How do you get Lapras?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Once you have surf, you can go back to the bottom left corner of the union cave and surf past the water, which leads you to a ladder, proceed through the rest of the underground floors and when you're at B2F, lapras will be waiting for you on fridays in the 'lake' that is on the bottom of that floor

    If you save on the 'lake' and load up on friday, you will have to move off the late, so that the spot where lapras spawns is off-screen, then move back to where lapras is in order to see lapras there.

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Other Answers

  1. You can find it in 2 places safari zone and union cave on fridaythe 1 at union cave would be easier

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  2. It's on B2F at Union cave, meaning it's only located at the area that is 2 floors below the first one (only found on Fridays).
    It's also at the Safari Zone, found by surfing in the rocky beach.

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