How do you get shaymin and arceus in soul silver?

  1. Hi I was wondering how can you get these 2 in soul silver
    shaymin is my favorite
    and arceus for the event
    if anyone can help i would highly appreciate it thank you

    User Info: OkaVorg

    OkaVorg - 7 years ago


  1. I think its just events or trades

    User Info: Darkrai52

    Darkrai52 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Well if you want Arceus you can only trade or use action replay because the event has passed and wont be on for a few years

    User Info: Linkfan135

    Linkfan135 - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. If you want, here is an Action Replay code for HeartGold and SoulSilver that will provide you with several event Pokemon, all in English and legitimate. The Pokemon provided through this code are a Toys "R" Us Shaymin, GAMESTOP PIKACHU-COLORED (SHINY) PICHU, a 10th Anniversary Mew, a Gamestop Jirachi, a Celebi distributed at the "Pokemon Journey Across America" event in 2007, and a Toys "R" Us Arceus. They will activate their in-game events. To use the code, copy & paste into your Action Replay & transfer the game being updated (HG or SS) over to your AR hooked up via PC (instructions for all that come with the AR and can also be found on their official website). Start the game with AR code activated and MAKE SURE the first 6 slots of box 18 are EMPTY, otherwise this code will overwrite any pokemon you had saved there! Press L+R together and the 6 event Pokemon will be found occupying the first six slots of Box 18 in your PC. This code has been tested on both HG & SS and is guaranteed to work (unless your AR doesn't recognize the game, which is an issue you need to resolve yourself, likely because you don't have the correct master code).

    94000130 fcff0000
    b2111880 00000000
    e00219c0 00000010
    0139012c 01220142
    ffff0129 00e200e2
    100219d0 0000ffff
    e0020710 00000088
    ef7128ea 83c70000
    6bd09a98 8a5f8b1b
    5e13459d 86829fb4
    45e9be86 9c39216a
    30a62c92 9ddfda54
    5201185e f6f40236
    cb55b6d9 c7199c37
    0ab6681a 8a460247
    acbb329e e27970ca
    289b789f e2bf157d
    e5873696 d3f2ad32
    92cc446b 91d6a864
    1867d1a3 6c2b5d71
    d4b87e71 949d0ad8
    e7c29342 cef1e1d9
    2be7e093 90b5e455
    40be4409 ae92c7af
    e0020798 00000088
    450e8dea 50fc0000
    50e4b686 86e41818
    4a0fe6a5 a402230e
    26a4db0e dc38e675
    f6ea3159 2b0bf3c8
    31a1c4f6 0e53d2b8
    5942fe55 37766796
    68da0d03 11d86a05
    b332c87b 8f1ac0d1
    7aec2a7c 897b3bb7
    f7db2336 9b06c29e
    9a436248 c1652ab9
    e534140a 57b8caef
    22cbe84e 3ef16118
    d9896df3 a81fcfb1
    714c1630 8e22b3c6
    729a2c09 03bc28a3
    e0020820 00000088
    93ed03e0 81130000
    4b5ecf3c 223337dd
    a47b5082 a2c21390
    d14acd42 71db918f
    e16603e5 9aee3ec4
    a5a0f58f 80333651
    47de9a25 d3154194
    8d978577 c804b7af
    b4f3434c a9ea9157
    7d87eaae 95e484f1
    92565ff1 8f7b2618
    bd7049fc 9224f7c0
    4b79409e 24fda178
    c0d18e08 3d5cb8f8
    01400dc0 6fdc7cf9
    31f8c35b e1b99333
    b03e790e b176718d
    e00208a8 00000088
    6fb4ede9 e8d30000
    b12fec94 45812d8b
    3428f4a2 cdf0eff5
    855cdf3c 30a39ae2
    eb11da68 054d3434
    396b1264 f0da7328
    7cc6a5fd f39f5174
    83a554ed 905a04a5
    5a6a369e 92b99fbc
    361e25e6 0c5e5e16
    436b79f5 2a8c28b7
    a7b6c737 0e851f06
    df98ae76 530e48fb
    35b2bbd0 dc1ba3f5
    dd46a0db 16e4f69f
    e89da186 e2a065af
    b4e16b52 5c0473db
    e0020930 00000088
    27ab9361 dc6b0000
    0027e9b3 439a1520
    cb7ae73f f7587c21
    41468ea6 75959337
    58dee5dc d1496eae
    ef8ad097 0fb583cf
    35f115c6 513cf434
    7de0ed3d 79000bac
    859da20b e30b4e8e
    cc19893e aa5a33a1
    acbe8cb3 7436305b
    f7995a86 8359d01f
    2107720e dfb28304
    1252d6c4 7ae9b2e7
    f9cc35cc 329841c3
    98d3fd03 a17babd5
    41c1ff60 66eddb23
    e00209b8 00000088
    e1451735 de910000
    28b53894 a45c2282
    f3e1e44b 8c05d6f7
    c1517296 938ebf43
    ab18a316 ee6de81a
    8f0dbae6 64e4cddd
    3c61632e c1c99ab3
    c50d0af5 f0ca8a77
    fa580571 e80b27d5
    ff0f81de 5a471ac5
    29d0cd81 3a7a717c
    76a18508 c964ed19
    dceca531 3e9bcc10
    06f061d7 ee313df4
    f2cb078b ce47e01e
    7835375e bf93a6d5
    1a917516 ebcfa620
    d2000000 00000000

    User Info: the_allmighty

    the_allmighty - 6 years ago 0 0

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