Trading between games, (GB to GBA to DS)?

  1. I have not touched a Pokemon game since the original Silver Version and a friend recently caused me to look at it again. After seeing they had remade Silver, I was tempted to buy it, but would like to trade a few Pokemon from the original to the remake. I know it is impossible to trade from Silver to SoulSilver, but a friend told me that I could trade from Silver, to a GBA game such as Emerald, then to Platinum, and finally to SoulSilver. My question is is this actually possible and does it actually work?

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    CrazyVibe - 7 years ago

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  1. No, you can't trade from GB Pokemon to GBA Pokemon. You can "migrate" from GBA to DS via the Pal Park (in Fuschia City), though.

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  1. You can't trade from any of the GB or GBC games but you can import pokemon from any of the GBA gen games via the "pal park" feature. This requires that you have an original DS or a DS lite(a DSi won't work) so you can stick the game into the GBA slot before you start Soul Silver. An option will appear on the menu that says "Import from [name of GBA game]" and you can pull over six pokemon per GBA cart per day.

    Once ported in you'll have to go to Fuschia City and enter the park area to recatch them(don't worry the balls they give you are just like master balls!)

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  2. also GBC to GBA is not posible!

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  3. No...
    This is not possible because Game Freak( the creator of pokemon) changed the codding while making the 3rd Gen. games..
    this really made me made when my brother told me this as I have a lv. 100 Blastiose in my silver.
    Aso if you want the Kanto pkmn they made 1st Gen. remakes caled FireRed and LeafGreen... they are on the GBA

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