How do I find Latios?

  1. The FAQ says it requires a special event. When does this happen?

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    MOOtodaHOOD - 7 years ago

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  1. Latios is started when you first leave the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion City. For the second one, you will need an Event item from an Official Nintendo event to trigger it. The event was already ran in Japan, but has no current date in America or Europe.

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  1. It is an outside game event that can be activated sometime in the future possibly from an in store event or a wifi event. I don't believe a release date for the event has been set.

    User Info: Okami_kon

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  2. You have to talk to Steven (the Hoen champ) at the Pokemon Fan Club and he will show you a picture of latios and then check your map untill your on latios's route

    User Info: cenanation

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  3. The special event you're talking about might be the Enigma Stone event. That's used to get Latios in HEARTGOLD. If you're playing SoulSilver, Latios should be the roaming Hoenn legend in Kanto.

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  4. You need to get the national pokedex then enter and exit the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion City, after that Steven Stone of Hoenn will tell you about Latios/Latias roaming Kanto.

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  5. Go to the pink house in the town above Vermillion after you have beaten the gym there. Uppstairs there is a girl who is called Coppycat. Talk to her and she will ask you to find her lost Poke Doll and in reward she will give you a Magnet Train Pass. Then you go to Vermillion City and go into the house with the green roof above the gym. In the middle there is a guy besside a table with a Cleffairy Doll on it. Talk to him and you will tell him about Coppycat who has lost her pokedoll. He will then give you the Doll and it will be in the Key Items Pocket. Then when you laeve the building, This guy called Steven will run into you and tell you a bit about Latios and then he will show you a picture of Latios. Then check your Pokegear Mapp and Latios will be roaming in Kanto. Then go back to Coppycat and give her the Doll to recieve the Magnet Train Pass.

    The event you may be talking about is the Enigima Stone wich you could get about a month ago. if you have it then go to the mining museum in Pewter City and talk to Steven in the far right of the museum. He will do a fwe things with the Enigima Stone and then when you go outside, Latias will be waiting for you.

    User Info: the_allmighty

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