used.
    The easiest way to beat Bugsy is to throw a bird in his face. Flying-types can
    hit Bug-types super effectively, and Flying resists Bug-type attacks. The same
    is true for Fire-types as well. Bugsy has no answer for them and if you are
    using either of these, you will win very easily. Scyther is holding a Sitrus
    Berry, and Bugsy will use a Super Potion on his Pokemon if they don't get nuked
    before he can use it.
    Defeating Bugsy will earn you the Hive Badge, the ability to use Cut out of
    battle, and TM89, U-turn.
    To get out of Bugsy's Gym, hit the switch and ride.
    6. The Third Badge                                                      [plnbj]
    * Cut your way through Ilex Forest.
    * Earn your third Badge.
    The story is pretty boring so far... not a whole lot going on right now.
    If you haven't beaten Silver yet, now's the time to do so. Check section 5g for
    information on that battle.
    When Silver is defeated, you can head into Ilex Forest at any time.
    6a. Ilex Forest                                                         [hotpc]
    o-----------------------------o	 Shortly after you enter the forest, you'll be
    | ILEX FOREST POKEMON LISTING |  stopped by a guy who has lost control of his
    o-----------------------------o  Farfetch'd. He explains that to catch them,
    | Paras             (all day) |  you will have to sneak up on them from behind.
    | Zubat             (all day) |  In reality, there is no sneaking involved; you
    | Oddish              (night) |  can just run up to them. As long as you
    | Poliwag           (fishing) |  approach their backs, you'll be all good.
    | Caterpie  (HG, morning/day) |
    | Metapod   (HG, morning/day) |  There are piles of sticks on the ground that,
    | Weedle    (SS, morning/day) |  when stepped on, will alert the Farfetch'd,
    | Kakuna    (SS, morning/day) |  and it will turn in that general direction.
    o-----------------------------o  It will stay facing that way until you either
                                     examine it from the front or side, or step on
    another pile of sticks to make it change direction. If you examine it from the
    front or side, it will run away. There are two Farfetch'd you need to capture.
    The first one is very easy to get. You will have to step on the first pile of
    sticks you see, which makes Farfetch'd look directly at you. Go up the right
    side of trees, come around left and down, and nab Farfetch'd #1.
    You'll be taken back to the beginning now. Go past the spot where the first
    Farfetch'd was, picking up the Revive on the way, and you'll see three paths
    leading north. Go up the left side and talk to Farfetch'd. He will run to the
    right. Go up around the sticks and step on the pile on the right. Farfetch'd
    will look at you. Go straight up into the corner and examine the corner tile
    for a TinyMushroom. Now go left and down and nail Farfetch'd.
    You are a winner! As thanks, you will receive HM01, Cut.
    Leave Ilex Forest and go into the house next to the Azalea Gym. Speak to the
    guy right in front of you and he'll give you a Charcoal, which powers up Fire-
    type moves.
    Teach someone Cut. If you don't have anyone who can learn the move, catch a
    Paras or and Oddish, both in Ilex Forest.
    If you're willing to walk back to Violet City, there is a tree you can cut
    towards the beginning of Route 32. It's by Albert. THERE IS A GUY HERE WHO WILL
    GIVE YOU TM05, ROAR, WHEN YOU TALK TO HIM! Roar will force the opponent to
    switch his active Pokemon with a random one from his reserves. If used against
    a wild Pokemon, the battle ends. If you stand directly to his left and then
    walk 6 steps left, 3 steps up, and then 4 steps left, you can press A for a
    Super Potion. When you've cleared the obstruction blocking the road on Route
    36, it's a lot easier to come back here, so you can make a note of this and
    come do it then. That said, you could be fighting wild Pokemon and earning
    valuable Exp. by backtracking. It's up to you!
    When you're ready to continue, go back into Ilex Forest. There are a lot of
    hidden items lying around, so be sure you follow my directions carefully.
    Cut the small tree near the beginning. See the shrine here?
    If you have the special Pikachu-colored Pichu and an open spot in your party,
    you can get Spiky-eared Pichu at this point. See section 18 for details.
    Continue north. Stand above the Trainer Tips sign. Take 5 steps up and face
    right. Press A for an Antidote. Past the Trainer Tips sign, if you go to the
    dead end between the trees and examine the last tile, you will become one X
    Attack richer.
    Very slickly hidden behind the group of 3 trees next to the water is an
    Antidote. If you approach the water from the south side, you can see it. I
    didn't even notice this on my first trip through here!
    Continue to the right. See the tree that's in the middle of that path? Go stand
    directly above it on the left side, face up, and claim your new Repel. You will
    see a guy to the right of that who is facing north. Incidentally, he's looking
    directly at a hidden item. There are two gaps between the trees on the side of
    the path that goes north. In the upper of the two is a Super Potion.
    Ignore the girl you will see by a lonesome tree and go to the right. Follow
    this path. When you're going down, you'll see two spots of red flowers. Stand
    on the bottom flower, take 3 steps left, and face up. Press A for a
    TinyMushroom. Continue from this point and you will reach that guy you saw
    earlier. After demonstrating the move, he will teach your Pokemon the move
    Headbutt, for free, as many times as you like. What a guy.
    You now have another way to catch Pokemon!
    You can literally Headbutt every tree in the game, but you won't get results
    from all of them. If you Headbutt a tree and nothing comes out, nothing will
    ever come out. If you Headbutt a tree and a Pokemon comes out, you will always
    find a Pokemon, although the different kinds of Pokemon available differ
    depending on your location.
    Here is a recap of all your previous locations, as well as any Pokemon you can
    find by bashing your Pokemon's skull against an enormous tree:
         Azalea Town: Aipom, Spearow, Heracross
    Cherrygrove City: Exeggcute, Hoothoot, Pineco, Spinarak (HG), Ledyba (SS)
         Ilex Forest: Caterpie (HG), Metapod (HG), Butterfree (HG), Weedle (SS),
                      Kakuna (SS), Beedrill (SS), Hoothoot, Noctowl, Pineco
       New Bark Town: Exeggcute, Hoothoot, Pineco, Spinarak (HG), Ledyba (SS)
            Route 29: Exeggcute, Hoothoot, Pineco, Spinarak (HG), Ledyba (SS)
            Route 30: Exeggcute, Hoothoot, Pineco, Spinarak (HG), Ledyba (SS)
            Route 31: Exeggcute, Hoothoot, Spinarak (HG), Ledyba (SS)
            Route 32: Exeggcute, Hoothoot, Pineco
            Route 33: Aipom, Heracross, Spearow
            Route 36: Exeggcute, Hoothoot, Pineco, Spinarak (HG), Ledyba (SS)
            Route 46: Aipom, Ekans, Heracross
       Ruins of Alph: (none)
         Violet City: Exeggcute, Hoothoot, Pineco
    As always, version exclusives will be shown by the tags "(HG)" and "(SS)." For
    future routes, Pokemon available through Headbutt will be shown by the tag
    Go back to the girl, who looks similar to the one you saw in Violet City. She's
    lost and apparently you want to help, but you're lost too, I guess...? Your
    Pokemon will show her the way out, and she will leave. Grab the Ether. A little
    to the left you will see a tree with red and white flowers in front of it.
    Stand on the white flower, face right, and press A for a TinyMushroom. The tree
    next the left of that has white flowers in front and to the right. Stand on the
    flower below the tree, take two steps left, and face up for an Ether. Stand on
    the flower on the right. Take 3 steps right and one step up. press A for a Full
    Heal. Continue left to the end. In the buillding, talk to the girl behind the
    counter for TM12, Taunt. This move will force the opponent to only use attacks
    that cause direct damage for 2-4 turns.
    o--------------------------o  Youngster Samuel
    | ROUTE 34 POKEMON LISTING |  Rattata L7, Spearow L8 x2, Sandshrew L10
    o--------------------------o  $128
    | Abra           (all day) |
    | Ditto          (all day) |  Pokefan Brandon
    | Drowzee        (all day) |  Snubbull L13, Mareep L13
    | Rattata        (all day) |  $832
    | Exeggcute     (Headbutt) |
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |  Head into the grass for another battle.
    | Pineco        (Headbutt) |
    | Krabby         (fishing) |  Picnicker Gina*              <-- gives you items
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |  Hoppip L9 x2, Bulbasaur L12
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |  $192
                                  Back on the main path...
    Youngster Ian*
    Mankey L10, Diglett L12
    When you reach the building, you will be stopped. Lyra will appear and speak to
    the old man, who is apparently her grandfather. She will see you standing there
    and drag you into the building. Her grandmother will crack a joke that you're
    her boyfriend, and Lyra will like, totally deny it. Lyra will give you her
    phone number before leaving you with her grandmother. When you leave, you will
    receive Lyra's grandparents' phone numbers. This is the Day Care, where you can
    breed your own Pokemon, or just leave Pokemon in there to be raised.
    When in their care, Pokemon will gain 1 Experience Point for each step you
    For all the technical aspects of breeding, see section 26b.
    Continue north; you're almost done.
    Police officers only fight at night.
    Policeman Keith               Camper Todd*
    Growlithe L17                 Psyduck L14
    $680                          $224
    Above him and to the right is TM63, Embargo. This will stop the opponent from
    using its Held Item for 5 turns, and its Trainer is also prohibited from using
    items on it. Could be helpful against a Gym Leader, but otherwise this move has
    very little use.
    6b. Goldenrod City - A Happening Big City                               [trtam]
    They ruined the awesome music! >:[
    Blah. I like the new remixes for the most part, but this... meh.
    Directly ahead of you you will see two buildings. One is the Pokemon Center,
    and the other is the Department Store. Stay out of there for now; there are a
    few things to do before we go shopping.
    Above the Pokemon Center is a flashy-looking building. This is the Game Corner,
    where you can play the most impossible game ever made: Voltorb Flip. This
    unforgiving "game" is the only game available, which is just a little bit lame.
    Talk to the guy across the table and tell him yes fora Coin Case. The two old
    guys sitting at the table nearby will trade you goodies for your Coins:
    o--------------------o   o--------------------------o   o---------------------o
    | Abra...........200 |   | TM90 Substitute.....2000 |   | Silk Scarf.....1000 |
    | Ekans (HG).....700 |   | TM75 Swords Dance...4000 |   | Wide Lens......1000 |
    | Sandshrew (SS).700 |   | TM44 Rest...........6000 |   | Zoom Lens......1000 |
    | Dratini.......2100 |   | TM35 Flamethrower..10000 |   | Metronome......1000 |
    o--------------------o   | TM13 Ice Beam......10000 |   o---------------------o
                             | TM24 Thunderbolt...10000 |
    If you want Ekans or     o--------------------------o
    Sandshrew on your team,
    you'd better get them now; they aren't found in the wild, but you can get one
    much, much later.
    Swords Dance increases the user's ATK by 2 stages. Rest completely restores
    the user's HP, but causes them to fall asleep for two turns. Flamethrower, Ice
    Beam, and Thunderbolt are very strong Fire, Ice, and Electric moves
    respectively that are arguably the best of their types.
    The Silk Scarf powers up Normal-type attacks. Wide Lens increases accuracy of
    all moves by 10%; the Zoom Lens increases accuracy of all moves by 20%, but
    only if you attack after the opponent does. The Metronome increases a move's
    base power by 10% for each successive use, up to 100% (double strength).
    Considering you can't purchase Coins anymore, it will take you a very long time
    to win any of this stuff unless you master Voltorb Flip.
    I will now explain how to play Voltorb Flip. It's fairly complicated. If you
    don't want to read it, just use this code to skip to the end: [ycwat]
    To play, stand across from Mr. Game and examine the table.
    The idea behind Voltorb Flip is simple. Flip over a card to reveal a 1, 2, 3,
    or Voltorb. The first time you flip a number, you get that many coins. For
    every number you flip after that, your current game total is multiplied by that
    many coins. For example, if you flip a 3, you get 3 coins. If you flip a 2
    after that, you get 3 x 2 = 6 coins.
    Play continues until you either uncover all the 2 panels and 3 panels, quit
    manually, or hit a Voltorb. If you hit a Voltorb, you lose everything you've
    gained so far.
    At the end of each row and column is a number above a Voltorb icon, which is
    next to a number. I will represent that like this: ##/V#, where ## is the top
    number, and V# is the Voltorb icon and the number next to it.
    The top number tells you the total of all numbers in that row or column. The
    number next to the Voltorb icon tells you how many Voltorbs are in that row or
    Keep in mind that the goal is to flip over the 2 panels and 3 panels, NOT
    everything. You can ignore any row or column where the number on top plus the
    number on bottom equals five, since it's impossible for any 2 or 3 panels to be
    Anything marked as such will have only 1 panels or Voltorbs, and you can ignore
    that entire row or column. You can mark your cards using the Memo. Press X or
    tap the Open Memo button to open the memos. Move your cursor to or tap a square
    and then tap one of the four memos to mark it. Use this to keep track of where
    the Voltorbs and 1 panels are.
    The higher the top number is, the more likely it is that that row or column has
    2 panels and 3 panels. Generally, you will want to stay away from rows or
    columns with 3 or 4 Voltorbs in it. Mark that entire row as possible Voltorbs,
    and look somewhere else.
    By process of elimination, you can you determine where some of the Voltorbs
    are. Remember, the top number refers to the total of all the numbers in that
    row. For example, if one row or column says 04/V1, there is one Voltorb, and
    four numbers. The other four panels are obviously numbers, and the only number
    you can add four times to make four is 1.
    Pay attention to the columns, too! If you can accurately predict where the
    Voltorbs are based on information you gain from the rows, you can add up the
    numbers you've already uncovered. If all the numbers you've uncovered add up to
    the top number, the rest of the panels are obviously Voltorbs, and you can
    ignore the rest of that column.
    You can do that to ignore 1 panels, too. Imagine you have uncovered the same
    panel in two rows, and the two numbers you've uncovered add up to 3. That means
    there are 3 spots left. Look at the numbers in the column those two panels are
    in. For the sake of example, we'll say that the number is 05/V1. That means
    that all the numbers in that column will add up to 5, and there is 1 Voltorb in
    that column. You've already uncovered 2 of those 5 spots, and they are
    obviously not Voltorbs.
    Since all the numbers add up to 5, there are only 3 spots left, and 1 of them
    has to be a Voltorb, that means you need two numbers that, when added to your
    currently uncovered total of 3, will make 5. The only possible number that can
    do that is 1, so you can ignore all 3 of those empty spots. Remember, the goal
    is not to uncover everything - just the 2 panels and 3 panels. It doesn't
    matter where exactly the Voltorb is in those 3 panels in the example column
    because all we need are the 2 panels and 3 panels. Everything uncovered in that
    column is either a 1 or a Voltorb, so the whole column can be ignored.
    Let's say, however, that in our column where the total is 3, the column number
    says 06/V1. Now we have to make a total of 3 to add to our uncovered total of 3
    to make 6. One of them is a Voltorb, so there are two spots left.
    This is where some straight up dumb luck comes in. One of those three spots is
    a 2, so you'll have to pick one of them. At this point, you can go back to
    other columns to try to accurately eliminate any row where all the tiles are
    either 1 panels or Voltorbs. They obviously are not 2 panels, so that's one
    less spot you have to guess at.
    Many times you will have to just plain guess at the location of a number,
    causing you to lose everything more often than not. Don't be afraid to quit
    while you're ahead.
    If you manage to uncover all the 2 panels and 3 panels on the board, you will
    advance to the next level. All the coins you obtained during the current round
    will be added to your grand total; they are yours to keep no matter what
    happens. If you lose a lot (or sometimes even once, I'm not sure exactly what
    makes you level down), you will drop all the way back down to Lv. 1, even if
    you were on Lv. 3 like I was after spending like two hours getting there.
    Whew. When you've had your fun, leave.                                  [ycwat]
    At the next intersection, go to the right and go down into the alley. In the
    small house is a girl that will gauge the happiness of your Pokemon. Straight
    down from here is the Bike Shop. Enter and talk to the guy here, who can't seem
    to sell Bicycles. He'll offer to loan you one so you can advertise for him, and
    you will get a Bicycle.
    This should always be the #1 item in your registry. The #2 spot is up to you,
    but there's an item you'll get a little later that makes a nifty #2.
    When you leave, stand to the right of the sign, take 3 steps down and press A
    for a Super Potion.
    Back on the main road, go left, past the train station, to the black building.
    This is the Radio Tower, and you'll be coming back here a lot.
    There are 3 ladies behind the counter. The middle runs the Lottery Corner,
    where you can win fabulous prizes.
    The girl on the far right will give you a quiz, and if you win, you will earn a
    Radio Card for your Pokegear. The answers are yes, yes, no (Kurt uses
    Apricorns, not Apricots), yes, and no (it's Mary, not Marie). After you get the
    card, Whitney, Goldenrod's spunky Gym Leader, will show up amazed that you got
    all the questions right. Whatever you stupid girl, I'm coming for your Badge
    soon, so get ready.
    Head upstairs before you go. Go around to the girl behind the desk at the
    bottom. Returning from Pokemon Crystal is Buena's Password!! Talk to Buena and
    she'll give you a Blue Card which can be used to keep track of your points you
    win. The girl next to Buena will inform you of how many points you have.
    Leave the Radio Tower and get back on the main road, heading north some more.
    At the next intersection, go left. The awesome-looking tent here is just the
    Name Rater's place. Looks like he's kind of a big deal in Johto. Enter the
    building next door and Lyra will stop you once more. She'll give you a Fashion
    Case, which is used for holding Pokemon Accessories. Dressing up your Pokemon
    is used mainly for Pokemon Contests, but unfortunately, those don't exist in
    HeartGold and SoulSilver. You'll see their use in this game in just a little
    Go downstairs, where a few people are waiting to get stepped on.
    Poke Maniac Donald                Super Nerd Teru
    Slowpoke L11 x2                   Magnemite L7 x2/L9, Voltorb L11
    $704                              $32
    East of them is a peculiar couple of dudes. The bald guy will let you dress up
    like a Team Rocket soldier and take a picture with your current party (???).
    The guy in the hat will let you dress up your Pokemon and hang the picture in
    the room above you when you're finished.
    In that room is a guy who will give you a random Accessory for $100.
    What a waste...
    Back in the main area, continue south. Depending on what day it is, you'll find
    various people who will offer you services depending on what day it is.
    On Monday mornings, you'll find a shop that sells stuff you normally can't buy
    anywhere, like Nuggets and Star Pieces. The idea is to buy them from this store
    and then sell them for full price elsewhere, earning yourself a little profit.
    On days not called Monday, you'll find one of a pair of brothers who will groom
    your Pokemon. The older brother is available on Tuesday, Thursday, and
    Saturday; the younger one will service your Pokemon on Sunday, Wednesday, and
    Friday. The older brother is more experienced, and your Pokemon will like his
    haircuts better. It costs $500 to do.
    On Saturday and Sunday, you'll find an herb shop you really oughta just stay
    away from. The items here provide good healing for cheap prices, but they taste
    bitter and your Pokemon will hate eating them, which in turn will make them
    hate _you_ with repeated use.
    A couple more fights and you'll be done here.
    Poke Maniac Issac                 Super Nerd Eric
    Lickitung L12                     Grimer L11 x2
    $768                              $528
    Back on the street, you'll come out next to the Department Store. There's fun
    to be had; get on in there.
    6c. Goldenrod City Department Store                                     [wuhuu]
    Go straight up to  o---------------------------o  o---------------------------o
    the second floor.  |       SECOND FLOOR        |  |        THIRD FLOOR        |
    The top girl has   o---------------------------o  o---------------------------o
    all sorts of neat  | Poke Ball............$200 |  | X Speed..............$350 |
    stuff for sale.    | Great Ball...........$600 |  | X Attack.............$500 |
    Poke Dolls will    | Ultra Ball..........$1200 |  | X Defend.............$550 |
    allow you to run   | Escape Rope..........$550 |  | Guard Spec...........$700 |
    from any wild      | Poke Doll...........$1000 |  | Dire Hit.............$650 |
    Pokemon. You may   | Repel................$350 |  | X Accuracy...........$950 |
    want to pick up a  | Super Repel..........$500 |  | X Special............$350 |
    few Super Repels,  | Max Repel............$700 |  | X Sp. Def............$350 |
    but Max Repels     | Grass Mail............$50 |  o---------------------------o
    are a bit too      | Flame Mail............$50 |
    expensive at this  | Bubble Mail...........$50 |  o---------------------------o
    stage of the game  | Space Mail............$50 |  |       FOURTH FLOOR        |
    to warrant buying  |                           |  o---------------------------o
    any. Stay away     | Potion...............$300 |  | Protein.............$9800 |
    from all potion    | Super Potion.........$700 |  | Iron................$9800 |
    types; none of     | Hyper Potion........$1200 |  | Calcium.............$9800 |
    them are worth     | Max Potion..........$2500 |  | Zinc................$9800 |
    getting. The deal  | Revive..............$1500 |  | Carbos..............$9800 |
    of a lifetime is   | Antidote.............$100 |  | HP Up...............$9800 |
    just around the    | Parlyz Heal..........$200 |  o---------------------------o
    corner. Don't buy  | Burn Heal............$250 |
    any Full Heals;    | Ice Heal.............$250 |  o---------------------------o
    they aren't worth  | Awakening............$250 |  |        FIFTH FLOOR        |
    buying at this     | Full Heal............$600 |  o---------------------------o
    point, either.     o---------------------------o  | TM70 Flash..........$1000 |
    The third floor                                   | TM17 Protect........$2000 |
    features items that give your Pokemon temporary   | TM54 Endure.........$2000 |
    boosts in battle. Guard Spec. will prevent their  | TM83 Natural Gift...$2000 |
    stats from being lowered, and Dire Hit will jack  | TM16 Light Screen...$2000 |
    up their critical hit ratio. On floor four we     | TM33 Reflect........$2000 |
    have vitamins that boost your Pokemon's core      | TM22 SolarBeam......$3000 |
    stats. It's mainly used for EV training (see      | TM52 Focus Blast....$5500 |
    section 26). Moving on, TMs for sale! The only    | TM38 Fire Blast.....$5500 |
    one of these you should even bother with is       | TM25 Thunder........$5500 |
    Flash. If you wasted it like I did, you can get   | TM14 Blizzard.......$5500 |
    another one here. The other moves are powerful,   | TM15 Hyper Beam.....$7500 |
    but the low PP and bad accuracy of some of them   o---------------------------o
    makes them not recommended for in-game fighting.
                                                      Also found on the fifth
    floor, on the far left, is a guy who will trade his Machop for your Drowzee.
    This Machop is named Muscle, has a Lonely nature, and is holding a Macho Brace,
    which is also used in EV training (see section 26). In battle, it halves the
    SPD of the holder.
    On Sundays, there will be a girl standing behind the counter next to the TM
    lady. If your lead Pokemon likes you a lot, she will reward you with TM27,
    Return. This is a physical-based Normal-type move that increases in base power
    the more the user likes its Trainer.
    On the sixth floor, you can talk to the bottom girl to play the Daily Drawing
    Corner. It costs $300 to play, and the prizes change every day (sort of - the
    #3 prize is always a Berry, the #2 prize is always a certain kind of Poke Ball,
    and the #1 prize is always a TM of some kind). You can find out what the #2 and
    #1 prizes are by talking to the top girl, or just look at this:
       Sunday: Luxury Ball (#2) TM02 Dragon Claw (#1)
       Monday: Nest Ball (#2), TM65 Shadow Claw (#1)
      Tuesday: Repeat Ball (#2), TM41 Torment (#1)
    Wednesday: Net Ball (#2), TM57 Charge Beam (#1)
     Thursday: Quick Ball (#2), TM60 Drain Punch #1)
       Friday: Dusk Ball (#2) TM42 Facade (#1)
     Saturday: Timer Ball (#2) TM62 Silver Wind (#1)
    It should be noted that this is the only way you can get TM42.
    The famous vending machines are next to the elevator. Stock up on Lemonades;
    they heal more than Super Potions, and they're half as expensive. The downside
    is it takes about six and a half seconds to get back to the drink menu once you
    choose your selection. At this point in the game, saving money is a lot more
    important than saving time, so suck it up and get your drink on.
    Get in the elevator and go to B1F. It's the only way to get there.
    First, go right a little and examine the small crate for an Antidote. Go down
    and talk to the guy. He'll have the Machoke move the box out of the way,
    enabling you to get through. Claim the Ultra Ball. In the middle, examine the
    large box for a Super Potion. Go to the other side of the room. This guy
    controls two Machoke, but he will only tell the one he's standing next to to
    move something. You can sort of control the way he moves by blocking his path,
    since he only moves up and down. Just wait for him to go next to the Machoke
    want to move and talk to him then. The bottom path is blocking an Ether, and
    left path has a Burn Heal. There's also a hidden Parlyz Heal in a box on the
    left path, so be sure to pick it up.
    Get on the elevator and head back to the first floor. You might want to get a
    few Revives before you go. This next Gym is not going to be easy. Heal up if
    you haven't already and go to the Gym.
    6d. Boss: Whitney                                                       [mmvnt]
    Whitney's Gym is full of Normal-types. To start, go up the stairs in front of
    you, then go in a clockwise motion.
                                                     After you fight Samantha, go
    Beauty Victoria              Beauty Samantha     back around, up past the
    Sentret L9/L13/L16           Meowth L16 x2       stairs, and into the center
    $896                         $896                area.
    Lass Carrie                  Lass Cathy          To reach the end, you'll have
    Snubbull L17                 Jigglypuff L15 x3   to go around to Cathy's back
    $272                         $240                and then up.
    Heal and most definitely save before you even think of challenging Whitney.
    Whitney's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o  Chikorita's Level: 28      Money: $2280
    |   Clefairy L17 |    Miltank L19 |  ---------------------
    |         Mimic  |         Stomp  |  Any person who has played Gold and Silver
    |        Encore  |       Attract  |  knows how ruthless Whitney's Miltank is.
    |     Metronome  |       Rollout  |  In HeartGold and SoulSilver, Whitney's
    |    DoubleSlap  |    Milk Drink  |  Miltank is made even better through her
    o----------------o----------------o  Scrappy ability, which lets her hit Ghost-
                                         types with Normal and Fighting moves. If
    you traded Drowzee for Machop, a sufficiently leveled one should be able to
    destroy Whitney's Pokemon fairly easily.
    Clefairy is only mildly dangerous. Encore will lock you into whatever move you
    did last, and Metronome can copy almost any move in the game (I got
    Selfdestructed once). If Clefairy uses Mimic, Mimic will be replaced by
    whatever move you used on it last, so be careful.
    Now then, Miltank. Stomp has a 30% flinch rate which, when combined with
    Attract's 50% chance of leaving you immobilized by love, means any male Pokemon
    slower than Miltank only has a 20% chance of attacking. Considering that
    Miltank is a fully evolved Pokemon with a great ATK and STAB for Stomp,
    this translates to extreme hurt on your end compounded by extreme annoyance.
    Miltank is also holding a Lum Berry to prevent you from attempting any status
    trickery - at least for one turn. To make things worse, Whitney has a Super
    Potion at her disposal - not that means anything when Milk Drink will restore
    50% of Miltank's maximum HP every time she uses it.
    So, how do you win this battle?
    One of the most important things you can do is fight her with female Pokemon.
    This stops her from using Attract at the very least. Onix resists Stomp and
    Rollout; female varieties will be immune to Attract, leaving Whitney to cry a
    little bit earlier than usual as she tries her hardest to cut through your
    massive DEF.
    Failing that, you're going to need to rely on some good old-fashioned luck.
    Try to force Whitney to use her Super Potion on Clefairy by whittling its HP
    down. Be careful, though - Metronome is unpredictable and can bite you in the
    rear if you press your luck too much.
    This is the hardest Gym Leader by far out of the three you've faced already.
    After the battle, Whitney will start to cry. If you try to leave, one of her
    grunts will tell you that Whitney always cries when she loses. Talk to Whitney
    again - she will suck it up and award you the Plain Badge, which comes with the
    ability to use Strength out of battle, and TM45, Attract.
    7. The Fourth Badge                                                     [fogbj]
    * Take care of a certain Rock-type obstruction.
    * Investigate the Burned Tower.
    * Earn your fourth Badge.
    Now that your Badge count has increased to three, all shops will now carry
    Great Balls, Revives, and Super Repels. Very nice. The Goldenrod City
    Department Store's selection will not change no matter how many Badges you get,
    so keep that in mind.
    The game is still moving pretty slow storywise...
    Upon leaving the Gym, go immediately into the house next door. Talk to the girl
    there and she, upon noticing your brand new Plain Badge, will ask you to do
    something about the obstruction on Route 36. She will hand you a SquirtBottle
    in order to help you do this.
    Go back to the Pokemon Center and heal - you most likely need it. You're about
    to encounter a Pokemon you will only get one shot at capturing, so buy some
    Ultra Balls from the Department Store. If it's Friday night, you can play the
    Daily Drawing Corner to get some Dusk Balls, which blow Ultra Balls out of the
    When you've restocked your bag to your liking, leave north out of the city.
    In the house leading to the next route, talk to the guard behind the counter.
    He will ask you to deliver some Mail to his friend on Route 31 (the fat guy by
    the water). Your incentive to say yes: the Mail is attached to Kenya, a Hasty-
    natured L20 Spearow. Here's the cool part: you are under no obligation to keep
    your end of the deal. If you want, you can remove and destroy the Mail, keep
    Kenya for yourself, and go about your business. Know, however, that if you do
    this, you won't be able to get the reward for delivering the mail, which is
    TM44, Rest. Also know that if you do deliver the mail, the guy will take Kenya
    from you. It's up to you what you wanna do with it. When you're ready to
    progress, leave north to Route 35.
    o--------------------------o  The battles start almost immediately.
    o--------------------------o  Picnicker Kim
    | Abra           (all day) |  Vuplix L15
    | Ditto          (all day) |  $240
    | Drowzee        (all day) |
    | NidoranF       (all day) |  Camper Elliot                 Picnicker Brooke
    | NidoranM       (all day) |  Sandshrew L13, Marill L15     Pikachu L16
    | Yanma          (all day) |  $240                          $256
    | Pidgey     (morning/day) |
    | Hoothoot         (night) |  Camper Ivan
    | Exeggcute     (Headbutt) |  Diglett L10/L14, Zubat L10
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |  $224
    | Pineco        (Headbutt) |
    | Poliwag        (fishing) |  Juggler Irwin*                Firebreather Walt
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |  Voltorb L2/L6/L10/L14         Magmar L11/L16
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |  $448                          $512
                                  Policeman Dirk
    Go into the grass.            Growlithe L14 x2
    Bug Catcher Arnie*
    Venonat L15                   Go down now, and take a left when you are able.
    $240                          The item ball contains a Parlyz Heal. Continue:
    Bird Keeper Bryan             Just to his right is TM66, Payback. This is a
    Pidgey L12, Pidgeotto L14     physical-based Dark-type move that doubles in
    $448                          power if the user goes after the opponent.
    Get back on the main path by jumping the ledge above you (or go the long way
    around, whatever works for you). Enter the building the cop is standing by.
    Once again, you have two choices. You can go left to the Pokeathlon Dome, like
    Whitney suggested you do, or ignore her completely and continue north.
    The Pokeathlon is a huge ordeal, and I won't be covering it here. Instead,
    check section 22 for everything you might want to know about this silly
    If today is Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, there will be a guard standing by
    the north exit. You can play the Bug-Catching Contest today. Like the
    Pokeathlon, the Bug-Catching Contest is something that has its own
    section. Check section 20 for details.
    Leave north to National Park.
    o-------------------------------o  Go right and talk to the woman next to the
    | NATIONAL PARK POKEMON LISTING |  Persian and she will give you a Quick Claw.
    o-------------------------------o  This may let the holder move first in a
    | Sunkern                 (day) |  battle, even if it normally wouldn't.
    | Hoothoot              (night) |
    | Exeggcute          (Headbutt) |  Stand directly above the upper left corner
    | Hoothoot           (Headbutt) |  of the flower bed. Take 1 step left and
    | Pineco             (Headbutt) |  press A for a Full Heal.
    | Caterpie    (HG, morning/day) |
    | Metapod     (HG, morning/day) |  Go up directly into the grass.
    | Spinarak       (HG, Headbutt) |
    | Kakuna      (SS, morning/day) |  Pokefan Beverly*    Get Beverly's number.
    | Weedle      (SS, morning/day) |  Snubbull L16        She gives out items.
    | Ledyba         (SS, Headbutt) |  $1024               Sometimes.
                                       Northeast of her...
    School Kid Jack*
    Oddish L12, Voltorb L15            Now go above the fountain and up into the
    $300                               _really_ tall grass. Remember that you can't
                                       bike through this grass.
    Pokefan William
    Raichu L16                         And if you head to his left...
                                       Lass Krise*
    Go to the upper right corner.      Oddish L14, Cubone L17
    You'll see a guy who talks about   $272
    charging his Pokewalker. There is
    a gap in the fence that you can use to get to the back. Follow this path down
    for a Soothe Bell, which makes a Pokemon gain more happiness points whenever
    its happiness points would increase. If you follow the path counterclockwise
    around the entire park, you'll find TM28, Dig, at the very end, slightly hidden
    in a group of trees. Dig can help you get out of caves, but that's what Escape
    Ropes are for! Dig is really weak in battle, so I would advise against teaching
    it to anyone unless you _really_ need a Ground-type move.
    If you follow the path right to the dead end, you'll see a red flower, white
    flower, and lamp, in that order, in a \ shape. Stand on the red flower and
    press A for a Full Heal.
    Get back on the main road and leave east to Route 36.
    o--------------------------o  Pick up the Blu Apricorn if you wish.
    o--------------------------o  Psychic Mark
    | NidoranF       (all day) |  Abra L14 x2, Kadabra L16
    | NidoranM       (all day) |  $512
    | Stantler       (all day) |
    | Pidgey     (morning/day) |  Step on the stairs. Go 5 steps right and all
    | Hoothoot         (night) |  the way up. Examine the tree for an Awakening.
    | Exeggcute     (Headbutt) |  Stand directly above the upper left corner
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |  of the flower bed. Take 1 step left and
    | Pineco        (Headbutt) |  press A for a Full Heal.
    | Growlithe  (HG, all day) |
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |  School Kid Alan*
    | Vulpix     (SS, all day) |  Tangela L17           This kid gives out items,
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |  $340                  too, so get his number.
                                  A little further, and you will see that wacky
    tree that was blocking your path earlier. This is a Pokemon, and if you want to
    try and capture it, save your game, because you only get one shot.
    Sudowoodo is L20. He is pure Rock in type. His ability is of no consequence.
    He knows Flail, Low Kick, Rock Throw, and Mimic. None of these are particularly
    threatening, although Flail may do some nice damage if he's low in HP (the
    lower the HP, the higher the base power of Flail). If you aim to do all the in-
    game trades, I suggest capturing Sudowoodo. You'll have to breed him later
    (much, much later), and this is the only one in the game.
    Once Sudowoodo is gone, you have a nice shortcut back to Violet City!
    The girl nearby will give you Berry Pots, a Key Item, for clearing the path.
    These are used to grow your own Berries. It's a little unfortunate that you
    only get four spots, but it's very cool that you keep them on your person at
    all times. Use the SquirtBottle to water them periodically. Growth rates are
    different for each Berry.
    You will need ten Oran Berries later on, so grow some.
    At this point, you can either continue on, go get TM05 from Route 32 if you
    didn't already (see section 6 for exact details), or go deliver Kenya to the
    fat guy on Route 31. If you want, you can also refresh yourself in Violet City,
    although there are only a few more battles until the next town. At any time
    after this, you can go visit the flower shop where you got the SquirtBottle.
    The girl who gave it to you will sell you Mulch for Berry growth manipulation.
    If you import the special event Shaymin into these games and show it to this
    same girl, she'll give you the Key Item, Gracidea, to turn Shaymin into its Sky
    o--------------------------o  This is a pretty short route. Just a few more
    | ROUTE 37 POKEMON LISTING |  battles here and you'll be home free.
    | Stantler       (all day) |  Twins Tori & Til
    | Pidgey     (morning/day) |  Marill L16/Mareep L16
    | Pidgeotto          (day) |  $512
    | Hoothoot         (night) |
    | Exeggcute     (Headbutt) |  Beauty Callie
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |  Clefable L16, Wigglytuff L16
    | Pineco        (Headbutt) |  $896
    | Growlithe  (HG, all day) |
    | Spinarak     (HG, night) |  Beauty Kassandra
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |  Wigglytuff L16, Clefable L16
    | Vulpix     (SS, all day) |  $896
    | Ledyba     (SS, morning) |
    | Ekans          (SS, day) |  Before you head in the city, you can snatch Red,
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |  Blk, and Blu Apricorns by taking a right before
    o--------------------------o  entering the city and jumping the ledge. If today
                                  is Sunday, you can speak to Sunny here. She will
    give you a Magnet, which powers up Electric-type moves. There's also a guy to
    fight on this path, so you might as well.
    Psychic Greg                  Ecruteak City is just around the corner.
    Drowzee L17
    7a. Ecruteak City - A Historical City                                   [tmleg]
    o-------------------------------o  Took long enough, right?
    o-------------------------------o  Enter the house next to the Pokemon Center.
    | Exeggcute          (Headbutt) |  Tell this guy yes and he will give you the
    | Pineco             (Headbutt) |  Dowsing MCHN.
    | Spinarak       (HG, Headbutt) |
    | Ledyba         (SS, Headbutt) |  It really helps if you register this.
                                       Here's how to use it.
    Leave this place and open the
    Dowsing MCHN. You'll see a blank radar. Touch the stylus anywhere on the radar
    and you'll see a large dark red area. You'll also hear a steady beeping noise.
    Using these two clues, you can find hidden items. The closer you get to the
    item, the beeps will get higher in pitch and they will get faster. The area on
    the radar will also turn from red to orange to yellow. You can move the stylus
    around to do a quick search of your surrounding area. The square in the middle
    represents your current position.
    You can also hold the stylus on the Dowsing MCHN while you walk, which makes it
    tremendously easy to pinpoint the location of a hidden item. Try holding it as
    you walk behind the house you just came out of. Notice how the area on the
    machine changes colors? Walk into the patch of dirt and you may notice the
    specific location of the item that's hidden here. Once you get really close to
    the item, the machine will show the item's exact location via a flashing dot.
    What you want to do is get one tile away from this spot. If you use the Dowsing
    MCHN and the dot is inside the square in the center of the radar, you're doing
    it wrong. You're standing on the item. Step off it, face the tile you were just
    standing on, and press A to claim your new item.
    If at any time you don't understand my directions, by all means use the Dowsing
    MCHN to find them yourself.
    Stand to the left of the Ecruteak City sign, take two steps left and two steps
    up. Press A and you'll get a Hyper Potion.
    I've already been telling you the location of every single hidden item
    available at this point, so you don't have to keep the Dowsing MCHN registered.
    However, I'm not perfect. It is entirely possible that I've missed some, so
    feel free to do a little treasure hunting yourself.
    Before we go on, there are some more hidden items to grab. On the left side of
    town, by the exit there are five lanterns. Examine the second one from the left
    for an Ultra Ball.
    o--------------------o  Head to the east side of town; specifically, above the
    | ECRUTEAK CITY SHOP |  Poke Mart. There are four lanterns here. Stand to the
    o--------------------o  left of the leftmost one. Take two steps left and face
    | Air Mail.......$50 |  up. Press A for a Rare Candy.
    | Heal Ball.....$300 |
    | Net Ball.....$1000 |  Go into the Pokemon Center. You'll meet Bill here, who
    o--------------------o  runs the PC Storage System. Once he leaves, you can go
                            to his house in Goldenrod City (it's west of the Game
    Corner) and talk to him for a free L5 Eevee. You can change the nature and/or
    gender of this Eevee by saving before you speak with him. You'll have to breed
    it if you want more, so it may be wise to get a female one. They are fairly
    rare, however.
    Go to the Ecruteak Dance Theater, located above the Pokemon Center. Inside
    you'll view a small scene where a Team Rocket Grunt is harassing one of the
    Kimono Girls (like the one you saw in Ilex Forest and Violet City).
    Afterwards, head on up there and teach him a lesson.
    Team Rocket Grunt
    Koffing L12
    For those of you like me who cried in outrage at how drastically this part of
    the game has been changed, worry not; you'll get your chance to dance with the
    Kimono Girls later in the game.
    After that yawner of a fight, try to leave and you will be awarded with HM03,
    Surf. To use it, you'll need the Badge from this city's Gym. The Leader isn't
    there - if you try to enter the Gym, you will be directed to the Burned Tower
    and thrown out of the Gym.
    Leave east out of the city to Route 42. Visible on the ground is TM65, Shadow
    Claw - a physical-based Ghost-type move with a high critical hit ratio.
    Go a little to the right and you'll get stopped by a hiker who will give you
    HM04, Strength. Teach this to someone in your party, it's a solid move.
    Heal your Pokemon and head to the Burned Tower in the northwest corner of town.
    Go up the stairs, but don't go inside just yet. if you examine the fallen wood
    on the right side of the building, you'll get an Ether.
    Upon entering, head right and you'll meet a guy named Eusine, a guy who is
    basically a Suicune fan. Morty, the Gym Leader, is chilling nearby, but who
    cares? Save your game and head north.
    7b. Vs. Silver: Burned Tower                                            [pwnd2]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $1408
    |     Gastly L20 |      Zubat L20 |  Magnemite L18 |  Chikorita's Level: 33
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |          Lick  |          Bite  |     SonicBoom  |
    |         Curse  |      Astonish  |    Supersonic  |  Silver's team is a little
    |     Mean Look  |    Supersonic  |  ThunderShock  |  better this time around.
    |   Confuse Ray  |   Wing Attack  |  Thunder Wave  |  Notable changes: Confuse
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Ray over Spite on Gastly,
    |    Bayleef L22 |    Quilava L22 |   Croconaw L22 |  Wing Attack over Leech
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Life on Zubat, and the
    |       Reflect  |         Ember  |          Bite  |  addition of a Magnemite
    |     Synthesis  |   Flame Wheel  |      Ice Fang  |  to his roster, although
    |    Razor Leaf  |   SmokeScreen  |     Water Gun  |  at this stage it is still
    |  PoisonPowder  |  Quick Attack  |    Scary Face  |  very weak. His starter is
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  still his best Pokemon,
                                                          but at this point you
    should be capable of type matching him for an easy win. Reflect cuts all
    physical damage in half, so watch out for that if you're facing Bayleef.
    After the battle, Silver will leave, leaving you free to explore Burned Tower.
    7c. Burned Tower                                                        [ttftg]
    o------------------------------o  You may have already run into a few wild
    | BURNED TOWER POKEMON LISTING |  Pokemon on your way to Silver, but now you
    o------------------------------o  know exactly what lurks in the ruins.
    | Kofffing           (all day) |
    | Rattata            (all day) |  Ignore the stairs for now and keep going
    | Zubat              (all day) |  north.
    | Raticate       (1F, all day) |
    | Magmar        (B1F, all day) |  Firebreather Ned
    o------------------------------o  Koffing L16 x2, Growlithe L17
    Pick up the Antidote, then go
    left on the top path. Examine the last tile for an Ether.
    Go back to the middle and continue left.
    Firebreather Richard
    Charmeleon L18
    Go down from here until you see 3 breakable rocks. Stand to the right of the
    middle one. Step down once and face right. Press A for an Ultra Ball. Smash the
    rocks and claim the HP Up, then go back to the ladder and head downstairs.
    Go down the steps and the three Pokemon here--Entei, Raikou, Suicune--will
    escape. Suicune will look at you briefly before doing so. Eusine will come
    downstairs and say a few things before he and Morty will both leave.
    Go to the top of the room and pick up an Antidote by examining the rock at the
    top of the room on the left side. Go back down to the three boulders and use
    Strength to push the bottom one left, then push the top one up out of your way.
    Go up the steps to the left and then straight up to find TM12, Taunt. Stay next
    to the wall and go down until you hit the bottom. Take 10 steps right and one
    step up. Press A for a Revive. Use an Escape Rope or walk out of here.
    From this point forward, you may run into Entei and Raikou in the wild, in any
    open field route. They are all L40, and you can use the Pokegear to track their
    position. They will all run the second you encounter them, but you will not get
    one turn to do whatever you want to them _before_ they run.
    To stop them from fleeing, you have a few options. The easiest is to use
    Wobbuffet, obtainable from the Noisy Forest Pokewalker route. His Shadow Tag
    ability prevents any foe from running away. If you have any Pokemon with a move
    that prevents the foe from switching, like Block or Mean Look, you can use
    those to stop them from running until the user leaves play.
    Be warned, however. Entei and Raikou both know Roar, which will end the battle
    (since this is a wild Pokemon encounter). If this happens, the beast that used
    it will vanish forever. Why this happens, I don't know, but be warned! Taunt
    will stop them from using Roar, but it won't last forever, so pay close
    attention to when it wears off. Roar has negative priority, so Taunt will go
    before Roar does.
    At this point in the game, Dusk Balls are your best shot at catching them, so
    get your fill by playing Goldenrod's Daily Drawing Corner on Friday for some.
    Now that all that's over, Morty has returned to the Gym. Time for Badge #4.
    7d. Boss: Morty                                                         [rlcsk]
    Morty's Gym hasn't changed too much from ten years ago. The basic idea is still
    the same... sort of.
    Whenever you beat someone, they will blow out the candle they're holding,
    enveloping you in darkness. This doesn't really mean a whole lot, because you
    can just memorize the steps to take to get to the correct path _before_ you do
    battle. If you screw up and fall, you'll be taken back to the beginning, but
    the candles will be lit again and you will have no problems getting to the end.
    Go straight up for lackey number one.
    Medium Georgina
    Gastly L16 x5                         Go one step up, 3 steps right, and up.
    Medium Grace
    Haunter L20 x2                        One step right, two steps up, and left.
    Medium Edith
    Haunter L22                           Straight up.
    Medium Martha
    Gastly L18/L20, Haunter L20           Two steps right, three steps up, three
    $960                                  steps, and up. Heal and save!
    Morty's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $2760
    |     Gastly L21 |    Haunter L21 |    Haunter L23 |  Chikorita's Level: 36
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |          Lick  |         Curse  |         Curse  |
    |         Curse  |      Hypnosis  |     Mean Look  |  Poor Chikorita can't
    |         Spite  |     Nightmare  |   Night Shade  |  catch a break. =[
    |     Mean Look  |   Dream Eater  |  Sucker Punch  |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Watch out for Curse! If
    |     Gengar L25 |                                    you don't switch out, you
    o----------------o  run the risk of getting Mean Looked, and you'll be forced
    |       Hypnosis |  to fight while getting 1/4 of your max HP eaten every turn.
    |      Mean Look |
    |    Shadow Ball |  Hypnosis is another thing you must be wary of. If you get
    |   Sucker Punch |  put to sleep, wake yourself up immediately with a Full Heal
    o----------------o  or an Awakening, or switch to someone to take the hit while
                        you wake up the sleeping Pokemon. Alternatively, you might
    want to consider letting Gastly paralyze some of your Pokemon with Lick. If
    you're paralyzed, you can't be put to sleep, and while going second is not
    good, especially against a Pokemon as strong as Gengar, being asleep is far
    more dangerous.
    Oddly enough, only Gengar has Morty's special move, Shadow Ball. It's a
    special-based Ghost-type attack that may lower SP.DEF by one stage. If you can
    avoid the horrors of Curse and Hypnosis, this shouldn't be _that_ difficult a
    fight. Gengar is holding a Sitrus Berry, and Morty will bust out a Hyper Potion
    if things are looking grim.
    Remember that all of Morty's Pokemon have the Levitate ability, which grants
    them immunity to all Ground-type moves.
    Win this battle and you will earn the Fog Badge, the ability to use Surf out of
    battle, and TM30, Shadow Ball.
    8. The Fifth Badge                                                      [srmbj]
    * Take a trip around the world.
    * Learn what it is to be kind whether you like it or not.
    * Earn your fifth Badge.
    You now have a new method to catch Pokemon! Now that you can cross water, you
    can find numerous Pokemon you would have had a hard time finding before.
    You're supposed to head west out of Ecruteak to Route 38, but it's time to go
    on that trip around the world I mentioned in the beginning. During this trip,
    you will fight many Trainers that you couldn't fight before you could cross
    water, and you will also obtain many items, some of which are pretty cool.
    I strongly advise you to buy Super Repels, or even Max Repels from Goldenrod
    City. Encounters are very high, and there are no "roads" in the water you can
    walk on to avoid fighting wild Pokemon.
    8a. Cross-Country Surfing                                               [ytnil]
    To get everything you've missed, you will need Flash, Cut, Surf, Strength, and
    Rock Smash. Having at least two Escape Ropes is highly recommended.
    As you travel, I'll list off each Pokemon you can now find by surfing across
    water, excluding Route 42 because you're not even supposed to be on that water.
    Your first stop is in Violet City. Leave Ecruteak due south, then take a right
    on Route 36 to get there.
    Violet City's surfing Pokemon: Poliwag, Poliwhirl
    Fun fact: You can fish while surfing.
    Halfway to the entrance of Sprout Tower is some water. Surf right and you'll
    see a lone Rare Candy on the ground. Pick it up. Leave east to Route 31.
    Route 31's surfing Pokemon: Poliwag, Poliwhirl
    You still can't fully explore Dark Cave yet, but a large portion of it is open
    to you now that you can cross water. Get on inside.
    o---------------------------o  As you can see, any new area you visit will
    | DARK CAVE POKEMON LISTING |  include Pokemon found by surfing, which will be
    o---------------------------o  displayed with the tag "(surfing)."
    | Dunsparce       (all day) |
    | Geodude         (all day) |  To anyone looking for Dunsparce, it's a lot
    | Zubat           (all day) |  easier to find him if you use Rock Smash.
    | Goldeen         (fishing) |
    | Magikarp        (surfing) |  Light this place up with Flash, then start
    o---------------------------o  walking. The item ball you see is a Potion. Take
                                   it. Do you see the five rocks lined up
    vertically? See the rock that's to the left of that column? Examine it for a
    Poke Ball. Go straight down and surf right for a Black Flute, which will reduce
    encounters when used. It really does help, but obviously is outclassed by
    actual Repel items. Get back on the main path.
    Surf up and to the right and enter a door here. Examine the little rock in this
    room for a Hyper Potion. Back in the main room, Surf down to the boulder that
    you can move with Strength. Push it out of the way, then go right. Ignore the
    breakable rock and go down. Don't jump the ledge; instead, go up the steps and
    right. Stand in between the rocks near the wall and examine the wall for a Max
    Ether. Go down here and you'll see a Full Heal. Jump the ledge to your left and
    you'll see a Dire Hit.
    Jump down and break the rock near the exit, then use that path to walk to the
    beginning of this area, where the other breakable rock is. Bust it up, then
    follow the path to a Hyper Potion. Leave the cave due south and you'll come out
    on Route 46. Go left and pick the Ylw Apricorn and Grn Apricorn, then head
    south. See the two ledges you can jump? It's a one-way street, so you'll have
    to come back here to take the second path. Here's the left path:
    The two Trainers here will fight you simultaneously if you walk between them
    and they are both looking at you, and you have two Pokemon available.
    Camper Ted and Picnicker Erin*               Next to them is an X Speed.
    Mankey L17     Ponyta L17, Oddish L14
    The bottom path has only one person to fight:
    Hiker Bailey
    Geodude L13 x5
    Hop down to the bottom and go to Cherrygrove City.
    Cherrygrove City's surfing Pokemon: Tentacool, Tentacruel
    On the western side of the "city," you can surf to a small island. Talk to the
    guy here and he'll give you a Mystic Water, which powers up Water moves. Leave
    north to Route 30.
    Route 30's surfing Pokemon: Poliwag, Poliwhirl
    Just out of the grass, if you go around the right of the trees, there is a
    small pool of water you can surf on. Go down and get off on the other side.
    Stand in either lower corner, face the middle, and press A for a Nugget.
    Make your way back to Violet City. Leave south to Route 32, then take a left
    and head to the Ruins of Alph. You can explore the rest of this area now,
    although for most of it you'll end up just showing up here.
    Ruins of Alph's surfing Pokemon: Wooper, Quagsire
    Go left and down and you'll see some water. Surf to the other side, making sure
    you land on the left side of the path. Continue down to the trees and go right
    into a building. You'll hit a wall; go straight up into the building here.
    At the back of the room, use Flash. In the next room, claim your prizes: a
    Sitrus Berry, a Moon Stone, an Energy Root, and a Heal Powder. Go back into the
    main room and stand on the altar in the center.
    o-------------------------o  You didn't think Kabuto was the only one, did you?
    | Alph Puzzle: Aerodactyl |  There are two more left that are more difficult.
    o-------------------------o  than this one!
         *   A  B  C  D  *       The asterisks represent blank spots. The letters
         E  01 02 03 04  I       represent the default location of the puzzle
         F  05 06 07 08  J       pieces you need to put in the puzzle, and the
         G  09 10 11 12  K       numbers represent the 16 spots where the pieces
         H  13 14 15 16  L       go. For example, if in the solution it says
         *   M  N  O  P  *       "H-2(1)", you would move the piece at spot H to
                                 empty spot 2. The number in parentheses represents
    how many times you have to flip the piece before it's in the correct position.
    In this case, piece H would need to be flipped just once.
    Here's the solution to the Aerodactyl puzzle:
    A-10(1), C-14(2), G-2(1), J-16(1), L-6(2), N-1(2), P-5(3)
    Make your way to the surface and go south on Route 32. Specifically, go to
    where the three fishermen are standing. To the right of the first two, near a
    support beam for the train tracks, is a small rock, visible if you surf to the
    right. Examine this tiny rock for a Heart Scale.
    Heal your Pokemon, then head into Union Cave.
    Union Cave's surfing Pokemon: Wooper, Quagsire
    Go left and then up at the fork, then go downstairs. Surf up to a new area and
    Hiker Leonard                      Just above him are some rocks in the shape
    Geodude L23, Machop L25            of a backwards capital L. Stand in the
    $800                               corner of this formation, face right, and
                                       press A for a Revive.
    Now go up and left a bit.
    Hiker Phillip                      Take the top path left. Continue going up
    Geodude L23, Graveler L25          until you reach the outside. Surprise! Ruins
    $800                               of Alph again! Go down and right into the
                                       buildings. You can either go up to fight
    ^ Remember this guy's location.    this guy...
    o-------------------------------o  Psychic Nathan
    o-------------------------------o  $832
    | Natu                (all day) |
    | Smeargle            (all day) |  Or go down to fight the wild Pokemon shown
    o-------------------------------o  to the left.
    When you're ready, go into the building. Step straight onto the altar.
    o--------------------o  Puzzle three of four. This is the most difficult
    | Alph Puzzle: Ho-Oh |  one to piece together, but fortunately you have me to
    o--------------------o  walk you through it.
      *   A  B  C  D  *     The asterisks represent blank spots. The letters
      E  01 02 03 04  I     represent the default location of the puzzle pieces you
      F  05 06 07 08  J     need to put in the puzzle, and the numbers represent
      G  09 10 11 12  K     the 16 spots where the pieces go. For example, if in
      H  13 14 15 16  L     the solution it says "H-2(1)", you would move the piece
      *   M  N  O  P  *     at spot H to empty spot 2. The number in parentheses
                            represents how many times you have to flip the piece
    before it's in the correct position. In this case, piece H would need to be
    flipped just once.
    Here's the solution to the Ho-Oh puzzle:
    B-9(0) C-14(1) D-1(1) E-15(2) F-13(2) G-2(1) J-10(1) L-11(1) M-5(2) N-8(3)
    Unfortunately, there is no way to stop yourself from falling down into the
    ruins after you solve the puzzle, so walk back to Union Cave and make your way
    to Phillip. This time, take the lower path.
    Push the rock out of your way and go up, up, up until you get outside.
    More Ruins of Alph! From the exit, take 2 steps down, 1 step right, 2 steps
    down, 1 step left, 1 step down, face left, and press A for a Big Mushroom. If
    that is too confusing for you, use the Dowsing MCHN to help you out.
    From that exact spot, take 1 step up, 1 step right, 2 steps up, and 2 steps
    right. Press A for a Nugget. Now go into the building to the right of the cave
    If you have a Water Stone in your inventory, go to the back of the room and
    examine the wall. Inside, claim your loot: a Leppa Berry, a Mystic Water, a
    Star Piece, and some Stardust.
    o----------------------o  Last one! This one's almost too easy. Why couldn't
    | Alph Puzzle: Omanyte |  they all have been this easy to solve?
                              The asterisks represent blank spots. The letters
       *   A  B  C  D  *      represent the default location of the puzzle pieces
       E  01 02 03 04  I      you need to put in the puzzle, and the numbers
       F  05 06 07 08  J      represent the 16 spots where the pieces go. For
       G  09 10 11 12  K      example, if in the solution it says "H-2(1)", you
       H  13 14 15 16  L      would move the piece at spot H to empty spot 2. The
       *   M  N  O  P  *      number in parentheses represents how many times you
                              have to flip the piece before it's in the correct
    position. In this case, piece H would need to be flipped just once.
    Here's the solution to the Omanyte puzzle:
    B-11(3), D-10(0), E-9(0), G-8(0), H-1(1), J-14(2), K-13(1), M-7(2), N-12(3)
    That's the last one. When you surface again, go into the building with the blue
    roof. Talk to the guy two times and he will add two more pages to the Unown
    Report. I'm not sure what triggers it; it could be solving the riddles at the
    back of the room (you have two right now).
    We're still not done in Union Cave, so go back in there for a third time (last
    time, I promise). Walk through the cave as you normally would, as if you're
    heading towards Azalea Town. When you get to the large lake, surf across it and
    examine the lone rock for a Big Pearl.
    Go straight down and surf across the other bit of water and go downstairs.
    Poke Maniac Andrew                         Poke Maniac Calvin
    Marowak L24 x2         Surffffff           Kangaskhan L26
    $1536                                      $1664
    o----------------------------o  Go downstairs and surf. When you get to the
    | UNION CAVE POKEMON LISTING |  fork, go right and up onto dry land for an
    o----------------------------o  Elixir, then get back in the water and go down,
    |  Geodude         (all day) |  then left as soon as you're able. Go straight
    |  Golbat          (all day) |  up to a girl.
    |  Onix            (all day) |
    |  Rattata         (all day) |Ace Trainer Gwen
    |  Zubat           (all day) |Eevee L26, Flareon L22, Vaporeon L22, Jolteon L22
    |  Goldeen         (fishing) |$1320
    |  Sandshrew   (HG, all day) |
    o----------------------------o  Stand in the upper right corner in the area
                                    above her. Take two steps down and one step
    left. Press A for a free Calcium. Go down, down, down now. There's a rock
    hidden behind this girl's huge head that is hiding an Ultra Ball. Go around and
    fight her for having such a huge head.
    Ace Trainer Emma                If today is Friday, you can surf to the right
    Poliwhirl L28                   and you'll find a L20 Lapras floating around.
    $1680                           Dusk or Net Balls work very nicely here.
    Go up to the water by Gwen and surf down. Land and take care of this last dude.
    Ace Trainer Nick
    Charmander L26, Bulbasaur L26, Squirtle L26
    Pick up the Hyper Potion and use an Escape Rope to warp out. You'll end up at
    the Route 32 entrance. Our next destination is Slowpoke Well, so you'll have to
    walk through Union Cave _again_ - but at least you're already there.
    Slowpoke Well's surfing Pokemon: Slowpoke, Slowbro (downstairs only)
    Go to the place where you fought Proton. Push the rock out of the way and
    follow the path. When you get to the ladder, stand to the right of it. Take 8
    steps right and face up. Press A for a Full Heal. Now go downstairs.
    Get in the water, and go right and up for TM18, Rain Dance. Go down and around
    the other side to the lonely guy here. If you talk to him, he'll give you a
    King's Rock. When held by Poliwhirl and Slowpoke, it will make them evolve when
    you trade them. In battle, it may make the foe flinch after being attacked. Use
    an Escape Rope to leave and go straight into Ilex Forest.
    Are you tired yet? I know I was when I had to do all this myself. We're almost
    done, so hang in there!
    Ilex Forest's surfing Pokemon: Golduck, Psyduck
    Proceed through Ilex Forest as normal. When you get to the water, surf your way
    to the gap in the trees. Examine the leftmost tile for a Big Mushroom, then
    leave to Route 34.
    Route 34's surfing Pokemon: Tentacool, Tentacruel
    In front of the Day Care, you can surf down behind the fence. There's a Nugget
    waiting for you. From the position above it, take one step up and face left.
    Press A for a Rare Candy. Get back in the water and continue surfing south.
    There are three girls at the end of this path. The first two will fight you
    together if you have two living Pokemon with you.
    Ace Trainer Jenn    and   Ace Trainer Irene
    Staryu L24, Starmie L26   Goldeen L22, Seaking L24
    When you beat them, just go down to fight the third girl.
    Ace Trainer Kate
    Shellder L26, Cloyster L28
    After the battle, Kate will give you a Power Herb. This is a one-use Hold Item
    that skips the charge turn of certain attacks, like SolarBeam.
    Go north through Goldenrod City to Route 35.
    Route 35's surfing Pokemon: Psyduck, Golduck
    At the water, surf left to the Grn Apricorn tree. Stand to the left of this and
    go straight up until you hit the fence. Take two steps down and press A for a
    That's it! You're done now. It's finally time to progress, and to do that, you
    need to go back to Ecruteak City. There's a small tree you can cut in the grass
    by the end of Route 35. It's a shortcut to Route 36 so you don't have to walk
    through National Park. Once you're there, leave west to Route 38.
    8b. To the Lighthouse!                                                  [jisfs]
    Our next goal for now is the Olivine Lighthouse, located in Olivine City. It's
    a short walk from here, but there are a lot of people in the way.
    o--------------------------o  Start by going directly left from the gate.
    o--------------------------o  Sailor Harry
    | Magnemite      (all day) |  Wooper L20         Go above the trees and left.
    | Miltank        (all day) |  $640
    | Raticate       (all day) |
    | Snubbull       (all day) |  Lass Dana*                   This chick gives you
    | Tauros         (all day) |  Flaaffy L19, Psyduck L19     items, so be sure to
    | Farfetch'd (morning/day) |  $304                         get her digits, yo.
    | Exeggcute     (Headbutt) |
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |  School Kid Chad*
    | Pineco        (Headbutt) |  Mr. Mime L20       Now go back to the beginning
    | Rattata    (HG, all day) |  $400               and take the low path. Pick up
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |                     the Max Potion on the ground,
    | Meowth     (SS, all day) |  Bird Keeper Toby   then go to the middle to fight
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |  Doduo L16/L17/L18  this Bird Keeper. Then, jump
    o--------------------------o  $576               into the grass for yet another
    Beauty Valerie                Head west to
    Hoppip L18, Skiploom L18      Route 39. An old dude will stop you and introduce
    $1008                         himself as Baoba. I guess this was the Safari
                                  Zone warden in the color games... Anyway, he
    wants to give you his number so he can tell you when his new Safari Zone opens
    up (seriously, how many old guys are going to force their numbers on you?), so
    take it. The upper path leads to Moomoo Farm! Pick the Grn Apricon while you're
    Inside the building, you'll find a very sick Miltank. Feed it a total of 10
    Oran Berries to heal it. Talk to the girl to your left and she'll give you a
    Seal Case. The girl on the right will give you a few Seals to use on Ball
    In addition to this, the guy in the main house will sell you Moomoo Milks, one
    for $500 or a dozen for $6000. Moomoo Milks heal 100 HP per use, and they're an
    excellent deal at this point. Feel free to take him up on his offer.
    Leave through the side door. Take one step right, 11 steps down, and one step
    left. Press A for a PP Up. From there, take 11 steps right and 3 steps down.
    Press A for an X Attack.
    Go to the bottom part of this area, where you will see TM60, Drain Punch, on
    the ground. This is a fairly weak physical Fighting-type move that will heal
    the user half the damage inflicted. From the position you're standing in right
    now, take one step down and nine steps right. Face down and press A for a
    Back on the main path, continue south until you reach Olivine City.
    Psychic Nelson
    Slowpoke L17/L20
    o--------------------------o  Sailor Eugene
    | ROUTE 39 POKEMON LISTING |  Poliwhirl L17, Raticate L17, Krabby L19
    o--------------------------o  $608
    | Magnemite      (all day) |
    | Miltank        (all day) |  Pokefan Derek*
    | Raticate       (all day) |  Pikachu L18
    | Tauros         (all day) |  $1152
    | Farfetch'd (morning/day) |
    | Rattata    (HG, all day) |  Pokefan Ruth
    | Meowth     (SS, all day) |  Pikachu L17
    | Snubbull   (SS, all day) |  $1088
    8c. Olivine City - The Port with Sea Breezes                            [oysgt]
    o------------------------------o  When you pass the Gym, Silver will appear and
    | OLIVINE CITY POKEMON LISTING |  say a few words, but he will not stoop so low
    o------------------------------o  as to battle a loser like you.
    | Krabby             (fishing) |
    o------------------------------o  When he leaves, enter the first house you
                                      come across. Tell the guy yes and you will
    get a Good Rod. The Good Rod can catch even more Pokemon that you couldn't
    before. Fish using the Good Rod and you may find these Pokemon not named
    Cherrygrove City: Corsola (morning/day), Krabby, Staryu (night)
       Ecruteak City: Poliwag
         Ilex Forest: Poliwag
       New Bark Town: Chinchou, Shellder, Tentacool
        Olivine City: Corsola (morning/day), Krabby, Staryu (night)
            Route 30: Poliwag
            Route 31: Poliwag
            Route 32: Tentacool, Qwilfish
            Route 34: Corsola (morning/day), Krabby, Staryu (night)
            Route 35: Poliwag
       Ruins of Alph: Poliwag
       Slowpoke Well: Goldeen
      Union Cave B2F: Corsola (morning/day), Goldeen, Staryu (night)
         Violet City: Poliwag
    You'll notice that many of the Pokemon obtainable with the Good Rod are the
    same as the Old Rod; the difference is, these Pokemon are much easier to find
    with the Good Rod than the Old Rod, although Magikarp are still pretty common.
    In future lists, if there are any Pokemon that can only be caught with the Good
    Rod, it will say (fishing, GR) by its name.
    If it doesn't matter, it will just say (fishing), but generally you should
    always use the Good Rod until you get something better.
    o-------------------o  In the Pokemon Center, if you talk to the girl next to
    | OLIVINE CITY SHOP |  the PC, she will ask to battle against you to show off
    o-------------------o  her Ball Capsule. She's cake, so just nuke her.
    | Heart Mail....$50 |
    | Heal Ball....$300 |  Beauty Charlotte
    | Net Ball....$1000 |  Bellossom L16
    o-------------------o  $896
    Go right, past the Poke Mart, then up the street to the two houses. The guy in
    the left house will trade you his Voltorb for your Krabby. In the right house,
    the little girl will give you some Seals every day.
    Go to the south end of the city, where the boats are. Stand at the very
    entrance and you'll be able to surf and fish. Surf on the right side and follow
    the land east and then north to a tiny piece of land where TM57, Charge Beam,
    awaits. This is a special-based Electric move that has a whopping 70% chance to
    raise the user's SP.ATK by one stage if it hits. It starts off kinda weak,
    Back on the mainland, go into the harbor  and out the west exit. Go all the way
    down and 1 step right. Press A for a Pearl. Now head to the lighthouse, which
    is to the right of the harbor.
    8d. Olivine Lighthouse                                                  [satgl]
    Ignore the elevator (it leads nowhere) and fight your way to the fourth floor.
    Gentleman Alfred*      Sailor Huey*
    Noctowl L22            Poliwag L18, Poliwhirl L20
    $4400                  $640
    Bird Keeper Theo
    Pidgey L17/L15 x3/L19
    Gentleman Preston      Lass Connie
    Growlithe L18 x2       Marill L21
    $3600                  $336
    Pick up TM87, Swagger. This will raise the opponent's ATK by 2 stages and
    confuse them.
    Jump out the window on the right side and head back in the secondary entrance,
    but not before picking up the Rare Candy slickly hidden on the other side of
    the outside.
    Sailor Kent            Pick up the visible Ether, then examine the crack in
    Krabby L18/L20         the middle of the floor for a Hyper Potion.
    Bird Keeper Denis
    Spearow L18 x2, Fearow L20    Now it's just one straight path to the top.
    Sailor Terrell         Sailor Roberto
    Poliwhirl L20          Machop L18 x2, Poliwhirl L18    Pick up the Super Repel.
    $640                   $576
    Cutie alert! The gorgeous girl here is Jasmine, the Gym Leader here. She has
    her hands full taking care of the Ampharos you see, who has somehow fallen
    extremely ill. She asks you to do something about it and mentions Cianwood
    City. As much as you may not want to, you _have_ to help her. Besides, you'll
    get another Badge and a sweet new HM out of it, so you might as well. Jasmine
    will unlock the gate, allowing you to nab the Super Potion lying on the floor,
    and you can now take the elevator back down to the first floor.
    Leave, heal, stock up on Super Repels, and venture westward.
    8e. The Path Across the Sea                                             [gjsyl]
    Outside the Battle Frontier entrance, if today is Monday, you'll find Monica
    here. Speak to her and she will give you a Sharp Beak, which powers up Flying
    These next two routes are only in water, so unless you want to be bombarded
    with wild Pokemon, I suggest you start spraying Super Repels. There's a huge
    dungeon in your way, so follow my directions carefully.
    o------------------------------------o  Get into the water and go down.
    |      ROUTE 40 POKEMON LISTING      |
    o------------------------------------o  SwimmerM Simon
    | Krabby                   (fishing) |  Tentacool L20 x2
    | Corsola (fishing, morning/day, GR) |  $320
    | Staryu        (fishing, night, GR) |
    | Tentacool                (surfing) |  SwimmerF Elaine
    | Tentacruel               (surfing) |  Staryu L21
    o------------------------------------o  $336
    A little down and to the right of Elaine, you will see an item ball that
    contains TM88, Pluck. This is a physical-based Flying-type move. When used in
    battle, if the foe is holding a Berry, Pluck will steal it and the user will
    consume it, gaining its effects.
    Press A again and you'll pick up a Hyper Potion hidden in the sand.
    SwimmerM Randall                        SwimmerF Paula
    Shellder L18 x2, Wartortle L20          Staryu L19, Shellder L19
    $288                                    $304
    o--------------------------o  When you reach Route 41, go all the way right
    | ROUTE 41 POKEMON LISTING |  until you hit a wall. The dungeon in your way
    o--------------------------o  is on this route, and you can't get in even if
    | Tentacool      (fishing) |  you wanted to.
    | Chinchou   (fishing, GR) |
    | Shellder   (fishing, GR) |  Go straight down from the wall.
    | Tentacool      (surfing) |
    | Tentacruel     (surfing) |  SwimmerM Charlie
    | Mantine    (HG, surfing) |  Shellder L21, Tentacool L19, Tentacruel L19
    o--------------------------o  $304
    SwimmerF Kaylee
    Goldeen L18/L20, Seaking L20  Take a left here.
    SwimmerM Matthew              SwimmerM Berke
    Krabby L23                    Qwilfish L23          From here, go up.
    $368                          $368
    SwimmerF Wendy                SwimmerM George
    Horsea L21 x2                 Tentacool L16 x2/L17 x2, Remoraid L19, Staryu L19
    $336                          $304
    From here, go left.
    SwimmerF Susie                Continue left until you see the shore. If you
    Psyduck L20, Goldeen L22      want to, you can skip the three Trainers who are
    $352                          left and just make land, but that's a waste of
                                  valuable Exp. Go all the way down to the very
    bottom, then go right until you hit the next person.
    SwimmerF Denise               SwimmerM Ronald
    Seel L22                      Gyarados L20 x2          At the whirlpool, go up.
    $352                          $320
    SwimmerF Kara
    Staryu L20, Starmie L20       Now surf west until you reach land.
    8f. Cianwood City - A Port of Crashing Waves                            [ttkaf]
    o------------------------------------o  You can also find Shuckle by smashing
    |   CIANWOOD CITY POKEMON LISTING    |  the rocks at the north end of the city.
    | Tentacool                (surfing) |  Two houses north of the Pokemon Center
    | Tentacruel               (surfing) |  is the house of the person who you most
    | Krabby                   (fishing) |  likely have run into on many different
    | Corsola (fishing, morning/day, GR) |  occasions - Cameron the photographer.
    | Staryu        (fishing, night, GR) |  You can add another picture to your
    o------------------------------------o  album by examining the camera next to
                                            his house. When you're done, stand in
    front of the camera, take two steps down and three steps right, then press A
    for a Stardust.
    Head to the north end of the city and you'll see Suicune on a ledge. Get too
    close, and it'll run away. Eusine will show up and challenge you to a battle.
    Mystery Man Eusine
    Drowzee L25, Electrode L27, Haunter L25
    The game didn't make a big deal out of him, so I didn't, either. :] This guy's
    loaded, but other than that, he should cause zero problems.
    o-----------------------o  Back in the main part of the city, head into the
    |   CIANWOOD PHARMACY   |  building to the left of the Pokemon Center. Talk
    o-----------------------o  to the dude behind the counter and he'll give you a
    | Potion...........$300 |  SecretPotion. If you talk to him again, he will
    | Super Potion.....$700 |  actually sell you medicine instead of do nothing
    | Hyper Potion....$1200 |  like he did in Gold and Silver. His wares are
    | Full Heal........$600 |  listed to the left.
    | Revive..........$1500 |
    o-----------------------o  Leave and enter the house to the left. If you
                               talk to this guy and say yes, he'll give you a L20
    Shuckle, named Shuckie, of your very own. It is holding Berry Juice. Give any
    Berry to Shuckle, and he'll eventually turn it into Berry Juice.
    There's a Gym in this town! Let's go win at it.
    8g. Boss: Chuck                                                         [jtswn]
    Chuck is standing directly in front of you, but he's so busy getting a
    waterfall dumped on his head that he doesn't notice you. In order to challenge
    him, you'll have to stop the waterfall. The key to doing that is at the top of
    the room, but you'll have to fight your way there. Start on the left side.
    Black Belt Yoshi                   Black Belt Nob
    Hitmonlee L27                      Machop L25, Machoke L25
    $648                               $600
    Nob blocked your path, so you can't go up the stairs. If you're a wuss, you can
    leave the Gym and re-enter, causing everyone's positions to reset. You can then
    just go directly to the top. That's lame, though, so go to the other side of
    the room and earn your way to the top:
    Black Belt Lao                     Black Belt Lung
    Hitmonchan L27                     Mankey L23 x2, Primeape L25
    $648                               $600
    Fighting Lung is totally optional, but you can't fight him once you defeat
    Chuck, so you may as well just kill him. Cross the brdige on the third level,
    go up the stairs on the left side, and examine the big red thing. Say yes to
    turn it and you will finally be able to fight against Chuck. Don't forget to
    heal and save!
    Chuck's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o  Chikorita's Level: 48      Money: $3720
    |   Primeape L29 |  Poliwrath L31 |  ---------------------
    |          Leer  |          Surf  |  How lame is this? Two Pokemon? Really?
    |    Rock Slide  |      Hypnosis  |
    |   Double Team  |     Body Slam  |  This fight is very easy. Chuck's special
    |   Focus Punch  |   Focus Punch  |  move is Focus Punch, a ridiculously
    o----------------o----------------o  strong Fighting-type attack. The catch is
                                         that it always attacks second, and it
    fails if the user is hit during the opponent's turn. Primeape tries to pile on
    the Double Teams so your attacks will miss, and Poliwrath will attempt to put
    you to sleep with Hypnosis. More often than not, however, they will be so
    obsessed with trying to Focus Punch you that you can really just do anything
    and you'll be okay. Rock Slide and Body Slam are pretty weak options that
    aren't too threatening. Getting paralyzed by Body Slam is arguably a good
    thing, because now you can't get put to sleep, but you can still be fully
    paralyzed (25% chance per turn).
    Poliwrath is holding a Sitrus Berry, and Chuck has two Hyper Potions at his
    disposal. Get through this disappointment for the Storm Badge, the ability to
    use Fly out of battle, and TM01, Focus Punch.
    9. The Sixth Badge                                                      [mrlbj]
    * Heal Amphy.
    * Explore a new part of Johto.
    * Earn your sixth Badge.
    With the Storm Badge in your possession, all shops will now carry Ultra Balls,
    Hyper Potions, Full Heals, and Max Repels.
    Leave the Gym and you will be instantly be given HM02, Fly. You can use this to
    fly to any place you've ever been to, including National Park (it should be
    noted that this will take you to the Pokeathlon Dome instead).
    Go back to the lighthouse and take the elevator to the top floor. Talk to
    Jasmine and tell her that the medicine will work, and she will take it from you
    and give it to Amphy. It works like a charm, and Jasmine will take the long way
    down the lighthouse.
    When you leave, Baoba will call you and tell you the Safari Zone is ready. You
    have two options: fly back to Cianwood City and go check it out, or get
    yourself a Badge. Jasmine has three (more like two) Pokemon, and the toughest
    Pokemon is L35, so it's a judgment call. If you think you can take her on (you
    can do this easily if any of your Pokemon have Flamethrower), skip the next few
    sections and jump straight to the end. Since it's obvious the game wants you to
    go do this right now, I'm going to cover it now. If you want to follow along
    with me, fly to Cianwood City and enter the cave north of the Gym. Pass through
    Cliff Edge Gate until you get outside.
    9a. Super New Johto Route Fun Time                                      [nigas]
    Welcome to the first of two routes that are not in Gold and Silver!
    Follow the path to the first guy.
    Hiker Devin
    Dunsparce L19 x3                Before you enter the cave, cross the bridge to
    $608                            find another guy.
    Camper Grant
    Skiploom L21, Marill L21        Pick up the Revive and go into the cave.
    o----------------------------o  Go down the ladder and go outside.
    o----------------------------o  o--------------------------o
    | Geodude          (all day) |  | ROUTE 47 POKEMON LISTING |
    | Golbat           (all day) |  o--------------------------o
    | Graveler         (all day) |  | Exeggcute     (Headbutt) |
    | Kingler          (all day) |  | Heracross     (Headbutt) |
    | Krabby           (all day) |  | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |
    | Machoke          (all day) |  | Pineco        (Headbutt) |
    | Machop           (all day) |  | Tentacool      (fishing) |
    | Onix             (all day) |  | Chinchou   (fishing, GR) |
    | Steelix          (all day) |  | Shellder   (fishing, GR) |
    | Quagsire     (morning/day) |  | Seel           (surfing) |
    | Wooper       (morning/day) |  | Staryu         (surfing) |
    | Misdreavus         (night) |  | Tentacool      (surfing) |
    | Zubat              (night) |  | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |
    o----------------------------o  | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |
    Surf left until you hit land.
    Stand in the lower left corner and take one step right. Face up and press A for
    a Pearl. Go back to the entrance of Cliff Cave and this time, go up the ladder.
    Leave and prepare for some doubles:
    Double Team Thom & Kae
    Electabuzz L25/Magmar L25       Follow this path. Eventually you will come
    $6000                           across a Lagging Tail; more doubles awaits.
    Young Couple Duff & Eda
    Onix L22/Cloyster L22           Route 48 is dead ahead.
    o--------------------------o  Go into the grass and you'll see a small path you
    | ROUTE 48 POKEMON LISTING |  can follow leading to a Nugget. If you go up from
    o--------------------------o  here, you'll be at Safari Zone Gate. You can fly
    | Diglett        (all day) |  here. There are two shops here, across the street
    | Fearow         (all day) |  from each other, visible as soon as you walk in.
    | Girafarig      (all day) |
    | Gloom          (all day) |  o---------------------------o  It should be noted
    | Hoppip         (all day) |  | SAFARI ZONE GATE SHOP (L) |  that this place is
    | Tauros         (all day) |  o---------------------------o  the only place you
    | Farfetch'd (morning/day) |  | Air Mail..............$50 |  can buy Dusk and
    | Exeggcute     (Headbutt) |  | Nest Ball...........$1000 |  Quick Balls. Dusk
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |  | Dusk Ball...........$1000 |  Balls are prime
    | Pineco        (Headbutt) |  | Quick Ball..........$1000 |  for catching a
    | Growlithe  (HG, all day) |  o---------------------------o  Pokemon at night,
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |                                 and Quick Balls
    | Vulpix     (SS, all day) |  o---------------------------o  help against any
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |  | SAFARI ZONE GATE SHOP (R) |  Pokemon that runs,
    o--------------------------o  o---------------------------o  like Entei and
                                  | Protein.............$9800 |  Raikou.
    Stand directly in front of    | Iron................$9800 |
    the Pokemon Center. Take 2    | Calcium.............$9800 |
    steps down and three steps    | Zinc................$9800 |
    right. Press A for a Tiny-    | Carbos..............$9800 |
    Mushroom. Stand again in      | HP Up...............$9800 |
    front of the Pokemon Center.  o---------------------------o
    This time, take four steps
    right and two steps up. Press A for a second TinyMushroom. Go to the upper
    right tent and stand directly to the right of the pole. Face right and press A
    for a third TinyMushroom.
    From here, you can enter the Safari Zone. The Safari Zone is very different
    from previous games, and I won't be covering it here. Don't worry - there are
    no items or Trainers to fight. If you want to learn the ins and outs of the
    Safari Zone, see section 19.
    Fly back to Olivine City and go straight to the Gym.
    9b. Boss: Jasmine                                                       [ipsmn]
    What makes me the angriest about Jasmine's Gym is because it looks like she has
    Gym Trainers this time around, but nope! The two people here jump you and wish
    you luck instead of battling you. How sucky is that? To make things worse, the
    fight against Jasmine could not be more boring and lame, but you should still
    heal your Pokemon and save before fighting her. Clang! Steel type!
    Jasmine's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $4200
    |  Magnemite L30 |  Magnemite L30 |    Steelix L35 |  Chikorita's Level: 48
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |     SonicBoom  |     SonicBoom  |       Screech  |
    |    Supersonic  |    Supersonic  |     Iron Tail  |  I came here straight from
    |   Thunderbolt  |   Thunderbolt  |     Sandstorm  |  Chuck, so that's why
    |  Thunder Wave  |  Thunder Wave  |    Rock Throw  |  Chikorita's Level hasn't
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  changed any.
    No, your eyes aren't deceiving you; she really does have two identical
    Magnemite. They have a double weakness to Ground, so even something as weak as
    Dig will take them out in one hit. If not, be wary of Thunderbolt; it's strong.
    Steelix is the only threat. He has an absurd amount of DEF, so physical attacks
    will barely scratch him unless they're hitting him super effectively. He is
    also holding a Sitrus Berry. Iron Tail may lower your DEF if it hits, so
    switch out to avoid taking a huge hit next turn.
    Jasmine may also heal her Pokemon using her two Hyper Potions. Once you
    overcome them, you will earn the Mineral Badge and TM23, Iron Tail.
    10. The Seventh Badge                                                   [gsrbj]
    * Investigate the Lake of Rage.
    * Thwart Team Rocket's plans at Mahogany Town.
    * Earn your seventh Badge.
    Now that you've totally laid waste to the west side of Johto, fly to Ecruteak
    City. Take this time to buy some Max Repels and an Escape Rope. There's a
    little more dungeon crawling to do before we get to the next town.
    10a. Mt. Mortar                                                         [nrctw]
    o---------------------------o  Go back to Route 42 (east of Ecruteak City).
    | ROUTE 42  POKEMON LISTING |  Ignore the cave and surf across the water. Cut
    o---------------------------o  the small tree and head into that area. Suicune
    | Flaaffy         (all day) |  will run away, and Eusine will follow close
    | Mareep          (all day) |  behind. Pick the Pnk Apricorn, Grn Apricorn, and
    | Aipom          (Headbutt) |  Ylw Apricorn, then pick up the Super Potion on
    | Heracross      (Headbutt) |  the main path. Surf across the water, but don't
    | Spearow        (Headbutt) |  land to the right. Instead, do you see the small
    | Goldeen         (fishing) |  rectangle of land below the main path? See the
    | Goldeen         (surfing) |  rock that's on that piece? Examine it for a Max
    | Seaking         (surfing) |  Potion (you can do this from the water). Now
    | Mankey      (HG, all day) |  fight the fisherman.
    | Spearow     (HG, all day) |
    | Spearow (SS, morning/day) |  Fisherman Tully*
    | Zubat         (HG, night) |  Qwilfish L19
    o---------------------------o  $608
    Before entering the cave, take out the two people standing nearby.
    Poke Maniac Shane              Hiker Benjamin
    Nidorina L17, Nidorino L17     Diglett L15, Geodude L15, Dugtrio L17
    $1088                          $544
    Now go into the cave.
    o----------------------------o  Go into the next room and go right.
    o----------------------------o  Poke Maniac Harrison
    | Geodude          (all day) |  Nidoking L17, Nidoqueen L17
    | Machop           (all day) |  $1088
    | Rattata          (all day) |
    | Zubat            (all day) |  Go up two flights of stairs on the right side
    o----------------------------o  and you'll find a ladder to go up. In this next
                                    room, go down and pick up the Revive lying on
    the ground, then go back down the ladder. Go down just the first flight of
    stairs and then go left. You'll see a rock you can push. Do so, then take four
    steps up and one step right. Press A for a Max Repel.
    Go up a little bit and go up the stairs to the left. At the end of this path is
    an Ultra Ball. Go back to the main path and then head north. Pick up the Max
    Potion before you go up the stairs here. Go right, up the stairs, and then down
    to find an Escape Rope. If you follow the path up the stairs to the right,
    you'll come across a Nugget. Go back down the stairs and then down once you go
    down the second set of stairs. Go up the stairs to the left and you'll be able
    to fight the only other dude you'll fight in here.
    Super Nerd Markus
    Slowpoke L19
    South of here, jump the ledge and go down. You'll be back at the entrance, near
    Harrison. Go left, ignoring the other door you'll see, and follow this path to
    another ladder. Go up and pick up the lonely Ether. Now go back to the door you
    passed and enter. In the area near the door at the bottom, there's a small rock
    next to the right wall. Examine it for a Hyper Potion.
    Use the door at the bottom and you'll find yourself on the east side of Route
    42. Surf across the water and enter the cave. Go straight up and down the
    ladder (there is nothing you can reach by water yet).
    o----------------------------o  Get in the water and surf straight across for a
    | MT. MORTAR POKEMON LISTING |  Full Restore. Then, surf up the right side once
    o----------------------------o  you get the fork and you'll find a Max Ether.
    | Geodude          (all day) |  Surf up the other path and you'll find a Hyper
    | Machop           (all day) |  Potion at the top. Continue surfing on the path
    | Marill           (all day) |  left and down and you'll find a PP Up on your
    | Rattata          (all day) |  way to the bottom. Go down and land on the left
    | Zubat            (all day) |  side. You'll see four rocks on the north wall;
    | Raticate     (B1, all day) |  stand between them and examine the wall for an
    | Goldeen          (fishing) |  Ultra Ball. Finally, surf up the left side and
    | Goldeen          (surfing) |  you'll get a Carbos. Use an Escape Rope to get
    | Seaking          (surfing) |  back to Route 42; surf east across the water
    o----------------------------o  and take the two dozen or so steps to get to
                                    the next town.
    10b. Mahogany Town - Home of the Ninja                                  [wtfwn]
    o-----------------------------o  Attempt to leave the city due east and you'll
    |    JUST A SOUVENIR SHOP     |  be stopped by a guy who will offer to sell you
    | NOTHING SUSPICIOUS ABOUT IT |  a RageCandyBar for $300. You can't do anything
    |    NO NEED TO BE ALARMED    |  with it yet, so just hold onto it for now.
    | TinyMushroom...........$300 |  Leave north to Route 43 when you're ready.
    | Poke Ball..............$200 |
    | Potion.................$300 |               o--------------------------o
    o-----------------------------o               | ROUTE 43 POKEMON LISTING |
    Once again, the battles will start almost     | Flaaffy        (all day) |
    start almost instantly.                       | Mareep         (all day) |
                                                  | Rattata        (all day) |
    Camper Spencer                                | Pidgeotto  (morning/day) |
    Sandshrew L18, Zubat L20, Sandslash L18       | Venonat  (morning/night) |
    $320                                          | Noctowl          (night) |
                                                  | Exeggcute     (Headbutt) |
    If you enter the gateway, two Team Rocket     | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |
    thugs will steal $1000 from you. If you have  | Pineco        (Headbutt) |
    less than that, they will take it all.        | Venonat       (Headbutt) |
    Ignore the building and go through the        | Poliwag        (fishing) |
    grass.                                        | Magikarp       (surfing) |
    Picnicker Tiffany*
    Clefairy L21                     If you want a Blk Apricorn, surf left and cut
    $336                             the small tree blocking your way.
    Poke Maniac Brent                Go down from here and pick up the Max Ether.
    Nidorina L20, Nidorino L24       Don't jump the ledge; instead, go straight up
    $1536                            from here.
    Poke Maniac Beckett              Poke Maniac Ron
    Slowbro L20                      Nidoking L20          Go down and left instead
    $1280                            $1280                 of straight up here.
    Fisherman Marvin
    Magikarp L10/L15, Gyarados L20
    10c. The Lake of Rage                                                   [ronrh]
    o------------------------------o  At this point, you can go north from the left
    | LAKE OF RAGE POKEMON LISTING |  side to the Lake of Rage. If today is not
    o------------------------------o  Wednesday, it will be raining, and you'll be
    | Exeggcute         (Headbutt) |  able to surf around this area for some items.
    | Hoothoot          (Headbutt) |  If it _is_ Wednesday, the path here will not
    | Pineco            (Headbutt) |  be flooded, enabling you to battle against
    | Venonat           (Headbutt) |  some people, and find a couple more items.
    | Gyarados       (fishing, GR) |  First, I'll cover the flooded version, since
    | Gyarados           (surfing) |  odds are today in your game is not Wednesday.
    | Magikarp           (surfing) |  If you've beaten the odds and today _is_
    o------------------------------o  Wednesday, just skip to the not-raining
                                      section and come back for the raining items
    RAINING AT LAKE OF RAGE           tomorrow.
    Stand in between the two ledges (you should be in front of a tree). Examine the
    last tile all the way to your right for a Full Restore (it won't be here if you
    already got it). Get into the water and nab the Red Flute on the left side,
    then go back to the entrance and head up into the maze from the middle. Take a
    right and follow this path until you can either go right, or continue going up.
    Go right, then up instead of continuing right. Follow this path to yet another
    fork. Here, go up and you will find TM43, Secret Power, a physical Normal-type
    move that has varying effects depending on the terrain you're fighting on. Back
    at the fork, go down and you'll end up at a house. Inside, if you talk to the
    guy, he'll give you TM10, Hidden Power.
    Fly to the Lake of Rage and go up to the water. See the tree that's next to the
    water's edge? Stand to the right of it so you're two steps from the water's
    edge. Take one step up, seven steps right, and face down. Press A for a Rare
    Candy (it won't be here if you already got it). Now go all the way up the side
    here, get in the water, and surf up past the trees to find a pair of Choice
    Specs, which I am surprised they let you have before beating the game. When
    held, they increase the holder's SP.ATK by 50%, but locks the holder into the
    first move it uses.
    Stand in the upper right corner. Take one step left and face down. Press A for
    a Max Potion.
    Fly to the Lake of Rage, go up to the water, get in, and approach the red
    Gyarados. If you plan on capturing it, save before you speak to it.
    Stand in between the two ledges (you should be in front of a tree). Examine the
    last tile all the way to your right for a Full Restore (it won't be here if you
    already got it). Go down to the bottom and start walking. Go left real quick
    for a fight:
    Ace Trainer Alton
    Ivysaur L24, Charmeleon L24, Wartortle L24
    After that, go right and follow the path until you reach a tree on your left
    you can cut. Slice it down and follow this path to a Max Revive. Go back to
    where you changed paths and cut down the tree on the right. At the end of this
    path, you'll find a Full Restore. Go back to the main path and follow this path
    up. At the end, you'll find a guy here. This is Wesley, and he'll give you a
    Black Belt for speaking to him.
    Fly to the Lake of Rage and go up to the water. See the tree that's next to the
    water's edge? Stand to the right of it so you're two steps from the water's
    edge. Take one step up, seven steps right, and face down. Press A for a Rare
    Candy (it won't be here if you already got it).
    Now go up the right side to the point where you can get in the water. Surf
    to the south end of the lake and pick up the Full Heal on the shore. Approach
    the red Gyarados. If you want to capture it, save before you talk to it.
    The red Gyarados is like any other Gyarados, except it's its alternate color
    (every Pokemon has one). Known in the Pokemon community as a "shiny" Pokemon,
    they're very rarely found in the wild. This Gyarados is always shiny, and for
    some people, the only shiny Pokemon they've ever found.
    It knows Bite, Twister, Leer, and Dragon Rage, and is L30. As usual, Dusk Balls
    are king, but if it's not night, Net Balls (purchaseable in nearly every town)
    work nicely.
    After the battle, you will get a Red Scale. If you take it to Mr. Pokemon,
    he'll give you an Exp. Share for it. When held by a Pokemon, it will receive
    1/2 of the Experience gained from defeating a Pokemon, even if it doesn't
    participate in battle.
    Get out of the water. At the south entrance to the lake, you'll see a dude next
    to a Pokemon. Talk to him, and he'll introduce himself as Lance, a Trainer like
    you. He'll ask for your help in investigating something in Mahogany Town. You
    must tell him yes, so get it overwith. He will fly away on his Pokemon, and you
    should do the same. Your destination is Mahogany Town.
    10d. Infiltrating the Totally Not Suspicious Souvenir Shop              [nntba]
    Heal your Pokemon and head to the souvenir shop. You'll see Lance lay waste to
    a guy and reveal a hidden entrance to a secret underground area. Follow him in.
    See the statues? Every time you pass one that is lit up red, you will fight
    identical copies of these two grunts:
    Team Rocket Grunt                    Team Rocket Grunt
    Drowzee L17, Zubat L19               Zubat L16, Rattata L18, Grimer L17
    $760                                 $720
    You'll fight them one after the other with no break in between, but neither
    fight should be that difficult. When you defeat them, the light will go off,
    and you can pass them freely.
    Just before the second statue, you'll be able to go down to a second path. At
    the end of _this_ path is another fork. Go down at this point and follow the
    path to the end. If you want to shut the security cameras off, examine the
    computer (it's blue) and choose to shut it down, and you will never run into
    the grunt copies when passing the statues. There's also a guy standing here, so
    destroy him:
    Scientist Gregg
    Magnemite L20 x3                  Pick up the Guard Spec. nearby and be on your
    $640                              way.
    Go back to the end of the second path and go right past the statue. Pick up the
    Hyper Potion. In the room with the two large, blue boxes, examine the top right
    corner for a Revive. Go down and left, past two statues, and step on the yellow
    tile to be warped back to the entrance. Go all the way left this time, past one
    more statue, and then do battle against a grunt that isn't a copy:
    Team Rocket Grunt
    Rattata L16 x4
    Just below him is a 6x7 grid. Some spots are safe to walk on, but the rest are
    booby-trapped with Pokemon that all know Selfdestruct. Here's a map of what
    each area contains:
    * * V * G V         Key
    * K * * * V         ---
    G * * V K *
    * * G * * *         * - Free passage
    * * * * K *         V - Voltorb L23
    * K V G * *         G - Geodude L23
    V * * K * G         K - Koffing L23
    As you can see, it is possible to walk the path without fighting a single
    enemy, but you really should just take out all the Pokemon anyway.
    Go downstairs. Lance will heal your whole party and take off, leaving you to
    clean up some Rockets.
    Team Rocket Grunt
    Venonat L18 x2            Go down and left to the dead end. Examine the middle
    $720                      box for a Full Heal, then go right.
    Team Rocket Grunt
    Golbat l18                Go downstairs and you will see Lance again. He
    $720                      mentions that you'll need the voice of someone named
                              Petrel, and whoever that is is holed up in an office
    somewhere. From here, left and up into the large room. Fight the two in here.
    Scientist Ross            Team Rocket Grunt           After you beat her, you
    Koffing L22 x2            Ekans L18, Gloom L18        will get a password for
    $704                      $720                        the office.
    Leave and go left to the dead end.
    Scientist Mitch           Team Rocket Grunt           This guy will tell you
    Ditto L24                 Raticate L19                the other password when
    $768                      $760                        you defeat him.
    Pick up the X Special and Protein, then go up to the top of this room to find
    TM49, Snatch. This move will steal any stat-boosting attack the foe tries to
    use. Go right and up the stairs. Go down to the dead end here and examine the
    thing with the yellow top for an X Sp. Def. Now get back on the main path.
    Team Rocket Grunt
    Rattata L17 x2, Zubat L17
    Go downstairs, then up the stairs below you. In this little room is TM46,
    Thief. This move will steal any item the foe has equipped as long as the user
    doesn't have its own item equipped. You will keep this item after the battle,
    so it's pretty handy. It's really weak in battle, though, so don't use it on
    anyone who matters.
    Go back downstairs and approach the door. Silver will appear and he'll slap you
    around a bit before leaving. Unlock the door using the two passwords and save.
    10e. Boss: Petrel                                                       [srtre]
    Petrel's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $880
    |      Zubat L22 |    Koffing L22 |   Raticate L24 |  Chikorita's Level: 54
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |          Bite  |          Smog  |        Crunch  |
    |      Astonish  |     Assurance  |    Hyper Fang  |  This fight isn't that
    |   Confuse Ray  |   SmokeScreen  |    Scary Face  |  difficult. Raticate is
    |   Wing Attack  |  Selfdestruct  |  Sucker Punch  |  the only threat here.
    When you beat him, he'll leave, and the Murkrow standing nearby will repeat the
    new password in Petrel's voice, and run off. Follow him back to the beginning,
    where Murkrow will open the door for you. Get on inside.
    10f. Boss: Ariana & Team Rocket Grunt                                   [hffep]
    Money: $2960     Chikorita's Level: 55
    You can't lose this fight. Dragonite will destroy all of their Pokemon so fast
    it's not even fun, which is why I didn't bother writing down their stuff - not
    that I could anyway because Dragonite kept killing their Pokemon.
    After the battle, you'll have to take out 3 Electrode L23. After the battle,
    Lance will give you HM05, Whirlpool. Leave here and fly to the Lake of Rage.
    Go to the northeast corner and take out the new girl.
    Ace Trainer Lois
    Mareep L25, Ninetales L25
    It's time to get another Badge, but you should know that after you beat the Gym
    Leader, you will be unable to do anything related to the radio (such as Buena's
    Password), or play the lottery in the Radio Tower until you complete the next
    part of the story, which begins as soon as you beat the Gym. If you want to do
    any of that, do it _before_ you beat this Gym.
    10g. Boss: Pryce                                                        [ymnbt]
    This Gym is pretty stupid. Not like it was cool in Gold and Silver, but this is
    probably the only Gym that got dumber. The idea here is to push the ice to make
    walls for you to slide to. See this by going directly up into the ice block. It
    will slide into another one and stick, creating a wall. It sounds cool, but
    there's almost no use for them. After you push it, go left, up, right, and up
    to room two. Take out the two people.
    Skier Diana               Boarder Patton        Push the left block into the
    Jynx L29                  Swinub L27 x2         right block, then go right and
    $928                      $864                  up to the final room.
    Boarder Deandre           Push the middle block up, then go right up and right
    Seel L25 x2, Dewgong L26  to another dude.
    Boarder Gerardo                           Go down, left, up, left to the last
    Shellder L25, Cloyster L26, Seel L25      Trainer in this lame Gym.
    Skier Jill                Go down and right to push the ice block, then go
    Dewgong L29               right and up. Normally, I'd say heal and save, but
    $928                      this fight is really, really, _really_ easy.
    You still might want to save anyway, just to be completely safe.
    Pryce's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $4080
    |       Seel L30 |    Dewgong L32 |  Piloswine L34 |  Chikorita's Level: 56
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |          Hail  |          Rest  |          Hail  |
    |          Rest  |     Ice Shard  |      Blizzard  |  Seel is the definition
    |         Snore  |    Sleep Talk  |      Ice Fang  |  of not threatening. He
    |      Icy Wind  |   Aurora Beam  |      Mud Bomb  |  has no STAB moves and
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  his strongest (only)
                                                          attack has 55 base power.
    Hail is Pryce's special move, unfortunately. It's a
    weather condition that damages all Pokemon except Ice-types for 5 turns. Seel
    is pure Water, so he'll get damaged right along with you.
    Dewgong is equally embarrassing, but at least he has a STAB Aurora Beam, a
    special-based Ice-type move that may lower your ATK if it hits. Sleep Talk
    randomly uses one of the user's other moves, but only while the user is asleep.
    Piloswine is the only Pokemon Pryce has that's mildly dangerous. He gets a stab
    Blizzard that will never miss if it's hailing. Hail also activates Snow Cloak,
    Piloswine's ability, that boosts his evasion in hail. Mud Bomb may lower your
    accuracy further, so unless you're really unlucky, you should do fine.
    Any Water-type with a good Normal-type move like Headbutt or Return will shine
    here, since Pryce has no answer for them. Piloswine is Ice/Ground, so he's
    actually weak to Water; Surf him for a quick death.
    Piloswine is holding a Sitrus Berry; Pryce has both a Hyper Potion and a Full
    Restore available to him. Win and you will earn the Glacier Badge, the ability
    to use Whirlpool out of battle, and TM07, Hail.
    11. The Eighth Badge                                                    [rsnbj]
    * Lay waste to the remainder of Team Rocket.
    * Pass through Ice Cave and make it to Blackthorn City.
    * Become a dragon master whether you like it or not and earn your eighth Badge.
    Max Potions are available for purchase now that you have seven Badges.
    When you leave, you'll get a phone call about weird radio signals. If you try
    listening to the radio, you'll notice that all channels are taken over by Team
    Rocket. Heal, stock up on some items, and fly to Goldenrod City.
    11a. Team Rocket's Last Stand                                           [npjwi]
    Go into the underground and head to the place where you get your picture taken.
    You'll change into a Team Rocket uniform, enabling you to get into the upper
    floors of the Radio Tower. Note that once you change, you can't leave the city.
    Don't worry - you won't be wearing the outfit for long. Go to the Radio Tower
    and approach the grunt by the stairs. Silver will appear and out you as one of
    the good guys (what a jerk!), and you will get rid of your costume. The grunt
    will become angry at being tricked and attack you.
    Team Rocket Grunt          It's a straight path to the top, so just give out
    Raticate L24 x2            beatings to everyone.
    Team Rocket Grunt          Team Rocket Grunt             Team Rocket Grunt
    Arbok L26                  Rattata L21 x2/L23 x3         Zubat L26 x2
    $1040                      $920                          $1040
    Team Rocket Grunt          Team Rocket Grunt
    Grimer L23 x2, Muk L25     Koffing L23, Grimer L23, Zubat L23, Rattata L23
    $1000                      $920
    Scientist Garett           Team Rocket Grunt
    Magnemite L27 x3           Weezing L26
    $864                       $1040
    Team Rocket Grunt                           Slight detour: Go down and right
    Zubat L22, Golbat L24, Grimer L22           to the DJ's desk and speak to the
    $880                                        grunt to fight her.
    Team Rocket Grunt                           Scientist Trenton
    Ekans L21 x2, Oddish L23, Gloom L24         Porygon L30
    $960                                        $960
    Go up the stairs to the top and save before you talk to the guy here.
    11b. Boss: Petrel                                                       [ftosw]
    Money: $1200        Chikorita's Level: 58
    Petrel comes at you with a full team of 6 here.
    Five of them are Koffing L30. For sure, two of them know Selfdestruct, Sludge,
    SmokeScreen, and Tackle. The other three probably have that set, too. Petrel
    also has a Weezing L32 whose set I never recorded. There's not a lot to this
    battle... if you're not using a Psychic-type, it'll just take a little while
    because of all the Pokemon.
    After you win, he'll give you the key to get to where the _real_ director has
    been stashed, and leave forever.
    11a continued
    Leave the Radio Tower, heal up, and head underground. At the bottom part, go
    right and you'll find another of the Kimono Girls here. Go past her and get
    inside. Save before you try to progress left:
    11c. Vs. Silver: Goldenrod Underground                                  [pwnd3]
    |     Golbat L32 |    Haunter L32 |  Magnemite L30 |    Sneasel L34 |
    |          Bite  |         Curse  |         Spark  |      Icy Wind  |
    |      Astonish  |     Mean Look  |     SonicBoom  |   Fury Swipes  |
    |    Air Cutter  |   Confuse Ray  |    Supersonic  |  Faint Attack  |
    |   Confuse Ray  |   Shadow Ball  |  Thunder Wave  |  Quick Attack  |
    |   Meganium L34 |    Quilava L34 | Feraligatr L34 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $2176
    |       Reflect  |         Swift  |        Crunch  |  Chikorita's Level: 58
    |     Synthesis  |   Flame Wheel  |        Thrash  |  ---------------------
    |   Petal Dance  |   SmokeScreen  |      Ice Fang  |
    |  PoisonPowder  |  Quick Attack  |     Water Gun  |  Due to the starter being
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  the same level no matter
                                                          who Silver picks, Silver
    retains Quilava for this fight instead of his evolution (Quilava evolves at
    L36, whereas Croconaw evolves at L30 and Bayleef evolves at L32).
    Silver has added a Sneasel to his team, but it isn't that threatening. It has
    low DEF, but very good SPD and ATK. Shouldn't be that hard to take care of.
    11a continued
    Okay, now take care of everyone in here, starting with the guy below you:
    Team Rocket Grunt               Team Rocket Grunt
    Rattata L27                     Muk L23, Koffing L23, Rattata L25
    $1080                           $1000
    A Full Heal is lying nearby. Continue:
    Burglar Duncan               Pick up the Smoke Ball, then fight another thief.
    Koffing L23 x2, Magmar L25
    Burglar Orson                Hit the switches in the order red, green, blue
    Growlithe L26, Koffing L24   in order to progress to the end.
    Team Rocket Grunt            In the next room, follow the path, picking up the
    Gloom L25 x2                 Ultra Ball on the ground. When you start going
    $1006                        down, examine the lone box for a Max Potion.
    Team Rocket Grunt            Continue following the path. There's a Max Ether
    Raticate L24, Golbat L24     in the corner.
    Team Rocket Grunt            Examine the lower of the two small yellow boxes
    Grimer L26, Weezing L23      for a Revive. Before going up the stairs, go left.
    Team Rocket Grunt            Talk to the gentleman at the end. This is the real
    Koffing L25 x2               Director, and he'll give you a Card Key so you can
    $1000                        get to the upper floors of the Radio Tower.
    Near him is TM82, Sleep Talk. Go up the stairs to your right now. You'll end up
    in the basement of the department store. Pick up the Amulet Coin lying nearby.
    This nifty little hold item will double the winnings you get from a battle if
    the Pokemon holding it takes part.
    Go back to the Radio Tower's third floor and use the Card Key on the locked
    Team Rocket Grunt
    Raticate L24, Koffing L26
    11d. Boss: Proton                                                       [oftdt]
    Proton's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o  Chikorita's Level: 60      Money: $1320
    |     Golbat L28 |    Weezing L33 |  ---------------------
    |          Bite  |          Smog  |  Like this dude deserves his own section.
    |    Leech Life  |        Sludge  |  But, y'know, whatever, he's important, I
    |   Confuse Ray  |    Double Hit  |  guess.
    |   Wing Attack  |   SmokeScreen  |
    o----------------o----------------o  Go to the next floor when you win.
    11e. Boss: Ariana                                                       [nuagn]
    Ariana's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $2560
    |      Arbok L32 |    Murkrow L32 |  Vileplume L32 |  Chikorita's Level: 60
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |          Wrap  |       Pursuit  |          Acid  |
    |         Glare  |      Astonish  |    Mega Drain  |  Slightly more difficult
    |        Crunch  |   Night Shade  |   Sweet Scent  |  now that Lance isn't
    |  Poison Sting  |   Wing Attack  |  Sleep Powder  |  holding your hand, but
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  this is still a pretty
                                                          easy fight.
    Arbok's Intimidate ability is annoying as ever.
    Glare instantly paralyzes the target, but it's kind of inaccurate.
    Just one more fight, but you might actually want to save before you fight it.
    11f. Boss: Archer                                                       [jsstw]
    Archer's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $3040
    |   Houndour L35 |    Koffing L35 |   Houndoom L38 |  Chikorita's Level: 60
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |          Bite  |          Haze  |          Bite  |
    |          Roar  |        Sludge  |          Smog  |  Houndour and Houndoom are
    |     Fire Fang  |        Tackle  |     Fire Fang  |  two faces you probably
    |  Faint Attack  |   SmokeScreen  |  Faint Attack  |  haven't seen yet. They're
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  both Dark/Fire, and their
                                                          sets are very, very tame.
    The only difficult part about this fight might be
    Houndoom's Level. It's the highest you've seen thus far. That's it, though!
    When you win, all traces of Team Rocket will vanish from Johto. You win!!!
    The Director will show up and give you a Key Item: the Rainbow Wing if you're
    playing HeartGold, and the Silver Wing if you're playing SoulSilver.
    On your way out of the Radio Tower, talk to the girl by the Card Key door on
    the third floor for TM11, Sunny Day. Go up to the fourth floor via the regular
    stairs and talk to Mary and she'll give you a BrightPowder, a Hold Item that
    lowers the foe's accuracy.
    Heal, restock on items if needed, and fly to Mahogany Town.
    11g. The Icy Trek of Not Lame                                           [rtmpg]
    o-----------------------------o  Now that Team Rocket has cleared out for good,
    |    JUST A SOUVENIR SHOP     |  and old lady and her granddaughter have taken
    | NOTHING SUSPICIOUS ABOUT IT |  over the souvenir shop.
    |    NO NEED TO BE ALARMED    |
    o-----------------------------o  You'd think they'd change the sign... the girl
    | Great Ball.............$600 |  claims Grandma sells stuff no one else has,
    | Super Potion...........$700 |  but she's either lying, or her grandma doesn't
    | Hyper Potion..........$1200 |  want to sell this stuff to you - all her wares
    | Antidote...............$100 |  are available elsewhere.
    | Parlyz Heal............$200 |
    | Super Repel............$500 |  The guy selling RageCandyBars will finally let
    | Revive................$1500 |  you pass him, so head east to Route 44.
    | Air Mail................$50 |
    o--------------------------o  Psychic Phil
    | ROUTE 44 POKEMON LISTING |  Natu L27, Kadabra L29
    o--------------------------o  $928
    | Bellsprout     (all day) |
    | Lickitung      (all day) |  Pick up the Red Apricorn and follow this upper
    | Tangela        (all day) |  path.
    | Weepinbell     (all day) |
    | Aipom         (Headbutt) |  Fisherman Wilton*
    | Heracross     (Headbutt) |  Goldeen L26 x2, Seaking L28
    | Spearow       (Headbutt) |  $869
    | Poliwag        (fishing) |
    | Remoraid   (fishing, GR) |  Poke Maniac Zach
    | Poliwag        (surfing) |  Rhyhorn L30
    | Poliwhirl      (surfing) |  $1920
                                  Pick up the Ultra Ball, then go into the gap
    between the trees. Examine the last tile for a Elixir, then go down and left.
    Ace Trainer Allen                Ace Trainer Cybil
    Charmeleon L29, Magnemite L29    Mareep L29, Bellossom L29
    $1740                            $1740
    Fisherman Edgar
    Remoriad L28 x2           Pick up the Max Repel, then go right again. Surf to
    $896                      the land in the middle to find a Max Revive. Go to
                              the end of the path and go into the cave.
    Bird Keeper Vance*
    Hoothoot L28, Pidgeotto L28
    o--------------------------o  Follow the path until you get to the ice puzzle.
    | ICE CAVE POKEMON LISTING |  Go up, left, up, left, down, left, up, right.
    | Golbat         (all day) |  Go right to the second, smaller ice puzzle, and
    | Jynx           (all day) |  go right, up, left, down, left, up, right and
    | Swinub         (all day) |  pick up HM07, Waterfall.
    | Zubat          (all day) |
    | Delibird   (SS, all day) |  There are three rocks behind the guy that you'll
    o--------------------------o  eventually pass. Examine the middle one for an
                                  Ice Heal, then go down the ladder.
    This room has four boulders
    in it that you have to push down the holes. _Don't_ fall into any of the holes
    yet! Go up and around, then down past the upper left hole. There are two
    boulders here. Push the left one straight up until you can't anymore.
    Push the rock that was to the right of it to the right twice, then three times
    down, five times left, once down, and once right, into the hole.
    Go right. Go up the right side of the room and you'll find another boulder.
    Push this rock once left, five times down, once left, three times down, once
    up, and four times left, into the hole.
    Go up to the top of the room on the side with the hole. Push this boulder up to
    the wall, then twice right, three times up, and twice left, into the hole.
    Go left until you get to the first rock you pushed. Push it right and then
    down, into the hole. Now go to the right side of the room and go down the
    Slide straight down for a Carbos. Go back to the ladder and slide left so you
    hit the boulder. Go down, left, up, and right, and you'll end up in the center.
    Step right again and pick up the Full Heal.
    Slide up, left, down, and left. Pick up the Max Potion. Slide down, right, up,
    left. Take two steps down and slide right. You'll be back at the ladder.
    Take one step down and then go left, down, left, up, right. Go down the ladder.
    Pick up the NeverMeltIce one way or the other and go up the ladder on the right
    side of the room.
    In this next room, go right, without sliding on the ice, to the other side of
    the room. Stand on the second tile from the left and slide down and right to
    TM72, Avalanche. This is a physical-based Ice-type move with negative priority.
    It doubles in base power (60 to 120) if the user is hit before the attack is
    Go left and up to the ladder. In the next room, go left above the ice and push
    the boulder down once. Now go around to the ice and slide your way to an Iron.
    Push the boulder up out of your way and go up the ladder.
    Pick up the Protein, then go down. Stand on the right of the two tiles, then
    slide down, left, down, and right. Talk to the Kimono Girl here and agree to
    push her. From this spot, go left, up, right, down, right, and down to a PP Up.
    From that spot, go up, right, up, left, down, right, and down to the exit.
    11h. Blackthorn City - A Quiet Mountain Retreat                         [iaftg]
    o---------------------------------o  You'll see two ladies in the first house
    | BLACKTHORN CITY POKEMON LISTING |  you come across. The one on the left will
    o---------------------------------o  trade you a Dodrio for a Dragonair, but
    | Poliwag               (fishing) |  only if your Dragonair is female. Come
    | Magikarp              (surfing) |  back way later to complete this deal.
                                         The girl on the right will give your lead
    Pokemon a ribbon if it has 510 EVs, which have 0 bearing on the main game. For
    more information on EVs, see section 26.
    o----------------------o  Next to the Poke Mart is a building I find hilarious.
    o----------------------o  In this house is the Move Deleter, Move Maniac, and
    | Air Mail.........$50 |  two people who will teach your Pokemon certain moves.
    | Net Ball.......$1000 |
    | Dusk Ball......$1000 |  Normally found all across the country in other games,
    o----------------------o  Gamefreak literally stuffed them all into one house!
    This is pretty convenient, though. The leftmost guy is the Move Deleter. He's
    the guy you come to if you need to get rid of HMs on any of your Pokemon.
    Moving right, the next guy is the Move Maniac. He will teach your Pokemon any
    move it tried to learn naturally - if your Pokemon evolved into something else,
    there may be other moves that can only be learned through this method. The
    catch: he won't do it unless you give him a Heart Scale. You can get one on
    Route 32 (it's hidden to the right of the fishermen, in a small rock in the
    water), and you can find some via Rock Smash or the Pokeathlon Dome on
    Wednesday and Sunday, but the easiest way to get them is to import them from
    the Pokewalker. The easiest course to find them at is Beautiful Beach (unlocked
    at 200 Watts), Take more than 2,000 steps there and you will start finding
    The other two guys are pretty much only being listed for reference purposes.
    The old lady specializes in teaching Dragon-types the powerful Dragon move,
    Draco Meteor. It's special-based and is super strong, but it cuts the user's
    SP.ATK by 2 stages each time it's used. Not only do you not _have_ any Dragon-
    types (unless you've been importing from other games), but this woman still
    won't teach it to your Pokemon unless they have high happiness.
    The dude to her right is singing the same story, except he deals in the starter
    Pokemon of each generation. Next to him is a list of the 12 Pokemon that can
    learn the moves he has to teach; Blast Burn for the Fire-types, Hydro Cannon
    for the Water-types, and Frenzy Plant for the Grass-types. Each of these is
    special-based and insanely strong, but if it hits, the user has to rest on the
    next turn. Note that he will _not_ teach it to the starters' lower forms (he
    turned me and my Chikorita away) - only what he has listed are allowed to learn
    the move.
    Stay away from him anyway - those moves are horrible and should never be used.
    There are some Trainers to fight and items to get, so buy an Escape Rope if you
    don't have one already and leave south to Route 45. As soon as you reach the
    bridge, take a left and go into the cave.
    11i. East Side Cleanup                                                  [pwshm]
    o---------------------------o  Go left and straight down to the dead end.
    | DARK CAVE POKEMON LISTING |  Examine the taller of the two rocks for a Max
    o---------------------------o  Elixir. Go on and surf straight down and land.
    | Geodude         (all day) |  Pick up the Revive and continue left to the
    | Golbat          (all day) |  ledge, but don't jump. Instead, examine the tile
    | Graveler        (all day) |  to the left of the large rock against the north
    | Wobbuffet       (all day) |  wall for TM54, False Swipe. This move always
    | Zubat           (all day) |  leaves at least 1 HP when it does damage, making
    | Goldeen         (fishing) |  it ideal for putting Pokemon into a range for
    | Magikarp        (surfing) |  capturing them.
                                   Go back to the water and surf straight up to
    more land. Continue on this path until you can go left or down. Go left and
    follow this path up and then right to a dude by his lonesome. Talk to him for
    some BlackGlasses, which boosts the power of Dark-type moves.
    See the five rocks at the top? Examine the second one from the left for a Max
    Revive, then use an Escape Rope to get out. You'll be back on Route 45.
    o--------------------------o  Go straight down the left side; ignore everything
    | ROUTE 45 POKEMON LISTING |  else. Pick up the Elixir, then fight a dude.
    | Geodude        (all day) |  Hiker Parry*
    | Graveler       (all day) |  Onix L30
    | Aipom         (Headbutt) |  $960
    | Heracross     (Headbutt) |
    | Spearow       (Headbutt) |  Cross the bridge and get this girl outta the way.
    | Poliwag        (fishing) |
    | Magikarp       (surfing) |  Ace Trainer Kelly
    | Gligar     (HG, all day) |  Marill L27, Wartortle L24 x2
    | Phanpy     (HG, all day) |  $1440
    | Skarmory   (SS, all day) |
    | Teddiursa  (SS, all day) |  Go back down the left side now. Pick up the Full
    o--------------------------o  Heal, Nugget, and Revive on your way down. When
                                  you get to the stairs, go down the right flight
    and go all the way up to the top. Examine the last tile for a PP Up.
    Fly back to Blackthorn City and go back to Route 45 again. This time, stick to
    the right. When the path forks, still go to the right. Take out this one guy:
    Ace Trainer Ryan
    Pidgeot L25, Electabuzz L27     Fly to Blackthorn City and come back to this
    $1620                           fork. Now, go down the left side.
    Hiker Erik
    Machop L24/L27, Graveler L27    Pick up the Max Potion on your way down.
    Black Belt Kenji*
    Machoke L28                     You'll come across another fork shortly; stay
    $672                            to the right.
    Hiker Michael
    Geodude L25, Graveler L25, Golem L25
    Jump the ledge, then go left and up.
    Hiker Timothy
    Diglett L27, Dugtrio L27        Go straight down and you'll find a Grn Apricorn
    $864                            tree. Fly to Blackthorn and head to the Gym.
    11j. Boss: Clair                                                        [cikos]
    This gym is a bit tricky. You have to create your own path to get to the next
    area. By stepping on the red arrows, you will move the platform a short
    distance in that direction. When you step on the blue circle, you will turn the
    entire platform 90 degrees clockwise. If I say "turn it," then step on the blue
    circle. Note that this will switch the directions of the arrows, so don't get
    confused when I say to go up and you don't know how.
    The yellow portals will take you back to the entrance.
    To begin: left, turn it twice, right.
    Ace Trainer Paulo                      Ace Trainer Lola
    Dratini L25 x2, Seadra L35             Dratini L35, Dragonair L37
    $2100                                  $2220
    Next platform: up, turn it, right, turn it twice, right.
    Ace Trainer Cody                       Ace Trainer Fran
    Horsea L35, Seadra L37                 Seadra L38
    $2220                                  $2280
    Ace Trainer Mike                       Next: left, turn it twice, right, turn
    Dragonair L38                          it, up three times, turn it, right, turn
    $2280                                  it, up twice.
    Definitely gonna wanna heal and save for this one.
    Clair's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $4920
    |   Gyarados L38 |  Dragonair L38 |  Dragonair L38 |  Chikorita's Level: 63
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |          Bite  |          Slam  |          Slam  |
    |       Twister  |    Fire Blast  |     Aqua Tail  |  A lot of people have
    |   Dragon Rage  |  Dragon Pulse  |  Dragon Pulse  |  trouble with this fight,
    |  Dragon Pulse  |  Thunder Wave  |  Thunder Wave  |  and with good reason.
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Clair's Kingdra is really
    |    Kingdra L41 |                                    good with awesome STAB
    o----------------o  moves that really, really hurt. Hydro Pump in particular is
    |    Hydro Pump  |  especially damaging because of the high base power.
    |    Hyper Beam  |
    |   SmokeScreen  |  Dragon Pulse is Clair's special move, and she has it on all
    |  Dragon Pulse  |  her Pokemon - three of which are Dragon-type. Dragon Pulse
    o----------------o  has no added effects, but it's strong and has perfect
    Dragon is only
    weak to itself and Ice. Gyarados can be removed by any Electric attack, but the
    dragons might take a couple Ice moves to go down. Kingdra's Water typing
    nullifies the Ice weakness, which means his only weakness is Dragon. You
    probably can't pick on that yet, so you'll have to smack him down with neutral
    If you're finding that Clair's Kingdra is too strong for you, go back to
    Goldenrod City and buy some X Sp. Defs from the department store's third floor.
    Hydro Pump and Dragon Pulse are both special-based, so you'll take less and
    less damage with each use. Use them while you're fighting against Gyarados (you
    can even buy a couple X Attacks to offset the effects of Intimidate) because he
    is by far the least threatening member of Clair's team. Barring a critical hit,
    you will win this fight easily.
    As usual, Kingdra is holding a Sitrus Berry, and Clair has a Hyper Potion and a
    Full Restore to use.
    After you beat Clair, she throws a fit because she lost to someone as young as
    you and refuses to fork over the Badge because apparently, just beating her
    isn't enough. She forces you to take the Dragon-master challenge in order to
    prove your worth. Take the portal out of Clair's Gym, heal, get someone with
    Whirlpool, and surf behind it to the Dragon's Den.
    11k. Dragon's Den                                                       [ciadw]
    o------------------------------o  Go downstairs.
    o------------------------------o  Ace Trainer Kobe
    | Dratini            (fishing) |  Dragonair L37
    | Dratini            (surfing) |  $2220
    | Magikarp           (surfing) |
    o------------------------------o  Go left to the dead end and examine the rock
                                      for a Revive. Then go back to Kobe, down the
    stairs, and pick up the Calcium at this dead end. Then go in the water and surf
    straight down and land. Go down to the lower right corner and examine the tile
    in the lower right corner for a Max Ether. Get back in the water and surf up
    and left to a girl.
    Ace Trainer Piper
    Horsea L33 x2, Seadra L35         Examine the rock for a Max Potion, then surf
    $2100                             down and land near the twins.
    Twins Clea & Gil                 Pick up the Max Elixir and cross the
    Dratini L35 x2                   whirlpool. Save before you enter the building.
    You will instantly be forced to take the test here, and it is very important
    that you get the answers right. You get three choices: a good answer, a great
    answer, and a bad answer. You are actually not allowed to progress if you
    choose the bad answer (usually the one that makes you sound like a pompous
    jerk), so you really only have two choices to choose from.
    Pick ONLY THESE CHOICES: Friend, Training, Anyone, Love, Both
    After the quiz, Clair will come in and be shocked that you have passed the
    test. The old dude in charge threatens to report her to Lance if she continues
    to refuse to give you a Badge, so she finally caves in and gives you the Rising
    Badge, which allows you to use Waterfall out of battle.
    Leave the building, and surf right and up to a Dragon's Fang. Surf your way
    back to the entrance and Clair will also give you TM59, Dragon Pulse.
    Exit the den and come back in. Go back to the building where you took the test
    and talk to the old guy up top. He will give you a L15 Dratini. If your five
    answers were exactly as I have described them above, that Dratini will know
    ExtremeSpeed, a physical-based Normal-type move with positive priority. It's
    strong and only has 5 PP, but Dratini can't learn it any other way than through
    this guy. Escape Rope or walk outta here.
    12. The Path to the Pokemon League                                      [noaae]
    * Play with Waterfall.
    * Prove your worth to the Kimono Girls.
    * Assault a legendary Pokemon.
    * Step into Kanto and pass through Victory Road.
    * Defeat the Elite Four and become Johto region Champion.
    With the Rising Badge in your possession, all stores will now carry Full
    Restores. Very, very nice.
    When you leave the Dragon's Den, Elm will call you and say he's got something
    for you. Fly to New Bark Town and get to the lab. Lyra will drag you to Elm,
    who will give you a Master Ball, the ultimate in Pokemon capturing technology.
    It never fails! I suggest using it on Entei or Raikou. All other legendaries
    are either staionary (don't run), or have genders so Love Ball will annihilate
    Before you go on, there are items and Pokemon to be had! Get someone who can
    use Waterfall and fly to Mahogany Town.
    12a. Waterfall Play                                                     [krnr2]
    Go west to Route 42, cross the water, and enter Mt. Mortar. Get in the water,
    go up the waterfall to the north, and enter the room at the top center.
    o----------------------------o  Go up the left side.
    o----------------------------o  Super Nerd Hugh
    | Geodude          (all day) |  Seadra L39
    | Golbat           (all day) |  $1872
    | Graveler         (all day) |
    | Machoke          (all day) |  Pick up the Rare Candy, then go back to the
    | Machop           (all day) |  beginning. At the first patch of water, surf
    | Raticate         (all day) |  up it. Stand between the four rocks to your
    | Goldeen          (fishing) |  right and press A for a Hyper Potion.
    | Goldeen          (surfing) |
    | Seaking          (surfing) |  Go up to the little platform and pick up the
    o----------------------------o  Max Potion, then go down the right side.
    Surf, then go right and surf up. Go up to the three rocks here and examine the
    leftmost one for a Full Restore. Cross the water to the left. Examine the big
    rock for an HP Up. Jump the ledge and go left. When you get to the water, surf
    up. Jump the first ledge you see and follow this down and right to TM40, Aerial
    Ace. Jump the ledge, go left, surf up, and continue right. At the next bit of
    water, surf up. Pick up the Escape Rope, then surf up and left. At the second
    ledge, jump down for a Dragon Scale - equip this to Seadra and trade it to make
    it evolve. Jump down again and pick up the Elixir. Go left.
    Above the water, examine the green rock next to the large rock for a Full Heal.
    Surf to the ladder and go down it.
    Go right. When you can go down, immediately go left up the stairs. On this
    platform, go one step left and face down. Press A for an Ether. Now go left
    between this platform and the one below it to an Iron. Back on the main path,
    go up the stairs leading left and follow this path. When you can go down
    instead of right, keep going right. At the stairs, go straight down and follow
    this to an Iron Ball.
    Go back up the stairs and go down (the path you passed before). Follow this
    path to the end for a Max Revive, then go down the ladder. Go down the first
    flight of stairs and go right a little. Examine the rock for a Max Revive.
    Go right, down the stairs, and fight this dude:
    Black Belt Kiyo
    Hitmonlee L34, Hitmonchan L34
    After the battle, he will give you a Tyrogue L10. It evolves at L20, but what
    it evolves into depends on its ATK and DEF. If ATK > DEF, you'll get Hitmonlee.
    If ATK < DEF, you get Hitmonchan. If ATK = DEF, you get Hitmontop. All are pure
    Fighting-types, and all are decent Pokemon.
    Rope on outta here.
    Fly to Cianwood City and leave left to Cliff Edge Gate. On Route 47, get in the
    water and surf left and up. Climb the waterfall and you'll find a White Flute.
    Progress time! Fly to Ecruteak City and head to the Dance Theater. Silver will
    stop you and mention how badly he got thrashed. Head on inside...
    12b. Boss: The Kimono Girls                                             [znmsk]
    These girls can be really hard to beat. There are five of them in all, and you
    have to fight them all one after the other with no breaks in between.
    Each one of the girls will use one Pokemon. I have them all listed together for
    the sake of saving space (and there's no resting in between, so it is very much
    like you'd be fighting any other battle). You'll fight them in order from left
    to right.
    The Kimono Girls' teams are as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $22800
    |    Umbreon L38 |     Espeon L38 |    Flareon L38 |  Chikorita's Level: 63
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |    Dark Pulse  |         Swift  |    Fire Blast  |
    |   Confuse Ray  |       Psychic  |   Last Resort  |  Money rewarded is total
    |   Last Resort  |      Psych Up  |   Will-O-Wisp  |  for all five battles.
    |   Shadow Ball  |   Last Resort  |  Quick Attack  |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Last Resort is a move
    |    Jolteon L38 |   Vaporeon L38 |                   known to all 5 Pokemon.
    o----------------o----------------o  It's a strong physical-based Normal-type
    |   Double Team  |          Surf  |  move that fails unless the user has used
    |   Last Resort  |   Aurora Beam  |  all of its other moves. It has perfect
    |   Thunderbolt  |   Last Resort  |  accuracy and is very strong, but luckily
    |  Thunder Wave  |  Quick Attack  |  no one here gets STAB for it. Flareon has
    o----------------o----------------o  a high ATK, though, so if she pulls it
                                         off, it's going to hurt.
    Since you can't change Pokemon in
    between battles, you'll have to switch in a new Pokemon every time you want to
    have a type advantage, which gives each of the Pokemon a free turn to do
    something you don't want, like a powerful Psychic from Espeon or Will-O-Wisp
    (which automatically burns its target) from Flareon.
    Jolteon is probably the most threatening - she is very fast and very strong,
    and her STAB Thunderbolts will leave a mark. Vaporeon is likewise powerful, but
    not _as_ powerful, and she's a whole lot slower.
    Winning this battle will get you a Clear Bell if you're playing HeartGold and
    the Tidal Bell if you're playing SoulSilver.
    Since I have to cater to players of both games, I'll be covering both the Bell
    Tower (for HeartGold) and Whirl Islands (for SoulSilver), but since I'm playing
    HeartGold, they get to go first! Sorry, the rest of you!
    Use this code to get to the section on the Whirl Islands: [sfehd]
    12c. Bell Tower                                                         [stwgl]
    You're gonna want to bring lots of Max Repels and even more Ultra Balls. If
    it's night, stock up on Dusk Balls instead. If you're playing SoulSilver, your
    Pokemon should be around L60+ if you're not gonna chuck the Master Ball.
    Head to the north end of the city and enter the Barrier Station to Bell Tower.
    Talk to the guy on the far right and he'll let you pass.
    Immediately upon arriving at Bellchime Trail, take four steps right and one
    step up. Press A for a TinyMushroom. From that spot, go 3 steps right. Face up
    and press A for another TinyMushroom. From that spot, go 6 steps right. Face up
    and press A for a Big Mushroom.
    Make your way to the Bell Tower's entrance. Stand in front of it and take 4
    steps left and six steps up. Press A for a TinyMushroom. Go back to the Bell
    Tower entrance and take 3 steps down and 1 step right. Press A for a Big
    Enter Bell Tower.
    o----------------------------o  Go to the upper left corner of the room. The
    | BELL TOWER POKEMON LISTING |  Rainbow Wing will react, and you can now ascend
    o----------------------------o  the ladder to the next floor. Go to the bottom
    | Rattata          (all day) |  of this room and then go to the third floor.
    | Gastly             (night) |
    o----------------------------o  Here's where it gets tricky. You run up the
                                    little ramp things - they're one-way streets.
    It looks tame right now, but it'll get a little zany later on. Jump left and
    pick up the Full Heal. Then follow the path right until you hit a wall (you'll
    be standing out of view, behind the center pillar). From this spot, take 3
    steps up, face Right, and press A for a Max Potion. Be careful - it's hidden on
    a ramp, and if you press right too hard, you'll jump. Feel free to step left
    and then right if you're not comfortable just turning on the same tile.
    Go up to the fourth floor.
    See what I mean? It's like this the rest of the way.
    Jump down, left, down, left, down, down. Pick up the Ultra Ball and jump on the
    path to the right. Pick up the PP Up and go left. Pick up the Escape Rope, then
    hop right twice, walk up a bit, and hop left to the ladder leading to floor 5.
    Jump right twice, then go right a bit past the pillar. Hop down and jump left
    and down. Go right at the fork and hop hop. There is a Rare Candy ripe for the
    taking. Jump the two ramps to the right, then take 2 steps right and 1 step
    down. Press A for a Full Restore. Go down the ladder and make your way back to
    where you started on the fifth floor. At the place where you went right (which
    led into the center), go down instead so you're at the forked path. You'll want
    to take the right side path - it leads to the sixth floor.
    Pick up the Max Potion and follow this path. At the two bridges, take the top
    one for a Full Heal. Hop down twice to go to the seventh floor.
    See the flashing tiles on the ground? They're teleporters. Go ahead and step on
    the first one you come across, then step on the one to the left of it.
    Go right to the wall and start jumping on the upper path leading left. Jump
    three times, down once, and left to another teleporter. Hop to the Nugget, then
    hop back and warp. When you get to another teleporter, step on it. Pick up the
    Max Elixir, then warp back. Warp all the way back to the beginning now.
    Go right: hop, hop, hop, hop, hop. Go down and hop to the bottom. Step on the
    Go straight down and warp. Go left, picking up the HP Up on your way, and warp.
    Go straight up. Examine the spot on the floor where the light is shining in for
    a Carbos. Cross the bridge for a Full Restore, then come back and warp.
    Go up the ladders to the end. FINALLY. This place sucks!
    12c1. Boss: Ho-Oh                                                       [nahag]
    Go to the top and watch the girls dance. Ho-Oh will appear, and you'll have one
    more chance to heal up and save before you attack.
    It should be noted that if you kill Ho-Oh, you can rematch him if you beat the
    Elite Four.
    If you're playing HeartGold, Ho-Oh is L45 and knows Extrasensory, Fire Blast,
    Sacred Fire, and Sunny Day.
    If you're playing SoulSilver, Ho-Oh will be L70 and know AncientPower,
    Punishment, Sacred Fire, and Safeguard.
    Ho-Oh is Fire/Flying in type and has the Pressure ability, which doubles PP
    usage. Ho-Oh has a very debilitating Rock weakness that you may not want to
    take advantage of if you're planning on capturing him. If you kill Ho-Oh and
    come back later, he'll be the same Level he was at this point. The point is
    that you have to do this battle, so just get it over with. Sacred Fire is Ho-
    Oh's unique signature attack; it's a physical-based Fire attack with a 50% burn
    rate. It's no fun at all.
    HeartGold players: This battle can be really tough because Ho-Oh can boost the
    power of his attacks with Sunny Day. Using Fire Blast and Sacred Fire, he can
    hit both physically _and_ specially. Water-types will remain your best bet
    here, but anything that resists Fire will help tremendously.
    SoulSilver players: You got it way easier. Ho-Oh may be 25 Levels higher, but
    the absence of Sunny Day and only one STAB move makes this a cakewalk. If you
    came here immediately after getting the Rainbow Wing, you might have some
    trouble, but if you waited until the end like I suggested, this won't be any
    problem at all.
    Good luck trying to capture him no matter what game you're playing. Hope you
    got tons of Dusk Balls. If you do manage to capture Ho-Oh, take it to the Ho-Oh
    puzzle room in the Ruins of Alph. Examine the back wall with Ho-Oh in your
    party and the room will open. In it is a Revival Herb, Charcoal, Life Orb, and
    Leppa Berry. The Life Orb is a pretty useful item (all moves' base powers
    increased by 30% at the cost of 10% the holder's maximum HP), so you might want
    to go get it.
    After the battle, HeartGold players should fly somewhere, get healed, and then
    fly to New Bark Town. SoulSilver players should fly to Cerulean City and jump
    to section 17a.
    The next section is for SoulSilver players attempting to catch Lugia, so use
    this code to jump to the next relevant section for HeartGold players: [pswhc]
    12d. Whirl Islands                                                      [sfehd]
    o-------------------------------o  SoulSilver players have it easy. Not only is
    | WHIRL ISLANDS POKEMON LISTING |  the path to Lugia like fifty times shorter
    o-------------------------------o  than the path to Ho-Oh, but since Lugia's in
    | Golbat              (all day) |  a cave, you can chuck all the Dusk Balls you
    | Krabby              (all day) |  want no matter what time of day it is. Lugia
    | Seel                (all day) |  is also way less dangerous than Ho-Oh, no
    | Zubat               (all day) |  matter what game you're playing, but
    | Krabby              (fishing) |  HeartGold players should have their Pokemon
    | Horsea          (fishing, GR) |  hovering somewhere near L70 or have a really
    | Horsea              (surfing) |  awesome Flying resist if they want to take
    | Seadra              (surfing) |  Lugia on safely.
    | Tentacruel          (surfing) |
    o-------------------------------o  You will need Surf and Whirlpool. If you're
                                       taking the long way around, you'll want
    Flash. You'll be traveling through some water, so pick up some Max Repels.
    Fly to Olivine City and leave to Route 40. Surf straight down until you get to
    Route 41 - you'll be right above the northeastern entrance to the Islands.
    It's here you have a choice. The Whirl Islands are completely optional - you
    don't have to explore them at all. There are a lot of items to be had in the
    caves, but nothing too important (a Max Elixir is probably the best item you'll
    find). If you would rather go straight to Lugia, find the whirlpool closest to
    the island you're on, cross it, enter the cave, then skip the next few
    paragraphs to the place where it says "THE LUGIA CAVE." You can always come
    back for the items later (or never - I hate this place).
    For those who want to take a walk in some underground caves, surf left to the
    northwest island. Cross the whirlpool, then surf around. From the cave
    entrance, take 4 steps left and 6 steps up. Press A for a Stardust, and enter.
    Light it up and head down the ladder. Follow this path down to a Carbos, then
    continue to a ladder. Go down, pick up the Max Elixir and Full Restore, then go
    back to the beginning.
    Go down the stairs below the ladder, then up into the dead end. Examine the
    rock in the corner for a Pearl. Go down the left side and pick up a Full
    Restore. Go right to the st airs, and go up here. Follow this path to some more
    stairs. There's a Nugget hidden in the corner to your left.
    Hop the ledges to the right. Above the ladder is a small rock in the corner;
    examine it for a Super Repel. Go up the ladder, pick up the Ultra Ball, and go
    back down. Now go down and left. At the fork, pick up the Escape Rope, then go
    down to a ladder. Leave the cave; from here, go two steps down. Face right and
    press A for a Stardust. Go back in, relight the cave, and surf east. Pick up
    the Ultra Ball and go down the ladder.
    Go right and up. You'll come across two rocks with a space between them that
    are almost directly across from a ladder to your left. Stand between these
    rocks and press A for an Ultra Ball. Continue on this path. When you reach the
    stairs, go up them and then go straight up to a Calcium. Now go up the ladder
    you just passed.
    Examine the rock in the upper left corner for a Rare Candy, then leave the
    cave. Go up left around to the other piece of land. Go down into the narrow
    path here and examine the last tile for a Max Ether.
    Get back in the water and cross the whirlpool. Surf to the northeast island
    (directly north of the one you're at right now), and cross the whirlpool.
    Once you're on land, stand as close as you can directly across from the male
    swimmer. Take 2 steps left and press A for a Stardust. Go left and surf your
    way to the cave entrance. Before you enter, examine the lower right corner to
    the right of the entrance for a Stardust. Go inside and light it up.
    Jump the ledges, making sure you jump the top one and not the bottom one. Go
    down this ladder. From this spot, go one step right, 11 steps down, and one
    step left. Press A for a Revive. Follow this all the way to the ladder and go
    down it.
    Stand between the two rocks to the northwest of you and press A for a Full
    Restore. Pick up the Max Revive, then go down and talk to the guy, who will let
    you pass after seeing the Silver Wing.
    Go down the ramp and into the cave. Pick up the Rare Candy, get out, and go all
    the way down the enormously huge path to a cave. In this cave you will see the
    Kimono Girls dance, and Lugia will appear (this is probably the one thing
    HeartGold players have over SoulSilver players - Ho-Oh's entry is cooler).
    You'll have one more chance to heal and save before you take Lugia on, so make
    sure you do it.
    12d1. Boss: Lugia                                                       [gihtl]
    Keep in mind that should you decide to kill Lugia, you can fight him again once
    you beat the Elite Four.
    If you're playing SoulSilver, Lugia is L45 and knows Aeroblast, Extrasensory,
    Hydro Pump, and Rain Dance.
    In HeartGold, Lugia is L70 and knows Aeroblast, AncientPower, Punishment, and
    Regardless of what you might think, Lugia is NOT a Water-type! He is
    Psychic/Flying and has the Pressure ability, which doubles PP usage.
    SoulSilver players might have a harder time due to the rainy Hydro Pumps Lugia
    can fire off, but remember that as long as it's not hitting for double damage,
    it's manageable since Lugia doesn't get STAB for it. Aeroblast is Lugia's
    exclusive signature attack - it's a special-based Flying-type move with a high
    critical hit ratio.
    SoulSilver players: Rain Dance has the neat side effect of making Thunder never
    miss. If you have it on any of your Pokemon, it will hit Lugia hard, and the
    30% paralysis rate is always welcome, especially if you're trying to capture
    him. Remember that you don't have to catch him now - once you beat the Elite
    Four, he'll come back. Since it's _way_ easier to get here than it is up the
    stupid Bell Tower, you might want to consider coming for him later.
    HeartGold players: Lugia sucks this time around. Aeroblast is the only
    threatening move, and it has 5 PP, so stall it out and you're good to go. Guess
    you get a break!
    After the fight, leave the cave. If you're playing SoulSilver, heal up
    somewhere and fly to New Bark Town. HeartGold players should fly to Cerulean
    City and jump to section 17a.
    12e. Welcome to Kanto!                                                  [pswhc]
    New Bark Town's surfing Pokemon: Tentacool, Tentacruel
    Next stop is Indigo Plateau. To get there, you'll need Surf, Strength, and
    Waterfall. If you want to get all the items, you'll need Rock Smash and
    Surf east and make land on Route 27. Surf the bottom path to find a Rare Candy,
    then go back and enter Tohjo Falls.
    o-----------------------------o  Go up the waterfall, surf right, and then
    | TOHJO FALLS POKEMON LISTING |  descend the waterfall. Go up the stairs
    o-----------------------------o  to your right and go all the way left
    | Golbat            (all day) |  to a Moon Stone.
    | Raticate          (all day) |
    | Rattata           (all day) |  Leave the cave via the east exit.
    | Slowpoke          (all day) |
    | Zubat             (all day) |  Ace Trainer Megan
    | Goldeen           (fishing) |  Bulbasaur L32, Ivysaur L32, Venusaur L32
    | Goldeen           (surfing) |  $1920
    | Seaking           (surfing) |
    | Slowbro           (surfing) |  In the house, an old lady will give you TM37,
    o-----------------------------o  Sandstorm, if your lead Pokemon likes you.
    Surf east.                    Ace Trainer Blake
                                  Magneton L33, Exeggcute L31, Quagsire L31
    o--------------------------o  $1920
    o--------------------------o  Ace Trainer Brian
    | Ponyta         (all day) |  Mareep L35
    | Raticate       (all day) |  $2100
    | Doduo      (morning/day) |
    | Quagsire         (night) |  There's a whirlpool almost directly south of him
    | Exeggcute     (Headbutt) |  that you can cross to TM02, Dragon Claw, but you
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |  gotta fight for it.
    | Pineco        (Headbutt) |
    | Tentacool      (fishing) |  Bird Keeper Jose*
    | Chinchou   (fishing, GR) |  Farfetch'd L40
    | Shellder   (fishing, GR) |  $1280
    | Tentacool      (surfing) |
    | Tentacruel     (surfing) |  Get back on the bridge and head right. Cross the
    | Sandslash  (HG, all day) |  mountain (or cross the whirlpool in the water) to
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |  get to the other side.
    | Arbok      (SS, all day) |
    | Dodrio (SS, morning/day) |  Psychic Eli
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |  Starmie L30, Exeggcute L30, Girafarig L34
    o--------------------------o  $1088
    From his location, go up one set of stairs and through the grass to the left
    for a Destiny Knot. Go up one more stairs and then right. Examine the blank
    spot for a Revive. Continue on the path now.
    Ace Traine Reena*                                 Fisherman Scott
    Growlithe L36, Nidorina L33, Staryu L36           Qwilfish L30 x2, Seaking L34
    $2160                                             $1088
    o--------------------------o  Psychic Vernon
    | ROUTE 26 POKEMON LISTING |  Espeon L36
    o--------------------------o  $1152
    | Ponyta         (all day) |
    | Raticate       (all day) |  Go left and jump the ledges until you get back to
    | Doduo      (morning/day) |  Route 27. Examine the top rock by the ledge for a
    | Quagsire         (night) |  Big Mushroom. Go right and get in the water (do
    | Exeggcute     (Headbutt) |  not jump the ledge here). Surf down and left
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |  under the bridge and you'll find a small piece of
    | Pineco        (Headbutt) |  land. Stand in the upper right corner and take 2
    | Tentacool      (fishing) |  steps left. Press A for a Nugget. Now make your
    | Chinchou   (fishing, GR) |  way back to Vernon and continue north.
    | Shellder   (fishing, GR) |
    | Tentacool      (surfing) |  If you head left through the grass, you'll reach
    | Tentacruel     (surfing) |  the home of those people you may have come across
    | Sandslash  (HG, all day) |  during your travels that give you Hold Items on
    | Dodrio (HG, morning/day) |  certain days. There are no items or anything, so
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |  you don't have to come here if you don't want to.
    | Arbok      (SS, all day) |  There's a book that tells you where to find each
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |  sibling, but because I'm such a nice guy, I'll
    o--------------------------o  list them here for you:
    Monday, Monica / Route 40               Just north of where you're at is a
    Tuesday, Tuscany / Route 29             rest house where you can heal your
    Wednesday, Wesley / Lake of Rage        Pokemon whenever you like. How nice.
    Thursday, Arthur / Route 36
    Friday, Frieda / Route 32               Pick up the Blu Apricorn and get going.
    Saturday, Santos / Blackthorn City
    Sunday, Sunny / Route 37                Ace Trainer Joyce
                                            Pikachu L36, Blastoise L336
    At the fork, go right.                  $2160
    Ace Trainer Gaven
    Victreebel L32, Flareon L32, Kingler L32
    Route 44
    Ace Trainer Jake                           Behind him, examine the wall next to
    Parasect L33, Golduck L35, Vaporeon L33    the large rock for a TinyMushroom.
    Ace Trainer Jamie*                  Jump the ledges to the left for a Max
    Rapidash L36, Flaaffy L31           Elixir, then circle around and enter the
    $1860                               large building.
    This is the Reception Gate, what is essentially what connects Johto to Kanto.
    The western and eastern exits outta here are blocked off for now, so you have
    no choice but to head north into Victory Road.
    o------------------------------o  Victory Road is supposed to be the final
    | VICTORY ROAD POKEMON LISTING |  test for Trainers aspiring to battle the
    o------------------------------o  Pokemon League.
    | Golbat             (all day) |
    | Graveler           (all day) |  You'll not be taking any tests here, however.
    | Onix               (all day) |  There are no Trainers in here at all, leaving
    | Donphan        (HG, all day) |  this place just another cave with items left
    | Ursaring       (SS, all day) |  for you to find.
                                      Start by pushing the rock up out of your way.
    Pick up the Potion on your way to the bridge. Before you cross, go left to the
    dead end. Stand in the lower left corner. Take 4 steps up, face right, and
    press A for a Full Heal. Now cross the bridge and go down the stairs on the
    left. By going right under the bridge, you can find a Full Heal.
    On the wall to your left, you'll see four rocks arranged vertically with a gap
    between them. Stand in this gap and press A for a Max Potion.
    Go up and push the bottom rock. Follow this path to a Max Revive, then return
    to the main path and go up the ladder at the top of the stairs.
    When you go up the first set of stairs, go up the left side and examine the
    rock at the end for a Max Revive. Follow the main path to the next ladder and
    go up it.
    Stand directly above the hole and walk right to the wall. Face up and press A
    for a Hyper Potion. Fall into the hole. Examine the spot that you fell on for
    an Ultra Ball, then go up.
    Push the rock _once_ to the left. Go around and pick up the Full Restore, then
    push the rock out of your way, enabling you to continue up the ladder.
    _Do not_ fall into the hole. Walk around it. Up the stairs, go up more to find
    an Ultra Ball. From that spot, go left to the wall. Smash the rock above you,
    step up once, and press A for a Zinc.
    When you come across the two holes, fall in the top one. Once again, examine
    the spot where you fell for a PP Up. Pick up the HP Up and go up the ladder.
    Go up at the fork. Don't fall in the hole yet - go around it and pick up the
    Rare Candy. Fall into the hole and go left and down to find TM26, Earthquake.
    Go up the ladder and go down and right. Smash the three rocks and claim TM79,
    Dark Pulse, as your prize. Heal and save before you get jumped!
    12f. Vs. Silver: Victory Road        Money: $2560                       [pwnd4]
    =============================        Chikorita's Level: 67
    |    Sneasel L36 |    Haunter L37 |   Magneton L37 |    Kadabra L37 |
    |      Icy Wind  |         Curse  |         Spark  |       Disable  |
    |   Fury Swipes  |     Mean Look  |     SonicBoom  |       Psybeam  |
    |  Faint Attack  |   Confuse Ray  |   Magnet Bomb  |       Recover  |
    |  Quick Attack  |   Shadow Ball  |  Thunder Wave  |       Reflect  |
    |     Golbat L38 |   Meganium L40 | Typhlosion L40 | Feraligatr L40 |
    |          Bite  |       Reflect  |         Swift  |         Slash  |
    |      Astonish  |     Synthesis  |    Lava Plume  |        Crunch  |
    |    Air Cutter  |   Petal Dance  |   Flame Wheel  |      Ice Fang  |
    |   Confuse Ray  |  PoisonPowder  |  Quick Attack  |     Waterfall  |
    This battle is much like the last one you fought, except those who chose
    Chikorita will finally get a chance to throw down against Typhlosion. He's
    added a Kadabra to his team, but this is not really a difficult fight. As
    always, be wary of Haunter's Curse and, if you're fighting it, Typhlosion's
    Lava Plume's 30% burn rate.
    After the battle, leave north out of the cave. Stand to the right of the upper
    left Poke Ball statue, face up, and press A for a Rare Candy. Enter the
    12g. The Elite Four & Champion                                          [wkbkl]
    The Elite Four signal the end of the main story. You have to fight all four of
    them, plus the Champion, in a row. The only healing you get is any items you
    have in your inventory.
    Each member of the Elite Four will carry two Full Restores, and their highest
    leveled Pokemon will be holding a Sitrus Berry.
    Be sure to heal up between fights. Be careful on saving, though - sometimes, no
    matter what you do, you won't be able to win, and you'll be stuck giving up
    some money.
    While the moves are guaranteed correct, the abilities may be off because
    there's no way I can test a lot of them. The non-obvious ones are from
    Bulbapedia, so if it turns out to be wrong, I apologize. Just let me know and
    I'll fix it right up.
    I figure since I used this strategy to solo the Elite Four with Chikorita, I
    should tell it to you guys: Don't hestitate to purchase stat boosting items
    from Goldenrod City - X Attack, X Defend, and the like. Since their leads are
    always the least threatening, you can just pile on the stat boosters and plow
    through their entire team. That's what they're there for, so go ahead and make
    use of them if you want.
    If you'd rather conquer Johto without using them, that's fine, too.
                               === Round 1: Vs. Will ===
                                 ===  Money: $5040 ===
    o---------------o  First up is Will, masked Psychic-type user. His team is
    |      Xatu L40 |  pretty tame, but they _are_ Psychic-types, and that means
    | Exeggutor L41 |  high power. Psychic-types are notorious for having really
    |      Jynx L41 |  low DEF, but Will's Pokemon aren't all that fragile.
    |   Slowbro L41 |
    |      Xatu L42 |  Most every Dark-type will step all over Will's team.
    o---------o  Moveset: Confuse Ray, Me First, Psychic, U-turn
    | Xatu 40 |     Type: Psychic/Flying
    o---------o  Ability: Synchronize (mirrors BRN/PAR/PSN on the foe)
    Will leads with a Xatu whose moveset is really goofy. Me First is the only move
    you probably haven't seen before. When used before the opponent, it will use
    the opponent's attack at 1.5x its base power. A lot of types resist themselves,
    so this isn't exactly threatening. Dragon and Ghost are weak to themselves,
    however. Since Psychic is weak to Ghost, this is probably what Me First is for.
    Be careful of Synchronize - if you status him, he'll status you right back.
    o-----------o  Moveset: Egg Bomb, Hypnosis, Psychic, Reflect
    | Exeggutor |     Type: Grass/Psychic
    o-----------o  Ability: Chlorophyll (double SPD in sunny weather)
    Exeggutor is fairly powerful, and his STAB Psychics will hurt. Other than that,
    the inaccurate Hypnosis is annoying as ever, and Reflect does you no favors,
    Exeggutor has six weaknesses: Bug, Dark, Fire, Flying, Ghost, and Ice, the
    first of which Exeggutor has a double weakness to. Exeggutor is also very slow,
    so you should have no problems destroying him.
    o------o  Moveset: DoubleSlap, Ice Punch, Lovely Kiss, Psychic
    | Jynx |     Type: Ice/Psychic
    o------o  Ability: Oblivious (prevents attraction)
    It's almost like they want you to win this time. Jynx is one of Will's toughest
    Pokemon, but only due to the high-powered Psychics she might use. Lovely Kiss
    puts you to sleep and isn't terribly inaccurate, so it might just hit. The
    other two moves are useless and shouldn't cause you any problems... unless
    you're underleveled, or weak to Ice. Jynx has horrible DEF, so lay those
    physical attacks on her.
    o---------o  Moveset: Amnesia, Curse, Psychic, Water Pulse
    | Slowbro |     Type: Water/Psychic
    o---------o  Ability: Own Tempo (prevents confusion)
    When not used by a Ghost-type, Curse lowers the user's SPD by 1 stage, then
    raises the user's ATK and DEF by 1 stage each. Amnesia raises the user's SP.DEF
    by 2 stages. Water Pulse has a 20% confusion rate. Its pretty weak, so you
    should be okay. He'll likely spend the whole time trying to boost his stats,
    but do be careful that Will doesn't use one of his Full Restores when Slowbro's
    low in life or you could be in for some trouble.
    o---------o  Moveset: Aerial Ace, Confuse Ray, Ominous Wind, Psychic
    | Xatu 42 |     Type: Psychic/Flying
    o---------o  Ability: Early Bird (sleep lasts for half as long)
    Will's second Xatu is slightly more threatening than his first. Aerial Ace
    never misses, and Ominous Wind is a special-based Ghost-type move that has a
    10% chance to raise all the user's stats by 1 stage each. It only has 5 PP, and
    he should only use it if you put a Ghost up against him.
    This flavor of Xatu has Early Bird, so pile on all the status effects you want.
                               === Round 2: Vs. Koga ===
                                 ===  Money: $5280 ===
    o----------------o  This fight is way easier than Will, especially if you have
    |    Ariados L40 |  a Psychic-type, and even moreso if that Psychic-type is
    |   Venomoth L41 |  named Alakazam.
    |        Muk L42 |
    | Forretress L43 |  Koga deals in Poison-types. His strategy is to use status
    |     Crobat L44 |  ailments and evasion techniques rather than slam his foes
    o----------------o  with brute force. Full Heal is your friend here.
    o---------o  Moveset: Baton Pass, Giga Drain, Poison Jab, Spider Web
    | Ariados |     Type: Bug/Poison
    o---------o  Ability: Insomnia (prevents sleep)
    Ariados is not threatening one bit. The only mildly annoying he can do is
    Spider Web, which prevents you from switching, and then Baton Pass, which
    switches the user out while keeping status changes and effects in play. The
    idea is to Baton Pass Spider Web's effect, forcing you to fight to the death
    against whatever he sends in.
    Poison Jab is for STAB (as expected, it can poison). Giga Drain is Grass-type,
    and is extremely weak due to no STAB.
    o----------o  Moveset: Gust, Psychic, Supersonic, Toxic
    | Venomoth |     Type: Bug/Poison
    o----------o  Ability: Shield Dust (prevents added effects)
    Bad attacks and nothing that can't be cured with a Full Heal. How embarrassing.
    o-----o  Moveset: Gunk Shot, Minimize, Screech, Toxic
    | Muk |     Type: Poison
    o-----o  Ability: Sticky Hold (prevents forced item removal)
    Muk has no answer for the Steel-type (who is immune to Poison), so any Steel-
    type you send out is instant win. If it happens to be Magneton with Magnet
    Bomb, you double super mega win because Magnet Bomb never misses.
    Gunk Shot is very powerful, but inaccurate (70 accuracy). It only has 5 PP, so
    once he's out, the battle will last as long as it takes you to power through
    any Minimize boosts he has.
    Muk has a Black Sludge equipped, which heals Poison-types by 1/16th the
    holder's maximum HP between turns. Muk's ability prevents item theft, so you
    can't steal it from him. Too bad!
    o------------o  Moveset: Explosion, Protect, Swift, Toxic Spikes
    | Forretress |     Type: Bug/Steel
    o------------o  Ability: Sturdy (blocks OHKO moves)
    Forretress has a handy double weakness to Fire, so feel free to roast him. If
    not, be wary of Explosion, and Toxic Spikes will poison anyone you bring into
    battle if they step on them - it'll be toxic poison if he has two layers up.
    Bringing in a Poison-type that isn't part Flying or has the Levitate ability
    will remove them, but the quickest way to dispatch him is to burn him to death
    with any Fire move you wish.
    o--------o  Moveset: Double Team, Poison Fang, Quick Attack, Wing Attack
    | Crobat |     Type: Poison/Flying
    o--------o  Ability: Inner Focus (prevents flinching)
    Koga's best Pokemon has kind of stupid moves. Poison Fang is weak, but it can
    inflict toxic poison, and the rest is standard fare. Crobat is monstrously fast
    anyway, so it's not like he really needs Quick Attack, but it's there, so look
    out for that I guess.
                               === Round 3: Vs. Bruno ===
                                  === Money: $5520 ===
    o----------------o  It's a little more difficult now -  you might just lose.
    |  Hitmontop L42 |
    | Hitmonchan L42 |  Bruno is the polar opposite of Koga - he prefers powerful
    |  Hitmonlee L42 |  attacks and has almost no strategic moves on any of his
    |       Onix L43 |  Fighting Pokemon.
    |    Machamp L46 |
    o----------------o  Your Psychic-type will be doing double duty in this fight.
    o-----------o  Moveset: Counter, Dig, Quick Attack, Triple Kick
    | Hitmontop |     Type: Fighting
    o-----------o  Ability: Technician (attacks with <60 base power strengthened)
    Hitmontop tries too hard. All of his moves are boosted by Technician, but
    they're still extremely weak! Set up on him and then win the battle.
    Be wary of Counter, which pays any physical attack back double. Triple Kick
    hits 3 times and is of decent strength thanks to Technician.
    o------------o  Moveset: Bullet Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, ThunderPunch
    | Hitmonchan |     Type: Fighting
    o------------o  Ability: Iron Fist (punching moves strengthened)
    Hitmonchan is one of Bruno's best Pokemon, but thankfully lacks any sort of
    Fighting STAB. Iron Fist powers up all of his moves, so he'll be hitting you
    really hard, especially if you're weak to his attacks. Bullet Punch is Steel,
    physical, and has priority, so heal up if you get knocked into low HP.
    o-----------o  Moveset: Blaze Kick, Focus Energy, Hi Jump Kick, Swagger
    | Hitmonlee |     Type: Fighting
    o-----------o  Ability: Reckless (self-damaging moves strengthened)
    Hitmonlee is a little less threatening than Hitmonchan, if only because he has
    less type coverage. Hi Jump Kick is strong and is further powered up by
    Reckless because if Hitmonlee misses, he takes 1/8 of the damage that would
    have been done. Swagger's confusion can be cured with a Full Heal or Full
    Restore, so remember that. Blaze Kick is a physical-based Fire-type attack of
    decent strength.
    o------o  Moveset: DragonBreath, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Sandstorm
    | Onix |     Type: Rock/Ground
    o------o  Ability: Sturdy (blocks OHKO moves)
    Surf it.
    o---------o  Moveset: Cross Chop, Foresight, Revenge, Rock Slide
    | Machamp |     Type: Fighting
    o---------o  Ability: No Guard (prevents missing)
    Yes, that's right - prevents missing, as in all Machamp's attacks will always
    Machamp is _strong._ Cross Chop is very powerful, even more powerful after
    factoring in STAB and No Guard. Revenge is a physical-based Fighting attack
    that doubles in base power if the user was hit before the attack. It has
    negative priority. Foresight enables him to hit your Ghost-types.
    The good news is that No Guard also works for you - all your attacks will also
    always hit. This means you can pile on the inaccurate stuff like Sleep Powder
    and Hypnosis and not have to cross your fingers.
    Poison-types work nicely here - they resist Fighting and take neutral damage
    from Rock. If you're using a Grass/Poison type, it probably has a bunch of cool
    powder moves with which he can wreak havoc with.
    Machamp is a game ender, so don't feel bad if you lose.
                               === Round 4: Vs. Karen ===
                                  === Money: $5640 ===
    o---------------o  This is the last battle before the Champion. There's really
    |   Umbreon L42 |  only one truly difficult part, and if you can get past that,
    | Vileplume L42 |  the rest is smooth sailing.
    |   Murkrow L44 |
    |    Gengar L45 |  Karen uses Dark-types, but Johto's near lack of them forces
    |  Houndoom L47 |  her to use other Pokemon. You'll be mixing it up in this
    o---------------o  battle, but keep your Psychic Pokemon away.
    o---------o  Moveset: Confuse Ray, Double Team, Faint Attack, Payback
    | Umbreon |     Type: Dark
    o---------o  Ability: Synchronize (mirrors BRN/PAR/PSN on the foe)
    Umbreon is not particularly threatening, but is still very annoying thanks to
    Double Team and Confuse Ray. She has high defenses as well, so it's very hard
    to kill her in one hit unless you're attacking with something she's weak to.
    The best you can do is keep at it until she goes down.
    o-----------o  Moveset: Acid, Moonlight?, Petal Dance, Stun Spore
    | Vileplume |     Type: Grass/Poison
    o-----------o  Ability: Chlorophyll (double SPD in sunny weather)
    I was told Karen's Vileplume has Moonlight, but not once did she ever use it
    against me in all the times I fought her.
    Petal Dance hits 2-3 times, then confuses the user. This is your chance to
    switch in your Flying-type (bonus points if it's Crobat) and take her down.
    Stun Spore's annoying, but you can easily heal the paralysis.
    Burning Vileplume to a crisp with Fire also works, so feel free to try that.
    o---------o  Moveset: Faint Attack, Pluck, Sucker Punch, Whirlwind
    | Murkrow |     Type: Dark/Flying
    o---------o  Ability: Super Luck (increased critical hit ratio on all moves)
    Murkrow is a little girly bird who sucks. Whirlwind is mildly annoying since it
    forces your Pokemon out, but other than that, your super man monsters should be
    able to take her down real easily. Having unevolved Pokemon at this stage of
    the game is just plain unacceptable.
    o--------o  Moveset: Destiny Bond, Focus Blast, Lick, Spite
    | Gengar |     Type: Ghost/Poison
    o--------o  Ability: Levitate (immune to Ground-type damage)
    Gengar is a scary Pokemon. _Karen's_ Gengar is a total joke. Focus Blast is a
    really strong special-based Fighting-type attack with bad accuracy. Destiny
    Bond kills your Pokemon if you kill the user before it launches another attack,
    so beware of that I guess.
    o----------o  Moveset: Crunch, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Nasty Plot
    | Houndoom |     Type: Dark/Fire
    o----------o  Ability: Early Bird (Sleep lasts for half as long)
    Here is where you might run into some trouble. Nasty Plot increases the user's
    SP.ATK by 2 stages. This is going to make Houndoom's STAB Dark Pulse and
    Flamethrower _really_ hurt. She's pretty quick, too, so be fast in taking her
    down. Crunch is physical and therefore is unaffected by Nasty Plot, so you have
    a slight reprieve there.
                          === Final Battle: Vs. Lance ===
                                ===  Money: $10000 ===
    o----------------o  Compared to Champions from other games, Lance is a joke.
    |   Gyarados L46 |  Everyone except Aerodactyl has a double weakness to a
    | Aerodactyl L48 |  certain type, making this battle tremendously easy - as
    |  Charizard L48 |  long as you go first. If you go second, you will have to
    |  Dragonite L49 |  eat some powerful Dragon moves, and that can spell disaster
    |  Dragonite L49 |  if you're underleveled.
    |  Dragonite L50 |
    o----------------o  Lance is packing four, count 'em four, Full Restores.
    o----------o  Moveset: Dragon Pulse, Flail, Ice Fang, Waterfall
    | Gyarados |     Type: Water/Flying
    o----------o  Ability: Intimidate (foe's ATK lowered by 1 stage upon entry)
    Insert Electric move here.
    o------------o  Moveset: Aerial Ace, Crunch, Rock Slide, Thunder Fang
    | Aerodactyl |     Type: Rock/Flying
    o------------o  Ability: Pressure (being attacked doubles PP expenditure)
    Aerodactyl's fast and decently strong, but the same Electric move you used on
    Gyarados could be used here, since he has nothing to hit you super effectively.
    Rock Slide's flinch effect could cause problems, though.
    o-----------o  Moveset: Air Slash, Dragon Claw, Fire Fang, Shadow Claw
    | Charizard |     Type: Fire/Flying
    o-----------o  Ability: Blaze (Fire damage x1.5 when HP < 1/3 maximum)
    If you have any Rock moves, use them and Charizard will die. Otherwise, Surf
    will do nicely here. Air Slash can flinch, so consider an X Speed or two.
    o--------------o  Moveset: Blizzard, Dragon Rush, Hyper Beam, Thunder Wave
    | Dragonite 49 |     Type: Dragon/Flying
    o--------------o  Ability: Inner Focus (prevents flinching)
    o--------------o  Moveset: Dragon Rush, Hyper Beam, Thunder, Thunder Wave
    | Dragonite 49 |     Type: Dragon/Flying
    o--------------o  Ability: Inner Focus (prevents flinching)
    o--------------o  Moveset: Fire Blast, Hyper Beam, Outrage, Safeguard
    | Dragonite 50 |     Type: Dragon/Flying
    o--------------o  Ability: Inner Focus (prevents flinching)
    Lance's 3 Dragonite have the same strategy - OHKO with Ice Beam. Surviving
    their Dragon attacks can be a tough order, especially if you're underleveled.
    The only type that resists Dragon is Steel, and the only Steel-type that has
    any business using Ice Beam isn't in this game.
    Remember, Hyper Beam requires a turn of rest after it's been used, so use that
    turn to deliver a KO with Ice Beam.
    After the battle, you are inducted into the Hall of Fame. When the game saves,
    either watch the credits and the cool little scene during them, or just shut
    the game off and reload.
    | This is the halfway point of the game. You'll be heading to mainland Kanto  |
    | very shortly, where tons more Trainers are waiting to get destroyed by you. |
    | While there is no storyline involved with Kanto, there are still many       |
    | things to do and see, including finding Suicune (did you forget about it?)  |
    | and a battle for supremacy against the ultimate Pokemon Trainer...          |
    13. The Ninth Badge                                                     [tdrbj]
    * Obtain the National Pokedex.
    * Take a boat to Kanto.
    * Earn your ninth Badge.
    Upon reloading the game, you will be in your room. Go downstairs and your mom
    will tell you that Professor Elm has a gift for you. Go to the lab and receive
    the SS Ticket.
    Before you go, however, it's time to go Gym Leader hunting. On certain days at
    certain times, you can find the Gym Leaders of Johto enjoying themselves
    outside of their respective Gyms (except Chuck, that lamer). If you talk to
    them during this time, they'll give you their phone number.
    Once you have it, you have to call them on a certain day within a certain time
    frame, and they'll challenge you to a rematch, to be held in the Fighting Dojo
    in Saffron City. Be warned that you can fight against them almost immediately
    after arriving in Kanto, and their teams surpass Lance in Level, so it's not
    really recommended to actually fight them right away. Once you've accepted
    their challenge, they'll wait in the Fighting Dojo until you fight them.
    Here's a list of the Johto Gym Leaders, and where and when to find them:
    Falkner: Unavailable
    Bugsy: Unavailable
    Whitney: Goldenrod Department Store 6F, Sunday, 12:00 to 18:00 (12-6 PM)
    Morty: Bellchime Trail, Wednesday (all day)
    Chuck: Speak to his wife outside his Gym at any time on any day
    Jasmine: Olivine City cafe, any day between 13:00 and 14:00 (1-2 PM)
    Pryce: Lake of Rage (left side), any day between 06:00 and 10:00 (6-10 AM)
    Clair: Dragon's Den, any day between 06:00 and 10:00 (6-10 AM)
    You have to call them at certain times to schedule rematch. Here's when you
    should call:
    Whitney: Saturday day   "Morning" refers to 04:00-9:59 on the game clock, or
    Morty: Tuesday night     4 AM to 9:59 AM. "Day" refers to 10:00-19:59 on the
    Chuck: Wednesday night   game clock, or 10 AM to 7:59 PM. "Night" refers to
    Jasmine: Wednesday day   20:00-3:59 on the game clock, or 8 PM to 3:59 AM.
    Pryce: Monday morning
    Clair: Friday night
    Just one more stop before we take off. Fly to Olivine City if you're not there
    already and leave west to Route 40. You can enter the Battle Frontier at this
    point. If you go into the entry area, the Frontier Access, the guy who has been
    standing outside for the entire game will rush in and freak out because he
    wasn't the first person to enter (which he would have failed at anyway because
    there are already people here).
    Go right in the grass to near the hiker is standing. Stand in the lower right
    corner, then take one step left and one step up. Press A for a Rare Candy.
    o----------------------o  If you enter the actual Battle Frontier, your Vs.
    | FRONTIER ACCESS SHOP |  Recorder will be upgraded so you can check your
    o----------------------o  progress.
    | Air Mail.........$50 |
    | Net Ball.......$1000 |  For more information on the Battle Frontier, see
    | Dusk Ball......$1000 |  section 21. For now, you've got a ship to catch, so
    o----------------------o  go to the harbor. Oak upgrades your Pokedex here, and
                              Baoba will call to tell you about the new tricks he's
    devised. If you're interested, head to the Safari Zone (section 19 for more
    information on that).
    Since you have the National Pokedex now, you've obtained 2 new methods of
    capturing Pokemon!
    If you tune in to the Pokemon Music channel on the radio on Wednesday and
    Thursday, you'll hear two different pieces of music - the Hoenn Sound on
    Wednesday and Sinnoh Sound on Thursday. If you run into a wild Pokemon while
    listening to this music, there's a chance you may run into a Pokemon from Hoenn
    or Sinnoh, depending on which music is playing. It's not foolproof - you won't
    always run into the exotic Pokemon. Regardless of whether or not you run into
    the Pokemon you're looking for, the music goes back to the regular location
    music after each battle, so you'll have to turn the radio on again after every
    The Hoenn and Sinnoh Sounds can be utilized in any patch of grass or in any
    cave. Here's a list of every location you've visited so far and the Pokemon you
    will find there.
       Bell Tower: Spinda/Zigzagoon (HS), Chatot/Meditite (SS)
     Burned Tower: Spinda/Zigzagoon (HS), Chatot/Meditite (SS)
       Cliff Cave: Absol/Makuhita (HS), Bronzor/Chingling (SS)
        Dark Cave: Absol/Makuhita (HS), Bronzor/Chingling (SS)
         Ice Cave: Absol/Makuhita (HS), Bronzor/Chingling (SS)
      Ilex Forest: Numel/Spoink (HS), Budew/Carnivine (SS)
       Mt. Mortar: Absol/Makuhita (HS), Bronzor/Chingling (SS)
    National Park: Minun/Plusle (HS), Shinx (SS)
         Route 26: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
         Route 27: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
         Route 29: Minun/Plusle (HS), Shinx (SS)
         Route 30: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
         Route 31: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
         Route 32: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
         Route 33: Minun/Plusle (HS), Shinx (SS)
         Route 34: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
         Route 35: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
         Route 36: Minun/Plusle (HS), Shinx (SS)
         Route 37: Minun/Plusle (HS), Shinx (SS)
         Route 38: Minun/Plusle (HS), Shinx (SS)
         Route 39: Minun/Plusle (HS), Shinx (SS)
         Route 42: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
         Route 43: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
         Route 44: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
         Route 45: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
         Route 46: Minun/Plusle (HS), Shinx (SS)
         Route 47: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
         Route 48: Minun/Plusle (HS), Shinx (SS)
    Ruins of Alph: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
    Slowpoke Well: Absol/Makuhita (HS), Bronzor/Chingling (SS)
     Sprout Tower: Spinda/Zigzagoon (HS), Chatot/Meditite (SS)
      Tohjo Falls: Absol/Makuhita (HS), Bronzor/Chingling (SS)
       Union Cave: Absol/Makuhita (HS), Bronzor/Chingling (SS)
    Whirl Islands: Absol/Makuhita (HS), Bronzor/Chingling (SS)
    Remember, this only occurs on Wednesdays (Hoenn Sound) or Thursdays (Sinnoh
    The second group is a lot simpler. Every day, you can listen to Oak's radio
    show to hear about a swarm of Pokemon in a certain location. Look at section
    25c for a list of all of them.
    Back in Olivine City, on the path to the boat, there are six posts separated in
    three groups of two. Examine the right post in the middle two for a Protein.
    Get on the boat.
    13a. Fast Ship S.S. Aqua - Olivine to Vermilion                         [jootp]
    You are approached by an old guy who informs you his granddaughter has gone
    missing. Hm... There are Trainers on the boat that you can't battle after you
    depart the boat, so kill their Pokemon and take their money before it's too
    Enter the bottom right room on the left side of the ship and fight the guy
    Hiker Noland
    Bronzor L39, Golem L42      Now go into the top right room on the left side.
    Pokefan Colin               Twins Meg & Peg
    Delibird L40                Teddiursa L39/Phanpy L39
    $2560                       $1248
    Go into the room on the top right room on the right side.
    Firebreather Lyle                The room directly below this one is your room.
    Koffing L36 x2, Flareon L39      Heal by sleeping in the bed. There's also a PC
    $1152                            here for your use.
    Go down the stairs, then go down and up into the left room.
    Juggler Fritz
    Mr. Mime L37, Magmar L37, Machoke L37
    Now enter the room on the right.
    Sailor Jeff                      Talk to the guy blocking your path forward,
    Makuhita L40, Raticate L40       then go back upstairs. Go into the lower left
    $1280                            room on the right side and talk to the guy.
    Sailor Stanly                            Go back downstairs and to the right.
    Machop L39, Machoke L41, Psyduck L34     Go up to the ladder, but before you go
    $1088                                    up it, fight a girl to your right.
    Picnicker Debra          Now go up to the ladder and into the small room. Talk
    Seaking L41              to the girl here and she will run away. Leave, go down
    $656                     the ladder, and go all the way left to find her.
    Once she's back in the hands of her grandfather, he gives you a Metal Coat as
    thanks. The ship will arrive in Vermilion now, so get off the boat.
    13b. Vermilion City - The Port of Exquisite Sunsets                     [ncffl]
    o--------------------------------o  As long as you are in Kanto, the radio will
    | VERMILION CITY POKEMON LISTING |  not work until you get a certain item. If
    o--------------------------------o  you need to go back to Kanto, the ship
    | Combee              (Headbutt) |  leaves from Vermilion City on Wednesdays
    | Heracross           (Headbutt) |  and Sundays. The ship has different
    | Spearow             (Headbutt) |  passengers on the ride back to Johto, so
    | Tentacool            (fishing) |  see section 23 for a guide on return trips.
    | Chinchou         (fishing, GR) |  Alternatively, you can just Fly to Indigo
    | Shellder         (fishing, GR) |  Plateau and then anywhere in either nation.
                                        Before you leave the path to the boat,
    o---------------------o  stand in front of the guy preventing you from boarding
    | VERMILION CITY SHOP |  and take two steps right. Press A for an Iron.
    | Air Mail........$50 |  On your way to the mainland, you'll see Suicune, who
    | Nest Ball.....$1000 |  will run away like a scared little girl. Eusine is
    | Dusk Ball.....$1000 |  still hot on its trail, and will mention that Suicune
    | Quick Ball....$1000 |  likes water.
                             Go left to the main part of the city, then down to the
    water. Surf down and right to find a Luck Incense. Jump in the water and
    examine the middle of the bottom boat for a Heart Scale.
    Enter the building above the Gym (to your left) and talk to the old guy. Tell
    him yes and he'll give you a Rare Candy.
    Go to the large plot of land northeast of the Poke Mart. Stand in the lower
    right corner, smash teh rock here, then examine the tile it was blocking for a
    Full Heal. Heal up, then enter the Gym via Cut or Surf.
    13c. Boss. Lt. Surge                                                    [feeuu]
    Lt. Surge's Gym is just one room, but there are three dudes in it. Let's take
    care of them first:
    Juggler Horton            Guitarist Vincent
    Electrode L43 x3          Jolteon L45, Voltorb L43, Magnemite L42
    $1376                     $1008
    Gentleman Gregory                        The path to Lt. Surge is blocked by
    Pikachu L46 Flaaffy L43, Electrike L42   two electric fences. To shut them off,
    $8400                                    you have to find the switches that are
                                             buried in the trash cans. Placement of
    the switches is random, so you'll have to guess their locations. The good news
    is that when you find a switch, the second switch will be in a can directly
    next to the one you found. Depending on how lucky you are, you can be here
    searching for switches for anywhere between ten seconds to ten minutes, maybe
    even more if you're really unlucky. Heal and save before you take on Lt. Surge.
    Lt. Surge's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6360
    |     Raichu L51 |  Electrode L47 |  Electrode L47 |  Chikorita's Level: 77
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |    Shock Wave  |       Screech  |    Shock Wave  |
    |   Double Team  |   Double Team  |   Double Team  |  Ignore Chikorita's Level
    |  Quick Attack  |   Charge Beam  |  Light Screen  |  from this point forward.
    |  Thunder Wave  |  Selfdestruct  |  Thunder Wave  |  I went through Kanto in
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  a different order than I
    |   Magneton L47 | Electabuzz L53 |                   am telling you to.
    o----------------o----------------o  This fight
    |    Shock Wave  |      Low Kick  |  couldn't be easier. Shock Wave is weak,
    |    Supersonic  |    Shock Wave  |  but never misses.
    |   Double Team  |  Light Screen  |
    |   Mirror Shot  |  Quick Attack  |  Ground-types will destroy his Pokemon
    o----------------o----------------o  before they can blink.
    Defeat Lt. Surge to earn the Thunder Badge and TM34, Shock Wave.
    You can't get Lt. Surge's number yet.
    14. Badges Ten and Eleven                                               [mrsno]
    * Earn your tenth Badge.
    * Stop Team Rocket??
    * Earn your eleventh Badge.
    The path to the next Badge is so short that I've combined the next two into one
    section. Heal your Pokemon and leave north to Route 6.
    14a. No Tea This Time                                                   [gtscy]
    o-----------------------------o  As soon as you can, go left.
    o-----------------------------o  Picnicker Selina
    | Bellsprout        (all day) |  Cherubi L42
    | Pidgey        (morning/day) |  $672
    | Oddish              (night) |
    | Combee           (Headbutt) |  To her left is TM62, Silver Wind.
    | Hoothoot         (Headbutt) |
    | Pineco           (Headbutt) |  Twins Day & Dani
    | Poliwag           (fishing) |  Plusle L41/Minun L41
    | Golduck           (surfing) |  $1312
    | Psyduck           (surfing) |
    | Abra      (HG, morning/day) |  Camper Virgil
    | Magnemite (HG, morning/day) |  Slakoth L43
    | Abra          (SS, all day) |  $688
    | Magnemite     (SS, all day) |
    | Meowth        (SS, all day) |  Saffron City is just north of here. When you
    o-----------------------------o  arrive, go east. Go into the first building
                                     you can and talk to the guy here for TM29,
    Go north a little bit, then      Psychic.
    left to the big building. This
    is Silph Co., and you are forbidden from going further than the first floor. If
    you talk to the guy by the elevator, he'll give you an Up-Grade, which will
    evolve Porygon when it is equipped with it and traded.
    If you import a Rotom into HeartGold or SoulSilver, put it in your party, and
    come here, the guard will not be here, however. Put Rotom at the front of your
    party and enter the elevator. Rotom will power up the elevator, and it will
    take you to a room below ground where you can change Rotom into any of its
    appliance formes here by examining any of the five appliances in the center of
    the room. They all remain Electric/Ghost in type, but in order to transform,
    you have to teach it the move Rotom tries to learn when he enters the
    appliance. Once it's learned, you can replace it with something else, but if
    you want Rotom to stay in the appliance form, you _have_ to learn the move.
    That said, Rotom will revert back to normal if you put it in the Day Care or
    enter a Union Room or Wi-Fi Club, rendering it completely useless unless you
    want to use it in-game.
    The Gym is in the northeast corner of the city. Heal up and get in there.
    14b. Boss: Sabrina                                                      [lwshc]
    o----------o----------o----------o  The Gym is divided into nine rooms. When
    | N      E |  L    E  | M      H |  you enter the Gym, you are in room 8. Each
    |     1    |    2     |     3    |  room (except the room Sabrina is in and the
    | O      D |  K    F  | N      G |  room you start in) have four teleporters in
    o----------o----------o----------o  it. Each teleporter is shown to the left by
    | C      K |          | M      B |  a letter. When you step on one teleporter,
    |     4    |    5     |     6    |  you will be taken to the other teleporter
    | D      J | P      O | L      C |  in the pair with the same letter (room 8
    o----------o----------o----------o  warps you to room 9, and vice versa).
    | G      I |          | H      B |
    |     7    |    8  A  |     9    |  Warp into room 9.
    | F      J |          | I      A |
    o----------o----------o----------o  Medium Rebecca
                                        Bronzor L45, Hypno L45
    Step on the lower left teleporter.  $2160
    Psychic Franklin
    Kadabra L44, Girafarig L47          Step on the upper right teleporter.
    Psychic Jared
    Mr. Mime L42, Exeggcute L42/L45     Step on the lower left teleporter.
    Medium Darcy
    Slowpoke L44, Slowbro L46           Step on the lower left teleporter.
    Sabrina's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6600
    |     Espeon L53 |   Mr. Mime L53 |   Alakazam L55 |  Chikorita's Level: 79
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |       Psychic  |         Mimic  |       Psychic  |
    |     Calm Mind  |       Psychic  |       Reflect  |  Sabrina's got only 3
    |    Skill Swap  |    Skill Swap  |    Skill Swap  |  Pokemon, and your Pokemon
    |   Shadow Ball  |  Light Screen  |   Energy Ball  |  should be on par with
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  them. She has nothing
                                                          you haven't seen before,
    so this shouldn't be that big of a challenge. Skill Swap switches your ability
    with theirs, but none of their abilities matter for this fight. Defeat Sabrina
    to earn the Marsh Badge and TM48, Skill Swap.
    After her defeat, you can find Sabrina in the Olivine City harbor on the path
    to the S.S. Aqua at any time on Friday. Call her on Sunday between 10:00 and
    19:59 to schedule a rematch.
    The Fighting Dojo is next door to the Gym. This is where you'll fight any Gym
    Leader you've scheduled a rematch with. For a list of all Gym Leaders and all
    details necessary to fight them again, see section 24.
    14c. The Power Plant Mist-ery                                           [cscbj]
    Heal your Pokemon and leave north to Route 5.
    o-------------------------o  At this point, if you want to get in the house,
    | ROUTE 5 POKEMON LISTING |  you'll have to jump the ledges from Cerulean City.
    | Abra          (all day) |  If you talk to the old lady in here, she'll give
    | Bellsprout    (all day) |  you a Cleanse Tag, which reduces encounters when
    | Pidgey    (morning/day) |  held by your lead Pokemon.
    | Gloom           (night) |
    | Oddish          (night) |  Cerulean City is directly north of this route.
    | Combee       (Headbutt) |  Route 4 is found to the west, but you can't go
    | Hoothoot     (Headbutt) |  that way. You can find some wild Pokemon, however.
    | Pineco       (Headbutt) |
    | Meowth    (SS, all day) |  The Gym here is completely empty, and the Leader
    o-------------------------o  is nowhere to be found. There's nothing you can do
                                 about it for now, so leave the city east to Route9
    | ROUTE 4 POKEMON LISTING |  o-------------------------o  Jump down and get
    o-------------------------o  | ROUTE 9 POKEMON LISTING |  the Max Potion, then
    | Jigglypuff    (all day) |  o-------------------------o  fight!!
    | Rattata       (all day) |  | Rattata       (all day) |
    | Spearow   (morning/day) |  | Raticate      (all day) |Picnicker Edna
    | Zubat           (night) |  | Fearow    (morning/day) |Nidorina L41 Raichu L45
    | Hoothoot     (Headbutt) |  | Spearow   (morning/day) |$720
    | Pineco       (Headbutt) |  | Goldeen       (fishing) |
    | Wurmple      (Headbutt) |  | Goldeen       (surfing) |  Go up and left into
    | Arbok     (SS, all day) |  | Seaking       (surfing) |  the grass for this
    | Ekans     (SS, all day) |  | Mankey    (HG, all day) |  next guy.
    o-------------------------o  | Primeape  (HG, all day) |
                                 o-------------------------o  Camper Sid
    Camper Dean                                               Dugtrio L40
    Golduck L44, Sandslash L42   Go down and right to find    Poliwrath L40
    $672                         a hiker.                     Primeape L40
    Hiker Clarke                 To the right of him is a
    Onix L43, Dugtrio L45        Full Restore. Go back to where Dean is and follow
    $1440                        the upper path this time. Cut the tree and pick up
                                 the Light Clay, then head right to another hiker.
    Hiker Eoin
    Graveler L42 x3              Cut the tree to the right of him for TM91, Flash
    $1344                        Cannon. Hop the ledge and fight fight fight.
    Picnicker Heidi              Just to her right, above the grass, you'll see a
    Skiploom L43 x2              red flower below a white flower. Examine the white
    $688                         flower for an Ether.
    o--------------------------o  Get in the water and surf south until you hit
    | ROUTE 10 POKEMON LISTING |  land. Stand in front of the sign in front of the
    o--------------------------o  building, then go three steps left and two steps
    | Electabuzz     (all day) |  up. Press A for a Carbos.
    | Raticate       (all day) |
    | Fearow     (morning/day) |  Inside, go up the stairs and head to the top of
    | Spearow    (morning/day) |  the room. On the left side is a guy who will
    | Quagsire         (night) |  trade you his Magneton for your Dugtrio. I'd pass
    | Goldeen        (fishing) |  on this deal unless you're aiming for 100%
    | Goldeen        (surfing) |  completion (well, as "complete" as a Pokemon game
    | Seaking        (surfing) |  can get, anyway).
                                  Your target here is the fat guy on the ledge.
    Talk to him and he'll vent about how the machine isn't working. If you try to
    leave, you will get forced into helping.
    Fly back to Cerulean City and enter the Gym. A Team Rocket Grunt will run into
    you, and he'll take off running. Leave north out of the city and you'll find
    him on the bridge. Speak to him and he will challenge you to a battle:
    Team Rocket Grunt             When you beat him, he will admit to hiding the
    Golbat L39                    missing generator piece in the Cerulean Gym.
    $1560                         Go into the Gym and make your way to the back
                                  of the room. Examine the inner tube for a Machine
    Part. Travel back to the Power Plant and hand over the Machine Part. You will
    be rewarded with TM57, Charge Beam.
    Fly to Vermilion City and go to the Fan Club. Talk to the fat guy at the table
    and he'll give you a Lost Item. Upon leaving, you'll be approached by a guy who
    introduces himself as Steven, Champion of the Hoenn region. If you're playing
    HeartGold, he will mention that Latias has been sighted in Kanto. SoulSilver
    players will hear about Latios instead.
    Like Entei and Raikou, you can use the Pokegear to track the dragon's
    movements. Both are Dragon/Psychic in type, have the Levitate ability, are L35,
    and flee on the first turn.
    _Unlike_ Entei and Raikou, however, Latias and Latios have genders. Latias is
    female, while Latios is male. Love Balls are the supreme option here, but keep
    in mind the dragons are still very hard to capture. There are 4 locations to
    get Pnk Apricorns: Route 30 (next to Mr. Pokemon's house), Route 33, Pokeathlon
    Dome (for 200 Athlete Points on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday), and Route
    42 in front of the center entrance to Mt. Mortar (Cut required). There's one
    more spot, but you haven't been there yet.
    Take the Pass to Saffron City, to a house below the train station. Go upstairs
    and talk to the girl here. She'll take the Lost Item and give you a Pass in
    You can now take the Magnet Train between Saffron City and Goldenrod City. This
    is totally worthless since flying to Indigo Plateau and then to the other
    nation is a whole lot faster, especially since you'd have to actually fly to
    Goldenrod or Saffron, walk to the train station, get on the train, watch the
    train travel, get off the train, leave the train station, and then fly to the
    city you need to go to. Get in the habit of using Fly to get from country to
    If you didn't have to do this in order to get all the Badges, I would seriously
    suggest against completing this side quest. You can get an infinite number of
    Charge Beam TMs (in fact, you should already have found one, in Olivine City),
    so nothing in this side quest is really worth doing. I can't even call it a
    side quest because it's required to "beat the game," but that's a testament to
    how lame it is.
    Fly to Saffron City. Leave south to Route 6 and enter the Underground Path. Go
    up to where there's a guy. Examine the right of the two cones for an X Special.
    The guy here will give you TM64, Explosion, in exchange for the RageCandyBar
    you bought in Mahogany Town. Go north until you find three more cones. Stand
    below the middle one, then take 4 steps down and face left. Press A for a Full
    Restore. Go up the stairs, head north to Cerulean City, and leave north out of
    the city.
                                  When you get to Route 25, go up to the four trees
    o--------------------------o  the top. Stand at the bottom of the right side of
    | ROUTE 24 POKEMON LISTING |  the tree furthest to the right. Take five steps
    o--------------------------o  right, face up, and press A for a Revive.
    | Abra           (all day) |
    | Bellsprout     (all day) |  You'll notice an asterisk by Slakoth's name in
    | Weepinbell     (all day) |  the Route 25 Pokemon listing. Slakoth is found
    | Venonat  (morning/night) |  by Headbutting the 2nd tree from the left.
    | Sunkern            (day) |
    | Oddish           (night) |  Do remember that it is only found in this tree.
    | Venomoth         (night) |
    | Goldeen        (fishing) |  The path forward is a straight shot right.
    | Goldeen        (surfing) |
    | Seaking        (surfing) |  School Kid Dudley    Lass Ellen
    o--------------------------o  Oddish L45           Wigglytuff L40, Granbull L44
                                  $900                 $704
    | ROUTE 25 POKEMON LISTING |  School Kid Joe                  Camper Lloyd
    o--------------------------o  Tangela L44, Vaporeon L42       Nidoking L46
    | Abra           (all day) |  $840                            $736
    | Bellsprout     (all day) |
    | Venonat        (all day) |  Lass Laura  and  Lass Shannon   Super Nerd Pat
    | Weepinbell     (all day) |  Gloom L38        Paras L38 x2   Porygon L47
    | Pidgeotto  (morning/day) |  Pidgeotto L41    Parasect L42   $2256
    | Pidgey     (morning/day) |  Bellossom L41  $1328
    | Oddish           (night) |
    | Venomoth         (night) |  The guy standing here gives you a Nugget for
    | Combee        (Headbutt) |  taking out all the Trainers, then challenges you.
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |
    | Slakoth       (Headbutt)*|  Ace Trainer Kevin
    | Goldeen        (fishing) |  Rhyhorn L48, Charmeleon L46, Wartortle L46
    | Goldeen        (surfing) |  $2760
    | Seaking        (surfing) |
    o--------------------------o  Cut the tree blocking the way to a Protein, then
                                  continue right. This is Bill's Kanto sea cottage,
    and in it you will find Bill's grandfather, who is watching it while he's away.
    He will ask you to show him different Pokemon depending on the version you're
    playing, and if you can do it, he'll reward you with a stone:
    To the right, you'll find a                              Oddish  - Leaf Stone
    young lady and a young man.            Marill (HG) / Staryu (SS) - Water Stone
    If you approach them, the       Jigglypuff (HG) / Lickitung (SS) - Everstone
    guy will take off running.          Growlithe (HG) / Vulpix (SS) - Fire Stone
    The girl here is Misty, the                               Pichu  - ThunderStone
    missing Gym Leader from Cerulean City. You've
    interrupted her date, pest!
    She will head back to the Gym now, so fly to Cerulean City and go there.
    14d. Boss: Misty                                                        [twfpq]
    Now that Misty's back, the Gym is full of people! Pretty straightforward,
    although the chicks in the water can be skipped.
    SwimmerF Diana             Sailor Parker                  Sailor Eddie
    Golduck L48                Horsea L43, Seadra L43         Azumarill L48
    $768                       $1376                          $1536
    SwimmerF Joy               SwimmerF Briana
    Cloyster L48               Seaking L46 x2         Heal and save before you take
    $768                       $768                   on Misty.
    Misty's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6480
    |    Golduck L49 |   Quagsire L49 |     Lapras L52 |  Chikorita's Level: 82
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |       Disable  |       Amnesia  |          Sing  |
    |       Psychic  |    Earthquake  |      Ice Beam  |  With all the battling
    |      Psych Up  |    Rain Dance  |     Body Slam  |  you had to do to get
    |   Water Pulse  |   Water Pulse  |   Water Pulse  |  to this point, there is
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  no reason at all you
    |    Starmie L54 |                                    should have any problem
    o----------------o  with this battle, especially since you just came from
    |       Recover  |  fighting Sabrina's Pokemon. Be wary of Water Pulse's
    |      Ice Beam  |  confusion rate.
    |   Confuse Ray  |
    |   Water Pulse  |  Defeat Misty for the Cascade Badge and TM03, Water Pulse.
                        To get Misty's number, find her on Route 25 where she was
    on her date on any day between 16:00 and 20:00 (4-8 PM). Call her Wednesday
    mornings for a rematch.
    15. The Twelfth Badge                                                   [solbj]
    * Walk through Rock Tunnel.
    * Get the final Pokemon-capturing method.
    * Battle your way to Fuchsia City and earn your twelfth Badge.
    Our next destination is Rock Tunnel, and you will need Flash to get through
    this cave easily. Rock Smash and Strength are required for getting all the
    items. Heal your Pokemon and go back to the water that leads to Route 10, but
    instead of getting in the water, stay on land and go south. The entrance to
    Rock Tunnel is here.
    15a. Rock Tunnel and Route 8                                            [rktre]
    o-------------------------------o  Go into the next room. From here, go right
    |  ROCK TUNNEL POKEMON LISTING  |  and then down to the dead end where the
    o-------------------------------o  rocks are. At the very bottom, smash the
    | Cubone              (all day) |  two rocks between the wall and the larger
    | Geodude             (all day) |  rocks. Go all the way left and press A for a
    | Zubat               (all day) |  Max Potion.
    | Machoke     (all day 1F only) |
    | Machop      (all day 1F only) |  Go all the way up to the top and then left.
    | Onix        (all day B1 only) |  At the stairs, go down and you will find a
    | Marowak     (all day B1 only) |  PP Up. Return to the main path and go left.
    | Kangaskhan  (all day B1 only) |
    o-------------------------------o  Before you go up the ladder, go right and
                                       pick up the Revive.
    In the next room, go right, then
    left to the bottom of the platform. Examine the left of the two green rocks for
    an X Accuracy.
    Follow the path right to a ladder, then follow the path to the next ladder.
    Head right. At the stairs, go up and left to find an Elixir. On the main path,
    go all the way right. Examine the lowest of the green rocks for an X Defend. Go
    up and left to find TM56, Fling. This move will throw the user's Hold Item at
    the opponent. Each item has an assigned base power, but I advise against using
    it in-game - you permanently lose the item you throw. Head south and exit the
    Go right.
    Hiker Jim           Pokefan Robert          Go left and push the rock out of
    Machamp L45         Quagsire L43            the way and you will be rewarded
    $1440               $2752                   with TM69, Rock Polish.
    o--------------------o  The only thing to do in Lavender Town is enter the
    | LAVENDER TOWN SHOP |  Radio Tower and talk to the Gentleman near the stairs.
    o--------------------o  He'll give you an EXPN Card for the Pokegear, which
    | Snow Mail......$50 |  lets you tune into Johto radio stations in Kanto.
    | Dusk Ball....$1000 |
    | Quick Ball...$1000 |  This includes Hoenn Sound and Sinnoh Sound, so let's
    o--------------------o  do a recap of your previous locations in Kanto:
    Rock Tunnel: Absol/Makuhita (HS), Bronzor/Chingling (SS)
        Route 4: Minun/Plusle (HS), Shinx (SS)
        Route 5: Minun/Plusle (HS), Shinx (SS)
        Route 6: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
        Route 9: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
       Route 10: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
       Route 24: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
       Route 25: Linoone/Whismur (HS), Bidoof/Buizel (SS)
    For future locations, Pokemon obtainable with Hoenn Sound will be shown with
    the tag (H. Sound) and those you can find with Sinnoh Sound by (S. Sound).
    You also have a Kanto-exclusive Poke Flute channel, found directly at the top
    of the radio dial (you'll have to move the cursor yourself). You'll have an
    opportunity to use this in just a moment, so remember it.
    Oh yeah, there's a Name Rater in this town so you don't have to fly back to
    Goldenrod City to do it. Leave west to Route 8.
    o-------------------------o  To reach any of the wild Pokemon here, you'll
    | ROUTE 8 POKEMON LISTING |  need Cut. If it's night, catch a Haunter here.
    | Abra          (all day) |  Go up immediately to find a Ylw Apricorn. It's
    | Kadabra       (all day) |  all straight left from here.
    | Pidgeotto (morning/day) |
    | Haunter         (night) |  Gentleman Milton            Super Nerd Tyler
    | Noctowl         (night) |  Growlithe L45               Magnemite L40 x3
    | Minun        (H. Sound) |  $9000                       $1920
    | Plusle       (H. Sound) |
    | Shinx        (S. Sound) |  Young Couple Moe & Lulu     Super Nerd Sam
    | Combee       (Headbutt) |  Lotad L43/Seedot L43        Grimer L44, Muk L44
    | Hoothoot     (Headbutt) |  $5504                       $2112
    | Pineco       (Headbutt) |
    | Growlithe (HG, all day) |  To his left is TM41, Torment.
    | Meowth    (SS, all day) |
    | Vulpix    (SS, all day) |  Biker Zeke                  Biker Harris
    o-------------------------o  Koffing L43 x2              Flareon L45
                                 $688                        $720
    Biker Dwayne
    Koffing L38/L39/L40/L41      Saffron City is to the west. Fly back to Lavender
    $656                         Town and leave south to Route 12.
    15b. Silence Bridge to Fuchsia                                          [rttaf]
    o--------------------------o  Route 12, known as Silence Bridge, is a popular
    | ROUTE 12 POKEMON LISTING |  spot for fishermen, who will not challenge you
    o--------------------------o  unless you speak to them.
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |
    | Wurmple       (Headbutt) |  Fisherman Kyle*
    | Tentacool      (fishing) |  Goldeen L39 x2, Qwilfish L35
    | Quagsire       (surfing) |  $1248
    | Tentacruel     (surfing) |
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |  Bird Keeper Justin
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |  Xatu L44, Noctowl L39
    o--------------------------o  $1248
    Young Couple Vic & Tara       Fisherman Stephen
    Magmar L44/Sunflora L43       Quagsire L43, Qwilfish L38, Tentacruel L38
    $5504                         $1216
    Head left on the bridge. Surf to the land above the fence. When you land, take
    one step left and press A for an Elixir.
    The big Pokemon on the ground is a Snorlax. It's sleeping. If you play the Poke
    Flute channel and then speak to it, it will attack you. It is Normal-type, L50,
    and knows Block, Crunch, Giga Impact, and Rollout. It's got massive amounts of
    HP and high SP.DEF, so have fun trying to capture it. It has gender, so Love
    Balls will work just fine here.
    Don't go into the building. Ignore it for now and continue south on the main
    Go into the house and tell the guy yes for the Super Rod. You now have the
    final method usable to capture Pokemon!
    The Super Rod is the king of fishing rods. Magikarp can still be found with it
    in most locations, but he is way harder to find using the Super Rod. Most of
    the time, you'll find the semi-rare Good Rod Pokemon almost all the time with
    the Super Rod, but the Super Rod has the ability to capture Pokemon no other
    rod can catch. Here is a list of every location you have ever been to, along
    with stuff you can find through fishing _only_ with the Super Rod:
    Cherrygrove City: Kingler, Corsola (morning/day), Staryu (night)
       Cianwood City: Kingler, Corsola (morning/day), Staryu (night)
           Dark Cave: Seaking
        Dragon's Den: Dragonair
          Mt. Mortar: Seaking
       New Bark Town: Lanturn, Tentacruel
        Olivine City: Kingler, Corsola (morning/day), Staryu (night)
            Route 12: Qwilfish
            Route 24: Seaking
            Route 25: Seaking
            Route 26: Lanturn, Tentacruel
            Route 27: Lanturn, Tentacruel
            Route 34: Kingler, Corsola (morning/day), Staryu (night)
            Route 40: Kingler, Corsola (morning/day), Staryu (night)
            Route 41: Lanturn, Tentacruel
            Route 42: Seaking
       Slowpoke Well: Seaking
         Tohjo Falls: Seaking
    Union Cave 1F/B1: Seaking
       Union Cave B2: Kingler, Corsola (morning/day), Staryu (night)
      Vermilion City: Lanturn, Tentacruel
       Whirl Islands: Kingler, Seadra
    If the location is not listed, it has no Super Rod-exclusive Pokemon. As a rule
    of thumb, you should _always_ be fishing with the Super Rod unless you are
    actively searching for Magikarp.
    For future routes, any Pokemon obtainable only via the Super Rod will be shown
    as (fishing, SR) in the Pokemon listing.
    Now that that's taken care of, continue southward on Route 12.
    Bird Keeper Gail              Fisherman Barney            Go down and left. Cut
    Fearow L42, Spearow L39       Gyarados L40/L37 x2         the tree, pick up the
    $1248                         $1184                       Calcium, then go on.
    Fisherman Kyler*              Bird Keeper Bret            Picnicker Piper
    Magikarp L48 x3               Taillow L41, Fearow L41     Spoink L40
    $576                          $1312                       $640
    Bird Keeper Perry             Young Couple Tim & Sue*
    Farfetch'd L42                Kadabra L41/Psyduck L46
    $1344                         $5888
    o--------------------------o  To get to the wild Pokemon in the grass, you'll
    | ROUTE 13 POKEMON LISTING |  need Cut.
    | Chansey        (all day) |  Pokefan Joshua
    | Nidorina       (all day) |  Pikachu L32 x6
    | Nidorino       (all day) |  $2048
    | Hoppip     (morning/day) |
    | Pidgeotto  (morning/day) |  Go down and left until you hit a dead end (you
    | Noctowl          (night) |  should be to the right of a sign). Face the sign
    | Linoone       (H. Sound) |  and press A for a Calcium.
    | Whismur       (H. Sound) |
    | Bidoof        (S. Sound) |  Now make your way all the way to the top and go
    | Buizel        (S. Sound) |  left.
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |
    | Wurmple       (Headbutt) |  Pokefan Alex
    | Tentacool      (fishing) |  Nidoking L29, Slowking L29, Magikarp L65
    | Qwilfish   (fishing, SR) |  $4160
    | Quagsire       (surfing) |
    | Tentacool      (surfing) |  Camper Clark                Picnicker Ginger
    | Tentacruel     (surfing) |  Buizel L40                  Whismur L41
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |  $640                        $656
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |
    o--------------------------o  Hiker Kenny*
                                  Sandslash L27, Graveler L29, Golem L33
    Go right before you go down.  $1056
    Camper Tanner*                Bird Keeper Josh*           Pokefan Trevor
    Sudowoodo L38                 Fearow L37                  Psyduck L42
    $608                          $1184                       $2688
    Just a bit south from here, you'll see Suicune again. If you approach it, it
    will run away. Eusine mentions that it has fled to a hilly place near water in
    the north. If you want to, you can go fight against Suicune right now - it's at
    Route 25, at the spot where you found Misty on her date. Do note, however, that
    Suicune will not appear until you've defeated Misty.
    I would advise against going to battle it right now, because you'll have to
    walk back here from Lavender Town. Once you make it to Fuchsia, you can easily
    fly back to Cerulean for Suicune. Suicune is L40 and knows Aurora Beam, Gust,
    Mist, and Rain Dance. If you kill it, defeat the Elite Four and it will return
    to the Burned Tower, where you can face it there.
    Continue south on Route 14.
    Pokefan Carter                                            Bird Keeper Roy
    Bulbasaur L38, Charmander L38, Squirtle L38               Fearow L38/L44
    $2432                                                     $1408
    Go up here.
    School Kid Connor             School Kid Torin* and Teacher Clarice
    Zigzagoon L42                 Sandslash L41         Zigzagoon L41
    $840                          Golbat L39            Roselia L43
    School Kid Travis
    Budew L42
    o--------------------------o  If you catch a Chansey and show it to the girl
    | ROUTE 14 POKEMON LISTING |  in the grass north of here, she will give you a
    o--------------------------o  Lucky Punch, which increases Chansey's critical
    | Chansey        (all day) |  hit ratio. Chansey is _extremely_ rare, but
    | Nidorina       (all day) |  fortunately, you can occasionally find a swarm
    | Nidorino       (all day) |  of Chansey on Route 13. Listen to Mary and Oak's
    | Hoppip     (morning/day) |  Pokemon Talk every day and wait for the swarm.
    | Pidgeotto  (morning/day) |
    | Skiploom   (morning/day) |  Head down and left to Route 15. Go through the
    | Quagsire         (night) |  grass and then left.
    | Noctowl          (night) |
    | Minun         (H. Sound) |  School Kid Billy
    | Plusle        (H. Sound) |  Parasect L39, Poliwhirl L37, Ditto L35
    | Shinx         (S. Sound) |  $700
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |
    | Wurmple       (Headbutt) |  Jump down.
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |  School Kid Johnny
    o--------------------------o  Bellsprout L39, Weepinbell L40, Victreebel L42
    | ROUTE 14 POKEMON LISTING |  Now go left. Almost there!
    | Chansey        (all day) |  Pokefan Boone
    | Nidorina       (all day) |  Spinda L43, Volbeat L41
    | Nidorino       (all day) |  $2624
    | Hoppip     (morning/day) |
    | Pidgeotto  (morning/day) |  Go back to where Billy is and go left.
    | Quagsire         (night) |
    | Noctowl          (night) |  Teacher Colette         Twins Kay & Tia*
    | Minun         (H. Sound) |  Clefairy L45            Quagsire L41 x2
    | Plusle        (H. Sound) |  $2160                   $1312
    | Shinx         (S. Sound) |
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |  Pokefan Eleanor
    | Wurmple       (Headbutt) |  Spinda L43, Illumise L41
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |  $2624
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |
    o--------------------------o  Go left for a PP Up, then jump. Go down and left.
    School Kid Kipp                                       School Kid Tommy
    Voltorb L36/L40, Magnemite L36, Magneton L40          Xatu L41, Alakazam L43
    $800                                                  $860
    Jump the ledge for one last Trainer.
    Teacher Hillary*
    Sunkern L41, Aipom L31        Fuchsia City is a quick walk west.
    o------------------------------o  Go straight left until you hit a fence. Cut
    | FUCHSIA CITY POKEMON LISTING |  the tree and pick the Red Apricorn.
    | Hoothoot          (Headbutt) |  Just above this spot is a guy who will trade
    | Wurmple           (Headbutt) |  you a set of Berries for certain Shards, just
    | Gyarados       (fishing, GR) |  like in Violet City.
    | Gyarados       (fishing, SR) |
    | Magikarp           (surfing) |  This guy gives you a different batch than the
    | Spinarak      (HG, Headbutt) |  Violet guy, however, and those will be shown
    | Ledyba        (SS, Headbutt) |  below:
                                         Red - Persim, Razz, Pomeg (Set A)
    o-------------------o               Blue - Bluk, Kelpsy, Cornn (Set B)
    | FUCHSIA CITY SHOP |             Yellow - Pinap, Grepa, Nomel (Set C)
    o-------------------o              Green - Wepear, Hondew, Durin (Set D)
    | Steel Mail....$50 |
    | Dusk Ball...$1000 |  You should completely ignore this guy unless you want
    | Quick Ball..$1000 |  Persim Berries.
                           Pal Park is north of here - this is where you go to
    bring Pokemon from Game Boy Advance Pokemon games into HeartGold or SoulSilver.
    For more information on Pal Park, see section 27.
    Go right, past the Shard dude, into a small area surrounded by flowers. Stand
    in the lower right corner. Take three steps up and two steps left. Press A for
    a Nugget.
    Follow the red path down and left until the end. Go down between the trees, use
    the Pokemon Center to heal up, and enter the Gym.
    15c. Boss: Janine                                                       [wbthf]
    Janine's Gym is filled with invisible--truly invisible--walls that you can't
    see unless you run into them. I'm going to walk you step by step through the
    Gym so you won't get lost.
    You'll notice that everyone in here looks like Janine - they're just dressing
    up. They will go back to normal once you speak to them.
    To begin, go all the way right and all the way up. Talk to the first clone.
    Picnicker Cindy                From here, go two steps up, ten steps left,
    Nidoqueen L48                  three steps down, one step right, three steps
    $768                           down, and one step left. Talk to the clone.
    Camper Barry                   Much easier this time: one step left, two steps
    Nidoking L48                   down, and all the way right to another clone.
    Lass Alice                           From this clone, go all the way left, then
    Gloom L41, Arbok L45, Vileplume L45  as far down as you can go, then one step
    $656                                 left, two steps down, and one step right.
    Lass Linda                                     Go one step left, two steps up,
    Bulbasaur L41, Ivysaur L43, Venusaur L45       and right. Heal and save before
    $720                                           talking to the real Janine.
    Janine's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6000
    |     Crobat L47 |    Weezing L44 |    Ariados L47 |  Chikorita's Level: 87
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |       Screech  |         Toxic  |       Swagger  |
    |    Supersonic  |     Explosion  |    Poison Jab  |  Janine's team might be
    |   Confuse Ray  |    Double Hit  |   Night Shade  |  better than her dad's,
    |   Wing Attack  |   Sludge Bomb  |   Pin Missile  |  but her team's Levels
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  are embarrassingly low.
    |    Ariados L47 |   Venomoth L50 |
    o----------------o----------------o  You pretty much have to try to lose.
    |       Psychic  |       Psychic  |
    |    Scary Face  |   Double Team  |  Defeat Janine to earn the Soul Badge and
    |    Poison Jab  |   Signal Beam  |  TM84, Poison Jab. Way to crap on hundreds
    |   Pin Missile  |   Sludge Bomb  |  of years of history, Janine.
                                         Janine's team is a little better the
    second time around - if you want her number, head to the Reception Gate any day
    between 16:00 and 20:00 (4-8 PM). She will offer to battle you on Monday days.
    16. Kanto Cleanup                                                       [fgsse]
    * Earn your thirteenth Badge.
    * Earn your fourteenth Badge.
    * Defeat the rest of Kanto's Trainers.
    * Earn your fifteenth Badge.
    * Earn your sixteenth Badge.
    This section will cover all areas of Kanto you haven't yet been to. I'd split
    it up, but a lot of it's just going from one Badge right to another with little
    to no interruptions, so the remaining four Badges have been grouped into one
    Fly to Saffron City and leave west to Route 7.
    o-------------------------o  Go up into the grass and left to find a Mental
    | ROUTE 7 POKEMON LISTING |  Herb. Head left to Celadon City.
    | Raticate      (all day) |  o------------------------------o
    | Spearow   (morning/day) |  | CELADON CITY POKEMON LISTING |
    | Houndour        (night) |  o------------------------------o
    | Murkrow         (night) |  | Combee            (Headbutt) |
    | Minun        (H. Sound) |  | Heracross         (Headbutt) |
    | Plusle       (H. Sound) |  | Grimer             (surfing) |
    | Shinx        (S. Sound) |  | Muk                (surfing) |
    | Combee       (Headbutt) |  o------------------------------o
    | Heracross    (Headbutt) |
    | Spearow      (Headbutt) |  As soon as you cross the city limits, go up and
    | Growlithe (HG, all day) |  behind all the buildings. Go all the way left to
    | Rattata   (HG, all day) |  find TM67, Recycle, at the end.
    | Meowth    (SS, all day) |
    | Persian   (SS, all day) |  There's the world-famous Celadon City Department
    | Vulpix    (SS, all day) |  Store on the west end of the city, with slightly
    | Rattata   (SS, morning) |  different wares than in Goldenrod, so check out
    o-------------------------o  the section below for the 411 on the goods.
    16a. Celadon City Department Store                                      [nrawh]
    This place has a   o----------------------------------------------------------o
    similar seelction  |                       SECOND FLOOR                       |
    to Goldenrod's     o----------------------------------------------------------o
    own store, but     | Potion...............$300      Poke Ball............$200 |
    the big catch is   | Super Potion.........$700      Great Ball...........$600 |
    the TM selection   | Hyper Potion........$1200      Ultra Ball..........$1200 |
    on the 3rd floor.  | Max Potion..........$2500      Escape Rope..........$550 |
                       | Revive..............$1500      Poke Doll...........$1000 |
    Some of these TMs  | Antidote.............$100      Repel................$350 |
    are really good -  | Parlyz Heal..........$200      Super Repel..........$500 |
    Brine, Return,     | Burn Heal............$250      Max Repel............$700 |
    Frustration, and   | Ice Heal.............$250      Grass Mail............$50 |
    Dark Pulse are     | Awakening............$250      Flame Mail............$50 |
    noteworthy         | Full Heal............$600      Bubble Mail...........$50 |
    purchases.         o-----------------------------o  Space Mail............$50 |
    Unfortunately,     o---------------------------o
    that's it. There   |        THIRD FLOOR        |  o---------------------------o
    isn't anything     o---------------------------o  |       FOURTH FLOOR        |
    else here you      | TM21 Frustration....$1000 |  o---------------------------o
    can't get          | TM27 Return.........$1000 |  | Air Mail..............$50 |
    somewhere else.    | TM87 Swagger........$1500 |  | Tunnel Mail...........$50 |
                       | TM78 Captivate......$1500 |  | Bloom Mail............$50 |
    If you want some   | TM12 Taunt..........$1500 |  o---------------------------o
    Accessories, talk  | TM41 Torment........$1500 |
    to the masked guy  | TM20 Safeguard......$2000 |  o---------------------------o
    on the 2nd floor.  | TM28 Dig............$2000 |  |        FIFTH FLOOR        |
    This is Crasher    | TM76 Stealth Rock...$2000 |  o---------------------------o
    Wake, a Gym        | TM55 Brine..........$3000 |  | X Speed..............$350 |
    Leader in Sinnoh.  | TM72 Avalanche......$3000 |  | X Attack.............$500 |
    He will give you   | TM79 Dark Pulse.....$3000 |  | X Defend.............$550 |
    masks matching     o---------------------------o  | Guard Spec...........$700 |
    the three Sinnoh                                  | Dire Hit.............$650 |
    starter Pokemon.            o---------------------o X Accuracy...........$950 |
                                | Protein.......$9800   X Special............$350 |
    Falkner can be found on     | Iron..........$9800   X Sp. Def............$350 |
    the 4th floor all day       | Calcium.......$9800 o---------------------------o
    Monday. Obtain his number,  | Zinc..........$9800 |
    then call him on Saturday   | Carbos........$9800 |
    mornings for a rematch.     | HP Up.........$9800 |
    There's a Game Corner in
    this city as well, located below the Pokemon Center. Unfortunately, there's
    only one game to play - Voltorb Flip. Lame!
    There are, however, prizes exclusive to this city, shown below.
    o-------------------------o   o--------------------o   o----------------------o
    | TM58 Endure........2000 |   | Silk Scarf....1000 |   | Mr. Mime........3333 |
    | TM32 Double Team...4000 |   | Wide Lens.....1000 |   | Eevee...........6666 |
    | TM10 Hidden Power..6000 |   | Zoom Lens.....1000 |   | Porygon.........9999 |
    | TM29 Psychic......10000 |   | Metronome.....1000 |   o----------------------o
    | TM74 Gyro Ball....10000 |   o--------------------o
    | TM68 Giga Impact..15000 |                           Psychic is the only thing
    o-------------------------o  you really should ever have to buy, unless you
                                 _really_ want another Eevee, or a Porygon (buying
    one is the only way to obtain one short of importing from another game). Mr.
    Mime can be found in the Forest area of the Safari Zone, so don't waste your
    coins on him.
    Get someone with Cut and head to the south end of the city. Go all the way
    right and then down into the small area surrounded by trees. Examine the last
    tile for a PP Up. Cut the little tree I'm sure you can see from here, follow
    the path, and enter the Gym.
    16b. Boss: Erika                                                        [ksglp]
    Erika's Gym has drastically changed from past games. You'll need Cut to get
    through here, but that's fine since you needed Cut to get here in the first
    Like in the Fuchsia Gym, I'll be walking you step by step through this place.
    Cut the tree from the bottom. Take 5 steps up, 4 steps left, and then up.
    Twins Jo & Zoe                Five steps down, 2 steps right, 5 steps up,
    Victreebel L47/Vileplume L47  4 steps right, 7 steps down, 2 steps right, 2
    $1504                         steps up, 2 steps right.
    Lass Michelle
    Skiploom L44, Hoppip L45, Jumpluff L46    Two steps left and go straight up.
    Picnicker Tanya               Three steps up, two steps left, five steps down,
    Exeggutor L49                 two steps left.
    Beauty Julia                              Five steps down, 2 steps left, two
    Paras L44, Parasect L47, Carnivine L44    steps down, 2 steps left, 2 steps up,
    $2632                                     2 steps left, straight up. Cut the
                           tree, go up and right, cut the tree, and go straight up.
    Heal and save!
    Erika's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6720
    |   Jumpluff L51 |    Tangela L52 | Victreebel L56 |  Chikorita's Level: 79
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |        U-turn  |     Wring Out  |     Sunny Day  |
    |     Sunny Day  |    Giga Drain  |     Synthesis  |  Sunny Day doubles the
    |    Giga Drain  |  AncientPower  |    Grass Knot  |  Speed of all her Pokemon,
    |    Leech Seed  |  Sleep Powder  |    Leaf Storm  |  but a lot of types resist
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Grass and she can't do a
    |  Bellossom L56 |                                    thing about any Pokemon
    o----------------o  that does (except use weak AncientPowers with Tangela).
    |     SolarBeam  |
    |     Sunny Day  |  Fire-types or Flying-types mean instant victory for you.
    |     Synthesis  |
    |    Giga Drain  |  Defeat Erika to earn the Rainbow Badge and TM19, Giga
    o----------------o  Drain.
    To get Erika's number, find her in front of the Celadon City fountain on
    Saturday and Sunday from 15:00-17:00 (3-5 PM). Be sure to speak to her twice.
    Call her on Sunday mornings for a rematch.
    16c. Intermission                                                       [cradc]
    Heal your Pokemon and leave Celadon City west to Route 16.
    o--------------------------o  Cut the tree to your left and go into the house.
    | ROUTE 16 POKEMON LISTING |  The guy here will tell you a trendy saying - one
    o--------------------------o  saying every day. These words will be added to
    | Grimer         (all day) |  your word bank.
    | Muk            (all day) |
    | Slugma         (all day) |  Enter the building. You can't pass here unless
    | Fearow     (morning/day) |  you have a bike, but there's no reason you should
    | Murkrow          (night) |  still be running around at this point.
    | Minun         (H. Sound) |
    | Plusle        (H. Sound) |  Leave through the west exit. Head south to Route
    | Shinx         (S. Sound) |  17. Keep on the right side.
    | Combee        (Headbutt) |
    | Heracross     (Headbutt) |  Biker Dale            Biker Reese*
    | Spearow       (Headbutt) |  Gulpin L47            Weezing L45
    o--------------------------o  $752                  $720
    o--------------------------o  Biker Joel            Biker Jacob
    | ROUTE 17 POKEMON LISTING |  Magmar L43 x2         Magmar L43, Tentacruel L43
    o--------------------------o  $688                  $688
    | Grimer         (all day) |
    | Muk            (all day) |  Go down the left side now.
    | Slugma         (all day) |
    | Fearow     (morning/day) |  Biker Aiden*         Somewhere between here and
    | Minun         (H. Sound) |  Tentacruel L45       the two guys below is a Max
    | Plusle        (H. Sound) |  $720                 Ether, but you can't stop
    | Shinx         (S. Sound) |                       the bike in one spot. You'll
    o--------------------------o  the Dowsing MCHN and a bit of luck to grab it.
    Biker Dan                     Biker Theron
    Gulpin L39, Weezing L37 x2    Croagunk L45
    $592                          $720
    Biker Glenn                              There's a Max Elixir hidden nearby,
    Koffing L39, Magmar L41, Weezing L43     but again you'll have to use the
    $688                                     Dowsing MCHN to pinpoint its location.
    Biker Teddy                   Biker Markey         Biker Ernest
    Seviper L46                   Skorupi L47          Teddiursa L45, Marill L44
    $736                          $752                 $704
    Biker Charles
    Koffing L41, Charmeleon L41, Weezing L42           Leave through the east gate.
    o--------------------------o  Take out the dudes in the grass.
    o--------------------------o  Bird Keeper Bob
    | Grimer         (all day) |  Noctowl L48
    | Muk            (all day) |  $1536
    | Slugma         (all day) |
    | Fearow     (morning/day) |  Bird Keeper Boris
    | Minun         (H. Sound) |  Doduo L39/L37, Dodril L41
    | Plusle        (H. Sound) |  $1536
    | Shinx         (S. Sound) |
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |  Go south out of Fuchsia City (you'll have to go
    | Wurmple       (Headbutt) |  south from the Gym to do so). When you get to the
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |  roadblock, smash one of the two rocks on the
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |  right that is blocking a tile. Examine this tile
    o--------------------------o  for a Revive.
    Fly to Vermilion City and leave east out of the city. A second Snorlax is
    blocking the entrance to the cave you need to get into, so remove it by
    whatever means you wish. Before you enter the cave, however, there are Trainers
    to the east who _really_ want to lose to your squadron of mega monsters.
    o--------------------------o  Psychic Fidel            Go straight down through
    | ROUTE 11 POKEMON LISTING |  Xatu L43                 the gap in the fence and
    o--------------------------o  $1376                    left to a Sticky Barb.
    | Drowzee        (all day) |                           Get in the water and
    | Hypno          (all day) |  surf down and right. When you hit land, stand in
    | Magnemite      (all day) |  the upper left corner. Face down and press A for
    | Rattata        (all day) |  a Pearl. Face right and press A for another one.
    | Minun         (H. Sound) |  Now take two steps right and press A for a Big
    | Plusle        (H. Sound) |  Pearl. Surf back to Route 11, go back to Fidel,
    | Shinx         (S. Sound) |  and go right.
    | Combee        (Headbutt) |
    | Heracross     (Headbutt) |  Youngster Owen           Go straight up. Examine
    | Spearow       (Headbutt) |  Growlithe L44            the gap in the fence for
    o--------------------------o  $704                     a Revive.
    Youngster Jason               Go down to find a Grn Apricorn and another guy.
    Sandslash L42, Crobat L42
    Psychic Herman
    Exeggcute L39 x2, Exeggutor L39      Go up and you will find TM86, Grass Knot,
    $1248                                in the corner.
    Head left and enter the cave. Go downstairs.
    o--------------------------------o  Go up. Before you pass under the bridge,
    | DIGLETT'S CAVE POKEMON LISTING |  you will see four rocks against the wall.
    o--------------------------------o  Two of them are larger than the others;
    | Diglett              (all day) |  examine the left of the larger rocks for a
    | Dugtrio              (all day) |  Max Revive.
    | Absol               (H. Sound) |
    | Makuhita            (S. Sound) |  Go up some more and leave the cave. Go back
    | Bronzor             (S. Sound) |  behind the entrance for a Carbos. To the
    | Chingling           (S. Sound) |  south is a Pnk Apricorn and a house - in it
    o--------------------------------o  is a guy who will give you a Nugget if you
                                        speak to him.
    |    ROUTE 2 POKEMON LISTING   |  Enter the gate below that house.
    | Pidgeotto      (morning/day) |  Speak to the guy who isn't behind the counter
    | Hoothoot             (night) |  and you'll get a Sacred Ash, a neat item that
    | Noctowl              (night) |  fully revives all fainted Pokemon. Leave
    | Minun             (H. Sound) |  south and continue down for an Elixir, then
    | Plusle            (H. Sound) |  go back to Diglett's Cave. Instead of
    | Shinx             (S. Sound) |  entering the cave, go left and cut your way
    | Hoothoot          (Headbutt) |  to Route 2.
    | Pineco            (Headbutt) |
    | Butterfree     (HG, morning) |  There's one guy to fight right now.
    | Caterpie   (HG, morning/day) |
    | Metapod    (HG, morning/day) |  Bug Catcher Ed
    | Spinarak (HG, morning/night) |  Burmy L43, Butterfree L43, Beedrill L43
    | Ariados          (HG, night) |  $688
    | Spinarak      (HG, Headbutt) |
    | Kakuna         (SS, all day) |  Before you enter the city, go into the grass
    | Weedle         (SS, all day) |  between the trees and the fence. Examine the
    | Ledian         (SS, morning) |  last tile for a Max Revive.
    | Ledyba     (SS, morning/day) |
    | Beedrill (SS, morning/night) |  Stand on that location and Headbutt for a
    | Ledyba        (SS, Headbutt) |  chance at finding Starly - this is the only
    o------------------------------o  tree in the game with it.
    o-----------------------------o  (see above for how to find Starly)
    o-----------------------------o  Go right and up onto a platform filled with
    | Hoothoot         (Headbutt) |  flowers. Stand in front of the sign, then take
    | Pineco           (Headbutt) |  two steps down and 3 steps right. Press A for
    | Wurmple          (Headbutt) |  a Guard Spec.
    | Starly           (Headbutt)*|
    o-----------------------------o  In the Pokemon Center is a guy who will trade
                                     you his Xatu for your Haunter. You can catch a
    Haunter on Route 8, or in the Forest area of the Safari Zone.
    To the right of the Poke Mart is a guy who will give you the Silver Wing if
    you're playing HeartGold; in SoulSilver, he gives you the Rainbow Wing. You can
    go battle against Lugia or Ho-Oh, but they're L70, so fair warning. I suggest
    waiting until after you've gotten your sixteenth Badge before going legendary
    hunting, but it's up to you. See section 12c for Bell Tower (if you're going to
    find Ho-Oh) or 12d for Whirl Islands (if you want Lugia).
    Directly north from here, you can find a Blu Apricorn and Wht Apricorn. Head
    left from here to the large building, but don't go inside; instead, go around
    the left side of the building, smash the rock in your way, and follow the path
    to a pair of Wise Glasses.
    Inside the museum, you can revive any fossils you've obtained:
    Armor Fossil -> Shieldon
     Claw Fossil -> Anorith
     Dome Fossil -> Kabuto
    Helix Fossil -> Omanyte
       Old Amber -> Aerodactyl
     Root Fossil -> Lileep
    Skull Fossil -> Cranidos
    All are L20.
    Outside the museum, go left and down. There's a rock in the lower left corner;
    examine it for a PP Up. Enter the Gym.
    16d. Boss: Brock                                                        [bdrbj]
    Brock has two underlings for you to stomp. You can skip them both, but this
    whole Gym is cake. It'd be a waste to not fight these guys.
    Camper Jerry                 Hiker Edwin
    Rhydon L50                   Golem L50
    $800                         $1600
    That wasn't so hard, was it? Brock is just as easy as these guys to beat, but
    you should heal and save anyway just in case you try to not win instantly.
    Brock's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6240
    |   Graveler L51 |    Rhyhorn L51 |   Kabutops L52 |  Chikorita's Level: 89
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |       Rollout  |     Sandstorm  |        Endure  |
    |    Earthquake  |    Earthquake  |      Aqua Jet  |  Onix, Rhyhorn, and
    |    Rock Slide  |    Horn Drill  |    Giga Drain  |  Graveler can be Surfed.
    |  Defense Curl  |    Scary Face  |    Rock Slide  |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Kabutops and Omastar
    |    Omastar L53 |       Onix L54 |                   will die to any Grass
    o----------------o----------------o  move, or repeated Surfs. They're all
    |         Brine  |       Screech  |  weak to Fighting, too, so there's that
    |       Protect  |     Iron Tail  |  if you're looking for a "challenge."
    |  AncientPower  |     Sandstorm  |
    |  Spike Cannon  |    Rock Slide  |  Defeat Brock to earn the Boulder Badge
    o----------------o----------------o  and TM80, Rock Slide.
    Find Brock on the Pewter City side of Diglett's Cave any day between 12:00 and
    15:00 (12-3 PM). Call him Saturday night to schedule a rematch.
    16e. From Pewter to Cerulean                                            [rtamm]
    Heal your Pokemon and head east out of Pewter City to Route 3.
    Youngster Regis                  South of him are four meteorites you can use
    Golbat L40, Electrode L40        to change the formes of your Deoxys, if you
    $640                             imported one into your game. Even if you don't
                                     have one, go down there anyway for some hidden
    items. Go into the right hole and stand to the left of the upper right
    meteorite. Go one step left and face down. Press A for a Star Piece. Go stand
    above the lower left meteorite in the lower left hole. Then go one step right
    and face down. Press A for a Star Piece. Now get back on the main path, but not
    before taking out this duo.
    Double Team Zac & Jen            Youngster Warren
    Electabuzz L47/Dugtrio L47       Fearow L38, Raticate L42
    $11280                           $672
    o-------------------------o  Youngster Jimmy
    | ROUTE 3 POKEMON LISTING |  Raticate L42, Arbok L42, Parasect L42
    o-------------------------o  $672
    | Jigglypuff    (all day) |
    | Rattata       (all day) |  Go down into the grass, then up on to the plateau.
    | Spearow       (all day) |  Follow this to the end for a Big Root.
    | Minun        (H. Sound) |
    | Plusle       (H. Sound) |  Firebreather Otis
    | Shinx        (S. Sound) |  Magmar L43, Weezing L40, Camerupt L47
    | Hoothoot     (Headbutt) |  $1504
    | Pineco       (Headbutt) |
    | Wurmple      (Headbutt) |  Hiker Bruce
    | Arbok     (SS, all day) |  Graveler L39, Rhydon L44, Clefairy L45
    | Ekans     (SS, all day) |  $1440
    Black Belt Manford           Black Belt Ander
    Poliwrath L47                Primeape L43, Graveler L39, Machoke L44
    $1128                        $1056
    Hiker Dwight                 Firebreather Burt
    Magneton L44, Steelix L44    Weezing L42, Magcargo L45
    $1408                        $1440
    To the left of the Pokemon Center you will see three rocks. Smash the middle
    one, then stand where it used to be and press A for a Hyper Potion.
    Heal and save before you take one step into that cave!
    If you don't have Clair's number, this is your last chance to get it before she
    is temporarily unavailable.
    16f. Vs. Silver: Mt. Moon       Money: $3200                            [pwnd5]
    =========================       Chikorita's Level: 91
    |    Sneasel L46 |   Magneton L46 |     Golbat L47 |   Alakazam L48 |
    |      Icy Wind  |     Discharge  |          Bite  |       Disable  |
    |   Shadow Claw  |    Supersonic  |    Air Cutter  |       Psybeam  |
    |  Faint Attack  |   Magnet Bomb  |   Confuse Ray  |       Recover  |
    |  Quick Attack  |  Thunder Wave  |   Poison Fang  |       Reflect  |
    |     Gengar L48 |   Meganium L50 | Typhlosion L50 | Feraligatr L50 |
    |         Curse  |     Synthesis  |         Swift  |         Slash  |
    |     Mean Look  |   Petal Dance  |   Flame Wheel  |        Crunch  |
    |   Confuse Ray  |  Light Screen  |  Flamethrower  |      Ice Fang  |
    |   Shadow Ball  |  PoisonPowder  |  Quick Attack  |     Waterfall  |
    Silver jumps you immediately after you enter Mt. Moon. He's using a full team
    against you, but you have had so much training in Kanto that he doesn't
    (shouldn't) stand a chance.
    When you beat him, he mentions going to the Dragon's Den. _Don't_ follow him.
    You will get destroyed. There will be a time to go find him, but that time
    isn't now. You are free now to explore the rest of Mt. Moon.
    o--------------------------o  Go right. Before you go up the ladder, stand in
    | MT. MOON POKEMON LISTING |  the upper right corner. Take two steps left, go
    o--------------------------o  all the way down, and one step right. Press A
    | Clefairy       (all day) |  for a Revive. Go up the ladder and exit the cave.
    | Geodude        (all day) |
    | Paras          (all day) |  Go right and up between the trees. Examine the
    | Zubat          (all day) |  last tile for a Max Revive.
    | Absol         (H. Sound) |
    | Makuhita      (H. Sound) |  If you come here during morning or day, the house
    | Bronzor       (S. Sound) |  outside will be open. In it is a shop:
    | Chingling     (S. Sound) |
    | Poliwag        (fishing) |  o-------------------o  If you come here Monday
    | Magikarp       (surfing) |  |   MT. MOON SHOP   |  between 20:00 and 23:59,
    | Poliwag        (surfing) |  o-------------------o  the shop is closed, but
    | Sandshrew  (HG, all day) |  | Poke Doll...$1000 |  you get a far cooler
    | Sandslash  (HG, all day) |  | Fresh Water..$200 |  treat: a Clefairy dance!
    o--------------------------o  | Soda Pop.....$300 |  The Clefairy dance for a
                                  | Lemonade.....$350 |  while before one spots you
    When you've had your fill of  | Repel........$350 |  and takes off along with
    Mt. Moon, leave via the       | Heart Mail....$50 |  the others, but not before
    south exit. You will be on    o-------------------o  one of them drops a Moon
    the western end of Route 4;                          Stone for you. You can do
    the only way to get here is to come via this path.   this every Monday night.
    Head right to take out a couple Trainers.
    Picnicker Hope      See the huge blank area above her? Go stand in the upper
    Flaaffy L44         right corner of it, then take two steps left and face down.
    $704                Press A for an Ultra Ball. Continue!
    Bird Keeper Hank                Below him, between some trees to the right, you
    Pidgey L13, Pidgeot L44         can examine the last tile for a Big Mushroom.
    $1408                           Go up from here for one last girl.
    Picnicker Sharon                Scoop up the HP Up nearby, then fly to Pewter
    Furret L41, Rapidash L43        City and leave south to Route 2, and continue
    $688                            south to the not-burned-down Viridian Forest.
    16g. Viridian Forest and Route 1                                        [yatta]
    o---------------------------------o  Holy smokes it's not burned down!!!
    o---------------------------------o  You're gonna want to keep those Repels
    | Pikachu               (all day) |  going, lest you be bombarded by weak wild
    | Pidgeotto         (morning/day) |  Pokemon. It might look like a lot, but a
    | Pidgey            (morning/day) |  good chunk of them only come out during
    | Hoothoot                (night) |  certain times, or are version exclusives.
    | Noctowl                 (night) |
    | Numel                (H. Sound) |  Bug Catcher Abner
    | Spoink               (H. Sound) |  Butterfree L44, Beedrill L44, Pikachu L44
    | Budew                (S. Sound) |  $704
    | Carnivine            (S. Sound) |
    | Hoothoot             (Headbutt) |  Go down here. Follow the path to the end,
    | Noctowl              (Headbutt) |  then examine the last tile for a Full
    | Seedot               (Headbutt) |  Restore. Pick up the Dire Hit on the main
    | Shroomish            (Headbutt) |  path and continue until you reach some
    | Butterfree        (HG, morning) |  stairs. Fight the guy above them...
    | Caterpie      (HG, morning/day) |
    | Metapod       (HG, morning/day) |  Bug Catcher Ellis
    | Ariados          (HG, Headbutt) |  Weedle L28, Beedrill L46, Kakuna L38
    | Spinarak         (HG, Headbutt) |  $736
    | Beedrill          (SS, morning) |
    | Kakuna        (SS, morning/day) |  ...then go right. Examine the red flower
    | Weedle        (SS, morning/day) |  between the two white ones for a
    | Ledian           (SS, Headbutt) |  TinyMushroom. Head south here, taking the
    | Ledyba           (SS, Headbutt) |  Blue Flute as yours on your way towards
    o---------------------------------o  the end.
    Bug Catcher Stacey                   Below him, examine the red flower on the
    Metapod L52/L56/L60                  left side of the path for a Big Mushroom.
    Bug Catcher Dion                     Go straight down the stairs, turn right,
    Ariados L50                          and go up to find TM77, Psych Up. Examine
    $800                                 the tile above it for a TinyMushroom.
    Bug Catcher Dane                     Head left until you find a lone tree
    Beedrill L44, Butterfree L48         between some stairs. Stand above it on its
    $768                                 left side, and walk straight up. When you
                                         hit the wall, press A for a TinyMushroom.
    Go all the way left and up. When
    you hit the wall, examine the tile you should be standing on (red flower) for a
    Big Mushroom. Pick up the Leaf Stone to the right, hop the ledge, walk up one
    flight of stairs, and go down and left into the grass. Examine the empty tile
    for a Max Ether.
    Cut your way to freedom, or walk around. Either way, if today is Thursday, you
    will find Bugsy here - remember that loser? He'll give you his number if you
    ask for it, and he'll rematch you on Thursday afternoons.
    Leave via the south exit. Two more dudes block your path to the next town.
    Bug Catcher Doug*                    Bug Catcher Rob*
    Butterfree L39, Ariados L37          Beedrill L40, Butterfree L39
    $592                                 $624
    o-------------------------------o  Go right as soon as you can. Go all the way
    | VIRIDIAN CITY POKEMON LISTING |  right, then down. Hop the ledge and stand on
    o-------------------------------o  the red flower (the one next to the tree).
    | Hoothoot           (Headbutt) |  Press A for a Nugget.
    | Wurmple            (Headbutt) |
    | Pineco             (Headbutt) |  o--------------------o  In the building next
    | Poliwag             (fishing) |  | VIRIDIAN CITY SHOP |  to the Poke Mart is
    | Poliwag             (surfing) |  o--------------------o  a place where you
    | Poliwhirl           (surfing) |  | Steel Mail.....$50 |  can fight against
    | Spinarak       (HG, Headbutt) |  | Net Ball.....$1000 |  the last person you
    | Ledyba         (SS, Headbutt) |  | Heal Ball....$1000 |  synced Pokewalkers
    o-------------------------------o  o--------------------o  with. If you haven't
                                                               synced with anyone,
    you will fight a default Trainer. Pokemon are set at L50 for this battle, but
    any Pokemon below L50 will remain at its current Level. This default Trainer,
    Ace Trainer Cal, uses Meganium, Typhlosion, and Feraligatr. Feraligatr is a
    definite threat because it has Dragon Dance (raises user's ATK and SPD by 1
    stage each) and a strong STAB Waterfall to murder you with. Typhlosion has a
    Salac Berry equipped, which will increase his SPD by 50% when his HP fall below
    1/3. It can cause a lot of problems.
    Oh right, you can't use items here, so don't even think about it.
    If you win against Cal (or anyone), you earn 1 Battle Point, currency to be
    used in the Battle Frontier (see section 21 for details).
    To the left of the Pokemon Center is a guy you need either Cut or Surf to
    reach. If you talk to him, he'll give you TM85, Dream Eater.
    o--------------------------o  Route 22 is found west of Viridian City. It leads
    | ROUTE 22 POKEMON LISTING |  to the Reception Gate, but there's no need to
    o--------------------------o  continue beyond the grass. Nothing is there.
    | Ponyta         (all day) |
    | Rattata        (all day) |  You can't enter Viridian's Gym at this time, so
    | Doduo      (morning/day) |  it's time to move on. There will be a chance to
    | Fearow     (morning/day) |  capture a cave-dwelling legendary Pokemon soon,
    | Spearow    (morning/day) |  so you may want to stock up on Dusk Balls (you
    | Linoone       (H. Sound) |  can buy them in Lavender Town). You'll also be
    | Whismur       (H. Sound) |  spending a lot of time in the water, so keep
    | Bidoof        (S. Sound) |  those Max Repels handy. When you're ready, leave
    | Buizel        (S. Sound) |  south to Route 1.
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |
    | Pineco        (Headbutt) |  Jump down the left side for a Blk Apricorn.
    | Wurmple       (Headbutt) |
    | Poliwag        (fishing) |  School Kid Danny
    | Poliwag        (surfing) |  Jynx L43, Magmar L43, Electabuzz L43
    | Poliwhirl      (surfing) |  $860
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |  Go right and around to fight this other dude.
                                  School Kid Sherman
    o-------------------------o   Furret L43, Pidgeot L43
    | ROUTE 1 POKEMON LISTING |   $860
    | Rattata       (all day) |  Go down, down the stairs, and detour left.
    | Furret    (morning/day) |
    | Pidgey    (morning/day) |  Ace Trainer French
    | Sentret   (morning/day) |  Absol L47, Alakazam L47
    | Hoothoot        (night) |  $2820
    | Minun        (H. Sound) |
    | Plusle       (H. Sound) |  Now head down for one last girl.
    | Shinx        (S. Sound) |
    | Hoothoot     (Headbutt) |  Ace Trainer Quinn
    | Pineco       (Headbutt) |  Ivysaur L47, Starmie L47
    | Wurmple      (Headbutt) |  $2820
    | Spinarak (HG, Headbutt) |
    | Ledyba   (SS, Headbutt) |  Pallet Town is a straight shot south. In the house
    o-------------------------o  to the right is Daisy, the sister of Blue, the Gym
                                 Leader in Viridian City. If you visit her between
    15:00 and 16:00 (3-4 PM), she will offer to massage one of your Pokemon. It is
    imperative that you come back here every day to get this done, because you
    can't get Blue's number unless you do this repeatedly.
    If you want to, you can stop in at Professor Oak's lab and get either Pokedex
    rated. Continue south to Route 21.
    o--------------------------o  SwimmerF Nikki
    | ROUTE 21 POKEMON LISTING |  Seel L37, Dewgong L42
    o--------------------------o  $672
    | Mr. Mime       (all day) |
    | Tangela        (all day) |  Land, then stand behind the fisherman. Take two
    | Linoone       (H. Sound) |  steps left and press A for a Stardust. Fight him.
    | Whismur       (H. Sound) |
    | Bidoof        (S. Sound) |  Fisherman Arnold       Southwest of here are two
    | Buizel        (S. Sound) |  Shellder L44           more guys for you to beat.
    | Hoothoot      (Headbutt) |  $1408
    | Wurmple       (Headbutt) |
    | Tentacool      (fishing) |  Bird Keeper Kinsley
    | Chinchou   (fishing, SR) |  Farfetch'd L36, Fearow L36, Pidgeotto L37
    | Shellder   (fishing, SR) |  $1184
    | Tentacool      (surfing) |
    | Tentacruel     (surfing) |  Fisherman Murphy
    | Spinarak  (HG, Headbutt) |  Corsola L32/L34/L36/L38
    | Ledyba    (SS, Headbutt) |  $1216
                                  Directly below them is more people.
    SwimmerF Chelan
    Azumarill L40                 Land to the south and stand in the lower left
    $640                          corner. Take 3 steps right and 4 steps up. Press
                                  A for a Stardust. From there, take 2 steps down
    and 4 steps right. Press A for another Stardust. Get in the water.
    SwimmerM Tyson
    Quagsire L42, Octillery L42   There's a fisherman to his left. Fight him, too.
    Fisherman Liam
    Seadra L42                    Directly below him is another fisherman.
    Fisherman Gideon
    Lanturl L44, Mantine L40      And a swimmer lies below this dude.
    SwimmerM Esteban
    Golduck L38, Poliwhirl L38    From him, surf right to find another guy.
    SwimmerM Duane
    Seaking L40, Kabutops L40     Surf left and you'll find a dude on some land.
    Bird Keeper Easton
    Doduo L35 x2, Dodrio L35/L36  Surf right and down. Just above the mainland, you
    $1152                         will find one more girl to stomp on.
    SwimmerF Kendra
    Slowking L43                  Surf left and down to reach Cinnabar Island. Heal
    $688                          your Pokemon if you need to, pick up someone with
                                  Strength, and surf east.
    16h. Seafoam Islands                                                    [ytbib]
    o---------------------------------o  You'll have to go up a little to see this
    | Tentacool         (fishing, OR) |  SwimmerM Frankie       SwimmerF Mina
    | Chinchou          (fishing, GR) |  Azumarill L44          Luvdisc L38/L39/L41
    | Shellder          (fishing, GR) |  $704                   $656
    | Tentacool         (fishing, GR) |
    | Chinchou          (fishing, SR) |  Now land to the south.
    | Lanturn           (fishing, SR) |
    | Shellder          (fishing, SR) |  Bird Keeper Bert
    | Tentacruel        (fishing, SR) |  Wingull L46, Fearow L43
    | Tentacool             (surfing) |  $1376
    | Tentacruel            (surfing) |
    o---------------------------------o  Picnicker Cheyenne
                                         Shinx L45
    o--------------------------o         $720
    o--------------------------o  Go down and right to find this next dude.
    | Tentacool  (fishing, OR) |
    | Chinchou   (fishing, GR) |  Bird Keeper Ernie
    | Shellder   (fishing, GR) |  Starly L48
    | Tentacool  (fishing, GR) |  $1536
    | Chinchou   (fishing, SR) |
    | Lanturn    (fishing, SR) |  Surf or walk to the stretch of land directly
    | Shellder   (fishing, SR) |  above him. Stand in the upper right corner. Take
    | Tentacruel (fishing, SR) |  one step left and face down. Press A for a
    | Tentacool      (surfing) |  Stardust.
    | Tentacruel     (surfing) |
    o--------------------------o  Surf to the right and stay low.
    SwimmerF Leona                Picnicker Adrian
    Bidoof L44                    Shroomish L45
    $704                          $720
    Stand in front of the cave entrance. Take 8 steps right (you'll have to get
    into the water to do this), face down, and press A for a DeepSeaTooth. This
    doubles Clamperl's SP.ATK, and also causes him to evolve into Huntail if you
    trade Clamperl while this item is equipped.
    Enter the cave. There's a Gym here that you can reach by ascending the ladder,
    but since I did the cave first, that's what I'm writing first. If you're going
    to follow me, read on. Otherwise, just skip to the next section.
    o---------------------------------o  Examine the rock by nearest the stairs for
    | SEAFOAM ISLANDS POKEMON LISTING |  an Escape Rope. This is 1F of the dungeon.
    | Golbat             (everywhere) |  Go downstairs. This whole area is B1.
    | Golduck            (everywhere) |
    | Psyduck            (everywhere) |  Push the rocks out of your way and go left
    | Seel        (everywhere but 1F) |  until you find a ladder between two rocks
    | Zubat       (everywhere but B4) |  you can push. Stand to the right of the
    | Dewgong        (B3 and B4 only) |  ladder, take 5 steps down, face up, and
    | Jynx                  (B4 only) |  press A for a Full Heal.
    | Absol                (H. Sound) |
    | Makuhita             (H. Sound) |  Go down the ladder, pick up the Water
    | Bronzor              (S. Sound) |  Stone, and go back up the ladder. Go right
    | Chingling            (S. Sound) |  to the 3 rocks you pushed in the beginning
    | Krabby                (fishing) |  and push the left one up and the middle
    | Horsea            (fishing, GR) |  one right, which clears your path to a
    | Psyduck           (fishing, GR) |  Grip Claw. On the main path, go left and
    | Gyarados          (fishing, SR) |  push the upper rock out of the way, go up
    | Horsea            (fishing, SR) |  the steps to your left, and leave the
    | Seadra            (fishing, SR) |  cave.
    | Horsea                (surfing) |
    | Seel                  (surfing) |  Head right.
    | Slowbro               (surfing) |
    o---------------------------------o  Camper Pedro     Jump in the water and
                                         Linoone L45      head left to find a slick
    SwimmerM Luis                        $720             dude in the corner.
    Seadra L46, Quagsire L42
    $672                                 Stand in the upper right corner. Take 3
                                         steps right and 3 steps down. Press A for
    a DeepSeaScale. This doubles Clamperl's SP.DEF, and makes him evolve into
    Gorebyss if it is equipped when Clamperl is traded.
    Head right now.
    SwimmerM Elmo                        SwimmerF Lori
    Poliwhirl L46, Tentacruel L42        Starmie L42 x3
    $672                                 $672
    SwimmerF Nicole
    Marill L39 x2, Lapras l42
    o------------------------------------o  SwimmerM Harold
    |      ROUTE 19 POKEMON LISTING      |  Remoraid L42, Seadra L40
    o------------------------------------o  $640
    | Krabby                   (fishing) |
    | Corsola (fishing, GR, morning/day) |  SwimmerM Tucker
    | Staryu        (fishing, GR, night) |  Shellder L40, Cloyster L44
    | Kingler              (fishing, SR) |  $704
    | Corsola (fishing, SR, morning/day) |
    | Staryu        (fishing, SR, night) |  SwimmerF Denise
    | Tentacool                (surfing) |  Clamperl L46
    | Tentacruel               (surfing) |  $736
                                            Southeast of them is a little bit of
    land. On it is TM55, Brine. If you press A again after collecting it, you'll
    get a Big Pearl as a bonus. Surf straight up.
    SwimmerM Jerome
    Seadra L36, Tentacool L38, Tentacruel L40, Goldeen L38
    Make land. Stand to the left of the sign, face left, and press A for a Pearl.
    Directly right of there, examine the little rock for a Pearl. Head up to the
    fence and go right to the wall (in between two small rocks). Press A for a Max
    Fly to Cinnabar Island, heal up if you need to, and surf back to Seafoam
    Islands. Enter the cave and go downstairs. Push the rocks out of your way. Go
    up the steps here and head left to an Ice Heal. Go down the ladder; this is B2.
    Step on the ice, then step up to slide to a rock, Press A for a Pearl. Head
    right and take out the people on the ice:
    Skier Cady                    Boarder Shaun
    Delibird L53                  Cloyster L55, Dewgong L50
    $1696                         $1600
    Head right. When you go down, run right into the guy standing on the ice.
    Boarder Bryce                 Slide right and go down the ladder. This is B3.
    Dewgong L55, Lapras l50       Go down the ladder to the south. This is B4. Pick
    $1600                         up TM13, Ice Beam, and go back up the ladder.
    Back at B3, stand between the two rocks below this ladder for a Max Revive.
    A little up and left, there's a boulder you can push. Push it up twice. From
    the spot you're standing, take 1 step right, up, right, down, left, and up. Go
    down the ladder, pick up the Ultra Ball, then go back up the ladder. Slide to
    the bottom again, where you will find three ice blocks. Push the leftmost one
    and the middle one either up or down so they're out of your way. Push the
    rightmost one left _after_ you have done this, then slide left.
    In this area, there are three more ice blocks. Push the rightmost one straight
    up, then go around and push the leftmost one right. Slide right, up, right, and
    down. Go right to a Big Pearl. Head down the ladder now.
    Surf this path to another ladder. Then go up another ladder. Cross the bridge.
    Before you go down the ladder here, examine the big rock for a Pearl. Go down
    the next ladder and surf. On the next platform is the Pokemon you're here for,
    Articuno. It's L50 and Ice/Flying in type. It has the Pressure ability and
    knows Agility, AncientPower, Ice Beam, and Reflect.
    You're not finished yet! After the battle, examine the spot where Articuno
    stood for a Zinc. Surf left and up to another ladder. Head up it, go down and
    right to a Revive. There's a Rare Candy in one of the rocks, could be that
    large one, but my notes were sucky and I don't know the exact location. Use the
    Dowsing MCHN to find it. Use an Escape Rope. Fly back to Cinnabar Island, heal,
    and come back to Seafoam Islands. Go up the ladder to reach the Gym.
    16i. Boss: Blaine                                                       [vcnbj]
    Every fight here is forced. After you fight someone, they move out of the way,
    enabling you to pass.
    Scientist Lowell   Scientist Daniel   Super Nerd Cary   Scientist Lindon
    Arcanine L50       Ninetales L50      Torkoal L53       Magmar L50
    $1600              $1600              $2544             $1600
    Super Nerd Waldo   Super Nerd Merle
    Numel L53          Magcargo L53
    $2544              $2544
    Heal and save before you take on Blaine.
    Blaine's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $7080
    |   Magcargo L54 |     Magmar L54 |   Rapidash L59 |  Chikorita's Level: 95
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |          Smog  |      Overheat  |        Bounce  |
    |      Overheat  |     Sunny Day  |      Overheat  |  Blaine's whole team can
    |     Sunny Day  |   Confuse Ray  |   Flare Blitz  |  be Surfed to death.
    |    Rock Slide  |  ThunderPunch  |  Quick Attack  |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Magcargo in particular
                                                          dies to a single Surf.
    All of Blaine's Pokemon have White Herbs attached, which undoes the first stat
    reduction they have inflicted on them. Overheat, Blaine's special move, is
    tremendously strong and drops the user's SP.ATK by 2 stages. As you can guess,
    this is undone immediately by the White Herb. Overheat really hurts, and if
    it's sunny out, it's gonna hurt a whole lot more. Rock-types resist Fire and
    can hit them super effectively, so if it's sunny out, that's your best chance
    at survival.
    Defeat Blaine to earn the Volcano Badge and TM50, Overheat.
    Blaine can be found at Cinnabar Island all day Tuesday. To schedule a rematch,
    call him Tuesday afternoon.
    16j. Boss: Blue                                                         [rthbj]
    Fly to Cinnabar Island. Talk to the guy north of the Pokemon Center. When he's
    done running his mouth, fly to Viridian City, heal up, and go to the Gym.
    How flashy! It's a huge improvement from Gold and Silver, wouldn't you say?
    Stepping on the arrows will force you to move one tile in the direction the
    arrow is facing. If you land on another arrow, you will continue to move in
    that direction until you land on a stop tile.
    From the center (where the light blue and dark blue arrows are pointing), take
    one step up, two steps right, and three steps up.
    Ace Trainer Arabella             Two steps down, one step up, four steps right,
    Stantler L53, Tauros L52         three steps up, two steps down.
    Ace Trainer Salma                Two steps down, one step up, four steps right,
    Slowking L50, Lickilicky L53     three steps up, two steps left, two steps up,
    $3180                            one step right, one step up, two steps right,
                                     two steps left.
    Double Team Elan and Ida
    Porygon2 L52/Azumarill L50       One step right.
    Ace Trainer Bonita               Two steps right, two steps right, two steps
    Spinda L50, Sudowoodo L52        right. Definitely heal and save before you
    $3120                            attempt to take Blue on!
    I should mention this before we get into the battle. Once you defeat Blue, the
    Elite Four's Pokemon's Levels will skyrocket. This is your last chance to fight
    them at their normal Levels before the change, so be warned. Lance doesn't mess
    around (his _lead_ is L72), so please exercise caution.
    Blue's team is as follows:
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $9600
    |  Exeggutor L55 |   Gyarados L52 |    Machamp L56 |  Chikorita's Level: 96
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  ---------------------
    |       Psychic  |        Return  |    Earthquake  |
    |      Hypnosis  |      Ice Fang  |    Stone Edge  |  This battle can go badly
    |    Leaf Storm  |     Waterfall  |  DynamicPunch  |  for you in just one turn.
    |    Trick Room  |  Dragon Dance  |  ThunderPunch  |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Blue's Exeggutor knows
    |   Arcanine L58 |     Rhydon L58 |    Pidgeot L60 |  Trick Room. It's Blue's
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  special move, and it
    |          Roar  |      Megahorn  |        Return  |  reverses turn order for
    |   Flare Blitz  |    Earthquake  |     Air Slash  |  four turns. That means
    |  Dragon Pulse  |    Stone Edge  |     Whirlwind  |  slow Pokemon (read as:
    |  ExtremeSpeed  |  Thunder Fang  |   Mirror Move  |  everything else Blue has)
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  will go first.
    This is especially bad news if Trick Room is active when Machamp comes out.
    Like Bruno's Machamp, Blue's Machamp has No Guard, and Machamp's DynamicPunch
    Blue's biggest weakness is his team's SPD. Pidgeot is fast, but he's a joke, so
    if you can either kill Exeggutor before he uses Trick Room or live long enough
    to stall out the four turns, you will have a better chance at winning.
    Exeggutor, Rhydon, and Gyarados have convenient double weaknesses, so by all
    means utilize them to make this fight easier.
    Defeat Blue to earn the Earth Badge, the ability to use Rock Climb out of
    battle, and TM92, Trick Room.
    17. The End                                                             [umsfr]
    * Enjoy the perks of having 16 Badges.
    * Battle alongside Silver against Lance and Clair.
    * Do battle against the Elite Four's new teams.
    * Ascend Mt. Silver and prove your worth to Kanto's true Champion.
    Now that you've defeated Blue and earned your final Badge--specifically, earned
    the right to _finally_ use Rock Climb out of battle--there are many Pokemon you
    can obtain and places you can go that you could not reach before.
    First things first. You can now use Rock Climb out of battle, but you don't
    have the HM yet. Conveniently enough, when you leave Viridian's Gym, Professor
    Oak will call you and say he has a gift for you. Fly there and head to the lab;
    Oak hands over HM08, Rock Climb. He will also give you permission to enter Mt.
    Silver, found west of Viridian City, but you have loads of things to do before
    you even think about setting foot there (namely, because the end boss is there
    and he will slaughter you if you head there with a team full of L60s).
    When you leave, fly to Celadon City. Enter the Celadon Condominiums (to the
    left of the Pokemon Center) and head to the third floor. Lyra will run her
    mouth some and take off. Talk to the guy standing by the globe and he will give
    you the greatest, most awesomest item in the history of Pokemon: GB Sounds.
    This super sweet Key Item, when used, will change most of the music in the game
    to how it sounded in Gold and Silver! Some tunes of locations that didn't exist
    in Gold and Silver, like the Global Terminal, will still sound like it came
    from Gold and Silver! Oh _man_ do I love this thing. I really, really hate that
    you needed 16 Badges to get it, and not every sound has been changed (the
    "Pokemon has evolved!" fanfare is unchanged), but hooray for its existence!
    All right, now it's Rock Climb fun time. Aside from Rock Climb, you'll need
    Cut, Surf, and Flash, and having like five or six Escape Ropes will definitely
    help. Fly to Pewter City, leave south to Route 2, and enter Diglett's Cave. Go
    down the ladder and you'll see, clear as day, the markings on the wall. If you
    see these anywhere, that's when you climb. Climb up the right side and follow
    this path to the end for a Rock Incense. Give this to Sudowoodo (if it's
    female) or Ditto (if Sudowoodo is male), then breed. A Bonsly will come out.
    Hold on to this Bonsly - that is the Pokemon you'll need.
    Climb down to the main path, then climb up the other side. Soon as you get to
    the top, take one step up. Face left and press A for a Calcium. Climb down,
    then go down a little bit to another wall you can climb to a PP Max. Leave the
    cave and fly to Lavender Town. Go north out of the city and enter Rock Tunnel.
    Go left and down the ladder. Head right to numerous climbable walls. Climb down
    the first one you see for an Oval Stone. Climb down the second wall, then take
    3 steps down. Face right and press A for an HP Up. Climb down the _fourth_ wall
    (skip the third) and pick up the Iron. Rope on outta here.
    Fly to Cinnabar Island now. In front of the Pokemon Center, climb up the wall.
    Go down, climb, and examine the rock for an Iron. Climb back up the wall, go up
    the stairs, around the crater, climb down and then up the other side. Go down
    one set of stairs and examine the rock for a Star Piece. Go back up to the top
    and climb down the right side for a Magmarizer.
    Fly to Indigo Plateau, then fly to Cherrygrove City. Surf left, then climb up
    the wall. Take 1 step up and 2 steps left. Press A for a Nugget. If you
    headbutt the left tree, you may find Taillow, which is only obtainable here.
    Fly to Olivine City. To the right of the lighthouse is a wall you can climb
    down. Press A upon doing so for a Rare Candy.
    Leave the city due north to Route 39. Climb up the wall, then follow the path
    to a second wall. Burmy can be found by headbutting the tree at the end of this
    path (don't climb the second wall). It's only obtainable here.
    Once you climb down the second wall, go down to find a Lax Incense. From there,
    head up into the corner. Take 4 steps left and press A for an HP Up.
    Fly to Mahogany Town, leave west out of the city, and go into Mt. Mortar. Climb
    up the wall by the entrance, then go down and left. Before you exit the cave,
    examine the smaller of the two rocks for a Revive. Leave the cave, climb down
    the wall, pick up the Dubious Disc, and get back into Mt. Mortar.
    Go right and up into the next room. Go up here, but before you climb the wall,
    go up the path next to it for a Full Incense.
    Go down and follow the path left. At the end, examine the rock for a Nugget.
    Now go up and right to the rocks and climb up 'em. Go up to the rocks going
    left and climb down them. You will pass 3 rocks - examine the one farthest left
    for an Ultra Ball.
    Continue on this path as far as you can possibly go, climbing as necessary.
    You'll end up next to a Protector. From the spot you can climb, take one step
    down and two left. Press A for a Rare Candy. The exit is down and to the right.
    o---------------------------------o  Fly to Cianwood City and head to Cliff
    | CLIFF EDGE GATE POKEMON LISTING |  Edge Gate. You can finally do something
    o---------------------------------o  other than pass through!
    | Poliwag               (fishing) |
    | Quagsire              (surfing) |  Climb down the wall near the top exit.
    | Wooper                (surfing) |  Surf across the water and examine the rock
    o---------------------------------o  for a Big Pearl.
    Fly to National Park (Pokeathlon Dome) and go to National Park. Go to the
    opening in the fence and head right to a wall to climb. Ascend and pick up the
    Shiny Stone. The top tree also has Cherubi in it sometimes; it's the only place
    you can get it in this game.
    Rock Climb play complete! Now it's time to bag us some more legendary Pokemon.
    If you head to the Power Plant, you'll find Zapdos sitting outside, lamenting
    over being thrown out of his home =[
    Console him by forcing him into slavery. Zapdos is L50, Electric/Flying in
    type, and has the Pressure ability. He knows Agility, AncientPower, Charge, and
    Once you battle Zapdos, Lt. Surge will be found here every day between 9:00 and
    12:00 (9 AM-noon). If you bring a Pikachu caught in Viridian Forest to him and
    put it in the front of your party, he'll give you his phone number. Hold onto
    that Pikachu, because you'll need it later. Call Surge on Friday mornings for a
    Now that you've defeated Blue, you should be more than able to take Lugia or
    Ho-Oh on, so feel free to take them on.
    17a. Cerulean Cave                                                      [mltud]
    There's another dungeon that is open now that you have 16 Badges, and there's a
    Pokemon hiding in there. Bring oodles of Dusk Balls, and if you have any Dark-
    type Pokemon, you might wanna consider bringing them, too. You will need Surf,
    Rock Smash, Rock Climb, and Flash. Leave north out of Cerulean City to Route
    25, then go into the grass on Route 24. Surf and follow the water back into
    Cerulean City; you'll soon come across a cave. Make land and stand in the lower
    right corner. Surf all the way to the right and examine the wall for a Nugget.
    o-------------------------------o  Enter the cave and light it up. Get into the
    | CERULEAN CAVE POKEMON LISTING |  water and go up. Before you go left, go up
    o-------------------------------o  the ladder nearby. At the end of this path
    | Ditto            (everywhere) |  are two rocks to smash that bar your path to
    | Electrode        (everywhere) |  TM24, Thunderbolt. Go back to the main area
    | Golbat           (everywhere) |  and surf left under the bridges.
    | Machoke          (everywhere) |
    | Magneton         (everywhere) |  Make land to your left, pick up the Nugget,
    | Parasect         (everywhere) |  and go up the bottom of the two ladders.
    | Wobbuffet        (everywhere) |  Smash the rock in your way and follow this
    | Kadabra   (everywhere but 1F) |  path to a PP Up. Go back downstairs.
    | Absol              (H. Sound) |
    | Makuhita           (H. Sound) |  South of there, you'll find some rocks. In
    | Bronzor            (S. Sound) |  particular, there is a spot that three rocks
    | Chingling          (S. Sound) |  are blocking. Smash any of them, stand on
    | Goldeen         (fishing, GR) |  that spot, face left and press A for a Hyper
    | Poliwag         (fishing, GR) |  Potion. To the right, you'll find a Full
    | Gyarados        (fishing, SR) |  Restore. Continue to a ladder and go up it.
    | Poliwag         (fishing, SR) |
    | Poliwhirl       (fishing, SR) |  Don't move! There are many items to be had.
    | Golduck             (surfing) |
    | Psyduck             (surfing) |  From the spot where you enter the room, take
    | Primeape        (HG, 1F only) |  3 steps up and 1 step left. Press A for an
    | Persian         (SS, 1F only) |  Ultra Ball. From there, go 11 steps right,
    o-------------------------------o  face down and press A for a Full Heal
    From there, take 7 steps down and 2 steps left. Press A for a Zinc. From that
    spot, take 10 steps down, face right, and press A for a PP Up. Finally, take 9
    steps left and face up. Press A for a Big Pearl. Go back down the ladder.
    Go left and then down. Before you go right, examine the small crystal below the
    large one (the bottom one) for a Revive. Go to the ladder, but don't go up it;
    instead, cross the bridge. Turn right immediately for a Max Elixir. Go up and
    left to find a Sea Incense, then follow the path all the way right and down. At
    the end, examine the crystal for a Rare Candy. Backtrack to the ladder and go
    up it.
    At the fork after going left, go down, and then right. Follow this path to two
    rocks you can smash. Do so and follow this path to an Odd Incense.
    Go back to the second fork in the road (where there is a rock to smash). Ignore
    it and take the lower path. On this path you'll find a small deviation to walk
    for an Ultra Ball. Smash the rock at the end fo this path and follow it to its
    end. Examine the last tile for a Protein.
    Now go all the way back to the first fork (where you initially went down after
    coming into this room) and go up now. You will come across another fork. Go
    right here. Follow this very long path until you get to a spot you can use Rock
    Climb (you'll be going down and up some ladders).
    Ignore the Rock Climbing part. Go up here. Smash one of the rocks in the corner
    and examine the tile it was blocking for a Max Revive. Follow the main path up,
    right, and down. Before going right, detour to the right and pick up a Max
    Go to the water, but don't jump in yet. Go left and up the steps to find an
    Ultra Ball. Climb down the right side wall and go right for a Dusk Stone.
    Climb up the same wall you went down and get in the water. Surf to the next
    area. Smash the leftmost rock, run to the lower left corner, face up, and press
    A for an Ultra Ball.
    Go up and right. Before you go down, climb down the wall and follow this path
    to an Electirizer. You'll be back on the main path. There's also a rock you can
    smash here. Do so, take one step left and press A for a Nugget.
    Surf down as far as you can go. Go right to find a Black Sludge. Surf up and
    right and you will find Mewtwo, who is minding his own business. Save your game
    before you bug him, cause this is your only shot at capturing him. He's L70 and
    knows Amnesia, Guard Swap, Power Swap, and Psycho Cut. His only offensive
    option is Psychic-type, so this is where your Dark-type Pokemon comes in.
    Mewtwo won't be able to touch him no matter what he does. Dusk Balls will help,
    since you're in a cave.
    After the battle, you can go up the ladder to find yourself a few steps from
    the entrance, or if you're tremendously lazy, use an Escape Rope.
    17b. Boss: Lance & Clair                                                [pwnd6]
    Fly to Indigo Plateau, then fly to Blackthorn City. Heal up, then head into the
    Dragon's Den and surf south to the building. Silver will be standing there.
    Save before you approach him, this fight is not easy if you're underleveled:
    You will be doing this       Clair's team
    battle alongside Silver,
    who will be using Gengar   o----------------o----------------o----------------o
    L56, Crobat L58, and his   |  Dragonair L52 |    Kingdra L56 |  Dragonite L60 |
    starter at L60. Here's     o----------------o----------------o----------------o
    the problem: Lance is      |   Dragon Rush  |          Yawn  |       Protect  |
    going to nuke him. His     |   Thunderbolt  |      Ice Beam  |       Thunder  |
    Pokemon are so weak        |  Flamethrower  |    Hydro Pump  |    Hyper Beam  |
    compared to Lance's that   |  Thunder Wave  |  DragonBreath  |  DragonBreath  |
    Gyarados's Waterfall will  o----------------o----------------o----------------o
    OHKO Gengar before he
    gets a chance to use a       Lance's team
    single attack. The same
    is largely true for        o----------------o----------------o----------------o
    Crobat (who evolves by     |   Gyarados L68 |  Charizard L68 |  Dragonite L75 |
    happiness - I guess        o----------------o----------------o----------------o
    Silver finally realized    |      Ice Fang  |     Air Slash  |     Safeguard  |
    the error of his ways),    |     Waterfall  |    Hyper Beam  |    Fire Punch  |
    but if he has Feraligatr,  |  Dragon Dance  |   Dragon Claw  |    Hyper Beam  |
    it'll be able to stand     |  Thunder Wave  |  Flamethrower  |  Draco Meteor  |
    up to these two (sorta).   o----------------o----------------o----------------o
    Lance's Pokemon should be your only target in this battle. His Pokemon are so
    much higher in Level than Clair's that to leave his Pokemon be while he batters
    you would be tantamount to suicide. Beware of Lance's Dragonite's Draco Meteor;
    it's horrendously strong, but drops the user's SP.ATK by 2 stages after each
    After the battle, everyone leaves, and you'll be able to find Clair here again
    to get her phone number.
    It's time to take on the Elite Four again. They're pretty tough, especially
    Lance, so you'll want to make sure your team can handle it. If you have any Gym
    Leaders asking for a rematch, go challenge them if you like. For information on
    their teams and how to schedule rematches for all of them in one section, see
    section 27.
    Fly to Indigo Plateau. Every Monday and Wednesday, Silver will challenge you if
    you try to go fight the Elite Four. Battle details are outlined below. If today
    is not Monday or Wednesday, you have free passage. Skip this next section.
    17c. Vs. Silver: Indigo Plateau     Money: $3840                        [pwnd7]
    ===============================     Chikorita's Level: 100
    |    Sneasel L55 |   Magneton L55 |   Alakazam L56 |     Gengar L56 |
    |      Icy Wind  |     Discharge  |       Psychic  |    Dark Pulse  |
    |    Metal Claw  |   Magnet Bomb  |       Recover  |   Confuse Ray  |
    |   Shadow Claw  |   Mirror Shot  |       Reflect  |   Shadow Ball  |
    |  Faint Attack  |  Thunder Wave  |   Focus Blast  |   Sludge Bomb  |
    |     Crobat L58 |   Meganium L60 | Typhlosion L60 | Feraligatr L60 |
    |          Bite  |     Body Slam  |         Swift  |         Slash  |
    |         Toxic  |     Synthesis  |       Rollout  |        Crunch  |
    |    Air Cutter  |   Petal Dance  |   Will-O-Wisp  |      Ice Fang  |
    |   Confuse Ray  |  Light Screen  |  Flamethrower  |     Waterfall  |
    Even at this point in the game, Silver is still packing unevolved Pokemon.
    Aside from his starter, a lot of his Pokemon are frail and will go down pretty
    17d. Elite Four, Round 2                                                [lkbkw]
    The Elite Four have upgraded teams which include Pokemon from Hoenn and Sinnoh.
    Each member's Pokemon are roughly 20 levels higher than the first time you
    faced them, maxing out with Lance's L75 Dragonite. As always, heal up after
    every battle and exercise caution when saving.
                               === Round 1: Vs. Will ===
                                 ===  Money: $7440 ===
    o---------------o  Will's team has had a few significant upgrades, but he's
    |  Bronzong L58 |  first in line, so be thankful that your team is (should be)
    |   Grumpig L59 |  higher in Level.
    |      Jynx L60 |
    |   Slowbro L60 |  If your team is at Will's level, you should consider taking
    | Gardevoir L61 |  some time to battle some Gym Leaders instead, since their
    |      Xatu L62 |  teams are also around this level.
    o----------o  Moveset: Gravity, Payback, Psychic, Reflect
    | Bronzong |     Type: Steel/Psychic
    o----------o  Ability: Heatproof (halves Fire-type and burn damage)
    Steel Pokemon are never fun to battle, and Will's Bronzong is no exception.
    Reflect makes for easy powered up Paybacks, but Bronzong is tremendously slow,
    so you'll at least be able to get a strong attack in. Will also likes to lead
    with Gravity which nullifies the Levitate ability for 5 turns. It also forces
    all Flying-types to land, which means they'll be susceptible to Ground-type
    attacks. More importantly, Gravity essentially drops evasion for all battlers
    by 2 stages, meaning inaccurate moves will hit a whole lot more often.
    Heatproof halves all Fire damage, so Ground moves are your best bet.
    o---------o  Moveset: Confuse Ray, Power Gem, Psychic, Signal Beam
    | Grumpig |     Type: Psychic
    o---------o  Ability: Thick Fat (halves Fire and Ice damage)
    Grumpig is pretty tame. Signal Beam puts the hurt on Dark-types. Power Gem is a
    special-based Rock-type attack with no added effects and low strength. Pretty
    useless, especially on Grumpig. Avoid Fire and Ice attacks, and you'll be fine.
    o------o  Moveset: Blizzard, Dream Eater, Fake Tears, Lovely Kiss
    | Jynx |     Type: Ice/Psychic
    o------o  Ability: Oblivious (prevents attraction)
    Jynx is a lot better this time, but she's just as frail as ever and Lovely Kiss
    won't always hit. That said, Lovely Kiss and Blizzard have perfect accuracy
    under Gravity, so be careful. Switch out if you get hit by Fake Tears - Jynx is
    fast, and if a follow-up Blizzard hits, it's really gonna hurt.
    o---------o  Moveset: Amnesia, Body Slam, Curse, Psychic
    | Slowbro |     Type: Water/Psychic
    o---------o  Ability: Own Tempo (prevents confusion)
    Just a little better than before now that he can take advantage of Curse, but
    it's the same story as last time you fought him. Whittle his HP down with some
    weaker moves before hitting on that weakness for the KO.
    o-----------o  Moveset: Calm Mind, Charge Beam, Focus Blast, Psychic
    | Gardevoir |     Type: Psychic
    o-----------o  Ability: Synchronize (mirrors BRN/PAR/PSN on the foe)
    Gardevoir is Will's biggest threat. She has two SP.ATK boosting options, a
    powerful STAB Psychic, and the always-lame Focus Blast to destroy your Dark-
    types. Remember, Focus Blast won't miss under Gravity's effects. Physical
    attacks, especially Crunch if you have it, are the way to go here. Take her out
    quickly, before she gets too many boosts.
    o------o  Moveset: Confuse Ray, Quick Attack, Psychic, Shadow Ball
    | Xatu |     Type: Psychic/Flying
    o------o  Ability: Early Bird (sleep lasts for half as long)
    Arguably worse than when this was L42. He should not be difficult at all to
    take out - just watch out for Shadow Ball against your Ghost-types.
                               === Round 2: Vs. Koga ===
                                 ===  Money: $7440 ===
    o---------------o  Koga's team is _definitely_ better than it was last time,
    |  Skuntank L61 |  but Psychic-types will still walk all over him.
    | Toxicroak L60 |
    |       Muk L62 |  In fact, every Pokemon will walk all over him; as long as
    |    Swalot L62 |  you use a Full Heal every time you get confused or poisoned,
    |  Venomoth L63 |  there's no way you can lose this fight. He'll even boost
    |    Crobat L64 |  your stats for you with Swagger!
    o----------o  Moveset: Dig, Explosion, Sucker Punch, Toxic
    | Skuntank |     Type: Poison/Dark
    o----------o  Ability: Aftermath (punishes physical attacks on KO)
    The only thing you gotta worry about here is Explosion. Always keep your HP
    high. If you KO Skuntank with a physical attack, you'll lose 25% of your
    maximum HP.
    o-----------o  Moveset: Cross Chop, Gunk Shot, Swagger, X-Scissor
    | Toxicroak |     Type: Poison/Fighting
    o-----------o  Ability: Dry Skin (absorbs Water, extra damage from Fire)
    Toxicroak is very tough if you can't hit on one of his many weaknesses. He's
    the only one with any dangerous means of offense, though. Use a Full Heal after
    a Swagger for a free +2 ATK boost.
    o-----o  Moveset: Minimize, Screech, Swagger, Toxic
    | Muk |     Type: Poison
    o-----o  Ability: Sticky Hold (prevents forced item removal)
    o--------o  Moveset: Amnesia, Pain Split, Sludge Bomb, Yawn
    | Swalot |     Type: Poison
    o--------o  Ability: Sticky Hold (prevents forced item removal)
    Pain Split is annoying. It adds the remaining HP of both battlers together,
    divides in half, and gives that many HP to each battler. I guess Amnesia would
    help Swalot abuse Pain Split, but you can get around that by using physical
    o----------o  Moveset: Baton Pass, Double Team, Psychic, Silver Wind
    | Venomoth |     Type: Bug/Poison
    o----------o  Ability: Shield Dust (prevents added effects)
    A little better than before, but very weak defensive stats. You should be able
    to KO Venomoth in a single hit.
    o--------o  Moveset: Cross Poison, Fly, Mean Look, Toxic
    | Crobat |     Type: Poison/Flying
    o--------o  Ability: Inner Focus (prevents flinching)
    How silly.
                               === Round 3: Vs. Bruno ===
                                  === Money: $7680 ===
    o----------------o  Hope you liked that cakewalk, because Bruno is harder to
    |  Hitmontop L62 |  beat this time around... unless you have a Psychic-type,
    | Hitmonchan L61 |  in which case Bruno stands no chance.
    |  Hitmonlee L61 |
    |   Hariyama L62 |
    |    Lucario L64 |
    |    Machamp L64 |
    o-----------o  Moveset: Close Combat, Counter, Earthquake, Quick Attack
    | Hitmontop |     Type: Fighting
    o-----------o  Ability: Technician (attacks with <60 base power strengthened)
    Bruno has decided to forego the silliness of Technician and stick to the
    straight up beatdown. Close Combat is very strong, has 100 accuracy, and lowers
    the user's DEF and SP.DEF by 1 stage each. It's very easy to score a KO if you
    can survive this attack, but even if you die, whoever you bring in next will be
    able to revenge KO.
    o------------o  Moveset: Bullet Punch, Close Combat, Drain Punch, Substitute
    | Hitmonchan |     Type: Fighting
    o------------o  Ability: Iron Fist (punching moves strengthened)
    Eh. I preferred the other set, myself. Hitmonchan has significantly less
    coverage now, but Substitute can prove annoying.
    o-----------o  Moveset: Blaze Kick, Close Combat, Reversal, Swagger
    | Hitmonlee |     Type: Fighting
    o-----------o  Ability: Reckless (self-damaging moves strengthened)
    Hitmonlee's almost the same as before, too. Hi Jump Kick has been replaced with
    Close Combat, rendering his Reckless ability useless. That may or may not be a
    good thing, since Close Combat has 100 accuracy. Reversal is the thing to watch
    out for here; it increases in base power if the user has low HP.
    o----------o  Moveset: Bulk Up, Bullet Punch, Low Kick, Payback
    | Hariyama |     Type: Fighting
    o----------o  Ability: Thick Fat (halves Fire and Ice damage)
    Hariyama may look menacing, but if you can take him out quickly, you'll be
    okay. Bulk Up boosts the user's ATK and DEF by 1 stage each. Payback will
    destroy any ghost you throw in his face. Low Kick is his STAB option, and it
    increases in base power if the foe is heavy. Unless you're using some _really
    heavy_ Pokemon, Low Kick's damage won't be much to worry about unless he's
    boosted his stats with Bulk Up.
    o---------o  Moveset: Bullet Punch, Foresight, DynamicPunch, Stone Edge
    | Machamp |     Type: Fighting
    o---------o  Ability: No Guard (prevents missing)
    If you can stall out those five DynamicPunches, this battle will become a whole
    lot easier. Be wary of Stone Edge against your birds and bugs.
                               === Round 4: Vs. Karen ===
                                  === Money: $7680 ===
    o---------------o  Karen is slightly harder to defeat this time. Houndoom
    |   Weavile L62 |  remains as dangerous as ever, and she has a few more tricks
    |     Absol L62 |  to mess you up. Her team is almost completely offensive -
    | Spiritomb L62 |  it's like she's warming you up for the fight against Lance.
    |  Houndoom L63 |
    | Honchkrow L64 |  She doesn't have much of an answer for Fighting-types, but
    |   Umbreon L64 |  at least she's not entirely helpless against them.
    o---------o  Moveset: Ice Punch, Ice Shard, Low Kick, Night Slash
    | Weavile |     Type: Dark/Ice
    o---------o  Ability: Pressure (being attacked doubles PP expenditure)
    Weavile is Sneasel's evolved form. It's just as frail as Sneasel is, so it
    shouldn't be too difficult to take down. Ice Shard has priority, so be careful.
    o-------o  Moveset: Detect, Night Slash, Perish Song, Psycho Cut
    | Absol |     Type: Dark
    o-------o  Ability: Super Luck (increased critical hit ratio on all moves)
    Pretty basic stuff here. Detect does the same thing as Protect, except with
    half the PP. Just switch out if Absol uses Perish Song, nothing Karen has will
    force you to stay in and die.
    o-----------o  Moveset: Confuse Ray, Curse, Pain Split, Sucker Punch
    | Spiritomb |     Type: Ghost/Dark
    o-----------o  Ability: Pressure (being attacked doubles PP expenditure)
    Okay, this may get slightly annoying. Just from looking at the moves, I'm sure
    you can see how. On top of all that, Pressure is eating away at your PP.
    The easiest way to beat Spiritomb is to KO him after he uses Curse. He might
    even kill himself if you hit him for half his HP first. If he lives, you will
    surely score the KO on the next turn. If Karen heals him, switch out and try
    again with a new Pokemon.
    o----------o  Moveset: Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Nasty Plot, Sludge Bomb
    | Houndoom |     Type: Dark/Fire
    o----------o  Ability: Early Bird (Sleep lasts for half as long)
    Same as before, except with Sludge Bomb (useless) over Crunch.
    After you beat Karen, make absolutely sure your Pokemon are healed before you
    go fight Lance.
                          === Final Battle: Vs. Lance ===
                                ===  Money: $15000 ===
    o---------------o  Lance's team is full of monster dragons (not to be confused
    | Salamence L72 |  with Dragon-type Pokemon, although he has those, too) that
    | Charizard L68 |  are very strong and all are very capable of nuking you.
    |  Gyarados L68 |
    |  Garchomp L72 |  That said, all of his Pokemon have a double weakness to
    |   Altaria L73 |  a certain type. If you can pick on it, you'll have this
    | Dragonite L75 |  battle won in a jiffy - provided you go first, that is. A
    o---------------o  lot of his team is weak to Rock, so that will help, too.
    o-----------o  Moveset: Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Shadow Claw, Rest
    | Salamence |     Type: Dragon/Flying
    o-----------o  Ability: Intimidate (foe's ATK lowered by 1 stage upon entry)
    This is the biggest hurdle of the fight. Lance's leader is eight Levels higher
    than Karen's strongest Pokemon, and his weakest Pokemon is four Levels higher,
    so you're in for a tough match, to be sure.
    Shrugging off Lance's Salamence's attacks is not easy to do. Steel-types that
    resist Dragon Claw and Shadow Claw will get roasted by Flamethrower. Physically
    defensive Water-types will help, but it's still not gonna be easy. Salamence is
    also holding a Lum Berry to instantly wake it up after it heals with Rest.
    Other than Ice Beam, Rock-types will help since they usually have very good DEF
    stats, resist Flamethrower, and can hit with a STAB Rock move.
    If any of your Pokemon have Stealth Rock, use it to make this fight way easier.
    o-----------o  Moveset: Air Slash, Dragon Claw, Hyper Beam, Flamethrower
    | Charizard |     Type: Fire/Flying
    o-----------o  Ability: Blaze (Fire damage x1.5 when HP < 1/3 maximum)
    Pretty much the same as last time. If you can't Rock it to death, use Surf.
    o----------o  Moveset: Dragon Dance, Ice Fang, Thunder Wave, Waterfall
    | Gyarados |     Type: Water/Flying
    o----------o  Ability: Intimidate (foe's ATK lowered by 1 stage upon entry)
    If you let Gyarados get too many boosts in, he'll walk all over you. Stay on
    the offensive at all times. Assuming you don't zap him into oblivion, you'll
    want to use a Pokemon that is not weak to Water or Ice. Water-types are good,
    but only if they can hit Gyarados physically (just remember not to switch it in
    when Gyarados switches in to avoid the effects of Intimidate).
    o----------o  Moveset: Earthquake, Outrage, Roar, Swords Dance
    | Garchomp |     Type: Dragon/Ground
    o----------o  Ability: Sand Veil (evasion rises in a sandstorm)
    This is, by far, Lance's most dangerous Pokemon. If you can't Ice it to death,
    you are in for a lot of trouble. Dragon and Ground have perfect coverage;
    unless you're using Skarmory, Shedinja, or a Levitate Bronzong, you're going to
    be eating loads of damage. Swords Dance makes this battle turn nightmarish.
    Roar is worthless, but consider it a reprieve if Garchomp should waste a turn
    doing it. You also have a slight break in Outrage; after 3 turns, it confuses
    the user. Pray that he hits himself in confusion.
    o---------o  Moveset: Double Team, DragonBreath, Hyper Beam, Perish Song
    | Altaria |     Type: Dragon/Flying
    o---------o  Ability: Natural Cure (major status effects removed when switched)
    Not a threat in the slightest. Use this time to revive and heal any Pokemon
    that have died. Don't worry about Double Team. Once Perish Song gets used,
    Lance will switch once the count gets to 1. If Altaria's Lance's last Pokemon,
    then just mess around until the count drops to 0 and a winner is you.
    o-----------o  Moveset: Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam, Safeguard
    | Dragonite |     Type: Dragon/Flying
    o-----------o  Ability: Inner Focus (prevents flinching)
    This battle can be won fairly easily (even if you're not using Ice Beam),
    provided you have a healthy supply of healing items. Draco Meteor drops the
    user's SP.ATK by 2 stages; all of Dragonite's moves are special. The first one
    or two are really gonna hurt, but just heal them up. Once Dragonite's SP.ATK
    drops a couple of times, his attacks will tickle. Easy win!
    After the battle, the same thing happens as last time - you get inducted into
    the Hall of Fame, and the credits roll.
    So, how did you do? If you beat these guys with little trouble, then you're
    ready to tackle the end boss. Fly to Victory Road. The left path is open now.
    This leads to Route 28, and then Mt. Silver.
    17e. Mt. Silver                                                         [nerwl]
    o----------------------------o  On Route 28, stay low to the bottom and make
    |  ROUTE 28 POKEMON LISTING  |  your way to the Pokemon Center. Go to the right
    | MT. SILVER POKEMON LISTING |  of it, and you'll see a tree you can cut. Do so
    o----------------------------o  (this is the last time you will need it) and go
    | Ponyta           (all day) |  into the house. Talk to the girl and she will
    | Rapidash         (all day) |  give you TM47, Steel Wing.
    | Tangela          (all day) |
    | Dodrio       (morning/day) |  Leave and continue right to TM35, Flamethrower.
    | Doduo        (morning/day) |  Keep going until you reach a dead end; examine
    | Sneasel            (night) |  the last tile for a Rare Candy.
    | Linoone         (H. Sound) |
    | Whismur         (H. Sound) |  Back at the Pokemon Center, stand to the right
    | Bidoof          (S. Sound) |  of it, in the upper left corner. Take 4 steps
    | Buizel          (S. Sound) |  right, face down, and press A for a Full
    | Aipom           (Headbutt) |  Restore.
    | Heracross       (Headbutt) |
    | Natu            (Headbutt) |  Below the Pokemon Center, surf left across the
    | Poliwag          (fishing) |  water to find a Reaper Cloth.
    | Poliwag          (surfing) |
    | Poliwhirl        (surfing) |  Heal up if necessary, then enter the final
    | Donphan      (HG, all day) |  dungeon, Mt. Silver Cave. The only HM you will
    | Ursaring     (SS, all day) |  need is Rock Climb, but to get everything, you
    o----------------------------o  will also need Surf, Rock Smash, and Waterfall.
    |                       MT. SILVER CAVE POKEMON LISTING                       |
    |           1F                     1F UPPER                      2F           |
    |           --                     --------                      --           |
    | Golbat       (all day)    Golbat        (all day)   Golbat        (all day) |
    | Golduck      (all day)    Golduck       (all day)   Graveler      (all day) |
    | Larvitar     (all day)    Larvitar      (all day)   Larvitar      (all day) |
    | Quagsire     (all day)    Quagsire      (all day)   Absol        (H. Sound) |
    | Steelix      (all day)    Sneasel       (all day)   Makuhita     (H. Sound) |
    | Misdreavus     (night)    Misdreavus      (night)   Bronzor      (S. Sound) |
    | Absol       (H. Sound)    Absol        (H. Sound)   Chingling    (S. Sound) |
    | Makuhita    (H. Sound)    Makuhita     (H. Sound)   Goldeen   (fishing, OR) |
    | Bronzor     (S. Sound)    Bronzor      (S. Sound)   Goldeen   (fishing, GR) |
    | Chingling   (S. Sound)    Chingling    (S. Sound)   Seaking   (fishing, GR) |
    | Goldeen      (fishing)    Goldeen       (fishing)   Gyarados  (fishing, SR) |
    | Seaking  (fishing, SR)    Seaking   (fishing, SR)   Donphan   (HG, all day) |
    | Goldeen      (surfing)    Goldeen       (surfing)   Phanpy    (HG, all day) |
    | Seaking      (surfing)    Seaking       (surfing)   Teddiursa (SS, all day) |
    | Donphan  (HG, all day)    Donphan   (HG, all day)   Ursaring  (SS, all day) |
    | Ursaring (HG, all day)    Phanpy    (HG, all day)                           |
    |                           Teddiursa (SS, all day)              4F           |
    |          3F               Ursaring  (SS, all day)              --           |
    |          --                                         Golbat        (all day) |
    | Golduck       (all day)      OUTSIDE (GRASS)        Golduck       (all day) |
    | Larvitar      (all day)      ---------------        Sneasel       (all day) |
    | Pupitar       (all day)   Golbat        (all day)   Quagsire      (all day) |
    | Quagsire  (morning/day)   Golduck       (all day)   Sneasel       (all day) |
    | Misdreavus      (night)   Larvitar      (all day)   Misdreavus      (night) |
    | Absol        (H. Sound)   Onix          (all day)   Absol        (H. Sound) |
    | Makuhita     (H. Sound)   Absol        (H. Sound)   Makuhita     (H. Sound) |
    | Bronzor      (S. Sound)   Makuhita     (H. Sound)   Bronzor      (S. Sound) |
    | Chingling    (S. Sound)   Bronzor      (S. Sound)   Chingling    (S. Sound) |
    | Donphan   (HG, all day)   Chingling    (S. Sound)   Goldeen       (fishing) |
    | Phanpy    (HG, all day)   Aipom        (Headbutt)   Seaking   (fishing, SR) |
    | Golbat  (HG, not night)   Heracross    (Headbutt)   Goldeen       (surfing) |
    | Golbat    (SS, all day)   Natu         (Headbutt)   Seaking       (surfing) |
    | Teddiursa (SS, all day)   Donphan   (HG, all day)   Donphan   (HG, all day) |
    | Ursaring  (SS, all day)   Phanpy    (HG, all day)   Ursaring  (SS, all day) |
    |                           Teddiursa (SS, all day) o-------------------------o
    |     OUTSIDE (SNOW)        Ursaring  (SS, all day) |
    |     --------------      o-------------------------o  I apologize for the
    | Golbat        (all day) |                            ridiculously enormous
    | Golduck       (all day) |  Pokemon listings, but this place is so diverse
    | Larvitar      (all day) |  that seperate listings are required for all of
    | Quagsire      (all day) |  them.
    | Sneasel       (all day) |
    | Misdreavus      (night) |  The first part of this dungeon focuses on getting
    | Absol        (H. Sound) |  the legendary Pokemon residing in here. There are
    | Makuhita     (H. Sound) |  a couple items on this path, so I suggest you take
    | Bronzor      (S. Sound) |  it. Surf and go up the waterfall. Land immediately
    | Chingling    (S. Sound) |  and enter the cave. Pick up the Expert Belt, then
    | Goldeen       (fishing) |  get back in the water. Surf left, climb the wall,
    | Seaking   (fishing, SR) |  and examine the small rock for an Ultra Ball.
    | Goldeen       (surfing) |
    | Seaking       (surfing) |  Climb down the wall going right and ascend the
    o-------------------------o  nearby waterfall. Go up into the next room.
    Go left and all the way up to the end. Examine the wall for a Hyper Potion. Now
    go around to the other side of the room for an Ultra Ball. If you'd like to
    take on Moltres, save before you do. It is L50, Fire/Flying in type, and has
    the Pressure ability. It knows Air Slash, AncientPower, Flamethrower, and
    Use an Escape Rope or walk to the very beginning of the dungeon. Climb up the
    wall. Before you leave, check the small rock for a Dire Hit.
    Pick up the Escape Rope, then follow the path. When you can go up or down, go
    down to find TM76, Stealth Rock. Go up now, and enter the first cave you see.
    Pick up the Full Restore in here, then leave. Go down more stairs until you get
    to another cave.
    In this cave, go left and follow this path to its end (ignore the stairs).
    There is a lone rock here which you can examine for a Revive. Go up the stairs
    and into the next room.
    Go up the stairs. Go left and up the stairs. Go down, right, and up. Before you
    go up the stairs here, go left for a Max Elixir. Once up the stairs, go down,
    left, and up.
    Before you go up the stairs here, go right to find a Max Revive. Once up the
    stairs, go left and down. Smash the two rocks here, take one step down, face
    left, and press A for a Max Potion. Continue south and you will find a Calcium.
    Go left, up, and right to the cave exit. Leave the cave.
    Face left and press A for a Max Ether. Go right and down, entering the first
    cave you see. Inside, go down to find a Protein, then up to some rocks. Smash
    one, then examine the rock it was blocking for an Iron. Go back outside.
    For the next part, you'll be going inside and outside a lot. Just follow the
    path until you get to a cave with a climbable wall next to it. Climb the wall.
    Go left and climb this wall. Go right and up to find a Pure Incense. Climb up
    the second wall and examine the rock for a Rare Candy.
    Climb down to base level and go into the cave. Go left and leave. Climb the
    wall, then climb up the rightmost wall. Climb up the next wall. Take one step
    up and face right. Press A for a Hyper Potion.
    Go back down to the three walls and climb up the leftmost wall. Climb up
    another wall and you'll find a Dawn Stone.
    Go back down to the three walls and climb up the middle. Climb up again and
    enter the cave.
    Climb the wall at the end of this path. Before you leave, go right. Examine the
    rock for a Max Revive. Exit the cave.
    Heal and save before you step forward. The game's final boss is just ahead!
    17f. Boss: Red     Money: $16800                                        [lgrbn]
    ==============     Chikorita's Level: 100
    o---------------o  This is, without a doubt, the most difficult battle in the
    |   Pikachu L88 |  entire game. Since this battle takes place on the top of a
    |    Lapras L80 |  mountain, it'll be hailing the entire time. If you've got
    |   Snorlax L82 |  the items, you can stall Red out by just healing every turn
    | Blastoise L84 |  and letting the hail take care of him. You are a humongous
    | Charizard L84 |  wuss if you do that, and if that's what it takes for you to
    |  Venusaur L84 |  win, you should not be here. Don't insult yourself. Prove
    o---------------o  you have the right to be called Champion!
    o---------o  Moveset: Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt, Volt Tackle
    | Pikachu |     Type: Electric
    o---------o  Ability: Static (may paralyze foes on contact)
    Pikachu might not look like much, but he's the highest-leveled trained Pokemon
    found in any Pokemon game to date; offensively, he is Red's strongest Pokemon.
    This is thanks to the Light Ball, Pikachu's exclusive item. It doubles his ATK
    and SP.ATK. Pikachu is already pretty fast, so if your Pokemon are on the slow
    side and not resistant or immune to Electric, Pikachu is seriously going to
    mess you up.
    Volt Tackle is Pikachu's exclusive signature attack. It has tremendous power,
    but the user does 1/3 of the damage to itself in recoil. Your Pokemon might get
    KOed in one hit, but should that happen, Pikachu will also take a huge amount
    of damage from the attack.
    Your best offense against Pikachu is any Pokemon that resists Electric. Iron
    Tail might still hurt, but it's Pikachu's weakest option (and it might miss).
    Pikachu's offensive power may be scary, but remember that he is still a Pikachu
    and is quite frail. Providing you survive his Electric attacks, it shouldn't be
    hard to deliver a KO.
    o--------o  Moveset: Blizzard, Body Slam, Brine, Psychic
    | Lapras |     Type: Water/Ice
    o--------o  Ability: Shell Armor (prevents critical hits)
    Lapras is probably Red's least threatening Pokemon, but don't think you've got
    it easy just because of that. Blizzard doesn't miss in hail, and Brine will
    pick off any Pokemon below 50% HP. Lapras is also the only one of Red's Pokemon
    that isn't hurt by the hail, so good luck if you're trying to stall him out.
    Considering this is the end boss, I am appalled that Body Slam is anywhere near
    this set. There are lots of other moves that would work way better. If they're
    gonna give Pikachu a Light Ball, why the crap would they give Lapras Body Slam?
    If you run Blizzard out of its 5 PP, this'll probably be what Lapras resorts
    to. It can paralyze, so keep those Full Restores handy.
    o---------o  Moveset: Blizzard, Crunch, Giga Impact, Shadow Claw
    | Snorlax |     Type: Normal
    o---------o  Ability: Thick Fat (halves Fire and Ice damage)
    Blizzard won't miss thanks to the hail, but it won't hurt unless you're weak to
    Ice. Giga Impact _will_ really hurt, though, but it requires a turn of rest
    afterwards. Shadow Claw and Crunch are both used to annihilate ghosts and
    Psychic-types thinking they can use Focus Blast to kill him (protip: don't do
    that, you will never OHKO him).
    o-----------o  Moveset: Blizzard, Flash Cannon, Focus Blast, Hydro Cannon
    | Blastoise |     Type: Water
    o-----------o  Ability: Torrent (Water damage x1.5 when HP < 1/3 maximum)
    Blastoise might be weak, but he gets infinity cool points for having Flash
    Cannon, coolest attack name ever. The only thing you have to worry about is
    Hydro Cannon... Remember, Blizzard won't miss if it's hailing, and Hydro Cannon
    requires a turn of rest on the next turn if it hits.
    o-----------o  Moveset: Air Slash, Blast Burn, Dragon Pulse, Flare Blitz
    | Charizard |     Type: Fire/Flying
    o-----------o  Ability: Blaze (Fire damage x1.5 when HP < 1/3 maximum)
    If you have a Rock-type, he will slap Charizard down easily with his STAB Rock
    move. Otherwise, you're gonna be in for some trouble. Flare Blitz is the Fire-
    type equivalent of Volt Tackle. Do your best to keep him out of Blaze's
    activation range; you don't want to eat a Blaze-boosted Blast Burn.
    Blast Burn is ridiculously strong and Charizard has the stats to make excellent
    use of it. He will be forced to rest if it hits, so use this to your advantage.
    o----------o  Moveset: Giga Drain, Frenzy Plant, Sleep Powder, Sludge Bomb
    | Venusaur |     Type: Grass/Poison
    o----------o  Ability: Overgrow (Grass damage x1.5 when HP < 1/3 maximum)
    Venusaur is tanky. If you're not hitting him super effectively (not hard since
    he's a Grass-type), you may have some trouble. Sleep Powder is ultra annoying,
    Sludge Bomb has a high poison rate, and Giga Drain can actually do decent
    damage if Overgrow has kicked in.
    Sludge Bomb is also a strong move that he won't hesitate to use against
    anything that resists Grass (like Flying-types, who can hit him super
    Frenzy Plant is super strong, but Venusaur will have to rest the next turn if
    it hits.
    After the battle, the credits will roll. Any Pokemon currently in your party
    will receive the Legend Ribbon, a ribbon only obtainable in this manner.
    Congratulations! You have completed the game! There are some Pokemon you can
    get now that you've defeated Red; read on to find out how.
    Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle - Kanto starters
    Go to Pallet Town and talk to Professor Oak. He will allow you to take any one
    of these Pokemon with you.
    Kyogre and Groudon
    Once you've received one of the Kanto starters, go speak to Mr. Pokemon. He
    will give you the Blue Orb if you're playing HeartGold, and the Red Orb if
    you're playing SoulSilver.
    Take these items to Route 47 (via Cliff Edge Gate west of Cianwood City). Surf
    left as far as you can and you'll find a wall you can climb. Climb up it to
    enter Embedded Tower. In this cave you will find Kyogre in HeartGold or Groudon
    in SoulSilver. Both are L50. Kyogre is Water-type, has the Drizzle ability
    (which summons rain that lasts forever) and knows Aqua Ring, AncientPower, Ice
    Beam, and Water Spout; Groudon is Ground-type, has the Drought ability (which
    summons harsh sunlight that lasts forever) and knows AncientPower, Earthquake,
    Eruption, and Rest.
    If you kill them, beat the Elite Four and they will come back.
    If you can obtain both Kyogre and Groudon from the Embedded Tower (by trading
    with someone who has the other one you need), bring them both to Professor Oak.
    He will give you the Jade Orb. Take the Jade Orb to the Embedded Tower and
    you'll find Rayquaza lying in wait. Like Kyogre and Groudon, Rayquaza is L50.
    He is Dragon/Flying in type and has the Air Lock ability, which nullifies the
    effects of weather. It knows Air Slash, AncientPower, Outrage, and Rest.
    Mudkip, Torchic, and Treecko - Hoenn starters
    Head to Saffron City and enter Silph Co. To the right, you'll find Steven.
    He'll ask you to pick a color. If you choose blue, you get Mudkip. Picking red
    will get you Torchic, and telling him green yields Treecko. All are L5.
    That's it: everything else is extra. Head back to the table of contents and use
    the section codes to find something you want (or continue to read on for your
    18. In-Game Events                                                      [gceap]
    The following events require specific Pokemon. None of these Pokemon can be
    obtained in-game; all must be specific kinds of specific Pokemon, given out via
    real-life events.
    Night Sky's Edge
    To unlock this Pokewalker route, trade any Jirachi from any event into your
    Spiky-eared Pichu
    This requires the Pikachu-colored Pichu given out by GameStop. Fly to Azalea
    Town, put it in the lead spot of your party, pick up someone with Cut, and head
    to Ilex Forest. Before you go, make sure you have an open spot in your party.
    Cut the tree and examine the shrine. After a brief scene, Spiky-eared Pichu
    will join your party. Spiky-eared Pichu can't evolve and knows Pain Split, a
    move exclusive to Spiky-eared Pichu.
    Spiky-eared Pichu cannot be taken into a Wi-Fi Club or Union Room. The only
    thing it can possibly do is sit in your game and be dumb-looking.
    Dialga, Giratina Origin Forme, and Palkia (Arceus event)
    This event requires the Arceus given out through Toys'R'Us -or- the Arceus
    caught at the Hall of Origin in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. You can do this
    event once per Arceus.
    Fly to Violet City. Deposit all your Pokemon in the PC except for Arceus, then
    head to the Ruins of Alph. Attempt to enter the research center and watch a
    Exit the Sinjoh Ruins and follow the hiker to a cabin. Here, you'll find a PC
    to deposit your Pokemon in if you haven't already, an old guy who will warp you
    back to Johto (you'll have to start the event over if you do this), and a
    woman. Talk to the woman; this is Cynthia, Champion of the Sinnoh region. When
    she leaves, follow her into the cave. Once on the Mystri Stage, choose one of
    the three Pokemon. After a scene which makes you go "????????," the Pokemon is
    yours. Each is L1 and is holding their respsective Orbs.
    It should be noted that the only way to get the Griseous Orb in HeartGold and
    SoulSilver is to choose Giratina. You can't trade it in from Platinum.
    You can do this event as soon as you get to Violet City, so it's very easy to
    get all three legends, even if you don't have 3 Arceus. Start a game, get
    Dialga (or Palkia), trade it to a friend, start a second game, get Palkia (or
    Dialga if you already got Palkia), trade it to a friend, and then start a third
    game for Giratina. Now you've got all three legends!
    Just don't forget to trade Arceus over so you don't lose him.
    18a. In-Game Trades                                                     [rsnmc]
    These trades require no special Pokemon - just the Pokemon the person in-game
    is looking for. The Level of the Pokemon you receive is the same as the Level
    of the Pokemon you trade, so keep that in mind. Trades are listed in order of
         Location: Violet City
     Your Pokemon: Bellsprout (cach one on Route 31)
    Their Pokemon: Onix (nickname: Rocky)
               OT: Rudy
           ID No.: 48926
        Item Held: Persim Berry
           Nature: Hasty
         Location: Goldenrod City Department Store 4F
     Your Pokemon: Drowzee
    Their Pokemon: Machop (nickname: Muscle)
               OT: Jose
           ID No.: 37460
        Item Held: Macho Brace (doing this trade is the only way to get this item)
           Nature: Lonely
         Location: Olivine City
     Your Pokemon: Krabby (fish for it in Olivine City)
    Their Pokemon: Voltorb (nickname: Billy)
               OT: Richard
           ID No.: 29189
        Item Held: Cheri Berry
           Nature: Hardy
         Location: Blackthorn City
     Your Pokemon: Dragonair (female only)
    Their Pokemon: Dodrio (nickname: Doris)
               OT: Ayana
           ID No.: 00283
        Item Held: Smoke Ball
           Nature: Impish
         Location: Olivine City Gym
     Your Pokemon: Anything
    Their Pokemon: Steelix (nickname: Rusty)
               OT: Jasmine
           ID No.: 26491
        Item Held: Soothe Bell
           Nature: Brave
     Requirements: Beat Jasmine in a rematch once
         Location: Power Plant
     Your Pokemon: Dugtrio (found in Diglett's Cave, or evolve Diglett, also there)
    Their Pokemon: Magneton (nickname: Maggie)
               OT: Lorenzo
           ID No.: 50082
        Item Held: Metal Coat
           Nature: Impish
         Location: Pewter City Pokemon Center
     Your Pokemon: Haunter (catch on Route 18 at night)
    Their Pokemon: Xatu (nickname: Paul)
               OT: Mondo
           ID No.: 15616
        Item Held: Wacan Berry
           Nature: Modest
         Location: Diglett's Cave (Route 2 side entrance)
     Your Pokemon: Bonsly (breed Sudowoodo while female holds Rock Incense to get)
    Their Pokemon: Rhyhorn (nickname: Hornlette)
               OT: Brock
           ID No.: 06845
        Item Held: Passho Berry
           Nature: Relaxed
     Requirements: Beat Brock in a rematch; only available Saturday 17:00-20:00
         Location: Saffron City Magnet Train station
     Your Pokemon: Pikachu (must be caught in Viridian Forest)
    Their Pokemon: French-language Pikachu (nickname: Volty)
               OT: Surge
           ID No.: 33038
        Item Held: Yellow Shard
           Nature: Jolly
     Requirements: Beat Lt. Surge in a rematch once
         Location: Silph Co.
     Your Pokemon: Forretress (obtain Pineco from Headbutt trees and evolve it)
    Their Pokemon: Beldum (nickname: Iron)
               OT: Steven
           ID No.: 23478
        Item Held: Dawn Stone
           Nature: Brave
     Requirements: Defeat Red. Go to Silph Co., talk to Steven, and receive a Hoenn
                   starter. Then, talk to Steven in Pewter Museum (he'll ignore
                   you). Then you can find him in Silph Co, where he will trade.
    19. The Safari Zone                                                     [nbtta]
    The Safari Zone is found just past Route 48, accessible through a cave in
    Cianwood City. If you've been following this guide, you've already been there -
    just fly to the Safari Zone Gate.
    When you first visit the Safari Zone, Baoba will greet you and ask if you'd
    like to take a test. For the first test, all you have to do is catch a Geodude.
    They can be found immediately after entering, so this isn't very hard at all.
    For those of you familiar with the Safari Zone in previous games, it works the
    same exact way - pay $500 to get in, and catch as many Pokemon as you like
    using the 30 Safari Balls provided to you. The difference in this game is you
    are no longer timed - you can stay in the Safari Zone as long as you like.
    You're only timed by how many Safari Balls you have left - once you run out,
    your game is over. You can also quit at any time by tapping the Retire button.
    Note that you cannot save inside the Safari Zone.
    The Safari Zone is composed of a 3x2 grid of different areas. Numerous Pokemon
    can be found in each of these areas. If you were to number the areas from 1-6,
    it'd look like this:
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    The entrance of the Safari Zone is located south of Area 5. The areas are not
    specifically marked, but you will know when you've changed areas because each
    area has vastly different terrain compared to the area next to it.
    When you run into a Pokemon, you don't fight it as you normally would. Instead,
    you can either choose to run, throw mud, throw bait, or throw a Safari Ball.
    If you throw mud, the Pokemon will get angry. It will become easier to catch,
    but they have a greater chance to flee. If you throw bait, the Pokemon will
    start to eat it. They become harder to catch, but they'll run less often.
    Here's a list of each area and the Pokemon you can find in it. Remember, Area 1
    is located in the upper left corner - it is NOT the starting area. The starting
    area is in Area 5.
    o--------------------------o  o--------------------------o
    |     AREA 1 - WETLAND     |  |    AREA 2 - WASTELAND    |
    o--------------------------o  o--------------------------o
    | Ditto      (morning/day) |  | Fearow         (all day) |
    | Farfetch'd (morning/day) |  | Onix           (all day) |
    | Sentret    (morning/day) |  | Magnemite      (all day) |
    | Spearow    (morning/day) |  | Kangaskhan (morning/day) |
    | Golduck          (night) |  | Machoke    (morning/day) |
    | Psyduck          (night) |  | Machop     (morning/day) |
    | Quagsire         (night) |  o--------------------------o
    | Wooper           (night) |
    | Poliwag        (fishing) |  o--------------------------o
    | Poliwhirl  (fishing, GR) |  |     AREA 3 - FOREST      |
    | Golduck        (surfing) |  o--------------------------o
    | Poliwag        (surfing) |  | Bellsprout     (all day) |
    | Psyduck        (surfing) |  | Misdreavus (morning/day) |
    | Wooper         (surfing) |  | Mr. Mime   (morning/day) |
    o--------------------------o  | Pidgey     (morning/day) |
                                  | Gastly           (night) |
    o--------------------------o  | Haunter          (night) |
    |      AREA 4 - SWAMP      |  | Voltorb          (night) |
    o--------------------------o  o--------------------------o
    | Murkrow        (all day) |
    | Sentret        (all day) |  o--------------------------o
    | Jigglypuff (morning/day) |  |      AREA 5 - PEAK       |
    | Paras      (morning/day) |  o--------------------------o
    | Drowzee          (night) |  | Geodude        (all day) |
    | Hypno            (night) |  | Magnemite      (all day) |
    | Goldeen        (fishing) |  | Magneton       (all day) |
    | Seaking    (fishing, GR) |  | Graveler   (morning/day) |
    | Magikarp       (surfing) |  | Magmar     (morning/day) |
    | Goldeen        (surfing) |  | Wobbuffet        (night) |
    o--------------------------o  o--------------------------o
    o--------------------------o  Once you've caught your fill of Pokemon (or just
    |    AREA 6 - MARSHLAND    |  a Geodude), bring it to Baoba and he will
    o--------------------------o  congratulate you on a job well done. There's a
    | Koffing        (all day) |  second test, but it's not ready yet. He will call
    | Arbok      (morning/day) |  you when it's ready to go.
    | Ekans      (morning/day) |
    | Grimer     (morning/day) |  When Baoba calls you again (not sure on when this
    | Weezing    (morning/day) |  is), he'll ask you to catch a Sandshrew. If you
    | Gloom            (night) |  look at the six area lists, you'll notice that
    | Oddish           (night) |  Sandshrew is nowhere on this list. To find one,
    | Poliwag        (fishing) |  you'll have to make use of the Area Customizer,
    | Poliwhirl  (fishing, GR) |  which is found to the right of the entrance.
    | Grimer         (surfing) |
    | Poliwag        (surfing) |  Through magical, mystical means, the Area
    | Wooper         (surfing) |  Customizer has the ability to move around entire
    o--------------------------o  areas of the Safari Zone, and even completely
                                  replace them. To make Sandshrew appear, you need
    to replace one of the areas with Sandshrew's habitat, the Desert. Examine the
    Area Customizer and choose any one of the areas, then Switch (if you want to
    just move the areas around, choose Sort instead and then swap the position with
    any other area). You'll have two pages of six habitats each that you can choose
    from. Here are the remaining six areas, and each Pokemon you can find there.
    Don't forget to swap the Desert with one of the areas so you can get Sandshrew.
    o--------------------------o  o--------------------------o
    |          PLAINS          |  |          MEADOW          |
    o--------------------------o  o--------------------------o
    | Abra           (all day) |  | Jigglypuff     (all day) |
    | Girafarig      (all day) |  | Hoppip     (morning/day) |
    | Rattata    (morning/day) |  | Skiploom   (morning/day) |
    | Smeargle   (morning/day) |  | Sunkern            (day) |
    | Raticate         (night) |  | Clefairy         (night) |
    | Stantler         (night) |  | Marill           (night) |
    o--------------------------o  | Wooper           (night) |
                                  | Poliwag        (fishing) |
    o--------------------------o  | Poliwhirl  (fishing, GR) |
    |         SAVANNAH         |  | Magikarp       (surfing) |
    o--------------------------o  | Marill         (surfing) |
    | NidoranF   (morning/day) |  | Wooper         (surfing) |
    | NidoranM   (morning/day) |  o--------------------------o
    | Rhyhorn    (morning/day) |
    | Tauros     (morning/day) |  o--------------------------o
    | Golbat           (night) |  |       ROCKY BEACH        |
    | Nidorina         (night) |  o--------------------------o
    | Nidorino         (night) |  | Krabby         (all day) |
    | Zubat            (night) |  | Slowbro        (all day) |
    o--------------------------o  | Slowpoke       (all day) |
                                  | Doduo      (morning/day) |
    o--------------------------o  | Zubat            (night) |
    |         MOUNTAIN         |  | Goldeen        (fishing) |
    o--------------------------o  | Krabby         (fishing) |
    | Magneton       (all day) |  | Lapras         (surfing) |
    | Larvitar   (morning/day) |  | Magikarp       (surfing) |
    | Lickitung  (morning/day) |  | Poliwag        (surfing) |
    | Raticate   (morning/day) |  | Poliwhirl      (surfing) |
    | Golbat           (night) |  o--------------------------o
    | Rattata          (night) |
    | Zubat            (night) |  Once you catch a Sandshrew, bring it to Baoba and
    o--------------------------o  you will have passed the test. You now own the
                                  Safari Zone!
    |          DESERT          |  Too bad that doesn't mean anything, because you
    o--------------------------o  still have to pay to get in. According to Baoba,
    | Sandshrew      (all day) |  "We have our reasons." Whatever. You're done here
    | Sandslash      (all day) |  until you beat the Elite Four and Oak gives you
    | Cubone     (morning/day) |  the National Pokedex. Baoba will instantly call
    | Marowak    (morning/day) |  you and tell you he's got more trickery up his
    | Fearow           (night) |  sleeve, so go back there and listen to what he
    o--------------------------o  has to say.
    At this point, you have the ability to add objects to the Safari Zone to
    further influence the Pokemon you can find. Not all objects will be obtainable
    immediately, but Baoba will call you periodically to inform you that more
    objects have been added.
    To place an object, just press A while walking anywhere in the Safari Zone. You
    cannot place objects on stairs or in grass where you find wild Pokemon. You
    can, however, place objects on water. In fact, there are a couple objects that
    can only be placed on water. You can only have a maximum of 30 items in each
    area, so look at the lists of Pokemon carefully to determine what items to set.
    Every object is assigned a location: Plains, Forest, Peak, or Water. There's
    also a fifth "other" group that doesn't affect what Pokemon appear; they're
    just there to make your Area look flashy and cool. Here is a list of each item,
    and which category they fall under:
       PLAINS               FOREST                PEAK                  WATER
       ------               ------                ----                  -----
      Shrubbery            Tree                  Small Rock             Puddle
      Red Flower           Stump                 Big Rock               Fountain
      White Flower         Branches              Mossy Rock             Water Hole
    Anything not listed does not influence Pokemon appearances.
    Each object starts with a value of 1, but over time, these values will increase
    by 1, allowing you to use less items to obtain the same effect. For example, to
    find Manectric in the Plains, the Plains area has to have a Plains value of 15.
    At the start, every item starts with a value of 1, so if you wanted to catch a
    Manectric immediately, you would have to place 15 Plains items. After 10 days,
    those 15 items would increase in value by 1. You would currently have a Plains
    value of 30 if you left all those items in there.
    Below is a list of each area, and how long it takes for an item placed there to
    increase in value by 1. Once an item levels up, you can remove it without worry
    about losing the level. Numbers listed are measured in days, and no you cannot
    cheat by jumping the DS's clock forward eight months to maximize this stuff.
    |   VALUE |  PLAINS |  FOREST |    PEAK |   WATER |
    |       1 |    0-10 |    0-20 |    0-30 |    0-40 |
    |       2 |   11-50 |   21-60 |   31-70 |   41-80 |
    |       3 |  51-100 |  61-110 |  71-120 |  81-130 |
    |       4 | 101-140 | 111-150 | 121-160 | 131-170 |
    |       5 | 141-200 | 151-210 | 161-220 | 171-230 |
    |       6 | 201-250 | 211-250 | 221-250 | 231-250 |
    |       7 | Day 250 (a bit over 8 months) onward  |
    While most Pokemon will appear immediately after having the required value,
    some will take several days to appear _in addition to_ having the required
    Finally, here is the list of each of the 12 Areas and the Pokemon obtainable
    within. Keep in mind that if you switch Areas using the Area Customizer, all
    your placed items will be removed!
    Required values will be shown, and if the Pokemon won't appear for a certain
    amount of time, that number will be shown in parentheses.
    As an example, Riolu can be found in the Meadow Area with a Forest value of 10
    and a Peak value of 14, but only after at least 70 days have passed. This would
    be shown by "Riolu (Forest 10 Peak 14 (70))" in the Pokemon listing. If the
    Pokemon is caught by fishing or surfing, it will also be noted in the list.
    o------------------------------------o   o------------------------------------o
    |               PLAINS               |   |               MEADOW               |
    o------------------------------------o   o------------------------------------o
    | Girafarig               (Plains 3) |   | Raticate                (Plains 5) |
    | Shinx                  (Plains 10) |   | Chansey                (Plains 10) |
    | Manectric              (Plains 15) |   | Skiploom                (Forest 8) |
    | Stantler       (Plains 3 Forest 3) |   | Nuzleaf                (Forest 28) |
    | Smeargle                (Forest 3) |   | Clefairy                  (Peak 3) |
    | Zigzagoon              (Forest 15) |   | Geodude                   (Peak 3) |
    | Ponyta                    (Peak 5) |   | Wooper                   (Water 3) |
    | Houndoom                 (Peak 10) |   | Seedot            (Plains 18 (10)) |
    | Zangoose                 (Peak 15) |   | Nuzleaf           (Forest 18 (20)) |
    | Lotad                   (Water 12) |   | Nosepass            (Peak 18 (30)) |
    | Surskit                 (Water 28) |   | Riolu     (Forest 10 Peak 14 (70)) |
    o------------------------------------o   | Poliwhirl       (Water 2, Old Rod) |
                                             | Poliwhirl      (Water 5, Good Rod) |
    o------------------------------------o   | Gyarados       (Water 7, Good Rod) |
    |              SAVANNAH              |   | Gyarados     (Water 10, Super Rod) |
    o------------------------------------o   | Skiploom        (Water 3, surfing) |
    | Tauros                  (Plains 5) |   | Masquerain     (Water 10, surfing) |
    | Zigzagoon              (Plains 10) |   o------------------------------------o
    | Luxio                  (Plains 24) |
    | Houndour                (Forest 4) |   o------------------------------------o
    | Rhyhorn                   (Peak 5) |   |                PEAK                |
    | Rhydon                   (Peak 10) |   o------------------------------------o
    | Azurill                  (Water 5) |   | Linoone                 (Plains 5) |
    | Shroomish(Plains 6 Forest 18 (20)) |   | Zangoose               (Plains 12) |
    | Cacturne          (Forest 18 (20)) |   | Paras                   (Forest 3) |
    | Torkoal             (Peak 18 (30)) |   | Fearow                  (Forest 5) |
    o------------------------------------o   | Magmar                   (Peak 10) |
                                             | Wobbuffet                (Peak 10) |
    o------------------------------------o   | Lairon                   (Peak 24) |
    |            ROCKY BEACH             |   | Slowbro                  (Water 5) |
    o------------------------------------o   | Bronzor    (Forest 7 Peak 18 (30)) |
    | Dodrio                  (Plains 4) |   | Spheal             (Water 18 (40)) |
    | Electrike              (Plains 10) |   | Vigoroth (Plains 10 Forest 19 (60))|
    | Mareep                  (Forest 5) |   o------------------------------------o
    | Manectric              (Forest 10) |
    | Budew                  (Forest 15) |   o------------------------------------o
    | Slowbro                   (Peak 3) |   |              WETLAND               |
    | Kingler                   (Peak 8) |   o------------------------------------o
    | Aron                     (Peak 24) |   | Furret                  (Plains 2) |
    | Slowbro                  (Water 5) |   | Surskit                 (Plains 6) |
    | Gible    (Plains 13 Peak 17 (100)) |   | Lombre                 (Plains 10) |
    | Krabby          (Water 2, Old Rod) |   | Farfetch'd              (Forest 3) |
    | Kingler        (Water 3, Good Rod) |   | Pachirisu               (Forest 8) |
    | Corphish     (Water 15, Super Rod) |   | Doduo                     (Peak 4) |
    | Lapras         (Water 10, surfing) |   | Golduck                   (Peak 5) |
    o------------------------------------o   | Ditto                   (Water 15) |
                                             | Buizel             (Water 18 (40)) |
    o------------------------------------o   | Shelgon             (Peak 21 (70)) |
    |               FOREST               |   | Poliwhirl       (Water 2, Old Rod) |
    o------------------------------------o   | Corphish      (Water 10, Good Rod) |
    | Mr. Mime                (Plains 3) |   | Gyarados      (Water 6, Super Rod) |
    | Budew                  (Plains 24) |   | Quagsire        (Water 3, surfing) |
    | Misdreavus              (Forest 4) |   | Golduck         (Water 4, surfing) |
    | Electabuzz                (Peak 4) |   o------------------------------------o
    | Lickitung                (Water 3) |
    | Bidoof                  (Water 10) |   o------------------------------------o
    | Surskit                 (Water 24) |   |               SWAMP                |
    | Shuppet           (Forest 18 (20)) |   o------------------------------------o
    | Beldum              (Peak 21 (70)) |   | Parasect                (Plains 3) |
    | Bronzong  (Forest 9 Peak 19 (110)) |   | Furret                  (Plains 5) |
    o------------------------------------o   | Pachirisu              (Plains 10) |
                                             | Hypno                   (Forest 5) |
    o------------------------------------o   | Krabby                  (Forest 5) |
    |             MARSHLAND              |   | Weepinbell              (Forest 8) |
    o------------------------------------o   | Chimecho               (Forest 15) |
    | Gloom                   (Plains 2) |   | Voltorb                  (Peak 10) |
    | Jumpluff                (Plains 5) |   | Duskull                  (Peak 28) |
    | Diglett                   (Peak 5) |   | Floatzel                (Water 10) |
    | Shuckle                   (Peak 8) |   | Bagon     (Forest 9 Peak 19 (110)) |
    | Muk                      (Water 8) |   | Goldeen         (Water 4, Old Rod) |
    | Seviper           (Plains 18 (10)) |   | Seaking        (Water 10, Old Rod) |
    | Carnivine         (Forest 18 (20)) |   | Seaking        (Water 6, Good Rod) |
    | Croagunk          (Forest 21 (20)) |   | Dratini       (Water 10, Good Rod) |
    | Roselia           (Forest 25 (20)) |   | Dragonair    (Water 20, Super Rod) |
    | Banette             (Peak 25 (30)) |   | Seaking         (Water 4, surfing) |
    | Poliwag         (Water 2, Old Rod) |   | Murkrow        (Water 10, surfing) |
    | Gyarados       (Water 3, Good Rod) |   | Duskull   (Water 18 (40), surfing) |
    | Barboach      (Water 4, Super Rod) |   o------------------------------------o
    | Jumpluff       (Water 10, surfing) |
    | Quagsire       (Water 13, surfing) |   o------------------------------------o
    | Muk            (Water 16, surfing) |   |             WASTELAND              |
    o------------------------------------o   o------------------------------------o
                                             | Manectric               (Plains 3) |
    o------------------------------------o   | Illumise               (Plains 10) |
    |              MOUNTAIN              |   | Bellsprout              (Forest 3) |
    o------------------------------------o   | Machoke                   (Peak 5) |
    | Magneton                (Plains 3) |   | Skorupi                  (Peak 28) |
    | Volbeat                (Plains 10) |   | Golduck                  (Water 3) |
    | Chingling              (Forest 10) |   | Kingler                 (Water 10) |
    | Meditite               (Forest 20) |   | Medicham          (Forest 18 (20)) |
    | Larvitar                  (Peak 5) |   | Breloom           (Forest 21 (20)) |
    | Lunatone                 (Peak 15) |   | Solrock             (Peak 21 (30)) |
    | Krabby                   (Water 3) |   o------------------------------------o
    | Dusclops          (Forest 18 (20)) |
    | Metang              (Peak 28 (30)) |   o------------------------------------o
    | Sealeo      (Peak 7 Water 17 (80)) |   |               DESERT               |
    o------------------------------------o   o------------------------------------o
                                             | Fearow                  (Plains 3) |
    The Swamp should always be one of your   | Spinda                 (Plains 14) |
    six Areas. Bagon is only obtainable      | Fearow                    (Peak 6) |
    here, and it takes almost four months    | Marowak                   (Peak 6) |
    for him to appear.                       | Hippopotas               (Peak 28) |
                                             | Lotad                    (Water 8) |
    There are also a number of Pokemon that  | Carnivine         (Plains 25 (10)) |
    only appear here, like Lunatone,         | Cacnea            (Forest 18 (20)) |
    Solrock, Hippopotas, and Trapinch,       | Vibrava           (Forest 25 (20)) |
    but they don't require time to appear    | Trapinch            (Peak 25 (30)) |
    like Bagon does.                         | Cacturne           (Water 21 (40)) |
    You can also link up wirelessly with
    friends and send your entire Safari Zone to them, complete with their items and
    values. I, for one, am very impressed with what Gamefreak did with the Safari
    Zone in this game, and we can only hope that should the Safari Zone continue
    into future games, that it ends up being even better than it is now.
    20. Bug-Catching Contest                                                [tthsa]
    The Bug-Catching Contest is played in National Park on Tuesday, Thursday, and
    Saturday. Using the first Pokemon in your party, capture a Bug Pokemon to be
    Here's the catch: You can only have one Pokemon. If you catch a second, you'll
    be asked to choose between the two. The one you don't choose is released, so
    choose wisely.
    Points are awarded based on the species and the condition it's in when you
    capture it. Status effects and lots of damage are good ways to lose, so do your
    best to capture it at high health. This is easier said than done, especially
    for certain species, but I managed to win with a Nincada (a very common
    Pokemon) just because I caught it at full health.
    You receive 30 Sport Balls and 20 minutes to catch a Pokemon. When you run out
    of either Sport Balls or time, the game is over and judging ensues. If you're
    happy with your current capture, tap the Retire button and confirm to quit.
    If you come in third, you receive a Sitrus Berry; second place gets you an
    Everstone, and you receive a random evolutionary stone for winning. You may
    also get an Oval Stone for winning, which is a pretty big scam.
    If you don't place, you'll receive a Shed Shell. It should be noted that this
    is the only way to get one in-game.
    The Bug-Catching Contest is also the only way to obtain certain version
    exclusives in the opposite game (Weedle in HeartGold, for example).
    Over the course of the main game, you will find these Pokemon:
                  Beedrill - Butterfree - Caterpie - Kakuna - Metapod
                      Paras - Pinsir - Scyther - Venonat - Weedle
    Once you obtain the National Pokedex, the Pokemon change depending on what day
    you're participating. On Tuesday, the list is the same as above. On Thursday,
    you will find...
                  Combee - Dustox - Kricketot - Kricketune - Nincada
                    Pinsir - Scyther - Silcoon - Volbeat - Wurmple
    And on Saturday, you will find...
                  Beautifly - Cascoon - Combee - Illumise - Kricketot
                   Kricketune - Nincada - Pinsir - Scyther - Wurmple
    That's all!
    20. The Battle Frontier                                                 [oatef]
    Yes, this is pretty much copied and pasted from my Platinum guide. Blame
    Gamefreak, not me.
    Located west of Olivine City, the Battle Frontier is essentially one giant mini
    game. There are five facilities here, each with their own Frontier Brains for
    you to manhandle.
    Upon entering, your Vs. Recorder will be updated. You can now check it to keep
    track of your progress in the Battle Frontier.
    Let's take a minute and head to the center area. There are three places here
    that you can spend your hard-earned BP. The upper left lady will give you three
    scratch-off cards for 1 BP. When you choose them, use the stylus to scratch
    three areas. If you match three Pokemon, or use Ditto to match them, then you
    win the prize listed. In the case of Berries, you'll earn 3; if your prize is
    Nugget, you will only get one, unfortunately.
    The real items you'll be spending your BP on are the ladies closer to the exit.
    o-------------------o  A lot of items can only be    o------------------------o
    |     LEFT LADY     |  obtained here. Note you can   |       RIGHT LADY       |
    o-------------------o  buy vitamins for 1 BP. The    o------------------------o
    | Protein.........1 |  "Power" items are used only   | TM06 Toxic..........32 |
    | Calcium.........1 |  for EV training. See section  | TM73 Thunder Wave...32 |
    | Iron............1 |  26 for information on that.   | TM61 Will-O-Wisp....32 |
    | Zinc............1 |  The Toxic and Flame Orbs      | TM45 Attract........32 |
    | Carbos..........1 |  will poison and burn the      | TM40 Aerial Ace.....40 |
    | HP Up...........1 |  holder. White Herb restores   | TM31 Brick Break....40 |
    | Power Bracer...16 |  status when it's lowered.     | TM08 Bulk Up........48 |
    | Power Belt.....16 |  The Power Herb will allow a   | TM04 Calm Mind......48 |
    | Power Lens.....16 |  Pokemon to skip the first     | TM81 X-Scissor......64 |
    | Power Band.....16 |  turn of a 2-turn charge       | TM30 Shadow Ball....64 |
    | Power Anklet...16 |  attack. BrightPowder reduces  | TM53 Energy Ball....64 |
    | Power Weight...16 |  the accuracy of the foe when  | TM36 Sludge Bomb....80 |
    | Toxic Orb......16 |  held; Choice Band makes any   | TM59 Dragon Pulse...80 |
    | Flame Orb......16 |  physical attack stronger,     | TM71 Stone Edge.....80 |
    | White Herb.....32 |  but limits you to the first   | TM26 Earthquake.....80 |
    | Power Herb.....32 |  move you pick, regardless of  o------------------------o
    | BrightPowder...48 |  whether or not Choice Band
    | Choice Band....48 |  powers it up. Focus Band will sometimes leave you with 1
    | Focus Band.....48 |  HP when hit with a move that would otherwise kill you.
    | Scope Lens.....48 |  The Muscle Band makes physical moves a little stronger.
    | Muscle Band....48 |  The Choice Scarf is like the Choice Band, but this item
    | Focus Sash.....48 |  instead jacks your Speed way up. Pretty nifty for those
    | Choice Scarf...48 |  slow-but-powerful Pokemon. As far as the lady on the
    | Razor Claw.....48 |  right goes, you've seen most if not all of these at some
    | Razor Fang.....48 |  point in the game used on someone's Pokemon, or picked
    | Rare Candy.....48 |  up the TM yourself. It should be noted that this is the
    o-------------------o  only place to get TMs 06, 73, 61, 31, 08, 04, 81, 53,
                           36, and 71.
    As mentioned before,
    there are five facilities you can challenge in the Battle Frontier. They'll be
    covered in a clockwise manner, starting in the lower left.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Rotom's special formes cannot be used in the Battle Frontier.
    He will revert back to his standard forme _after_ you've registered him, when
    it's way too late to do anything about it.
    21a. Battle Castle                                                      [scphk]
    The Battle Castle is located in the southwest corner of the Battle Frontier.
    It's unique among Battle Frontier facilities; unlike everywhere else, you are
    not healed after each battle.
    The way it works is this: Take your team of three in and fight a Trainer.  All
    Pokemon get put to L50, and you are stripped of your items. Depending on how
    well you do, you will earn Castle Points - CP - that you can only spend here.
    You'll be given 10 CP to start. Before each battle, you can spend accumulated
    CP in any way you wish. CP can be used to cure your Pokemon, restore their
    moves, buy items for them... you can even find out information on your foe's
    team using a little CP.
    Below is a list of everything you can do for your Pokemon with CP.
    o----------------------------o  o------------------------o
    | Restore all HP........10   |  | Cheri Berry........2   |
    | Restore all PP.........8 @ |  | Chesto Berry.......2   |
    | Restore all HP/PP.....15 * |  | Pecha Berry........2   |
    | Heal Rank 2..........100   |  | Rawst Berry........2   |
    | Heal Rank 3..........100 @ |  | Aspear Berry.......2   |
    o----------------------------o  | Persim Berry.......2   |
                                    | Lum Berry..........5   |
    o-------------------------------o Sitrus Berry.......5   |         Key
    | Rental Rank 2........150        Berries 36-52......5 @ |         ---
    | King's Rock...........10 @      Rental Rank 3....150 @ |
    | Quick Claw............15 @      White Herb.........5 * |    - No rank needed
    | Power Herb.............5 @      Focus Band........15 * |  @ - Rank 2 required
    | Shell Bell............15 @      Focus Sash........10 * |  * - Rank 3 required
    | Metronome.............10 @      Leftovers.........20 * |
    | Light Clay............10 @      BrightPowder......20 * |
    | Grip Claw.............10 @      All Lenses........20 * |
    | Big Root..............10 @      All Choice items..20 * |
    | Toxic Orb.............10 @      Muscle Band.......20 * |
    | Flame Orb.............10 @      Wise Glasses......20 * |
    | Light Ball............15 @      Expert Belt.......20 * |
    | Thick Club............15 @      Life Orb..........20 * |
    o---------------------------o  And of course, you can mess with your opponent's
    | Identity check........1   |  team, too. You might want to seriously consider
    | Pokemon's Level +5....1   |  buying the Pokemon's summary; not only is it
    | Pokemon's Level -5...15   |  cheap, you'll find out their item, nature,
    | Pokemon's Summary.....2   |  ability, and all stats. You can probably guess
    | Pokemon's Moves.......5 @ |  what Pokemon it is based on that information
    | Summary Rank 2.......50   |  alone, especially if you get an ability only 1
    o---------------------------o  Pokemon has, like Pure Power.
    When you've spent CP to your heart's content, exit and start the battle.
    A few more helpful tips for this place:
    - Don't bother wasting 1 CP on checking the first Pokemon's identity. You can't
    switch your Pokemon order, so save your CP.
    - If you increase the opponent's level by 5, you'll earn more CP. This is
    helpful for building up CP early on, when the enemies are easy to defeat.
    - If any of your Pokemon die in battle, Darach will revive them if you win the
    fight, but they will be at 1 HP! Don't forget to heal them!
    - Watch your PP carefully. They won't be restored after a battle. One of the
    first things you should buy is the second Heal rank so you can restore PP,
    especially if a member of your team is using a Choice item on a move with low
    PP, like Fire Blast.
    After 20 consecutive wins, your 21st match will be against Castle Valet Darach.
    He will use Staraptor, Houndoom, and Empoleon. Win this battle to earn a Silver
    Print for your Vs. Recorder. You'll get CP for beating Darach, too.
    After your third streak of 7, you will gain the ability to skip any battle for
    a whopping 50 CP per time. I wouldn't recommend doing this much, although it
    can help you in a pinch.
    If you can manage to string together 48 wins, Darach will challenge you again,
    this time using Entei, Gallade, and Empoleon. If you can beat him, your print
    will be upgraded to a Gold Print.
    21b. Battle Hall                                                        [opbtb]
    The Battle Hall is found on the west end of the Battle Frontier, above the
    Battle Castle.
    The slogan here is "Let Each Pokemon Seek No. 1," but really what they're
    saying is, "Let Each Pokemon Except Pokemon We Have Banned Such As Shaymin And
    Giratina Seek No. 1."
    Other than your basic banned list of legendaries, you can use any Pokemon you
    want, as long as that Pokemon is at least L30.
    Here's how it works. You take just one Pokemon in and fight. No Levels are
    changed, and you get to use whatever item you like.
    When you go in, you'll be presented with a big board that features all
    seventeen types and a grayed out mystery box in the corner. Each type starts at
    L1 and increases to L10. When you choose a type, you will fight a Pokemon that
    is of that type. For example, if you choose Fire, your opponent could be a
    Chimchar. Sub-types are also taken into consideration; you might also get
    Houndour as your opponent of the Fire category since Houndour is Dark/Fire.
    Keep this in mind when you choose your Pokemon. Remember that it's a one-on-one
    fight. Your Pokemon should know a wide variety of moves to handle multiple
    types. When choosing your warrior, it should be a Pokemon that does not have
    too many weaknesses. This means that Grass-types should not even be considered.
    Pokemon with one weakness will work fantastically, like Swampert and Kingdra.
    Dragons also work well; Dragon is a fairly obscure type, and it's only weak to
    itself and Ice. Kingdra gets special mention because his only weakness is
    Your first opponent in the type you pick will be several Levels underneath your
    Pokemon, and will be ridiculously easy to defeat. The enemies get progressively
    stronger, but you'll not notice any real challenge until at least the 41st
    A few helpful tips for this place:
    - Get rid of your weaknesses first. If you're using Garchomp, for example, it
    would be wise to take out all ten levels of Dragon and Ice, since they threaten
    Garchomp the most. After that, you might want to get rid of the Water-type
    because Water can carry both Dragon and Ice as secondary sub-types. By that
    point, you've defeated 30 opponents, hopefully without any trouble. Even if you
    somehow lose, you've at least lost early on and not when you've got a big
    streak going. That's a lot easier to deal with.
    - Make sure you have a way to deal with Shedinja. Get rid of the Bug and Ghost
    types as soon as possible so you will never see him again. Toxic is the easiest
    way to get rid of him, but if you're using Abomasnow, Hippowdon, or Tyranitar,
    then you've got the match won (providing you don't get OHKOed by Shedinja's
    move). This is another reason that it's important to use something with few
    weaknesses; the fewer threats you have, the better.
    - Know what Pokemon can learn what moves. For example, I had a streak going
    with my Breloom (a Pokemon you should NEVER use here) and fought an Electric-
    type Pokemon. Turns out my opponent was Manectric. I have a Choice Scarf
    equipped, so I know I'm gonna go first. I slam Manectric hard with Superpower.
    He hangs on with a Focus Sash and uses Flamethrower for the OHKO. Game over.
    This is a shining example of why it's important to use something without a lot
    of weaknesses so things like this don't happen to you.
    - Be as high a level as you can. The higher level you are, the longer the
    opposition will take before they match you in level. The longer you can keep
    the advantage, the better.
    Defeat ten opponents in a row to win BP. You don't get a lot early on, but if
    you can build a streak up, the BP starts to add up. If you can manage to kill
    50 Pokemon in a row, you will be challenged by Hall Matron Argenta. She's the
    grayed out mystery square in the corner. She can be a bit difficult because she
    can use any Pokemon allowed here, including Shedinja, so if you're on your
    fifth round, make sure your Pokemon has something to deal with Shedinja, should
    you face it. You'll get a Silver Print for defeating her.
    If your Pokemon can defeat all 10 levels of all 17 types - a streak of 170 -
    Argenta will challenge you again, again using a random Pokemon of a random
    type. Come out on top for an updated Gold Print.
    21c. Battle Tower                                                       [gihtp]
    The Battle Tower is at the north end of the Battle Frontier, directly above the
    Debuting in Pokemon Crystal, the Battle Tower has been the source of much
    frustration and many, many horror stories. It's almost like anything goes here.
    It's the closest thing in-game to competitive play, but if you think there are
    any real rules here... you're in for some disappointment.
    There are no fancy battling gimmicks here - just straight battling. Take your
    team of three in and go as long as you can without losing. That's all there is
    to it. It gets pretty ridiculous later on - be prepared to lose to random Quick
    Claw activations, BrightPowder misses, Fissure hits, and everyone's favorite...
    the dreaded critical hit.
    A few helpful tips:
    - If you wanna win here at all, your Pokemon have _got_ to be EV trained,
    preferably with high IVs. See section 18 for information on IVs and EVs.
    - You only have three Pokemon. The fewer weaknesses they have, the better. Make
    sure you have an answer for as many Pokemon as you can, as you will probably
    see your team's biggest threat at some point up the tower.
    - Make sure you have at least two Pokemon that can deal with Shedinja. You
    don't wanna lose because of that jerkface.
    The boss here is Palmer, the Tower Tycoon. You met him earlier with your rival.
    This time, he will challenge you if you can make it to the end of 3 streaks. As
    your 21st opponent, he will use Dragonite, Rhyperior, and Milotic - not
    necessarily in that order, unfortunately. If you can best him, you'll get a
    Silver Print. As an extra added bonus, each of your team of three will receive
    a special ribbon, just for being in your party.
    It's a challenge, but if you can defeat 48 Trainers in a row, Palmer will be
    your final match in your seventh streak. His three Pokemon will be Heatran,
    Cresselia, and Regigigas. Keep in mind that Regigigas's Slow Start ability
    cripples him for five turns. Use this time to set yourself up for a sweep.
    Winning here will get you a Gold Print and another ribbon (different from
    before) for your team of three.
    21d. Battle Factory                                                     [tiaed]
    The Battle Factory is located on the right side of the Battle Frontier, north
    of the Battle Arcade.
    You probably remember this place from Emerald. It works the same way. You
    surrender your entire team in exchange for rental Pokemon. Their Levels depend
    on whatever battle method you choose - L50 or Open Level (L100). At first, you
    will be given a choice of six Pokemon. You get to choose three out of those six
    to start things off. At the end of every battle, you have the option of
    exchanging one of your team's members for a Pokemon you just defeated.
    Here's the catch: you don't know what it can do until the next battle. It's
    very important to remember the moves used during your fight - this can help you
    gauge a Pokemon's strength.
    On your first streak, you will be told the identities of all three of your
    opponent's Pokemon. This makes it very easy for you to determine what Pokemon
    to take into battle.
    Of course, it gets harder the farther you go. On your second run, you'll be
    told only two Pokemon - your opponent's lead and one of their reserves. On the
    third streak, you'll only be told your opponent's lead and that Pokemon's most
    powerful attack. For every run after that, you'll be told something about the
    types on your opponent's team. You either get no information (they don't care
    about the types) or a certain type (skilled with the Dark-type or whatever). If
    you get a certain type here, you can guarantee that at least two of the three
    Pokemon the opponent has will be that type. Now, while this makes it easy for
    you to build your team to counter them, keep in mind that while they don't lie
    to you, there are a lot of Pokemon out there. You might think that packing a
    bunch of Electric-types to take out your opponent's Flying-type team is good,
    but too bad one of them is Gliscor and he walks all over you.
    Some more helpful tips:
    - Keep in mind that you can't change who your leader is. If you exchange your
    leader for a Pokemon, that new Pokemon becomes your leader.
    - Make sure your reserve Pokemon can cover the weaknesses of your leader. Since
    you can't switch who you lead with, a lot of times you will have to switch your
    leader out for someone more favorable.
    - For each streak, there's only one of each Pokemon. What this means is that if
    you have a Feraligatr, for example, you will never see a Feraligatr in your
    streak of 7. Make sure you remember what the Pokemon you _don't_ pick can do -
    you'll be better prepared to face them should you run into them again. This
    also helps if you lose; you'll do better next time if you know what you're up
    If you can get through twenty Trainers, the last opponent on your third run
    will be Factory Head Thorton. Before the battle, Thorton will mention that the
    device he has reveals your whole team, and he does not hesitate to demonstrate
    that indeed he does know your entire team. Don't worry, though. He doesn't
    _really_ know what your Pokemon are. He'll be using rental Pokemon, just like
    you. If you can beat this jerk, you'll get a Silver Print.
    Four streaks later, Thorton will challenge you again as your 49th opponent,
    again using rentals as you are. You'll receive a Gold Print for winning.
    21e. Battle Arcade                                                      [tpisa]
    The Battle Arcade is in the lower right corner of the Battle Frontier.
    Here's how this facility operates. You choose three Pokemon and send them in.
    Your held items, if any, are temporarily surrendered. Before each match, you'll
    get to spin the wheel, so to speak, to determine various effects on your
    battle. Considering you can see your opponent's entire team, you can really
    screw the opponent's team over since _you_ always get to spin the wheel.
    Keep in mind that the cursor will stop exactly when you tap the button, not a
    couple spaces before or after.
    Also keep in mind that you will see the same icons in both red and black. Black
    affects you; red affects your opponent. Don't be confused.
    A lot of the effects are easy to tell. For example, a lightning bolt icon will
    paralyze all Pokemon; a flame icon will burn them all. A few of them aren't so
    clear, though...
    Some of the icons will have a miniature 3x3 board with either an up arrow, down
    arrow, or question mark. What these do is speed up, slow down, or randomize the
    movement speed of the cursor on the next round (nothing will happen for your
    current battle). Avoid the question mark one like the plague; even with a sped
    up game board, you can still get the outcome you like with some precision.
    Obviously, the slow board is the favorable one.
    There's one with small lines surrounding a blank space. This is the "free
    space," if you will. Getting this means nothing will happen.
    Avoid the tornado icon - it will bring fog, and no one wants to fight in a fog.
    If you land on the berry icon, the player's team will all get a random berry
    from 1-10 for the duration of the battle.
    Later on, you'll see a "BP" icon. Landing on this will net you 1 BP, for free.
    The Lv icons will increase or decrease a player's team's Levels by three each.
    A few more helpful tips:
    - Paralyze your opponent's team whenever possible.
    - Weather brought by the roulette lasts forever. If your Pokemon can take
    advantage of the weather, feel free to do so. Don't hesitate to use the weather
    to weaken the opponent (making it sunny if they have a powerful Water-type, for
    - Don't dawdle in making a roulette selection. If you take too long, the game
    will decide for you.
    Defeat 20 foes and Arcade Star Dahlia will challenge you. As you'll see, she'll
    use Dusknoir, Medicham, and Ludicolo. Her Dusknoir knows Trick Room, so DO NOT
    paralyze her team. Her Ludicolo is also physically based, so if you can burn
    them all, do that for an easy win. You'll get a Silver Print for winning.
    If you can manage to battle your way through 48 total opponents, Dahlia will
    fight you again, this time using Zapdos, Blaziken, and Togekiss. Mamoswine will
    work excellently here. A Gold Print is for you if you emerge victorious.
    22. Pokeathlon                                                          [lashd]
    The Pokeathlon is exactly what it sounds like: A triathlon involving Pokemon.
    It is held in Pokeathlon Dome, found west of National Park. To get there, head
    west in the gate leading to National Park from Route 35.
    First, go to the Pokeathlon Dome. After you're done getting talked at, go left
    and you'll receive an Apriblender from a kind soul. Using Apricorns, you can
    make Aprijuice to boost your Pokemon's Pokeathlon stats.
    Each Pokemon has Pokeathlon stats - Speed, Power, Skill, Stamina, and Jump. You
    can see these by looking at the last page of your Pokemon's Summary. Each
    Pokemon species has its own Pokeathlon stats. Pokemon with more than 1 form,
    including Unown, also has its own Pokeathlon stats.
    Stats are shown with a ranking of one to five stars, with five being the best.
    Not every stat of every Pokemon can reach five stars, and not every Pokemon's
    base Pokeathlon stat represents its maximum. For example, Cyndaquil's Speed
    rating is 4, but the maximum is 5. With proper Aprijuicing, Pidgey could reach
    that maximum. On the other hand, Cyndaquil's Skill rating is 3, and the maximum
    is also 3. Cyndaquil could never go past a Skill rating of 3 (but it can lose
    rating thanks to Aprijuice).
    Go into the Pokeathlon Dome. To enter, head up to the front desk. Whitney will
    give you a jersey to compete in, which you will change into every time you
    compete. Your team color is always red.
    In each Pokeathlon, a team of 3 Pokemon of your choosing compete in three
    separate events against three other teams. At the end, scores are tallied,
    bonus points are awarded, and a winner is declared. If you win, your three
    Pokemon will receive a medal of sorts to show that they have won in that
    triathlon. When all is done, you will receive Athlete Points equal to your
    score at the end. If your score is 412, you'll receive 412 Athlete Points. If
    you happen to win the Pokeathlon, you'll receive a 100-point bonus.
    There are ten different events that are divided among the five triathlons. Some
    will obviously be played in more than 1 triathlon.
    First, you must choose a triathlon to compete in. There are five total - one
    for each Pokeathlon stat. Each event has two stats that your Pokemon should
    exceed in if you want to do well. One of them will always be of the triathlon
    you're competing in. Each event takes about 90 seconds to complete, and all
    utilize the Touch Screen.
    As a general rule of thumb, never use any Pokemon for a Pokeathlon if its stat
    is less than 3. Here's a general overview of each triathlon. It should go
    without saying that you will need a good Pokeathlon stat of the triathlon
    you're competing in, but I'm saying it just for the extra dense of you out
    This is probably the simplest triathlon to win, although it has the hardest
    event in it. That said, you'll need every stat but Power in order to win -
    Speed is obviously the most important since it's used in every event.
    Aside from Power, Pokemon with a high Stamina stat will also be very helpful in
    this triathlon. It would also help if you had a Pokemon with high Power and
    Skill for one of the events.
    This is the hardest triathlon to win. It has the hardest 3 events to win at,
    and they're even harder to break the records in. Power is a stat your Pokemon
    should excel in, but make sure they have an acceptable Speed stat as well.
    This is all about lasting longer than the opponents. Power and Stamina is
    pretty much all you need, but there's a Speed event in here so don't neglect
    that stat.
    Two of the events in the Pokeathlon are only played in the Jump triathlon. You
    will need every stat except Stamina to do well here.
    Before I forget, there's a dude in Pokeathlon Dome who asks you to jump 5000
    times. Do this and you'll get a Rare Candy!!!
    And now, in-depth strategies for each event, listed in alphabetical order for
    easy reference. You will also see the two stats needed to excel, the course
    record, and how difficult it is to win on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the
    most difficult.
    *** BLOCK SMASH ***
     Pokeathlon Stats: Power/Stamina
    Pokeathlon Record: 80 pieces
           Difficulty: 4/10
    Using the stylus, bash your way through stacks of blocks. When your Pokemon
    gets tired, switch it out by pressing the Switch button in the corner. You can
    also switch out by flicking your Pokemon upwards using the stylus. I find it
    easier to just use my thumb to press the Switch button.
    To get a high score here, make sure you bash the blocks in the same spot. If
    you do, your Pokemon will feel good about itself, you'll be able to go on
    longer, and you'll smash the blocks with less effort.
    A high Power rating is more important than a high Stamina rating. Your success
    also depends on how fast you can smash the blocks and how well you can smash in
    the same spot.
    *** CIRCLE PUSH ***
     Pokeathlon Stats: Power/Stamina
    Pokeathlon Record: 40 points
           Difficulty: 4/10
    Control your entire team of three as you try to stand in colored circles. Each
    color has a point value assigned to it, and any Pokemon standing in that circle
    when the time runs out will get that many points added to their team's total.
    You can put more than 1 of your teammates in the same circle, and you have to
    do this in order to maximize scoring potential.
    Move your Pokemon with the stylus. If you run into another Pokemon, you'll push
    them out of the way. The higher your Pokemon's Stamina stat, the more you will
    push them. The higher your Pokemon's Power stat, the faster you will push them.
    The timer is shown by the border around the Touch Screen. When it runs out,
    movement stops and points are awarded for the round. There are six rounds in
    all, and each round has different point values for the circles. Circles worth
    more points are obviously smaller than ones worth less. The time goes faster in
    further rounds, so get in a circle quickly!
    Don't try to stuff your whole team into a +5 circle. The other nine Pokemon are
    also trying to do that, and you will never succeed. There's nothing wrong with
    taking a +3 circle, and 3 points is better than no points.
    If you want to be super slick, take a Pokemon with high Power and Stamina and
    place them near--but not in-- a +5 circle. When the timer's just about to run
    out, push it into the circle. The other Pokemon should get pushed out just as
    the time runs out, giving them 0 points! Just be careful not to push your own
    guy out.
    *** DISC JUMP ***
     Pokeathlon Stats: Jump/Power
    Pokeathlon Record: 40 points
           Difficulty: 1/10
    Move your Pokemon with the stylus, and tap them to jump. If you tap and then
    slide the stylus, they will jump in that direction.
    Discs will fly overhead; jump to catch them. The amount of points you receive
    depends on where you are on the ground when you jump. The farther back you are,
    the more points you get. Be careful, though. If you're camping in the back for
    easy 5-point grabs, you will get pushed off by the opponents easily. Your
    Pokemon will be out of action for a while, so keep an eye on your surroundings.
    Your Pokemon's Power stat determines how well it can push other Pokemon out of
    the way. The Jump stat determines how high your Pokemon jumps. This is
    obviously important if you want any shot at catching 5-pointers.
    *** GOAL ROLL ***
     Pokeathlon Stats: Skill/Power
    Pokeathlon Record: 3 points
           Difficulty: 8/10
    Controlling all three of your Pokemon, push a ball into your opponents' goals.
    When a ball enters a goal, the team that pushed it in gets a point; the team
    who got scored on loses a point. Another ball then appears. Occasionally, a
    large gold ball will appear on the field that is worth two points. Don't let
    this go into your goal, no matter what it takes.
    Skill determines how far the ball goes when you push it. Power tells you how
    fast it goes.
    It can be a little difficult to win since you are controlling all three of your
    Pokemon, and it's very easy to lose points, especially since late in the match
    multiple balls will be on the field.
    Use the Pokemon with the highest Power and Skill stat as your goalie. Keep them
    by your goal at all times and if any balls come near you, shove it out of the
    way. One should stay towards the middle to provide assistance as needed, and
    the other one should be chasing the ball around. These two Pokemon should be
    changing jobs of staying in the middle and chasing the ball depending on where
    the ball is. It's important to keep a cool head and not freak out once multiple
    balls start hitting the field.
    *** HURDLE DASH ***
     Pokeathlon Stats: Speed/Jump
    Pokeathlon Record: 100.00 seconds
           Difficulty: 3/10
    Easy to learn, difficult to master. That's the best way to explain this event.
    Your Pokemon move by themselves; all you have to do is tap them to make them
    jump over the hurdle.
    Obviously, the Speed stat determines how fast your Pokemon will go. Jump
    determines the _length_ of your jump. This is important to remember.
    You can give your Pokemon an increase in speed by making them jump _right_
    before they hit the hurdle. You'll see wind streaks come off them if you do
    this right, and they'll go faster.
    The difficult part is keeping track of all three of your Pokemon, especially if
    you've got them going fast. Running into hurdles will slow them down
    considerably, and sometimes the game will give you two hurdles in close
    proximity to each other - so close that you may run into one. Keep an eye on
    the top screen to see what hurdles are coming next. If two are not directly
    next to each other, do a normal jump over it so you have time to react for the
    next one.
    Speed should be maximized. Jump should be at 3 or 4 so you can clear double
    hurdles easily.
    *** LAMP JUMP ***
     Pokeathlon Stats: Jump/Skill
    Pokeathlon Record: 350 points
           Difficulty: 2/10
    Pull down on one of your Pokemon to make it jump. The higher the Jump stat...
    the higher you jump. Skill determines how well you can jump to the side. For
    each lamp you touch from the time you jump to the time you land, you get a
    You have to control all three of your Pokemon here. If any of your Pokemon
    lands on another Pokemon, the two will be temporarily stunned.
    The key to winning is multiple lamp hits with each jump. Even if you slam your
    Pokemon into each other, it's not hard to win, or even beat the record.
     Pokeathlon Stats: Skill/Speed
    Pokeathlon Record: 35 flags
           Difficulty: 9/10
    This game is hard to win and even harder to break the record. Flick your
    Pokemon with the stylus to move it around. Collect a bunch of flags, then
    return to the start line to add the amount to your team's total. If you run
    into a Pokemon from behind, you will take their flags. This is crucial if you
    want to break the record here (or even stand a chance at winning).
    Skill and Speed have to absolutely be at their best. Skill makes you move
    easier, Speed makes you move faster. You can only hold a maximum of nine flags,
    so keep that in mind.
    *** RELAY RUN ***
     Pokeathlon Stats: Stamina/Speed
    Pokeathlon Record: 12 laps
           Difficulty: 5/10
    Flick your Pokemon to make it move. The higher the Speed, the faster it will go
    with each flick. High Stamina allows it to stay in for longer periods of time.
    There are obstacles that you must maneuver around, such as patches of rocks,
    large boulders, and the other Pokemon. If you run into a Pokemon, you'll both
    be temporarily stunned. Running into a rock will send you flying backwards, and
    if you run into a patch of small rocks, you have to quickly flick the Pokemon
    to escape from it.
    The obstacles won't change on you, so once you memorize where they're at,
    breaking 12 laps is very easy.
    When your Pokemon gets tired, hit the Switch button to bring in one of your
    reserves. It's better to switch just before they get tired to maximize their
    *** RING DROP ***
     Pokeathlon Stats: Stamina/Power
    Pokeathlon Record: 70 points
           Difficulty: 6/10
    In this event, your goal is to push the opponents out of the ring by flicking
    your Pokemon into the others. Power determines how strong your push is, and a
    high Stamina rating will make you get pushed less.
    Your Pokemon will stay in play until you switch it out, or it gets knocked out
    of the ring. You can't switch unless your Pokemon is in its own corner (in your
    case, red). Your Pokemon will get weaker as time goes on, so it's important to
    switch often.
    *** SNOW THROW ***
     Pokeathlon Stats: Skill/Power
    Pokeathlon Record: 30 hits
           Difficulty: 8/10
    Another difficult event. Flick one of your Pokemon in a general direction and
    your Pokemon will toss a snowball in that direction. If you hit an opposing
    team's Pokemon, you get a point. You can tap the Pokemon and they will gather
    snow. This snow will block other snowballs and, when thrown, have a greater
    chance to stun any Pokemon it hits.
    Skill determines how accurate your throws are, and Power determines how much
    sting is on the snowballs you throw. The most difficult part of this game is
    actually hitting stuff; it's real easy to miss.
    If your Pokemon gets stunned, it will recover after a few seconds.
    22a. Pokeathlon Prizes                                                  [pcesd]
    |       MONDAY                     TUESDAY                      WEDNESDAY     |
    |       ------                     -------                      ---------     |
    | Red Apricorn...200          Ylw Apricorn...200           Blu Apricorn...200 |
    | Blu Apricorn...200          Pnk Apricorn...200           Pnk Apricorn...200 |
    | Grn Apricorn...200          Wht Apricorn...200           Blk Apricorn...200 |
    | Moomoo Milk....100          Moomoo Milk....100           Moomoo Milk....100 |
    | Moon Stone....3000          Fire Stone....3000           Water Stone...3000 |
    | Rare Candy....2000          PP Up.........1000           Heart Scale...1000 |
    |                                                                             |
    |     THURSDAY                     FRIDAY                       SATURDAY      |
    |     --------                     ------                       --------      |
    | Ylw Apricorn...200          Red Apricorn...200           Grn Apricorn...200 |
    | Pnk Apricorn...200          Ylw Apricorn...200           Wht Apricorn...200 |
    | Wht Apricorn...200          Grn Apricorn...200           Blk Apricorn...200 |
    | Moomoo Milk....100          Moomoo Milk....100           Moomoo Milk....100 |
    | ThunderStone..3000          Metal Coat....2500           Leaf Stone....2500 |
    | PP Up..........500          Nugget.........500           Rare Candy....2000 |
    o--------------------------------------------------------o                    |
                                                             |      SUNDAY        |
    If you go to the counter to the right of the entry       |      ------        |
    counter, you can cash in your points for cool prizes.    | Red Apricorn...200 |
    Prizes are limited to once per item per day, and the     | Blu Apricorn...200 |
    stuff you can get changes every day.                     | Blk Apricorn...200 |
                                                             | Moomoo Milk....100 |
    Notable items include Pnk Apricorns on Tuesday,          | King's Rock...3000 |
    Wednesday, and Thursday (used for Love Balls),           | Heart Scale...1000 |
    Wht Apricorns on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (which  o--------------------o
    are only found in two spots in the world), Rare Candies
    on Monday and Saturday, and Heart Scales on Wednesday    o--------------------o
    and Sunday.                                              |       MONDAY       |
                                                             |       ------       |
    When you get the National Pokedex, a bunch of other      | Full Restore...500 |
    items will become available. Most of them are just       | King's Rock...3000 |
    evolutionary stones, but they're all really expensive    | Sun Stone.....3000 |
    and will take a lot of competing to earn enough points   | Water Stone...2500 |
    to buy them. Remember, you can only buy each item here   | Shiny Stone...3000 |
    here once per day.                                       | Dusk Stone....3000 |
                                                             |                    |
    o--------------------------------------------------------o                    |
    |      TUESDAY                    WEDNESDAY                     THURSDAY      |
    |      -------                    ---------                     --------      |
    | Full Restore...500          Full Restore...500           Full Restore...500 |
    | Metal Coat....2500          Dragon Scale..2500           King's Rock...3000 |
    | Water Stone...2500          ThunderStone..2500           Fire Stone....2500 |
    | Leaf Stone....2500          Moon Stone....3000           Leaf Stone....2500 |
    | Dusk Stone....2500          Shiny Stone...3000           Shiny Stone...3000 |
    | Dawn Stone....2500          Dawn Stone....3000           Dusk Stone....3000 |
    |                                                                             |
    |       FRIDAY                     SATURDAY                      SUNDAY       |
    |       ------                     --------                      ------       |
    | Full Restore...500          Full Restore...500           Full Restore...500 |
    | Dragon Scale..2500          Metal Coat....2500           Nugget.........500 |
    | Water Stone...2500          ThunderStone..2500           Sun Stone.....3000 |
    | Sun Stone.....3000          Shiny Stone...3000           Fire Stone....2500 |
    | Dusk Stone....3000          Dusk Stone....3000           Shiny Stone...3000 |
    | Dawn Stone....3000          Dawn Stone....3000           Dawn Stone....3000 |
    22b. Creating a Winner                                                  [lklke]
    You'll notice that certain Pokeathlon stats have large stars and small stars.
    This is determined by nature. As you can probably guess, the big stars mean a
    Pokemon will do slightly better in that stat, and the smaller ones mean it will
    do slightly worse. Here is a list of each nature and what stats they will
    Adamant: +Power, -Jump                      Lonely: +Power, -Stamina
    Bashful: (no change)                          Mild: +Jump, -Stamina
       Bold: +Stamina, -Power                   Modest: +Jump, -Power
      Brave: +Power, -Speed                      Naive: +Speed, -Skill
       Calm: +Skill, -Power                    Naughty: +Power, -Skill
    Careful: +Skill, -Jump                       Quiet: +Jump, -Speed
     Docile: (no change)                        Quirky: (no change)
     Gentle: +Skill, -Stamina                     Rash: +Jump, -Skill
      Hardy: (no change)                       Relaxed: +Stamina, -Speed
      Hasty: +Speed, -Stamina                    Sassy: +Skill, -Speed
     Impish: +Stamina, -Jump                   Serious: (no change)
      Jolly: +Speed, -Jump                       Timid: +Speed, -Power
        Lax: +Stamina, -Skill
    To put it a little simpler, ATK corresponds to Power, DEF to Stamina, SP.ATK to
    Jump, SP.DEF to Skill, and SPD to Speed.
    Pokemon come with base and maximum Pokeathlon stats. To increase these, you'll
    need to use Aprijuice. You can mix your own Aprijuice using Apricorns, or buy
    it yourself. There's an Aprijuice stand to the left of the entrance to
    Pokeathlon Dome with Aprijuice that changes every day. It's probably best to
    mix your own, though.
    Stick up to 5 Apricorns into the Apriblender, then walk around a bunch to mix
    it up. The flavor of juice that comes out depends on the Apricorns you put
    in: Red for Power, Ylw for Stamina, Blu for Skill, Grn for Jump, and Pnk for
    Speed. Using Wht Apricorns generally reduce all the stats being boosted, while
    Blk Apricorns boost everything. If you're focusing on raising a particular
    stat, you're better off using the proper Apricorn, but Blk helps in a pinch.
    Mildness can be increased by 1 point by taking 100 steps after you've mixed the
    Aprijuice. The milder the juice, the less your Pokemon will be affected by the
    stat drop of the juice. For example, if you had juice made of 5 Red Apricorns,
    and raised the Mildness by 10 points, it would decrease your Pokemon's Stamina
    rating less than if you had not increased the Mildness at all. Mildness can go
    as high as 255, but there's really no point in going _that_ high. If you _do_
    put your Mildness to 255, the juice won't reduce your Pokemon's stats at all.
    Aprijuice effects go away if you put a Pokemon in the box; if you keep them in
    your party, the effects last until you give them another drink.
    You get 3 drinks out of each batch of Aprijuice you make. Adding any Apricorn
    will reset the total number of drinks to 3, but it will reset the Mildness to
    0. Be very careful when choosing to add Apricorns.
    Once you've got your winners, start winning. It's important to use Pokemon with
    high maximum stats (not necessarily base stats) so you can just use the same
    Pokemon over and over again and increase different stats each time they win.
    The reason you want to do this is to unlock different rooms downstairs. The
    Solidarity room is available at the start - this shows your high score for each
    triathlon, and the three Pokemon that you used.
    Win every triathlon to unlock the Trust room. This room shows you all your
    Pokemon that have earned at least one medal.
    Have one Pokemon earn all five medals to unlock the Potential room. In this
    room, you'll see your high scores for each course, and the course record you
    have to beat in order to gain access to the next room. The records have been
    set by a team consisting of Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. Tap a button to
    see each course. Courses you've bested the record in will have golden-colored
    buttons. Each course also has a second record that you can try to beat if
    you're feeling bold. All of these second records are very difficult to obtain.
    You'll get a crown over each course's button if you can beat them:
             Block Smash: 130 pieces                  Lamp Jump: 500 points
             Circle Push: 60 points             Pennant Capture: 50 flags
               Disc Jump: 70 points                   Relay Run: 16 laps
               Goal Roll: 9 points                    Ring Drop: 100 points
             Hurdle Dash: 80.00 seconds              Snow Throw: 55 hits
    There's also a guy in this room that you can talk to for additional tips for
    each course.
    Beat the first record on each course to unlock the Friendship room. This room
    has a gold statue of you and the last team you used in the Pokeathlon. If you
    have this room unlocked, you may as well try for the second records.
    23. S.S. Aqua Return Trips                                              [gtgap]
    You can ride the S.S. Aqua again after you get off the boat the first time. It
    sails from Olivine to Vermilion on Monday and Friday. It sails from Vermilion
    to Olivine on Wednesday and Sunday. There are different Trainers on each
    The lower right room on the right side is still your room. You have to rest in
    it if you ever want to leave (this is the only way to make the ship mystically
    arrive at its destination the second you wake up).
    If you have 16 Badges when you ride and go talk to the captain in his room,
    he'll give you one of 16 different Plate items. Each of them powers up a
    certain type, but their real purpose is to be held by Arceus, which will change
    his type to the type of the Plate. Don't forget.
    Upper floor. Upper left room on the left side:
    Super Nerd Shawn
    Magnemite L39 x2, Muk L41
    Lower left room on the left side:
    Ace Trainer Shaye                     Ace Trainer Carol
    Jolteon L43, Tangela L43, Tauros L43  Electrode L43, Starmie L43, Ninetales L43
    $2580                                 $2580
    Lower right room on the left side:
    Gentleman Edward
    Persian L41
    Upper right room on the left side
    Beauty Cassie
    Vileplume L36, Butterfree L42
    Upper left room on the right side:
    Psychic Rodney
    CHingling L37, Hypno L41
    Go downstairs:
    Sailor Garrett
    Kingler L42             Enter the left room.
    Fisherman Jonah
    Shellder L33, Cloyster L37, Octillery L37, Remoraid L33   Enter the right room.
    Black Belt Wai
    Machoke L38/L40, Meditite L42
    That's all! Visit the captain if you have 16 Badges, and rest in your bed.
    Lower left room on the left side:
    Poke Maniac Morgan
    Rhyhorn L39, Rhydon L39
    Upper right room on the left side:
    Pokefan Georgia                           Pokefan Jeremy
    Sentret L31 x4, Furret L36                Meowth L36 x3
    $1984                                     $2304
    Upper left room on the right side:
    Guitarist Clyde
    Electabuzz L42
    Upper right room on the right side:
    Bug Catcher Ken
    Ariados L39, Pinsir L40
    Go downstairs and then left:
    Sailor Kenneth
    Machop L36 x3, Poliwrath L36
    Go into the right room and take out all three Trainers:
    School Kid Ricky        School Kid Nate              Teacher Shirley
    Aipom L40, Ditto L40    Ledian L40, Exeggutor L40    Chatot L43, Jigglypuff L43
    $800                    $800                         $2064
    That's all! Visit the captain if you have 16 Badges, and rest in your bed.
    24. Fighting Dojo                                                       [gptlu]
    The Fighting Dojo is found in Saffron City, next to the Gym. This is where you
    go to battle against the Gym Leaders you've already defeated.
    To fight a Gym Leader here, you must first get their number. Here is a list of
    every Gym Leader in the game, in alphabetical order, when to get their number,
    and when you call them for a rematch. Remember:
    Morning = 04:00 - 09:59
        Day = 10:00 - 19:59 (7:59 AM)
      Night = 20:00 (8:00 PM) - 03:59
    Blaine: Find him on Cinnabar Island on Tuesday; call Tuesday afternoon.
    Blue: Have Daisy in Pallet Town massage your Pokemon 5 times, then talk to her
          any time after the fifth time. She will massage your Pokemon once a week
          on Friday from 15:00 to 16:00. Call Blue on Sunday night.
    Bugsy: South entrance of Viridian Forest on Thursday; call Thursday day.
    Brock: Pewter City entrance to Diglett's Cave, any day between 12:00 and 15:00;
           call Saturday night.
    Chuck: Speak to his wife outside his Gym on any day at any time; call Wednesday
    Clair: Dragon's Den on any day between 06:00 and 10:00; unavailable if you have
           defeated Silver at Mt. Moon but not done the tag battle at Dragon's Den.
           Call Friday night.
    Erika: Talk to her twice at Celadon City fountain on Saturday or Sunday between
           15:00 and 18:00; call Sunday morning.
    Falkner: Celadon City Dept. Store 4F on Monday; call Saturday morning.
    Janine: Reception Gate on any day between 16:00 and 20:00; call Monday day.
    Jasmine: Olivine City cafe on any day between 13:00 and 14:00; call Wednesday
    Lt. Surge: After defeating Blue, battle Zapdos at the Power Plant. After that,
               find him at the Power Plant any day between 09:00 and 12:00. You
               have to put a Pikachu from Viridian Forest in front of your party or
               he won't give you his number; call Friday morning.
    Misty: Route 25 (where she was on her date) any day between 16:00 and 20:00;
           call Wednesday morning.
    Morty: Bellchime Trail on Wednesday; call Tuesday night.
    Pryce: Lake of Rage (west side) on any day between 06:00 and 10:00; call Monday
    Sabrina: Olivine City port on Friday. She is on the path to the boat; call
             Sunday day.
    Whitney: Goldenrod City Dept. Store 6F on Saturday between 12:00 and 18:00;
             call Saturday day.
    After you defeat the Leader at the Fighting Dojo, just call them again at the
    appropriate time if you want to ever battle them again.
    Next comes the individual strategies for each leader. Johto Leaders are listed
    in the order you battle them; Kanto Leaders are listed in alphabetical order
    since Kanto is pretty non-linear and you can fight them in almost any order.
    24a. Falkner                                                            [mjftn]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6720
    |  Staraptor L50 |    Noctowl L52 |    Swellow L52 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Falkner's team is still
    |        U-turn  |         Roost  |        Facade  |  the easiest to defeat,
    |       Attract  |     Air Slash  |       Protect  |  but he has a few dangers
    |    Brave Bird  |   Shadow Ball  |      Endeavor  |  you need to look out for.
    |  Close Combat  |  FeatherDance  |   Double Team  |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  The first of these is his
    |  Honchkrow L54 |   Pelipper L48 |    Pidgeot L56 |  lead. Staraptor's Close
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Combat will wreck any
    |    Dark Pulse  |          Surf  |         Roost  |  Rock-types you toss his
    |   Night Slash  |      Ice Beam  |        Return  |  way (not to mention they
    |  Sucker Punch  |      Tailwind  |       Swagger  |  will be neutered on sight
    |  Thunder Wave  |  Hidden Power  |   Double Team  |  by Intimidate). Brave
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Bird provides a powerful
                                                          STAB option. U-turn and
    Attract are really weird options, but... to each his own, I suppose.
    The other threat--the #1 threat-- is Swellow. He'll lead with Protect to block
    your attack and activate his Flame Orb item. This will activate his ability,
    Guts, which multiplies his ATK by 1.5 if he's affected by a major status
    effect. Facade is a physical-based Normal-type move that doubles in base power
    if the user is burned, poisoned, or paralyzed. Coming from Swellow, who is
    really fast, this is really going to hurt anything that isn't Rock, Ghost, or
    Steel. Double Team makes you miss a bunch while Endeavor makes your HP almost
    nothing. The main thing you gotta worry about is Facade, though.
    The rest of his team should be pretty simple to defeat. Pelipper's Hidden Power
    is Fighting, which doesn't help him at all. Honchkrow might give you some
    trouble if you're underleveled, but if you're coming here for practice against
    the new Elite Four, you'll destroy him easily.
    24b. Bugsy                                                              [owbtl]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6240
    |     Scizor L56 |  Vespiquen L52 |    Yanmega L55 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Flamethrower or Fly his
    |     X-Scissor  |       Protect  |        Detect  |  whole team to death.
    |    Superpower  |   Confuse Ray  |      Bug Buzz  |
    |  Bullet Punch  |  Attack Order  |     Air Slash  |  It's that easy.
    |  Swords Dance  |  Defend Order  |  AncientPower  |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Watch out for Shedinja,
    |   Shedinja L48 |  Heracross L54 |     Pinsir L55 |  who can only be hurt by
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Fire-, Flying-, Rock-,
    |         Toxic  |       Counter  |     Rock Tomb  |  Dark-, or Ghost-type
    |       Swagger  |      Megahorn  |     X-Scissor  |  moves. Passive damage
    |     X-Scissor  |    Stone Edge  |    Earthquake  |  will also kill him (like
    |  Shadow Sneak  |  Close Combat  |    Guillotine  |  poison, Spikes, etc.)
                                                          Scizor is very dangerous
    if you're not using a Fire move, but that's about it.
    24c. Whitney                                                            [olwkp]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6960
    |  Girafarig L52 | Lickilicky L50 |   Clefable L52 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Whitney's team is pretty
    |       Psychic  |      Ice Beam  |       Thunder  |  cool, but she has a huge
    |     Calm Mind  |     Wring Out  |      Blizzard  |  Fighting weakness (duh)
    |    Baton Pass  |   Thunderbolt  |     Calm Mind  |  so... beaten down by
    |   Shadow Ball  |  Flamethrower  |    Fire Blast  |  Close Combat?
    |    Bibarel L54 |   Delcatty L54 |    Miltank L58 |  Failing that, a lot of
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  her Pokemon have high
    |          Surf  |        Assist  |          Rest  |  SP.DEF. If that weren't
    |      Ice Beam  |      Fake Out  |       Attract  |  enough, she can Calm Mind
    |   Charge Beam  |     Calm Mind  |     Body Slam  |  pass to almost anyone on
    |   Double Team  |    Baton Pass  |    Sleep Talk  |  her team. This is why you
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  gotta be quick in taking
                                                          out her Pokemon so they
    don't set up on you and waste you. Stick to physical attacks.
    Wring Out is based on your maximum HP, so if Lickilicky got some SP.ATK boosts
    passed to it, expect the first hit to hurt.
    Miltank is the big threat here. With Scrappy, nothing is safe from Body Slam,
    and its 30% paralysis rate is always annoying. Rest and Sleep Talk keep her
    alive forever, so I really hope you've got a Fighting move or a huge advantage
    in Level. Otherwise, this fight is not going to be a fun one.
    24d. Morty                                                              [osogf]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6840
    |   Drifblim L52 |   Dusknoir L52 |    Sableye L52 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Okay, so this fight's
    |    Substitute  |       Payback  |      Fake Out  |  pretty easy. Morty's
    |   Shadow Ball  |    Pain Split  |     Ice Punch  |  team is very lame.
    |   Thunderbolt  |    Substitute  |   Brick Break  |
    |  Destiny Bond  |   Will-O-Wisp  |  Sucker Punch  |  No one of his Pokemon
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  are any more threatening
    |  Mismagius L54 |     Gengar L57 |     Gengar L57 |  than the others. I feel
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  obligated to inform you
    |      Astonish  |      Hypnosis  |    Substitute  |  of the lame Perish Song +
    |     Mean Look  |   Confuse Ray  |   Shadow Ball  |  Mean Look strategy to
    |   Confuse Ray  |   Focus Blast  |   Thunderbolt  |  force you into dying.
    |   Perish Song  |   Shadow Ball  |  Destiny Bond  |  Keep the pressure on
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Mismagius; it's frail and
                                                          will die easily.
    That's pretty much the name of the game for all of
    Morty's Pokemon: constant pressure. His tricks won't be half as deadly if you
    don't give him the chance to set himself up.
    Watch out for Gengar's Destiny Bond.
    24e. Chuck                                                              [tcaim]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $7200
    |   Medicham L54 | Hitmonchan L52 |    Breloom L54 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Chuck's team is really
    |       Attract  |       Swagger  |    Stone Edge  |  strong, but pretty slow.
    |    Psycho Cut  |    Mach Punch  |    Substitute  |
    |  Hi Jump Kick  |   Double Team  |   Drain Punch  |  The biggest threat here
    |  ThunderPunch  |   Focus Punch  |   Focus Punch  |  is Breloom. With Toxic
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Orb, he can activate his
    |  Hitmonlee L55 |   Primeape L56 |  Poliwrath L60 |  Poison Heal ability. This
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  will heal 1/8 his maximum
    |       Bulk Up  |       Payback  |     Waterfall  |  HP between turns. Thanks
    |      Fake Out  |       Swagger  |    Substitute  |  to this, Substitute, and
    |    Blaze Kick  |  Close Combat  |   Double Team  |  a powerful STAB Focus
    |  Hi Jump Kick  |  ThunderPunch  |   Focus Punch  |  Punch, Breloom can beat
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  any Pokemon that he can
    That said, Breloom is pretty slow and has all the
    weaknesses of the Grass type, so outspeeding and KOing him should not be all
    that hard. Avoid using Fly against him because that will give him the
    opportunity to set up a Substitute.
    24f. Jasmine                                                            [towra]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $7440
    |  Metagross L52 |   Empoleon L52 |   Skarmory L52 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Jasmine's team has a lot
    |       Gravity  |          Roar  |        Spikes  |  of synergy with the move
    |     Explosion  |      Aqua Jet  |     Air Slash  |  Gravity. A lot of her
    |   Meteor Mash  |      Blizzard  |    Steel Wing  |  best options won't miss
    |  Bullet Punch  |    Hydro Pump  |   Night Slash  |  in Gravity, so it's very
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  important to kill her
    |   Bronzong L50 |  Magnezone L56 |    Steelix L62 |  Gravity users quickly.
    |       Gravity  |       Lock-On  |          Roar  |  Metagross can be nuked
    |      Hypnosis  |    Zap Cannon  |     Iron Tail  |  with Flamethrower, and
    |     Gyro Ball  |   Metal Sound  |    Stone Edge  |  Bronzong should be hit
    |   Dream Eater  |   Mirror Coat  |  Stealth Rock  |  by Earthquake (avoid Fire
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  moves due to Heatproof).
    Earthquake will kill off Magnezone and Empoleon in a single hit. Bronzong will
    probably take two shots unless you're really high in Level. Due to high DEF,
    the remainder of her team can be incinerated by Flamethrower. If you don't have
    either of these attacks, you'll have a tougher time with this battle. Water is
    one of the few types Steel doesn't resist, so Surf will do a lot of damage.
    After you defeat Jasmine, go find her in the Gym. Talk to her twice and she
    will offer to trade you a Steelix for any Pokemon. It has a Soothe Bell
    attached to it.
    24g. Pryce                                                              [ntctt]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $7200
    |  Abomasnow L56 |   Froslass L52 |     Glalie L52 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  This fight is only mildly
    |      Blizzard  |       Attract  |       Attract  |  difficult, depending on
    |     Ice Shard  |      Blizzard  |       Payback  |  how fast you can take out
    |    Earthquake  |     Ice Shard  |       Torment  |  Pryce's Pokemon, or if
    |   Wood Hammer  |   Confuse Ray  |      Blizzard  |  you can change the
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  weather at all. A lot of
    |    Walrein L54 |    Dewgong L58 |  Mamoswine L60 |  Pryce's Pokemon depend on
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  the hail to launch 100%
    |          Hail  |          Dive  |     Avalanche  |  accurate Blizzards; make
    |       Swagger  |          Rest  |    Earthquake  |  it not hail and his whole
    |      Blizzard  |    Sheer Cold  |    Stone Edge  |  team is pretty much dead.
    |     Body Slam  |    Sleep Talk  |   Double Team  |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Snow Cloak can't activate
                                                          if it isn't hailing, so
    that's just one more reason to change the weather as soon as you can.
    Blizzard is really the only thing you gotta worry about other than Mamoswine's
    Earthquake. If you can take that, you're good to go. Note that Walrein knows
    Hail just in case you can change the weather, so dispatch him quickly.
    24h. Clair                                                              [epofa]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $7200
    |   Gyarados L56 | Aerodactyl L52 |  Charizard L52 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Clair has a fairly
    |     Waterfall  |          Roar  |     Air Slash  |  diverse team, but she has
    |    Earthquake  |    Earthquake  |     Fire Fang  |  a big Water and Ice
    |  Dragon Dance  |    Rock Slide  |   Dragon Claw  |  weakness - you might be
    |  Dragon Pulse  |  Thunder Fang  |   Shadow Claw  |  able to take out everyone
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  except Gyarados with a
    |  Dragonair L52 |    Kingdra L56 |  Dragonite L60 |  single Pokemon.
    |   Dragon Rush  |          Yawn  |       Thunder  |  Gyarados is equipped with
    |   Thunderbolt  |      Ice Beam  |     Safeguard  |  a Wacan Berry to thwart
    |  Flamethrower  |    Hydro Pump  |    Hyper Beam  |  Electric attacks, but it
    |  Thunder Wave  |  DragonBreath  |  DragonBreath  |  won't save him from a
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  STAB Thunderbolt.
    If you're not using Ice, Rock will do fine, too. Just watch out for Waterfall.
    24i. Blaine                                                             [cfaaa]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $7440
    |    Torkoal L54 |   Houndoom L54 |   Camerupt L57 |
    |          Yawn  |    Dark Pulse  |      Eruption  |  Surf his whole team down
    |      Overheat  |   Shadow Ball  |     SolarBeam  |  the drain. There is not a
    |     Sunny Day  |   Sludge Bomb  |     Sunny Day  |  thing he can do about it.
    |    Rock Slide  |  Flamethrower  |    Earthquake  |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  By the time you can fight
    |   Magcargo L58 |   Rapidash L60 |  Magmortar L62 |  Blaine the first time,
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  your team should be about
    |         Curse  |      Megahorn  |      Low Kick  |  this strong anyway, so
    |      Overheat  |      Overheat  |   Confuse Ray  |  his second team should
    |     Gyro Ball  |   Flare Blitz  |   Thunderbolt  |  likewise stand no chance.
    |    Stone Edge  |  Quick Attack  |  Flamethrower  |
    24j. Blue                                                               [citcc]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $11520
    |  Exeggutor L67 |   Arcanine L68 |    Machamp L69 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Blue's team is about 10
    |       Psychic  |        Crunch  |         Fling  |  Levels higher than the
    |     Explosion  |   Flare Blitz  |       Attract  |  first fight, but the plan
    |    Leaf Storm  |  ExtremeSpeed  |    Stone Edge  |  is exactly the same as
    |    Trick Room  |  Thunder Fang  |  DynamicPunch  |  before. Nuke Exeggutor
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  before he can fire up
    |  Rhyperior L70 |  Tyranitar L70 |    Pidgeot L72 |  Trick Room, then just
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  walk all over his team.
    |      Megahorn  |      Low Kick  |        Return  |
    |    Earthquake  |     Fire Fang  |     Air Slash  |  Machamp is holding an
    |    Stone Edge  |    Earthquake  |    Steel Wing  |  Iron Ball, which halves
    |  Thunder Fang  |    Rock Slide  |   Double Team  |  the SPD of the holder. It
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  also makes Fling have 130
                                                          base power.
    Needless to say, this will destroy any ghost you
    bring in. That said, once he throws it, you're good; Fling only works once.
    24k. Brock                                                              [rtths]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6840
    |      Golem L55 |  Relicanth L54 |   Kabutops L55 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Grass move x6: good game.
    |     Sandstorm  |          Rest  |        Endure  |
    |    Earthquake  |     Aqua Tail  |      Aqua Jet  |  After the battle, you can
    |    Rock Slide  |    Earthquake  |    Giga Drain  |  find Brock at Diglett's
    |   Rock Polish  |    Head Smash  |    Rock Slide  |  Cave on Saturday between
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  17:00 and 20:00. If you
    |    Omastar L56 |  Rampardos L57 |       Onix L61 |  have a Bonsly, he'll
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  trade you a Rhyhorn for
    |         Brine  |     Avalanche  |     Sandstorm  |  it. It knows Thunder
    |       Protect  |    Earthquake  |    Rock Slide  |  Fang, a move Rhyhorn can
    |     Sandstorm  |    Stone Edge  |   Rock Polish  |  only get via breeding.
    |  AncientPower  |   Rock Polish  |  Stealth Rock  |
    24l. Erika                                                              [qbnzp]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6720
    |    Shiftry L54 |   Jumpluff L53 |   Roserade L55 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Go go Gadget Fire attack!
    |     Explosion  |        U-turn  |    Stun Spore  |
    |     Sunny Day  |       Memento  |   Energy Ball  |
    |    Leaf Storm  |    Giga Drain  |   Sludge Bomb  |
    |  Sucker Punch  |  Sleep Powder  |  Weather Ball  |
    |  Bellossom L56 | Victreebel L56 |  Tangrowth L60 |
    |       Attract  |    Leaf Blade  |    Earthquake  |
    |     Solarbeam  |    Leaf Storm  |    Power Whip  |
    |     Sunny Day  |   Sludge Bomb  |    Rock Slide  |
    |    Giga Drain  |  Natural Gift  |  Swords Dance  |
    24m. Janine                                                             [ecgir]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6600
    |     Crobat L52 |  Toxicroak L52 |    Drapion L55 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  I like how Janine's team
    |        U-turn  |       Attract  |        Crunch  |  is leagues better than
    |     Heat Wave  |    Cross Chop  |   Confuse Ray  |  her dad's.
    |   Confuse Ray  |    Poison Jab  |  Cross Poison  |
    |  Cross Poison  |    Substitute  |  Swords Dance  |  Still, if you've got a
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Psychic-type, it will
    |    Weezing L56 |    Ariados L58 |   Venomoth L59 |  step all over her. That's
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  the problem with having a
    |         Toxic  |         Toxic  |       Psychic  |  monotype team, I suppose.
    |     Explosion  |        Bounce  |      Bug Buzz  |
    |   Sludge Bomb  |       Swagger  |   Double Team  |  She has moves to hit her
    |   Thunderbolt  |   Night Shade  |  Sleep Powder  |  resistances, but anything
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  that resists Poison is
                                                          still your best bet here.
    24n. Lt. Surge                                                          [oyfto]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6720
    |     Raichu L60 |  Electrode L52 |  Magnezone L52 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  "Earthquake tears open
    |    Grass Knot  |     Explosion  |   Double Team  |  the ground!"
    |   Thunderbolt  |   Double Team  |   Magnet Rise  |
    |  Quick Attack  |   Thunderbolt  |   Mirror Shot  |  This is why there needs
    |  Thunder Wave  |  Thunder Wave  |   Thunderbolt  |  to be an Electric/Flying
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  not named Zapdos. Surge
    |  Manectric L52 | Electivire L56 |  Pachirisu L58 |  wouldn't be so extremely
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  destroyed by Earthquake
    |      Overheat  |     Ice Punch  |     Discharge  |  if there were...
    |     Discharge  |    Cross Chop  |    Super Fang  |
    |  Natural Gift  |    Earthquake  |    Sweet Kiss  |  Kudos to him for using a
    |  Thunder Wave  |   Thunderbolt  |  Quick Attack  |  Pachirisu as opposed to
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  something that can hurt
    24o. Misty                                                              [kwsdp]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $7200
    |    Starmie L60 |   Floatzel L54 |    Lanturn L54 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  For sticking to one type,
    |          Surf  |       Agility  |          Surf  |  Misty has a pretty nice
    |       Psychic  |      Ice Fang  |   Confuse Ray  |  lineup. That said, you
    |      Ice Beam  |     Waterfall  |   Thunderbolt  |  still oughta be able to
    |   Thunderbolt  |    Baton Pass  |  Thunder Wave  |  zap her into submission
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  with some Electric moves.
    |     Lapras L56 |   Quagsire L56 |    Milotic L60 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Note that Lanturn's
    |          Surf  |       Amnesia  |          Rest  |  ability grants him an
    |      Blizzard  |    Earthquake  |      Ice Beam  |  immunity to Electric, and
    |    Rain Dance  |    Rain Dance  |    Hydro Pump  |  Milotic's high SP.DEF
    |   Perish Song  |   Water Pulse  |    Sleep Talk  |  means you won't be
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  OHKOing it any time soon.
    24p. Sabrina                                                            [hlars]
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  Money: $6360
    |   Alakazam L60 |    Gallade L53 |  Wobbuffet L53 |
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  All right, so, you've
    |       Gravity  |    Psycho Cut  |        Encore  |  pretty much dealt with
    |       Psychic  |    Stone Edge  |       Counter  |  everyone except Gallade
    |   Energy Ball  |   Night Slash  |   Mirror Coat  |  and Wobbuffet. Gallade is
    |   Focus Blast  |  Close Combat  |  Destiny Bond  |  Psychic/Fighting and is
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  the token physical hitter
    |       Jynx L54 |   Mr. Mime L56 |     Espeon L58 |  on her team. He's strong.
    |       Psychic  |       Psychic  |       Psychic  |  Wobbuffet's ability stops
    |      Blizzard  |       Reflect  |     Calm Mind  |  you from switching out,
    |   Focus Blast  |       Thunder  |    Baton Pass  |  so be sure you're in on
    |   Perish Song  |    Skill Swap  |   Shadow Ball  |  someone who can take him
    o----------------o----------------o----------------o  on. If you have a Dark-
                                                          type with Dark Pulse or a
    Ghost-type with a physical Ghost move, you'll be safe from the effects of
    Counter and Mirror Coat. Otherwise, you'll probably lose at least 1 Pokemon to
    Wobbuffet. Nothing you can do about that, though!
    25. Master Lists                                                        [mtssl]
    Because every guide needs one.
    25a. Daily Activities                                                   [oweui]
    This is basically a daily checklist of things you can do at certain times on
    certain days. Some are limited to once a day, some are limited to once a game.
    It's important that you know the time limits in order to effectively plan your
    day. Time is divided into three... times: morning, day, and night. "Morning"
    refers to 04:00-09:59, or from 4 AM to 9:59 AM. "Day" refers to 10:00-19:59, or
    from 10 AM to 7:59 PM. "Night" refers to 20:00-03:59, or from 8 PM to 3:59 AM.
    It should be noted that the ribbons from the weekday siblings can only be
    obtained at the rate of one per week (it will take you 7 weeks to obtain them
    This list is best used if you've already beaten the game, but those who are
    still mid-game can use it and just ignore things they have not done yet.
    Gym Leaders' phone numbers cannot be obtained until after you have received the
    National Pokedex. They all must also have been defeated in their Gyms.
    ---ALL DAYS---
    * Buena's Password every 3 hours starting at 02:00 (only once needed per day)
    * Trendy saying on Route 16 (Cut required)
    * Swarming Pokemon (listen to the radio's upper right channel button)
    * Pick Apricorns all over the world and obtain any Poke Balls from Kurt
    * Felicity's Drawing in Goldenrod City's Radio Tower
    * Daily Drawing Corner in Goldenrod City Department Store 6F
    * Free Seals in Olivine City (must have healed the sick Miltank first)
    * Buy today's items in Pokeathlon Dome (once per item per day)
    * Migrate 6 new Pokemon in Pal Park
    * Obtain Chuck's number at Cianwood City from the girl outside the Gym (once)
    * Obtain Jasmine's number at Olivine City cafe (13:00-14:00 only) (once)
    * Obtain Pryce's number at Lake of Rage's west side (06:00-10:00 only) (once)
    * Obtain Clair's number at Dragon's Den (06:00-10:00 only) (once)
    * Obtain Brock's number at Diglett's Cave (12:00-15:00 only) (once)
    * Obtain Lt. Surge's number at Power Plant (after Zapdos battle) (09:00-12:00
      only) (once) (Pikachu from Viridian Forest required)
    * Obtain Misty's number at Route 25 (14:00-18:00 only) (once)
    * Obtain Janine's number at Reception Gate (14:00-18:00 only) (once)
    * Dress like a Rocket and get your picture taken in Goldenrod underground
    * Take your own picture at Cianwood City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Pallet Town (with Professor Oak, completed
      National Pokedex required)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Goldenrod City Dept. Store (with Whitney)
      (18:00-21:00 only) (after receiving number)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Olivine City cafe (with Jasmine)
      (12:00-13:00 only) (after receiving number)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Mahogany City Gym (with Pryce)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 25 (with Misty) (14:00-16:00 only)
      (after receiving number) (Water-type must lead your party)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Dragon's Den (with Clair) (17:00-19:00
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Reception Gate (with Janine) (18:00-20:00
      only) (after receiving number)
    -ANY TIME-
    * Visit Monica at Route 40 for Sharp Beak (first visit)
    * Visit Monica at Route 40 for Alert Ribbon (once all siblings have been found)
    * Ride S.S. Aqua from Olivine City to Vermilion City
    * Battle Silver at Indigo Plateau
    * Obtain Falkner's number in Celadon City Dept. Store 4F (once)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Cherrygrove City
    * Have Cameron take your picture inside Ruins of Alph
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Slowpoke Well
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 35
    * Have Cameron take your picture at National Park
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Olivine City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Dragon's Den (with elder)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 1
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Pewter Museum
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Saffron City train station
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 12
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 21
    * Have Cameron take your picture at National Park (with Bugsy)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Celadon City (with Erika) (after receiving
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Olivine City port (with Sabrina) (after
      receiving number)
    * Visit bargain shop in Goldenrod underground
    * Call School Kid Jack for a rematch at National Park
    * Call Pokemaniac Brent for a rematch at Route 43
    * Call Biker Aiden for a rematch at Route 17
    * Call Gym Leader Pryce for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    * Call Youngster Joey for a rematch at Route 30
    * Call Firebreather Walt for rematch at Route 35
    * Call Gym Leader Janine for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    * Rematch Camper Tanner at Route 13
    * Free Moon Stone at Mt. Moon outside area (until 23:59 only)
    -ANY TIME-
    * Visit Tuscany at Route 29 for TwistedSpoon (first visit)
    * Visit Tuscany at Route 29 for Shock Ribbon (once all siblings have been
    * Participate in Bug-Catching Contest in National Park
    * Visit elder brother for Pokemon grooming in Goldenrod underground
    * Obtain Blaine's number at Cinnabar Island (once)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at New Bark Town
    * Have Cameron take your picture inside Ruins of Alph
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 32
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Ilex Forest
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 35
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Olivine City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Safari Zone Gate
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Blackthorn City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Frontier Access
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 1
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Pewter City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Saffron City train station
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Celadon City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Fuchsia City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Seafoam Islands B1
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 26
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Cinnabar Island (with Blaine) (after
      receiving number)
    * Call Bug Catcher Arnie for a rematch at Route 35
    * Call Picnicker Tiffany for a rematch at Route 43
    * Call Gentleman Alfred for a rematch at Olivine Lighthouse 2F
    * Call Gym Leader Blaine for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Diglett's Cave (with Brock) (17:00-21:00
      only) (after receiving number)
    * Call Bug Catcher Wade for a rematch at Route 31
    * Call Bird Keeper Josh for a rematch at Route 14
    * Call Gym Leader Morty for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    -ANY TIME-
    * Visit Wesley at Lake of Rage for Black Belt (first visit)
    * Visit Wesley at Lake of Rage for Downcast Ribbon (once all siblings have been
    * Ride S.S. Aqua from Vermilion City to Olivine City
    * Battle Silver at Indigo Plateau
    * Visit younger brother for Pokemon grooming in Goldenrod underground
    * Listen to Hoenn Sound radio all over the world for Hoenn-native Pokemon
    * Obtain Morty's number at Bellchime Trail (once)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Cherrygrove City
    * Have Cameron take your picture inside Ruins of Alph
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Slowpoke Well
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 34 (with Day-Care Man)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Olivine Lighthouse 4F
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 45
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Pallet Town
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Viridian City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Saffron City train station
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 12
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Mt. Silver
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Celadon City Dept. Store (with Falkner)
    * Call Fisherman Ralph for a rematch at Route 32
    * Call Bug Catcher Doug for a rematch at Route 2
    * Call Gym Leader Misty for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    * Call School Kid Alan for a rematch at Route 36
    * Call Fisherman Kyle for a rematch at Route 12
    * Call Gym Leader Jasmine for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Diglett's Cave (with Brock) (17:00-21:00
      only) (after receiving number)
    * Call Sailor Huey for a rematch at Olivine Lighthouse 2F
    * Call Bird Keeper Vance for a rematch at Route 44
    * Call School Kid Torin for a rematch at Route 14
    * Call Gym Leader Chuck for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    -ANY TIME-
    * Visit Arthur at Route 36 for Hard Stone (first visit)
    * Visit Arthur at Route 36 for Careless Ribbon (once all siblings have been
    * Participate in Bug-Catching Contest in National Park
    * Visit elder brother for Pokemon grooming in Goldenrod underground
    * Listen to Sinnoh Sound radio all over the world for Sinnoh-native Pokemon
    * Obtain Bugsy's number at Viridian Forest (once)
    * Have Cameron take your picture inside Ruins of Alph
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 32
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 34 (with Day-Care Man)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Pokeathlon Dome
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 39
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Safari Zone Gate
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Dragon's Den (with elder)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Pallet Town
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Cerulean City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Vermilion City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Saffron City train station
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 14
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 22
    * Call Fisherman Wilton for a rematch at Route 44
    * Call Ace Trainer Gaven for a rematch at Route 26
    * Call Picnicker Liz for a rematch at Route 32
    * Call Fisherman Kyler for a rematch at Route 12 (he only uses Magikarp though)
    * Call Gym Leader Bugsy for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    * Call Lass Dana for a rematch at Route 38
    * Call Teacher Hillary for a rematch at Route 15
    -ANY TIME-
    * Visit Frieda at Route 32 for Poison Barb (first visit)
    * Visit Frieda at Route 32 for Relax Ribbon (once all siblings have been found)
    * Ride S.S. Aqua from Olivine City to Vermilion City
    * Visit younger brother for Pokemon grooming in Goldenrod underground
    * Obtain Sabrina's number at Olivine City port (once)
    * Find Lapras L20 at Union Cave (Surf required)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Cherrygrove City
    * Have Cameron take your picture outside Ruins of Alph
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Slowpoke Well
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 35
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Pokeathlon Dome
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Ecruteak City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 48
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Pallet Town
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Viridian City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Saffron City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Saffron City train station
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Celadon City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Celadon City Department Store 2F
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 26
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Mt. Silver
    * Have Cameron take your picture at National Park (with Bugsy)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Bell Tower (with Morty) (after receiving
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Olivine City port (with Sabrina) (after
      receiving number)
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Cinnabar Island (with Blue) (after
      receiving number) (after defeating Red)
    * Call School Kid Chad for a rematch at Route 38
    * Call Bug Catcher Rob for a rematch at Route 2
    * Call Gym Leader Lt. Surge for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    * Visit Daisy for Pokemon grooming in Pallet Town (15:00-16:00 only)
    * Obtain Blue's number from Daisy in Pallet Town (5+ groomings required)
    * Call Hiker Parry for a rematch at Route 45
    * Call Young Couple Tim & Sue for a rematch at Route 13
    * Call Ace Trainer Jamie for a rematch at Route 26
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Diglett's Cave (with Brock) (17:00-21:00
      only) (after receiving number)
    * Call Hiker Anthony for a rematch at Route 33
    * Call School Kid Billy for a rematch at Route 15
    * Call Gym Leader Clair for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    -ANY TIME-
    * Visit Santos at Blackthorn City for Soft Sand (first visit)
    * Visit Santos at Blackthorn City for Snooze Ribbon (once all siblings have
      been found)
    * Participate in Bug-Catching Contest in National Park
    * Visit elder brother for Pokemon grooming in Goldenrod underground
    * Visit bitter herb shop in Goldenrod underground
    * Have Cameron take your picture outside Ruins of Alph
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 32
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Ilex Forest
    * Have Cameron take your picture at National Park gate
    * Have Cameron take your picture at National Park
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Pokeathlon Dome
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Olivine Lighthouse 4F
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Ice Path
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 45
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Frontier Access
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 1
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Pewter City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Vermilion City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Saffron City train station
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Fuchsia City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Seafoam Islands B1
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 39 (with Lt. Surge) (after receiving
    * Call Camper Todd for a rematch at Route 34
    * Call Youngster Ian for a rematch at Route 34
    * Call Gym Leader Falkner for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    * Obtain Whitney's number at Goldenrod City Department Store 6F (12:00-18:00
      only) (once)
    * Obtain Erika's number at Celadon City (15:00-17:00 only) (once) (talk to her
      twice to obtain)
    * Call Hiker Kenny for a rematch at Route 13
    * Call Gym Leader Whitney for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    * Call Picnicker Erin for a rematch at Route 46
    * Call Twins Kay & Tia for a rematch at Route 15
    * Call Bird Keeper Jose for a rematch at Route 27
    * Call Gym Leader Brock for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    -ANY TIME-
    * Visit Sunny at Route 37 for Magnet (first visit)
    * Visit Sunny at Route 37 for Smile Ribbon (once all siblings have been found)
    * Ride S.S. Aqua from Vermilion City to Olivine City
    * Visit younger brother for Pokemon grooming in Goldenrod underground
    * Visit bitter herb shop in Goldenrod underground
    * Have Cameron take your picture outside Ruins of Alph
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Ilex Forest
    * Have Cameron take your picture at National Park gate
    * Have Cameron take your picture at National Park
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 39
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 48
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Blackthorn City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Pewter Museum
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Cerulean City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Vermilion City
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 14
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 12
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 22
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Route 47 (with Chuck) (before obtaining
      Jade Orb)
    * Call Lass Krise for a rematch at National Park
    * Call Ace Trainer Reena for a rematch at Route 27
    * Call Gym Leader Erika for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    * Call Picnicker Gina for a rematch at Route 34
    * Call Fisherman Tully for a rematch at Route 42
    * Call Biker Ernest for a rematch at Route 17
    * Call Gym Leader Sabrina for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    * Have Cameron take your picture at Diglett's Cave (with Brock) (17:00-21:00
      only) (after receiving number)
    * Call Biker Reese for a rematch at Route 17
    * Call Gym Leader Blue for a rematch at Fighting Dojo
    25b. Shiny Leaves                                                       [ftsbw]
    Shiny Leaves are really obscure, slightly hard to find, and almost entirely
    As you may know, you can talk to your Pokemon as it walks behind you. If you do
    this on certain routes with certain-natured Pokemon, it might find a "Shiny
    Leaf." You'll be able to see these leaves on your Pokemon's Summary.
    Once you get one, go to Lyra's house and talk to her, and she'll tell you to
    come back with five. Talk to her once you have five leaves on one Pokemon, and
    she'll convert them to a crown. This isn't a tangible item; it just replaces
    the leaves on the Summary screen. You also get a star on your Trainer card for
    doing so, so it's worth doing at least once.
    The routes depend on the nature of your Pokemon. Once you're on the correct
    route, step into some grass and start talking to your Pokemon until they find
    Adamant: 9, 15, 22, 24, 37, 42, 46          Lonely: 10, 16, 25, 27, 38, 43
    Bashful: 10, 16, 25, 27, 38, 43               Mild: 11, 18, 26, 39, 44
       Bold: 9, 15, 22, 24, 37, 42, 46          Modest: 7, 8, 13, 14, 33, 36, 45
      Brave: 9, 15, 22, 24, 37, 42, 46           Naive: 1, 3, 5, 12, 18, 31, 34, 47
       Calm: 2, 4, 6, 28, 32, 35, 48           Naughty: 1, 3, 5, 12, 18, 31, 34, 47
    Careful: 7, 8, 13, 14, 33, 36, 45            Quiet: 7, 8, 13, 14, 33, 36, 45
     Docile: 7, 8, 13, 14, 33, 36, 45           Quirky: 11, 18, 26, 39, 44
     Gentle: 2, 4, 6, 28, 32, 35, 48              Rash: 11, 18, 26, 39, 44
      Hardy: 9, 15, 22, 24, 37, 42, 46         Relaxed: 2, 4, 6, 28, 32, 35, 48
      Hasty: 11, 18, 26, 39, 44                  Sassy: 1, 3, 5, 12, 18, 31, 34, 47
     Impish: 1, 3, 5, 12, 18, 31, 34, 47       Serious: 7, 8, 13, 14, 33, 36, 45
      Jolly: 1, 3, 5, 12, 18, 31, 34, 47         Timid: 10, 16, 25, 27, 38, 43
        Lax: 2, 4, 6, 28, 32, 35, 48
    Waterfall is required to receive a leaf on Route 47. If you head to Route 47
    for a leaf, stay as far away from the edge as you can. Your Pokemon will be
    scared of the high altitude and might spend all its time being afraid.
    25c. Pokemon Swarms                                                     [ofwwh]
    Listen to Oak's Pokemon Talk every day to hear about a new swarm. All you gotta
    do is go to the place in section and run around in the grass (surf in cities).
         Dark Cave: Dunsparce                       Route 32: Qwilfish
        Mt. Mortar: Marill                          Route 34: Ralts
           Route 1: Poochyena                       Route 35: Yanma
           Route 3: Baltoy (HG), Gulpin (SS)        Route 38: Snubbull
           Route 9: Sableye (HG), Mawile (SS)       Route 44: Remoraid
          Route 12: Relicanth                       Route 45: Swablu
          Route 13: Chansey                         Route 47: Ditto
          Route 19: Clamperl                     Violet City: Whiscash
          Route 25: Buneary                  Viridian Forest: Kricketot
          Route 27: Luvdisc                   Vermilion City: Wingull
    25d. Abilities                                                          [zzhng]
    Each Pokemon has one (sometimes two, but only one of the two at a time) of 123
    different abilities that are designed to help it in battle. This is a list of
    each and every one of them. Some abilities also have a field bonus, that change
    how things work even out of battle. Here's how to read it:
    This is where you'll find descriptions of what the ability does.
    Field bonus: If the ability has a field bonus, you'll see it written below the
    Pokemon that can         in a list going           three to a row; it
    have that ability        down like this.           depends on how many
    will be listed           It won't always be        Pokemon have that ability.
    This Pokemon's STAB is increased to 2x.
    Eevee             Porygon-Z
    If this Pokemon is KOed by a physical attack, the attacker loses 1/4 of its
    maximum HP.
    Drifblim          Skuntank
    Drifloon          Stunky
    Weather effects are cancelled. This means that SolarBeam still requires a
    charge in the sun, Thunder can miss in rain, etc.
    If you survive a critical hit, ATK is raised by 12 stages. If the critical hit
    hits a Substitute, Anger Point activates.
    Mankey            Tauros
    When this Pokemon comes into battle, you are notified if the opponent has one
    of the following attacks:
    - a move that hits you super effectively
    - Selfdestruct or Explosion
    - a OHKO move
    Barboach          Toxicroak        Wormadam
    Croagunk          Whiscash
    Opposing Pokemon cannot flee unless they are Flying-type or have the Levitate
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, encounter rate
    goes up.
    Diglett           Trapinch
    Sleeping foes take 12.5% of their maximum HP in damage between turns.
    Prevents critical hits.
    Anorith           Drapion          Kabutops
    Armaldo           Kabuto           Skorupi
    When this Pokemon's HP fall below 1/3, its Fire-type moves do 50% more damage.
    Blazkien          Charmeleon       Cyndaquil         Quilava
    Charizard         Chimchar         Infernape         Torchic
    Charmander        Combusken        Monferno          Typhlosion
    During harsh sunlight, this Pokemon's SPD stat is multiplied by 150%.
    Bellossom         Hoppip           Shiftry            Tangrowth
    Bellsprout        Jumpluff         Skiploom           Tropius
    Cherubi           Nuzleaf          Sunflora           Victreebel
    Exeggcute         Oddish           Sunkern            Vileplume
    Exeggutor         Seedot           Tangela            Weepinbell
    Prevents stat reduction. Does not block self-inflicted stat reduction.
    Beldum            Metang           Regirock            Tentacool
    Metagross         Regice           Registeel           Tentacruel
    Weather effects are cancelled. This means that SolarBeam still requires a
    charge in the sun, Thunder can miss in rain, etc.
    Golduck           Psyduck
    This Pokemon's type changes to the type of move that directly damaged it last.
    If this Pokemon is hit by a multi-hit move, this Pokemon's type changes after
    the first hit.
    Accuracy of this Pokemon's attacks is increased by 30%.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, chances increase
    that any Pokemon that may hold an item will have one.
    Butterfree        Venomoth         Yanma
    Nincada           Venonat
    When a physical attack is done to this Pokemon, and the foe is of the opposite
    gender, there is a 30% chance the foe will become attracted.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, chances increase
    that wild Pokemon will be the opposite gender of this Pokemon.
    Clefable          Delcatty         Jigglypuff          Wigglytuff
    Clefairy          Igglybuff        Skitty
    Explosion and Selfdestruct fail when used if this Pokemon is in play.
    Golduck           Poliwag          Poliwrath            Quagsire
    Politoed          Poliwhirl        Psyduck              Wooper
    When this Pokemon comes into play, it will receive a boost in either ATK or
    SP.ATK depending on the lower defense stat of the foe. If DEF is lower, ATK is
    raised; if SP.DEF is lower, or if the two stats are the same, SP.ATK is raised.
    In a 2v2 battle, the target Pokemon is randomly selected.
    Porygon           Porygon-Z
    When this Pokemon enters battle, the current weather changes to rain. This
    lasts the entire battle, unless a conflicting weather move is used, or a
    Pokemon with the Drought, Sand Stream, or Snow Warning abilities is brought
    into play.
    When this Pokemon enters battle, the current weather changes to harsh sunlight.
    This lasts the entire battle, unless a conflicting weather move is used, or a
    Pokemon with the Drizzle, Sand Stream, or Snow Warning abilities is brought
    into play.
    During harsh sunlight, this Pokemon's HP decrease by 1/8 of its maximum between
    turns. During rain, this Pokemon restores 1/8 of its maximum HP between turns.
    Regardless of weather, this Pokemon restores 25% of its maximum HP if hit by a
    Water-type attack, and takes 25% more damage from Fire-type moves.
    Croagunk          Parasect
    Paras             Toxicroak
    Sleep lasts for half the duration it normally would. This includes sleep
    inflicted by using Rest.
    Dodrio            Houndoom         Ledyba             Seedot
    Doduo             Kangaskhan       Natu               Shiftry
    Girafarig         Ledian           Nuzleaf            Xatu
    When this Pokemon is hit by a physical attack, there is a 10% chance the
    attacking Pokemon will be put to sleep, poisoned, or paralyzed. The Insomnia
    ability blocks the sleep effect, the Immunity ability blocks the poison effect,
    and the Limber ability blocks the paralyze effect.
    Breloom           Parasect
    Paras             Shroomish
    Super effective damage is cut by 1/4.
    Mime Jr.          Mr. Mime
    When this Pokemon is hit by a physical attack, there is a 30% chance the
    attacking Pokemon will be burned. The Water Veil ability blocks this effect.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability is in your party, eggs hatch in
    half the time. This effect can not be stacked with other Pokemon with
    the Flame Body or Magma Armor abilities.
    Slugma            Magcargo         Magmortar
    Magby             Magmar
    When a Fire-type move is done to this Pokemon, this Pokemon receives a 50%
    increase in damage to its Fire-type attacks instead of taking damage. The boost
    in Fire damage only happens once, but this Pokemon will continue to be immune
    to Fire-type attacks.
    Arcanine          Heatran          Ninetales          Rapidash
    Flareon           Houndoom         Ponyta             Vulpix
    Growlithe         Houndour
    During harsh sunlight, the ATK and SP.DEF of this Pokemon and its partner is
    multiplied by 150% each.
    This Pokemon changes its type depending on the weather. In no weather, it is
    Normal; during rain, it is Water; during hail, it is Ice; during harsh
    sunlight, it is Fire. Sandstorm has no effect on this Pokemon's type. This
    ability does not work if the Pokemon is not Castform.
    When this Pokemon is brought into battle, the move on the opponent's Pokemon
    with the highest base power is revealed. All moves without a fixed base power
    are assigned a specific value, and will be revealed if that value is the
    highest number. In a 2v2 battle, only 1 move total is revealed, and the
    opponent is randomly selected. If two moves have the same base power, one of
    them is randomly selected.
    Drowzee           Jynx
    Hypno             Smoochum
    When this Pokemon comes into play, the opponent's hold item is revealed. In a
    2v2 play, an opponent is randomly selected; the opponent's identity is not
    Banette           Stantler
    Berries that activate at 25% or less HP now activate at 50% or less HP instead.
    Linoone           Zigzagoon
    If this Pokemon is asleep, burned, paralyzed, or poisoned, this Pokemon's
    ATK stat is multiplied by 150%. Pokemon with this ability do not suffer an
    ATK drop if they are burned.
    Hariyama          Machoke          Raticate           Taillow
    Heracross         Machop           Rattata            Tyrogue
    Larvitar          Makuhita         Swellow            Ursaring
    This Pokemon takes 50% less damage from Fire damage and burn between turns.
    Bronzong          Bronzor
    No effect in battle.
    Field bonus: If this Pokemon is not holding an item, it may acquire Honey after
    any battle.
    Doubles ATK. If this ability is lost, ATK returns to normal.
    Azumarill         Marill
    Physical damage from this Pokemon is multiplied by 150%. Any physical-based
    move done by this Pokemon has 80% its normal accuracy.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, higher-level wild
    Pokemon become more common.
    Corsola           Remoraid         Togepi
    Delibird          Togekiss         Togetic
    During rain, any major status effects present on this Pokemon are cured between
    Dewgong           Phione
    Manaphy           Seel
    Prevents ATK reduction. Does not prevent self-inflicted ATK reduction.
    Corphish          Gliscor          Krabby             Pinsir
    Crawdaunt         Kingler          Mawile             Trapinch
    During hail, this Pokemon restores 1/16 of its maximum HP between turns. Blocks
    hail damage.
    Glalie            Snorunt          Walrein
    Sealeo            Spheal
    No effect in battle.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, encounter rate
    goes up.
    Chinchou          Starmie          Volbeat
    Lanturn           Staryu
    Prevents poisoning.
    Snorlax           Zangoose
    Prevents flinching. This includes by Fake Out.
    Abra              Farfetch'd       Kadabra            Sneasel
    Alakazam          Girafarig        Lucario            Snorunt
    Crobat            Glalie           Riolu              Zubat
    Dragonite         Golbat
    Prevents sleeping. This includes by Rest.
    Ariados           Honchkrow        Murkrow            Shuppet
    Banette           Hoothoot         Noctowl            Spinarak
    Drowzee           Hypno
    When this Pokemon comes into play, the foe's ATK stat is reduced by 1 stage.
    In a 2v2 battle, both opponents will have ATK reduced. The Clear Body, Hyper
    Cutter, and White Smoke abilities block this effect.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, lower-level wild
    Pokemon become scarce.
    Arbok             Hitmontop        Mightyena          Stantler
    Arcanine          Luxio            Salamence          Staraptor
    Ekans             Luxray           Shinx              Staravia
    Granbull          Masquerain       Snubbull           Tauros
    Gyarados          Mawile
    The power of Bullet Punch, Comet Punch, Dizzy Punch, Drain Punch, DynamicPunch,
    Fire Punch, Focus Punch, Hammer Arm, Ice Punch, Mach Punch, Mega Punch, Meteor
    Mash, Shadow Punch, Sky Uppercut, and ThunderPunch is increased by 20%. It does
    not power up Sucker Punch.
    Prevents accuracy reduction.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, lower-level wild
    Pokemon become scarce.
    Chatot            Hoothoot         Pidgey             Sneasel
    Farfetch'd        Noctowl          Sableye            Spearow
    Fearow            Pelipper         Sentret            Starly
    Furret            Pidgeot          Skarmory           Wingull
    Hitmonchan        Pidgeotto
    Hold Items have no effect on this Pokemon. However, all hold items that halve
    SPD when held still reduce SPD.
    Buneary           Lopunny
    During harsh sunlight, this Pokemon can not be affected by any major status
    effects. Any status effects already present on this Pokemon are not cured.
    Hoppip            Leafeon          Tangela
    Jumpluff          Skiploom         Tangrowth
    Damage-dealing Ground-type moves fail when used on this Pokemon.
    Azelf             Claydol          Haunter            Mismagius
    Baltoy            Cresselia        Koffing            Rotom
    Bronzong          Duskull          Latias             Tauros
    Bronzor           Flygon           Latios             Solrock
    Carnivine         Gastly           Lunatone           Unown
    Chimecho          Gengar           Mesprit            Vibrava
    Chingling         Giratina-O       Misdreavus         Weezing
    In a 2v2 battle, all single-target Electric attacks done by a Pokemon other
    than this Pokemon will target this Pokemon, regardless of whether or not it was
    the original target.
    Cubone            Marowak          Rhyhorn
    Electrike         Rhydon           Rhyperior
    Prevents paralysis.
    Ditto             Hitmonlee
    Glameow           Persian
    When the foe uses a HP-draining attack (such as Mega Drain) on this Pokemon,
    the foe loses HP equal to the amount that would have been gained.
    Gulpin            Tentacruel
    Swalot            Tentacool
    This Pokemon can only be damaged by direct damage.
    Clefairy          Cleffa
    Prevents freezing.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability is in your party, eggs hatch in
    half the time. This effect can not be stacked with other Pokemon with
    the Flame Body or Magma Armor abilities.
    Camerupt          Slugma
    Prevents any Steel-type Pokemon from fleeing.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, Steel-type wild
    Pokemon appear more frequently.
    Magnemite         Magnezone        Probopass
    Magneton          Nosepass
    If this Pokemon is affected by a major status effect, this Pokemon's DEF is
    multiplied by 150%.
    If a Pokemon with the Plus ability is this Pokemon's partner in 2v2, this
    Pokemon's SP.ATK is multiplied by 150%.
    Moves that would be blocked by the opponent's ability will work. For example,
    Surf from this Pokemon would hurt a Pokemon with Water Absorb rather than heal
    Cranidos          Rampardos
    When an Electric-type move is used on this Pokemon, SPD increases by 1 stage
    instead of this Pokemon taking damage.
    This Pokemon's type matches the held Plate. Also prevents forced item removal.
    This ability does not change this Pokemon's type if this Pokemon is not Arceus.
    Upon being recalled, all major status effects are removed.
    Altaria           Chansey          Roselia            Starmie
    Blissey           Corsola          Roserade           Staryu
    Budew             Happiny          Shaymin            Swablu
    The attacks of this Pokemon and the Pokemon attacking this Pokemon will never
    Machamp           Machop
    All attacks done by this Pokemon are Normal-type instead of their usual types.
    Delcatty          Skitty
    Prevents attraction. Captivate fails when used on this Pokemon.
    Barboach          Lickitung        Slowbro            Swinub
    Illumise          Mamoswine        Slowking           Wailmer
    Jynx              Numel            Slowpoke           Wailord
    Lickilicky        Piloswine        Smoochum           Whiscash
    When this Pokemon's HP fall below 1/3, its Grass-type moves do 50% more damage.
    Bayleef           Grotle           Meganium           Treecko
    Bulbasaur         Grovyle          Sceptile           Turtwig
    Chikorita         Ivysaur          Torterra           Venusaur
    Prevents confusion. This includes by Swagger.
    Glameow           Purugly          Smeargle
    Grumpig           Slowbro          Spinda
    Lickilicky        Slowking         Spoink
    Lickitung         Slowpoke
    No effect in battle.
    Field bonus: This Pokemon may pick up an item after the battle if it isn't
    already holding an item. The type and rarity of items found depend on this
    Pokemon's level.
    Aipom             Meowth           Phanpy
    Ambipom           Munchlax         Teddiursa
    Linoone           Pachirisu        Zigzagoon
    If a Pokemon with the Minus ability is this Pokemon's partner in 2v2, this
    Pokemon's SP.ATK is multiplied by 150%.
    If this Pokemon is poisoned, it recovers 1/8 of its maximum HP between turns
    instead of taking damage.
    Breloom           Shroomish
    When this Pokemon is hit by a physical attack, there is a 30% chance the
    attacking Pokemon will be poisoned. The Immunity ability blocks this effect.
    Budew             NidoranM         Roserade
    Nidoking          Nidorina         Roselia
    Nidoqueen         Nidorino         Seadra
    NidoranF          Qwilfish
    When a move is used on this Pokemon, an extra PP is used.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, encounter rate
    goes up.
    Absol             Dusclops         Lugia              Suicune
    Aerodactyl        Dusknoir         Mewtwo             Vespiquen
    Articuno          Entei            Palkia             Weavile
    Deoxys            Giratina         Raikou             Zapdos
    Dialga            Ho-Oh            Spiritomb
    Doubles ATK. If this ability is lost, ATK returns to normal.
    Medicham          Meditite
    If this Pokemon is affected by a major status effect, its SPD is multiplied
    by 150%. Pokemon with this ability do not suffer a SPD drop if they are
    paralyzed, but they may still become "fully paralyzed" on their turn.
    Granbull          Poochyena        Ursaring
    Mightyena         Teddiursa
    During rain, this Pokemon recovers 1/16 of its maximum HP between turns.
    Lombre            Ludicolo
    Moves that cause recoil damage have their base powers increased by 20%.
    If this Pokemon is the same gender as its foe, ATK is increased by 25%. If
    this Pokemon is the opposite gender of its foe, ATK is reduced by 25%. If
    the foe has no gender, this ability does nothing.
    Luxio             Nidoqueen        Nidorina
    Luxray            NidoranF         Nidorino
    Nidoking          NidoranM         Shinx
    Prevents recoil damage. This doesn't include Life Orb damage; it is not recoil.
    Aerodactyl        Cubone           Marowak            Rhyhorn
    Aggron            Geodude          Onix               Shelgon
    Aron              Golem            Relicanth          Steelix
    Bagon             Graveler         Rhydon             Sudowoodo
    Bonsly            Lairon
    When a physical attack is done to this Pokemon, the foe will be damaged by 1/16
    of its maximum HP.
    Carvanha          Sharpedo
    This Pokemon has a 100% escape rate against a wild Pokemon.
    Aipom             Dunsparce        Poochyena          Rattata
    Buneary           Eevee            Ponyta             Sentret
    Dodrio            Furret           Rapidash           Snubbull
    Doduo             Pachirisu        Raticate
    When this Pokemon enters battle, the current weather changes to sandstorm. This
    lasts the entire battle, unless a conflicting weather move is used, or a
    Pokemon with the Drizzle, Drought, or Snow Warning abilities comes into play.
    Hippopotas        Tyranitar
    During sandstorm, this Pokemon's evasion rises by 20%. Blocks sandstorm damage.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, encounter rate
    goes down in sandstorm.
    Cacnea            Dugtrio          Gible              Sandshrew
    Cacturne          Gabite           Gligar             Sandslash
    Diglett           Garchomp         Gliscor
    Ghost-type's immunity to Fighting- and Normal-type moves is ignored.
    Kangaskhan        Miltank
    Effect percentages double.
    Blissey           Happiny          Togekiss
    Chansey           Jirachi          Togepi
    Dunsparce         Shaymin-S        Togetic
    Prevents switching and fleeing. If the foe's Pokemon has Shadow Tag, this
    ability does nothing.
    Wobbuffet         Wynaut
    If this Pokemon is affected by a major status effect, there is a 33% chance it
    will be removed between turns.
    Arbok             Dragonair        Kakuna             Pupitar
    Burmy             Dratini          Kricketot          Seviper
    Cascoon           Ekans            Metapod            Silcoon
    Prevents critical hits.
    Clamperl          Crawdaunt        Lapras             Omastar
    Cloyster          Kingler          Omanyte            Shellder
    Corphish          Krabby
    Prevents added effects.
    Caterpie          Venomoth         Wurmple
    Dustox            Weedle
    Stat changes are doubly effective, both positive and negative.
    Bibarel           Numel
    Moves that hit 2-5 times will always hit 5 times.
    Cloyster          Shellder
    ATK and SPD are each halved for 5 turns after this Pokemon enters battle.
    Buneary           Eevee            Ponyta             Sentret
    Critical hits do 3x normal damage instead of 2x.
    Drapion           Octillery        Seadra
    Horsea            Remoraid         Skorupi
    During hail, this Pokemon's evasion rises by 20%. Blocks hail damage.
    Glaceon           Piloswine
    Froslass          Swinub
    When this Pokemon enters battle, the current weather changes to hail. This
    lasts the entire battle, unless a conflicting weather move is used, or a
    Pokemon with the Drizzle, Drought, or Sand Stream abilities comes into play.
    Abomasnow         Snover
    During harsh sunlight, this Pokemon gains a 50% boost in SP.ATK and loses 1/8
    of its maximum HP between turns.
    Sunflora          Tropius
    Super effective damage is cut by 25%.
    Camerupt          Rhyperior
    Sound moves - Bug Buzz, Chatter, Grasswhistle, Growl, Heal Bell, Hyper Voice,
    Metal Sound, Perish Song, Roar, Roar of Time, Sing, SonicBoom, Supersonic,
    Screech, Snore, and Uproar - have no effect on this Pokemon.
    Electrode         Mime Jr.         Voltorb
    Exploud           Mr. Mime         Whismur
    This Pokemon's SPD goes up by 1 stage between turns.
    Ninjask           Yanmega
    When this Pokemon is hit by a physical attack, there is a 30% chance the
    attacking Pokemon will be paralyzed. The Limber ability blocks this effect.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, Electric-type
    wild Pokemon appear more frequently.
    Ampharos          Electrode        Manectric          Pikachu
    Electabuzz        Elekid           Mareep             Raichu
    Electrike         Flaaffy          Pichu              Voltorb
    This Pokemon always goes last.
    When this Pokemon flinches, its SPD increases by 1 stage.
    Gallade           Riolu
    No effect in battle.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, encounter rate
    goes down.
    Grimer            Skuntank
    Muk               Stunky
    Prevents forced item removal.
    Gastrodon         Gulpin           Shellos
    Grimer            Muk              Swalot
    In a 2v2 battle, all single-target Water attacks done by a Pokemon other than
    this Pokemon will target this Pokemon, regardless of whether or not it was
    the original target.
    Finneon           Lumineon
    Gastrodon         Shellos
    Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, and Sheer Cold always fail when used against
    this Pokemon.
    Aggron            Geodude          Magnezone          Shieldon
    Aron              Golem            Nosepass           Shuckle
    Bastiodon         Graveler         Onix               Skarmory
    Bonsly            Lairon           Pineco             Steelix
    Donphan           Magnemite        Probopass          Sudowoodo
    Forretress        Magneton
    Roar and Whirlwind fail when used on this Pokemon.
    Cradily           Octillery
    This Pokemon's critical hit ratio is increased by one stage.
    Absol             Murkrow
    When this Pokemon's HP fall below 1/3, its Bug-type moves do 50% more damage.
    Ariados           Heracross        Ledyba             Scyther
    Beautifly         Kricketune       Mothim             Spinarak
    Beedrill          Ledian           Scizor             Volbeat
    During rain, this Pokemon's SPD stat is multiplied by 150%.
    Buizel            Horsea           Ludicolo           Omanyte
    Clamperl          Huntail          Lumineon           Omastar
    Feebas            Kabuto           Luvdisc            Qwilfish
    Finneon           Kabutops         Magikarp           Relicanth
    Floatzel          Kingdra          Mantine            Seaking
    Goldeen           Lombre           Mantyke            Surskit
    Gorebyss          Lotad
    When this Pokemon becomes burned, paralyzed, or poisoned, the foe likewise
    becomes burned, paralyzed, or poisoned. The Water Veil ability blocks the burn
    effect, the Limber ability blocks the paralyze effect, and the Immunity ability
    blocks the poison effect.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, chances increase
    that wild Pokemon will have the same nature as this Pokemon.
    Abra              Gardevoir        Mew                Umbreon
    Alakazam          Kadabra          Natu               Xatu
    Espeon            Kirlia           Ralts
    All moves done to this Pokemon have a 50% success rate while this Pokemon is
    Chatot            Pidgey
    Pidgeot           Spinda
    Any attack with 60 or less base power has its base power multiplied by 1.5.
    Ambipom           Persian          Scyther
    Hitmontop         Scizor           Smeargle
    This Pokemon takes half damage from Fire- and Ice-type moves.
    Azumarill         Hariyama         Munchlax           Snorlax
    Azurill           Makuhita         Purugly            Spheal
    Dewgong           Marill           Sealeo             Spoink
    Grumpig           Miltank          Seel               Walrein
    Doubles damage of moves used by this Pokemon that are not very effective
    against its target.
    Illumise          Yanmega
    Venomoth          Venonat
    When this Pokemon's HP fall below 1/3, its Water-type moves do 50% more damage.
    Blastoise         Feraligatr       Piplup             Swampert
    Croconaw          Marshtomp        Prinplup           Totodile
    Empoleon          Mudkip           Squirtle           Wartortle
    When this Pokemon enters battle, it gains the foe's ability to use as its own.
    In a 2v2 battle, an opponent is randomly selected. Trace fails if the
    opponent's ability is Multitype.
    Gardevoir         Porygon2
    Kirlia            Ralts
    This Pokemon cannot use an attack if it used an attack last turn.
    Slaking           Slakoth
    Ignores the foe's stat increases (except SPD).
    Bibarel           Bidoof
    This Pokemon's SPD doubles when its held item is used, lost, or stolen.
    Drifblim          Drifloon
    Prevents sleeping. This includes by Rest.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, higher-level wild
    Pokemon become more common.
    Delibird          Primeape
    Mankey            Vigoroth
    This Pokemon restores 25% of its maximum HP instead of losing HP when it is hit
    by an Electric-type attack.
    Chinchou          Lanturn
    This Pokemon restores 25% of its maximum HP instead of losing HP when it is hit
    by a Water-type attack.
    Lapras            Politoed         Poliwrath          Vaporeon
    Mantine           Poliwag          Quagsire           Wooper
    Mantyke           Poliwhirl
    Prevents burns.
    Goldeen           Wailmer
    Seaking           Wailord
    Prevents stat reduction. Does not block self-inflicted stat reduction.
    Field bonus: If a Pokemon with this ability leads your party, encounter rate
    goes down.
    This Pokemon takes no damage from moves that do not hit it super effectively.
    This Pokemon can still be damaged by indirect damage, such as poison.
    25e. TMs and HMs                                                        [olnkt]
    If you need details on finding specific TMs or HMs, just do a ctrl + F search
    for "TMxx" or "HMxx" substituting xx for the TM or HM number.
    There are a few abbreviations for more common locations. They are as follows:
    ESC - Exchange Service Corner (in the Battle Frontier)
    CCDS - Celadon City Department Store
    DDC - Daily Drawing Corner (held in Goldenrod City Department Store 6F)
    GCPE - Game Corner Prize Exchange (where you cash in Coins for prizes)
    GCDS - Goldenrod City Department Store
    Keep in mind that this is just a quick list. Some TMs and HMs are not available
    until certain points, so don't flip out if you can't get the item.
    TM01 - Focus Punch                         TM51 - Roost
    Prize for defeating Chuck                  Prize for defeating Falkner
    TM02 - Dragon Claw                         TM52 - Focus Blast
    1st prize in DDC (Monday), Route 27        GCDS
    TM03 - Water Pulse                         TM53 - Energy Ball
    Prize for defeating Misty                  ESC
    TM04 - Calm Mind                           TM54 - False Swipe
    ESC                                        VCDS
    TM05 - Roar                                TM55 - Brine
    Route 32                                   CCDS, Route 19
    TM06 - Toxic                               TM56 - Fling
    ESC                                        Rock Tunnel
    TM07 - Hail                                TM57 - Charge Beam
    Prize for defeating Pryce                  1st prize in DDC (Wednesday),
                                               Olivine City, Power Plant
    TM08 - Bulk Up
    ESC                                        TM58 - Endure
                                               Celadon City GCPE
    TM09 - Bullet Seed
    Route 32                                   TM59 - Dragon Pulse
                                               Prize for defeating Clair, ESC
    TM10 - Hidden Power
    Lake of Rage (any day but Wednesday),      TM60 - Drain Punch
    Celadon City GCPE                          1st prize in DDC (Thursday), Route
    TM11 - Sunny Day
    Goldenrod Radio Tower                      TM61 - Will-O-Wisp
    TM12 - Taunt
    Ilex Forest, Burned Tower, CCDS            TM62 - Silver Wind
                                               1st prize in DDC (Saturday), Route 6
    TM13 - Ice Beam
    Goldenrod City GCPE, Seafoam Islands       TM63 - Embargo
                                               Route 34
    TM14 - Blizzard
    GCDS                                       TM64 - Explosion
                                               Underground Path (need RageCandyBar)
    TM15 - Hyper Beam
    GCDS                                       TM65 - Shadow Claw
                                               1st prize in DDC (Monday), Route 42
    TM16 - Light Screen
    GCDS                                       TM66 - Payback
                                               Route 35
    TM17 - Protect
    GCDS                                       TM67 - Recycle
                                               Celadon City
    TM18 - Rain Dance
    Slowpoke Well                              TM68 - Giga Impact
                                               Celadon City GCPE
    TM19 - Giga Drain
    Prize for defeating Erika                  TM69 - Rock Polish
                                               Route 10 (Lavender Town side)
    TM20 - Safeguard
    CCDS                                       TM70 - Flash
                                               Sprout Tower, GCDS
    TM21 - Frustration
    CCDS                                       TM71 - Stone Edge
    TM22 - SolarBeam
    GCDS                                       TM72 - Avalanche
                                               Ice Path, CCDS
    TM23 - Iron Tail
    Prize for defeating Jasmine                TM73 - Thunder Wave
    TM24 - Thunderbolt
    Goldenrod City GPCE, Cerulean Cave         TM74 - Gyro Ball
                                               Celadon City GCPE
    TM25 - Thunder
    GCDS                                       TM75 - Swords Dance
                                               Goldenrod City GCPE
    TM26 - Earthquake
    Victory Road, ESC                          TM76 - Stealth Rock
                                               CCDS, Mt. Silver Cave
    TM27 - Return
    GCDS (Sunday), CCDS                        TM77 - Psych Up
                                               Viridian Forest
    TM28 - Dig
    National Park, CCDS                        TM78 - Captivate
    TM29 - Psychic
    Saffron City, Celadon City GCPE            TM79 - Dark Pulse
                                               Victory Road, CCDS
    TM30 - Shadow Ball
    Prize for defeating Morty, ESC             TM80 - Rock Slide
                                               Prize for defeating Brock
    TM31 - Brick Break
    ESC                                        TM81 - X-Scissor
    TM32 - Double Team
    Celadon City GCPE                          TM82 - Sleep Talk
                                               Goldenrod Underground
    TM33 - Reflect
    GCDS                                       TM83 - Natural Gift
    TM34 - Shock Wave
    Prize for defeating Lt. Surge              TM84 - Poison Jab
                                               Prize for defeating Janine
    TM35 - Flamethrower
    Goldenrod City GCPE, Mt. Silver            TM85 - Dream Eater
                                               Viridian City
    TM36 - Sludge Bomb
    ESC                                        TM86 - Grass Knot
                                               Route 11
    TM37 - Sandstorm
    Route 27                                   TM87 - Swagger
                                               Olivine Lighthouse, CCDS
    TM38 - Fire Blast
    GCDS                                       TM88 - Pluck
                                               Route 40
    TM39 - Rock Tomb
    Union Cave                                 TM89 - U-turn
                                               Prize for defeating Bugsy
    TM40 - Aerial Ace
    Mt. Mortar, ESC                            TM90 - Substitute
                                               Goldenrod City GCPE
    TM41 - Torment
    1st prize in DDC (Tuesday), Route 8, CCDS  TM91 - Flash Cannon
                                               Route 9
    TM42 - Facade
    1st prize in DDC (Friday)                  TM92 - Trick Room
                                               Prize for defeating Blue
    TM43 - Secret Power
    Lake of Rage (any day but Wednesday)       HM01 - Cut
                                               Ilex Forest
    TM44 - Rest
    Goldenrod City GCPE, deliver Kenya with    HM02 - Fly
    mail intact to Route 31                    Cianwood City
    TM45 - Attract                             HM03 - Surf
    Prize for defeating Whitney, ESC           Ecruteak City
    TM46 - Thief                               HM04 - Strength
    Rocket Hideout (Mahogany Town)             Burned Tower
    TM47 - Steel Wing                          HM05 - Whirlpool
    Mt. Silver                                 Rocket Hideout (Mahogany Town)
    TM48 - Skill Swap                          HM06 - Rock Smash
    Prize for defeating Sabrina                Route 36
    TM49 - Snatch                              HM07 - Waterfall
    Rocket Hideout (Mahogany Town)             Ice Path
    TM50 - Overheat                            HM08 - Rock Climb
    Prize for defeating Blaine                 Pallet Town
    25f. Apricorns                                                          [imtgg]
    The complete list of every available location of every color Apricorn in the
    game. Each Apricorn can be obtained once a day. Apricorns at Pokeathlon Dome
    cost 200 Athlete Points each.
    Pewter City, Pokeathlon Dome (Monday, Wednesday, Sunday), Routes 26, 36, 37
    Pokeathlon Dome (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday), Routes 22, 31, 33, 37, 43
    Pokeathlon Dome (Monday, Friday, Saturday), Routes 11, 30, 35, 39, 39, 42, 45,
    Pokeathlon Dome (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), Routes 2, 30, 37, 42
    Fuchsia City, Pokeathlon Dome (Monday, Friday, Sunday), Routes 37, 44
    Azalea Town, Pewter City, Pokeathlon Dome (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
    Pokeathlon Dome (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday), Routes 8, 42, 46, Violet City
    26. Competitive Battling 101                                            [widnt]
    Now with ultra new copy and paste action!
    So you wanna play competitive Pokemon? This'll help you learn all you'll need
    to know if you're one of those brave souls who still plays on Wi-Fi and EV
    trains their own Pokemon, or if you want to get anywhere in the Battle Tower.
    26a. Individual Values and Characteristics                              [nqtlt]
    Individual Values, or IVs for short, are six hidden values ranging from 0 to
    31, inclusively. There is a value for each of your Pokemon's six core stats:
    HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. These numbers
    are hidden, as I said - there is no way to find out in-game exactly what your
    Pokemon's IVs are. These numbers are also set in stone; they are generated when
    your Pokemon is created and can never be changed.
    What does "when your Pokemon is created" mean? Simple. Your Pokemon is created
    when one of three things happens:
    1) it is given to you (think Bill's Eevee)
    2) you encounter it in the wild (any wild Pokemon)
    3) you get an egg from the Day-Care Man ---> (_NOT_ when the egg hatches) <---
    Pokemon received in trades have already been created by that Pokemon's OT, so
    those Pokemon's IVs can't be changed.
    Exceptions to this are Entei and Raikou; their IVs are generated when you speak
    to them (which makes them flee), NOT when you first encounter them in the
    wild. Keep that in mind if you're looking to get competitive ones! If you kill
    Entei or Raikou, they will go back to the Burned Tower, where you may begin the
    chase again.
    While you can't check precise IVs without the use of a third-party program such
    as an IV calculator, you can guess at some of them by utilizing two methods.
    o--------------------------o---------o--------o  The first is your Pokemon's
    |      CHARACTERISTIC      |   STAT  | LAST # |  characteristics. You can find
    o--------------------------o---------o--------o  these in the Trainer Memo,
    | Loves to eat.            |      HP | 0 or 5 |  below the location your
    | Often dozes off.         |      HP | 1 or 6 |  Pokemon was obtained.
    | Often scatters things.   |      HP | 2 or 7 |  Characteristics are a short
    | Scatters things often.   |      HP | 3 or 8 |  phrase that normally serves no
    | Likes to relax.          |      HP | 4 or 9 |  purpose, but their job is to
    o--------------------------o---------o--------o  tell you - at a glance - what
    | Proud of its power.      |  Attack | 0 or 5 |  your Pokemon's highest IV is.
    | Likes to thrash about.   |  Attack | 1 or 6 |
    | A little quick tempered. |  Attack | 2 or 7 |  Each stat has five phrases
    | Likes to fight.          |  Attack | 3 or 8 |  that the game uses to
    | Quick tempered.          |  Attack | 4 or 9 |  determine what Characteristic
    o--------------------------o---------o--------o  your Pokemon will have,
    | Sturdy body.             | Defense | 0 or 5 |  depending on the last digit of
    | Capable of taking hits.  | Defense | 1 or 6 |  that stat's IV. Here's a list
    | Highly persistent.       | Defense | 2 or 7 |  of all 25 Characteristics, the
    | Good endurance.          | Defense | 3 or 8 |  stats they correspond to, and
    | Good perseverance.       | Defense | 4 or 9 |  the IVs that go along with
    o--------------------------o---------o--------o  them. Remember, it's the _last
    | Highly curious.          | Sp. Atk | 0 or 5 |  digit_ of the IV the game is
    | Mischievous.             | Sp. Atk | 1 or 6 |  looking for.
    | Thoroughly cunning.      | Sp. Atk | 2 or 7 |
    | Often lost in thought.   | Sp. Atk | 3 or 8 |  Remember, IVs can go from 0 to
    | Very finicky.            | Sp. Atk | 4 or 9 |  31. This means that you'll
    o--------------------------o---------o--------o  want your Pokemon to have any
    | Strong willed.           | Sp. Def | 0 or 5 |  of the second Characteristics
    | Somewhat vain.           | Sp. Def | 1 or 6 |  listed from the top of each
    | Strongly defiant.        | Sp. Def | 2 or 7 |  set (because the last number
    | Hates to lose.           | Sp. Def | 3 or 8 |  is 1). If your Pokemon doesn't
    | Somewhat stubborn.       | Sp. Def | 4 or 9 |  have any of those five special
    o--------------------------o---------o--------o  Characteristics, your Pokemon
    | Likes to run.            |   Speed | 0 or 5 |  has no stats with an IV of 31
    | Alert to sounds.         |   Speed | 1 or 6 |  and can therefore be released.
    | Impetuous and silly.     |   Speed | 2 or 7 |
    | Somewhat of a clown.     |   Speed | 3 or 8 |  If you do manage to get one of
    | Quick to flee.           |   Speed | 4 or 9 |  the five good Characteristics,
    o---------------------------------------------o  you still need to check to see
                                                     if that Pokemon has a 31 in
    that stat. Remember, the number corresponds to all numbers ending in 1 or 6, so
    your highest stat could be 1, 6, 11, 16, 21, or 26.
    In the event your Pokemon has two or more IVs that are the highest stat and the
    same number, the Characteristic will be random between them. For example, if
    your IVs were 30/20/9/18/30/30, in the order HP/Atk/Def/SpAtk/SpDef/Speed, that
    Pokemon's Characteristic would either be "Loves to eat," "Strong willed," or
    "Likes to run," because the highest stat is 30 (ends in 0).
    The second method involves a guy in the Battle Tower, conveniently located a
    few steps away from the PC. He will tell you the overall range of your IV
    total, what your Pokemon's highest stat is, and how high it is. He has a
    special saying if that stat is 31, just to make things a little easier for you.
    I (still) don't have specifics on what he says.
    26b. Effort Values and EV Training                                      [osfdq]
    Unarguably the most important aspect of competitive battling, my wonderful
    guide to effort values is the so easy to follow, it's insane. It is even
    improved from my Platinum guide. Still... a lot of it is cut and paste.
    To be a serious battler, one must know about the sometimes-not-so-wonderful
    world of effort values, or "EVs" for short. In a nutshell, EVs are part of what
    make your Pokemon unique. Each and every Pokemon that you capture starts with 0
    effort points. At maximum, a Pokemon can earn 510 effort values (points).
    You can allocate these 510 points in almost any way you choose in each stat
    (HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense), with the max
    points for one stat being 255, meaning you can't put more than 255 points into
    any one stat. The process of putting these values into the stats you want is
    called EV training.
    Have you ever heard anyone tell you "You shouldn't Rare Candy your Pokemon to
    L100, they'll be weaker?" This is only half true. When you use a Rare Candy,
    your Pokemon is instantly sent to the next level. There's a reason the game
    says your Pokemon was "elevated" to the next level rather than "grew" when you
    level up through experience. You gain EVs from killing Pokemon, and for every
    four EVs you get in one stat point, your maximum stat total at L100 goes up by
    Here's an example to illustrate this. Let's say that you have two identical L1
    Pokemon with the same IVs in the same stats. Let's also assume that you use 99
    Rare Candies to put one of them at L100, leaving the other one at L1. At L100,
    let's just say that the L100 Pokemon has an Attack stat of 300.
    Now let's EV train the second one. Remember, you can only have 255 EVs in any
    one stat. Since every four EVs equals one stat point at L100, and four does not
    go equally into 255 (you end up with a remainder of 3), the 3 extra points are
    worthless and best put into another stat. We'll put 252 instead of the full
    255, so we don't waste EVs. At one stat for every four EVs, that's a total of
    63 points (252 divided by 4 is 63).
    Once we have all our EVs allocated, using Rare Candies has no consequences. For
    the sake of example, we have given the second Pokemon 252 EVs in Attack, and
    then used enough Rare Candies to make the second Pokemon L100. Its Attack stat
    is 363. Do you see why? Three hundred was the maximum. By pumping the Attack
    stat with EVs, we've increased the maximum amount by a whopping 63 points!
    That's a humongous difference and could change a 2HKO to a OHKO.
    Needless to say, the more EVs you put into one stat, the stronger that stat
    will be. Your Pokemon will be much better if you take the time to EV train.
    I'll go into ultra ridiculous detail to make sure you understand.
    ---------------------------| Part One: Preparation |---------------------------
    The first thing you must do is decide on a good nature for your Pokemon, but
    before you can do that, you have to ask yourself a question. What is it you
    want your Pokemon to do? For example, if you want your Pokemon to be a physical
    sweeper - that is, beat the oppponent's Pokemon into submission using strong
    physical attacks - you'll probably want an Adamant nature. There are four
    natures that will boost your Attack stat, including Adamant, but Adamant would
    be the best choice.
    Why? Because Adamant lowers your Special Attack stat. Physical sweepers could
    care less what their Special Attack is, since physical attacks do more damage
    with a higher Attack stat. Adamant boosts the Attack stat. You could go with
    Brave, which lowers your Speed, which is not something you want to do since all
    physical sweepers can benefit from being faster.
    When choosing a nature, it's best to choose one that puts a natural negative
    stat drop into a stat you don't need. In this case, Adamant is a fantastic
    nature for us; it increases the Attack stat (which we will use for hurting the
    opponent) and decreases the one stat physical attackers never care about -
    Special Attack. Even though we might not be EV training in a stat we won't use,
    like Defense, we want the values to be as high as possible, so it's best to
    decrease the opposite attacking stat (because it is of no use to us).
    Here's a list of the 25 natures and their effects on your Pokemon's stats.
      Hardy: (no change)        Bold: +DEF -ATK            Timid: +SPD -ATK
     Lonely: +ATK -DEF        Docile: (no change)          Hasty: +SPD -DEF
      Brave: +ATK -SPD       Relaxed: +DEF -SPD          Serious: (no change)
    Adamant: +ATK -SP.ATK     Impish: +DEF -SP.ATK         Jolly: +SPD -SP.ATK
    Naughty: +ATK -SP.DEF        Lax: +DEF -SP.DEF         Naive: +SPD -SP.DEF
                 Modest: +SP.ATK -ATK           Calm: +SP.DEF -ATK
                   Mild: +SP.ATK -DEF         Gentle: +SP.DEF -DEF
                  Quiet: +SP.ATK -SPD          Sassy: +SP.DEF -SPD
                Bashful: (no change)         Careful: +SP.DEF -SP.ATK
                   Rash: +SP.ATK -SP.DEF      Quirky: (no change)
    As long as we're on the subject of a physical sweeper, I will continue to use
    that as an example. When deciding on a role for your Pokemon, you must take its
    base stats into account. Pokemon with a very low Attack stat do not make good
    physical sweepers. You'll want to take Pokemon that naturally have a very high
    Attack stat and can learn a wide variety of strong physical attacks.
    Rhyperior has a very high Attack stat and can learn so many physical attacks
    it's downright RIDICULOUS. Let's use him as an example.
    Before anything, we need to decide what ability we want, if we even get a
    choice. Lucky for us, Rhyperior has two abilities; Lightningrod and Solid Rock.
    While Lightningrod has its uses in Double Battles, for a physical sweeper
    Rhyperior, Solid Rock is obviously the better choice. We'll go with that.
    So... how to obtain Rhyperior? First you'll need a Rhyhorn. Check the Pokedex
    to see if you can obtain your Pokemon in the wild. If you can, good. If you
    can't, you'll have to get one from your friend. In Rhyhorn's case, you can get
    one in the wild at Route 227 as well as Stark Mountain, so I'll go there.
    Now comes a relatively easy part - catching a Rhyhorn. Once we have one in
    custody, we need to take a look and see if, first and foremost, it has the
    ability we want. In this case, we'd like Solid Rock, but Rhyhorn doesn't have
    that ability. What we want is Rock Head - it will turn into Solid Rock when it
    becomes Rhyperior. Release any Rhyhorn you catch that have the Lightningrod
    ability - you will never get Solid Rock out of that.
    So we have a Rhyhorn, and it's got Rock Head. Good. But what's its nature?
    If it's anything but Adamant, we gotta ditch it. That's the only one we want.
    Probability dictates that it would take a very long time to catch an Adamant
    Rock Head Rhyhorn straight from the wild. And it would. Lucky for you, there
    are 2 methods you can use to partially control this.
    Firstly, the Synchronize ability has a field bonus that raises the chances of
    wild Pokemon you run into having the same nature as the Pokemon with
    Synchronize. This Pokemon must be leading your party. If your Pokemon with
    Synchronize has an Adamant nature, finding that Adamant Rhyhorn just got a
    whole lot easier. Now it comes down to getting one with Rock Head, which I'm
    sad to say cannot be controlled and all it takes is some good old-fashioned
    The second method, and probably the easier method, is through breeding.
    ----------------------------| Part Two: Breeding |----------------------------
    Breeding is done at the Day-Care. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, it's on Route
    34. When you first arrive, you'll see a scene, and end up with the numbers of
    both of Lyra's grandparents.
    The Day-Care Lady will raise two of your Pokemon for you for a base price of
    100 money each, that you pay when you pick up the Pokemon. While in her care,
    any Pokemon you leave will each gain 1 Experience Point for each and every step
    you take. When you want your Pokemon back, it will cost 100 money plus 100 more
    money for every Level your Pokemon gained while in her care.
    However, if you put two Pokemon of the opposite gender, and those two Pokemon
    are of the same Egg Group, your Pokemon will eventually make an egg in some
    yet-to-be-discovered manner. The egg is always discovered by accident, because
    the people have no idea how it got there. Are these people even qualified to be
    caring for others' Pokemon if they can't even be bothered to watch them? Geez.
    If you give an Everstone to the female of the pair, you get a 50% chance to
    pass the female's nature onto the baby. This is extremely helpful.
    But finding two Pokemon in the same Egg Group can be a pretty tough thing to do
    (you'd be surprised). Fortunately, we don't even care about that. We're going
    to abuse, abuse, and abuse some more the powers of Ditto, king of breeding.
    Ditto is genderless, but it can breed with anything capable of making an egg.
    Well, almost anything. Odd as it is, Ditto can't breed with itself.
    The Everstone trick works with Ditto, but only if it's acting as the female -
    meaning give the Everstone to Ditto if the other Pokemon is male.
    Let's say we couldn't catch us an Adamant-natured Rock Head Rhyhorn. That's
    okay, because Rhyhorn + Ditto = more Rhyhorn! All right!
    To take advantage of the Everstone trick, we'll need a male Rhyhorn. It
    shouldn't be too hard to find one of those. I will now magically have one, just
    for the sake of moving things along! *holds it up for display*
    Now we'll need a Ditto. Since we're using the Everstone trick, Ditto has to
    have an Adamant nature. You can catch Ditto on Routes 34 and 35, but they're
    exceedingly rare. Your best bet at finding one is to find one in the Safari
    Zone's Wetland Area.
    There's no way to absolutely ensure it has an Adamant nature, but you can help
    it have one by using the Synchronize trick I described above.
    Another (and arguably easier) method is to migrate one from Emerald, where
    Ditto are much more common. In Emerald only, they can be found in the Desert
    Underpass after beating the Elite Four. Use the Synchronize trick or just get
    plain lucky, either way get yourself an Adamant Ditto. I will now magically
    have one for the sake of example. *holds it up on a plate to prevent oozing*
    So we stick the two of them in the Day Care. How long do you have to wait for
    an egg? Well, the Day-Care Man can help you out with that one. Talk to him
    outside and he'll tell you your two Pokemon are doing well.
    What he says next is what you need to pay attention to. He'll say a variety of
    things that tell how well your two Pokemon like each other, including things
    "They don't seem to like each other much."
    "They seem to get along."
    "They seem to get along very well."
    Or something to that extent. Anyway, if he says anything EXCEPT:
    "The two prefer to play with other Pokemon more than with each other."...
    You will eventually make an egg. The above sentence means the two Pokemon you
    left are in different Egg Groups and will never make an egg. Even if he tells
    you that your Pokemon don't like each other very much, they'll still eventually
    make an egg.
    The best line to hear is "They seem to get along very well." The way to get
    this is to use two Pokemon of the same species, but different OT numbers.
    Every time you change locations (as in move to a different route, town, city,
    etc.), the two Pokemon you left have a chance to make an egg. The more the two
    like each other, the higher this chance is. To see if your Pokemon have made an
    egg yet, go to the Day-Care. The Day-Care Man will also be facing right instead
    of down when he has an egg to give.
    You cannot take your Pokemon back until _someone_ is caring for this egg. If
    you don't want the egg, just tell him you don't want it and confirm your
    decision. If you do choose to take it, you're stuck with it forever until you
    hatch it. No releasing Eggs! You can trade it to a different version, but that
    egg will sit forever until it is hatched.
    Once you receive an egg, the Day-Care Man will ask you if it's okay to call you
    if any more eggs are found. This is pretty helpful, but can be slightly
    annoying if you'd like to just leave some Pokemon in there. You can call the
    Day-Care Man at any time to see if there's an egg for you (the Day-Care Lady
    will tell you how many Levels your Pokemon have advanced while in her care).
    If you don't want the Day-Care Man to bother you with new egg discoveries, talk
    to him when he doesn't have an egg for you and he'll ask you again if it's okay
    to call. Once you tell him yes, he will _always_ call if there's an egg, so
    remember to tell him to shove off once you're done breeding.
    To hatch an egg, keep it with you in your party, then take steps. Every Pokemon
    has a set amount of steps necessary to be hatched. Most are 5280 steps, or
    somewhere near there. Either way, it's quite a lot. The question is: how do you
    hatch eggs quickly?
    The answer: find a Pokemon that has the Flame Body or Magma Armor abilities.
    Putting one of them in your party will reduce the amount of steps needed to
    hatch an egg by half.
    In Emerald, you were given a huge strip of land to ride back and forth on,
    right near the Day Care, to make hatching eggs that much easier. Biking from
    the north end of Goldenrod City to the Route 34 entrance to Ilex Forest is
    pretty much the best you have in HeartGold and SoulSilver.
    While you're hatching that first egg, your two Pokemon will no doubt make more
    eggs since you're changing locations all the time. It is suggested that you
    carry two or three eggs on your person at all times, so in the event one egg
    isn't what you're looking for, you can release it and not have to start from
    scratch. If it does end up being what you want, you can either hatch the
    remaining eggs or trade them to friends.
    Lo and behold, we now have our Adamant Rock Head Rhyhorn!
    -------------------------| Intermission: IV Breeding |-------------------------
    When you breed a Pokemon, its IVs are generated the moment you receive the egg.
    The baby receives one IV from its mother, one IV from its father, and one IV
    that is randomly selected from either parent. The other 3 IVs are generated
    randomly. Since 31 is the best possible IV for any stat, it is always a good
    idea to try to get a baby with 3 31s minimum (this is assuming that your baby's
    parents have at least 3 31s between them). Even if the remaining stats are less
    than desirable, it makes for better parents in the future.
    In HeartGold and SoulSilver only, you can directly influence some of the IVs
    that your baby has. In the Battle Frontier, you can purchase items that are
    normally used for EV training, but can be used to pass on IVs instead. Called
    "Power" items due to the word "Power" being common in all the items, if you
    give these items to each parent, you will pass the corresponding IV from each
    parent, guaranteed:
    Weight: HP
    Bracer: Attack
      Belt: Defense
      Lens: Special Attack
      Band: Special Defense
    Anklet: Speed
    Do note that if you utilize this method for both parents, you cannot influence
    the nature, so choose wisely!
    ---------------------------| Part Three: Training |---------------------------
    Before you even head out into the field, you need to give your Pokemon
    vitamins. You should be familiar with them - you've probably picked up some
    over the course of the game. They are the items that increase a Pokemon's base
    stat, go by the name of Carbos, Zinc, HP Up, etc.? Yeah, you know what I mean.
    These are actually used for EV training. What they do is give your Pokemon 10
    EVs for the stat the item corresponds to. So if you give your Pokemon a Zinc,
    that Pokemon gets 10 EVs in Special Defense. They count towards the 255 you can
    put into your stat.
    I'm sure you've also noticed that sometimes when you try to feed your Pokemon a
    vitamin, it will say, "It won't have any effect." This is because vitamins have
    a limit to how many EVs they can give, and that limit is 100. Once your Pokemon
    has at least 100 EVs in any stat, vitamins for that stat will have no effect.
    This is why you need to give your Pokemon all the vitamins it can take BEFORE
    you go training in your stat. All it does is lighten the load for you. It's not
    required, but recommended.
    But what if you mess up? What if you're not paying attention and you feed your
    Pokemon a vitamin and doesn't need? Or some time down the road you decide it
    was a bad idea to invest 252 EVs in Defense, and you'd rather train in HP
    instead? Are you screwed? Not at all. Like there are vitamins to increase EVs,
    there are certain berries that will decrease EVs (and boost happiness a little)
    every time they are fed to a Pokemon. The berries in particular are #21-26.
    Each berry will drop EVs in the stat they correspond to by 10.
    If you feed a Pokemon an EV-reducing berry and that Pokemon has at least 101
    EVs in that stat, that single berry will set the EVs to 100. This is true
    whether you have 101 EVs, 183 EVs, even if you have 255 EVs in a stat, that one
    berry will drop it to 100. Each berry fed after that will reduce it by 10 until
    the stat reaches zero. It's extremely helpful, and saves you on berry
    consumption too.
    Most of your EV training will be done the old-fashioned way; murdering wild
    Pokemon. But wait! You can't just go around defeating any Pokemon you want.
    This is the difficult part, and it can take a while.
    Each Pokemon, when killed, gives the Pokemon that killed it one, two, or three
    points in one stat, a value you cannot see, that starts at zero when you catch
    or hatch the Pokemon. Some Pokemon give one point in multiple stats. These
    points are effort points, the things you're looking for. Pokemon holding the
    Experience Share will gain the base EVs your leader kills. You can use that to
    give EVs to Pokemon who are weak (probably the Lv.1 eggs you'll be hatching).
    Here's an example.
    Say you have an Empoleon, like me. Empoleon kills a Starly. Since Starly gives
    1 point in Speed, Empoleon now has 1 Speed EV.
    If I had that Adamant Rock Head Rhyhorn from before, he could probably take out
    that Starly on his own. But let's say for the sake of example that that Starly
    was genetically engineered and knows Water Gun, a move that surely would wreck
    my poor Rhyhorn. So I give it the Exp. Share to keep it safe while my Empoleon
    goes to town. So from that Starly, Empoleon gets 1 EV for Speed because he's
    the one that killed it. Since any Pokemon holding the Exp. Share gets the base
    value of EVs from whatever was killed, my Rhyhorn gets 1 EV in Speed, too.
    There are some places where you can go where many of the wild Pokemon there
    give specific kinds of effort points, making training a little less random.
    Surf in Union Cave and you will only find Wooper and Quagsire for one and two
    points, respectively.
    Surf on Route 42. Goldeen gives 1 point, Seaking gives two.
    Route 45 has a plethora of Pokemon for you to train on: Geodude can be found in
    both versions and gives one point. Graveler is likewise in both games and gives
    two. Gligar, which is exclusive to HeartGold, gives one point. Fortune smiles
    on SoulSilver, however; they can find Skarmory instead, who gives two. Phanpy
    (in HG) and Teddiursa (in SS) should be run from; they do not give Defense EVs.
    Surf in Violet City to find only Poliwag and Poliwhirl. Poliwag gives one
    point, Poliwhirl gives two.
    Alternatively, fish at Route 35 with the Old Rod. Magikarp and Poliwag both
    give 1 point.
    Surf on Route 34 (south of Goldenrod City) and you'll only find Psyduck and
    Golduck. Psyduck gives one point, and Golduck gives two.
    Surf in Cherrygrove City to only find Tentacool (1 point) and Tentacruel (2
    But wait! There's more!
    There are three, count 'em three, ways to make EV training easier. The first is
    with the Macho Brace. The only way to get the Macho Brace is to trade a Drowzee
    for Jose's Machop in Goldenrod City. The Machop is equipped with the item. This
    hold item doubles the effort points you get, but halves the Speed of the
    Pokemon holding it for as long as the Pokemon holds it.
    Example time!
    If my Empoleon equips the Macho Brace and kills a Starly, he gets 2 points
    in Speed because Starly gives 1, and Macho Brace doubles it for 2 total points.
    Remember when I mentioned the Power items? This is where they shine. They're
    obtainable only in the Battle Frontier, and you can only get them as prizes in
    the Exchange Service Corner for 16 BP each.
    What these do is add four EV points to the stat they correspond to. This is
    important to remember; it adds four points. No multiplying involved here.
    So if my Empoleon equips the Power Anklet (the Power item for Speed) and kills
    a Starly, he gets 5 points because Starly gives 1, and the Power Anklet ADDS
    FOUR for a total of 5 points.
    These items are pretty cool because you can mix and match EVs. Example:
    My Empoleon has the Power Lens equipped (the Power item for Special Attack) and
    kills a Starly. He gets 1 Speed point from the Starly he killed, and also 4
    Special Attack EVs from having the Power Lens equipped. You can either turbo
    charge EV training in a single stat, or do a little of both at once! It's easy!
    Finally, there's the Pokemon virus, or Pokerus for short. Pokerus is shown as
    PKRS on the Summary Screen (and only there), and you can find it next to the
    Pokemon's level. This will also double effort points gained from a battle.
    So if my Empoleon equips the Macho Brace and has PKRS and then kills a Starly,
    he gets 4 points in Speed because Starly gives 1, PKRS doubles it to 2 and then
    Macho Brace doubles it again for a total of 4 points.
    But if my Empoleon instead has the Power Anklet equipped and I kill another
    Starly, I get TEN POINTS in Speed; Starly gives one. The Power Anklet ADDS FOUR
    to make it five. PKRS doubles that to make a whopping 10 points from killing a
    single Starly! Holy easy training Batman!
    Quite easy. And very effective.
    ------------------------------| Part Four: PKRS |------------------------------
    You now know how awesome PKRS is. But how do you get it?
    To put it simply, you don't get Pokerus - it quite literally gets you.
    The healer lady will tell you that your Pokemon have been infected after
    healing at a Pokemon Center, and it should go away shortly. YOU DO NOT WANT
    THIS TO HAPPEN. Here's how to preserve it.
    When initially told you've been infected, there is a chance your entire party
    will be infected. At least one will be. Catch a Pokemon you don't care about
    (henceforth referred to as Pichu). PKRS spreads from the center of your team;
    let Pichu sit between two Pokemon that are infected (or next to one that is).
    Kill off a few wild Pokemon and wait for Pichu to become infected. Then all you
    do is deposit Pichu in the box (if you have more than one Pichu, mark the
    infected Pichu with all six marks so you know that's the one you want) and
    wait until you need to EV train someone else. As long as Pichu sits in the box,
    PKRS will never go away. It's a good idea to infect multiple Pichu in the event
    your PKRS mysteriously vanishes from one before you get a chance to put it
    back, as a safeguard of sorts. To infect your team, put the Pichu in the center
    of your team (on the right side). It will eventually spread, starting with the
    middle, throughout your team.
    Like I said, it's _extremely_ rare to get Pokerus. Some people are just lucky,
    though, and get it almost right away.
    The easiest way to get it is to just trade with someone who has it, though.
    On a final note, if your Pokemon loses PKRS while you're training, don't worry.
    You'll still receive the double EVs. Losing PKRS just means that Pokemon can't
    pass it to other Pokemon anymore.
    That should do it. Any questions, comments, anything at all, e-mail me.
    27. Pal Park                                                            [ifrtd]
    Pal Park is found at the northern end of Fuchsia City.
    This section goes over the Catching Show, the game used to get Pokemon from
    previous games. Using Pal Park, you can bring any Pokemon from Ruby, Sapphire,
    Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen into HeartGold and SoulSilver in a process
    called migrating.
    Migrating has a few rules:
    - You can only migrate once per cartridge per 24 hour period. If you have more
    than one GBA Pokemon game, you may migrate using each of them, but only once
    per day. You have to wait 24 hours before migrating with the same game again.
    - You have to migrate six Pokemon. No more, no less.
    - You can only migrate a Pokemon that is not in your party.
    - You can not migrate any Pokemon that knows Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash,
    Rock Smash, Waterfall, or Dive.
    - You can not migrate an egg.
    Be warned that you can never put your Pokemon back onto your GBA game, so be
    absolutely sure you want them in HeartGold or SoulSilver before migrating them.
    If you are playing this game using a DSi or DSi XL, you do not have a GBA Slot,
    so it should go without saying that you cannot utilize Pal Park.
    Once you have successfully migrated your six Pokemon into HeartGold or
    SoulSilver, go to Pal Park and talk to the guy at the counter. Agree to begin
    the Catching Show and he will send you into the actual Pal Park. You will be
    given six Park Balls with which to recapture the migrated Pokemon. These are
    not actual Poke Balls and they cannot fail when used. Your Pokemon will still
    retain all of its original info; what ball it was captured in, the OT and his
    or her ID number, moves, whether or not it's shiny, etc.
    There are five areas in Pal Park - grass, forest, pond, mountain, and ocean.
    Each Pokemon has a certain area in which they are found, and to chronicle them
    all here would be absolutely ridiculous. It's also pointless because all you
    get for doing well is a silly berry that does not matter.
    After you're finished, you get told your score and then you receive the berry
    prize. You are then asked if you want to put your Pokemon in PC Boxes. If you
    say no, you will replay the Catching Show again. All the Pokemon will be in the
    same spots you first found them in, so if you're really that anal about getting
    a really high score, just keep playing until you're happy. Legendary Pokemon
    will give you a higher score, but they're harder to find in the field. Use some
    common sense when searching; you're not going to find Kyogre in the forest.
    That's all!
    28. The Pokewalker                                                      [stgfl]
    The Pokewalker is, in a nutshell, a pedometer. It is a real-life peripheral
    that comes with every copy of HeartGold and SoulSilver. This section describes
    how to use the Pokewalker, which courses you can unlock, and the Pokemon you
    can find in each course.
    To use the Pokewalker, you must have at least 1 Pokemon deposited in the PC.
    You can send a Pokemon to the Pokewalker the second you are able to catch your
    own Pokemon.
    To send a Pokemon to the Pokewalker, choose "Connect to Pokewalker" on the file
    select screen and follow the on-screen instructions. Don't forget to tear out
    the paper inside the Pokewalker so you can connect properly.
    If for any reason your game won't let your Pokewalker connect to your game
    (because the game thinks the Pokemon is in the game, not the Pokewalker, or if
    you start a new game and want to re-sync the Pokewalker), press Up + Select + R
    on the Pokewalker connection screen and confirm your decision.
    If you happen to lose your Pokewalker while your Pokemon's in it, press Down +
    X + L after the first screen and you'll get your Pokemon back, minus any
    progress it had made on the course it was on.
    Okay, so you've got a Pokemon in the Pokewalker. What do you do with it?
    Walk around with it, of course. Before you actually get moving, press the left
    button and you'll open up the menu.
    There are six options here, and you can move to each of them by using the left
    and right buttons. Press the center button to confirm. To exit, use the left or
    right buttons to scroll yourself off the screen:
    SETTINGS - Change how loud the Pokewalker beeps and how bright the display is.
    POKEMON & ITEMS: Take a look at what you've caught and found on the route.
    TRAINER CARD: See your name, course you're on, and the current time. If you
                  press the right button, you can see how many steps you've taken
                  on that many days before today, up to a week prior. You'll see
                  how many days you've been on the current route.
    CONNECT: This is what you use to sync with other people's Pokewalkers, or if
             you want to send a Pokemon to the Pokewalker/return it to your game.
             You can also use it to send things you've obtained on the course. If
             you press the center button on the main screen, you will jump to this
    The last two options require Watts (w), the Pokewalker's currency of sorts. For
    every 20 steps the Pokewalker registers, you will receive 1w.
    DOWSING: For 3w, you have two chances to find an item. Use the left and right
             buttons to choose one of the six locations, then press the center
             button to choose. If you don't find something, you'll see one of two
             messages: "It's near!", which means the item is one spot directly to
             the left or right of the spot you picked, or "It's far away..." which
             means it's two or more spots from the left or right of the spot you
             picked. The clues don't roll over to the other side, so if you choose
             the farthest left or right spot and you find that "It's near!", you
             know that it is in the spot next to the one you picked.
             The rarities of different items depends on how many steps you've taken
             on that course _on that day,_ and you can hold a max of 3 items. If
             you find any more, you will have to junk one of them.
    The last option, the Poke Radar, is most complex, so it gets its own section!
    28a. Poke Radar                                                         [nlaty]
    For 10w, you can battle against a wild Pokemon.
    The Pokemon you find depends on many different factors. The first, and most
    important, is how many steps you've taken on that route _on that day._ This is
    very important to remember. At midnight, your step count resets to zero (but
    you will retain any Watts you've accumulated).
    The second factor is simply luck. Each course has six Pokemon in it; two
    common, two uncommon, and two rare. Whenever you move a Pokemon to the
    Pokewalker, you will have the chance to find _one_ Pokemon out of each of these
    groups (three total). If you want a different Pokemon, you'll have to take your
    Pokemon out of the Pokewalker and put it back in again.
    The last factor is the Pokemon you put into the Pokewalker. Each course has one
    of three special types that you can use to reduce the number of steps needed to
    get a Pokemon out of each group by 25%.
    The number of steps needed to find rare Pokemon depends on the route you're on.
    It's different for every course, and if you want to look at specific
    percentages, I suggest looking at Serebii's Pokewalker Courses page, it's very
    Now then, when you go into the Poke Radar, you'll see four patches of grass.
    It'll say, "Find a Pokemon!" Shortly afterwards, you'll see a ! appear over one
    of the patches. Use the left and right buttons to move the cursor to it, then
    press the center button. If you take too long, it will escape, so be quick!
    What happens after that depends on your luck. If you enter a battle
    immediately, you've found, according to Serebii's page, a "Group C" Pokemon.
    These are the most common. If you don't enter battle and see a ! yet again, you
    will either find a Group C Pokemon or an uncommon Pokemon, "Group B," if you go
    into battle.
    If you still don't enter a battle, you'll see !!, which means you'll battle
    against either a Group B Pokemon or one of the course's rare Pokemon, "Group
    A," if you fight after you click it.
    Finally, if you still don't enter a battle, you will see !!! This means you
    will fight a Group A Pokemon with 100% certainty.
    28a1. Battling                                                          [fachg]
    Every Pokemon you run into has 4 HP. (So does yours.) You have three options in
    battle: Attack, Catch, and Evade.
    ATTACK: Press the left button. When you attack, one of three things will
            - You hit for 1 damage
            - You miss because they evaded and get hit for 1 damage
            - You critical hit for 2 damage
            Just like in the main game, critical hits can make or break a catch.
            It gets pretty frustrating, especially if you're Pikachu hunting...
            If you deplete the opponent's HP, it will run away.
    CATCH: Press the center button to attempt to catch the Pokemon. Just like in
           the main game, the lower the target's HP, the better chance you have to
           catch it. If you don't catch the Pokemon, it will instantly flee.
    EVADE: Press the right button. When you evade, one of three things will happen:
           - You evade their attack and counter for 1 damage
           - Stare down! (both you and the target evaded)
           - The opponent runs away
           Evading is a good way to do solid damage since evasion counters will
           never critical hit. Evade at your own risk, however; Pokemon really like
           running away on an evade, even on the first one! This is especially
           bogus when fighting the _really_ rare Pokemon who constantly evade.
    You can't see any details about the Pokemon you caught until you transfer it in
    the game, but they are completely identical in terms of gender, Level, and
    moves known. You can hold a maximum of 3 Pokemon; catch any more, and you'll
    have to release one you've already captured. (If you don't want to do that,
    just scroll off the three using the left or right buttons.)
    28b. Pokewalker Routes                                                  [tsfto]
    Each route, the special types needed for step reduction, and what Pokemon (and
    in what group) can be found there. I'll also include notable items and the
    steps required for each.
    Watts required: 0
     Special types: Bug, Fire, Flying
    Group A: Doduo, Kangaskhan
    Group B: NidoranF, NidoranM
    Group C: Pidgey, Sentret
    Notable items: Revive (2000+ steps, 20%)
    Watts required: 0
     Special types: Fire, Flying, Ice
    Group A: Bellsprout, Wobbuffet
    Group B: Paras, Venonat
    Group C: Oddish, Spearow
    Notable items: Green Shard (2000-2500 steps, 20%), Revive (2500-5000 steps,
    Watts required: 50
     Special types: Fighting, Ground, Water
    Group A: Onix, Magby
    Group B: Machop, Ponyta
    Group C: Geodude, Hoothoot
    Notable items: Red Shard (3000-5000 steps, 20%)
    Watts required: 200
     Special types: Dragon, Electric, Grass
    Group A: Psyduck, Staryu
    Group B: Poliwag, Slowpoke
    Group C: Sunkern, Wooper
    Notable items: Heart Scale (2000-3000 steps, 20%)
    Watts required: 500
     Special types: Fighting, Normal, Psychic
    Group A: Elekid, Magnemite
    Group B: Magnemite, Murkrow
    Group C: Hoothoot, Rattata
    Notable items: PP UP (5000+ steps, 3%)
    Watts required: 1000
     Special types: Dark, Rock, Water
    Group A: Gastly, Smoochum
    Group B: Gastly, Onix
    Group C: Machop, Zubat
    Notable items: Ether (500-1000 steps, 20%)
    Watts required: 2000
     Special types: Dragon, Electric, Grass
    Group A: Dratini, Poliwag
    Group B: Krabby, Shellder
    Group C: Goldeen, Tentacool
    Notable items: Lum Berry (3000+ steps, 15-10%)
    Watts required: 3000
     Special types: Fighting, Ghost, Normal
    Group A: Abra, Voltorb
    Group B: Grimer, Koffing
    Group C: Furret, Rattata
    Notable items: Lum Berry (1500-2000 steps, 20%)
    Watts required: 5000
     Special types: Bug, Fire, Flying
    Group A: Linoone, Skitty
    Group B: Illumise, Volbeat
    Group C: Wurmple, Zigzagoon
    Notable items: Ganlon Berry (8000+ steps, 5%)
    Watts required: 7500
     Special types: Dragon, Electric, Grass
    Group A: Azurill, Wailmer
    Group B: Carvanha, Horsea
    Group C: Goldeen, Magikarp
    Notable items: Liechi Berry (8000+ steps, 5%), Heart Scale (3000-4000 steps,
    Watts required: 10000
     Special types: Fighting, Rock, Water
    Group A: Meditite, Slugma
    Group B: Houndour, Rhyhorn
    Group C: Geodude, Ponyta
    Notable items: Apicot Berry (8000+ steps, 5%)
    Watts required: 15000
     Special types: Fire, Flying, Ice
    Group A: Castform, Kecleon
    Group B: Girafarig, Stantler
    Group C: Gloom, Weepinbell
    Notable items: Salac Berry (8000+ steps, 5%)
    Watts required: 20000
     Special types: Dark, Ghost, Rock
    Group A: Marowak, Tauros
    Group B: Golbat, Natu
    Group C: Gastly, Machop
    Notable items: Petaya Berry (8000+ steps, 5%)
    Watts required: 25000
     Special types: Fire, Flying, Ice
    Group A: Combee, Mime Jr.
    Group B: Budew, Shinx
    Group C: Bidoof, Kricketot
    Notable items: Rare Candy (5000+ steps, 10%)
    Watts required: 30000
     Special types: Fire, Ground, Ice
    Group A: Snorunt, Snover
    Group B: Bronzor, Sneasel
    Group C: Mareep, Swinub
    Notable items: Damp/Heat/Icy/Smooth Rocks (4000-4500 steps, 4/5/5/5%)
    Watts required: 40000
     Special types: Fire, Flying, Ice
    Group A: Bonsly, Tropius
    Group B: Bibarel, Tangela
    Group C: Exeggcute, Mareep
    Notable items: Belue Berry (2500-3000 steps, 20%), Durin Berry (3500-4000
                   steps, 20%)
    Watts required: 50000
     Special types: Dragon, Electric, Grass
    Group A: Chingling, Misdreavus
    Group B: Buizel, Haunter
    Group C: Chinchou, Remoraid
    Notable items: Nearly everything (0-9999 steps)
    Watts required: 65000
     Special types: Dragon, Electric, Grass
    Group A: Finneon, Shellos (West Sea)
    Group B: Magikarp, Seel
    Group C: Psyduck, Shellder
    Notable items: Heart Scale (800-1500 steps, 40%), everything 2500 steps and up
    Watts required: 80000
     Special types: Fighting, Normal, Psychic
    Group A: Pachirisu, Pikachu
    Group B: Clefairy, Jigglypuff
    Group C: Hoppip, Marill
    Notable items: Green Shard (200-500 steps, 20%)
    Watts required: 100000
     Special types: Dark, Ghost, Psychic
    Group A: Munchlax, Spiritomb
    Group B: Chingling, Feebas
    Group C: Golbat, Noctowl
    Notable items: Everything.
    *** SPECIAL ROUTES ***
    How to obtain: Trade for a foreign Pokemon using the GTS.
    Special types: Dragon, Electric, Grass
    Group A: Octillery, Staryu
    Group B: Corsola, Horsea
    Group C: Chinchou, Remoraid
    Notable items: Everything.
    How to obtain: Trade any Jirachi from any event into HeartGold or SoulSilver.
    Special types: Fighting, Ground, Water
    Group A: Clefairy, Jigglypuff
    Group B: Hoothoot, Zubat
    Group C: Geodude, Onix
    Notable items: All shards (3000-3500 steps, <20%)
    How to obtain: Receive via Mystery Gift from April 1, 2010 to May 5, 2010
    Special types: Electric, Grass, Ground
    Group A: Pikachu (with Fly), Pikachu (with Surf)
    Group B: Pikachu (with Flail), Pikachu (with Volt Tackle)
    Group C: Pikachu (holding TinyMushroom), Pikachu (holding Oran Berry)
    Notable items: Light Ball (7000+ steps, 3%)
    Future events will be added as they become available in North America.
    This marks the end of the guide. If you're looking for something else, go back
    to the top and use the search codes to help you out.
    29. Version History                                                     [wtidd]
    Version 0.1 - May 2, 2010
      Initial release. If you find something I've missed, or made a mistake on, by
      all means, contact me. The fastest way to reach me is through PB Forums:
      Sign up, it's free.
    30. Acknowledgements                                                    [thx2u]
    - Yeah, yeah, I know I said I wasn't doing this again, but whatever. I'll
      probably be back for Black and White, lol.
    - If this guide helped you, I've done my job. Hope you enjoyed reading it.
    CJayC (GameFAQs)
    - Can't not thank this dude, years and years of service
    Water Pokémon Master (PokeBeach)
    - Allowing me to host on his site
    PB forums
    - Yeah you dudes helped some
    - Quick help, hooray! Mostly Kronar and Xander though.
                            / This document is copyright \
                            \  (c)2010 by Matt Johnson.  /
    E-mail: shika at mail dot com

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