Tracking Entei and Raikou? Controlling their natures?

  1. How can I track down Entei and Raikou after the first encounters with them in the wild? Also, will their natures be preset after the first encounters or can I use a Pokemon with Synchronize to control their natures when I encounter them again?

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  1. Well, here's what I did:

    1: Breed a Mr. Mime with Soundproof to know Hypnosis, and train it up to learn Baton Pass. Make it have a Timid Nature if you can, and then EV train it in Speed. Mr. Mime is kind of slow, so I'd get it to around 50 or so before it can out speed the dogs.

    2: Get a fast False Swiper. I recommend a Jolly Scyther, because it's fast enough to hit them before they run. Weavile would work, too, but you can just go out and catch a Scyther, while Weavile takes some work. EV train it in Speed and Attack, to have a stronger False Swipe. Also, get one with Technician if you can, as False Swipe will be even stronger.

    3: Get an Eevee with the Nature you want them to have. I have 2 Umbreons, 1 Jolly, and 1 Timid, and they both have Baton Pass, Mean Look, and the Ability Synchronize. Entei has superior Attack, so you'd want to use the Jolly Umbreon for him, and Raikou is better in Special Attack, so he gets the Timid Umbreon.

    *Alakazam will NOT work, because it can't get Mean Look or Baton Pass, which are crucial. Espeon can't work either, because it doesn't get Mean Look

    Okay, once you've done that (it doesn't take as long as you'd think, only took me 2 days), then get Scyther out, and put it at the front. Now, hang out in route 39, and keep on switching between route 38 and 39. Check your map in between switches though, you don't want to miss a chance to weaken them. Anyways, once one of them is in your route, spray a max repel (you should be around level 35-40 for Jolly Scyther to be faster) and you'll find it. Then, just False Swipe it, let it run, and repeat. Keep doing this until they're both down to 1 HP. Then, Scyther's job is done.

    Now, do the same until your target is in your route, and switch to whichever Umbreon has the nature you want that dog to have. Then, when you run into it, Umbreon comes out with Synchronize. Use Mean Look on your first turn, and then have Umbreon use Baton Pass, and pass Mean Look over to Mr. Mime, who has Sound Proof, rendering Roar useless. Then have Mr. Mime use Hypnosis, and possibly Light Screen and Reflect, so it doesn't faint. Then, just toss Pokeballs at it until it's yours.

    *The same strategy can work for Latios/Latias, too. Hope I helped! :)

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  1. You can track them down after the first encounters,and try putting them to sleep before it gets away...

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  2. After you first see them in the wild their location will appear in your pokegear's map. Their natures don't change unless you kill them and for them to respawn again after you kill them you have to beat the Elite Four. After you beat the Elite Four you have to go back to the Burned Tower so they can appear in the wild.

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  3. Hmm.. These are all partially correct. The first time I tracked them down was different. After you meet the three at the burnt tower, two of them will show up on your map tracker. best way to catch them is to have a pokemon at their level that can use mean look or block so they can't get away then like use sleep or paralyze them for an easier cathc

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  4. well you could just keep flying to Violet City until it gets close and the just go on foot
    as for the nature of the pokemon you could get a pokemon with synchronize(Abra, Espeon, and Umbreon) and that pokemons (Abra, Espeon, and Umbreon) nature will most likely reflect on the wild pokemon (Rikou)you see was that ur question ?? lol i hope i helped

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  5. i do the same thing because it has the most exit routes out of all the cities in Johnto.

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  6. Dont use fly.

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  7. To answer your question, you can use the map on the pokegear to track Entei and Raikou, and Synchronize will make them more likely to have the nature of the pokemon with it. As far as I know, the nature will not be preset until it is caught.

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  8. Their natures are definitely set, and their IVs seem to be as well. I just caught Raikou for the second time w/ a Master Ball (resetting after the first time), and he has the same nature, and appears to have the same stats. At the least, Raikou's set.

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  9. If you want to encounter Raikou, look at your map, and Raikou should be marked on your map. Going to 1 different area allows Raikou to move to 1 area. (Never use Fly! Raikou will move to a completely different place!) When encountering Raikou multiple times, you can check it's nature. Use 'Syncronize' and you should have preset the nature when catching Raikou. (Unless, the nature is already preset.)

    *You can do the same thing with Entei!*

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