How do I beat the Eliet Four?

  1. I only got to the second without using any items. But right now my teams Lv. IS Amphoros Lv.50, Typhlosion Lv.46.(I'm still trying to work on the other levels of my team) My other Pokemon are Skarmory, Crobat, Pidgeot and Lugia.(before I trained my pokemon I coudn't win)

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    DemondatArms - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Now I got to the 4th without using items.

    So now I need to now where to get Max Revives.

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    DemondatArms - 7 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    Now I need to know how to beat the Elite Four.(Second Wave)

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    DemondatArms - 7 years ago

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  1. I got through with 2 pokemon with no restarts. Of course the pokemon in mind were well rounded individuals that pretty much covered their weaknesses and by extension, everything the Elite four had to throw at them. But here is my take. Items are not strictly necessary (newoelliot is exaggerating) but you may want to bring a few just in case. (20 full restores? That's like 60000 and early in game that is HUGE!)

    For Will- Bring a pokemon with a high attack stat and a ghost, or dark attack. Feraligatr is a nice choice since you naturally learn Crunch in midgame.

    For Koga- If you have a steel pokemon or a poison pokemon, he becomes a joke because the pokemon can't do crap to you. Most of them rely on gimmicks and Steel/poison types are good at dealing with gimmicks. Psychic is actually not preferable as you have to deal with Forretress which is a steel type and Psychic types tend to be easy to kill. Fire also works wonders here, at least until you get to Muk.

    For Bruno- If you brought Skarmory, good for you unless it is against Hitmonchan. Skarmory is well adjusted to fighting Bruno since it specializes in physical defense. Sadly Psychic types do poorly against Bruno as well since they tend to have high special defense and I doubt you have a Gallade to deal with them. If not Skarmory I suggest you bring something that knows a flying move. It is doubtful that you have a Dragonite but if you got a Crobat, everyone should be down easily except Onix.

    For Karen- She's ridiculous because she is easily beaten if you have the right pokemon. The aforementioned Skarmory walls everyone except Houndoom and can deal some potent retaliation with its sizable attack stat in comparison to the meager defense stats they have. You really don't need much to defeat her especially if you made sure to bring her down quick. But bring some full heals.

    For Lance- Ironically one of the most anticlimactic. If you have a Feraligatr, it should normally learn ice fang. If you have a beneficial nature, at level 50, it should be able to take out all three in one shot. You may want to spare an electric attack for Gyarados but that is the only real threat. Aerodactyl's speed can pose a problem but Feraligatr and waterfall can easily take it down. Charizard falls for the same weakness and although it defensively is better off than Aerodactyl, it has no viable forms of attack on a water pokemon.

    The second chance is the hard part, but by then your team should be good to go. Hope this helps. But you don't have to follow this. The good thing about pokemon is that you can make up your own team.

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  1. You need a well rounded team.I used typhlosion,feraligatr,umbreon,lugia,nidoking and nidoqween. (all at least level 50 with 20 full restores in my bag)

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  2. max reviver are rare at johto region, i found six in this game but at pokethlon you can buy one in some day. I found most max reviver from quest and hidden.

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  3. Well I personally had to wait until I got a lv. 70 pokemon before beating them, but if you just buy a bunch of Full Heals it should help a lot. If no pokemon need to evolve through happiness you can use the bitter herb from the goldenrod underground that heals fainted pokemon 100%. You sound like you have a good team, you just need the right boosts.

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  4. After reading Blue Sophia's response, the only thing I would add is come up with a plan. Go on the trading message board here on Gamefaqs, and post that you are looking for whatever pokemon you want to help you get it done. If you want a good Skarmory, post it. There are a lot of people that do specialized breeding here and would be happy to make you a nasty pokemon to get the job done.

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  5. Let's see:
    Blue Sophia has it down practically.
    But if you wanna train your monsters, go to route 47 go to the down ladder in the cliff cave. leave surf up and take a waterfall. Find the small patch of grass and train there so your monsters can handle all the Elite 4. It's best to fight dittos. Use a weak attack taht doesn't take out ditto. Once ditto shapes into your monster finish it off. You should get a huge bonus from that. Then when you feel like your ready take out Lance and the Elite 4.

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  6. it took me say... 30 mins. to beat them all. you need a well rounded team. I used Lugia, Meganium and... Well those are the only ones i really had to use...

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  7. Go to and check the elite four section on soulsilver/Heartgold. It will have every pokemon the elite four of soulsilver have and their weaknesses. Build your team accordingly.

    Good luck

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  8. How are you losing? Have at least some healing items for after the match and Make sure your team is at 45 and up. I got lucky. My team was at 40 and 43.

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  9. First off get rid of either lugia or pidgeot... right now half your teach is toast if you get hit by any electric move.
    Second round-
    Will- Use pokemon with fire and dark type moves. All i used is my typhlosion (nicknamed fluffy) and my absol.
    Koga- Ground and psychic... i used lucario and rhyperior.
    Bruno- Psy and anything with a strong defense/ sp defense. if youre faster than his pokemon, youll beat him easy with lugia.
    Karen- i made easy work of her with my lucario (aura sphere). for anything it couldnt handle, i used my ampharos, who learns signal beam. overall shes very easy to beat, you can use just about anything on her
    Lance- dragon and ice. my lucario had dragon pulse, and once she got taken out i had a suicune who knew ice fang and ice beam. easy peasy.

    i was able to get to lance no problem with a lv 60 (avg) team, but lance murdered me. i would say get all your pokemon at least lv 65, and keep your pokemon with well-rounded movesets at least 70.
    heres my team in case your interested
    -Ice fang
    -Ice beam
    Nevermelt ice
    Typhlosion (aka fluffy)
    -Blast burn
    Absol (aka luna)
    -Perish song
    -Shadow claw
    -Psycho cut
    --Night slash
    Razor claw/muscle band
    -Hammer arm
    -Stealth rock
    Quick claw (strange, i know, but it saved my butt many times)
    -Dragon pulse
    -Aura Sphere
    Expert belt
    Ampharos (aka zapps)
    -Signal beam
    -Light screen
    -Power gem

    Dont challenge the elitle four until you can go up and down mt silver five times without items (dont do the battle with red)

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  10. Pokemon's level should be at least 70.

    Have a Fire and Dark for Will

    Ground and Rock against Koga

    Psychic and/or flying against Bruno

    Fighting against Karen.(make sure it has a move other than ghost, fighting or normal because of her spiritomb.)

    and 2 Water/Ice against Lance(just in case the other is k.o.ed , the water is against his charizard.)

    Don't know if this strategy will work.

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