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"Can Flat Battle make up for In-Game Disaster? Read Inside"

1. Graphics: 7/10. A rehash of the graphics used in Platinum. Nothing new. All the building designs, 3-D, textures, and other areas of the graphics design are an exact copy.Also, what the hell is up with Misty's sprite? That doesn't look like her!

2. Sound: 8.5/10. The remixes of the G/S tunes sound pretty decent. Lance's tune is in particular ominous, and the Rival's tune is grabbing. GBSounds is really nice for old-school players. Not the worst effort here, but nothing really new from the original Gold/Silver.

3. Gameplay: 5/10. Probably the biggest area where this game fails. They seemed to rip the storyline from the Pokemon Manga in Japan and translate, and it comes off really boring and uninteresting in Johto (and considering that's half the game, it puts a damper on it). Nothing really seems to get your attention except for the inobvious boyfriend/girlfriend jokes in Kanto and some of the satire used in Kanto to relate to the rest of the series. Also, the Gym Leaders are EV trained and there is not enough areas to level up. Overall, some really poor design on the gameplay part and they should've re-evaulated some of these things after the original Gold/Silver and playtested it better.

4. Competitive Aspect: 10/10. FLAT BATTLE! Finally, an auto-level for in-game person battles. This fact has ruined a lot of attempts for me to throw tournaments, and this is the reason to buy this game really. If you are going to do in-person tournaments, this game is an absolute must and I'd mandate it at any tourney I threw personally.

5. Pokewalker: 8/10. It's a way to include Pokemon that would not normally be in the game. It serves its purpose that way and also acts as a mini Day-Care Center for leveling up Pokemon and of the like. Doesn't really detract from the game, but adds to it. It's really good for obtaining items if you have a Pokemon DS league in your area;

Overall: 8/10. FLAT BATTLE IS A GODSEND! it makes up for what would normally be a really horrible game, in a huge way. Now everyone has a chance to do tournaments and stuff without the idea of being out-leveled by Lv. 100's in person. Also, it opens people's choice of Pokemon in tournaments. The two negative points: The in-game is bland to horrible, and the weather glitch is still there.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/12/10

Game Release: Pokemon HeartGold Version (US, 03/14/10)

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