Review by GokuSephyCloud9

Reviewed: 11/20/09

Pokemon - A Review of HeartGold!

I imported this game two weeks ago, and haven't put it down since! Now I'm fighting the urge to continue playing as I frantically type out this review. Read on, noble reader!

You know, people often throw around the phrase "best collector-obsessive rpg-strategy-battlesim game of our time" without really meaning it, but Pokemon HeartGold is a title truly worthy of overhyping.

You start the game as a young male (or female, your choice!) who soon obtains a Pokemon and begins a quest to "catch 'em all". Along your way, you'll meet friends, enemies, and some who are a little more mysterious. It's a rollicking adventure that's sure to enrapture any audience. That said, let's start the review!

GAMEPLAY - 10/10
A famous reviewer once said, "Gameplay makes the game". This is as true as true can be, and it's even true-er for Pokemon HeartGold! The gameplay, while maintaining a connection to the previous titles, throws a few new twists into the mix. Somehow HeartGold manages to actually IMPROVE on what many considered an already perfect formula! Catching, raising, battling; it's all here, and more!

Now, people often criticize Pokemon for what is generally considered to be a weak storyline. HeartGold blows all the previous editions out of the water with more twists and turns than a crippled pretzel. I generally avoid spoilers in my reviews, but I can resist revealing this one tiny secret - some Pokemon have a mysterious power not revealed in previous versions! I won't say any more, so buy the game!

What can I say? The composer really gave it his all, here. The music is crisp and refreshing and really makes you feel like part of the game. My only complaint is that the DS Lite's tiny speakers really can't do the game justice - I recommend buying a set of headphones, just for the music - trust me, it's that good!

GRAPHICS - 10/10
I wish I could give higher than a 10! Anyway, the graphics, like other parts of the game, maintain a connection to the original Gold and yet still adds new tricks - namely, a pseudo 3-D map. Don't let screenshots spoil it - you really can't experience how cool these graphics are until you actually play the game.

RENT OR BUY - 10/10
A definite buy! If you rent this game, you'll be sorry - because you'll want to keep playing for weeks after you have to return it! Save yourself the hassle and just buy it now!

OVERALL (Not An Average) - 10/10
Pokemon HeartGold is a must-have for any serious gamer, and even the casual ones. For all the reasons listed above, and more, get this game any way you can!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Pocket Monsters HeartGold (JP, 09/12/09)

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