Is there a move anywhere code in the action replay DS?

  1. I remember in pokemon pearl version theres a move anywhere code,i used to run into the black parts of the screen.if there is a move anywhere code for this game,type it in,if not,just tell me

    User Info: jhjbbrassfield

    jhjbbrassfield - 7 years ago


  1. Move Anywhere Code
    Note:Press R+B to enable, L+B to disable

    94000130 FCFD0200
    1205DAA2 00000200
    D2000000 00000000
    94000130 FCFD0100
    1205DAA2 00001C20
    D2000000 00000000

    Credits go to '' for posting and 'gba temp' for making code

    User Info: naruto623

    naruto623 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. When i use a certain code for action replay it says i need to press some buttons so when do i press those buttons?

    User Info: CJWittman

    CJWittman - 7 years ago 0 0

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