Review by Vercrius

"Nostalgia blast cut short"

So, I've been playing Pokemon ever since Pokemon Red came out and I remember Pokemon Gold/Silver being a completely different game. They were amazing, lived up to every aspect. So imagine me when I found out that they were remaking these games. At first I was excited, now... Not so much. Now, I'm not being nit-picky here but these are in my opinion legitimate reasons on why this game doesn't live up to it's original.


The graphics in this game are good. 3-D like the ones you see in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. However, this takes away from the actual game. A lot of the times I've been playing this remake, I often wonder if I was playing Pokemon Platinum instead. It was that similar. The buildings were also kind of choppy.

MUSIC: 7/10

Great music in this game. The soundtrack is what you expect from any pokemon game. Can't really say anything else. This is the only part of the game that actually stands out.


Now, this is where the game falls flat. The gameplay is EXACTLY the same as the other games in this series. Again, often I find myself wondering if I slipped in my Platinum cartridge instead.

SOUND: 2/10

Now you might think, "Hey, Vercrius. Isn't sound and music the same thing?" And my answer to that is: NO. The pokemon sounds in this game are horrible. They sound like crys from back in generation two with hardly any differences. Back then it worked because it was new. However, Nintendo must realize that we are in a new age where better sound qualities can be achieved. So instead of rehashing old sounds, they should work on making new and improved ones. I still cringe when I bring out my totodile.


This isn't what you expect from a pokemon game. I remember when the last fights of the game actually meant something. When we would die over and over again to the champion of the elite four until we trained a little bit more and finally but barely beat them. Now, when I beat the elite four I face new gym leaders. Sweet! These gym leaders should be extra fun... Right?.... RIGHT?! No. These gym leaders carry pokemon that are even weaker than the elite four's pokemon. And taking in account that the only way to get to these gym leaders is to beat the elite four then shouldn't these gym leaders be significantly stronger? I find my level 70 pokemon fighting level 44 pokemon that late in the game and I know something isn't right.


The new content isn't exactly "New". Basically, it's full of things you can find in other pokemon games. Including, the Battle Frontier with almost no changes. However, the one thing I did like was the fact that you can choose which pokemon to follow you which is kind of neat but not exactly worthy of "New" content.


It's a pokemon game but to me, it's one of the most overhyped. If you're a fan of Nostalgia then you'll love this. However, it does not seem worthy to me as a full priced game. These are just my two-cents so agree or disagree, I do not care.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/15/09

Game Release: Pocket Monsters HeartGold (JP, 09/12/09)

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