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"Déjà vu, but the good kind."

After playing this, I had the feeling I had played this before, but that isn't necessarily bad in this case. As a remake of the original Silver and Gold released back in 1999, it makes me feel like I am playing them all over again, which is exactly what a remake should do.

Story: 8/10

If you have played a Pokemon game before, you will probably get the whole story by now. Compared to the original Silver and Gold though, things have slightly changed slightly, but not significantly different. The story is easy to follow, somewhat interesting (you have to remember its a kids game), and it last a while too (I clocked about 30 hours before reaching the Elite Four the second time). I could go in deeper, but I wish not to spoil anyone.

Gameplay: 9/10

If you have played a Pokemon game before, you will know how the basic gameplay goes. You level your Pokemon. You fight trainers and gym leaders. You catch more Pokemon. You stop Team (insert name). You battle the Elite Four. Pretty simple, but it works. Not to hard for a kid to catch on, but enjoyable for just about anyone. Plus as for the original Silver and Gold, they introduced breeding Pokemon, which gave raise to a whole new level of gameplay depth since you could breed a Pokemon to have what you want it to have. There is also the Battle Frontier this time which also adds to how much you can do in the game. Battle in different conditions to win using your Pokemon you have raised. A thing hat was also changed to make the game more interesting in terms of difficulty is that the levels of just about every Pokemon in the game was bumped up a bit,

Sound: 8/10

The music in the game is rather good. Its all the original music from Silver and Gold, just remixed. Some may like the new music. Some may not, but the game overall has a pretty " catchy" tune to it. The noise Pokemon make in the game has not changed, so it varies from the original 8 bit sounds to the modern day noises. I'd like to see one day all of them get redone, but this isn't a problem since they are good anyways. Overall, the game's sound is pretty good and nice to listen too.

Graphics: 9/10

The whole look Pokemon has seems to always work. The world graphics are nice. The addition of some "3D" aspects is also a nice. The color choices also is a major plus since it seems to give the game life and make it more interesting. May sound a little weird, but hey. Also as in the original Silver and Gold, there is the change between night and day, so when its night time, its darker and when its during the day, its bright. There is also weather affects in some area which is nice. These little things make the game stand out just that much more.

Controls: 10/10

I can't find anything to complain about. Simply press this to do this or another button to do another. The game also adds in the use of the touchscreen for your main menu, but they didn't ruin it by doing so. It allows really quick access to stuff like saving, your Pokemon, etc. One thing that really is new as well is the two key item selection. One is set by Y button, but they both appear on the screen, so if you wanted to use another item you use a lot that isn't set to Y, you can just touch the icon of the other item and your using it. Its such a simple addition, but its so beneficial. Same goes for the new auto run feature. Once you get the running shoes, touch the shoe button on the screen and you don't have to hold down B to run anymore. Its such a nice little addition that you didn't know you wanted.

Replay Value: 10/10

Like many other Pokemon games, there is always something more to do to keep you occupied. While I don't have WiFi (I can't experience it yet), the GTS is still there and you can still do all the other WiFi things you did in the previous installments (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum I mean). You can beat everything in the Battle Frontier. You can breed Pokemon until you get that ultimate team. You could simply just catch em all. Hours upon hours of stuff to do.

Final Verdict: 9/10

No game is perfect, but this one defiantly gets close to it. We asked for a remake, and they delivered. Decent story, great game play, its like the originals (for the most part), and amazing replay value. What more could you ask for? I suggest anyone who has ever liked Pokemon or who is new to the series and is wanting to start to buy this game. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/15/09

Game Release: Pocket Monsters HeartGold (JP, 09/12/09)

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